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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:9:20) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Marcus Rodney's chalet) and Nerf Herder.
Lord Marcus Rodney and Zara Ta'em.

North. Each kilometer north the transport moved the temperature seemed to fall another degree until particles of ice began to appear on the viewport and the engines causing a near stall. "I haven't been here for a long time," Marcus said, looking over towards Zara, as he increased power to the engines to raise the external temperature and melt the ice. "I stopped hunting game when I started hunting people ... the most dangerous game," he said with a wink and a subtle snicker, before visually scanning the horizon for the chalet that was gradually beginning to appear in the distance. "I don't think anyone will bother of us here. Not unless they want to freeze their asses off," he said with a laugh, before turning his attention to the landing procedure. The chalet had stood for centuries and was once the summer hunting retreat for the House of Rodney, but in recent decades the increased in industrial pollution had caused the temperature near the poles to drob significantly. So much so that it had been virtually abandoned by the family ... save for some exotic rentals to big game hunters who were not easily deterred. There was a howling wind that impacted the craft the moment it touched down, but there was also the sound of a creature howling in the distance as well. Snow was falling ... it was always falling this far north. "Don't worry. I packed cocoa," he said to her, as he unstrapped himself from the chair and began to move towards the ramp. He was wearing a heavy parka that framed his face along with a pair of all weather goggles, gloves, boots, and everything else a person would need for the area ... but that did not change the rapidly decreasing temperature as the Aldera star began to set over distant cliffs of ice.

North. The last place in the world where the Duke and Duchess would come searching for the couple. The weather was an absolute turn off for some people. Zara was willing to bet that even his insane parents wouldn't dare bother them now. She didn't dislike the cold, however extreme it was. The cold meant wearing layers of clothing, sipping on hot chocolate, and constantly using the weather as an excuse to *share body heat*. All in all, Zara didn't know what they were going to call their home. She imagined something in the likeness of Elsa's frozen ice palace, where Zara could run around singing *Let it Go* while pretending to blast ice. The spectacle might make Marcus think twice about letting her into his family. "S-So cold!" She squeaked. Her gloved hands disappeared down the sleeves of her massive, thick faux fur jacket. The hood was pulled up over her head. She was wearing a hat underneath that. Zara had never lived somewhere as cold as this.

Blue eyes peered over toward her lover. "I can see why. Your parents don't seem like the type who want to vacation in *this*. I like it. The weather is always perfect for snowman makin'." She, too, snickered as he brought up his secondary life; the bounty hunter. "Funny you mention that. With your skills, I thought for sure you'd kill me when I came to steal from you. It's a good thing I kept the drinks coming, huh?" She winked. She would never forget the insanity that led to Marcus and Zara becoming an item. She, too, laughed, "Good riddance! I don't wanna be bothered!" She didn't fear the howling wind nor the dropped temperatures. The only thing she feared were her toes freezing off inside of her boots. Zara's smile grew. "You know me too well already. This is perfect cocoa weather." She did mention she had a savage sweet tooth...that wasn't a lie. When he stood, she too unstrapped herself and stood. She looked like a cute, little eskimo in her thick jacket, long skirt complete with thick legging underneath it. She had a pair of goggles hitched up her forehead. They looked alike to the others she wore. She stood, making her way over to the ramp. "When was the last time you were here?" She asked him. Her arm slid into his loosely. She was interested to see the home they'd share for an undetermined amount of time. It felt like the first safe place she had ever stayed already. The weather protected them and deterred people from stalking them. So she thought anyway.

"I don't make it a habit of killing people ... particularly beautiful ones," Marcus said, as he looked over his shoulder at the beautiful young snowbunny that followed him. As he reached the door he tried to open the door, but unfortunately for him the door was frozen shut. "Apparently much longer than I thought," he said to her, nervously, as he began thrusting his shoulder into the door. Each thrust into the sheet of ice seemed to have no effect other than causing his shoulder to ache. "Just a ... minute," he guessed, before opening his colt to fumble through his utility belt. He got hold of his torch, but the gloves made it difficult to grasp and he dropped it on the ground. Becoming increasingly annoyed he removed one of the gloves and then bent down, reaching into the fresh snow to grab the device. As frostbite threatened to set in on his hand he began to heat up the door knob and archaic locking mechanism, which eventually allowed him to turn the handle and open the door. When he opened inside it became apparently that the chalet had not been used in quite some time and a layer of ice seemed to cover everything ... making it actually quite beautiful. "Home ... sweet home," he said to her skeptically, before he began to search desperately for the thermostat. "Shouldn't have let the staff go," he mused, as he began to program the thermal controls. The battery had been drained by the cold and it would take quite some time to power up, but eventually the room temperature would begin to rise.

