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Rachel King and Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:10) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Ty Anzion's apartment).
Ty Anzion and Kia Kaen.

The bustling Core World of Esseles had seen many dark periods in her history, but the Galactic Civil War threatened to eclipse them all. For nearly a year the forces of the Rebel Alliance had staged hit and run attacks against elements of the 43rd Repulsorlift Regiment had been tasked with garrisoning Brentaal. The second city of New Calamar sat on the southernmost continent and was home to an active Imperial naval base. The streets were bustling with commerce and thousands of citizens hurried about their business. However, the presence of Imperial Stormtroopers marred the otherwise pleasant scene. Throughout the city checkpoints had been set up where they scanned speeders to detect a potential Rebel threat. There had been attacks across Esseles by Rebel insurgents, and the Empire had been responded by increasing the level of security patrols, much to the annoyance and the frustration of the local population. One particular checkpoint near a bustling street cafe was occupied by a Stormtrooper sergeant and two Troopers.

In a building two blocks across the street a middle-aged man stood casually upon an apartment's balcony. He had dark hair and a frizzled beard, that was in desperate need of a shave. His blue eyes scanned the horizon as he locked in on the trio in their distinctive white armor. He had first seen that armor two decades ago during the Clone Wars and had fled from it then, and was tempted to flee from it now. The former Jedi was shrouded in a dark blown cloak that concealed the distinctively non-Jedi attire he wore beneath. He was already having second thoughts about his decision to strike at the Empire, but the success of the local Rebel cell had inspired him to take action. He swallowed somewhat nervously, his throat bulging against the collar of his tunic, as his attention turned to his apprentice. "Is the droid ready?" he asked her, coughing to clear his throat before speaking, as his nerves had dried his mouth.

Kia looked up from where she was sitting, half of her right hand in the innards of the little mouse droid. "Almost! Just making sure the trigger is in place." She looked like she should have still been in school, a small grease smudge under her left eye that seemed perpetually there. The Olive drab mechanics attire belied her hobby and way of making enough to get by here. Flipping the switch deep in the little droid, she grinned brightly as it hummed to life. Closing the access hatch, she set it upright, and absently groped beside her for the small remote control device. She pushed herself back to her feet, stepping way to a few feet from the mouse droid, fiddling with the controls it went puttering around the young techy, looking completely innocent. "You want to control it? It might help you for the next time. She's a beauty of a little droid." Green-blue eyes fixed on the droid, kneeling down to adjust one of the wheel treds. Looking up at him, she brushed dark brown hair back out of her face, and held the remote up to him. "Go on ... She won't bite. Until you double press that orange button."

Ty Anzion looked down at the small mouse droid, which they had captured from an Imperial patrol the other day. Such a tiny, unsuspecting little threat that would soon wreak so much havoc on the Imperial checkpoint. He was an undisciplined Jedi and showed this by reaching out his hand and using his natural telekinetic abilities to call the control pad over to him. A more learned user of the Force would have simply walked over and taken it, but two decades away from the Order had caused him to take shortcuts that had slowly began to cloud his judgment. "You have done well, Kia," he explained to her as he began to fiddle with the controls of the mouse droid, gradually learning how to get a feel for it. Once he was convinced he could operate the little droid, he closed his eyes and intently focused on it. In his mind's eye he could see the droid and reaching out it began to shake and slowly raised off the duracrete floor of the apartment. A moment later it was on its way and silently moved out the window. Once it had cleared, it began to descend to the street below, and gently touched down on the pavement. Once it was done he opened his eyes and let out a tired sigh, his attention again fixated on the young Kia. "Once we do this there will be know going back. The Empire will hunt us to the end's of the galaxy. Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked her, as he dropped down to one knee to come closer to her eye level. He had lived a peaceful, uneventful life for the past twenty years. His life was passing before his eyes and now was his last chance to do something meaningful before the Force called him home.

Kia blinked a few times at him, licking her lips. "I ... at least this is doing 'something'. The bomb is all local components. They won't be able to track it. I made 'sure' to use things that were common ... explosives aren't that difficult if you know what does what ... kind of like the Force, it has its set rules and when something breaks those rules, it explodes." "I'm sure. But you worry too much, they wont be able to trace it." Her frown at him lifting 'Moz' out the window had faded back to a determined look, rubbing a hand across her face she managed to smudge the smudge. "Hey, careful with that. Don't set her down too hard. There's a lot of civilians out there."

