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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:23) in the New Alderaan system: New Alderaan (New Aldera: Rebel command center) and Retributive Strike.
Doctor Alessandra Bailo, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Lady Jelena Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

New Aldera did not know what was about to hit it. Doctor Bailo's hands were sweating by the time she landed the Mandalorian Kom'rk class starfighter/transport. She had not piloted a craft in a *very* long time and having to do it with so many people aboard was stressful. When she was able to use autopilot, the doctor had time to stabilize El-Nay, check on Sierra, Bruce, and even Pilaq. Needless to say, Doctor Bailo was a busy woman.

Sierra Rodney didn't make it much longer once she was *sure* Callista, Ewwiekewwieikkie, and Melickelickie were all aboard the craft. She knew that Dru was gone...and she knew exactly where she was. Sierra simply couldn't reach her right now. Besides, it was probably better for her to be away with Pollix where his guards would keep her face... If they all survived this, she might actually thank the boy. *Not*!

There was no time to explain anything...not even to Jelena, who was about to get one hell of a surprise. She fell asleep with Bruce carefully bundled in blankets at the crook of her arm. Her heart hurt. Her body hurt. The worst part was having to be strong. Right now, she was the glue holding her family together. Both mother and son slept through the entire trip. Sierra awoke again when Doctor Bailo brought them down for a rather rocky landing. "Mmm..." She blinked away the remaining tears from her eyes. They had arrived in the one place where they *really* didn't belong. Sierra gritted her teeth and sat up before bringing her legs over the hoversled. "I have to be strong..." She muttered to herself, forcing herself to her feet. All she wore was the long nightgown which Doctor Bailo had helped her into after she'd given birth to Bruce. She had no other clothes, shoes, or anything else. Her legs shook underneath her. "I need you to go find Jelena." She directed the order to Doctor Bailo, but it came out so pathetic.

Lady Jelena Rodney was in the makeshift command center at the heart of what was slowly becoming New Aldera. She was reviewing preparations for the upcoming battle in the Chandrila system, which had stripped much of the planet's defenses for the coming offensive, including Commander Xergo who she had come to rely so heavily on. She shifted nervously as she watched over her remaining resources with the full awareness if the Empire chose now to attack there would be no defense other than refugees with sticks and stones. A controller alerted her that a Mandalorian craft had been detected, which could have been the same one that was used to smuggle Sierra here. She grew concerned, as she knew her forces were about to attack her father's forces. It could be a trap.

Doctor Bailo's mouths both looked grim. There was so much about the Rodney family that she didn't the fact that Claudius Rodney's daughter was a Rebel. It felt uncomfortable taking the family of Imperials to a Rebel camp. She didn't even know what Jelena looked like. Her eyes went wide. Seeing Lady Sierra pushing herself inspired her on. She touched the woman's shoulder. "Milady, *please* don't push yourself. I will be back..." She was the most capable person on the craft above the age of twenty. She couldn't very well ask for Pilaq's help. She quickly left the ship. She tried hard to remember the picture she'd seen of Jelena on Claudius' desk. Brown hair. Long, brown hair. It wasn't much to go off of. Thankfully, the female doctor was treated well by the first Rebel she found. "Can you tell me where I can find Jelena Rodney?" She asked. The Rebel was kind enough to take her directly to the makeshift command center. He pointed out the woman. If this wasn't Jelena Rodney, then Alessandra was about to put the whole family at risk. She stepped forward. "L-Lady Jelena..?" She stuttered, "I need to speak with you about something *very* important..."

Jelena turned when she heard her name called, but what she saw was not at all she expected. A female Ithorian?! "Yes?" she asked, as she cautiously approached the woman. She wondered if she was somehow connected to Pilaq Tohan, because she was an introverted girl who assumed that every Ithorian knew every other Ithorian. "What is this about..?" she asked, feeling somewhat concerned, as Doctor Tohan was not just old ... he was *very* old. She swallowed apprehensively, as she attempted to maintain a calm and stoic exterior. She was a leader now, and she knew she had to act like one. Everyone was watching, or at least she thought they were.

It *was* her. Alessandra took no time in steering the eldest Rodney away from all the other Rebels so they could converse where no one could hear. The look on her face was grave. "Your family." She spoke quietly with both mouths. "Your stepmother gave birth this morning. The circumstances are ... *complicated*." She was trying to be vague until they were someplace where Lady Sierra could explain everything. "I have wounded and children aboard my ship. We all require somewhere safe to stay. Lady Sierra will tell you more."

