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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:16) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Nona Jast and Lord Gaius Rodney.

Every man was nervous about getting married, but Gaius was particularly so because his was more than a simple wedding ... it was an affair of state. The Duke was dying and there was some question as who would succeed him, and while Gaius was not in the direct line, he nevertheless was an appealing candidate as the two men ahead of him carried serious baggage. The wedding would be broadcast across the HoloNet because of the importance of both he and his fiancé, and he wanted to project a strong, healthy, masculine image to all who would be present and watching at home. To that end, he had spent most of his free time trying to work off the extra pounds that time had placed upon him. He had cut his food portions, which helped because of the refugee crisis, and begun an extreme exercise routine. As the morning began, he would hop out of bed, attempting to let Nona sleep in a couple of more hours, and move to their living quarters where he would exercise for several hours. That's where he was now, doing his crunches, which had hardened his abdominal muscles into an impressive six pack that would make him strike quite the pose in his wedding garb.

Nona Jast, but Jast for not much longer, grew up in the political playing field all of her life. She was a representative with no job, now a tool for gaining prestige amongst her family. She was married off to a man she had only met a few months ago, but not only was their attraction strong, but their connection as a whole. She had grown to care for Gaius Rodney a great deal. It was hard no to. How could anyone not fall in love with those eyes that reminded her of the softest blue sky. Nona stirred in her bed as an arm reached out for Gaius. But a frown formed over her thin rosy lips as her hand felt the cold empty sheets next to her. The blonde aristocratic sat up in her bed, rubbing the sleep from her own soft kind eyes. Lips pressed together as she looked around and pushed herself off of the soft mattress of her bed. Gaius seemed to spend most if not all of his nights with her. She had grown accustomed to him being there. She wished she had fit in the palace more. But she didn't feel it was her place until she was named Nona Jast-Rodney. Bare feet hit the cold marble floor as she let that long silken night gown hit the floor after she stood up. She moved around and grabbed a robe and slipped her arms into the sleeves and wrapped the light blue material around her lithe form. She walked out of the room and tried to stay quiet. She'd move to the room which she was sure to find Gaius and nodded to one of the guards outside of it. They let her in without question. Nona would slip into the room and give a small laugh. "Darling...You should really take a break. You're going to exhaust yourself and quite possibly not be able to stand at the alter on our wedding day." Nona smiled as she slipped her hands into the pockets of her robe and made her way closer to her fiancé.

A series of loud, tired grunts escaped Gaius' lips as he completed his crunches, and came to a seated position, looking up at Nona affectionately. "I promise you I'll rest right after the wedding!" he shouted at her, as he offered up a reassuring smile. His facial expression quickly froze as he realized the mistake he had made, and gingerly began to stand up. "I mean right after the honeymoon!" he said, with a soft laugh, before moving to his water bottle. He took a sip of the cold, refreshing fluid and began to cool himself, but his eyes never left the beautiful and lovely woman that he was fortunate "It's only a couple more days," he said to her, as he placed the bottle down, bringing his arm across his mouth to wipe away the excess fluid. He moved towards her, wanting to embrace her, but hesitated, as he did not want to drench her in the sweat that was pouring off his muscular physique. "It's probably for nothing anyway. Everyone will be looking at you," he said, raising his hand to the side of her face, brushing at her blonde locks, which still looked perfect to him, despite the fact she had just emerged from an incomplete's night's rest.

Eyes widened slightly as she heard him should. Nona then laughed as he was so consumed with what he was doing, he had only just realized who he was speaking with. Her hand moved to his after he placed his on her cheek. That loving smile plastered over her lips. "You're perfect the way you are Gaius. I loved you the moment you kissed my hand." She turned her face to place a gentle kiss onto his palm. She didn't pay any mind to the sweat that dripped down his now chiseled form. It was getting a little hard not to notice how much more in shape he had become. Right hand moved out to run her fingertips down that sweat covered chest. "Are you nervous?" She looked from his abdomen up to those hypnotic eyes of his. She figured she was a bit of a mess, but if he couldn't love her at her worst, how could he love her at all?

"I love you too, Nona. Thank you for showing me how ridiculous I've been acting," Gaius replied to her, as he stood before her, breathing deeply, and continuing drip sweat, even as she caressed him. "Of course I'm nervous. My family will be there. All of the most important people from Delaya and Kuat..." he continued to rattle off a long list of reasons why the momentous day lingered on his thoughts. "But at least I will have you with me to hold my hand, and protect me," he said with a small laugh, before he could hold back no longer. His hand went to the back of her head, messing it, as he drew her head towards his. His eyes closed as he placed a passionate kiss upon her lips, holding it there for perhaps longer than he should have, but he could not let go.

