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David Cole and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:18) in the Kessel system: Kessel (Cabra the Hutt's palace).
Baroness Hanna Ardent, Cabra the Hutt, and El-Nay Darr.

The doors to the throne room of Cabra the Hutt's palace were abruptly flung open and a young woman in her early twenties was thrown unceremoniously to the ground. The woman's lavish dress had been tattered and torn, and while from her jewelry and attire it could immediately be town she was of the upper class, her disheveled appearance at presence made it seem as if she were homeless. Tiredly, she looked up from the ground at the unfamiliar surroundings and cringed in horror at the site of the grotesque Hutt. Hanna Ardent, who earlier that day was enjoying a regal lifestyle on her home planet of Brentaal, had been bound and dragged before a petty crime lord. Her once expertly coiffed red hair had become matted and wild, and the makeup on her face had been replaced with a layer of soil, but her natural beauty could still be observed despite the wear. "I demand to be released! Immediately!" she barked, still maintaining most of her arrogant persona of a spoiled brat, who had never before heard the word 'no' in her life thus far. Her cheeks began to flush bright red, and her breath was increasing rapidly as her chest heaved against the cold, dirty floor as she gradually worked herself into a frenzy. She was not afraid, but rather furious ... her fear would come later.

"Silence!" a feminine voice shouted from beneath the iconic T-shaped visor of a Mandalorian helmet, as the bounty hunter El-Nay Darr followed in behind her captive. The young woman was roughly the same age as the victim, but her beautiful feminine form was kept concealed beneath the beskar'gam armor that adorned her form. It was painted a distinct orange, representing her 'lust for life', that made a distinct impression on those that saw her, but unfortunately made her an easy target. Her booted foot was quickly raised over Hanna, before slamming down quickly upon her back to press her back down to the floor. From beneath her helmet her gray eyes scanned over those assembled inside the throne room and her targeting scanners quickly began identifying potential threats ... she was far from where she normally operated and knew that no help was likely to come. Still, she had been advised that Hutts preferred brash, dramatic statements and she was keen to play the part. Her only weapon was an oversized heavy blaster pistol, a DT-57, that was nearly as old as she was ... a relic from the last war. "I have come for the reward for delivering a suitable prize to the mighty Cabra," she announced, speaking confidently from beneath the anonymity of her helmet. Her head slowly swiveled from left to right as she looked over those gathered once again. She was definitely acting more confident than she actually was.

Cabra knew that one of the Mandalorians was bringing him a prize today. The green and yellow tinged Hutt was dealing in business on Brentaal, and a failed deal angered Cabra greatly. So much so, that the prize in question was to be the King's daughter: Hanna. He was going to take her from pampered noblewoman to ornament on his dais. Cabra had his small tank of frogs and his hookah, while enjoying the way the Mandalorian handled his prize. In a bellowing laugh, Cabra grinned and was translated as saying, "She is quite pleasing to me..." Looking to the guards and said, "Please have her bathed, collared, leashed and brought back to me." Cabra wanted to see the young beauty that he first locked eyes on when on Brentaal, and not the matted mess he saw before him. That turned his attention to the Mandalorian and said to her, "Ho, ho,'s quite brave for a Mandalorian to come this far out. You will be well compensated for your find. Come closer..." Cabra smoked upon his hookah, getting a little relaxed as he beckoned the being to approach him, saying, "Sit if you wish ... what is your name?"

"Leashed?!" Hanna screamed incredulously as two of Cabra's thugs moved towards her, lifting her up from the ground as if she were a sack of vegetables. "Take your filthy alien hands off of me!" she demanded, as she went limp in the strong arms of the thugs, her feet dragging across the floor as they moved her, until her designer shoes were eventually broken off. The Gamorrean guard snorted obnoxiously as he dragged her away, which caused her to become all the more disgusted. The only thing filthier than the place, she thought, were those creatures that inhabited it. She did not deserve this, she thought to herself, as she began to wonder if she would ever see her home again. She hoped that this was merely an attempt to collect ransom and her father would soon pay to have her retrieved. Surely her disappearance would be noticed and help would soon be coming, wouldn't it? she thought helplessly, as the Ranat guard forced her towards the room where Cabra's former playthings had began their stay.

