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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:32) in the Kessel system: Kima and Kessel (Spice Mines of Kessel).
Reg Collingwood and Oola Dulovic.

The Nella 342 light freighter Kima emerged from hyperspace in the Kessel system with a sudden jolt that brought the ship to a halt. The jolt caused Reg to shake awake from his relaxed sleep atop his newly acquired Amaran 'partner'. It took him a few moments of rubbing his eyes and stretching before he became completely awake, realizing where he was, and whom he was with. He reached over to check on Oola, who might have become startled by the sudden vibration of the ship, given it was likely her first time experience lightspeed. "We've made it to Kessel," he said, quickly checking the chronometer to see how much time was left to return the space to Derba the Hutt. Leaving her, somewhat reluctantly, he made his way from where they had been sleeping into the nearby cockpit. As he looked out the viewport he saw the unwanted presence of an Imperial Star Destroyed ... it would complicate things, but he had dealt with the Imperials before on these runs. He moved to sit in his seat, immediately grabbing hold of the harness to strap himself in. After performing a quick check of the ship's systems to ensure everything was in order, he deactivated the autopilot and took on manual control of the ship. Once it was under his controls he began slowly piloting it towards the Imperial customs checkpoint.

Oola had been sleeping soundly while she was woken up by the ships jolt, opening her eyes slowly she let out a soft yawn, it had been days since the young Amaran has a good night's rest. Rubbing her eyes softly she looked at the man who had rescued her from the Hutt. Nodding her head she stretching out making a soft moaning sound. Arching her back Oola brought her hands behind her head and placed them flat against the wall behind her. Her head leaned back, taking a deep breath as she stretched her legs out before her. Hearing soft little pops in her back and neck she looked up at the man wondering if things were okay. Bringing her hands to her sides she slid her legs to the side under her and sat up on her knees. Placing one hand in front of her Oola rose off the floor of the ship placing both her feet flat before walking slightly into the cockpit. She didn't want to get any closer than she needed to from looking out the window into the vast void. Speaking softly her peeked her eyes in a little from the side "Is everything alright?" She blinked for a moment looking at the time. "We're going to make it right?" She didn't want to get in his way more so then what she already had, causing him to have to get yet another shipment of the spices for the Hutt and all because of her unruly mouth.

"Everything is going to be fine," Reg promised her, before moving to keep her behind him, so that her tail did not get into any of the controls. "Just keep quiet until I'm done talking to the Imperial controller," he warned her, flashing his eyes at her with a streak of meanness to ensure she understood. It was essential that she did for both their sakes. "Unidentified transport. You're just coming onto our screens now. What is your cargo and destination. Over," the Imperial controller's voice suddenly asked over the comm panel embedded in front of the cockpit. Reg turned to her, placing a single finger over his lips to again ensure that she kept quiet. "I am carrying an Amaran slave for the spice mines. My destination is Kessel. Over," he relayed to the anonymous Imperial on the other end of the comm, choosing to use her presence as a cover to easily move past the Imperial checkpoint. Getting off Kessel, however, would be an entirely different story, but he did not have time to worry about that now. He hoped they would buy their story, and he continued to fly dangerously close to the massive Warship as they scanned his vessel and ran his transponder. There were several moments of unpleasant silence until the voice again returned to the comm. "You are cleared to proceed. Over and out," the voice said, before the comm went dead. "It looks like they bought it!" he said to her in an excited tone, before angling the ship down towards the dark mass of Kessel that was now beneath them.

The young Amaran nodded when he told her to keep quite, stepping back she moved where she had been sitting the night before and slid down the wall slowly, sitting down on the floor she listened to him talk, crossing her legs under her she brought the bag that was still around her neck draped around her side into her lap and opened it up. She almost forgot that she the small trinkets inside, and with half of the stuff she had stolen back in the market they would most likely earn them something that could be traded for something that they could possible need like food from the looks of it. Oola had always been a thief since she was a small child, hearing him say that he had an Amaran slave to take down to the mines made her ears pin down a little partly from fear but also mixed with a little anger as she snarled at him quietly so no one heard her. Grabbing one of the bracelets that she had in the back she tossed at him hitting the man in the arm as she glared at him a little. Oola hated titles that humans called her, she was a mutt, a monster, she wasn't a slave she was just a girl trying to make her way in the world, thought she knew that her temper would get her into most of the trouble Oola didn't mind. She thought of herself as a free spirit. One that no one could ever tame, the Hutt being one of them. As she heard them being approved to land she started to put everything back into her bag and stood to her feet again "Do you think I could get something to wear? After all it's because of you and your... Nature that I'm in this situation"She gesturing to the fact she was still not wearing clothes. "Speaking of which." Oola swayed to the side a little as she put most of her weight on one of her legs, placing a hand on her hip she looked at him "Am I to call you human or man or do you have a name?" She asked raising a brow wondering if the smuggler was like others. She often hears of men with no names but those again were just stories told by drunken fools.