She snickered. "I feel lucky now." Zara was teasing him. It was probably good she had already imagined the place frozen because that's exactly what it was. The outside of the chalet was covered in ice. She looked at the icy door, pondering if they would be able to open it without using explosives. She watched Marcus try to open the door. The ice seemed to laugh at him, completely unaffected by his efforts. The wind whipped harder around them. Zara's arms crossed over her chest. As much as she liked the cold, she didn't think they would last long exposed to it like this. "God damn, this layer of ice is thick. I can't imagine what this place looked like without it." The home had been exposed to the elements for so long. It looked like it was part of the land now, something the ice had crafted all by itself. Marcus was smart. Through thinking ahead and bringing a torch, they were able to thaw the door knob enough that they could enter.

Zara welcomed the home. It would hide them from the chilly winds. It was surprising to see that the temperatures had effected everything inside of the chalet. It really did look like an ice palace, complete with icy furniture and icy seemingly lavish artwork. It was unusual. It was beautiful. Her big smile turned towards his way. "Home, sweet home." She sounded more confident than he was. Zara went bounding off to help with the search for the thermostat. She ran her gloved fingers over the icy walls, though it was Marcus who found the thermostat first. It was going to take time for this place to entirely heat up. For now, she returned to his side. "As much as I like the icy décor, it'll look more like a home once it's gone. I like it. Will you be my tour guide?" She stood in front of him. It seemed fitting to move to her tippy toes so she could nuzzle her nose against his in playful eskimo kisses. A real kiss followed; short and sweet. "Trust me, be happy you let the staff go. There's so much more we can do here without people.. watching.." There was implications to her words. Zara was unlikely to have him anywhere but in the bedroom back in Delaya. Here was a different story. "What else do we need to do to get this place running? Is there somewhere to get food around here?"

*Drip, drip, drip* the sound of the ice beginning to thaw filled the entire chalet and light streams of water began to combine on the floor to do some light flooding. It was a good thing they were both wearing boots, or else their feet likely would have frozen in the layer of icy water. "I hope there's a mop," he said to her, despite the fact he had no idea how to use it. "Down here on the first level is the great room, with a large balcony that overlooks the terrain ... complete with hot tub if you're brave enough," he said, as he motioned towards the large wall of windows that dominated the opposite wall from where they came in. All around them the old wood panels began to come in view, along with images of his ancestors dating back centuries. Everyone would be quite lovely when it thawed out. As he moved forward he came to a large dining room, with a kitchen behind it ... he had actually never been in there as he left it to the staff. Braving the ankle deep water he pressed open one of the double doors and came into the kitchen and moved almost immediately towards the refrigerator to answer her question about supplies. The moment he opened the door the foulest odor he had ever smelled began to permeate the room and while he was not entirely sure, he thought he saw something move. "Blech," he said in disgust, as he shut the door, and began to move back out towards the great room. "Living quarters on the second floor," he said, as he reached hold of the bannister and began to ascend the stairs, against the flow of water. "Gaah!" he shrieked as one of his feet slipped several stairs up and in a dramatic motion he fell back to the ground with a large crash and splash! He lay there for a moment, unmoving, in the icy water, as he thought it better to stay on the lower level for the time being.

Ooh, now it was raining. Zara tugged on her hood just to make sure the top of her head was entirely covered. She wasn't sure where to start with cleaning this house up. Unlike him, Zara had never had servants. She worked hard for *everything*. On top of that, she was an infamous little neat freak. She liked cleaning. She found something satisfying in taking a wreck and cleaning it until there was a visible different. "I hope there's a heat wave." Zara commented, watching the water build closer towards the top of her knee-length boots. She was short. She was going to need to find higher ground sooner than later. Still, she dredged through the water towards the kitchen. "Ummm. I think I'm going to vote no on using the hot tub. I like my nipples connected to my breasts. I was under the impression that you liked them that way as well."

