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Danielle Langley and Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:2:21) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate and Spaceport) and Nerf Herder.
Sophia Cromwell, Enkido (death), Lord Marcus Rodney, and Trassk (death).

As the Nerf Herder sat on the landing platform in Cormond's spaceport, Marc turned to Sophia one last time. "You absolutely sure you want to go through with this?" he asked her, as he walked to the rear of the ship to access the hatch. "You don't have to ... you know..." he told her one last time, but he already knew the answer. His perfectly crafted armor was on the sidelines for this one, instead replaced with a suit fashioned out of fine silks that made him appear as if he was just a wealthy businessman delivering the young girl as a 'gift.'

Sophia watched him, for a moment...just the briefest of moments she hesitated then a smirk curled along her lips and she dropped her arms from around her bear stomach "The only thing I'm not sure about is if he would like a girl scared and 'new' or someone who's so use to this..." She kept a smile, trying hard to reassure him.

Marc handed her a cloak, which cover most of her exposed flesh, allowing her some modesty during the trek to Enkido's estate. He did not like the idea that he was not protected by a suit armor, nor did he like the fact that his rifle would be remaining on the ship. They would have to do this the old fashioned with ... with a plan and with their bare hands. Could this girl get the job done? She looked the part, but the only time he saw her in a fight she ended up in a cage. The speeder they took made their way through the winding streets of the city, moving deeper into the deserted outskirts, and up into the mountains where the towering estate stood like a castle over the surrounding terrain.

She decided the man they were about to face would enjoy someone...who is new. The closer they got, Marc would be able to see how well of an actor she was. The woman looked young suddenly as fear shook her body lightly, her eyes were wide, gnawing gently on her lower lip she even whimpered a bit.

As the speeder arrived on the scene, Marc was the first one out. It was time to play the role they had agreed upon, but he did not like it. "Get out of the vehicle," he yelled at her, his face filled with anger. "We're already late," he again yelled, moving towards the front door of the estate as he looked back to her. The small Q4 blaster pistol he held in his right hand was immediately trained upon her, menacing her with it to do his bidding in proper fashion.

Sophia looked up to him, watched him as her lower lip started to quiver, her eyes welled up with tears and her hands trembled as she helped herself out of the speeder. She clutched the cloak around her, lowered her head as loose locks brushed along her cheeks she walked slowly towards him but with no intentions of running or backing out.

The front door of the estate opened menacingly, revealing the intimidating figure of a large Trandoshan. The reptilian creature stood more than two meters tall and towered over both Sophia and Marc. Trassk, Enkido's loyal servant and bodyguard, brandished his DLT-20A rifle towards the human male threateningly. "What is your purpose here," he snarled in his native tongue, drool pouring out of his mouth.

Marc took a step back and swallowed deeply, wondering if he should turn around and get Sophia out of here. The report had not mentioned a Trandoshan. Give him his rifle ... sure, it would be no problem ... but unarmed against this beast would be a death sentence. He bowed at the waist politely, a smile curling onto his face. "I bring a gift for Enkido," he announced cheerfully, motioning with his hand towards the beautiful young Human female.

She yelped a bit at seeing the bodyguard, her body shook still and she had pulled up the hood of her cloak to avoid getting hit by anything dripping, but the moment he mentioned her she bit her lower lip and just held her hood back so that she could look up to him, let him see her face. She was not to show her body to anyone else but to Enkido, well if she were to have a true slaves tradesmen then that would have been the ruled at least, she gave a slight bow of her head.

The Trandoshan man thrust his long, clawed hand out and slammed it into Marc's chest, attempting to push him aside. "Let me see what you have here," he hissed at the pathetic human, his attention now fixated solely upon the girl. His clawed hand reached for her, attempting to lift her up by the neck as he menacingly towered in front of her.

