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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:14) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Jelena Rodney Center and Rodney Castle).
Commander Sierra Dakkar and Grand Moff Claudius Rodney.

Every day drew Sierra closer and closer to her wedding with Claudius. It was something that had been in the forefront of her mind since he asked her. It would be his third wedding, yet she was determined to make it individual and special. In her mind, she had already decided it would be the *last* time he married. If he disagreed, then he could take it up with Duchess Sierra. Currently, the future Duchess of Delaya was just waking up. It was early...early enough that she had purposely woken up before Claudius (a feat all by itself). The sun had not fully risen yet and their bedroom was still very dark. Back to her normal self, Sierra rested her hands on the bed on either side of his head. The girl leaned down. Her first kiss occurred at his earlobe. "Wake up, my love," she purred affectionately. As if one kiss wasn't enough, there were many more soft ones that followed. She worked her way over to his neck where she suckled his flesh gently. She loved him so much. Sierra was beginning to gain confidence with him. It would be bad for Arden when she returned with more power than ever before. She would *never* use affections to control Claudius.

The best part of waking up was Sierra in his bed. Claudius' eyes slowly opened, revealing the beautiful, teenage blonde that shared his bed, but not yet his body. The feel of her lips upon his ear and then his neck stirred his emotions and his passions ... oh how he very much wanted to take her right then and there. A shower was needed. A *cold* shower. "What time is it?" he asked, as he looked down towards her. "And to what do I owe such a magnificent awakening?" he asked her, as he lowered his hand to run through her soft, blonde hair as she sucked his neck. He was pleased to have his brother and sister-in-law returned to him, and was in a way glad the bastard and challenger to his family's peace and hereditary title was gone. And now, he had Sierra completely. He was determined that this was going to be a good day. A very good day indeed.

It had become harder and harder to wait until they were married. Sharing a bed with her hubby-to-be involved more self control than she had. They cuddled together at night. They woke and shared affection. Her body's natural need for him was growing ... Sierra needed a cold shower too! Her warm breath quickened on his neck. Partially, she liked teasing him too. She wanted to see if he'd break down one day and give himself to her. "Early," she responded, switching back between kisses and suckling. "Wouldn't you like to know. Your morning is to be filled with surprises. That's all I'm going to say." It was to be a very good day. It was starting out on the right foot. Sierra's arm draped around him. Though she dressed modestly for bed, there was still much more skin visible than in her ISB uniform. Her soft legs entangled with his. Her little nightgown suddenly seemed like a thin reminder of how close they *actually* were.

Claudius tightened his arms around Sierra, hoping she would not make their morning so intense that it would cause him to cease being a gentleman. Already his hands moved from her hair to the upper portion of her back and then proceeded south like an invading army, until they reached the small of her back, just above her delectable derriere. "And what surprises might they be, my beloved?" he said, as his fingers gently probed the top of her behind. His eyes closed, and he took in a sharp inhale, trying to come to terms with his lust for her so he would not go too far. He made the decision to move her into his bedchamber following the bombing, but now that she was well, he no longer had a patient in the bed with him ... he had a tiger. He felt his body temperature raising so much that he felt compelled to tear the sheet from his body, giving their flesh more room to breath. As her leg entangled with his she connected with a part of his anatomy he'd rather she not yet stir, causing his entire body to spasm beneath her.

The teasing seemed to be becoming a daily dance with them. Just the other day, they'd nearly taken each other in a castle hallway. Sierra derived an immense amount of pleasure from pushing him even if they had yet to make that final move. At this point, she savored the thought alone of them together. She could feel his warm hands traveling down her backside. They stopped just before the curve of her rear. It was especially pleasant when he dug his fingers in right there. "Mmmm.. You'd like me to tell you, wouldn't you?" Sierra didn't miss a beat. She was aware of the position of her legs as well as the male anatomy... And he'd soon feel *very* aware of her own anatomy. The young Dakkar girl started to move over his body. She boarded Claudius with the sheets falling off of her body as she did. The little light blue gown she wore clung to her body in some places. She leaned over his face, lingering with her lips right against his. She teased him by gently rubbing her lips against his, yet not fully kissing him. "You'll have to wait and find out." She hadn't intended to push him this morning. Now she wasn't going to stop.