The transformation was happening as more time went by. Zara felt the beginning hints of warmth while she looked at the old pictures of his ancestors. Next up was the kitchen, grandiose as most things Rodney were. She wasn't brave enough to take on the water in the kitchen. She lingered back. Her distance didn't save her from the gut wrenching stench that piled out from the fridge. "Oh my god! Who did you kill and shove in there?!" She gripped her stomach. She looked like she was going to throw up. "I-I can't pukeee. It'll freeze and be super gross!" She whined, making her way far far away from the dead Hutt smell that was the fridge. Marcus was a little danger seeker today, wasn't he? He dared battle the rushing rapids on the stairs to seek out the second floor. This was the galactic staircase you were waiting for, huh? Well, Zara wasn't buying it. She stayed at the base of the stairs. She even opened up her arms when he fell. "I'll save youuuu!" She exclaimed, diving out to break his fall. *Splash!* Zara completely failed to catch Marcus. She succeeded in knocking herself into the water. She landed on her rear and was instantly drenched from the waist down. It was so cold!! She grabbed his hands. "Get up! I don't want you to turn into a Marcus-sicle." She rose to her feet, pulling him up with her as much as she could. "H-home sweet home, huh?" She shuddered.

Time passed. The ice had completely thawed and the combination of heat from the heating system and the open fire in the great room began to cause the water to evaporate into steam ... causing an effect similar to a sauna. Not only was it now hot in the great room, it was now downright balmy. The steam did much to assist Marcus in comforting his back and his shoulder from his fumbles while opening and exploring the chalet. "We should be able to go upstairs soon," he said, before shifting on the couch, which caused more water to be pressed from it. "I swear it'll clean up nicely ... just like us," he was quick to add with a quick smile. The sound of the one wolf howling had been magnified as it drew closer and as it did it became clear it was more than one ... perhaps an entire pack.

Good god. The temperatures were drastically ranging inside today. First, it was icy cold. Now Zara was considering ripping off her jacket in a typical Hulk-ish style. She pulled her hood down as long strides led her towards the couch where he sat. "I believe you. I mean, look at us, we're awesome. You just had to turn on the heat and thaw me out first." That part was true...just look at his back! Zara lowered herself into the spot beside him. She inched closer to him until she abused his personal bubble. One of her hands took his. "I like it. We're so far away from everything that it feels safe." Safe was important. No sooner had she mentioned the safety to their new home did the wolves howl. They were coming towards the chalet. She wondered if there was any way for them to get inside. After all, she hadn't seen the second floor yet. Zara groaned. "Or not. Are we going to have to fight wolves to stay here? I mean, I'm totally down. I'll take real wolves over the ones in disguise on Delaya..." You can imagine that Zara was going to butt heads with his parents many more times. She was still feeling bitter about the way they treated her. Maybe beating on some wolves would make her feel better?

As the water evaporated the steam gradually subsided and at long last a normal, but cooler, temperature began to settle upon the estate. It would take professionals to properly repair everything from the water damage ... if he could even convince such people to venture into the frozen tundra of the north. As she drew close a sense of calm came over him, as her proximity now was one of the predominant influences on his mood. "As the hunters withdrew and nature took hold of the north the population of wolves has been able to grow unchecked. They control this land now, more than man..." he commented to her, as he listened to the creatures howl. They could sense the heat that lay within the chalet and the lights were the one bright spot across a dark, vast terrain. They were being drawn near for the first time in years. "I don't think they can get in..." he said, but he did not really know ... there was no advanced security system here, as it had never been an issue. He put a reassuring arm around her fur covered body and drew her nearer to him ... perhaps he was a little scared too.

While she sat beside him on the couch, it became easily to envision this as *their* home. The Rodney castle already had its own décor. This place...well, if many of the pieces of furniture survived being thawed, Zara would be surprised. "We'll get this place all put together. I think it'll make a nice home for us. For our family." She reassured him confidently. If nothing else, they could kidnap someone and force them to fix up their icy home. That worked, right? A warmness spread over her, only this warmness was provided by Marcus. She rested against his side. Even the howling outside couldn't worry her too much at this point. They'd make it through whatever obstacles were coming. She looked into his face. "I suppose that means we'll have to do something to make them less inclined to come to our home then. Hmm.." It was weird how not afraid she was. In fact, Zara felt an overbearing need to protect the new home. As he drew her close, both of her arms wrapped around his waist. She placed a gentle kiss on his cheek followed by another to his lips. "I'll go check upstairs, okay? I'll be careful." She promised. At first, she made no movements to get away from his hold. She liked being close. He soothed her. This time, when she heard the howls, she felt furious. Oh no, no, no. This was their home now!

