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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:31) in the Y'Toub system: Kima and Nal Hutta (Bilbousa: Bazaar; Derba the Hutt's palace).
Reg Collingwood, Derba the Hutt, and Oola Dulovic.

The Nella 342 light freighter Kima touched down on the outskirts of Bilbousa on the planet Nal Hutta. Before the ramp finished lowering its lone occupant, Reg Collingwood, hurried down onto the barren surface of the planet. The winds were swirling up dust, causing him to raise the collar of his leather jacket and lower his glare shades from the top of his head. He was late for a meeting with Derba the Hutt, but before he could head to the palace he needed to make a quick stop. The attractive young smuggler moved swiftly towards the nearby Bilbousa Bazaar, barely able to see where he was going, as he entered the bustling marketplace. His blaster pistol was concealed with the holster that was at his side, beneath his jacket, so that it would not draw unwanted attention ... although he assumed at least half of the patrons were carrying as well. His ship was loaded with illegal spice from Kessel that the Hutt needed badly, but there was something else the Hutt demanded, and he hoped it would be found here among the exotic wares of the bazaar.

Reg searched for what felt like hours before he found the right trinket ... blue jewel surrounded in silver that would be needed for one of the Hutt's many slave girls. Feeling quite confident, he tossed it in the air, before tucking it in his jacket pocket. Feeling quite confident that he would please the Hutt with both the jewel and the spice, he began to run back towards his freighter. He was not paying attention to where he was going, and suddenly felt his lower half collide with something soft and wonderful, that sent him stumbling.

Standing in the shadows of the market place and slender fox like creature known as an Amaran slowly and quietly walked by the many shoppers who looked at the various good that were being sold. She wore a tattered brown makeshift dress. The top had a strap that was around her neck and crossed around her front and tied behind her back, a gold ring was attached to the front around her navel that attached to the skirt. The bottom of her skit was longer along one of her legs leaving the other leg bear and more noticeable, behind her a large wide tail swayed side to side as she stepped forward. Her green orbs glancing at any newcomers to the small market place, though while she passed those who were to busy to watch their bags, she reached in picking whatever her slender paws could grab a hold of and kept walking without worry or doubt. Walking slowly the fox women looked at what she was able to grab, a brow rose in curiosity at the small round orb she had in her hand. One the sun hit is the metal shined and shimmered, causing her to winch a little.

Bringing it to her mouth she bit down on to it with her sharp teeth, noticing it didn't shatter or scratch she smiled exited "Perfect!" She said in a softly before slipping it into her bag that dangled at her hip side. Starting to move quickly among the many people that crowded the markets walking path the fox girl picked up speed now moving faster almost becoming a blur, before she could get far she felt herself being stopped hitting a hard object. Falling to the ground hard causing everything in her bag to fall out all over the dusty grown. "Dammit! You should watch where you're going!" She called out to the man as she gave him a rather unpleasant look. Her large tail was wrapped around her waist as she tried grabbing everything that was scattered about. "You humans and your unwillingness to watch out for things around you!" She snapped.

Reg stumbled backward, unsure of what he had struck, when his eyes caught look of the small Amaran he had collided with. He had never seen one of her species before, and when his eyes descended over her fur covered form, his eyes narrowed and his brow raised. "I-I'm sorry," he said to the young woman, before he bent down to begin picking up the trinkets that he had caused her to drop. "I didn't see you down there," he said to her, as his hand inadvertently brushed against the fur of her tail, causing him to involuntarily shudder. With that brief moment of contact he understood why so many of the rich noblewomen of the core wore fur in their garments. Once her baubles were collected and placed back into her bag, he leaned towards her, and offered her his right hand, in an attempt to help her up. "C'mon. Let me help you up," he said to her, offering his charismatic smile, a trademark of the smuggler's charm, while waiting for her response.

