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Rachel King and Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:11 - 35:4:12) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Terril Naval Base and Ty Anzion's apartment) and Sonthi.
Ty Anzion, Kia Kaen, and Major Kerrie Kiley.

It had been a day since the attack in New Calamar, and Ty Anzion had yet to fully recover. The middleaged Jedi Knight knelt quietly in the corner of their apartment in deep meditation, carefully planning their next move. His eyes opened and a powerful sigh escaped his lips, his hand coming to rest on the hilt of his lightsaber for the constant sense of security it gave him. With a slight groan of age he rose from his position, and walked into the common area to seek out Kia. It was time for their next strike.

The girl had not been idle, after waking up from the adrenaline crash Kia had set about making special small egg shaped noisemakers, and what looked like an electronic credit chip with part of the backing removed but still attached by the fine wires, that was what she was bent over, focused solely on her task at hand. Taking a small dusting brush she was coating the inside with what looked like a very fine white powder, careful not to breath the dust in. Setting the brush aside, she settled a paper thin piece of what looked like plastic atop the coating of powder finally tapping in a blue powder that looked like she had ground it herself. Nudging the backing into place once more, she examined her work, pleased that it did not show tampering at all.

Ty walked up directly behind her cautiously, never quite knowing what she was up to. He looked over her shoulder at the objects she was tinkering with, but could make neither hide nor hair of it. "Do not worry yourself, young one. I am fine," he assured her, as his interest was more focused on her than himself at the moment. "What is it there you are working on?" he asked, genuinely interested as he took his eyes off the object and walked around her, so that he would be facing her. It was never polite to talk to someone's backside.

"Oh...this...I really just wanted to see if I could do it or not. The components will mix and either explode or catch on fire when the thin film melts. It's a credit chip, well was a credit chip. I couldn't help but worry. You were in your meditative thing longer this time. I didn't know if you'd wake up." Kia leaned forward setting the chip down closer to him. "Just don't drop it. Not sure what till happen if you do." Standing up, she stretched then gave him a questioning look. "So what do we do now? Just keep hiding."

"Our activities yesterday will only draw out the real might of the Empire," Ty explained as he carefully studied her makeshift credit chip explosive. "Imperial Holovision has reported that the Empire has stepped up patrols in all the major cities on Esseles ... not just here in New Calamar ... we certainly got their attention," he continued as he walked towards the window to look out at the towering structures that made up the modern city. "We must strike again, lest they think they can rest easy," he said, turning to look back at her again. "We should attempt to infiltrate the naval base and destroy one of their shuttles," he announced, after giving the matter some thoughtful contemplation. "Can you rig a powerful enough device to destroy a shuttle, yet have it remain small enough to go undetected?" he asked her, unsure of her true capabilities in this regard.

"What kind of shuttle? That's not really that difficult Ty, you put the explosives near the engines or tied into the acceleration controls so that when they go to gain altitude and speed they activate the explosive. Which is then triggered and explodes near the fuel and engines. It wouldn't even need to be much larger than Moz was." She looked back toward the door of the apartment almost nervously. "What if they start searching houses? Would they do that? And why did you 'do' that with the lightsaber and announcing your are here for the rest of the known universe!"

"I am not a starship expert," Ty explained as he considered her question. "It is of Imperial origin and design," he explained to her as he moved to take a seat on a nearby chair. "The Stormtrooper was a threat. I removed that threat. It was unfortunate I was detected, but we can make this work to our advantage," he continued with an emphatic nod of his head. "My presence here will attract the attention of certain individuals within the Empire. If we can get those individuals to focus here ... on us ... then they will not be a danger to others elsewhere," he concluded, quite pleased with the stratagem he had developed during his meditation.

Blinking at him, Kia shook her head, "That would get you killed, Ty! How are we supposed to get close enough to this shuttle to place the explosives anyways? I can't just walk up there and ask to service the shuttle, I'm not a Stormtrooper. I don't want to get killed or captured either... " He sounded confident enough though. "What do I need to do? I could make another Moz and just tell it to hide."