"I think there should be a couple of slug-thrower rifles in the attic. Antiques, really. But a more civilized way of hunting than a blaster," Marcus explained to her, feeling her draw away all too quickly. The upstairs was a series of bedrooms that were once neatly decorated, but were now quite damp and musty. There were refreshers that were as ornate as anything that the castle downplanet boasted. In its day it was the premier the summer destination for the powerful and influential of Delaya and despite being forgotten the climate had done little to diminish the opulence that lay beneath. "Please be careful," he shouted after her as she ascended the stairs, as he could not help but remember his earlier fall. He could hear the animals outside moving closer ... drawn to the warmth ... but he believed the outer door would hold. After all, even he had trouble getting in.

*The attic*. Zara made a face. She imagined some massive, ice-lovin' bugs living in the attic. "O-Okay.." She stuttered, considering if she should be an uncivilized savage and use her blaster instead. Her blaster was at her hip, not in the potentially scary attic. The young woman unraveled herself from Marcus' arms. "If I die, please sever one of my middle fingers and send it to your parents. Thanks!" She started off towards the stairs. "I'll be careful. You better be careful too. If something comes through those doors, don't be humane, kill it." She took one last glimpse to where he sat on the couch before beginning to ascend the stairs. She kept her hands planted on the railing. She worked her way up the damp steps. They moaned underneath her feet. "Please don't break.." She whimpered quietly. It wasn't until the howls captured her attention that she began moving quicker.

Soon, she was standing on the landing after the staircase. The warmth either hadn't warmed up this portion of the house yet, or a window was open. Zara could feel a cold wind running through the house. "*Oh fuck me.*" She began moving through the rooms of their new home. Her imagination continued to fill the rooms. She selected one room, with a window seat, for their first child. After all, surely one wouldn't be enough?! She admired the master bedroom and several other rooms. Ooh, she felt like a pauper in a palace. No wonder why his parents thought she wanted to be with him for alternative reasons. Just as Zara made her way back out into the hallway, she heard *it*. A deep, wolfish growl came from the last room at the end of the hall. *Marcus, we've got trouble* she thought. If only he could read her mind! She quietly made her way towards the room. Her blaster was in her hand now. She was three feet away from the partially closed door when it whipped open. At first, Zara felt the cold air, then she felt a huge body slamming her to the ground. "Marcus!" She yelled. A wolf was pinning her down with his paws at her shoulders. The wolf was bigger than average...dire wolf size. Zara was scared, but ready. She tapped the back of her shoe against the floor twice, causing a knife to slid out from the front of her boot. She swung her foot into the wolf, jabbing the knife into the beast. It howled, scurrying away from Zara. She made it back to her feet. So much for a humane slaughter.

When Marcus heard her scream and then the crash that followed, he felt a rush of energy that caused him to stir suddenly, rising from his seat. He bounded up the stairs with his Model 434 blaster pistol at the ready, not at all sure what to expect. Was it a bounty hunter out for revenge? Was it the Alderaan Guardswoman who had been rudely interrupting them? No ... it was a large wolf that had somehow managed to get in. When he saw her standing, yet seemingly unharmed, there was a sense of relief that came over him. "Where did it go?" he asked, as he raised his blaster pistol in a defensive manner. "It seems we have an unwanted guest. And with what we used to charge for the use of one of these rooms ... a thief as well," he commented, with a sly smile, as he moved closer to inspect her for any damage following the encounter. Now that there was the possibility of pregnancy he would become much more protective ... even overbearing ... as it concerned her.

Zara's head was spinning. That was *one big wolf*. Her heart felt like it was currently thudding its way up her throat, out through her mouth, and then it was gone. Quicker than the Flash, Marcus was there, sprung into action and ready to kill. She looked at him. She was okay, totally unharmed even when he inspected her further. As scared as she was, he still got a soft, little laugh out of her. "I'm okay. I wasn't expecting a gigantic, mutant wolf to pounce me. I think he went back into that room.." She pointed towards the door in front of them. Zara caught sight of the blood on the floor. "Gez, we haven't even been here two hours and I already spilled something red on the carpet. For shame!" She hung her head. Her little heart still felt like exploding while he inspected her. Honestly, she liked him being protective and overbearing. She had seen her parents murdered at a young age. It gave her an irrational, nearly constant worry about safety. From somewhere behind the door, Zara heard the wolf snarl and whimper. "Is there another way to get into this room? I think more wolves can get in through it. Feel that draft? There's cold air getting in from somewhere in that room." She explained to him. The howling outside sounded like it was at the front door. Zara was starting to feel angry. Nothing was going to take their new home from them.

