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Christopher Levy and Tara McLaren.
Three years before the Battle of Yavin (32:5:18) in the Odryn system (Staark Station) in the Tatoo system: Tatooine (Bestine: Cantina).
Kerrie Kiley, Lord Marcus Rodney, Staark, and Valeria.

The bounty hunter known only as The Nerf Herder touched his vessel of the same name down on Staark Station orbiting the nondescript world of Odryn. The bounty hunter was wearing a set of dynamic black armorweave with a matching helmet that obscured his attractive human visage beneath it. His helmet had a wide array of targeting sensors that aided in his every action. Atmospheric filters resulted in an audible breath being taken with each step. No weapon was visible on his persona as he was a professional and expected his employer to be professional as well. As he made through the station his mind went over the particulars in his head ... he understood it was to be a young, exotic female. It did not seem like much of a challenge to him, but the amount of credits being offered made him think there was something more to the story that was worth his investigating.

There was more than one way to solve a security problem on a criminal's space station. One way was to demand the surrender of all weaponry upon the docking of a visitor's ship: this, however, was foolish and impractical. Criminals were nothing if not practiced at getting around restrictions. The ruler of the eponymous Staark's Station decided to go the complete opposite route. He allowed everyone to carry weapons and depended on the various factions of riff raff to take care of each other. His handpicked men were loyal and likely carried the best gear on the station on average, and the man himself was supposed to be more than formidable in personal combat. Bounty hunters were directed towards his audience chamber upon arriving at the station. There was also an understanding that they were not to be harassed. At least a murder a day took place on this den of depravity, but as long as it didn't go against Staark his security didn't bother to do anything about.

The multi frequency target acquisition system in his helmet picked up each one of Staark's bodyguards and gave him a precise readout of each of their weapons. If he were armed, he was confident he could gun them all down in an instant. As he walked into the audience chamber he came to a stop in the center of the room, tilting his head defiantly as he folded his arms in front of his chest. <Click>"I did not come all this way to this backwater dump to be made to wait."<Click> he said defiantly through the external comlink of his helmet.

"Then wait no longer, human." The Feeorin's voice boomed as he addressed the new arrival, gesturing for his security to stand aside. Staark had a fearsome reputation, having apparently plied his trade as a soldier of fortune for more than two centuries. His species was an intriguing inversion of the normal aging process. Feeorin only grew strong as they got older, until one day dying. They would be a threat to the galaxy if their aggression didn't act as a natural means to weed them out. "Perhaps the 'Herder of Nerfs' will be able to solve my little annoyance." He sat on...well, the only way to properly describe it was a throne. It looked to have been created ... stitched together really ... out of the trophies gathered from his own successful hunts. The padding on that chair looked like rancor skin, for instance. Resting across his lap was a massive sword ... not a vibroblade, a genuine sword ... and he had a blaster strapped to one hip that would have been a rifle on a smaller being.

The Nerf Herder took a step forward towards the Feeorin, eyes glaring at the much larger individual from the safety of the helmet. <Click>"For the right price I have been known to solve many annoyances."<Click> he explained briefly, as he looked over the elaborate displays that were around him. He felt all of the crime lords he dealt with felt the need to be ostentatious and theatrical. However, he could not care less and was focused strictly on what the mission was and whether or not it was worth his time. <Click>"Does the annoyance have a name? ...and a price?"<Click> he asked, as he took another step forward, his head tilting to the side quixotically like an animal.

He stood in a swift motion from his throne, walking down into the pit-like area in front of it where a holoprojector stood. Staark began tapping on it, but growled in frustration when it did not turn on immediately ... scum were not the best technicians. One swift kick later the machine would flicker on. "We will discuss the price last, but the name ... Valeria." A few more taps at the controls of the projector would bring up a full color hologram of the target in question, along with her vital stats, or approximations thereof. She was a human or near-human of approximately 1.57 meters in height, and in the image depicted she seemed to be dancing on top of a casino table while several high rollers looked on in bewilderment. The Feeorin provided no context. "Smuggler, gambler and sometime bounty hunter, operating primarily out of Zeltron space. Active for at least five years, perhaps more. The Hutt who suggested her to me described her as a living thermal detonator with the safety features removed."

