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Brandon Derive, Michelle Green, and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:35) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio, Duchess Ava Khalessi, and Flight Officer/Lieutenant Zan Shelby.

After returning from her successful mission Kooriva and the newly appointed ship they stole from the Empire Ava returned back Ringali Station the young diplomat returned to her quarters till the meeting with Commander Atio was to take place, all Ava wished she could do was get the images out of her about all the things she needed to do, even if it was worth it she didn't agree with the fact she had to be the one who was the cover for it. Rolling behind Ava a R2-C1 made a soft humming sound as they stopped seeing everyone starting to gather in the room which they met for the mission briefing. With a heavy sigh she turned on her heels and entered the room with her little Droid behind her zooming about behind her as she made her way to one of the corners. Leaning against the wall Ava crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back watching everyone start to fill in. Reaching behind her head she pulled her long brunette locks down from the bun and let them cascade around her face and drape along her back and shoulder. Her brown scanned the room as more and more bodies started to fill in, R2-C1 propped himself next to Ava as his radar eyes zoomed in and out again as he acted as if he was watching them as well. Raising a brow Ava shook her head "Sometimes I wonder if our more human than droid." She whispered looking back at the others The briefing would begin soon and she needed to pay attention to everything that was going to happen, she knew they had plans with the ship the stole, but there was something else as well.

Commander Derek Atio was standing in front of the holographic display where the four captured Imperial ships were being featured. The first was an INT-4 interceptor, while the second and third were Lambda-class shuttles that could be very useful in terms of infiltration, while the final ship was a versatile Imperial customs frigate that he imagined being able to fill a multitude of rolls with the Rebel cell's support fleet. "Good work, Milady," he said to Ava, trying his best to be respectful of her noble title, but feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the whole notion of nobility and royalty lingering about. He had summoned Flight Officer Shelby, who had been reassigned to shuttle pilot, to discuss how best to utilize the new resources. Using the controls on the side of the table, he began to focus in on the largest of the four ... the Imperial customs frigate. Next to a rotating 3D model of the ship the vessel's statistics began to appear, highlighting her strengths and weaknesses. He sucked his lower lip into his mouth slightly, biting down upon it, as he entered a state of withdrawn contemplation.

Zan was just finishing up in his quarters as he checked the holonet once more for any new information on his Naboo contacts, still nothing new from the past week. A mere fact that had been nagging him in the middle of the night during the past few days. Even during the rescue mission on Kooriva, the fact that two of his best friends had either gone silent or have been found by imperials. Two of which were very unlikely, Nicky and Alyx were very talented and dedicated to their professions. The other message on his desk was a summons by Commander Atio, zan suspected why he was being summoned but kept the details to himself as he fetched his quote look sharp rebellion uniform. Took only a few moments to get dressed and tidied up for appearance's sake and march from his quarter's towards the command center, where he saw the commander looking over 3D models of recently acquired vessels and spacecraft. "You called, Commander?" Zan at least tried to sound more formal than his usual casual self dedicated.

Nodding her head towards Derek she smiled a little, it was hard enough when everyone called her the same name or looked at her as someone who was more noble than them, truth was Ava practically gave up every she owned to be there with them fighting. Giving up name and title for a group of people that did everything they could to make a difference with the way things were going now. This was more important to Ava then sitting around listening to people bicker about the little things, she was making a small difference here, to be able to help those who could not help themselves. "Commander." She said softly. She wondered who would be joining them just then she seen Zan come in, Ava gave him a slight nod acknowledgement.

"Good. Glad you're here, Shelby," Commander Atio began, as he raised his right hand to point at the Imperial customs frigate. "I wanted to talk to you about the Exaction Decree," he said, speaking plainly, as his attention shifted from the hologram to Officer Shelby. "This was a good score, Officer," he explained with a firm nod, before offering a glance in Ava's direction. "The real problem is that we simply don't have the manpower, and particularly we're lacking in experienced officers," he continued, building up to what the obvious answer was. "I'm transferring you to ordnance and support, with an increase in rank to Lieutenant," he continued, before extending his right hand in a offer to congratulate him. "I'm giving you command of this ship. Assemble the necessary crew," he informed him, with a quick nod of his head.