Reg was slightly startled when she threw the trinket at him, causing him to momentarily take his hands off the controls, sending them into an erratic flight plan as they approached the planet. "Hey! Watch it! My hands on these controls are the only things keeping us alive right now," he warned her, as he looked over his shoulder at her. "Get in the co-pilot's seat and strap yourself in, so you don't get thrown around as we land," he ordered her, motioning towards the seat next to him that she had nearly shredded when they left Nal Hutta. Already the freighter was beginning to bounce around as they entered the atmosphere and started to experience turbulence from their entry. "My name is Reg. Reg Collingwood," he explained to her, but he did not turn to acknowledge her, as he was far too preoccupied with the operation of the vessel. "I don't have any clothes in your size. I don't have any clothes in twice your size, come to think of it," he said, as he slowed the craft's sublight engines to bring them into a more stable descent towards Kessel's surface.

Once he told her to get in the other seat, she was scared to even sit anywhere near the front, thought swallowing hard she took slow steady steps even though the ship started to bounce. Once she was standing next to him her tail slapped him in the face hard, but she acted like she didn't even noticed it happened. Taking her seat next to him Oola strapped herself into the seat "Very well I'll just have to make something." She looking at him. "You do have some old sheets? Blankets maybe? ...Reg was it?" She asked as one ear perked up slightly though the other was pinned down, he treated her as if she was nothing more than a burden to him and she treated him like the grown child his was. Maybe the Hutt was up to something putting them together to get the shipment. Placing her hand into her lap she laced her fingers together making sure she didn't make more of a mess like the last time when she was sitting in the seat just the day before, by now the shake felt like it was going through an earthquake at least for Oola it felt as such. Taking deep breath her tail wrapped around her covering her face, wrapping her arms around it tight she held it close to her shielding her view. She was muttering something under her breath to keep her calm.

The spice mines of Kessel were a death sentence for any being sentenced to work there, and as they approached the smoldering mines that dotted the otherwise barren surface of Kessel, a sense of dread overcame him. He was glad that Oola did not seem to understand the significance of where they were, or the seriousness of the danger that faced them. He was trying to be serious and maintain a steely resolve, but getting slapped in the face by her oversized tail made it
somewhat difficult. "Will you watch where you put that thing!?" he shouted, angrily, but in reality he was merely anxious by their presence on the planet. "You are *not* cutting up my sheets to make some kind of loincloth," he told her under no certain terms, as he began to land the freighter near one of the spice mines where he had a connection. "Yes. My name is Reg," he said to her, liking the way she pronounced it in her exotic accent. As he gently guided the craft to the surface, he extended the landing gear, and they touched down with a sudden vibration. "Look, Oola. If I can get this stuff quickly, we can have it back to Derba and save both of our asses. Then I'll take you wherever you want to go and you can go do whatever it is you people do," he said, as he unstrappd himself from the chair, and began to mentally prepare himself for this. "But if you screw this up then Derba will try and have both our asses and there won't be a safe planet anywhere near for us. Got it?" he said, extending his right index finger practically in front of her face to stress how serious he was.

Feeling the ship finally touch down Oola slowly let her tail go as she looked out before them, the place seemed to be worst than anything she had ever seen before. Unstrapping herself form the seat she slowly rose up out of the seat and leaned forward looking out, the look on her face was one of fear, her soft ears pinned back as she looked at Reg shaking her head "I don't want to go there. Please don't make me." She begged him, I'll hide in anyplace you wish me to Reg, just please don't make me be chained again, I'll stay out of the way, I'll be quiet. I'll do whatever it is you want but I can't step off this ship." She pointed out towards the window shaking her head as her long red locks bounced lightly "And out to that dreaded wasteland of nothing." Her voice was soft, the look of fear was written all over her as she looked at the man. "Please." Her green hues were soft as she looked at him begging the man not to go out there like he had possible planned on. "I know it is a lot to ask of Reg but this place...It looks like a nightmare."