When she mount him it was one of the most pleasant experienced he had ever felt in his life, but he did not want to have her before their wedding night. "Wh-what are you doing?" he asked, as he felt his mouth go as dry as the desert regions near the equator. He took in a deep breath, arching his back, and bucking his hips against her as nature intended, but not what he wanted. His hands moved up and down her back, running up along her spine, helplessly. "We shouldn't," he said, looking up at her, as he tried, but failed to swallow. The old man had never experienced anything so erotic with any of his past loves, which told him instantly he made the right decision. There was something about this girl. He *had* to have her. He turned his head so that his eyes would not gaze at her, and his mouth gnawed on the pillow to ease his tension and release the strain she had put upon him. He wanted to *scream*.

It could have easily become an unproductive day in bed once Sierra had settled herself on top of the Grand Moff. She loved him. She loved being close to him. As sure as he was about her, she felt exactly the same. Their romance seemed so unlikely and so perfect at the same time. Sierra had chosen the right man. That was exactly why she, too, wanted to wait until the wedding night. As much as his instinctive bucking broke down her resolve, Sierra knew she had to stop. Underneath his finger, her back shook. She was blown away by the sensations he gave her. She knew it would be *amazing* on their wedding night ... as well as worth the wait. "Giving you a little taste of what it'll be like when I give myself to you," she whispered, pulling her head back so she could look at him. "I love you, Claudius." With those words on her tongue, Sierra began to crawl off of him. She was *very* turned on. "If we don't get dressed, we're going to be late," she mentioned, rising to her feet. Her nightgown had ridden up during their hanky panky. It fell down when she rose, but not without him seeing a glimpse of her underwear and her rear end. She made her way over to the closet to gather her clothing. Her *everything* ached for him. "We need to set a date," she said to him. "Before you wake in the middle of the night completely ravaged." She laughed.

As Sierra escaped the bed, Claudius remained still, struggling to catch his breath as the beautiful teenager had turned him on so severely that he was in a frenzy. "I love you too, Sierra," he said, as he swung all three of his legs out of the bed. "I will be with you shortly," he said, as he stumbled into the refresher and stripped himself out of what little undergarments he was wearing. When he entered the refresher he did not heat the water for his shower, but rather took one that was *ice cold*. He hung his head below the running water, the cool feeling calming him down and bringing him back into a composed state where he could actually function. When he was done he emerged and began drying himself. He stared across looking at his naked, dripping flesh in the mirror, and he struggled to see what the young Sierra saw in him. Next he began putting on his grey-green Imperial uniform that fitted his form well and made him appear taller and slim. The boots were always the final part ... he saved the hardest for last. Even after two decades they hurt his feet severely and in the office he would often hide his feet below his desk and keep his shoes off. When he emerged from the refresher he was a new, more composed gentleman again. "As soon as possible," he said, as he looked over towards Sierra. "Now that our family is no longer the subject of a kidnapping plot it would be socially acceptable for us to wed. Come, let us hurry, before they end up on the HoloNet *again*," he joked to her, but the truth was they had become a scandalous HoloNet sensation.

The sound of the shower turning on inside of the refresher symbolized that Sierra, yet again, had gone too far. She didn't know why she kept pushing it. His gentlemanliness was a quality of Claudius that she enjoyed. Sierra was a traditional girl. As tradition indicates, she would be a virgin until the night of her wedding ... then she'd be free to tease her husband all day and night. She promised herself that she'd behave from this point forward, though it was likely that she'd go back on this resolve the next time they were in bed together. Whatever he may think, she was incredibly attracted to him. All she wanted to do was touch him and show him how much she loved him, as well as his body. She was thinking about him all throughout dressing herself in her ISB uniform. Today was all about her special wedding present for Claudius; a chip off of his mind. She looked beautiful and put together when he emerged from the refresher, appearing dashing himself.

"As soon as possible," she repeated in agreement. She looked forward to emerging from her cocoon as Lady Sierra *Rodney*. She laughed. Poor Marcus and Zara. They were still so popular on the Holonet, however, the latest Rodney scandal had emerged. "C'mon. It's time to take you to your surprise. I hope you don't mind if I drive," she teased. Linking her arm with his, she made her way down the castle spire and towards the courtyard where a speeder awaited them. Sierra had requested that no one bother them, for she had special plans for her future husband. She moved behind the wheel. "I want you to close your eyes. I've put a lot of effort on this surprise and I won't have it be spoiled."

"Are you old enough to drive?" Claudius teased, as he allowed her to lead him to the speeder. As they transitioned into the morning air he smiled, as he much preferred to be outside than trapped inside. After decades of service aboard naval vessels he relished every moment he spent in daylight. He gave her one look before climbing into the passenger side of the speeder. "Drive on, my dear," he said, but not before reaching across to attach the safety harness. Where they were going was a mystery for him, but anything was better than sitting on side on a beautiful day with a dozen Rodneys skulking about. "I have to tell you, if this just an excuse to get me to Auntie Mae's ice cream parlor I'm going to be disappointed," he said, with a soft laugh, as he leaned back to try and cut himself free of his cords to the Empire and Delaya and simply enjoy the day with his fiancé.