"...but Sierra wasn't supposed to give birth for months," a concerned Jelena said to the Ithorian, her blue eyes growing wide with concern and fear. If this had not been happening so close to the operation in the Chandrila system she might have been more inclined to trust Doctor Bailo, but the timing was very troubling. "Wounded? And children? My sisters?!" she asked, as she reached out and took hold of Doctor Bailo by the arm. "Take me to this ship!" she demanded, as she began moving from the command center into the streets of the growing settlement. She hoped she was not working into a trap but, like her father, she rarely executed sound judgment where family was concerned.

Doctor Bailo let out a sigh. Jelena was right. This wasn't supposed to happen for *months*. "Your sisters are safe." She reassured the girl as they began moving. "The Mandalorian tasked with protecting Sierra has been injured. Doctor Tohan is overly exhausted and needs his rest." She moved as quickly as she could through the streets and towards the ship. "Here!" She said, leading her up the ramp.

Sierra was still standing. She held Bruce close to her chest. The woman had entered an extreme overprotective state. She wasn't simply watching her boy, she was watching her girls too. As soon as she had a way of contacting Dru, she needed to find out she was safe for sure. Relief spread over her when she saw Jelena. It had been some time. She regretted that fact because she loved her eldest stepdaughter very much. "Jelena!" She became teary simply seeing her childhood best friend. She approached her slowly, letting her see her little *brother*. "Jelena, terrible things have happened. The Emperor has sent an Inquisitor to watch over your father..." The tears started as she continued to explain things. "She *made* me give birth. She forced it to happen." She was distraught, pointing towards El-Nay. "She tried to keep the family safe and the Inquisitor did *that* to her." Sierra's voice dropped, "Your brother is *force sensitive*. The Emperor wants him... He'll kill Bruce..."

"Jelly!" Ewwiekewwieikkie yelled from behind Sierra, as she pushed past her stepmother and ran towards her sister. With one of her arms she was dragging Melickielickie as if she were a plush toy. She lifted up into the air and tackled Jelena, pouncing her to the ground. Her tongue slid from her mouth as she gave her sloppy kisses on both of her cheeks. "I missed you!" she said, before she sat back up and looked down at her. "This Melickielickie!" she said, as she pointed to the junior squib. "She's mine!" she said, beaming proudly, as if she were one of her possessions.

Jelena tried to listen to what Sierra was saying, but before she had a chance to reply she was tackled by her sister. Just when she was trying to process everything that Sierra had told her, she was presented with what Ewwiekewwieikkie claimed was 'her' child. "Uh. Did Ewwiekewwieikkie have a baby too?" she asked Sierra, as she struggled to sit up, her Rebel uniform now covered in blue fur. "Where is my father?" she asked, with some trepidation in her voice as she rose from the ground and began to dust herself off. "Did ... did the Inquisitor kill him?" she asked, before turning her attention away from as she braced herself for an answer. "You can stay here. You can all stay here," she said, as she finally allowed herself to look at her brother. She could not even begin to process what she said about his ability to use the force. She was too young to even understand what that meant. "No, no one will kill Bruce," she said, as she raised a hand and gently brushed her hand across his cheek.

Melickielickie was gnawing on Bethany's rank code cylinder. She had sat in Ewwiekewwieikkie's lap the whole entire flight, which kept her both amused and happy. The little Squib looked at the girl that Ewwie called 'Jelly'. "Eeeeeee... Jelly!!" She lapped at Jelena's face like she expected her to taste like real fruit jelly. "We friends!" Between the two Squibs, there had to be a massive amount of blue hair on Jelena. Melickielickie's smile grew as Ewwie declared that she was hers.

"No, no, no." She shook her head. "This is Melickielickie... We are intending on adopting her... Surprise..." Sierra said anti-climatically. A more serious look fell over her face. She wanted Claudius to be with her. "No! Claudius ... he stayed at the Retributor... He wanted to protect us." Her face shrunk. Her frown could have reached the ground. "I don't know how long he'll have to keep us hidden from the Inquisitor." Sierra purposefully didn't bring up the battle of Chandrila. She was on the enemy's side, after all. Sierra wanted her husband to win. It was relieving to hear Jelena grant them with a safe haven. "Thank you, Jelena..." Sierra stepped backwards until she could feel the hoversled behind her, then she sat. The woman was running out of energy. She watched Bruce and Jelena interact. The boy silently stared at his sister. "He's so little... The doctors say he'll need to be monitored for some time. It was so early..." Sierra slowly outstretched the bundled boy from her chest. "Do you want to hold him?"

Jelena tried to come to terms with everything that Sierra had told her, but it was so much that she moved to take a seat. "I can hold him?" she asked, as her features lit up again. "Sure!" she said, as she adjusted herself, and prepared to hold her baby brother for the first time. She reached out with her hands and took the baby Bruce from her. "So, how did you come upon this name? I don't recall a Bruce in either of our families," she asked, as she held him carefully, while supporting his head. He was *so* tiny. It was hard to imagine he would grow into a big, strong male member of the House of Rodney one day. "Wait..." she asked, with some degree of trepidation as she looked around the crowded ship. "Where's Drusilla?" she asked, as she looked up from her beautiful baby brother, and desperately searched for a trace of her sister.

