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Christopher Levy and  Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:F2:2) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson, Commander Augustus Hood, Major Kerrie Kiley, Lady Jelena Rodney, Lieutenant Bethany Sheppard, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, Flight Captain Randi Trainor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

"Yippee!" Captain Randi Trainor shouted over the comm, as she executed a barrel roll in the cockpit of her TIE Advanced x1 prototype. The craft performed better than anything else she had ever piloted, with the added advantage of shielding and hyperdrive. After reorienting herself, she angled the nimble craft for the dorsal hull of the Star Destroyer Warspite. "Here I am come!" she announced, before accelerating the starfighter to its top speed directly at the large vessel that grew increasingly larger through her cockpit. At the last possible moment, she eased back on the stick and skirted only one meter over the hull, rapidly approaching the command structure.

"Captain Trainor, ease back on the controls. This is a flight test. Not a flying circus," the stern voice of Commander Augustus Hood bellowed over the comm. He sighed dejectedly as he realized there was nothing he could say to the young pilot that could alter her actions. Why did he bother then, he wondered silently to himself. He was wasting effort on a futile cause and upsetting himself for nothing. Still, he was responsible for flight operations and there would be consequences with command if Randi were to destroy that prototype. His first concern was with the craft.

"I wish I could fly like that," Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson commented, as she stood behind Commander Hood and the other pilots who had gathered on the flight deck to watch the demonstration. The impressionable young Corellian blonde had only recently graduated flight school, and if not for her father's position as Captain of the ship, it was doubtful that she would find herself piloting craft aboard this ship. She was a product of nepotism at its finest and those that surrounded her understood that, but dared not say anything out of fear of invoking hr father's wrath.

"No one can fly like that but Randi," Lieutenant Bethany Sheppard said, with a twinge of disappointment. She considered her to be the finest natural pilot she had ever encountered, but found her personality to be unorthodox and at times ... annoying. Still, she would not miss an opportunity to watch her fly Sienar Fleet Systems' latest technological marvel. Oh how she dreamed of flying a small craft at breakneck speed, rather than this laboring hulk of a craft. "Hey, have any of you seen a package for me? My mom was supposed to send me something..." she said, sounding quite upset as she addressed the pilots. After she had been choked by the Inquisitor, she considered resigning from the service, and only positive reinforcement from her family had convinced her to remain. Her mother had promised to send her a shipment of the fresh baked cookies she had enjoyed as a child, but as yet they had failed to arrive.

As the TIE Advanced x1 approached the command structure of the Warspite, she pulled back on the flightstick so severely that she grit her teeth and groaned from the forces being applied against her. She very nearly crashed into the bridge, but she narrowly avoided it and went soaring above the Star Destroyer instead. After regaining her composure, she shifted forward in the seat, breathing heavily, with an increased heart rate. Cold drops of sweat began to form on her young body within the flightsuit, and reluctantly she decelerated the craft and prepared to turn around towards the ship.

Commander Hood's brown eyes widened as he read Randi's vitals on his display, not liking the look of them at all. "Captain Trainor, you are in the red on several of your vitals. Return to the Warspite immediately," he ordered, realizing that even the Inquisitor could not discipline him if he chastised her for avoiding a direct order.

"There's something I've been meaning to ask you, Bethany. Is it true the Inquisitor nearly killed you?" Haven asked, but in a quiet tone that the others would not be able to hear. She did not want to risk offending one of her father's bridge officers, but there was understandable curiosity on her part. She had heard all sorts of rumors and innuendos swirling about the ship since she arrived, and to her it felt as if there was more of it here than in the boarding school her father had sent her to.

Bethany was quite embarrassed by Haven's question, and her cheeks flushed red, before backing up slightly so that the others might not hear what she was saying. "Yes. It is true. That insufferable woman nearly took my head," she explained, as she brought both of her gloved hands up to her own throat to mimicking choking herself, completely with tongue hanging out of her mouth. "She showed me all sorts of crap that ISB Major is writing about us to command. I thought she was cool, but she was so ... not cool," she reported, shaking her head with disappointment.