"Are you making fun of me for be short now?" The young fox women said narrowing her brows in annoyance. Leaving the bag open she quickly placed everything that fell inside, feeling his hand against her tail the girls ears pinned back against her head. Letting how a low growl she snarled a little. If there was one thing that she hated more it was when someone touched her. Watching his hand reach out for her the fox came forward and sank her teeth in to his hand and pulled away "It's monsters like you that killed my family." She snapped not caring at all for his charm. "I know all about humans like you, the way of man. The lot of you are monsters!" She said quickly rising to her feet, looking down she was able to see something glinting in the sun light. Reaching forward quickly the fox took whatever he had inside of his pocket. Turning quickly on the heels of her feet the fox darted off in the other direction leaving the man to tend to the wound she knew she had inflicted on him.

She could still taste his flesh on her tongue, shaking her head in disgust as she ran side to side in the crowd. Turning a corner that lead down one of the many back alleys she slowly came to a stop panting fast. Looking down at whatever it was she had stolen from the man, spitting out what little of his blood that was able to enter her mouth to the ground. "Pathetic human," She said smirking wickedly white attacking the trinket to the ring of her dress. Continuing to walking in the many back ways that lead to back to the Hutt's palace.

Reg pulled back his hand as her teeth locked on to him, drawing blood, and causing him to experience a sharp pain that began in his hand, shot up his arm, and flowed through his entire body. The wounded human was too preoccupied with applying pressure to the cuts caused by her surprisingly sharp teeth that he did not realize she had pickpocketed him. "That's what you get for helping someone on Nal Hutta," he muttered to himself, before tearing a piece of fabric from his shirt and wrapping it around his bloody hand. He would have chased her, and perhaps even taught her a lesson, if he were not running late for his meeting with Derba the Hutt. Shaking off the encounter as just another bad experience, he hunkered down inside of his coat and retreated towards his freighter. The sooner he was out of Hutt space and back to civilized worlds the better!

Derba the Hutt's palace was one of the most impressive of the Hutt dwellings on Nal Hutta. It was filled with treasures from throughout the known galaxy and populated with an interesting cadre of smugglers, bounty hunters, assassins, and miscellaneous rapscallions. Derba himself was sitting on an elevated platform where he could look down upon everyone that entered. He was surrounded by an exotic assemblage of slave girls, a protocol droid that served as a translator, and a number of well armed thugs to keep the piece and protect their master. He was awaiting a delivery of spice from Kessel, which was one of the most profitable ventures of his criminal empire. This particular smuggler had never failed him, and he was already celebrating what he expected to be another successful transaction.

Reg had landed his freighter near Derba's palace, and released the contents of his cargo bays to the droids that welcomed him. This was going to be another quick 10,000 credits for the smuggler, who was growing increasingly in notoriety with each passing run. He had gotten the Kessel Run down to sixteen parsecs, but he thought the icing on the cake would be the presentation of the jewel he had acquired at the nearby bazaar. He strode confidently into the throne room, easily breezing past security, as they knew him quite well by now. "Greetings, Lord Derba," he said, quite confidently, as he placed both of his hands on his hips boastfully. "Your droids are unloading the spice now. The entire order made it through customs unscathed," he declared, taking a slight bow, and feeling quite pleased with himself. It was then that he reached into his jacket pocket to produce the jewel, but instead his hand found ... nothing. The smile instantly left his face ... soon followed by the rosey color of his cheeks, which sound became pale white. The Amaran, he thought silently to himself, as he rose back up, forcing a smile onto his face. "That completes our transaction, Milord," he said, before turning on his heels to leave the palace.