As the Hutt beckoned for her, El-Nay slowly stepped forward towards the creature, tilting her head slightly to the left to examine him, as if she were an animal. "I am El-Nay of clan Darr," she said proudly, before bringing her armor-clad left hand up to pound upon her chest plate in rapid succession. "I do not require a seat," she announced, as she felt the room become smaller, as each step further from the entrance brought her closer to the guards that filled the room. In her head she had made a mental count of those that surrounded her, and the targeting scanner on her helmet had counted so many weapons that they were impossible to accurately track. Clearly, if things went wrong she would be over her head, but she could not allow the Hutt to know that she knew that. "Yes. Quite far," she said, echoing his words, as she raised her head to make eye contact with the Hutt from beneath the relatively safety of her helmet. "If I could receive my compensation I will be on my way, and you can begin enjoying your new..." she stopped, not knowing quite what adjective to use to describe the woman she had just offered up to the Hutt. "...prize," she concluded, finally settling upon the least agreeable term from a list of unpleasant ones. A generation ago her people had been proud warriors, but internal conflict and Imperial restrictions had forced her into these types of missions that brought no honor ... only credits. Her father would have been disgusted if her saw her now, attacking a defenseless woman for no reason other than money.

As for Hanna, she would not come out of the room with the playthings until she was bathed, and made to look like a suitable concubine for the Hutt. She would likely be spending most of her waking time with Cabra, so Cabra gave the plaything strict instructions on how to develop Hanna's appearance for him. As Hanna's screams were silenced from distance, the Mandalorian was on his mind, giving her name and her hastiness for just wanting to get out of that situation. Cabra was the type to get to know his bounty hunters, and El-Nay would be no different and said, "El-Nay, I have heard of you. This isn't your first time to these parts; however ... this is your first time in my presence." Motioning for the men to bring her the credits in question and offered them immediately to her. However, Cabra said to her, "Please remove your helmet...tales of your beauty and grit have been described to me before. Please do me the favor of removing your helmet..."

El-Nay did her best to ignore the distant screaming, but beneath her brash exterior it made her feel very uncomfortable, and hastened her desire to flee the scene. When she heard the instruction to remove her helmet she froze, and much of the color left her young face as she grew increasingly anxious. She swallowed slowly, causing her throat to bulge against the collar of the environmental suit she wore beneath the plates of beskar'gam. After a moment, her left hand came up to the side of her helmet, and pulled it from her head in a flourish that caused her short, blonde hair to flutter in the breeze it produced. What was revealed was the visage of a young woman in her early twenties with soft features, rich, ruby lips, and cold, gray eyes. Her hair was cut short, and the sides were shaved, with her roots showing a natural color that indicated her hair had been artificially dyed. "As you wish, Cabra," she said, the bravado no longer present in her tone of voice, as she had been stripped of her the confidence boosting helmet. She did her best to offer a small smile, but found it very difficult to maintain strong eye contact with the creature she found hideous. As the thugs brought her credits she felt slightly more at ease, but nevertheless her young mind was focused on one thing ... escape.

Cabra really had no intention of trapping El-Nay there, but wanted to see if the stories of her brash beauty were true, and to the Hutt's delight and said, in his laugh and peering glance at her. "You are quite small but powerful..." The Hutt was attracted to her, but was not going to overpower her. Cabra had his prize awaiting and being cleaned up for him, but the Mandalorian intrigued him for the moment as he said, offering a hand to her. "Does being in a Hutt palace frighten you, young one? it doesn't have to be scary here. You have shown me a lot...I would like to hire you to work here in the palace." Waiting to see if El-Nay would join him on the dias. Once she left and Hanna was presented to him, the poor noblewoman would be tormented and pleasured to the point of exhaustion. But El-Nay had various purposes to her, and he asked her that question to gauge her interest in working for him.