Suddenly, another bounty hunter stepped into the fray. "Valeria is an easy target," Kerrie announced as she stepped forward into the audience chamber unannounced. She had dealt with the Nerf Herder before, and she respected his ability, however she needed credits to fulfill her own ambitions and would gladly sell out a friend if it would fund her ability to the Hutt who had betrayed her family. She walked with a slight limp as she had been drinking heavily and it had negatively effected her ability to walk. "Give me the job, mighty Staark," she said, as she came to a stop adjacent to the other bounty hunter. The black Mabari armorweave covered her diminutive form and she maintained a human appearance that disguised her true Clawdite nature. Her eyes rolled over to the man, a cruel smile forming upon her face. She was certain she would upstage him this time.

The security guards brought their blaster rifles to bear when she barged in, but they held back on a gesture from Staark. Upon seeing her he would give a booming laugh that would impressive a Hutt and sheathe his sword behind his back. "You I know by reputation. Tell me why you believe this job will be easy. I have not yet told you why she has earned my wrath."

Kerrie glared at Staark angrily as she let out a soft, drunken belch. She had been drinking a bit too much, but the credits had run out, and if she did not get this job she would not have the finances to keep going. "I know her. I've worked with her. It gives me an advantage," she explained as she roughly pushed away the Nerf Herder.

The Nerf Herder had thus far ignored Kerrie, who he had ran into from time to time. She used to be a feared assassin, but now she was nothing more than a washed up drunk. <Click>"Staark. If you want to make the mistake of giving this drunk the job then I am sure you will be contacting me in a week to clean up two nuisances."<Click> he theorized, as he waited for the Feeorin to make his decision. He was confident he was the best hunter for the job, but he would let the crime lord ultimately make the decision.

"Men..." He turned to his guard staff of associated species, as they moved forward to surround Kerrie. "Take this one somewhere to sleep this off." He started to turn away from the Clawdite, before remembering something. "And just so we understand each other..." This time he was addressing the guards. "I mean that literally this time. No misunderstandings. I don't want to find out you spaced her." He then turned to address Kerrie, looking down on her from his imposing height. "If you are sober and on this station in one standard week, I'll have another job for you. Take advantage of this - I am not know for my...understanding nature."

Kerrie grit her teeth angrily as the guards surrounded her and began moving her out of the audience chamber. It was not the first time she had been passed over by the Nerf Herder, and it seemed as if the way it was going it would not be the last. Seeming quite angry she flashed a glare at both the men. She would remember this insult ... or forget it after a night of drunken sleep.

The Nerf Herder readjusted his position to stand in the center of the room as his attention fixated again on Staark. <Click>"I'm glad we got that straightened out. Now ... about my fee?"<Click> he asked, tilting his helmet covered head once more at the man. It always came down to credits with these criminals. He had more credits from his family than any of the small time crime lords he had worked with, so for him choosing a job was based more on interest than finance.

"Let us hope she does not embarrass herself again tomorrow. I do so hate to waste talent." He drew that massive sword with a quickness that belied his massive frame and swung it in a manner that suggested the beheading of an offending human of roughly Kerrie's height. "The reward: 25,000 credits. Do you care to know the reason she has earned such a price on her head?"

The Nerf Herder blinked dramatically and remained silently within the confines of his helmet for a while. That was a very steep bounty, he thought to himself as he considered his next reply carefully. A normal hunter would have accepted instantly based on the amount alone, but he was different. <Click>"I am sure there are 25,000 reasons she has offended you, Staark. But tell me the primary ones."<Click> He was determined to hear this story, as he began to wonder if perhaps there was more to this bounty than he had been led to believe.

"I am a reasonable sapient, or at least I like to consider myself one. Have you ever tried spice?" He began to pace, occasionally glancing over at the holo of Valeria. "I do not favor it. It is for people with weak minds, those that cannot cope with the reality they find themselves in." Even as he went on this introspective soliloquy his voice boomed. He did not have much of a volume control. "But should they suffer for their weakness? No. It is a gift that I provide them with, a respite. I have many competitors in this, aside from Imperial authorities. It was to eliminate one of the more troublesome ones that I enlisted her aid." He stopped talking for a moment, allowing him to take the information in.

The Nerf Herder had stopped looking at Staark and turned his attention to the holographic image, walking towards it until he was standing directly in front of her. She was very beautiful and he sensed there was something more to this than a simple spice transaction gone awry. <Click>"I am not a man who judges others on their business dealings, Staark. The galaxy is changing around us and it is getting harder and harder for a man to making a living."<Click> he said through the comm, as he finished analyzing the woman's appearance. <Click>"I sense that this aid did not go as you had hoped?"<Click> he inquired, feeling as if he was beginning to put together the pieces of what had happened inside his head. Indeed, there seemed there was more to this than he had first suspected. It was beginning to sound interesting.