Nona listened as Gaius spoke to her. His voice was smooth and deep, almost as hypnotic as his eyes. "I am not nervous in the least." And before she could get in another word out, he pulled her to him. Her thin soft lips crashed into his in a passionate lip lock. Eyes closed as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her, not caring so much about getting drenched in that sweat. She was floored. It was hard to put into words exactly how she felt. Nostrils flared as she tried to catch her breath, but Gaius had taken it away. She pulled away from him for a moment to catch it, gasping slightly. "G-Gaius." Those fair freckled cheeks turned a slight shade of rose as she gave a soft smile. She was a little embarrassed by her own reaction to the passionate kiss he gave her. She placed a gentle kiss upon his chin. "I helped in the design for my dress...I think it may be a little...modern with a hint of traditional." She would be excited to see his reaction to her design of a gown.

Gaius was surprised that she was not nervous about the wedding, as he had come to believe the stereotype that all women, regardless of how lovely they seemed, became bridezillas. "Am I allowed to see?" he asked, after the kiss broke, tilting his head down towards her, looking slightly confused. "I had thought it was bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding?" he asked her, although she had piqued his interest with the use of the word 'modern'. "I'm sure whatever it is will be lovely," he said, to reassure her, as he allowed his hands to encircle her, finding a home at the small of her back. He pressed her as close as two people could possibly be.

Nona took in a deep breath as the smell of him enticed her. It was as if she became some wild creature in need to be close to him. Nona was a patient woman. She was calm and calculating. "Darling...we make our own luck. This wedding will happen regardless of what you do or don't see." She gave him a quick kiss and moved her forehead against his own. "I can parade around in the gown if you'd like to see it. I mean, it may ruin the surprise. But I will not be wearing white..." She kissed him again, pressing her body against his own, being able to feel every curve of his body through that thin robe and night gown that she was currently wearing.

Gaius was hesitant to release her from his clutches, but he very much wanted to see what she had in store for him. "Very well, my dear. We shall chance it," he said, in a confident tone, while smiling down at her. His hands released, and he took several steps backward, until there was space to him. "Do hurry back," he said to her, turning to grab hold of his water bottle again. The exercise had raised his body temperature, but Nona had damn near lit a fire inside of him. He sat down in one of the luxurious arm chairs, resting, in an attempt to catch his breath while he continued to hydrate. Arranged marriages had been commonplace throughout his family for millennia, but he doubted any of them started off so wonderfully as his.

"You really want to see? From what I hear, men don't usually share any sort of interest in the planning or what goes into planning a wedding." She took a few steps back from Gaius as she looked at him. She gave a shiver and a rather excited laugh. She felt incredibly fortunate that this arranged marriage was something that was going to be a real partnership. Something that she would be incredibly fulfilled with and happy. Bottom lip bitten as she turned around and walked out at the living quarters and back to her room where she'd spend a good twenty minutes getting into the damn dress. She then understood why it took a small army to get her into the gown in the first place.

In the twenty minutes that passed Gaius, predictably, fell asleep in the chair after waking up too early and then beginning an intense workout that was perhaps too rigorous for a man of his age. He had been given the week of his wedding off from his official duties with what was left of the Alderaan Guard, so he had no pressing engagements, and could sleep as long as he wanted. In his dreams they were already married and off on their honeymoon with the stress of the wedding in the rearview of their speeder. When Nona would return she would find him slumped over, snoring slightly, and still clinging to his water bottle.

Nona returned to the living quarters, wearing a dress that was quite simple in style. Maybe that's why she considered it to be more of a modern piece of clothing. The silken down was the palest of yellows, maybe even the color of a light champagne. It was a bit shiny as it caught the light just perfect to reflect it. Her shoulders were bare as the straps fell closer towards them than the base of her neck. A cowl wider neckline that didn't reveal too much. The back was low, also cowl, but it showed off the skin but with a sheer piece of cloth covering the small over her back up to her shoulders. She would have preferred it bare, but she didn't want to be too revealing. The dress clung to her hips and thighs before flaring at the bottom, with a slightly long train that dragged behind her. It was a rather remarkable gown, simple and classic. She moved through the living quarters and spotted Gaius sleeping. She moved towards him and reached out a hand upon his bare shoulder. "Gaius ... wake up darling," she said as she gave his upper body a slight shake.