The adjective 'small' had been used to describe her most of her life, and El-Nay had often made those who used the word in front of her quite sorry for their choice, but this was different. She stood there for a moment, her jaw tightly clenched, and her teeth gritting against one another. She closed her eyes and thought of the credits, and with some mental cheerleading from the little voice in her head, she stepped forward and took the hand of the Hutt into her own, remaining grateful that it was covered by the environmental suit. "I have no fear, Cabra. There is no word in my native tongue to express that emotion," she informed him, trying her best to remain confident in spite of all that surrounded her. "While I am honored by your offer, I prefer the life of a vagabond, and covet the freedom to go where I please, when I please," she informed him, as she withdrew her hand, and turned her attention back to the crate of credit chips that had been delivered by one of the guards. "...however, if there is ever a job that needs doing, I would be happy to undertake it ... provided the credits are right," she added, as she stepped back down to the lower level adjacent to the case of credits. A moment later she brought the helmet back over her head, and pressed it back down firmly into position, hoping that the Hutt had enough of gawking at her. It had been a common occurrence in her brief history as a bounty hunter, and sadly she had almost gotten used to the mostly male employers who wanted a peak. Everything had a price she told herself, in a feeble attempt to justify the abhorrent behavior.

Cabra nodded as there was a bit of mutual respect between the Hutt and Mandalorian. He would be an idiot to not want her to curl up next to him on the dais ... but that was not her nature. But if he could use her for other jobs... it would be something that the Hutt would be highly intrigued in seeing her do. But El-Nay would not be interested in sticking around. Cabra was polite and said, "That is fine. Please stick to your communication line, as I am sure our paths will be crossing again for jobs." Nodding as Cabra would let El-Nay go... Not more than a few moments later, Hanna would be brought back out by two of the playthings. That silky red hair would refine its shape and silkiness. She was now wearing a steel bikini of silver, and a matching thick steel collar and leash as Cabra looked pleased at how clean and presentable to me. Cabra said to the playthings, "Bring her to the dais and have her kneel...I would rather make her part of the food chain tonight..." He would leave that comment linger, probably scaring the Baroness.

El-Nay's head turned to Hanna as she was brought back into the throne room, and a wave of guilt immediately came over her that caused her to sink inside of her beskar'gam. She had done something unspeakably cruel for a small bit of credits in an attempt to boost her reputation. She felt ashamed, not just for herself, but for her clan, as she bent down to grab the handle on the create of credit chips. Without saying another word she dragged the crate out of the throne room, turning her back to the sorry display that was unfolding, and made the deliberate choice not to look back. She needed a shower desperately, and never did she move more quickly as she raced towards her ship that had been stored in the docking bay. When she situated herself in the safety of vessel and was convinced no one was looking, she ripped the helmet from her head, and took in several deep breaths of air as she tried in vain to regain her composure. The color was gone from her skin, and beads of sweat had formed upon her forehead, causing her hair to become matted. She reached for a cigarra and quickly lit it, taking in a deep inhale, as she continued to steady herself before taking off. As she exhaled a plume of smoke she reflected on what she had done, and simply shook her head. She wondered when she would get a contract that was worthy of a Mandalorian, but she feared those days were long gone, as her father had warned her many years ago.

Hanna felt humiliated in the attire the Hutt's people had forced her into, and she kept both of her arms in front of herself, to try and further conceal her form in a manner of modesty. All of those in the throneroom, aside from the departing Mandalorian, was gawking at her, which caused her to become incredibly humiliated. "I demand you return my clothes to me you disgusting slug!" she shouted at the Hutt, as she was delivered next to him. She had supported the Empire's xenophobic policies that were designed to restricted creatures such as these Hutts. "When my father hears of this you will regret this!" she scolded him, doing everything in her power to pull away from him, despite the presence of a leash. Truthfully, she did not even know what planet she was on, or even what region of the galaxy she was now housed. It was only then the Gamorrean guard slammed the butt of his axe into the young woman's back, forcing her down to her knees in front of the crime lord. "Ahh!" she screamed in pain, as she glared up at the monster. "Release me!" she again demanded, as it would take quite more than this to break the spirit of the young noblewoman.