Marc groaned as the beast's strong arm slammed into his chest, taking the wind out of him for a moment. He gasped as he saw what the creature was attempting to do, and immediately got on the defensive. "That is Enkido's property," he yelled as he readied his pathetically small hold-out blaster. "Remove your ... claw..." he said, stumbling over the last word as he studied the anatomy.

She shrieked and ducked down, huddling beneath her cloak. She whimpered lightly, the hood was back over her head, and though she was hunched down, though she whimpered there was a deadly look of anger slipping across her face. She did her best to regain herself as she stood, slowly...and clutching the hood over her face she spoke lightly. Her voice shook, to the...the beast, was from fear, but anger was what made her voice shake so. " be pure on every aspect...sir..." She bowed her head then.

Trassk snarled, saliva dripping from his fanged mouth as he witnessed the insolence of the female. "You will learn your place in Milord Enkido's service," he warned as he thrust his clawed hand down upon her back as she bowed before him. He would take no lip from what he believed to be nothing more than a pleasure slave.

She gritted her teeth, but did not fight him. She simply closed her eyes and then let her body shrink to her knees before she slid her hands before her and was actually bowing on her knees with her head lowered "Forgive me..."

Marc grew irate as he watched the creature handle her. He had crossed the line and every instinct as a male told him to shoot him with his hold-out blaster, but from all the experience he had as a bounty hunter he knew the low-powered blast of energy would do nothing more than make the creature angry. "Your lord awaits his gift," he quickly pointed out.

Trassk turned his head, snarling at Marc as he addressed him. He was distinctly unimpressed and so he began to lead the pair of humans through the front door of the estate and through the winding series of corridors that would ultimately lead to Enkido's audience chamber. The arrogant crime lord had decorated similar to a throne room of a regal palace. There was artwork from throughout the known galaxy and the lightly was carefully planned out to make it seem as shadowy and foreboding as possible. There was a distinct flare for the dramatic in this setting.

Marc grew irate as he watched the creature handle her. He had crossed the line and every instinct as a male told him to shoot him with his hold-out blaster, but from all the experience he had as a bounty hunter he knew the low-powered blast of energy would do nothing more than make the creature angry. "Your lord awaits his gift," he quickly pointed out.

Trassk turned his head, snarling at Marc as he addressed him. He was distinctly unimpressed and so he began to lead the pair of humans through the front door of the estate and through the winding series of corridors that would ultimately lead to Enkido's audience chamber. The arrogant crime lord had decorated similar to a throne room of a regal palace. There was artwork from throughout the known galaxy and the lightly was carefully planned out to make it seem as shadowy and foreboding as possible. There was a distinct flare for the dramatic in this setting.

When they entered the room she slowly turned to glance back to him, though he could not see her face because of the hood she wore. But she pushed it back just in the slightest trying to give him a reassuring smile, but something slithered behind her eyes, some hesitancy, unrest. She had never used her womanly wiles for anything...and now she was depending on it all because of Marc's reaction...hopefully, this thing will too. Slowly she pulled the hood back and hunched over a bit walking slower...all part of the act.

There was a flutter in the darkness and suddenly a hanging light in the ceiling of the room activated, illuminating the Rodian sitting on a throne on a raised surface. His eyes searched out Trassk as he remained seated, unsure of what his lackey was about to bring before him. "What is the meaning of this intrusion?" he asked, leaning forward in the throne to more closely examine the two humans.

Before Trassk could answer, Marc stepped forward and bowed deeply at the waste towards Enkido. "Greetings, mighty Enkido," he said in a loud and pleasant voice, still remaining bent at the waste in front of him. "I bring to you a gift," he explained as he rose back up, his eyes moving towards the scantily-clad Sophia, still covered in the robe. "It is my honor to present her to you," he concluded, a false smile upon his face. The time for their attack was near.

When he finished with the introductions she slowly lifted her hands to her hood, her head hung as she pushed the hood back then lifted her eyes beneath her lashes to look towards Enkido...unlatching the entire cloak then she let the cloth fall around her feet so that her body could be seen and the parts of it that were not well...did not leave much for imagination. She kept silent however...she kept in her place, but her muscles were tense and waiting.