Once she had arrived back to the palace she had taken her place at the very bottom of the many stairs that lead up to the Hutt. The Amaran slowly sat down next to two other women, the women on the right of her was a green Twi'lek she wore the same type of dress as the fox was along with the women on her left that was a red Devaronian. The women who were on the very bottom of the stairs where often considered the lowest ranked, least that's what it felt like for the Amaran. Sitting straight and still, she had her legs cocked to the side as she looked up at the Hutt, how she hated being one of his pet, chained to him whenever he wished to have her. Slowly the Devornian leaned in as she spoke softly "Oola where have you been? He was going to have someone sent out looking for you." She said softly as Oola replied still looking up at the master "I was out, I had to get something for Master." She said in unamused tone of voice. Her hand where resting on her knees as she sighed "You know we all must pay our debts to him, and the faster I can pay mine off the better." She said shivering a little just think of the idea of his slimmed hand touching her.

As the guest arrived Oola's green hues opened wide, looking down at the jewel that was attached to her ring she let out a soft snicker. As for the other women they started admiring him and drooling, Oola shook her head before reaching over flicking both women hard "Snap out of it, he is just like every man out there pigheaded!"She snapped at them softly, watching the smuggler head down Oola knew it would be a perfect time to present the Hutt with her treasures. Rising to her feet she held her head high before walking to the other side of the man and ascending the steps, slowly she swayed her hips side to side causing her tail to move as well causing a fan effect, the stone trinket dangled from the ring of her dress. Speaking loudly Oola pass the smuggler smirking a little "Master I bring my offering, I bring gifs for you." She said before standing at the second step up looking at the monstrous slug creature. Oola tried her best not to make a face as she smiled, her tail still swaying side to side as if she was pleased to see him, as if a pet would be to see it's master.

Reg was nearly out of the throne room when he spotted the Amaran from earlier sashaying in his direction. His instant rage turned quickly to confusion as he spotted that rather obvious jewel he had acquired clipped to her scant clothing. "That doesn't belong to you," he whispered as she passed, low enough that Derba would not be able to hear her. He suddenly found himself walking back towards the Hutt, behind Oola, without much of a plan. He wanted to reach out and grab her, but that would likely simply cause him to become attacked by the Hutt's rather sizable security force. He brought his left hand up to his shirt to adjust the collar of his shirt. It was getting hot in here ... particularly as he was in close proximity to the Amaran's oversized tail.

Derba the Hutt roared in laughter, quite pleased with the smuggler for delivering the spice intact ... but where was the jewel? He put his arms up in protest when the smuggler began to leave, but before he could Oola arrived on the scene with trinkets that distracted him. "Ho ho ho ho. You never disappoint to me," he said, as he reached out with his arm, and pulled her towards his slime covered body. His large tongue slid from his body and ran over the side of her face with a loving lick, as he showed his lust for her in the only way he knew how. Now his attention was back to the smuggler, and he beckoned his protocol droid come forth. "The mighty Derba wishes to know where the jewel you promised is, smuggler," the droid said in his simplistic monotone to the smuggler.

As the Hutt pulled Oola close she closed her eyes feeling his slimmed over body touch her soft fur, the feeling of his face rubbing against her made the Amaran stomach turn slightly. The smell alone was one that could get her throw up but she forced herself to keep what little food she had down. The feeling of the Hutt's tongue made her fur want to crawl off her body. She tried her best not to show her discomfort but the others who had been in Oola's place knew the feeling, they knew how horrid it was to have to stand before him. And when touched them how they just wanted to pull away and run. Though like Oola they had to take everything he would do to them, even if that was sharing his bed. The idea alone for Oola made her want to snap and the large slug creative, thought she feared she would never get that taste out of her mouth ever if she ever did so, carefully she turned her body so her back was to the Hutt, looking at the smuggler as he was asked the question of the jewel, her green hues looked down at the ring of her dress, swallowing hard she started to feel her blood run cold in fear of what the Hutt would do if he found out she had stolen it.

