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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:19) in the Brentaal system: Darkened Oblivion and Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Commander Augustus Hood, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, and Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor.

Serine had been in medical for two standard days before regaining consciousness, finding herself floating aimlessly in a bacta tank. The last thing she had remembered was falling from a cliffside onto the outstretched ramp of Darkened Oblivion. Vision of the outside was distorted and skewed due to peering through the liquid and conclave surface of the tank, but from what she could tell, she was in the medical bay upon the Warspite. She banged heavily upon the side of the tank aggressively, not wishing to waste anymore time bobbing up and down in this contraption, already ashamed she had lose consciousness to begin with.

Doctor Pilaq Tohan's orange eyes blinked slowly as he noticed the woman was causing quite the commotion inside of his bacta tank. "Calm yourself," he said loudly through his stereophonic Ithorian mouths. The doctor began moving towards the controls, but first reviewed her bio readout to ensure the cycle had successful ran. Satisfied, he thrust his hand over the release button and the healing liquid was flushed from the tank, and the top hatch released. This was one patient the good doctor would be glad to rid himself of.

It took a moment for the Inquisitor to climb out of the tank, a little sore from her near death experience, but otherwise rather healthy and just as short tempered as ever. Serine did not care that she was dripping bacta all over the floor, she was more concerned at the moment at the location of her lightwhip, fearing it may have slipped from her grasp and fell into the pits on Esseles. She approached the doctor with a scowl clearly visible on her face after a heavy look around the room, though she was not at all angry at him. "Doctor." She regarded him for a moment before continuing. "For how long was I within your care?" Serine was in need of some answers, not at all appreciating her lack of information, but it was unlikely the doctor knew anything of what had happened, where Kerrie was or even if they had managed to secure the second terrorist.

Doctor Tohan stared at her with a blank expression, ignoring her question as he walked across the floor towards a nearby locker. He opened it and pulled out a large, white towel which he threw across the room towards the Inquisitor. Finally, he moved closer towards her, finally willing to answer her question. "They brought you to me two days ago," he explained to her, as he motioned for one of the droids to come and tend to the floor. He did not want to have to treat anyone for a broken bone should they slip and floor on his now slick durasteel floors.

"They, doctor?" She responded with a snarky comment. The Inquisitor was aggravated, but that is to be expected due to the recent events combined with the fact that she was wearing nothing but a standard issue white medical wrap, feeling slightly undignified, but she accepted that towel and began to dry off the bacta all the same. "Where are my personal items?" She said with some concern, unable to hide the fact that she was eagerly desiring her weapon back in her possession.

"It was Lieutenant Trainor and a medical team that brought you in, Inquisitor," Doctor Tohan explained as he moved back towards the locker area. He entered a four digit code which unlocked the cabinet, inside which her lightwhip and other possessions had been safely stowed. "Your ... equipment," he said with a deliberate pause, thinking it something of a crude device, " in here." With that, he stepped aside to allow her the privacy with which to change. The armorweave had been repaired by technicians and it was hung neatly in the locker for her purposes.

Serine could not help the soft sigh of relief that her lightwhip was within the locker awaiting for her, her entire demeanor seemed to relax some. Also within the locker was her personal armorweave attire, tailored to fit her perfectly. It had been repaired during the span of a single day. That was rather efficient. She nodded satisfactorily, quite pleased with the turn of events and took the initiative to change ... with some discretion. Once in her proper attire, she actually afforded a small smile, feeling so much better. Now ... there were things to do. "Thank you Doctor, I shall be taking my leave now." She said as she hastily exited the medical bay. Her first order of business was to locate Commander Hood.

Commander Augustus Hood stood quietly on the bridge of the Warspite, his dark skin contrasting with the gray of his neatly kept uniform. The man's arms were folded in front of his chest as he stared intently at performance reports concerning the TIE/ln fighter squadrons. As executive officer, one of his primary duties was increasing performance among the divisions that comprised the massive war machine's crew. He walked mechanically up and down the catwalk over the crew pits, glaring down at the junior officers to ensure that they were performing their duties without issue. He was a taskmaster that drove the crew ... a stark contrast to the mild mannered Captain Anson.

The Inquisitor could not recall if she had spoke to Commander Hood before, though she believed they had yet to speak. She did not know of what kind of man she will be addressing, only that Randi was literally begging her to talk to him about the abuse of stimulants he was enforcing upon the fighter pilots. It did not take Serine long before she briskly strode upon the bridge of the Warspite, her step obviously with purpose. Eyes scanned the area until they fell upon the Commander intently. Soon the man would be approached by the Inquisitor quite abruptly. "Commander Hood, a recent practice of yours has been brought to my attention. I request a moment with you in private." These kinds of matters needed to be discussed where no one could overhear them. Though Serine may wish to alter the Commander's authority, she did not want others to see or hear, it would lead to a deterioration of command.