Ty moved back onto the balcony and looked down at the mouse droid which was directly below their building. He paused for a moment before his eyes tilted upward, scanning the path between where the droid currently was and where the Imperials had set up their roadblock. "We must hope there is minimal collateral damage," he said as his eyes went back to the control panel. As his hand moved over the controls the droid beeped and began to rapidly move towards the checkpoint. He watched carefully as the little droid maneuvered its way through a crowded street filled with speeders of all kinds and countless people. Gradually the little droid found itself approaching the roadblock.

The Stormtroopers saw the incoming mouse droid and thought nothing of it, believe that it must have been a courier dispatching new orders. <Click>"Courier inbound,"<Click> the Trooper announced over his helmet comlink. His hand went up to stop the speeder at the roadblock as he bent down on one knee to examine the droid and await the message.

Ty's eyes went wide suddenly as he saw the trooper with the droid and his hand hovered over the orange button on the control panel. He hesitated for a moment and took in a sharp, deep breath as fear clouded his mind. Finally, he forced his eyes shut and pressed down on the button. An instant later a massive explosion erupted out of the droid, immediately obliterating the three Stormtroopers and taking the nearby civilian speeder with it. Shrapnel tore into the street cafe as well, injuring several patrons. The sound of screaming and alarms began to fill the air as chaos ensued on the streets below. "We should depart," he said to Kia, as he hurriedly began packing their things into a nondescript satchel.

Kia moved up next to him to watch, she stood barely 1.7 meters, crossing her arms across her chest. Eyes fixed on the little mouse. She did not realize she was holding her breath until she remembered to breathe. Her voice was barely a whisper, as she saw the initial flash and expanding shrapnel cloud from the droid and secondary flash from the speeder, "The accelerant worked. The other explosion was the...the fuel cells from the speeder." Swallowing hard, she looked a little sad at the 'collateral damage'. "I didn't mean for them to get hurt're right, Ty ... we should get back to better cover." The screams and sirens accused her with their wails, moving to put the rest of her tools back in the matching olive backpack she nearly always had with her.

Imperial Stormtroopers began flooding the street below, ushering civilians out of the way roughly as they cleared the way for a medical transport to arrive on scene. <Click>"Fan out. They must be close,"<Click> the lead Stormtrooper said as they began to check on the condition of the individuals in the surrounding area. The three Stormtroopers had been killed in the initial explosion, two humans had been killed in the speeder, three had been killed in the cafe, and an additional sixteen had been injured in the cafe and on the street. It was a chaotic scene and the distinctive sound of two ion engines could be heard in the distance as a pair of TIE/gt starfighters had been launched from the nearby naval base.

"Perhaps this was ill advised," a clearly worried Ty confessed to Kia, as he moved deeper into the apartment. He could hear the sirens and the starfighters in the distance, and each second they seemed to grow louder. His breathing increased and he did his best, attempting to regain his composure in the midst of the apparent danger. His hand moved beneath his robe and grabbed the durasteel hilt of his lightsaber, the cold metal of the shaft calming him slightly. He always felt secure when he had it gripped in his hands, and he needed that security right now.

It was now a rush of empowered excitement, 'she' had caused this. Maybe she really could make some kind of a difference here. Her little 'Moz' had worked as she had been reprogrammed for. Kia didn't tell Ty that when queried for the report, the little mouse had said "Boom." He'd just think that was silly or childish. Seeing the commotion on the street as she passed the window again, her eyes went a little wide. "It's like a kicked biteme nest down there, Ty! I did that? We did that?" Frowning as he went back to handle the Lightsaber, "When do I get to learn to use that? I almost want to stay and watch what happens..."  Grabbing the cloak from where she'd left it, it went around her shoulders and the backpack, making her look a little lopsided, the tools of her trade were more important to her than appearances though. "We might really be able to change things here." Her voice held that youthful hope that hadn't yet been dispelled. "I mean, I bet I could rig one of the medical droids to do something similar, the ones from the garrison. You know?"