Reg extended both of his arms and shrugged at the Hutt, offering the best fake smile that he could muster, all the while moving closer towards the dais. "Mighty Derba. I had acquired the most beautiful jewel for you," he said, as he finally came to a halt in front of them. "But unfortunately this creature stole it from me in the bazaar," he said, motioning with his forehead towards the Amaran, while simultaneously reaching out with his right hand in an attempt to pluck the jewel from her clothing. He pulled and pulled on the jewel until it finally gave way, but unfortunately it took the clasp that held her clothing together with it. He held the jewel up proudly for the vile Hutt gangster, completely unaware that his slave was now naked. While he beamed in confidence, everyone else, particularly Derba, seemed horrified.

Oola growled as the smuggler referred to her as a creature. Snarling as he reached forward to grasp the jewel she spoke softly so only could hear "I will get you back for this human!" Feeling him tug at the ring she wanted nothing more to get the Hutt's hands off of her and the smugglers as well. Watching in horror as the ring was tugged to hard ripping it from her already tattered dress causing it to open up and the skirt to fall around her feet. With fury and anger in her green hues Oola snapped "*You fool*!" She barked at the man as the room looked at her, they were able to see the triple markings in her fur that only so few seen around her most intimate areas of her body, thought her skin was covered with fur nothing could be seen but it was the fact that she was now undressed and considered naked for all to see. She pulled away from the Hutt quickly as she lunged forward "I will kill you for this!" Her hand reached out towards the human's neck but before she could even step closer one of the men that stood near the Hutt shocked her with a Force pike causing her to fall to her knees in pain at the feet of the smuggler, Oola let out a soft whimper of pain as she looked at the man slowly getting up though her body was twitching and shaking hard. Oola's green orbs started to water up slightly as she looked away, she forgot about the pain the that they could cause someone to have. The Amaran was gasping slightly as she rose to her feet once again, thought she knew pain many times there were so few things that could break her. Moving forward once more the guard slammed the force pike against Oola's back causing her now to fall into the Smuggler weak. She screamed in pain the other slave girls looked away for they could not bear to watch one of their own being hurt as she was.

Reg did not expect the Hutt's guard to react with such cruelty, and thus he was taken back by the fact that the wounded Amaran stumbled into his open arms. The feel of her warm young body against his immediately caused him to lose what animosity he had towards the young woman, whom he had heard the protocol droid refer to as 'Oola'. His left hand moved to hold her against his body, losing itself somewhere in the reddish-orange fur of her backside. His right hand was quick to draw the T-6 "Thunderer" heavy blaster pistol and without stopping to think or consider his actions he pulled back on the trigger and unleashed a deadly bolt of crimson energy at the offending guard. Holding the smoldering barrel of the blaster out in front of them, he began to slowly back out of the throne room with her in his arms.

The bolt collided with the guard's chest, killing him before he hit the ground, and enraging Derba the Hutt. The other guards produced their various vibroweapons and began closing in on them menacingly, while the disgusting Hutt watched with delight. The bounty hunters in assemblage, eager for a quick and easy score, began to draw their blaster weapons ... which were far more dangerous than the Hutt's guards. "Where do you think you are going with my slave, human?" the Hutt questioned, through the use of his protocol droid. "You have killed my guard. You are stealing my property," the droid continued to translate, with none of the rage of theatricality of the Hutt. "You have 48 hours to bring me a shipment of spice double in size of the one you just brought or your lives won't be worth bantha shit," the droid again translate, stumbling over the last part that involved the profanity. "I will find another girl. Take this one. When you fail I kill you both," he told them, bluntly, before he began to laugh uproariously, believing that their inability to get along would cause them to fail and blow the mission, giving him the satisfaction of ordering both of their deaths.