"I hear ya, Commander," Randi said over the comm as she struggled to maintain control of the craft. Rather than undertaking one of her more hazardous entries, she brought the starfighter into the Warspite's hangar with relative ease. A moment later, she touched the TIE Advanced x1 down next to the assortment of TIE fighter, bombers, shuttles, and gunboats that filled the expansive flightdeck. She leapt down from the cockpit, and immediately removed the black flight helmet from her head. "This thing is awesome!" she exclaimed, as she ran over towards the executive officer and observers that had gathered.

Commander Hood was deeply relieved to see that the prototype had returned unscathed, and after giving it a cursory glance, he turned his attention to the pilot. "I trust you are unharmed as well, Captain?" he asked, as a mere matter of protocol rather than of any genuine concern. "I do trust in your report you will use proper technical terms rather than adjectives like 'awesome'," he said to her, with a hint of disapproval, before moving off to examine the craft.

Haven turned her attention from Bethany's harrowing story of near death at the hand's of the Inquisitor, to the return of Captain Trainor. "Did it fly as well as it looked?" she asked, before moving past her to look towards the TIE Advanced x1. It sure beat the heck out of the TIE/ln she had been assigned ... it was an unshielded deathtrap. Her gloved hand ran across the sleek craft, fantasizing about getting an opportunity to fly something better.

Bethany took a long glance at Randi and could only think one thing, did that woman eat my cookies? She took a step forward and offered her a hug of congratulations, understanding how much being the first aboard to test pilot the new TIE Advanced meant to her. "Congratulations, Ran. That was some clutch flying," she was quick to point out, before joining the others who had gone to inspect the craft firsthand.

It was then that the blast doors to the hangar opened revealing the unexpected presence of Lady Jelena Rodney, wearing more traditional clothing than her normal attire of ornate dresses. She looked as if she were either coming, or going, from the fitness center and she would be barely recognizable to those who did not know her. Forcing a smile onto her face, she walked across the flight deck to Randi, whom she had known for quite some time as her father's shuttle pilot. "Good afternoon, Captain Trainor," she began, speaking in her most formal and diplomatic of tones.

"Jelly!" Randi exclaimed as she saw the Grand Moff's daughter arrived on the flight deck. This was quite an unexpected surprise and while everyone else was preoccupied with the TIE Advanced, she gave her full attention to Jelena. Offering her the firmest of hugs, she clung to her for what seemed like far too long. She had not gotten to see Rodney's family much since since she had been drafted by the Inquisitor.

Major Kerrie Kiley was understandably concerned when Jelena informed her she would be going to the flight deck to congratulate Randi on test piloting the TIE Advanced. Was the impetuous Rebel spy going to steal information about the craft and turn it over to the Rebellion? She would not put it past her, and she would do her utmost to ensure no such thing happened. She stood behind Jelena like a watchful avian, and vowed that was as far as she would get to the Empire's new craft. But then, her alarm went off. "Blast," she muttered to herself, as she realized her meeting with the Inquisitor was at hand. "Come, Jelena," she instructed, as she began moving towards the lift.

"I just got here, Major. I will be staying with Captain Trainor. Be gone," Jelena said, dismissively, before moving with Randi towards the other group of pilots. Once her head was turned, a cunning smile formed upon her lips. She was well aware of the Major's pending rendezvous with the Inquisitor and has chosen her time precisely when she would be most vulnerable.

There was now barely enough time for Kerrie to make it to the Inquisitor's quarters. She knew if she were late she would likely undo all of the goodwill that had been acquired, and perhaps result in another physical disciplinary action against her. She stomped her booted foot like an impetuous child as she glared to Jelena who had now disappeared into a crowd of personnel. Letting out an impassioned sigh, she turned her attention towards the exit and literally bolted out of the hangar bay to avoid being late.

Jelena let out a soft laugh as she watched Kerrie run out of the hangar bay. She had succeeded once again, and her pathetic babysitter would likely be late for her duty. "Now Randi, how about teaching me to pilot one of these shuttles?" she asked with a warm smile, as she put her arm around the naive woman's shoulders. "With you busy flying Inquisitor Thanor, I would like to surprise my father by being able to pilot him. As you know, we've grown distant, and I think this would be the perfect way for us to reconnect..." she said, as sweetly and genuinely as possible.

"You got it, Jelly!" Randi said excitedly, as she embraced the Grand Moff's daughter. She owned him so much for resurrecting her career, and she was pleased to finally have a way to reward his faith in her. "Captain Randi Trainor at your service!" she said, as her smile widened so much it threatened to tear her face in too. It had been years since she trained cadets aboard the Vensenor, but she was confident she could teach Jelena enough to pilot a shuttle.