Ty's eyes moved from his lightsaber to Kia as he considered her request, but simply shook his head at her as he rose back to his feet. "You have not advanced in your training to utilize this weapon, young one," he said to her quietly, as he placed a reassuring hand upon her shoulder. "This was but a first strike. We must quickly acquire more resources and keep the pressure on," he explained to her, as he slowly led her from the apartment and towards the turbolift. "The causalities were unfortunate, but they will serve as an inspiration to the locals that the Imperial presence must not be tolerate," he continued as the turbolift door shut on them and slowly began to descend to street level.

Following close behind him, Kia kept her head down as they headed toward the aftermath of the chaos. "Right. Keep the pressure up. They'll start scanning the Mouse droids if that one or anyone else remembers what caused the explosion. I'll need to get some more accelerant." The cloak did not have a hood, but she still tried to keep close and remain unnoticeable, just another person trying to get out of the chaotic mess of the afternoon. "Add a longer range transmitter." Her voice was a bare whisper.

As the door to the turbolift opened on the ground floor, many of the citizens were gathered in the front of the building, checking on the extent of the damage. At the front of the door was an Imperial Stormtrooper who was checking everyone's identification chips and asking them if they had seen anything.

Ty stopped in his tracks when he saw the Stormtrooper. Damn they were quick, he thought to himself as he considered his next move. He had no identification to show, and Kia was a runaway. His eyes darted to her, and then to the Stormtrooper, and he began to panic. "Wait here, young one," he said to her cautiously as he stepped forward to take his place on line. Surely he was more than enough match for a singe Stormtrooper who would not be expecting an attack. As the line moved he felt himself growing increasingly more frightened, and began fidgeting uncomfortably. At several points he turned to look over his shoulder at Kia, using her youthful face to muster his courage. He had a bad feeling about this.

Kia's eyes went wide at the sight of the Stormtrooper, frowning as Ty went off to get in trouble with out her. Fishing in the pocket of her cloak, she pulled out the id chip she used when making purchases and avoiding the ones looking for runaways. If her bag was checked, she'd be in more trouble than she could explain away. Biting her lower lip, she looked around for something to cause a distraction, slipping her hand back to drop the identification chip in the pocket and palmed a small round noisemaker. Just.. cause a small panic enough to scatter everyone...Right easy enough. She dropped the ball on the ground, and nudged it enough to set it rolling, as soon as someone stepped on it, it would make a loud bang but that was it. Waiting to dart for safety in the ensuing panic, people should think it was another bomb.

One of the citizens inevitably stepped on the noisemaker and a loud noise echoed through the room. "Bomb!" someone screamed nervously and the crowd began to flee in terror, pushing past the Stormtrooper. It was a crowd control nightmare and the inexperienced trooper was unable to deal with it effectively.

In the chaos Ty's hand reached to his belt and he unclipped the battered durasteel shaft of his lightsaber from his belt. Before it had been fully raised there was a *snap-hiss* and a blue blade of energy a more than a meter long began to emanate from the shaft with a rhythmic hum. In one fluid stroke he brought the blade of the lightsaber up at the Stormtrooper's chest, and easily cut through the armor chestplate and slit into his chest cavity. The trooper let out a cry of pain as he quickly fell to the ground. "Get his weapon," he shouted to Kia as he took up a defensive position at the doorway, looking for any potential danger that might befall them. He was dangerously exposed, and it would take every ounce of his training for them to emerge from this unscathed.

Yelping in surprise at the sound, she froze seeing him cut down the Stormtrooper. "What're you 'doing!'" It was an angry hiss, but she scrambled to grab the weapon a little clumsily. Much better with spanners, electronics, and explosives. Fumbling slightly to bring the weapon to the correct position, she gave an exasperated look back to the Jedi. "Are you 'trying' to get us killed!?" Trying to look just like a scared kid, grabbing something to protect herself with all the chaos going on around them, knowing that he probably doomed everyone there by pulling out that lightblade.