Hanna had gone from pristine dresses and glamour to wearing a steel silver bikini that barely covered the most coveted of areas, and a steel collar and chain link leash that would be affixed to her neck for the vast majority of her time on this mining planet. Cabra smiled upon seeing her new look, and smirked while she screamed up a storm about releasing her. Once the Gamorrean guard slammed that axe hand into her back, Hanna fell onto the dias. Cabra took the leash, pulling Hanna closer to him and against his skin. Those reptilian eyes locked upon the noblewoman as his large hand would caress her small cheek as he said, "I suggest you not fight back against my army, or myself. It will end with you becoming food for the rancor late. Do you want to live?" Cabra licked his lips as Hanna was pressed against him now as her father was mentioned, "Your father and I did business. He backed out on a deal, and owed me more credits than you can imagine. But I wished a different kind of prize..." He did not say what it was, but he was staring right at it...or her.

Hanna visibly cringed when she was forced against the Hutt's skin, and she let out a deep groan as she attempted unsuccessfully to pull away from his grasp. She grit her teeth tightly as she struggled with the leash, but she was simply too weak to have any chance at placing some distance between the two. She began to panic and became increasingly desperate as her eyes looked over those who had gathered around them gawking and laughing. "My father will pay any of you a fortune if you kill this creature and free me," she pleaded with them, to no avail. Her breathing became erratic and gradually she became lightheaded and dizzy as she worked herself up into a panic stricken frenzy. This was the worst fate she could imagine, and as her eyes darted around the throne room she saw no obvious way out of her desperate situation.

Cabra was going to be a little greedy in his conquest of Hanna. That large hand, and stubby digits of his other hand slipped between Hanna's legs, slowly teasing the steel of the bikini. He did not try and push any further as he wanted to gauge her reaction. She looked squeamish and about to vomit from being near him. Cabra let out a huge hearty chuckle, and said, "Now, you know none of them will take you up on that offer, because I pay them better than a man with dwindling credits can. Face it Baroness Ardent, you are my property now..." his stubby fingers continuing to tease that region and then slid up to her stomach as he said, "The more you fight me, the more chance you have of me sitting on you and forcing your last breath out of you. You are a pet are here to sit and look pretty and serve me." This was sure to send Hanna irate.

"Ugh. No!" Hanna screamed as the Hutt's small hand began to explore her body, causing her to violently cringe and once again unsuccessfully pull against his grasp. "Do not touch me you filth!" she demanded, as her entire body turned red from a combination of anger and humiliation. "I am no one's 'property'! I am no one's 'pet'!" Her rage blinded her to the danger and she used her hands to forcefully slap at the Hutt's grasp, to prevent him, at least temporarily, from fondling her. The young woman had not yet been touched, as her family was saving her for a prosperous marriage that would hopefully restore their fortune. As her anger intensified, she began to angrily stomp her feet as she began to throw a fit, like the spoiled brat that she was. She was used to having her way, not someone having her way with her ... this was an entirely foreign concept for her that she was not prepared for at all.

With all of Hanna's kicking and fighting back, Cabra was going to show off his strength. As she slapped his hand away, Cabra grabbed her neck tightly and put a vice style grip upon her neck, turning her face red in a few moments. Looking right into her eyes, he said, "You will learn in time, and learn to appreciate me. Cabra held her with one hand, and moving his hookah pipe into his other mouth, taking a few puffs off of it. Smirking a bit, he then blew the intoxicating smoke into Hanna's face not once, but twice ... hopefully to calm her a bit. His grip lessened a bit as he glanced at the small frogs in the tank near his dais and said, "I figured you'd want the smoke instead of making you eat a whole small frog isn't that more suitable Baroness Ardent?"

As Cabra blew the smoke in her face, Hanna gradually turned from red to a pale shade of green as she began to feel nauseous and disoriented by the smoke. She had never experienced such a sensation before and began a coughing fit, and shrunk down against the Hutt as she felt weak in the knees. She raised her head slowly, but had trouble keeping it still, and it rotated in a circle slowly as her glassy eyes looked up at the overhead lighting. She felt completely unaware of her surroundings, but suddenly felt the most unpleasant of sensations begin to build deep within her stomach. "Ugh," she cried out, in a desperate warning, just before she began to vomit all over Cabra and the dais. Most of what she had eaten for breakfast and lunch that day had found itself, partially digested, over anything that was in front of her. As the spasms subsided, she exhausted slumped further down, gradually losing the ability to remain conscious. This had been by far been the worst experience of her life, and although she did not yet realize it, things would get a lot worse.

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