When the turbolift deposited Kerrie on the Inquisitor's level, she surged forward, but stopped immediately when she noticed someone had positioned themselves in her path. "Oh not now!" she groaned, as her eyes scanned towards the chronometer. It was very nearly time for her meeting with the Inquisitor, and she desperately wished to avoid being late.

Major Arden Zevrin stood directly in front of Kerrie, her arms firmly folded in front of her chest, which was covered by the cream tunic of her ISB uniform. "In such a hurry, Major Kiley?" she asked, extending her right arm towards the wall, to both lean against it and block her forward progress. "It seems the Inquisitor has chosen to make use of you, while the Governor is preoccupied with testing the ... flexibility ... of his new aide. Pity you didn't put out ... you might still be at his side if you had. Or was it that you did put out, but managed to bungle that as you have so many other things in your miserable life?" she asked, a cruel grin forming upon her lips as she studied the woman whose life she had so tormented over the past decade. "You used to be so much more. Now, you are nothing but a babysitter and a zookeeper..." that last comment in obvious derogatory reference to Ewwiekewwieikkie. She would have continued, but she was allowed to get no further.

As Arden was speaking, Kerrie had removed the glove from her right hand, and as her temperature continued to boil she reached a breaking point. In one swift motion she brought her hand up and slapped the left side of her face as hard as she could. "I'll have none of this from you today, Arden," she said, using the distraction of the slap to rush past her towards the Inquisitor's quarters. She arrived, at 12:59, in an exhausted mess, and lunged for the comm panel at the last possible moment. "Inquisitor Thanor, I am arriving as ordered!" she reported over the comm, and then quickly ceased speaking in order to catch her breath.

A single streak of blood ran down the left corner of Major Zevrin's lip following the slap. But then the unexpected, as a cunning smile formed upon that mouth of hers. She brought her right index finger up to her lip and collected the blood, before sucking on it passionately. She had succeeded in disrupting the woman's mental state of mind before her all too important meeting with the Inquisitor. She was quite pleased with herself, as the thought of those two teaming up against her displeased her to no end.

Inquisitor Thanor had actually been waiting at the door while counting the last moments to see if the Major was going to arrive before, on or after her requested meeting time, so that when Kiley slammed on the comm panel, Serine was already prepared and the door flew open allowing her to get a gander at Kerrie's disheveled state. She could quickly surmise that the other woman had been running late and dashed down the hallways, though that did not irritate her since their scheduled appointment was met adequately. "Very well Major." Said as Serine took a single step aside to allow Kiley access, unaware of the confrontation that had just happened in the hallway, too bad. Once the other was within the quarters, the door slid shut allowing them privacy. The last time Kerrie had been in this room, she had been violently choked while attempting to share a bottle of Alderaan Ruge, it did not quite work out for her and that bottle had been smashed in fury by the Inquisitor. Serine was fell uncharacteristically silent as she pondered those events, a scrutinizing although meaningful gaze washed over Kerrie. "We have not had much chance to speak for sometime, Major." Said as a statement ... but it sounded very much like an intro to small talk. The Inquisitor and small talk? Peculiar indeed.

It would not take a Force-sensitive to detect that Kerrie had instantly tensed and filled with dread upon entering the Inquisitor's chambers. She had thought of her near asphyxiation for many nights since it occurred, and she struggled with making eye contact with the Inquisitor. Her hands interplayed with one another as she tried to think of something besides being choked by the woman's omnipresent whip. "I have been attending to my new duties, Inquisitor. I apologize if I have been unavailable," she said in a cold, low voice, that seemed as if it had been drained of any emotion. Perhaps the Inquisitor had done more damage than she realized.

Serine picked up right away the contrast between the woman that stood before her now and the far more bold woman that stood in that same spot with a bottle of Alderaan Ruge many weeks ago. That fiery, gutsy and scrappy woman from before had challenged her to a brawl in the training facility and had still clawed at her even while a busted jawbone dangled out of socket. Despite their violent tussling and continued heated confrontations, that spark was the only thing Serine had respected of the Major, and she had been wholly confident any other skirmish would be just as easily brushed off after a trip to Doctor Tohan. Apparently the Inquisitor had unintentionally found that woman's breaking point, and that was a shame because she had wanted to, if possible, turn Kerrie around to be more of a spitting image of what she used to be. Now it appeared Serine undermined her own work, but there was really only one way to truly tell, she needed to gauge an instant reaction. She knew how past Kerrie would react. The Inquisitor's fist slammed into the door that she still stood in front. "If I wanted you to be available, you would have been, Major!"