"My enemies refinery is a radioactive crater, Herder. She did the job I required her to. What I did not require her to do, however..." His voice dropped dangerously low as one hand clenched into a fist. Feeorin were all supposed to be strong. This one looked like he could crush ferrocrete with his bare hands. "...was cause me more collateral damage than my competitor was causing me in lost business. A bulk transport and.." Blood began to see out from the fist he was making. " entire hold worth of merchandise, along with..." He stopped abruptly as she swiftly sheathed his sword again. "Let's just say that she was far too creative in her methods for accomplishing the mission. If you find the advance payment I gave her on her corpse, feel free to take it as a bonus." He would pause as a dark gleam appeared in his bright red eyes. "Though I would much prefer you bring her in alive. I would like to educate her at length on how to conduct onesself...prudently."

The Nerf Herder nodded his head firmly, having listened to the man's story carefully. It was definitely worth his time and his interest. <Click>"You will have her ... alive,"<Click> he said, as his holo recorder took in the image of the woman. He walked towards Staark and placed his helmet directly in the man's chest. <Click>"Any word on her last location?"<Click> was the only question he needed answered. This was definitely a woman he needed to meet.

"She's been spotted in several ninth rate planets in the Outer Rim. Pretty distinctive, for a human. She must have at least something resembling a survival extinct, because she is supposed to not like leaving civilization." He gestured to the image being displayed of her on top of the casino table. "Or what passes for it. Just be sure you don't try and take her in space. I am not a gear head, but my men tell her ship is quite formidable for its weight class."

The Nerf Herder gave a final nod to the man, before beginning on his way back towards his ship. <Click>"She does not strike me as someone who will be difficult to pin down..."<Click> he said, believing that she cramed the limelight and attention. He did not think it would be much of a challenge and was more interested in the conversation after he captured her than the hunt itself. <Click>"I will return as soon as I have her. I do not expect it to take that long..."<Click> he said, matter-of-factly, as he exited the audience chamber. The game was a foot and he intended to once again be the winner.

"Tatooine," the Nerf Herder muttered below his helmet as he stood outside of Bestine's cantina. The wind whipped all around him blowing sand across that carefully maintained set of armorweave. Valeria had not been a particular difficult hunt thanks to the ship she had been using. He had been led to the Arkanis sector of the Outer Rim ... a series of desolate worlds that a man like him would never be caught dead in ... unless of course he was on the hunt. There were few settlements on this barren, desert world and having already checked Mos Epsa and Anchorhead he was preparing to check Bestine off his list. As he stepped forward into the cantina the weapons detector beeped due to the presence of his DT-57 heavy blaster pistol. A quick toss of a 100 credit chip to the bartender allowed him to pass free of harassment into the sea of lost souls populating the cantina.

Her ship was indeed a dead giveaway. She had the gunboat for a longtime, and there was only so much the false transponders could do to disguise the identity. Dummied up sensor profiles would not fool visual inspections, and certain other technologies she might have had access to could be unreliable at the best of times. It was for that reason that the vivacious female was slumming in one of the worst cantinas on one of the most desolate worlds in the galaxy. By her standards, of course. At the moment she appeared to be drinking some expensive liqueur and telling joke while the moisture farmer across from her looked almost completely incoherent. "And then I said, 'What do you mean Wookies don't have three legs?' Get it? Get it? Oh, you're hopeless." She tossed back the glass and leaned backwards in her chair. Her arms slowly crossed beneath her chest as a hint of petulance passed over her face.

The Nerf Heder made his way to the bar and quickly ordered himself a glass of Alderaan Ruge to maintain the appearance of a normal patron of the seedy establishment. As he stared expressionless beneath his helmet his MFTAS began scanning the occupants of the Cantina, cycling them against the image Staark had provided of Valeria. After seven minutes a match was identified and a smile crept upon the attractive Alderaanian face that was kept securely beneath his helmet. He took no action towards her, not so little as a head turned in her direction. This place was too crowded and he was sure there were more than one 'white knight' who might intervene should he start blasting at the most attractive of the cantina's customers.