"The Empire has never been attacked on Esseles in such away," Ty explained to her, sounding confident about his brazen plan. "Their shuttles are parked close to the perimeter. We need only slip in under the cover of darkness and plant our explosive," he continued, outlining his thoughts in greater detail. "They're overconfident. We will not be discovered," he finished, hoping the young girl would understand his logic.

"Maybe I can plant this on one of the guards too." Picking up the altered chip again, Kia zipped it carefully into the pocket on her upper arm. ""It'll have to be explosives inside, they probably give the ships visual inspections. Do you think you can get us into the shuttle itself, without waving your lightblade about and bringing the garrison down on us?" Standing, she still wasn't nearly on eye level with him, she grabbed her backpack before settling back in her seat, rummaging and pulling out different containers. "Shaped or just make another Mouse? A Mouse would be easier, but we have to capture another one."

"If there is one thing I have learned from the formation of the Galactic Empire it is that there is abundance of mouse droids," Ty informed her, as he flashed her a kind and playful smirk. "You will prepare the explosives while I scour the city for a suitable droid," he decided, as he rose from his seat and began walking towards the door. Before he left he stopped, and turned back at her one last time. "Try not to blow yourself up," he instructed her, and then headed out of the apartment to be about his business.

Muttering to herself as he walked out, Try not to blow myself up... Setting the bowl on the table, Kia began mixing the proper compounds. Normal, every day chemicals and compounds. When he left her attention was drawn to the door every moment or so, she was worried for the older Jedi. Stirring the contents with a wooden cooking spoon, picking up a bottle of a semi liquid substance, folding it into the ground powders. A grey lump of something that smelled acrid formed in the bottom of the bowl, these were just following directions, the holonet is a wonderful place.

A full moon illuminated the night sky over the Esseles city of New Calamar. In the distance stood the Terril Naval Base, home to a bustling Imperial spaceport that assisted the nearby Imperial forces in patrolling the bustling space lanes of the Darpa Sector. The base was well protected with an electronic perimeter fence, which was accentuated with a series of guard towers that boasted powerful E-web blaster emplacements. The constant sound of engines roared through the night sky as TIE/gt fighters and Lambda-class shuttles took off and landed throughout the evening. Imperial Navy troopers provided security for the base and regular patrols monitored all activity.

Ty Anzion sat perched on a hilltop two kilometers away from the naval base. His tattered cloak, which had seen better days, wrapped around his moderately athletic frame, concealing his figure in the darkness. His eyes peered across the sky at the nearby facility, and grew slightly concerned by the activity. "It is too early," he said to Kia, as he checked the chronometer on his wrist. "Prepare the droid," he instructed her, as he moved back down the hill so that he would not be seen. "We will strike in three hours, he explained to her, believing that with some time the activity would slow and they would have a more effective chance at their attack.

"D'you really think it will settle down that fast?" Frowning across at the spaceport, this was more than just taking out an outpost. "What if they catch us?" Brushing hair out of her face, Kia shifted uncomfortably at the thought of their being discovered, but she settled down to prepare the little mouse droid. Rummaging around in the side pocket of her backpack for the container she made earlier. Repeating the process, she attached a piece of the charge about half the size of her fist to the inside of the droid, loosening two of the wires inside she fed them into the timing and remote control piece before carefully inserting that into the explosive. Closing up the access hatch she set it back down with a soft pat. "There you go Moz.."

"If there is one thing you can credit the Empire for ... it is precision," Ty explained as he watched her tinker with the droid. The man had no technical skill, and he believed she was particularly gifted to have already developed such skills so early in her life. "There will be a shift change, during which time they will be vulnerable," he said as he began to climb up the slope of the hill once more. He got into a prone position, laying on the slope of the hill as he crept to the top. When he reached the summit, his eyes fixated on the patrols, his enhanced vision picking up on their every movement. He closed his eyes, slowly beginning to concentrate as he mentally began to form a map of the compound in his head. It was as if he could visualize every movement and weapon emplacement as he sought out the best point of insertion.