Kerrie flinched so severely at the Inquisitor's strike that she nearly leapt out of her boots. A cold chill ran down her back, and the carefully mimicked hairs on the back of her neck stood upright. "My apologies, Inquisitor. I did not mean to imply..." and then she stopped, abruptly, realizing she had dug herself into untenable position that no words could defend her from. She therefore silenced herself, stopping at a more direct apology. "I am here as ordered for whatever you require of me, Inquisitor," she reiterated, regaining her composure, and stiffening her back as she stood once again fully upright at attention.

It was not as if this version of Kerrie was offputting, quite the contrary, she seemed to be far more professional and respectful, it was actually a striking improvement in those categories and refreshing, but at the extent of that edge the Inquisitor valued so highly. However it was clear that the major was suffering from abuse anxiety and it was likely the Inquisitor had no small part to play in it. Serine was used to people being afraid of her presence, and she should not be so surprised it happened, but she just assumed ... Kerrie could handle it. There was a positive understanding in this development, and that was the Major could still be molded. She was not hopeless, which had been inferred in the past by Serine's own cruel evaluations. The best way now to perhaps undo a little of this anxiety is to move forward with her plans of pulling Kerrie into her fold. The Inquisitor was making moves to spread more of her influence across the ship and Kiley would be a useful tool. "I wished to disclose some information to you Major, though what I am about to show you must stay in this room. Do not betray this trust I am affording you." There was a small datadisk laying upon the table next to the terminal that was picked up within her hand so she could display it to the other woman. "Major Zevrin had some choice words about you, though I'm sure you are no stranger to her opinions. This data was apart of a report she was going to send to the ISB." The disk caught the light of the room, glinting softly. "This is optional, Major, you do not have to subjugate yourself to it if you do not wish."

Kerrie said nothing, silently moving towards the table like the predator that she once was. She held the disk in one hand, examining it carefully for authenticity. Was this a trick on the part of the Inquisitor, or had she in fact obtained this classified information. She turned her head towards the Inquisitor, and there was a cold and pale complexion upon her face, as if she were already in some kind of shock. Trembling, she struggled to place the disk in the terminal, as her hand shook with the dread of what was to come. The first thing flashed upon the screen was her interrogation at the hands of Arden Zevrin and Wulf Yularen on Coruscant years ago, as she was brutally tortured to learn the extent and limits of her shapeshifting ability. Kerrie Kiley is by far the most unique specimen I have ever encountered on my travels throughout the galaxy. When I first met her she was already one of the most skilled assassins in the galaxy and I relished putting her shapeshifting ability to use by the ISB. However, she failed miserably on Rodia and I believed her to be dead. I thought it very unlikely that I would ever see her again, until... The surveillance video of Kerrie's attempt to assassinate then-Admiral Rodney on Ithor was shown, followed by her subsequent imprisonment at his hands, being released only when she pledged to serve him. It seemed the young woman foolishly blamed the Governor for some obscure piece of legislation passed by the Senate decades early, that started a series of events that would lead to the death of her immediate family. Using a sense of logic that could only make sense to her, she pledged to keep him alive, so that her hatred of him could continue unhindered. I have watched with disgust as he has used her sparingly in her first, best duty ... assassination. Instead, she has been relegated to protecting the Governor's family ... a distraction that he seems to obsess upon. This misuse and neglect has caused the woman to enter into a state of despair that has caused her to be increasing incompetent at the meager tasks. I have watched with confusion as she has allowed herself to be supplanted by an Alderaanian secretary ... a warrior defeated in one fell swoop by a pacifist. I would recommend her as a candidate for termination if not for two reasons: first, the potential that her skills might one day again be put to positive use by the empire; second, the personal enjoyment I obtain from watching her suffer. After concluding the report, Kerrie sunk into herself, more upset than angry. It was the undeniable truth, but sometimes a true insult is more damaging than a false one. "Did-did you read this?" she asked Serine, without so much as moving a muscle in any direction.