She was wearing a Karflo Corporation Thinsuit, something which intelligence on her indication was her preferred garment. Only the color seemed to change. Over that she had a Corellian leather jacket which could conceal any number of things. Primarily, however, she seemed to be armed only by the twin DC-17 blasters she had strapped to her thigh in Durinium quick-release holsters. "Don't suppose you've heard the one about the Rebel, the Jedi and the Imperial walking into the bar together?" With a sigh she seemed to acknowledge that the man across from her was well and truly passed out. Her attention diverted, she pulled up the sleeve of her jacket and began tapping on her wrist comlink.

Beneath his helmet a tactical readout of the DC-17s was being displayed for him with information concerning their range, power cell capacity, and other pertinent facts being presented to him. He felt that his armor might deflect perhaps one of the shots, but no more. His best approach, he thought, would be to use one of his incapacitating grenades ... either glop or cryoban ... to trap the young woman. He was confident if he struck right now he would have her, but to the great disdain of many in the bar. Perhaps she would keep drinking, he hoped silently beneath the helmet. There were simply too many around them for him to come up with any kind of effective strategy as of yet.

His scanners would eventually identify her wrist comlink as a Fabritech PAC20. Its datapad function explained why she kept so interested in tapping on it. As the moisture farmer across from her slid off the table to fall to the floor of the dirty cantina, she would accept another round of drinks that had been ordered for her by some other patron. These she downed rather casually, imbibing them as if it was second nature. Her free hand used her sleeve to wipe off her mouth, the undignified gesture somehow not at all unattractive coming from her.

Patience was not a virtue possessed by the Alderaanian bounty hunter and thus his attention quickly turned to the last resort thermal detonator he kept on the left side of his armor. He cupped it in his left hand and primed the activator, switch caused all of the patrons around him to start to panic. "He's holding a thermal detonator!" one yelled as the throng of aliens and humans began to push against one another to escape the chaos. As they shoved their way towards the exit, the Nerf Heder instead held his ground and struggled to make his way towards Valeria's table. <Click>"Stay right where you are!"<Click> he said to the woman, as his right hand went to draw his DT-57 heavy blaster pistol from his holster and pointed it squarely at the woman's midsection.

While his brandishing the thermal detonator had seemingly given her all the time she needed to ready herself for danger, by the time he drew on her she had a half empty shot glass in her hand and was laughing. "Now that's what I'm talking about! It takes a real Barve to use the old thermal detonator trick." She seemed to have a real grin on her face as patrons rapidly filed out of the cantina at full speed.

The Nerf Herder's thumb withdrew from the activator and the incessant beeping ceased as he placed the explosive back into the safety of the clip on the left side of his armor. <Click>"Hands on the table. Where I can see them!"<Click> he ordered as he pointed at her with that impressive heavy blaster pistol at her midsection. With the thermal detonator safely away, his free left hand hovered over a glop grenade.

The moisture farmer at her the foot of the table seemed to be stirred by all the commotion. He got up on his knees just long enough to vomit in the direction of the Nerf Herder's feet. Valeria's reaction was fast. Her hand released the shot glass in a toss aimed for the bounty hunter's helmet. At the same she would fall backwards in her chair, using her feet to upend the table into a makeshift barrier. When the chair hit the ground she would roll into a flip. The short female was something of a gymnast, it seemed. Up close one could see some evidence of that, given her thick and muscular thighs.

There was nothing more grotesque than the site of projectile vomit headed directly for his wonderfully kept boots. A groan of displeasure was murmured beneath his helmet as he stepped back in a futile attempt to avoid it, but the impact of the shot glass temporarily disoriented the targeting scanners of his helmet. <Click>"I said stay where you are!"<Click> he said quite angrily and his left hand threw the glop grenade at the wall behind the table, hoping it would deflect down near her location.

"I have to tell ya! You're really messing with my galactic view here!" The glop grenade did hit its target ... sort of. She had mostly managed to get out of its blast radius, save for one foot which got caught in it. Valeria drew her blasters with rapid speed and poured fire into the Glop after it hardened. Soon her foot broke free as she hopped away from the table. "Everybody loves me, so what's your problem?" She holsters those blasters just as quickly as they were drawn, always keeping on the move as she headed for the cantina exit.

He grit his teeth angrily as she freed herself from the glop and he considered his next moves. <Click>"You crossed the wrong Feeorin."<Click> he yelled through the comm system of his helmet as he went for his DT-57 heavy blaster pistol. He did not aim at her, however, as he wanted her alive. Instead, he aimed at the ceiling above her and began rapidly firing crimson bolts of deadly energy at the duracrete that was poised several meters above her head.