Commander Hood looked over the Inquisitor cautiously, being more than aware of her reputation among the crew. "I have the conn, Inquisitor. I cannot leave the bridge," he explained to her without a display of emotion. He could not imagine which of his actions might have drawn the interest of the woman. He walked down the catwalk, until he reached the end, coming to a stop in front of the large viewport from which he could gaze out upon the stream of space traffic that flowed through the Perlemian Trade Route and Hydian Way. "We may speak here," he said, as his eyes looked down at the junior officers operating in the crew pits. Eyes were glued to the Inquisitor, some trembling with dread and even fear, but none dared say a word to invoke the rage of their deliberate Commander.

Serine had a fierce reputation among the crew and officers. Many were there that day she ruthlessly seared off a junior officer's head due to incompetence, the event no doubt burned into their minds and haunted their nightmares, or she could so hope. Normally the Inquisitor would not involve herself in small matters such as issuing stimpacks, but Randi, her only near-friend among the ship, someone she trusted, pleaded for her to make it a priority. She had promised the other woman she would look into it, actually, she had lied and said she already spoke to Hood about it and that he had been predisposed. Making true to her original promise, Serine was determined to inquire about this situation and see if there were other less drastic solutions, or if Commander Hood was abusing his rank and authority. Serine complied to his request, following him to the large viewport. She gazed behind her towards the other crew members working diligently ... though she swore they had been staring at her wide-eyed not but a moment ago. This seemed sufficient enough, their words may not carry far from this distance. The Inquistor regarded him as a fellow officer, though she outranked him by some margin, she was not here to belittle him, but learn of the truth and perhaps advise an alternate solution. "Commander." She said somewhat more softly than usual, not wishing for the others to overhear, knowing full well the rumors that ran rampant around her, and not wishing to add to them. "Please explain why you decided to require the fighter pilots to take stims. You realize this could lead to other complications."

Commander Hood looked at the woman rather condescendingly, unable to believe at first that she dare interfere herself in the mundane tasks of Star Destroyer operation. "Inquisitor..." he said quietly, turning his back to the crew down below toiling in the pits. "I assure you that the stimulants are a necessary ingredient in the performance of starfighters. We have suffered numerous casualties since entering the system and we no longer have enough combat experienced pilots to maintain a sufficient combat space patrol," he explained softly, wondering if the Inquisitor was even understanding that he was 'trying' to explain to her. "The stimulants allow the scant pilots we have to fly the large number of sorties our operations call for each day," he concluded, only turning to make eye contact with her when he finished speaking.

The Inquisitor did not completely disagree with the Commander, if issuing stims to the pilots was necessary, then there was little to debate, but for short term only. It was well known the detrimental effects of stimulant abuse and it only got worse the longer the stims were used. There were many issues that abuse could create, including addiction and dependence, along with possible long term health effects. "I understand that Commander. My concern is long-term abuse. I assume you are well versed with the effects of abuse. It could lead to more casualties than if this stimulant use was not mandatory." She said sternly as intently gazing to the other, though her professional awn never dropped, it was clear that the Inquisitor was not at all convinced this was the solution. "What are your alternatives Commander? Or did you only consider this option?" Serine was not even sure if the man even considered anything else, but only took the most rash solution possible. The Inquisitor had the authority to supersede his orders and overturn his mandate, but she did not necessarily want to do that, instead giving the other a chance to explain his actions and perhaps come to a new conclusion without resorting to more aggressive means.

Commander Hood was well aware of the side effects of stimulant use, however he viewed the TIE piots as an expendable asset that could be carelessly misused. His primary focus was to maintain an adequate fighter escort for the Warspite in the wake of the recent increase in Rebel activity. "There are but two other options, Inquisitor..." he began, as he turned his head slightly to view the measure of the woman. "First we could take the pilots off the stimulants and operate with less than satisfactory fighter cover and imperil the entire vessel and everyone aboard it ... including yourself," he said, shaking his head disapprovingly. "Second we could get replacement pilots, but as I understand it both yourself, and the Admiral, have failed in your attempts to reinforce our command," he said, unwilling to miss a chance to stick her with a verbal barb. "We make do with the resources we have, Inquisitor," he explained to her confidently, as his eyes went wide catching something out the viewport. "Isn't that your ship out there, Inquisitor?" he asked, as his eyes locked onto the Darkened Oblivion rapidly approaching Warspite.