Reg walked towards the exit ramp, pressing down on the activation panel to lower the ramp, and briefly exposing them to the harshness of the outside world. The stench of spice was everywhere, and the groans of the workforce could be heard from a distance. The planet was filled with Imperial prisoners, slaves, and people who had looked at key Imperial officers or an influential noble the wrong way and been sent here as punishment. "Whatever it is I want, huh?" he asked, tilting his head to look at her, beginning to question what exactly it was that he *did* want. He took a step towards her, lowering himself slightly because of how much shorter he was than her. He placed both of his arms around her fur covered farm, and drew her near him. At the same time he brought his face on a collision course towards hers, placing a kiss upon that maw of hers. His eyes closed, and his tongue penetrated her lips, rubbing against the sharp teeth that had bitten him. He held her there for a moment, savoring each second, before he reluctantly returning to his senses and breaking the kiss. Every moment counted and they had very little to spare, but he had to know what it was like to share passion with one of her kind. "Fine. Now you can stay on board," he said, as he turned to descend the ramp.

Nodding her head slowly agreeing with his question, her eyes widened as Reg stepped closer to her closing the gap between them. As his hands rested against her slender fur covered arms she looked at him, she didn't fight him, she didn't even snarl or growl this time. She was terrified to become lost in the mess outside of the ship. Thought once his lips came against hers. Oola closed her own eyes. Her hands slowly slid up his chest as her nail lightly dug into his shirt, not in an attacking away but more passionate. Loving even if one were to put it in a manner of words, a very soft light sound filled her throat almost sounding as if she was purring, her head turned slightly to the side allowing the kiss to be deepened, the feeling of Reg's tongue brushing against her teeth softly made her tail twitch a little. The first kiss she ever had was from a human, she didn't know what to feel only that she enjoyed the way his lips tasted against her, the ways his tongue brushed over her sharp teeth. How his hands felt against her arms now holding her small frame close to his. Feeling him pull away from her Oola opened her eyes slowly. She smiled a little looking down, thought he could not tell her cheeks face became quite warm as if she was blushing. Feeling him slip away from her hands made the Amaran feel rather empty, quickly she ran behind him digging into her bag pulling out a small black orb. "Twist the bottom left and the top right, through and run." She said grabbing Reg's hand placing the orb into his hand, closing his fingers around it she hoped up as her lips pressed against his cheek. "If we don't get the shipment I rather you be alive than dead, I'll wait here and keep out of the way." Oola said softly before stepping back slowly inside waving as her tail swayed side to side behind her.

Reg took a firm grip of the thermal detonator she had handed him, before arching his eyebrow at the young Amaran. "This is dangerous. *Very* dangerous. You should have let me know you were bringing this aboard my ship," he said, scolding her, before he placed it into his jacket pocket in case it would be needed. "I'd rather I was alive than dead also. So that makes two of us," he said, before reaching out with his hand to gently pat her on the head. She still had that decidedly alien quality to her that made him unsure of how to properly show affection for her. With that, he pulled his glare shades from the breast pocket of his jacket, and slid them over his eyes. His right hand instinctively moved to ensure his blaster pistol was still with him, and thankfully his T-6 was right where he needed it.

Hours passed where absolutely nothing happened, before the ramp unexpected lowered and a CLL-8 binary load lifter began to place the crates of spice into the cargo bay. Reg was quick to follow behind the load lifter, but his face looked rather grim. He did not want to tell Oola what had happened, but given his facial expression, body language, and distance he was keeping from her it would be easy to detect that something was wrong. He lowered his head down into his hands, where his thumb rubbed one eyebrow and his index finger the other. After a few moments of that, his eyes moved to the chronometer, and his expression became even more vexed. "Come on. Come on. Stupid droid," he muttered, as the binary load lifter seemed to be taking forever to lift the cargo into the freighter. There was no way they were going to make their deadline at this rate.

Oola did as she said to Reg, she sat hiding in a small nook inside the ship, in a tight little ball of fur she waited quietly, the time seemed to tick by more and more as she waited for him to return. Her heart never stopped pounding in her breast as she waited, counting each second till the ramp started to lower, jumping a little she hit her head "Ouch dammit!" She shouted crawling out of the nook she and found and ran over to the ram watching as she looked side to side waiting for Reg. Once she seen him come on board she knew something was wrong. "What... What happened? Did you get everything he asked for?" She asked in softly and innocently, her tail was draped down behind her and dragged on the floor. She knew just by how Reg came back something wasn't right, something wrong had happened. "If you need me to do something I will, it's me after all that got you into this mess. It's my fault you had to get double the shipment in half the time." Oola placed a hand on his arm looking at him "If there is something I need to do to help you get you out of this tell me please Reg."