Zan walked into the commander center, his sight already on Atio and Ava as he walked in. "Nice to see you again, Ava. Though I do wonder if the party ended or began once you got back from the party palace?" Zan's attention quickly shifted back to Commander Atio and the hologram of the frigate as he listened in on instructions on the rank increase and the assemble of necessary crew. Nodding his head in accordance as he shook the hand of the commander when the instruction was finished. 'I think i got the crew assembling already picked, up to them if they want to volunteer or not."

"I would say the party started once I left." Ava said with a smirk before her brown hues looked at the hologram, her head leaned back slightly as she shifted her body slightly knowing that she would hear more of the slight almost amusing remarks about what she had done back at the Dome.

"As a customs frigate I expect you'll be able to draw near cargo vessels without drawing unwanted attention," the Commander said, before he deactivated the image of the vessel on the holoprojector. A few keystrokes later and an image of the familiar six planets bordering the nebula came into view with the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way highlighted and flashing. "The amount of cargo that flows through these six systems is incredible," he explained, as his man moved towards Brentaal IV, where the two trade routes intersected in one of the most busy spaceports in the core. "When we originally took up shop here two years ago the hope was to hit these trade routes ... hit them hard ... but a few of you X-wing boys did too good a job, and an Imperial fleet showed up," he said, rolling his eyes, fully aware of Shelby's past history of service in the currently grounded Corsair Squadron. "This ship may be our chance to get back to our original mission and hit commerce..." he said, as he moved closer towards Shelby, raising his hand to poke him directly in the chest. "No disintegrations. We need cargo. Not kills," he reminded him, sternly, having read over the tally of destroyed Imperial ships the X-wings racked up, drawing the ire of the Imperial Navy.

'I'm quite aware of the past x-wing flown missions, sir. I flew a few of them before i got overzealous and got captured for it. That capture brought me soon insight but also humbled me back where i needed to be. As for manpower and cargo, we got plenty of sources of ear and mouth out there. Break open one or two Imp prison camps and you got a star destroyer's worth of intelligence and quite the number of manpower willing to volunteer. I can't guarantee the unforeseen, sir. But myself and my crew won't willingly search and destroy. We will resemble the rebellion itself, we will offer the choice. Dish deflectors, weapons systems, and engine always will have priority. The Imperial Navy is formidable, but it can always be outmaneuvered. Now that Frigate just needs a nice paint job and we should be ready to go."

"...and a new name, Lieutenant," Commander Atio suggested, as he despised the Imperial naming system. All of the 'good' names were reserved for Star Destroyers. To the Empire this was a tiny afterthought, but to the Rebellion this was a considerable asset. "Use your judgment on personnel. When you're in command ... *command*," he said to him, with a reassuring smile, offering him the best advice a superior ever offered him. He brought his right hand up to his cheek, scratching it lightly, as he turned his attention back to other matters. "Dismissed, Lieutenant. To *your* ship!" he ordered, barking slightly, as he moved back towards the Duchess to discuss the developing political shift in the region.

"I understand, sir. As for crew suggestions, I was thinking that our recent arrivals would be clamoring at the chance to prove their worth. Though I will remind our imperials an old Nabooian passage, when shaking one's hand always hide your knife under the wrist gauntlets for protection. What would you suggest for a name, Commander? I thought the Redeemer was a good choice but then again. It will probably come down to crew choice"

Derek turned away from Ava when he heard the Lieutenant suggest the new arrivals. "Weren't those dancing girls, Lieutenant?" he asked, for a moment envying the man for having a ship full of trained former slaves. He paused for a moment, not particularly liking the idea, but also realizing that they had little in the way of available recruits for the position. "Very well. It least it will get them off here. Some of the men were starting to get a little..." he stopped, catching himself for the sake of the delicate Duchess. "...*distracted*," he concluded, clearing his throat, and turning away from her so that she could not see his redenned cheeks. "Redeemer?" he repeated, quickly changing the subject to something less scandalous. "See to it, Lieutenant. It's *your* ship," he reiterated, before looking over one of the large terminals that seemed to be dying again.

"Yes I'm very sure of them, they may have been slaves recently but with a little training and some patience. They'll be hacking into Imperial com systems in the matter of no time, why the imps will underestimate their skill sets at first which could be an advantage we can use as we get in close, borrow some cargo and leave the area before the heavies show up. Though my next idea will have the collective heads spinning in this room for a while, it has enough crazy to work wonderfully or have the frigate explode" With his suggestions conclude, Zan saluted his commander and left the command center as he was off to get volunteers for the Redeemer.

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