When Marcus saw her wound a flash of anger came to the forefront of his consciousness ... his cheeks flushed red and his perfectly kept white teeth clenched together with the strength of a vice. With a dramatic flourish he grabbed her, literally sweeping her off her feet and up into his arms. "I'll take care of it," he proclaimed before, bringing her into the nearest refresher. The room was dryer than the others because of the marble finishings and the lack of fabric and was reinforced in a way that made it safer than one of the bedrooms. "Stay here," he instructed her, becoming the overprotective male that hid inside all would be fathers, before dashing out into the hallway with a head of steam. He kicked in the door and immediately spotted the large wolf, licking its wounds in one of the corner, but when it say him it surged to life and move to pounce. If only I was in my armor, Marcus thought to himself, before bringing up his left forearm to block the beast. The wolf's jaw clenched down on his left forearm, tearing the flesh from the bone in skilled form, as it dropped him to the ground with a sickening *thud*. "Arrghh!" he let out a loud groan, while bringing up the Model 434 blaster pistol up with his good right hand. He pulled back on the trigger unleashing a bolt of deadly crimson energy directly into the head of the wolf, killing it instantly, but in its death the jaw remained locked upon his mangled left arm. With the beast dead he let out a tired, exasperated sigh, as he began the ungainly process of removing the remnants of his arm from the deceased beast.

With the little adrenaline rush, it took Zara a few minutes to realize she was injured. The wolf had scratched through her jacket with his sharp claws when he pinned her down over her right shoulder. Zara wouldn't realize this until he had taking her to the refresher. She was angry at the beast for coming into their home. She was ready to kill. Instead, he swooped her right off of her feet. Her bright, blue eyes reflected her confusion. "I'm okay, I promise. You don't have to take care of it alone." Team Zarcus, remember? She wanted to protect him just as badly as he wanted to protect her. He was gone before she could object anymore. In the mirror, Zara saw the blood at her shoulder. Oh. So she had been hurt. She wasn't ready to surrender the fight with the wolf to Marcus.

Zara was late for the party...too late. She was standing in the doorway when Marcus shot the beast in the head with his blaster. Worry shot through her entire body. This was the second time Marcus had gotten hurt over her. First his burnt back, now this? She felt guilty. She darted over to him. "Marcus, oh my god..." Her hands took over for his. "Relax, I'll get it off of you arm..." Easier said than done, huh? There was no easy removal process. Ultimately, Zara had to use a knife to cut the wolf's jaw open wider. From there, she carefully freed his arm tooth by tooth. She looked at his left arm. It was bloody and horrible looking! Without a second thought, she guided him from the room into the refresher where he had hidden her away. "Marcus... I can't believe you... You gotta stop hurting yourself over me before I make you live in a bubble!" All the towels in the bathroom were still damp. There was nothing she could use to clean his wounds. Zara reached underneath her jacket, ripping the thin material of her shirt. There was running water in the bathroom, which she was currently beginning to warm. She look at him. "..Thanks. Thanks for taking care of that wolf.. I'm sorry you got hurt. Maybe we should spend the night in the ship. I can use our medical supplies on your arm and we can make a game plan on how to get this house where we want it to be..."

Once again his direct frontal approach had resulted in him becoming injured and Zara having to come to his aid. He had not learned the subtle art of bounty hunting during his years of experience, but rather replied on explosives, heavy weapons, and intimidation rather than skulking around and hitting from a distance. Perhaps if he had gone around and through the window he would have been able to sneak up on the beast without allowing it to get a chance to engage him. Those thoughts and more went through his mind as his blood dripped down onto the marble floor of the bathroom with a recurring *drip, drip, drip*. He was silent for a moment as he attempted to center himself and drive out the pain, but it was difficult. He found that not looking at it went a long way towards stunting the pain, but he could tell it was bad simply by the wetness he could feel on his skin. "No," he said adamantly, before turning his head to look at her for the first time since she moved him. "We will not be driven out of our home on the first night," he insisted to her, before moving to the toilet to have a seat. The blood loss was beginning to make him feel slightly lightheaded and it his knees were beginning to go weak, nearly buckling. Sitting down would help ... or so he thought.