Five years ago, this moment would have seemed totally unrealistic. It was hard to believe that there had ever been a day where Sierra didn't love Claudius. Now, they had a son. As physically and emotionally exhausted as she was, Sierra couldn't help glowing with pride. She watched Jelena and Bruce with a happiness growing in her chest. "You're right. There isn't. There was an Alderaan Guard on Delaya who sacrificed himself for me during an assassination attempt. He gave his life for that boy. I felt the only proper way to honor his sacrifice was to name my son after him." She explained to Jelena. The baby boy began weaseling his way out of his baby burrito, first with one hand, then a leg. He fought to get out the rest of the way and was unable to. Frustrated, he looked up at his big sister and pouted. There it was. The infamous Rodney pout. Sierra had feared it would be passed down to her son, for she was quite the sucker.

"Oh goodness, Dru." Sierra sighed. "To make a long story short, a Prince from Onderon has begun courting her. I grounded her and I'm quite sure she ran off to his planet while everything else was going on. I will confirm that as soon as I can..." She rubbed her forehead. "You Rodney children are difficult!" Sierra prodded her with an elbow gently.

"Was that at my 'funeral'?" Jelena asked, as she could hardly keep track of all of the assassination attempts against her family during the last days on Delaya. "Oh he's pouting already. No need for a paternity test," she joked to Sierra, as she continued to smile down at the little guy. "A Prince?!" she exclaimed, as her face flashed up at Sierra. "Well she always wanted to be a Princess..." she commented, before turning her attention back to her baby brother. "Is Pilaq alright?" she asked, as she was still trying to understand what was happening, while still balancing the fact that her forces were about to attack from whence they came.

She shook her head. "No, some other thing... Don't ask. Your uncle Gaius wanted to be Duke *very* bad." She rolled her eyes. Sierra broke out in her first real laughter since this morning. "Oh thank goodness. I was *so* worried about that." Mug and Iyah were going to have one hell of a surprise when their house was suddenly filled with Rodneys. Callista had graciously offered them a place to stay. It was to be insanity. For Sierra, everything was finally slowing down. She couldn't stop thinking about Claudius, nor would she stop wanting to be with him. "I know ... but I don't trust the boy yet. I want to make sure his intentions are pure. Dru is blinded by his wallet." She sighed. "Pilaq is very tired. I'm not sure who had a more wearing day, him or your father. He... He saved Bruce. When the Inquisitor came to take our son away, Pilaq hit her with his walking stick." Sierra explained in awe. She was going to give the Doctor a big hug as soon as she could. "It's been such a long day." She admitted to Jelena. "I'm worried for your father. In the wake of all that's going on, he needs me... he needs his family. Now he has nothing but fears and additional stresses. What is that Inquisitor going to do to him when she finds out we're gone?" Sierra's head lowered. Her hands came up over her eyes so Jelena couldn't see her cry. She was supposed to be the strong one now.

"I would be more concerned about Dru's intentions. Don't let her pull the wool over your eyes. She's not a sweet, innocent girl," Jelena revealed, having perhaps more experience with her sister, as she was instrumental in raising her with their mother dead and Claudius away. "Pilaq attacked the Inquisitor?!" she exclaimed, but quickly lowered her voice to avoid startling the baby. "You don't want to be there, Sierra. And I don't want any of you there either. Not with what's about to happen..." she said, cryptically, but realized that she already said too much. "Let's get everyone situated," she suggested, as she offered the baby back to Sierra. "Just one more question. *How* did you end up with Callista gain?" she asked, smiling, and shrugging her shoulders, as she attempted to lead them off the Mandalorian ship.

Jelena dropped a nugget of information on Sierra. It seemed the Prince situation would warrant more research. . . *after* the family was reunited. Sierra nodded her head to confirm as she, too, was shocked by what the old Ithorian Doctor had done. Jelena's cryptic words made sense to Sierra. They both knew something was about to go down. Sierra knew the Imperial plans, while Jelena was aware of the Rebels movement. "I know. Something terrible is going to happen soon." She carefully collected Bruce from Jelena, wrapping him back up in his blanket. She forced herself to stand once more. Everyone needed rest and no one was going to get it on the ship. She followed Jelena slowly. She chuckled. "I have no idea. She appeared at the estate one day... I didn't ask questions. We love it when Callista visits." The group slowly unloaded from the ship. Everyone would take shelter in Callista's home until the time to return to Esseles was upon them. In Sierra's heart, she knew she wouldn't stay away from Claudius for long. When the battle ended and the smoke cleared, Sierra Rodney would return for her love.

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