She was moving fast, but not fast enough for a hail of shrapnel. While she ran she had pushed back the sleeve of her jacket and started to use the comlink there, probably to call for help or for an emergency pickup. She never got the chance, however. A piece of duracrete damaged that comlink while several more tore holes in her jacket and scratched her face. Valeria appeared to curse under her breath before diving out of the entrance of the Cantina into the hot sun of a Tatooine day. By now most of the patrons had cleared out of the cantina, but it was still minutes before the Bestine authorities would be anywhere near there. She was by now means out of danger. "I really liked that jacket, you know!"

This was getting difficult, he thought bitterly to himself as he chased after her out the entrance of the cantina. Unfortunately, the fallen debris slowed his ability to chase after her and he stumbled out of the exit into the hot Tatooine day. The wind swirled dust all around him and it took some time for him to spin around and find the direction where she went. He slid his heavy blaster back into his holster, because there would be no use shooting kill bolts out her on the streets of Bestine. <Click>"Don't make this harder than it has to be!"<Click> he warned her, as he began to chase after her as best he could. She was really beginning to get on his bad side.

She was running now at full sprint. Despite her relatively diminutive height, she could get going rather fast when she wanted to. It seemed that she was after a different means of escape, however. After building up a sufficient sprint she would jump and kick off a nearby sandstone wall, landing behind a Rodian on a dilapidated speeder moving at about five klicks per hour. "I'm really sorry for this." That was her only apology as she pushed the unfortunate traveler off and revved the vehicle up to its full speed, her long red hair trailing behind her. She was trying to make a break for it, probably heading for the spaceport.

The Nerf Herder refused to let her get away so easily and he wanted spotted a Bith on an Ikas-Adno 22-B Nightfalcon speeder bike, he was quick to push him off and hop aboard without any form of apology. His hand gripped the throttle and he began accelerate after the pink skinned humanoid. The spaceport seemed to be the likely bet given what Staark had said about her propensity for spaceflight. He was becoming quite annoyed by the chase and was determined to stop her before she could reach the spaceport.

"So, uh, not that I mind, but..." She was yelling back at him as she piloting her far inferior choice of stolen speeder at its maximum speed. "...I think we're causing collateral damage here!" She used her free hand to brush the blood that was pooling on her face from being cut by the duracrete, before cutting down a side alley away from the spaceport. Perhaps she knew that there would be too many open spaces where he could fully utilize his superior vehicle on the way to the spaceport. The way to the nearest exit to the desert, however, was far more labyrinthine, and would disguise the weaknesses of her mode of transport.

<Click>"You are more than welcome to surrender!"<Click> he yelled at her, as he slammed into a hapless Duro woman and sent her reeling to the ground, which nearly slowed him for a short while. For a moment he considered taking the direct route to the spaceport, but he did not want to take a chance losing her, and finally turned to follow her down the alleyway. His right hand moved to his side and he pulled up at the DT-57 and he began firing poorly aimed shots at her speeder as they maneuvered through the back alleys of Bestine.

"I'm starting to get the feeling that you're actually trying to kill me." After a near miss put a nasty scorch mark on the rear of her speeder, she made an almost 90 degree turn and went full bore, making a makeshift ramp out of a ramshackle structure used as a street merchant's jewelry shop. The speeder launched itself through the air and barely managed to breech the wall of the city, getting one of its two rear maneuvering vanes snapped off in the process. She was in the desert now, not at all a place to be with a bounty hunter hot on your heels.

The Nerf Herder was not prepared for the sharp turn she made and he went right past the alley she turned down. It took him a moment to back up and make the same turn down the alley as her, but he decided not to jump the ramp the same as she did. She was making it far too difficult, but a smile nevertheless found its way onto his lips, as he lowered his frame on the vehicle and increased the throttle as he sped out over the sandy, rocky terrain and followed her into the desert.

Her own speeder was not doing as well to say the least. It was not designed for evading capture by a relentless bounty hunter. Valeria set out for the nearest and most visible rock formation in the desert, apparently hoping to lose her pursuer there. She could be seen trying to fiddle with the controls in order to activate the autopilot sequence, leading to hilarity when she found that the bike didn't even have one. Drawing one of her two pistols, she would turn back and fire pot shots at the hunter's bike, trying to discourage him.