"A ... gift?" Enkido restated, turning to take a closer look at the beautiful young human female. "Come closer, my dear," he said as he extended his green arm towards her. As he extended a finger, he motioned it back towards himself, indicating she should come towards him. The human male did not interest him in the least, focusing entirely on the woman.

She did not look up, she was not hesitant at all she obeyed. In her mind though she kept repeating...this has to work...this has to work! She was mere feet from him, though this time she hesitated before taking that final step that brought her within reach.

Enkido's hand gently caressed Sophia's cheek once she got into range, admiring the soft, pleasant sensation her skin made against his clawed fingers. He would enjoy putting her to good use. His mouth went slight agape, his tongue sliding across his lips before he finally turned to look at the human. "Who is this ... gift ... from?" he asked as he tilted his head to the man.

Marc took a step forward, the smile on his face only growing larger. He was keen to note the position of the Trandoshan bodyguard as he spoke these next words very carefully. "This gift is from ... the Black Sun," he said as he lowered his head, glaring at the Rodian crime lord. That was the signal to strike. It was now or never for the pair of hunters deep within their target's lair.

As Marc spoke she began her 'expertise'...her...'duties'...her hands slid over Enkido, she inched closer, gnawing her lower lip in a teasing wanting way. She inched closer and closer until she was almost on top of him, as her hands slid over him, fingers light...she was exploring for something, once she found it, once her fingers wrapped around the round hard...metal...handle she yanked it free at Marc's last words and immediately she stood up, backed off quickly but her gun was pointing elsewhere...pointing towards that damned bodyguard. Hoping against hope Marc's gun was trained on Enkido.

Marc drew his holdout blaster that would prove ineffectual against the Trandoshan and immediately snapped off a couple of deadly bolts of energy towards te Rodian crime lord. His heart was pounding and if he hesitated a moment ... they would surely fail. As his fingers squeezed back upon the trigger again he moved away from the Trandoshan, keenly aware of how deadly he could be.

The Rodian crime lord grew incredulous as the woman reached for his blaster. With his attention fixated upon her, he did not notice the human firing his weapon at him. The two bolts of energy tore into his chest, boring into his flesh and draining the life from his small body. He slumped over in the throne, a low moan of death escaping his lips as his bodily fluids began to drain upon the luxurious fabric of his seat.

The Trandoshan growled, snarling as it watched Marc draw his blaster. Ignoring his weapon he moved swiftly for the human, drawing his claws and attempting to swat the back of his head. His holdout blaster would do nothing to him and he felt confident. In his mind he planned to eviscerate the man with his bare claws.

She moved once Enkido was dead out into the open. "Hey!" She was trying to get the Trandoshan's attention. Whether this would work or not it didn't seem to matter. Her heart pounded in her ears and her hands shook. Suddenly she took in a breath and steadied them. Then gun lifted high above the Trandoshan "Come over to me you big ugly lump...or...are you afraid of a mere human...girl? Tch..." She shook her head, mocking him. Closer...just inch closer, her hands were steadied and she began to fire...above the Trandoshan, something up there had to bring the beast down there was no way these weapons could!"

The ceiling began to crack above him, debris falling down and hitting the mighty Trassk on the head. He let out a groan of pain and shook his head as blood began to spill from the left side of his cranium. He stumbled dizzily before lunging forward turns the human male again, moving his jaw down and attempting to take bite out of the man's shoulder.

Marc groaned in pain as the Trandosha's claw stabbed into the back of his head, sending him staggering slightly. He barely had time to react to the pain when the creature's jaw connected with his shoulder, biting into his flesh. "Ah" he let out a sharp cry of pain, arching his back as the creature tore out his flesh. He turned his hold-out blaster on the creature and fired off a point blank shot towards his chest, the blood flowing from both his wounds and coating his back.