As Kerrie read through the report for the first time, Serine recollected the dozens of times she read it, she had practically memorized every word. "Yes I did, on numerous occasions. It is the reason I decided to invite you here. I want to discuss this information with you directly. Forget for a moment this was Major Zevrin's report, we can talk about her ... later. I want to focus on the details here ... the truth to this passage that cannot be denied. So let us skip the denial stage." Said a bit sharply, but she was not at all angered at Kerrie, at least not yet, she merely wanted to prevent useless refusal of the other woman on the accuracy here. "You are wasting your time with Governor Rodney." Said abruptly and absolutely as blunt as possible. Serine understood the pain of not being used to her full potential, it could be one of the reasons she has been on charged rampage throughout the Warspite. "He doesn't understand you ... like *I* understand you." Said in a low tone, obviously some malice towards Rodney, though he has ... been improving ... but at a pathetically slow rate. Serine of course was referring to Kerrie's more keen and intense desire to shed blood.

Kerrie's breathing was labored as she coped with the directness of the report, remember old memories that were best left forgotten, and Serine's enticement. "Major Zevrin is wrong..." she began, trying to delude herself as she spoke. "My-my duties are very important. There is nothing the Grand Moff views as more important than his family, and they are my responsibility," she said in a way that made it clear she was speaking more to herself than to Serine. "So in a sense he has given me the most important job in the Oversector. The protection of what he holds most dear..." she concluded, not just trying to convince the Inquisitor, but herself as well. She nodded emphatically, feeling justified in her diminished position.

"What do you care about his family?! You want to murder this man, remember?!" She shouted, it being a very good thing that all possible bugs had been removed from the Inquisitor's chambers long ago. Serine herself did not wish to kill the Grand Moff, but this conversation it of itself was already very dicey and teetering on mutiny. "You do not need to cater to his unthankful children to keep him safe until you drive a pike through his temple as he sleeps, do you? It is not even necessary that you follow his orders ... not when I could have your orders transferred to me." And there was the real issue and the possible association and partnership. The Inquisitor could have very good use for a Clawdite assassine. "Only a fool like the Governor fails to use such unique skills as yours."

"You flatter me, Inquisitor..." Kerrie began, as she moved away from the terminal and towards the Inquisitor. "But as it says in Major Zevrin's file ... I have lost my family. In truth, I never really had one..." she began, swallowing deeply to force back the tears. "The truth is I never felt accepted anywhere until I met his wife and children," she continued, but her defense then subsided, and the tears began to flow ... just a few drops at first, but then an unrelenting stream. "You will never understand. *He* will never understand. But they are all I have ... all I've ever had..." she sniveled, before bringing her gloved hands up to her eyes to wipe at the tears to no avail. "I would do anything for them. I *have* done anything for them," she concluded, referencing all of the illegal activity she had engaged in to protect Jelena from Imperial authorities.

Serine ripped herself from the terminal to pace angrily about the room. The way the series of events were unfolding here were extremely disappointing and aggravating ... it just made her want to pummel that woman again... How dare she just break down right in her chambers and sob like an emotionally unstable infant. "You are a complete waste to me." Said bitterly, seeing the untapped potential just slip through her fingers. "I could have given you real purpose." Said almost remorsefully, there had been so much hidden capability there that Serine never fully got to witness.. she had to merely read fleeting and incomplete reports from long past, before Kerrie became this weeping wreck that was now soiling her floor. "You are disgustingly weak. It makes me sick just looking at you. Like a dull blade not fit for cutting bread, do you decay here and rot under such false pretense. You are nothing to him... Nothing!! You dare slink away from me like a groveling coward when I so much as slam a fist after only a few altercations, but you follow that detestable man like a collared dog after he beat you nearly to death on numerous occasions." Serine was seething, because she actually wanted to give Kerrie a chance ... to give her something substantial, a new start, a new beginning. Now it was all in vain.

"No!" Kerrie shouted at the top of her lungs at Serine's comment that she meant nothing to him, before falling to her knees in front of her. She thrust both of her fists on the durasteel deckplating so forcefully that it caused both of her hands to bleed beneath her gloves. "That's not true! That was only punishment for when I failed him. I deserved it..." she said, in rapid succession, trying her best to justify his actions, as the tears continued to flow. "You haven't spent time with him like I have... You don't know him like I do..." she continued, before bending forward to lean over the deckplating. She was completely prostrate and broken in front of the Inquisitor. "He needs me!" she screamed, from deep within her gut, before falling to the ground and curling herself up in the fetal position, her native Clawdite state fading into view on her face as she lost control of her ability to maintain human form.