When Gaius lifted his head and emerged from his nap the first thing that came into view was the beautiful pale yellow gown that she was wearing. His eyes rolled slowly up over her body to capture the entire design of the garment, before coming to rest upon her own. "Well. Certainly no one is going to notice me with you dressed like that," he said, as he leaned his head up to place a soft kiss upon her lips. He was careful not to brush against the delicate material with his sweat stained material. "I cannot imagine any woman looking so lovely upon her wedding day as you will look when you walk down the aisle in this magnificent gown," he said to her, a completely devoted smile coming upon his handsome face, as he realized just how perfect this ceremony was likely to be.

Nona could not help but place a gentle kiss upon his lips in return. She moved to stand up and take a few steps back. She did a small turn in that 360-degrees, giving him a view of the back as well. "I thank you, my dear Gaius. But, I only wanted to wear something of my own design. Less is more in my eyes." She gave her husband to be a gentle wink as she looked down at him. "I suppose you would be a dear and accompany me to my room and help me out of this gown?" Small smirk formed over plump lips as she couldn't help herself. She turned around and faced the way she came with her back towards the taller and broader man.

"I should have had you design what I'll be wearing," Gaius said, as he rose from the armchair and began following her towards the bedroom. "Of course I'll help you," he said, but as he began to walk her down to her suite, he was careful not to take her arm, as he wanted to, for fear of staining her dress. It was just a short walk down the ornate, spiral marble stairs to the lower level of the castle spire they inhabited. "And here we are," he said, as he stepped ahead of, opening the large, oversized door to reveal the modest guest quarters she had been assigned prior to the wedding.

"Close the door..." she asked as she moved further into the bedroom. Taking in the room as it would only be a few more nights before she'd take in the sights of her room no more. She couldn't help but give a half hearted grin as she turned to her fiancé and give him a warm smile. "I... I cannot wait be your wife Gaius. Help raise our sons and daughters. I am looking forward to building a life with you." She wanted to reach out to take his hand. She did, giving it a gentle squeeze. She knew the man had taken great care in not to damage her dress, and for that she was even more grateful.

Gaius wasted no time in closing the door, giving them privacy from the servants and security personnel that roamed the corridors and gossiped about the people who lived here. "You won't have to wait much longer," he assured her, as he returned the gently embrace of her hand, He circled around her with the adeptness of a predatory beast, bringing his hand to the zipper, and slowly lowering it to ensure that it did not get caught and potentially cause a last minute wedding disaster. "Do you want a big family, then?" he asked, enjoying the planning of a dreamed future, as he finished the delicate task of helping her with the exquisite wedding gown.

She would immediately move to hold the gown to her chest as he unzipped the gown after a few moments. Eyes moved to him as she gave a slight shrug. "I want as big of a family as you do. Though, I'd like to enjoy our marriage some before I get to producing you an heir." She smiled as she'd walk into the bathroom. She'd be a few minutes before returning into the open area in nothing but her robe. "Did you want a big family!" Right arch of her brow as she moved across the room to sit at the foot of her unmade bed.

"At least an heir and a *spare*," Gaius said, reminding her of their noble status, and the requirements that greater society imposed upon them. "We certainly have the resources to support a large family," he pointed out, as he moved towards the bed to sit beside her. As she was only in a robe, he did not feel it was a problem to get his sweat upon it. He wrapped his arm around her, drawing her more near, and placing a deeper kiss upon her sweet lips. "Yes. Not too soon. There is much to do, and the refugee crisis sees no end..." he said, dwelling on his duties, despite the fact that he was technically off duty this week.

Nona smiled as she leaned into Gaius. Her lips moving against his in a deep and passionate kiss. Those green eyes fluttered open and closed as she rested a hand on his cheek. "What shall be will be ... but two children sounds like a good balance." She leaned her head against his shoulder and gave a soft sigh. "I wish there was something we could do to at least calm them down, or supply some sort of relief for them. It is not their fault that they lost their planet." She looked over to Gaius, eyes meeting with his own.

"No. It is not their fault," Gaius said sadly, finding it hard to be passionate towards her with the plight of so many burdening them. "But the Empire blames them for their own planet's destruction and they have every world terrified of the prospect of helping us," he said with a deep, beleaguered sigh as he considered all of their options carefully. "I've considered sending what ships we have to attempt to acquire food any way that they can, but there are some who fear Imperial reprisals if we do," he said, as his hand moved towards her, drawing patterns upon it aimlessly with his index finger as he thought things over and shared the situation with her.

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