She was worried about him. There was so much blood. It had been a patient procedure to remove the wolf's mouth from his arm. The smell of coppery bloody surrounded her in the bathroom. What did she do? Why didn't she learn from the fire incident and carry more first aid stuff with her?! Her brain went into panic mode. Marcus was hurt. He was hurt bad. How did she fix him? Her hands yanked on her hair until his words stopped her crazy train. His voice told her that he wasn't going to be swayed otherwise. She had to make it work. "Alright, we're staying. You're going to relax and do nothing for the rest of the night." Zara told him, finally grasping a mostly dry towel. She wrapped it around his arm. "Hold this as long as you can. Keep talking to me. Don't pass out!" She instructed. The sound of her erratically searching through cupboards seemed desperate. Suddenly, she dug various bathroom items out of the cupboards until, luckily, she found what she was looking for; a little first aid kid. She was readying to work on his arm when another long howl broke through her thoughts. "*No..*." She looked at Marcus, "Don't pass out." She reminded him again. Before he could say anything, Zara disappeared. She returned back to the room which currently housed the dead wolf. There were large double doors leading out into the balcony. Currently, both of the door were stuck open. Each door felt like it weighed roughly a ton. It was hard for her to close the doors...yet somehow, she did it. The silvery haired girl ran back to the refresher. She was going to take care of Marcus

Marcus slumped against his left side as she worked on him, leaning on the glass of the shower to support himself, as he became increasingly woozy. "Thank you," he said weakly, tiredly, as he struggled to keep his head up and his eyes open. There was something nice about having someone who cared enough about him in the first place, but he also realized the irony that it was his feelings towards her that prompted his aggressive, foolish action that resulted in his injury. Eventually she made progress on his arm and he could finally turn his head to look at the makeshift, bloodstained wrapping. "Wow. That bad?" he asked her, blinking as he spoke in a desperate effort to focus on her. His eyes, with their narrow veins, were among the first part of his body to receive less blood from the loss he suffered and as a result his vision began to blur. "We should harvest the wolf of its meat and eat it," he suggested, after having seen the archaeological remains of what was once food down in the kitchen.

Somehow, Zara managed to grasp her sanity again. Marcus *needed* her now. She knelt down in front of him. She had removed all material from around his injury. She cleaned out the injury, applied a little bacta to the wound to aid in the healing, and carefully dressed the wound. Zara was the protective one now. She lingered close to him as if she was ready to pounce any intruders. "Thank you. You killed the big bad wolf. I'm sorry you got hurt.." She said while working on his arm. "It's pretty bad. Can you even move that arm right now? Here, let me get you something for the pain." One of her hands seemed to stay on him at all times. Currently, her right hand was rested on his knee while the left dug through the first aid box. She found some pain killers, offering him one. His suggestion made her laugh...and feeling queasy. That sell was gross! "That's the most manly thing I've ever heard. "I killed the beast, now I'll eat it!" I agree though. We could make a fine rug out of its fur. What do you think? Will a homemade trophy rug be our first addition to our new house?" Her head nuzzled against his knee. If he was so protective over her, she wondered what would happen if their first child was a girl. Maybe they'd follow suit of his brother and only have girls. "I know you don't feel good. That means you get to behave, relax, and let me do everything for the rest of the night. That's not a question." She warned.

Marcus put the pain medication into his mouth and rather than swallow it, he crushed it between his teeth and let the powder absorb against the skin of his upper jaw. He needed immediate relief, not the gradual, regulated onset that would come with letting it absorb into his stomach over the next hour. "I love you, Zara," he said to her, as he watched her work on his wound with the same care his mother exerted when he would scrape his leg as a child. "...and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than right here with you ... even like this," he said to her, a smile creeping upon his tired lips, which had lost some of their color from the blood loss. "I think we're too far to get a food delivery out there," he said, jokingly, as he realized that while the isolation helped for their budding romance, it caused a great bit of difficulty for basic services and essentials. He wondered if they even had holonet access and if it that meant he would not be able to keep up on the latest shockball scores ... typical guy, even in the most dire of situations.