Suddenly a red bolt of energy ripped through the air and tore into the doorway, sending Ty into a defensive posture. He brought the blue blade in front of his face as he prepared to deflect any further oncoming fire. He turned momentarily to look towards Kia and noticed the weapon in her hand. "Safety's on..." he said to her as he cracked a smile on his face, before turning back to look into the crowd. He spotted two Stormtroopers pushing their way through the crowd and making their way towards their position. "Find us a speeder ... quick!" he shouted as another blaster bolt headed towards them, this time he was ready, and he tilted the blade fifteen degrees to deflect the deadly bolt of energy harmlessly into the ground.

Nodding at the order, the abrupt red energy bolt made her jump, reminding her that this was deadly real. Muttering something to herself about ruining a perfectly good escape, she thumbed the safety down to the off position. She realized she was holding a far more dangerous weapon than her Moz ever would have been and wanted to drop the thing. Moving back the way the crowd had fled, Kia was keeping a keen look out for any nearby two-seaters. A grin split her face as she found a dull grey specimen that she'd learned to command ages ago. Looking around again, she was trying to see if its owner was around, she did not want to hurt anyone, but if she had to ... to get Ty out of there safely ... double checking the power selector she made sure it was on stun or the lowest possible setting the weapon had.

The sound of whirl of energy traveled through the air, followed by a flash of blue light, as Ty swung his lightsaber at the first Stormtrooper. The first stroke severed the barrel of his E-11 blaster rifle, but the aged Jedi was not finish He dropped down quickly to his right knee and with a vibrant flourish of his right arm the blade of blue energy was thrust directly into the Stormtrooper's abdomen. "Now would be a good time!" he yelled off in the distance to an unseen Kia. The crowd around him was fleeing in terror, as many had come to believe the Jedi had had attempted to overthrow the Republic and assassinate their beloved Emperor. A blaster bolt ripped out from the second Stormtrooper, forcing Ty to roll to the left suddenly to avoid an untimely end. He stared down the Stormtrooper as he came out of his roll and began running towards him, keeping the lightsaber blade to his side. As he approached the trooper he continued to run, raising the lightsaber up slightly as he passed. There was a spurt of crimson blood, and as he came to a stop, the Stormtrooper's torso slid from his legs, as the man had been severed in half.

Growling something to herself, Kia hopped into the speeder, feeling under the steering column for the standard maintenance hatch. Now she really was in her element, electronics. Tracing one of the connectors she felt the plug, went down two and flipped the switch to start an emergency start up. Going back up to the original one she'd found she loosened in and the one under it swapping the wires in their connectors. Bypass the emergency route, that gives manual control. And... She was rewarded with the happy purr of the speeders engine. Nudging the controls, she set the blaster on the seat next to her, along with her backpack on the floorboard. Pushing the throttle to full, the speeder jumped forwards and started back down toward Ty. "Crazy old man!! Get in!"

Ty did not hesitate in jumping into the speeder, quickly deactivating his lightsaber in midstride. Once he was settled into the speeder, he strapped himself in and looked over his shoulder at incoming Stormtroopers. "Get us out of here ... now!" he yelled at the young woman, wondering what kind of gundark's nest they had stirred with their trouble. There were beads of sweat upon his forehead, matting his black hair, as he worried that he did not have the skills to defeat them all. It was up to the girl, who had considerable piloting skills from what he had gathered, to save them this time.

Kia did something her father had told her never to do in a speeder, flipping the altitude controls, she sent them nearly straight up. It always put unneeded strains on the engines, but right now, she just wanted to get them out of there. Gunning the throttle again, she headed away from their normal hideout, instead looking to join the normal traffic for a moment, lose themselves in the rest of the air traffic. Being back behind the controls of any craft made her miss her parents. "Wh-where to?"

"Anywhere but here," Ty said to her, as he felt his stomach push back in his stomach as she executed her dramatic maneuver. Blaster rifle ripped out in the sky at them, but they were moving too fast for there to be an accurate shot. "Try not to do that again, young one," he said to her condescendingly, shaking his head in disbelief of her aggressive flying stature. "Just fly," he said to her as he considered their next move carefully. They had struck a blow against the Empire, but they had also been discovered. That would cause them more problems than they could possibly imagine at this point.

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