Oola followed as the human moved down the steps backing way. Her body was still weak from the powerful shocks, turning her head as the Hutt called her his property, she snarled at that word." I will never be yours or anyone's property. I am not a beast, I am not a pet and I am never going to be yours!" She snapped as her body fell against the humans, her legs were shaking hard from under her, her long tail hung between her legs as she looked at the Hutt. "You can order our deaths, I rather be dead than to ever be one of your..." She stopped looking at the others thought she had more of a spirit then they did she continued "Whores! I am not ever going to be chained to you, I am never going to let you touch me, because if you even try I will cut the tongue from your mouth." Oola snarled as the two of them backed out of the palace. Oola limped out slowly as she looked at the man. She may have hated humans, they may have done such horrid things to her family but this man was different and it showed with his actions just now. Softly she looked down feeling guilty for what she had said to him earlier in the market, her soft deep orangish ears with the black tips were down sadden for how she treated him. She could still feel a slight sting from the shock but nothing that could cause her to have a scar, her body thought seemed a lot heavier for her at the moment. "Where are we going?" She asked softly looking at him rather sad and innocent "He'll kill us if we don't get his shipment! It's not easy getting the spice, we're dead." Oola said as she dropped her head

Reg thought their escape from the palace might go more smoothly if the young woman were not screaming at the Hutt and threatening him. He rolled his eyes at some of her comments in the direction of Derba, trying his best with facial expressions that the Amaran would not able to see to placate the Hutt. "Double the order. Half the time. Take the cre- ... take Oola with me. Got it, Derba," he said, nodding his head at the Hutt, and speaking over the top of Oola's shouting. Once they were clear of the throne room, he hoisted her over his shoulder and began to sprint. "We're going to get his spice before he has us both killed," he explained to her, as the tail swayed from side to side, blocking his vision and tickling his face. "Hey. You're kind of cute. Anyone ever tell you that?" he said, flirtatiously, by now, after a decade of smuggling, no longer able to turn off his charm.

As they exited the palace back into the unforgiving wasteland that surrounded it, Reg was quick to climb aboard his ship. As he reached the cockpit, he rather unceremoniously dumped her in the co-pilot's seat, and began to strap himself in. "We haven't much time," he explained to her, as he reached to set a 48 hour countdown clock on the shipboard chronometer. Within moments he had the main reactor powered up, and the freighter began to rapidly ascend through the atmosphere into the space surrounding the planet so they could make the jump to lightspeed. "Oola, is it? Did I hear that right?" he asked, as he looked at her sideways, while downloading the coordinates to Kessel into the navicomputer.

Oola made a soft groin as he called her cute, she hated the names many men could call her Slapping his face with her tail as she acted like nothing had happened, once she was in the co-pilot's seat she looked around the cockpit. She had never been inside of a ship before least one that didn't have have locked in a cage in the back. Once the ship started to rise off the ground the Amaran sank into the chair bringing her knees to her chest her claws dug into the arms of the seat as she watched horrified beyond all belief as the ship rose higher and higher till they were off the planet completely. She didn't like knowing that there was just a few thin layer of metal protecting them from the airless void of space. Closing her eyes tight her ears pinned down and her tail wrapped around her blocking her view. Hearing the man say her name she opened one eyes slightly looking at him and nodded "Yes." Oola said softly her claws were dug deep into the chair ripping the upholstery.

When the navicomputer beeped, Reg moved his hand forward on the hyperdrive controls and the Nella 342 light freighter surged forward into hyperspace. The stars began to disappear, passing in streaks of light, before they entered a swirling blue column that would ultimately lead them to their destination. With the autopilot engaged there was little for him to do, so he unstrapped himself from his seat, and turned to Oola. "No no no no!" he began to scream in a panic, as he watched helplessly as she shredded the leather pads on the chair. "That's expensive," he said, as he moved towards her quickly, doing his best to pull her claws off the seat. "What's the matter? Haven't you ever been on a ship before?" he asked, speaking in a soothing tone, trying to calm her down. He was furious at the damage to his ship. She was beginning to look like way more than he had bargains for, but he was determined to keep his cool, as escalating the system would only result in more damage. "You want a drink or something to calm your nerves?" he suggested, thinking that maybe getting a drink or six into her might make this voyage pass more smoothly.