While Major Zevrin could not hear every word exchanged between the two, she could make out enough to know that Kerrie was on the losing end of a psychological battle. But it did not take a surveillance device to know that, as it could easily be expected. The sounds of Kerrie in anguish were familiar to her now, and it played like sweet music in her ears that brought a smile to her face. It had seemed the two would be unable to couple against her, and she felt more confident than ever in her position. Someone ... or someones ... were working against her aboard this ship, and she had suspected either one of them as the most likely of culprits. She felt she could easily outmatch any one of them, but both could prove a challenge. Fortunately for her, the infighting that plagued the Imperial bureaucracy allowed women like her to carve out safe bases of power from which to amuse themselves.

This miserable display of wretched anguish was starting to affect Serine in unpredictable ways. The building outcome here was not her intent... Then suddenly right in the middle of her thought process did searing psychological torment burn into her consciousness and a series of images of her past experiences flashed by her instantaneously, nearly superimposed with Kerrie's miserable form. There had been multitudes of instances Serine had blocked from her memory and stored deep in the dark recesses of a troubled subconscious mind. Hit hard and momentarily indisposed, she gasped while stumbling backwards until her back collided with the door. Stunned but for a second, red hot anger flashed that instantly swept away those unwelcomed memories and soon eyes dangerously lowered to the trembling form of the Major. "You!" She snarled at Kerrie, the pitiful woman unknowingly jarred some very unpleasant recollections that the Inquisitor wanted to forget. Her Master had never shown her mercy when she was groveling, so why should Serine? "Get up!" She screamed like a primal beast, this would have been easily heard by the eavesdropping Zevrin, and so too would the sudden quake of the wall as Kerrie was slammed up against it by Serine so viciously that the sound would echo in the hallways. She had not the patience to wait, instead Kerrie was thrust brutally into the wall by an unseen hand, the area crackling with power. "Just as you deserve this punishment, Major?!" She snarled as she held the woman up by her will alone, Kerrie's feet were not even touching the ground as the Inquisitor clutched at the air. "When he leaves you to die in a gutter filled with your own blood, then you will know... You are nothing to him!"

Kerrie let out a considerable grown of discomfort as she slammed into the wall, but the physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional trauma that had been inflicted upon her. "Is this the purpose you had in mind for me?" she asked, flashing some defiance for the first time in ages. In her mind, they were all the same, taking her tempers out on her to make themselves feel better. "It is for you to deserve what I do and do not deserve, Inquisitor," she pointed out, dejectedly, as she was continually pressed against the bulkhead. "He will not leave me. You will see. You will all see!" she said, defiantly, as she did her best ... yet ultimately unsuccessful ... attempt to free herself from the telekinetic grip she could not see or defend against.

"Oooh!" Arden cooed as she both felt and heard the unmistakable impact of a body against the bulkhead, and moved two steps away from the door. She could not help but begin to laugh uncontrollably at the thought of what must have been going on behind closed doors. Why did she not have a camera in there? she mused silently and frustratingly to herself as she could make out screams and cries, but far too few words.

This was all going wrong, this was not how she had envisioned this exchange! She did not want to hurt Kerrie, she wanted to recruit her! Serine had wrongfully assumed she could talk to Kerrie honestly, and the once feared assassin would understand and desire a change, but it appeared she was far too late... "You have been spayed." It was too late it seemed, so disheartening... The Inquisitor was dismayed, Kerrie's words caused the Inquisitor's fury to melt into what could only be described as mourning. She wanted Kiley to be *hers* and she would have been a far better superior than Rodney... Serine could have given Kerrie a meaningful and satisfying existence, a pawn yes, but a useful, trusted and respected tool in Serine's arsenal. This was causing the Inquisitor far more anxiety than it was worth... "So be it ... get out." Said barren of the heated emotion that had just transpired, it was empty with unfulfilled rewarding possibilities. Serine released Kerrie from her uncomfortable position pressed up against the wall, allowing the woman to slide to her feet. A few steps were taken towards the table, before both hands were pressed to it and she leaned over it dejected.