Sierra laughed and laughed. "Already playing the age card, old man? Are *you* even still allowed to drive?" She couldn't help teasing him back. Their age gap really wasn't a concern for her. Sierra could have never been with a man remotely her age. She needed someone who could handle her. With his words, Sierra started driving away from the castle. In the front seat, she found herself smiling again. "The ice cream *really* is good. I would know. I was covered in it." She kept her eyes on the road, though her thoughts were very attached to what occurred in their bed this morning. Her heart felt light. Zara had been returned to Marcus. The Rebels were identified no longer plaguing her planet. And finally, something else would change. "I'll surprise you with Auntie Mae's another day. Today is about my wedding present to you." She announced. She was headed toward Tarkintown from a back way. She hoped Claudius wouldn't know. "Now, seriously, close your eyes." You could hear the smile in her voice.

"My dear I am Regional Governor of the Ringali Shell Oversector, Count of Leiliani, and heir to the Duchy of Delaya. My drivers have drivers for their drivers," Claudius said, as he reached across the speeder to pat her inner thigh as he made his little joke. "What do you mean ... you were covered in it?" he asked, wondering what bizarre rituals went on in the Castle when he was busy at work. "Wedding present? Already?" he asked, as he brought his hand over his eyes, while closing them. "Ok. Ok. But I hope you didn't spend *too* much. I just paid five million to get my sister-in-law back, so it's couponing time for the House of Rodney. We'll have to restrict Drusilla's line of credit ... you can tell her, by the way. We will survive, but the luxury boutiques may not," he said, before silencing him for the surprise that was to come. In the silence he could hear the rumbling of the repulsor engines that moved the speeder forward, which only made him more curious. He was a man used to being in control.

Sierra was laughing again at his joke. She tossed him a quick smile. "I suppose I never did tell you about how my shopping trip with the girls ended. Ewwiekewwieikkie, Callista, and I all ended up in an ice cream fight. I know I was supposed to be the mature one in that situation, but Ewwiekewwieikkie got me pretty good." That was Sierra's defense, anyway. In reality, she'd been crouched down on the ground with the girls, throwing ice cream by the fistfuls. Now that Claudius' vision was cut off, she felt comfortable nearing her gift. There was an audible gasp from Sierra. "No, no. You can't throw me under the speeder like that. I intended to tell Drusilla about our engagement in the middle of ritziest shop in Delaya. Don't make me the evil Stepmother. Honestly, this came from the Dakkar side of the family, so there's no financial worries with it." The speeder came to a stop in front of what *used* to be Tarkintown. Instead of a horrible refugee shit camp, there stood a large white dome. Sierra had used her authority to have something new built as quickly as possible. "One more minute, my love. Don't you dare peek!" He was going to have to get used to letting her take the reigns sometimes. This time was his moment to be dazzled. The sound of the speeder door opening and closing could be heard, then the sound of Sierra talking to someone. As promised, a minute later, she drew open the passenger's side of the speeder. "Keep 'em closed," she warned affectionately. She took his hands away from his eyes so she could guide him out of the speeder. "Okay," she breathed. "Open them." The dome was impossible to miss. Painted on it were the words: The Jelena Rodney Center. Flowers of bright blues were planted near the dome, symbolic of her best friend's favorite color. Sierra had turned Tarkintown inside out. She had laid the name to rest.

"Callista..." Claudius said sadly, as it struck him that Mug and Iyah most likely had taken her when they fled. "Did ... did the Rebels take her?" he asked, his voice nearly cracking, when he thought about his sweet little niece and her tea parties. "Who will host the tea parties? Who will tell Ewwiekewwieikkie?" he said, as the sense of loss became palpable to him. A tear was shed from how the war tore apart families, but he felt that he was fighting to protect children like Callista from the Rebel scum. It was only then that he had Sierra's permission to open his eyes and what he saw was the most unexpected sight his tired old eyes had ever seen. Although he reserved the right to change his opinion upon seeing his bride naked for the first time on their wedding night. He was overcome, breaking down in the speeder almost instantly. The tears came first, followed by the gasping for air, as he sobbed uncontrollably within the safety of the speeder. "Th-thank you," he said weakly, his hand moving blindly to find hers, and squeeze it for guidance and support.