He stood there for a moment ignoring her, until the touch of her paw caused him to jump back to reality. "Well ... I got *most* of it," he said, turning to look at her with a slightly nervous look. "Certainly more than I've ever brought him before ... but still ... not the amount he demanded," he confessed to her, swallowing nervously, and moving to adjust his collar to give his neck more room to breath. "I honestly don't know how he'll react ... he's a Hutt ... and Hutts are unpredictable," he said, before pulling away from her to yell at the droid to hurry up again. Unfortunately, the droid only spoke binary, and he did not have a protocol droid to translate. It seemed like the droid was deliberately going slower than normal, but in truth it only seemed that way to him. Finally, he thrust both of his hands up in the air and flung them down wildly, unleashing a scream of frustration. He had absolutely had it with Derba the Hutt and this slow torture that he fully expected to lead to both of their deaths. The man was in desperate need of being calmed down before he broke something ... perhaps even himself.

Oola watched as the droid loaded the shipment thought Reg seemed to become more and more frustrated with the way it was moving. Jumping as he screamed, the temper of his seemed to only become worse as she looked between the droid and him, biting her bottom lips Oola acted without thinking. Quickly she grabbed Reg by the shirt and down to her, her lips pressed hard against his, a soft slender hand rested against the side of his cheek as she stroked lightly, her tail wrapped around him and pulled him closer into her slender form till she was pressed against his body fully now. Her head was tilted to the side so her lips were able to move against his own, how she prayed this would in some way help him calm down. With her free hand she wrapped it around Reg's neck, thought she was trying to make him forget at least for the moment about the problem at hand she had to admit she was enjoying a great deal herself. A even louder purr filled her throat as she moaned softly against his lips. The hand she had resting lightly on his chest slid down his neck and chest and started to rub lightly so he could relax, her fur brushing against his skin. Pulling away slightly she spoke "Shh it will be alright." Oola told Reg before kissing him again softly.

As he felt her lips press against his and her tail enveloped him he suddenly forgot what he was angry about, or even where he was for that matter. The physical contact they were sharing was arousing him in a way that he had never before experienced and he now felt he *had* to have her. She had already done some of the work by sliding her hand through his shirt, and without breaking their kiss he shrugged his shoulders to remove his jacket. His arms wrapped around her tightly once he was free of the jacket, moving through the warm reddish-orange fur that covered her flesh. His feet began to wiggle beneath them, as he removed his boots, beginning the process of undressing himself so that he could have his way with her right then and there ... the droid's presence be damned ... it was too stupid to realize what was going on, he thought. He drew her tightly against him now, so that she could feel just how much she inspired him. Finally, he pulled his face away from her, and looked at her helplessly with his steely blue eyes. "Oola ... I must have you," he said, as he began the process of unbuttoning his shirt. Now only his pants separated him from the ravishing young Amaran that stood before him.

Once her body was against his she could feel the effects she had on him, the ways he seemed to be inspired by every move she made that lead to this moment. Breathing fast as he told her he needed her in this very moment and time, shaking her head she placed a finger lightly against Reg's lips, her fur covered body pressing hard against his as she shook her head "As much as I would love to, we have to get this done. We have things to do and very little time to do them, I know you need me, that you crave every bit of me. Because to tell the truth I need every bit of you, I need to feel you deep within me. I need you to consume me and devour every inch of my body, but we need to get this done or there will be only us running trying to stay one step ahead of the Hutt's men." Oola whispered as she kissed his lips softly. "If there is a way I can get in and change something tell me, I'm faster than any of these droids, and faster than you even, I can blend in, and thought I hate to step out there I will to make sure I correct what I have done for you." She said softly. "Out of all the humans I have ever met in my eighteen years you are the first to ever treat me with respect, this is my fault and I must fix it Reg." Oola whispered softly as she ran her hand down his chest slowly and back up biting her bottom lips sighting. "I'll get in and out I promise, and now one will be the wiser." She said smirking a little before she lightly lightly licked his cheek.