When the unseen pressure was removed from her body she collapsed to the ground in a thoroughly battered and exhausted heap. She started to get up, but could not, and so began the pathetic process of crawling as best she could to follow the Inquisitor's order. When the door opened, Kerrie was horrified to see the presence of Major Arden Zevrin. Her defeat had now become twice as painful. She suspected that the Inquisitor and Arden were in on this together, and that Zevrin had provided Serine with the datadisk to first break her mind, before she would break her body. She looked up at the Major, saying nothing, but indicating with every fiber of her being that she had lost, and ultimately collapsed, unconscious on the deck of the corridor below.

Major Zevrin clapped, followed by a drawn out pause before clapping again, and then a deliberate pause once more before a third and final clap. "Well done! Well done!" she said almost blissfully, as she knelt down next to Kerrie to place a hand upon her. "Eh. You've had worse. You'll manage..." she said, before she rose back up into an erect position. "Inquisitor?" she asked, calling loudly into the still open doorway. "I have a message from the Grand Vizier," she explained, making it clear that she was there on official business, while also ensuring that she could not be assaulted ... lest Serine would not get the message.

Maybe there was another way Serine could get Kerrie to see the errors of her judgement...there had to be, she just had not thought of it yet. She was so convinced that the datadisk plan would work... The Inquisitor continued to stare at the table so invested that she did not even notice Arden there nor Kerrie collapsing until her dispirited slump was sliced open by the unmistakable smug voice of that ISB officer. Had Zevrin been perched outside her door this whole time?! There was no other reason for that snake of a woman to be anywhere even near this hallway. "If you have something to say to me Major Zevrin, then say it!" As Serine snapped her gaze towards Arden she would notice the collapsed body of Kerrie laying in a crumpled heap. With a detestable groan, she slammed her fist into the button to indicate medical was needed outside of the Inquisitor's chambers... They might as well move medical to this hallway, Serine darkly mused ... so many 'accidents' seemed to happen here.

"It has come to my attention that the Grand Vizier has just concluded a conversation with Grand Moff Rodney, in which he has demanded the immediate transfer of Canna Omonda to Imperial Center for her execution," Arden explained, confident in Serine's knowledge of how she would be able to come across such information. "I thought I would alert you ... as courtesy of course," she concluded, before literally stepping over Kerrie's fallen body to begin moving away from the scene. "Let us hope that Doctor Tohan has managed to put her back together. I understand that he has been quite busy dealing with Doctor Shuura, and now this..." she said, mimicking sympathy, with a false frown as she looked down on the battered Clawdite.

"I have not yet dismissed you Major." Said with superiority, not at all ashamed of abusing her higher rank, in fact she relished it. Her nemesis was far too clever to be tricked into coming within Serine's chambers, this was like a death trap that was not covered by surveillance cameras, a black hole of disaster. "You came all the way here just to give me that message? That was devout." Said with a sardonic tone. There was always an ulterior motive with Zevrin ... and it took Serine a few moments to start ... piecing some things together. Of course Arden know about the interrogation ... and Kia ... had been with Serine ... no one had been watching for any communications leaving Zevrin's office. How could she have been so foolish!? The Inquisitor sucked in air with the sudden realization that a few more individuals would be privy to that interrogation ... and Kia inside. She was going to wait to publish that interrogation document until *after* she contacted High Inquisitor Tremayne ... Serine felt physically nauseous. An intense glare of vengefulness and awareness of what Arden had done was directed to her rival. Breathing became erratic as the overwhelming desire to harm that woman swirled in fierce silver eyes. How does this ... woman keep ... catching her!?

"Ta ta, Inquisitor," Arden said, throwing one last glance towards the downed Major Kiley, before sashaying away down the corridor from which she came. Looking over her shoulder one last time to ensure the Inquisitor was out of earshot, she removed the comlink from her pocket with a satisfied smile upon her lips. "Have you been monitoring, Milord?" she asked, as she leaned nonchalantly against the bulkhead to allow the medical team ample room to pass by. "Indeed I have, Major. You have done well to inform me of these events. I will send for her at once," the unmistakable voice of High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne responded to her over the comm. Laughingly smugly to herself she tossed the comlink in the air, before reaching out to grab it excitedly in a flourish of victory. It was then safely deposited among her person, before the repulosrlift door closed on her face.

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