Following him up to the top of the hill, Kia narrowed her eyes, she had good eyesight but not Force enhanced, looking out toward the base. Her voice had dropped to a low whisper, "Are you sure we can get in there?" She already mostly blended into grasses in the jumpsuit she wore, "What are we going to do for three hours waiting?"

Ty thought for a moment about how to make the three hours pass effectively, and his hand went to the sleeve of his cloak and he tore a piece of cloth off. Moving behind Kia he placed the cloth over her eyes and tied a knot behind her head. "Now ... how many guards do you see?" he asked, as he moved away from her and studied her carefully, going about training the adolescent in the least traditional of methods. He was eager to see how she was progressing, as it would take considerable abilities for her to survive the guerilla war they were attempting to initiate.

Kia tensed as he blindfolded her, she hated not being able to see anything like this. "I see part of your sleeve. It doesn't look to be on to attentive of duty." Despite the flippant tone, she tried clearing her mind, focusing on a state of calm. It took her far longer than it should have, fumbling a few times, before finally getting it right and extending her senses out, looking for the guards. "Um, I see...four? Well four that are close."

"No," Ty replied disappointedly, as he scolded the young student. "Concentrate. See what cannot be seen," he said to her, using one of the oldest clichés in the history of training. He had great confidence in the young woman, but she had to learn to embrace the living Force if she were ever to realize her true potential. Perhaps if she had been born a generation earlier she might have grown into a great Jedi, but with this man her potential would most likely never be fully realized.

The disappointed tone made her flinch a little, biting her lower lip as she concentrated on the base before them. It seemed pointless, she was not nearly as good at this as she was with electronics ... or explosives ... Reaching out, Kia focused on seeing beyond what was -there-. Taking a deep breath, she made herself relax. "There are seven guards on this side of the perimeter." That time she felt certain of her answer.

Ty nodded satisfactory in response to Kia's answer as he untied the blindfold from around the youngster's head. "Good. Good, Kia," he said, attempting to boost her confidence before the upcoming assault. His eyes again scanned his wrist chronometer ... they had killed some time, but there was still more than hour before the shift change. The waiting was the hardest part, he thought to himself as his hand nervously fiddled with the hilt of his lightsaber. His eyes looked down at the row of Lambda-class shuttles that were being fueled, realizing one of those would be the perfect target for their mouse droid to stowaway on. "There's enough of a charge to destroy one of those, right?" he asked her as he turned to look over his shoulder at her.

Having finally got hold of the Force, Kia did not let it go, everything seemed sharper, especially now that she could actually see what was going on around her. "I don't see the point of that, Ty ... I know how many guards are up there, I don't know how to get past them." Looking back to Moz, her grin almost lit up her face, "Moz could level a few stories of a building. It's a good little droid. Which one are you thinking?"

"You still have much to learn, young one," Ty said in a condescending tone as he considered her statement. "We do not have to get by them ... only the droid does," he explained as he motioned to the small mouse droid. "Our task is simply to ensure that the droid goes unnoticed. If they are watching elsewhere, then the droid will succeed," he continued, as he crawled back up the hill in order to monitor the movements of the Navy troopers further. "I will cause a distraction and you will safely maneuver the droid into the shuttle," he instructed her, as his eyes again nervously moved towards the chronometer on his wrist.

"I know ... it seems like there is more to learn than time to learn it. So much more complicated than making sure an electronic is working or building something." Tilting her head at the base, "Which one of the shuttles? I boosted the range on the transmitter. I just need to know which one to get it on. Can you mask the droid being visible, that seems safer than making a distraction..."

