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D. Wade Hyde and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:8:35) in the Essesia system: Esseles (Calamar: Hotel) and Warspite.
Major Kerrie Kiley, Tycho Starlight, and Major Min Traebor

Kerrie Kiley was dressed in her cold, black Storm Commando uniform as she moved through the bowels of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite. She had been considering the situation that El-Nay Darr had informed her about, and while she new she could not appeal to the Grand Moff for assistance, she could attempt to confront the Intel Major who was the cause of all this. As the governor's aide her code cylinders gave her access to every area of the command ship and she had no trouble entering the suite that had been assigned to Major Traebor and her staff. There was a bit of confusion among the Intel officers when she entered, but she paid them no mind, and walked directly into Traebor's office.

Min Traebor had her back to the door when Major Kiley entered the room, and quickly spun around on her chair to see who had dared enter. "Get out of my office!" she snarled viciously, rising up from her chair to get a better look at the woman. She was dressed in her olive-grey uniform, and her reddish hair was styled so that it hung down over one side of her face. She brought a hand up to her face nonchalantly to brush it aside, before moving around the desk to confront the interloper.

"I don't know what your game is, Traebor, but it stops now!" Kerrie demanded, as she turned to face the oncoming woman. Her feet were planted firmly and she was ready for a fight, but she did not think the meddling bureaucrat capable of such an action. "El-Nay Darr is not to be touched. Not unless you want to deal with me," she warned her, raising a gloved finger towards the woman quickly. She extended her hand, poking her on the chest as hard as she could twice.

Min turned her head to study the Storm Commando intently, surprised that she would come before her to petition for the lowly Mandalorian. "Oh. Is that what this is about?" she said, laughing at her, before moving back towards her desk. "It's sweet that you care so much, but I think she's found someone else," she said, before moving towards one of the monitors on the wall. Turning back to face Kerrie she pressed the button that showed the recording from the hotel on Calamar where they had been staying. The sexual interlude between the two appeared on one monitor before eventually expanding to play on all of them. "Sorry, sweetie. But I think your girlfriend has a boyfriend," she said, before pulling open her top desk drawer to grab at her cigarra case.

Kerrie reached to her holster to produce her KYD-21 blaster pistol, quickly raising it at Min Traebor, and held it there for a moment. "I ended Major Zevrin. I can end you," she warned her, before moving the barrel of the blaster to the right, squeezing the trigger. The crimson bolt of energy impacted with the monitors, shattering them in an explosion that sent shocks of electricity everywhere. "El-Nay Darr is not to be touched," she repeated, holstering her sidearm, having hoped that she had more than made her point.

Traebor momentarily flinched when Kerrie drew the blaster down on her, and when she actually pulled the trigger she was mortified. But when the bolts connected with her monitors a sensation of relief came over her and she shifted back into her normal personality. She turned her head slowly to look at the damage that had been done, before looking back at Kerrie. "There's the famous Kiley temper we have all heard so much about," she snickered, plucking one cigarra from the holder before bringing it to her lips. She moved her face towards the electrical fire, allowing it to spark the end, before taking a quick drag. "Bring me the Nerf Herder. Then I'll forget all about El-Nay Darr," she said to her, before exhaling a toxic plume of smoke in her direction. "Well, as much as one can forget a bumbling imbecile in bright orange armor," she added, before sitting back down at her desk.

"What do you want with the Governor's brother?" Kerrie asked the Major, as she moved towards her desk. She placed both hands down upon her desk, leaning forward to glare across at her. "Whatever is going on between you and him need not involve the girl. We both know she doesn't stand a chance. What does sacrificing her gain you? It does not gain you him!" she yelled at her, raising her hands, and then slamming them back down in fists upon the polished black desk. "Are we just pawns to you black hats?" she asked, angrily, almost snarling at the woman. It was no wonder they were losing the war what with all the games Intel and the ISB were playing.

"So you've seen the file?" Min asked her, holding her cigarra in between two fingers of her right hand, the smoke rapidly rising from it. "The Nerf Herder was hired to do a job for me. On your recommendation if you remember. He failed. Now he must pay," she said, before moving the cigarra back to her mouth for another drag. "I don't want the Nerf Herder dead. I want him to suffer. Death would only end his suffering ... and my fun," she explained, before blowing out a cloud of smoke at Kerrie. "Now that you know who he is you know his heart. You know that he does not kill for sport or profit. But when your precious El-Nay shows up he'll have no choice but to kill her. Her the young girl whose innocence he took. He'll have that on him for the rest of his days," she said, laughing at Kerrie, before pushing the button to call a maintenance tech to repair her monitor.

"You are a monster," Kerrie said, but not before bringing up her gloved hand to slap her across the face. Somewhat satisfied, she turned on her heels and moving from the office at all possible speed. She would have to get to El-Nay before she left. She would not allow her to fall victim to some Intel mindgame. She had only hoped she would not be too late.