Once her claws were removed from the arms of the chair she looked at him "I have but it was in the back of the ship in a cage that was smaller then me!" She snapped before she stood up and moved away from the front seat and into a small area where she didn't have to look out the window wrapping her arms around her knees as they came back to her chest she looked at him shaking her head "I've never had a drink." She said softly looking down, her tail wrapped around her tight as she hid her face, she didn't know what she was going to do now, she was with a stranger, had no place to turn to and to make matter worse for her she was terrified of space. Her ears her pinned to the side of her head now, she was thought rather hungry as her stomach made a loud rumbling sound.

Looking at the man she spoke softly "I'm sorry, for biting you earlier, and stealing the trinket. And getting you in this mess...Thank you thought for." Oola stopped as she sighed "Saving me from him. I've been one of his slaves since as long as I can remember." She exclaimed softly unwrapping her tail from around her as she moved her knees away from her chest and crossed her legs, placing her long tail in her lap her finger ran through the soft fur. "I know what I did was wrong, but growing up there wasn't easy, and humans well they don't treat my kin.." She cut off sighing. "They don't like my kind. They kill us for our fur, then sell it to noble people on different plants. Our fur is unlike any around, it is softer than anything ever made, and it keeps one warm in the most harshest conditions. We are sought out as animals, creatures to kill and skin, and our bodies..." She cut off as her green orbs seemed to become dark now, she could hear screams of pain, the feeling of blood dripping from her hands as she watched her family murdered before her.

Her hands gripped her tail tight in anger as she started to snarl, her chest rose high as her breathing quickened. "They don't care about us, that don't see us as equals." Feeling the pain traveled from her tail into her back she let go looking up at him quickly a tear was slowly running down her cheek, Oola didn't not realize she was crying "Humans just don't see." She whispered softly as her finger brushed and smoothed her tail fur down.

Reg really did not know what to do with Oola and her tale of past suffering, as he was becoming increasingly infatuated with her tail. "Look, you need to eat," he said, as he moved to the passenger compartment of the freighter. He began reaching up into the pantry, but because he was the only one whoever used the ship he found only rotten food and a small box of crackers. Feeling quite embarrassed, he took hold of the box and moved to sit down next her with it. By now he saw that she had become entirely hidden by that plush tale of hers, and he had to gently reposition it so that he could offer her the meager morsel of food. His attention then shifted to her back, his gentle hands caressing, if not petting, the soft fur of her back where the guard had struck her. "Are you injured?" he asked, as his hands instinctively began to massage her. His eyes began to have a glazed over look as he entered a relaxed, trance-like state, while feeling her warm luscious fur.

Watching him walk into the other area her head cocked to the side a little, watching him grab the box and come back she looked down seeing he had something for them to eat, thought she felt guilty for eating what little he had. As her tail moved she jumped slightly only as a reflex thought she settled down. Feeling his hand rest on her back she sat up slightly, her ears perked up high as her head turned to look behind her over her shoulder. "No I'm fine now, it just stung a little."She said softly watching him relax, her head cocked more to the side as she watched his movements, it seemed that his massaging where she was shocked was therapeutic for him causing him to almost fall into a trance, reaching over into the box Oola grabbed one of the crackers and started to nibble slowly on it, she learned that one should never rush when eating for it could be the last time for a long time. She was starting to get use to him wanting to touch her, most everyone did when it came to fur. Slowly she moved her large plush tail behind him and up his back till it was under his head so he was more comfortable against the wall while she eat her cracker silently.

He felt himself becoming very attracted to the young Amaran as her tail moved up his back and settled beneath his head. He let out a deep, contented sigh as he entered a state of deep relaxation. He leaned his head back, allowing her plush tail to suddenly become the most comfortable pillow he had ever felt. As he looked up at the light in the ceiling, the lights began to fade and his eyelids began to feel heavy. Slowly his eyes began to draw to a close, his breathing shallowed, and he began to enter a restful sleep. Before long the sound of his snoring filled the cabin of the freighter, with the full, limp weight of his body preventing Oola from moving.

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