Reg could not believe she had shot him down and had him cool his jets ... that had never happened to him before! "But ... but ... but..." he pleaded her with her, when she suddenly and unexpectedly licked his cheek, tickling him. "It's too dangerous, Oola," he said, pleading with her, as he moved to reluctantly put his shirt back on. Eventually the droid beeped loudly, indicating it had completed its cycle of deliveries, and was departing. "Finally!" he said, as he ran towards the control panel to close the ramp as soon as the laborious droid had made its way. "I'll take what we have to Derba. You'll stay on the ship. If I don't come back ... it's yours," he promised her, before moving as fast as he could back towards the cockpit. But he was too preoccupied with blasting off this rock to pay attention to what Oola was doing.

Once Reg let her go Oola waited till his back was turned to her, she knew it was dangerous and she knew that is could get her killed but in the Hutt's eyes she was already dead that didn't mean Reg had to be as well. Waiting for her moment she bolted out of the ship running down the ramp, outside. The heat from outside caught her off guard as she stopped for a moment to look around, her green hues looked for someone of importance. Quickly she lowered down to all four's and darted over to him, hiding behind the man she studied the way he moved the way he held his datapad, the numbers her press. Raising her ears forwards she listened to each sound they made, the number he hit. Seeing him become distracted and walked towards one of the mines Oola followed, hide being crates where were stacked she watched as the man placed the pad down, slyly she moved keeping out of site before grabbing the pad and running behind the stacked crates, her fingers moved fast as she started transferring shipments of spice from one ship to Reg's making sure that it was well over the amount he needed. Oola owed him that much for all the trouble she had caused him. After she had finished with her task Oola placed the datapad back where the man hand placed it and waited for him to come back watching. She knew it would take a moment but she was sure her plan was going to work, after the guard came back and retrieved the pad he looked down at it and seen there was a correction error telling him that he needed to stop Reg before taking off, Oola giggled a little while watching the man run as fast as he could toward the ship. "Moron."She whispered softly shaking her head, once again she outwitted a human.

"Where has that blasted Amaran gone this time..." Reg muttered angrily, as he powered down the freighter's main reactor and unstrapped himself from his seat. When he moved into the rear compartment of the ship he was mistified to find that she was nowhere to be found. Had she ran away to send him to Derba the Hutt alone? He wondered to himself, feeling quite betrayed by her action. He moved his hand up to the back of his brown hair, rubbing it gently as he felt a headache coming on. Defeated, he staggered back towards the couch where they had fallen asleep during their journey through hyperspace. He sat there, unable to move, as he considered whether or not to bother even trying to bring this cargo to the vengeful Hutt, or if he should flee deeper into the Outer Rim, or maybe even the Unknown Regions, to find someplace to hide up until one of Derba's many enemies eliminated the Hutt. It was only then that the man appeared at the bottom of the ramp to inform him there was an error and more spice would be loaded. "Wha-" he stammered, not sure what was happening, but played it off well enough that he did not alert the man. He depressed the thumb on the datapad, which soon brought the tediously slow droid back aboard his vessel with an additional load of spice to fill the entire quota that the Hutt demanded.

Oola waited till it was the right moment before she quickly scattered back to the ship, sneaking around the Droid so the man didn't see her she made her way up and into the cockpit where she sat down into the co-pilot's chair and turned facing Reg smirking. With one leg crossed over the other she brought her tail into her lap and spoke "Well Mr. Reg is seems like we will be getting our payment off in full with a little extra." She said patting the fur of her tail getting the dust off it as she looked at him. Batting her lashes a little she snuggled into her chair a little. "I know you can yell at me when we're off this dust ball, for now make sure you sign for the error they did." Oola knew Reg would be very upset with her but this was something she needed to do. Making sure her tail was smoothed again the slender Amaran looked over her shoulder at the time, she only prayed they would make it in time, and that the extra spice she was able to get away with would only help Reg in his case. She watched from the cockpit as the droid loaded each additional crate on board biting her bottom lip praying Reg wouldn't scold her to much for going against his wishes.

"How did you manage... Forget it. Tell me later. We don't have time," Reg told her, as he began the process of powering up the freighter to begin the process of blasting off Kessel. His eyes turned towards her, noting the position of her tail, and trying not to become too distracted, or he was likely to crash. He angled the nose of the freighter up towards the atmosphere, and accelerated to maximum sublight speed. The entire ship began to rattle, and a panel opened, blasting out a harmless release of pressure gas. He was literally flying the ship apart, as he attempted to squeeze every ounce of energy out of his ship to get them back to Nal Hutta in time. Almost as soon as they were into space, he set to work on the navicomputer, to begin the process of downloading the coordinates back to Nal Hutta. His eyes then darted back towards the chronometer in front of them ... they had used more than half their time.

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