"Damn it!" It did not work quite as planned, so she began running. Not away, not to some bigger weapon, she just began running towards the beast. She heard Marc's shots go off, but she felt she had to keep going. "Take this you...scum!" She began to climb, oh yes...climb onto of the thing, digging nails in the best she could to get to the wound on his head, the moment she found it she pressed Enkido's pistol against the wound and fired. "How's that for tough skin..." It had to work, but she kept digging the gun in, anger pouring through her muscles.

The creature's eyes went wide as the blaster bolt penetrated his skull, it's jaws releasing from Marc's shoulder. It froze there for a moment before dropping to the right side, landing on the floor with a dull *thud*. Trassk was dead before he hit the ground.

Marc fell forward onto the ground, blood pouring from the back of his head where he had been clawed and from his shoulder where the creature tried to make a meal out of him. "That was too close," he commented between gasps of breath as he struggled to regain his composure. He remained motionless on his hands and knees for a long while, shaking his head from side-to-side as he considered what happened. "No one has ever tried to eat me before..." he said to Sophia as his eyes slowly rolled up to grin at her.

She crawled over to him, and then dropping the pistol she punched him. It was only on the arm, of the side that was not bitten. Her eyes were full of anger and fear. Her heart was pounding, her chest was rising and falling as she panted her rage before she grit her teeth and began to look over his wound to see what she could do for him. "It's not funny..."

Marc groaned playfully as she punched him in the arm, glad she had the sense not to strike his injured arm. "You did good," he said confidently as he raised himself back onto his feet. He rotated his arms awkwardly, trying to survey the extent of the damage. He inhaled sharply, gasping in pain. He could move his arm completely, but the superficial damage was pretty bad. He thrust his leg out, kicking the dead Trandoshan in the side. "Let's get out of here," he told her as he began to move towards the exit. His blaster was drawn and at the ready, not sure if any other surprises lay in store for them.

"As soon as we've're mine." She was extremely angry. What she meant of course was she would take care of his wounds. But the anger was not true. She was filled with emotions that she just did not understand. A lot of it was fear of him, for his wellbeing...she bit her lower lip as she got up and began moving to follow him, her hand pressed to his back just in case.

There was something comforting about the feel of her hand on his back as he moved through the corridors of the estate. It seemed longer to get out than it did to get in, he kept his holdout blaster out in front of him the entire time, both of his hands gripping it firmly. As they approached the front door, he froze, peering out towards their speeder. "It looks clear," he said to her as he turned to look at her. She really was quite beautiful he thought as he caught a glance of her in the moonlight, but he definitely wanted to get her into clothes that covered more. Staying low to the ground he moved quickly towards the speeder, jumping into the driver's seat. "Move," he commanded her in a stern voice, not wanting to waste time in the open terrain.

She followed and though she found a spot to sit that was not the seat next to him in the ship. She sat in a position that would keep her safe as he lifted off the ground. She was digging through a kit, digging to get everything she would need to clean his wounds "Hurry up and get us safe...before you bleed all over the place."

Marc moved his foot forward and depressed the accelerator on the small speeder, sending it speeding back towards Cormond where their ship was kept. "I'm going as fast as this thing can go," Marc said to her, gritting his teeth as his shoulder wound continued to bleed. The wounds on the back of his head were superficial, but the bite was becoming a problem. His hands gripped the controls, his knuckles turning white as they moved faster towards the city.

She got up, she moved closer there was nothing she could use that would truly help him. So instead her hands slipped over his. She was utterly close to him, her hands helping him grip the controls "...Just hang in there..." She glanced towards him a moment "I'll fix you up right when I get a chance...just hang on until then okay?"

Marc's driving became slightly erratic as the blood continued to flow from his wound and he became dazed and lightheaded. By the time they got towards the spaceport. "We're almost there..." he said to her as the speeder approached the hangar. As he approached the hangar he slumped forward, the front end of the speeder slammed into the duracrete war of the hangar with a massive jolt. "Ugh," he groaned as he slumped across the controls, a small fire beginning in the vehicle's engine.