Ty shook his head in response to Kia's question, finding it actually a bit humorous. "No, Kia. I cannot make the mouse droid invisible," he informed her, fighting back the urge to enjoy a slight chuckle. "When the time is right you will know what shuttle to place the droid upon. Use your instincts. I have confidence in you," he said as he reached out his right hand, and firmly gave her a squeeze upon her shoulder. The time was approaching and he wanted to make sure she was mentally prepared. He could not afford to have her doubting herself in the midst of the conflict.

"Oh. I thought..." Kia grinned a little and seemed to relax a little at the reassuring squeeze to her shoulder ... he would not intentionally endanger her life, she did not think. Shaking her head before scooting back down the hill and picking up the controller, she sent the little droid into a few small circles, then letting it go further out away from her and bringing it back. Satisfied with how it was working, she brought it with her when she made her way back up next to him, wondering why he wouldn't just give her a target. "Ready when you are."

There was a small, barely audible beep on his wrist chronometer and he popped up almost immediately. "The time is now," Ty said to her as he walked to the top of the hill. "You know what to do, young one. If I should fall head immediately to the spaceport and use what credits we have left to book passage to the Outer Rim. You will find no life for yourself here," he said with one final nod, giving a half smile to the young Kia. A moment later he was off, moving much faster than any normal human. As he approached the perimeter of the naval base he felt his heart begin to beat faster and his stomach begin to tighten. He was nervous, uncharacteristic for a Jedi. He was experiencing the same symptoms he had two decades earlier during the Republic's liberation of Esseles, which caused him to flee from the Jedi Order and go into hiding. Would he be able to redeem himself this evening? Time would tell.

The sudden movement made her jump, eyes going wide she started maneuvering moz along with her, staying low she darted a good bit closer to the perimeter, looking for the first open shuttle, Kia knelt behind the rock that had been scouted first. Peeking up from behind it, she sent the mouse droid trundling off towards the closest open shuttle. Spotting a patrol of two Imperial Navy troopers, she moved it around them trying to keep the movements normal of one of the little droids. Her breathing was coming a lot faster now, fighting nerves to stay focused. Up the ramp, she paused in the movements, mentally calling up the typical layout, the memory causing a grin. She had hated studying the blasted things but her parents had both insisted. Off to the left, the droid settled in just behind and under the far rear jump seat.

As he reached the perimeter of the Naval Base, Ty's hand instinctively dropped to the hilt of his lightsaber, and in a fluid motion it was detached from his belt. A *snap-hiss* broke the silence of the night's sky and within an instant a shimmering blue blade more than a meter long emerged from the hilt. He spun around as he thrust his lightsaber forward, cutting into part of the fence. It was not the least bit subtle, but he wanted to draw their attention away from the shuttle. Almost immediately a loud alarm began to roar through the compound and two spotlights fixated his location. Blaster bolts began firing at him from unseen attackers in the shadows, but he was quick to deflect the oncoming bolts into the duracrete tarmac. He could sense that Kia had succeeded in deploying the mouse droid, but if he were to succeed in drawing them away from the shuttle, he needed to make quite the scene. He surged forward towards the oncoming Navy troopers , bringing the lightsaber up sharply as he closed the distance. His hands tightened around the grip of his lightsaber as he brought the blade down in a chopping motion, entering at the trooper's shoulder and cleaving straight down into his torso.

Kia had waited a full minute then double pressed activation switch for the explosive charge, ducking back down behind the rock to keep away from any debris. Paranoia about such things could pay off. Waiting for the gut wrenching sound of exploding metal, and the flash of light that said she had successfully destroyed government property. She had picked it because it seemed to have just landed, and it was close. Second thoughts told her it probably would have been better to go for a guard building or something bigger than a shuttle, did not want Ty to start a war or something like that? They had dozens of these shuttles ... Kia had not even thought of him during this, she hoped he was okay and had not gotten himself blown to bits either. She would make her move to escape after they started toward the shuttle.