He was determined to capture his pray, and when the blaster fire began heading in his direction he evaded first to the right, and then to the left, each maneuver causing him to lose speed and her to move further away from him. <Click>"There's no where to go!"<Click> he yelled defiantly, as he turned to move away from a boulder. As they began to move into the hills far away from Bestine the speeder became less effective at pursuit as it was designed for more flat terrain.

If his was struggling, however, her's was flat out dying. Not only had the speeder started in rough condition, it had since taken blaster shots and lost maneuverability. Following a quick drop that overloaded the speeder's repulsors, Valeria was just able to throw herself from the vehicle in time before it hit a boulder and exploded in a fireball that managed to singe her jacket and put a serious crimp on her outfit. Her shoulder slammed into the hard ground at approximately 40 kilometers per hour. She really would have preferred that were sand. "Now I'm almost sure of it. You really are trying to...kill me." She scrambled to her feet and managed to stagger to cover as the debris finished raining down from overhead.

The Nerf Herder brought his speeder to a halt as he saw her speeder explode, and turned so that it's profile would be facing her cover. He climbed from the speeder and got on the opposite side of it, and used it for cover as he held his heavy blaster pistol upon it as a firing platform. <Click>"Let's you and me take a ride and get this straightened out..."<Click> he said as he fired off a pair of haphazard shots at her boulder to keep her attention focused.

"I'm thinking you might be after the wrong girl ... as I said, everybody loves me." She darted out from behind the boulder just long enough to fire a couple of shots with her left hand. Her other blaster remained holstered, perhaps on account of a shoulder injury. Then she was behind another boulder. Just trying to keep him honest, so to speak.

The blaster bolts slammed into his speeder, and although he did not realize it at the time, it had been thoroughly disabled. <Click>"Well I can assure you that I have met at least one person who doesn't love you!"<Click> he yelled at her, as he came up from behind the speeder and began wildly charging towards the bolder. He would attempt to vault it in a less than athletic move and land upon her if at all possible. He was counting on his superior size to dominate a physical confrontation between the two.

He nearly did land on her, after all. She barely rolled into the sand in time to avoid him and the weight of his armor pinning her. Still, she was soon on her feet and dropping into what a very knowledgeable individual would be able to identify as the Echani martial art form. Quick, graceful and complimented by acrobatics, it fit the capabilities of her body well ... or at least it would have if she weren't already injured from a series of unfortunate events. She stood ready to face him or draw down if necessary, breathing hard in the light of Tatooine's desert. "I don' killing people, if I can avoid it."

<Click>"Don't worry. You couldn't kill me even if you wanted..."<Click> the Nerf Heder said confidently as his left hand went to the cryoban grenade that was clipped to the left side of his arm. He primed the grenade and then leapt towards her, attempting to detonate the grenade upon impact with her. If his crazy stunt pulled off they would literally be frozen together. He was getting quite frustrated with the game of cat and mouse in the desert.

There was just not dodging a grenade at such close quarters. When it detonated, they were frozen together in the process, a look of surprise on Valeria's face ... and a smiled as she spoke through chattering teeth. "Y-you use grenades like I do ... no h-h-hesitation." Of course, nearly all of her body was pretty much frozen in place. If there was any disappointment on her face, it was because she hadn't gotten the chance to engage in close combat with him. "K-kinda makes me wish I'd...brought some to the bar. Would've...been in poor t-taste, though."

Beneath his armorweave was a climate controlled body glove that kept him quite comfortable, despite the freezing temperature of the CryoBan that had snared them. <Click>"Well ... it seems we're going to be stuck here for a while."<Click> he said, wondering if perhaps he had acted a bit too foolishly. He did not expect the CryoBan to hold up that long under the hot twin suns of Tatooine, however. <Click>"You want to tell me your side of what happened with Staark?"<Click> he asked, realizing they had some time to kill, and still wanting to learn the full story of why he had been called in to apprehend this young woman.

Climate control was pretty much the only purpose of the Karflo Thinsuit ... that and pressurization ... but it didn't work as well when one had their face exposed. "C-couldn't kill you if I tried, huh?" She laughed loudly, before wincing and letting out a sharp "Ow," probably from aggravating her shoulder injury. "That guy. Can you believe the nerve? I do what he wants and he sends a tin soldier after me." She flicked out a pink tongue and licked at the ice that was still frozen around her chin. "Now if we just had some flavor packs for the ice and maybe a beach, this would be a nice day."