The wind was knocked out of her, but she had other things to worry about, and well all of those things definitely wound all around Marc. She was hesitant before she began to grab him "C'mon...c'mon you have to help me..." She could not lift him completely, but she was not giving up. They had to leave...they had to leave now. She whimpered "Please Marc..." her voice was soft now, but with arms around him, his weight leaning into her. "We have to leave..."

Marc snapped back into focus, his eyes locking on her as he started to help him up. He needed to be strong and reached down, pushing himself out of the burning craft, relying on her side as a crutch to get him back on his feet. "I'm fine," he informed her as he began to move towards the ship. His breathing was labored and each step caused greater strain, but he eventually reached the hatch of the ship and began to climb into it. It was then that the speeder exploded in a massive fireball outside of the hangar, causing a pillar of smoke to raise towards the sky. It would only be a matter of time before the local authorities arrived.

"Shut up and move!" She had to be harsh. She had to force them to go faster. When the speeder exploded she simply shoved him forward into the ship. She immediately left him and went to the controls. They had to leave and had to leave now! Then she could take care of him, then she could fix him. She sat down in the pilot's chair, her hands shook and eyes narrowed "Okay...Sophia...breath..." She reached and began pushing buttons she could fly sure, but her old ship was so...simple.

Marc groaned as he crawled across the deck of the ship, reaching for one of the storage containers braced against the bulkhead. Rummaging through it he managed to find one of the bacta patches, placing it inside of his mouth to peel the cover. "Grr," he grunted as he opened the patch and slapped it across the oozing wound on his shoulder. "Ah," he gasped as it stung him, causing his body to cling to the cot as he needed something to grasp to ease the pain.

It would not take long. Soon they were off, albeit a little shaky, but she was flying them out of there as steadily as she could. The moment they broke atmosphere and were back into space leaving the planet behind she began to fidget and move to autopilot, she did not get them away from there fast, just as fast as the ship could go normally so she could leave the controls. No one was coming after them...not for awhile. She moved from the seat and hurried back to him. She helped him actually onto the cot, then began to fuss over him quickly "...We're safe for now..."

Marc caught his breath as he situated himself on the cot, starting to regain his composure as the healing properties of the bacta began to make a difference on his wound. "Next time ... I'm just going to use a rocket," he explained as he rolled his head slightly to look her directly in the eye with a half-smile. "Are you all right?" he asked, looking over her body for any imperfections. There was the fight and then the crash, but he had yet to stop and see if she were injured.

She was fine as far as he was going to know anyway. She would not dare let into anything like pain let alone an injury, she had other worries. "If I get to punch you again...I think I will be." She bit her lower lip slowly and sat back a bit on her heels so she could watch him, then her eyes narrowed "How are you feeling..?"

"I've had worse," Marc said confidently as he began to come around. Bacta was a wonderful thing, he thought to himself as he lay down on the cot and smiled up at her. "You handled yourself well in there," he said to her, nodding his head slightly and offering that same smile. His hand reached up to her and gently brushed across her exposed midriff. "I just don't want you to wear this outfit outside again," he told her with a soft laugh that caused his body to hurt.

She backed away from his touch, eyes narrowed. She was so full of anger. Angry because he got hurt, she was angry because she could not stop it, angry because she did not see things through better, angry she did not fix him before reaching the ship...and angry because she was afraid of the reason why she was angry. She moved away from him and back to the pilots chair "I'll where what I like...where are we going now..?"