Ty had allowed Kia believe that their mission was to attack the Empire and aide the local Rebel cell, but he had not been honest with the young student, because he did not want to risk her safety if she knew the extent of the plot. The truth was something far more dangerous. He knew that an Imperial Inquisitor had come to the Ringali Shell recently ... he could sense their presence. He knew he was getting older and he had a limited window where he thought he might be able to be effective in a fight. And therefore, their true mission was to make as much noise as possible, and to be seen, until he would draw the Inquisitor out and inflict real damage upon the Empire. To that end his eyes scanned the tarmac, his face illuminated by the shimmering blue blade of his lighsaber. He spotted two Navy troopers charging towards his position, and he planted his feet before pushing off before running towards them. "Ahhh!" he yelled in a war cry, deflecting several of their blaster bolts as he surged towards them. He stepped between them, badly clipping the trooper on the right with his blade, badly disfiguring the man. As he came behind the one on the left, he swung the blade of his lightsaber into his back and the man immediately dropped to his death with a painful cry. He stood over the injured trooper and stabbed his lightsaber deep into the man's chest, ending his suffering. It was a start ... but where was the explosion?

Kia jumped up, glaring in the direction of the shuttle, she knew she attached everything right ... that bomb should have been a ball of gasses and debris. Mashing the button for arm/fire repeatedly, tapping the joystick up twice, down twice then left and right both twice, disarm then fire again. Remembering she was not far from now enemy soldiers, she dropped back to the ground, mentally berating herself for that dumb of a move, the roar of the explosion drown out the blaster fire, a shredding wave of shrapnel cut into the shuttles on either side of the 'ground zero' for the bomb. A moment after the initial explosion the slightly smaller shuttle to the left let out a hissing whine and the engines went critical on it as well. Any Imperials within the immediate area would have been blinded or deafened by the loud noises, but the unfortunate eight Navy troopers met a quick but messy death by flying pieces of debris and fire.

The sounds of an engine could be heard after the explosions subsided and the Lambda-class shuttle Sonthi slowly descended over the burning mass of destroyed shuttles and obliterated Navy troopers The shuttle's ramp was already lowered by the time it hovered over the Naval Base's tarmac. It slowly moved towards the sight of Ty's lightsaber, and as it approached three Imperial Storm Commandos hopped from the ramp to confront the Jedi. These were the elite of the Empire's feared Stormtrooper Corps, dressed in exotic black armor that closely resembled that of their 'cousins', the Scout Troopers. One of the Commandos was armed with an Oppressor flamethrower, and he immediately unleashed a wave of flame at the Jedi.

Ty was impressed by his opposition, but it was not the expected Imperial Inquisition. Is this what they send, he thought to himself as he stood before the four commandos. His left hand thrust up as the flame approached, and he closed his eyes as he concentrated on the oncoming stream of burning heat. No flame would harm his fair skin, and gradually the flames came to a halt as if he had a protective shield over him. An instant later his eyes opened a smirk curled upon his lips. In the next instant the flame blew back and enveloped the trooper, sending him rolling to the ground in a fierce scream as he attempted to put the flame out.

The sound of the engine got her peeking back over the rock, watching the commandos versus her friend. Eyes widening in awe as she saw the flames repelled back at the attackers. Standing slowly, Kia was still watching the fight. A sharp double beep from her bag reminded her to fall back, biting her lower lip again she had to trust he'd get out safely this time. Keeping low still she moved back toward their original look out. Idly she wondered how many people she had consigned to their fates with the explosions.

Ty was almost insulted that the Inquisitor had not yet come to face him, and therefore he would make quick work of these Commandos in order to send an unmistakable message that he hoped would no longer be ignored. Before the commandos could react his lightsaber was thrown from his right hand, and his eyes closed silently as he created a mental image of the commando on the right. An instant later, the lightsaber impaled the hapless soldier in the chest, and he dropped to his knees with an audible groan. The hilt of the lightsaber quickly found its way back into his hand, as he began to run from the other two, to make the chase more interesting.