"I'm not disagreeing with you, Commander, merely expressing concern with the inevitable deterioration of the entire squadron. Eventually, the fighter pilots will be unable to even function properly, addiction destroying their reaction time and decision making ..." The Inquisitor would have continued in one of her rather infamous diatribes but the Commander pointed to her own ship coming into view when it certainly should not be out without her in it! This of course fully distracted Serine, suddenly the tripe stimpack argument was meaningless. "If you would excuse me Commander ... I have a pilot to reprimand." She quickly turned from the man and stomped out of the bridge infuriated, immediately on her way to the hangar bay.

Immediately upon the Darkened Oblivion's arrival in the Warspite's hangar bay, Lieutenant Allegra Ames confidently walked down the ramp. She held a metallic box in her hands and a smug look was glued upon her face. She began walking towards the turbolift, in a hurry to get to sickbay to check on the status of the Inquisitor. Much had transpired during her unconscious period.

It was no sooner that the Inquisitor burst into the hangar bay, did Allegra begin descending the ramp of Darkened Oblivion. The moment Serine witnessed that woman leave her ship, was there an ominous air that began to fill the area. Her posture changed immediately, her head and shoulders lowering like a predator stalking prey as eyes glared dangerously towards Allegra. There was going to be an instant confrontation and all present in the hangar bay would get the instant show of the Inquisitor snapping her hand towards Allegra's throat and clutching it while dragging her back towards Darkened Oblivion. There needed to be some ... personal words with her and her pilot. No one 'borrowed' her private ship, the audacity of the Lieutenant was beyond rational thought at this time. After viciously dragging Allegra up the ramp, she mercilessly threw her deep inside the ship so that her body would collide with the far wall. The Inquisitor stood in the entry way, her usual stoic and professional aura was diminished to severe scathing loathing and her attention snapped towards the pilot to this vessel whose behavior would also cause repercussions.

Randi emerged from the cockpit when she saw the calamity and a horrified look came over her dimwitted blond face. "Serry, you're gonna kill her!" she exclaimed in a tizzy, her helmet tucked firmly beneath her right elbow. She was glad to see the Inquisitor was well, but she was shocked to see what was transpiring in the passenger compartment of the ship. "If you get blood everywhere, I'm the one stuck cleaning it up!" she protested, as she tried to calm Serine down.

Allegra realized she was taking a risk when she 'borrowed' the Darkened Oblivion, and this was the price she paid. She could hardly breath as the Inquisitor choked her and when she was thrown against the wall she was sure her back had been badly damaged. "Ugh!" she screamed in pain as she hit the deckplating, having never been so roughly treated in her life. Remembering that there was still a chance to redeem herself she regained her composure and slowly stood up. She dropped to her left knee in front of the Inquisitor, and lowered her head, as if ashamed to make eye contact. Then, her attention turned to the box, which she held humbly out in front of her. A gloved left hand slowly opened it to reveal her gift ... the lightsaber of Ty Anzion.

She snarled at Randi, the intent extremely clear for the other to shut up, the other's antics not at all calming the near rampaging wrath the Inquistor was issuing, how dare her own pilot betray her like this, even after Serine went through the trouble to talk to Commander Hood and was very heavily contemplating changing the man's orders to non-mandatory use of stimpacks. But no, Randi has proven herself to be just as incompetent as the majority of officers upon this vessel. As Allegra crumpled to the ground, Serine covered the distance between the two almost instantly, standing over her darkly as she cruelly began debating her next initiative. As the woman lifted up the box and opened it, the Inquisitor's eyes widened in shock and almost instant gratification. The rouge Jedi's lightsaber! Her breathing quickened in excitement as she reached for it, she herself had wished to retrieve it, thinking it was lost forever. Lightsabers were so extremely rare now ... and it was customary to take the weapon of those that had been defeated by one's own blade. It would bring her satisfaction to use Ty's lightsaber for her own purposes, no doubt mocking him even in his death. The cool touch of the metal in her hand was gratifying as she rolled the weapon in her palm from side to side then tilting it, examining its balance and weight. Finely crafted, that 'Jedi' was not completely useless after all. "I see now ... I may have came to a conclusion far too quickly, Lieutenant. You apparently did what you do well, acquire information and then appropriately act." Her attention drifted towards Allegra, the woman's somewhat battered form now in question. "Shall I escort you to medical?"

A trickle of blood ran down the corner of Allegra's lip and her tongue was quick to slither from her mouth and lick it away. "I thank you for your courtesy, Inquisitor," she began, playing the role of victim to perfection. "However, I will be all right and am confident in my ability to arrive there on my own," she explained to her, closing the now empty box and rising back to her feet. "I am sure you have more important things to do," she said, flattering the woman as she proceeded down the ramp of the vessel. She was in a great deal of pain and had to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out. However, she would not give the Inquisitor the satisfaction of hearing her screams of anguish.

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