Tycho awoke with a languid stretch and a yawn. He squirmed around in bed for a bit, unwilling to emerge from sleep, but something nagged at him. He reached out for El-Nay, but she was not there. When he opened his eyes and glanced around the room, he saw that there was no sign of her. "El-Nay?" He called. The suite was not only silent, but felt still. In fact... he reached out with his senses and felt no life around him except for in adjacent rooms. He sat up on the edge of the bed and found his feet. There was a sense of worry that he could not banish, but surely she was simply out getting some food or something. They did have leftovers from the restaurant... but maybe she just didn't want to eat something so heavy for breakfast. Despite the fact that his mind was playing over these thoughts and searching for any number of logical reasons she wouldn't be there, he knew something was wrong. When he saw that her belongings were all gone, his heart rate started to increase. Had she really left? He pulled on his pants and went into the living area. Prominently displayed on the coffee table was a small holoprojector. He went and sat in front of it, watching the blinking light to show that there was a recording. She had left him a message. There was no reason to do that other than if she left. He pressed the button. As he watched and listened, his stomach dropped and he simply stared on. He felt sick. He didn't know what to feel aside from turmoil and confusion which he tried desperately to work through. Why did her goddamn honor have to matter so much? Why would she risk leaving him, letting him be alone again? How could she do that? His stomach hurt and fear rose in him, quickly followed by anger. He suddenly stood and flipped the table over with a roar. There was a crash and the sound of things breaking, but he didn't stop there. He kicked furniture, he swept decorative items from tables, and all the while he cursed.

From the corridor Kerrie could hear the noise from within the room and grew concerned, drawing her blaster pistol. She stepped towards the door, lifting her booted foot, before kicking it forward to open it. "El-Nay?" she called into the room, not sure if she was attacked or being attacked. For what was to come she needed her armor, and therefore had cast aside her Imperial uniform, and replaced it with her black suit of armorweave. Her hand moved to the metal helmet that sat atop her head, bringing down the targeting scanners over both of her eyes. "El-Nay?" she again called out, unwilling to go any further, as she was unsure of what she was walking into or what she could be walking into. The amount of crashing she had heard convinced she might have been dealing with multiple attackers, which caused her to worry her confrontation with Major Traebor might have caused her to have the Black Sun send a couple of thugs to deal with them.

Tycho heard the crash of the door. He hadn't the slightest idea who it was, and didn't have the presence of mind to tell it was a familiar presence. Even if he had, he wouldn't have been able to work it out after meeting her just once. It was a moot point, being that he was seething with rage. He snatched up his blaster pistol and stalked toward the next room. As he swung around, he raised his blaster toward the door, and found that he had it leveled on Kerrie. The look on his face, the rage and betrayal and pain, was unsettling if not downright frightening. Wearing nothing but his pants he was at a disadvantage, but he wasn't shooting anyway. "El-Nay... where is she? Where did she go!"

When Kerrie saw that it was Tycho, she holstered her blaster pistol and took a couple of cautious steps forward. In his eyes she could see something had gone terribly wrong, but he seemed just as confused as she was. "Tycho. We met the other day. My name is Kerrie. What has happened here?" she said in a calm, non-threatening voice. She had dealt with all sorts in her travels and she liked to think she knew how to speak to people by now.

"I know who you are," he snapped. Though his hand was shaking, he lowered his pistol too. "I thought you'd be with her. I thought you two would be off taking care of this Nerf Herder together. She wanted your help with it, after all!" He threw the blaster pistol across the room onto the couch. He wasn't handling this well. "She snuck out while I was sleeping... left me a message about honor and respect and bullshit." He knew that it made sense. Even then, in his furious state, it made perfect sense. The problem was, it hurt, and knowing logically why she'd done it and understanding it, didn't change the way it made him feel. It wasn't just that she'd gone. It was the fact that she'd disappeared on her and didn't want his help. It was the fact that she might die and he'd never see her again. It was the fact that she'd rather die than stay with him. "It's over there." He motioned vaguely in the direction of the little holorecorder that lay on the floor near the broken table.

"She didn't..." Kerrie said weakly, the color rushing away from the human face she had worked so hard to mimic all those years ago back on Zolan. "She couldn't..." she said, taking her hands to the top of her head, before throwing her helmet to the ground in a combination of disgust and anger.

"She did!" He interrupted, pacing around.

Kerrie moved towards the holorecorder, but she had a feeling she knew what it was going so say ... and she dreaded it. She watched in silence as the young Mandalorian girl she had known since she was a child relayed the flawed logic behind her hairbrained actions. She lowered her head in defeat, bringing both of her hands to the side of her head to hold it up. "Oh, El-Nay. I failed you..." she said, as her mind remembered all of the time they had spent apart these years, with El-Nay believing she had died rather than re-enter Imperial service. "She's playing right into their hands. This is all part of some sick game. They're watching right now. Laughing," as her blue eyes scanned the room for any trace of their recording devices.

For a moment, Tycho thought she was being paranoid, but he quickly realized that this was not a woman prone to idle paranoia. The look in her eyes instead displayed that she was searching for something with cool precision and experience. "This place is bugged?" He asked, eyes widening. In the scheme of things, it didn't matter all that much, yet he looked back toward the bedroom and said, "They watched us..." He trailed off, figuring it was best not to mention the sex, though he knew she'd probably figure it out.

"You don't get it. This is what people like them do. They sit around and move people around like it's a game of Dejarik," Kerrie said, as she moved closer towards him. "Yes. They had the place up. They've seen everything. I've..." she paused, not wanting to look at the man right now for obvious reasons. "I've seen too much," she added, as she bent down to scoop up her helmet. "I am going after her. I owe her that," she said, as she placed the helmet back upon the ornately braided hair that kept her lengthy, flowing hair up about her head.

Tycho glanced away. He knew she'd seen somehow, judging by what she'd said and her attitude. He, too, became uncomfortable and decided he needed more clothes ... and a shower. He could smell sex. Then his eyes snapped up to her, suddenly intense. "Not without me you're not," he said. "Wait here ... I'll be quick. Then, we're going to find her and I'm either gonna kiss her or kill her. Haven't decided yet."

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