Mentally, Zara was already working on a list of what they needed. The top item on the list was a better first aid kit. She'd personally be selecting what into it. If an issue like this arose again, she liked to be ready. She hated making him suffer while she fumbled around for supplies. Now, she was planted near to him. Her chin rested on his leg. She wasn't happy with how weak he was or the discoloration of his lips. The worry was written on the pretty features of her face. "I love you, my Marcus." The words came out so sweet and happy even in a scenario like this. The words were still so new to say. She liked it. She was touched that he wanted to be with her, injured, over anything else; over bounty hunting, over living his womanizer life, over everything. She smiled, "I'm glad about that. You keep getting hurt around me. I'm going to buy you a protective bubble if you don't behave." The threat wasn't entirely empty! She chuckled softly at his joke. "What? You think our zip code is out of the local pizza shop's delivery area? Lame." She packed up the first aid kit. She was going to keep it. "Why don't we set you up in one of the rooms? If you pass out in here, there's too any things for you to bump your head on. Can you move?" Zara made her way to her feel. She fully intended on supporting him.

"No bubbles! What will my enemies think if they see me bouncing about like a small critter in a ball?" Marcus said, protesting her suggestion in jest. He reached up, grabbing for the towel rack for support, as he raised himself off the toilet. "Yes. I can move," he said, his voice seeming somewhat tired and withdrawn, as he began to stagger from the refresher towards the hallway. "I suppose they're all equally damp ... but let's take the one without the wolf carcass, shall we?" he said, as he stepped over the bloody, charred remains and moved towards one of the master suites at the end of the hall. His brother had used this room before it was abandoned, as did their father, as did their father's father, and so on for countless generations ... not it was his, as no one else wanted it and that was good enough for him. He would make the most of the scraps that had been dealt to his plate. Moving towards the bed he quickly plopped down on it with all of his weight, causing an effect similar to squeezing a sponge ... the mattress compacted with an awful *squish*ing sound before a torrent of water exited the mattress straight to the floor. "Well ... it's something ... and it's *ours*," he said, fighting back the laughter as he looked towards her.

Well, that visual made Zara laugh hard. Marcus, in full armor, bouncing around in a gigantic hamster ball. "That's your future if you don't behave! I can't have you getting hurt over me all the time!" They moved at his pace. When he was ready to go, Zara collected the first aid kit under one arm. Her other arm wrapped around his waist. She wasn't going to let him move around on his own right now. See? Marcus wasn't the only one who was overprotective. "Yeah, I think we've all smelt enough funky smells for today... Seriously. Did your dad kill someone and shove them in the fridge?!" She couldn't get over that smell! Zara decided that the refrigerator would need to be destroyed at a secondary location. Since she had only taken the self tour of the upper floor, she wanted Marcus to select the room. The one they claimed for themselves was a master suite. It was roomy, secluded, and ... wet.

Even the bed made splish, splash, splooshy noises when he sat down on it. Zara laughed. "Indeed, it is ours. You know, I always did want a water bed. I'll check that one off of my bucket list." She snickered, plopping down on the mattress. She crept up towards Marcus. She lay on her side, one leg and an arm draped over his body. Her body was nuzzled against his side. Zara was warm, a warmth that she was trying to share with him. "We're going to make it awesome, I know it. It's just going to take time. What do you want to do with the house?" She asked him. "In a perfect world, what do you want our house to look like, my future hubby?" She wanted to get his mind off of the pain and all that he had gone through today. She hoped he could see that she was excited. She was glad the house hadn't been perfect. It gave her and Marcus the chance to put a personal touch into the house. "I already picked out the baby's room," Zara blushed, "the one with the window seat down the hall."

"Well a dryer version of this would be a start," Marcus said, as he squeezed each pillow in half to get the water out, before letting his head lay back down upon the damp pillowcases. "I do think I can be more overt with my bounty hunting trophies here. I do not expect my family to visit," he informed her, liking the idea of being able to be more himself than the ideal version of himself he masqueraded as at home. "Do you have any ideas?" he asked, as he looked over the bedroom, knowing that if he did not have it professionally dryed that mold would quickly settle in. "Perhaps less images of my parents," he said, teasingly, but with a level of seriousness beneath it. "I want to make it more *our* home and less the family's old hunting grounds," he said, as he looked at a large image of his ancient ancestor who founded the dynasty that dominated the far wall. That was so long ago ... more a myth than a man now ... and it had very little to do with him. Little did he consider the fact that if she bore him a son it would be he that would inherit that legacy that he was passed over for ... the irony of it all that he had not yet realized.

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