The Nerf Herder liked her personality and beneath his helmet a wide smile had formed upon his Alderaanian visage. <Click>"We have the sand ... and in short time this CryoBan will liquefy..."<Click> he was quick to point out as already there was beginning to be a large amount of condensation upon the frozen substance. <Click>"...but there has to be more to the story than that..."<Click> he said, not entirely believe that it was just a simple misunderstanding between a crime lord and a charismatic mercenary.

 "I've been known to be a little bit less than gentle on other people's things." She rocked her head from side to side, trying to break out of the ice that small amount sooner than she would have otherwise. "In this case that means an Action IV bulk transport Staark's chief competitor had recently pirated off him, along with its shipment." Her fingers were started to wiggle beneath the ice as well, gradually getting their motion back. Her hair remained soaking wet, their moisture doing little to change the color of her waist length, gold striped red hair.

<Click>"So eager to get away from me?"<Click> the Nerf Herder asked, as he felt the CryoBan around him began to grow more flexible as well. They would be out of it soon ... and then the chase would resume. <Click>"You know ... there's 25,000 credits on you ... if it's not me, it'll just be someone else."<Click> he reported grimly, as he swallowed deeply in a way that caused the collar of his suit of armorweave to bulge visibly.

"I doubt it." Her fingers continued to wriggle, as she slowly gained more and more control over her body. It was not happening as fast as she would like it to, unfortunately. "Before long he'll realize how much he misses me and rescind the bounty. Anyways..." She continued talking as her eyes veered towards her currently exposed right wrist ... her jacket had been somewhat torn to shreds ... and to the damage comlink resting upon it. It still wasn't after that shrapnel damage, unfortunately. "...I stole the transport back, and this is the thanks I get? What an insult." Then, almost as an afterthought, she blinked. "Oh, and I guess I piloted that bulk transport into his rival's HQ, but you'd figure that would be another mark in my favor, right?"

 The Nerf Herder could not believe what he was hearing. His eyes blinked several times and he wondered if he had heard her correctly. <Click>"You piloted a bulk transport into someone's HQ?"<Click> he asked, unable to accept that the diminutive pink skinned humanoid could have been capable of all that. Perhaps he had underestimated her too quickly, he thought to himself. He began considering his next moves carefully as he could begin to hear the CryoBan begin to crack. He was running short on time to formulate a plan.

"Now, to be fair, I'm not one hundred percent sure that was what I intended to do. I've mostly flown small transports and fighters, aside from that one time I found myself at the helm of a Mon Cal cruise ship ... uh, long story there." She clenched one of her hands into a fist, freeing one arm down to the wrist. "Anyways, the transport exploded and all present got to see a pretty cloud of spice. A fun time was had by all...except maybe everyone in the factory and adjacent buildings."

He could not bring himself to pluck such a delicate flower and deliver her to that fiend Staark. <Click>"You know ... I have a reputation to protect..."<Click> he began, as he freed himself from the CryoBan. He had come to enjoy being frozen to her, but after a while it seemed slightly ridiculous. As he stood back up, he looked down at her and offered a strong arm to help her up. <Click>"I don't like Feeorin anyway. I'll tell him you headed into Hutt Space. Not where I operate..."<Click> he informed her, as his mind wandered towards a return to trip to Alderaan and a nice long soak in a hot tub on his balcony. He hated sand and he felt utterly filthy at this moment.

"Like I said." She accepted his help standing up, using her left arm to do so. The cuts on her face from where the duracrete shrapnel had bled her seemed to already have healed. Maybe she hadn't been cut so bad in the first place. "Everybody loves me." She shook her head as her hair dislodged some of the last of the moisture from it. Apparently she didn't have anything resembling a bad hair day. "But you do change your mind awfully fast."

<Click>"Credits don't interest me,"<Click> the Nerd Heder explained slowly, as he bent down slightly so that his helmet covered head would be at the same level as her head. His left hand raised to his helmet and tapped at it repeatedly, indicating what he was looking for. He could not help but laugh slightly from beneath his helmet as he considered the day he had with her. Well worth 25,000 credits, he thought to himself as he wondered how long it would take him to get back to the spaceport.

"Oh yeah, don't worry about me. Though at times like this I wish I had an ankle flask." She retrieved a small metal instrument from her gun belt and began to poke at her comlink. Valeria would try to repair it, and from there summon her ship to come on pick her up. As she watched him walk off into the distance she would sit down on a nearby boulder.

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