"Hey..." Marc said with some confusion as she got up and walked away. He, too was feeling conflicted about their relationship, feeling that the personal feelings they were developing were clearly making their profession more dangerous. He peeled off what was left of his shirt, carelessly discarding the bloody and torn mess on the cabin floor. Now topless he stood from his cot, still feeling a bit woozy, as he walked up behind the pilot's chair where she was seated. "After an injury like this I would usually go home and rest for a bit..." he explained to her as his arms moved down to rest his hands upon her shoulders. "But I cannot exactly take you there," he informed her as he lowered his head to smile down at her. "Don't get too comfortable," he said jokingly as he playfully squeezed her shoulders, "That's my seat."

Her body tensed up when she felt him holding onto her shoulders. She closed her eyes for a moment then she glared up to him. "Why? More secrets..?" Her cheeks suddenly flushed...why was she jealous? Hell, why did she even care? She sighed and then when he spoke about his chair she sighed lightly, a curled to her lips. "You can have it back when you're not injured..."

"I'm not married if that's what you think," Marc told her reassuringly as he moved his head down to place a kiss upon her forehead. "Let's take a few days and heal up before the next assignment," he told her as he moved around towards the co-pilot's seat and plopped down. His eyes moved over towards her, roaming over her body as he admired her outfit ... or the lack thereof. "We need the rest after that," he said as he adjusted his seat. He missed his chair.

Her cheeks flushed again. And she kept her eyes ahead of her to the stars that surrounded them "No! That is not what I" She bit her lower lip, licking her lips slowly then she took a chance and glance to him before she sighed with a smile "...Would you sitting in the pilots seat get us to out destination any quicker?"

"I like the view from where I am..." Marc said as a coy grin curled upon his face, his eyes slowly descending upon her legs, which exposed seemed as long as a star destroyer. He chucked slightly before getting up from the chair and leaning across her to begin programming the navigation computer. There were easier ways he could have done it, but leaning across her had certain advantages the others did not. "This'll just take a moment," he reassured her as he lingered.

Every muscle in her body tingled as he got closer. Yes she had urges to help him, to clean his wound...but he seemed to be doing fine now and there were other...urges that were becoming more...urgent. She licked her lips slowly and a deep breath was taken letting the scent of him, of a man...of Marc linger before she let it out in a soft breath across his skin, her voice coming in a shaky whisper "Take your time..." Her heart was pounding in her ears, so much so that she was having trouble sitting still this close for surely he could hear it.

Finally the navigation computer beeped and the coordinates had been laid out. He pulled back, slowly moving his body away from her, his skin repeatedly brushing against hers as he pulled away. He walked behind her, placing his strong hand upon her soft, gentle one and pushed it forward, helping her activate the craft's hyperdrive. As their hands moved together, intertwined, the ship lurched forward and entered hyperspace, causing him to have to hold on to her to keep from falling as the ship jolted.

There was a soft whimper when they took off. But she did not let go of the control simply so he would not move his hand away. She closed her eyes a moment before she would glance over her shoulder up to him. "...Where...are we going?" A slender brow rose, trying to act calm, casual about being so close...that is how it should be...right? No..?

"Some place where no one will try to eat me," Marc explained to her as he pulled his hand away from hers, moving towards the passenger compartment of the ship where he would try and find a drink. He needed one. Rummaging through one of the ubiquitous supply crates he found an unopened bottle and immediately twisted the cap off, pouring his glass. Without giving it time to breath he immediately slammed the entire drink down and gasped as the liquid singed his throat. "Ah," he sighed as he leaned back. His shoulder felt better already.

"That will make you bleed more." She had stood up once he left and leaned against the back of the pilots chair. "You should sit down...and rest, not drink." But she went straight for him, well straight for the bottle. Light weight or not she needed something to calm her nerves. She reached out and took the bottle from him, no need for a glass she pressed the bottle to her lips and a large gulp slid down her throat before she handed it back.

Marc looked up at her, genuinely shocked when he saw what she did with the bottle. "Well look at you..." he said playfully as he reached not for the bottle, but for her. His hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her down onto the cot where he was seated. "I'll rest," he said as he leaned his body into hers. "If you rest with me..." he added, his eyebrow raising as he smiled at her.