Callista. The small girl had been a breath of fresh air. Sierra liked seeing her drawings and the way her and Ewwiekewwieikkie interacted was too cute. She felt sad too. "They did take her.." She said mournfully. She knew she'd step up and tell Ewwiekewwieikkie, though she had no idea how. It seemed like the Squib never took off her friendship bracelet. She wondered where the Rebels were and if the young girl was truly in good hands. Her hands were there to help Claudius when he broke down before her, helping him to sit in the speeder. Her hand squeezed his. Her free hand began to wipe his tears away. She loved him so completely. She wanted to give him something to be proud of, while resolving many of his problems in one large flourish. "Our people will be well taken care of until we can decide on a better solution. They have food. They have medical supplies and doctors who can help them. This is off of your plate now." She sat just inside of the speeder door. She was close enough that she could wrap her arms around him and hold him tightly to her. "You're welcome..." She whispered.

"How? How did you accomplish this?" Claudius asked, as he held her just as tight to him as she was holding him to her. "I love you. I love you so much," he said, as he pulled his face away and began to shower her face with a series of quick, bird-like pecks. "Can we go and see it?" he asked, as his hands moved up to his eyes to dry his tears. Even though his flesh was dry, the redness caused by the tears was still left behind. "You are miraculous. You have done more for our people in one week than I have done in my life. You are more worthy of nobility than any of us," he told her, as his brown eyes roamed over every feature of her face. He saw her for the truly amazing individual, not just worth of being at his side, but being out in front of him. Whomever had blessed him with her presence had forever transformed his life ... little did he know it was Arden Zevrin.

"A lot of string pulling, that's how. My family's fortune was helpful too." She had been working on this behind the scenes for him. The hard part was getting away with it and giving him no indicators that she was being sneaky...ironic, right? His pecks brought the smile back to her face. "I *love* you so much," she replied to him. "Of course we can go see it. I made sure the inside is pretty good too." Sierra didn't rise immediately. She had to be seated while Claudius rained down comments on her. He made her feel so good about herself. Blushing, she tried to downplay her contribution. "Not more worthy than *you*. As far as they know, this is a present from both of us, from the Empire." And believe you me, it was one hell of an effective way to sway people to switch sides. "I'm going to solve as many as your problems as I can, Claudius. You'll never hear anyone utter this camp's old name again." She rose to her feet. Her arm slid in his, as she favored walking with him like this. With her support, she guided her husband towards the dome and through its doors. Inside, they were greeted with *cheers*, as well as the sight of a clean space where people lived. There was a public kitchen filled with food. There were actual compartments for families to live in, instead of crummy tents under a polluted sky. Everything was clean. There were even new clothes. It had taken a huge amount of resources for the young Dakkar to complete her surprise, yet she had done it. She had proved herself to be the best candidate for Duchess.

"No. No I will not take credit for your act of benevolence, nor will I let it be used for political gains ... as much as we may need them. This is your doing, and people shall know what quality shines from within their new Duchess," Claudius vowed to her, with a serious look in his eyes and stoic visage. The sound of cheers was much more preferable than their last trip to the area, where he left with a likely concussion. "This is all so wonderful," he whispered to her, the fingers of his hand intermingling with hers, and playing with them flirtatiously. "The rest of the family should see this," he told her, proudly, as he felt she was worthy of being elevated the highest pedestal of all the land. Then, suddenly, it came over him ... a wondrously impulsive idea that captured his spirit and imagination. "Let us marry immediately. Let us wait no longer. It is *our* day and *our* day only. If the others are not ready then it matters not to me," he said to her, taking both of her hands in his and squeezing them affectionately.

*Their new Duchess*, he said. Claudius was an honest man. No matter how much she wanted him to take the credit, it seemed like he was going to make sure that she did. Sierra was one very happy girl. Her fingers danced with his slowly. "I'm glad you like it so much. I've been thinking about how to resolve this problem since our first visit." She felt pride in herself, a pride which grew when her fiancé suggested marrying *immediately*. Swept up in her immense love for him, Sierra could never say no. She wanted it as badly as he did. She wanted to proclaim to the whole galaxy that their love was real and eternal, as she believed it to be. She looked at him with teary-eyed affection. "I want to marry you immediately. I can't wait anymore to be your wife. We should do it tomorrow... because it's going to take the rest of the day for me to help Drusilla find a dress," she giggled. Her nose pressed against his. She gave him kind, sweet affection that was vastly different from the way she'd tried to seduce him earlier in the day. "I love you. I promise you this is only the beginning of better times; the beginning of *our* time."


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