Major Kerrie Kiley grimaced under her helmet as she watched two of her best commandos so easily dispatched. <Click>"Grenades!"<Click> she ordered to the one last commando she had, as her hand dropped to her belt to grab hold of a glop grenade. It was set to contact detonation, and she hurled it at the Jedi in the distance. She brought up her E-11 blaster rifle and followed up the grenade with a series of quick, poorly aimed, blaster bolts to distract him.

"Ugh!" Ty groaned as he spotted the grenade incoming, leaping vertically in the air as the grenade exploded beneath him, spreading out a large swath of the encompassing substance beneath him. He came down on his left knee into a crouch position, his activated lightsaber held out beneath him as he menacing stared down the commandos. They were no match to him, but he believed it was cruel to toy with his prey. One of the Major's blaster bolts actually clipped his shoulder, causing him to grimace in pain, but it would not cease his attack on the unfortunate commandos. His left hand came up and thrust his hand up at the smallest commando, unleashing a wave of telekinetic energy heading directly at the soldier.

"Gaah!" Major Kiley groaned as she felt herself thrown off her feet, her body sent flying back into the durasteel support rod of the shuttle's ramp. Her head slammed into it, and she fell unconscious to the ground below, laying there like a sack of vegetables. There was but one commando left, who continuously was firing with his E-11. Spotting his commander incapacitated, he began to back up, heading towards the shuttle's ramp. He did not want to be the final victim of the Jedi.

Upon reaching the original hill, Kia turned and pulled a pair of binoculars from her backpack, focusing in on the blazing blue lightsaber blade, at least it made him easy to spot. Her breath caught, and she held it for a moment watching the soldier fly backwards. This. This was why she had wanted to learn from him. She should do something to help, but what should she do.

It would make a bad impression if he allowed the running the Storm Commando to escape, so Ty immediately began running towards the shuttle. His blade deflected several oncoming blaster bolts, which were very poorly aimed by the fleeing commando. As he reached the bottom of the ramp the shuttle began to take off, but it was no matter. He swung his lightsaber in a downward angle at the commando, severing his head in one fluid motion. The head rolled down the ramp and landed on the tarmac below. Ty stood there nervously for a moment, never a fan of heights. He closed his eyes and jumped from the ramp of the shuttle, roughly landing next to the downed Commando.

Ty knelt down next to the fallen commando and lifted her into a seated position as he stared at her intently. He held the blade of his lightsaber to her throat and glared at her, almost showing a flash of anger. For an instant, he thought about severing her head, but she had a larger purpose. "I want the Inquisitor," he snarled at her, before dropping her back down to the ground. He could hear additional shuttles coming now, and his head perked up as he looked towards the hill in the distance. He disengaged his lightsaber and began running out of the smoldering compound towards the hillside. Their objective had been accomplished.

Seeing Ty disengage his lightsaber Kia lowered the binoculars, strangely elated that he had not killed the one that had been injured. They did not need to kill them to make a point.

As Ty arrived in the hills, he sought out Kia, still nursing his blaster wound on his left shoulder. "You did well, young one," he said to her happily, as he began descending the hill towards their waiting speeder. "We must go," he instructed her, realizing that the area would soon be swarming with even more Imperials, but most likely not the one he wanted.

Giving him a beaming smile, she nodded then spotted the burn on his shoulder, "You're hurt!" Trailing after him as he went to the shuttle Kia looked back over her shoulder at the rising columns of smoke. "There's a medkit under the passenger seat, it'll have to do until we get back. Wow, did you 'see' those explosions?! And that fire, you just blew it back at them!" Hopping into the pilot's seat, she started things up while waiting for him to get in the speeder.

"It will be fine," Ty assured her as he settled into the speeder, strapping himself in knowing Kia's propensity for erratic flying. He graciously accepted the medkit and began preparing a bacta patch as the speeder sped away from the carnage and the destruction. As he applied the bacta patch to his wound he let out a pained gasp and closed his eyes to center himself. He was confident his message would now be making its way to the Inquisitor and a confrontation would soon be at hand. He only hoped he was a match for her, for if he was not ... Kia would surely be in grave danger.

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