Her body stayed tense to leave him, but feeling his body heat, his scent...she bit her lower lip and the anger was slipped from her and a shy smile curled to her lips. "...I don't think I can say no, now..." She bit her lower lip then.

Marc wrapped his uninjured, strong arm around her smaller frame and drew her into him as he moved the bottle aside and lay down comfortably on the cot. His heart was pounding in his chest, so loud that they both would easily be able to hear it. It had been a long, grueling day and all he wanted was to lay with this woman at his side. As his head touched the small pillow, the only part of the cot that offered any comfort, his face moved towards her and he placed a passionate kiss upon her lips, his tongue forceful and rough as it forced its way between her lips and into her mouth. His arm held her close against him, shuddering against her as the warmth of her body kept him comfortable in the coldness of space.

Her body shook lightly, she was nervous, shy suddenly but the moment he pressed his lips to hers, she closed her eyes and let her lips melt into his. She let her own tongue slid against his, her hands moved to his bare chest, fingers gently sliding along him.

Marc pulled his face back and just stared at her, smiling from ear-to-ear. He was overwhelmed by her. It had been a long time since he let anyone get that close and for good reason. His life had just become a whole lot more difficult. He moved his hand to gently caress the side of her face, brushing it against her milky white flesh as she shuddered. "You are so beautiful..." he whispered, as if he were admiring a sculpture in the Alderaan Museum of Fine Arts.

She bit her lower lip to hold back a smile but it was hard to and that smile slid to her soft lips. Why was this happening? What was he doing to her? They were supposed to be taking more orders, killing more people, making more money not...not cuddling in such strong arms, and kissing such succulent lips. "Marc...I..."

"Hmm?" Marc asked as his hand that was wrapped around her moved slowly up and down her back, the fingertips of his hand teasing over every centimeter of her spine. He sighed softly into her mouth as he began to slowly kiss her again. First her lips, then gradually his mouth moved lower as he kissed the side of her face and then her neck, gently sucking upon her flesh.

She was about to speak when he kissed her and her words gently drowned against the feel of him, then his lips trailed down her neck and she let out a gentle moan, a whimper and her leg slowly twined over one of his "N...never mind."

Marc stopped kissing her, moving his head back up to put his face directly in front of hers. The hand from his injured hand came around, meandering through the long locks of her black hair. "Tell me..." he said to her as his fingers separated, allowing the hair to gently flow between them and caress his flesh. She had wonderful hair.

"No." She spoke quickly and moved to have not even an inch between them. Her lips were pressed to his again, she bit down gently on his own lower lip and suckled lightly. She would not say...did not know how to say what she would instead she tried to make him forget she ever had anything to say to begin with. Her arms slipping around him pressing him into her more.

Eventually Marc rolled off her, laying next to her on the small cot. His muscular chest, covered in sweat, heaved up and down as he breathed exhaustedly. His body was soaked with sweat, causing the thin sheet to cling to his body. Beneath it, his hand reached to hers and squeezed it gently, and let out a deep sigh. "I am glad you are with me," he said as he stared up at the ceiling in a state of bliss.

She rolled onto her side so that she could rest her head on his chest. Her eyes closed and her arm wrapped around him, well the one not holding his hand at the moment of course. So many things could have been said in that moment, but only something simple and full of meaning came to mind "...So am I..."

As she leaned against him, Marc's eyes slowly began to flutter before finally closing. He drifted off into a deep sleep, knowing that when he woke up it would be time to seek out another assignment and get back to the harshness of the galaxy. As he slept the smile never left his face, nor did his arm relinquish from holding her. He had fallen for her and it would only become more difficult from here on out.

More like heart wrenching. Sophia did not have the experiences he did. She did not have the years he had, or the love he had experienced. No, Marc was her first...everything. And she had fallen for him the moment he saved her, although she would never admit it. She hugged him to her gently before her breathing became labored and soon her mind drifted in dreams.

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