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Josh Barton, Christopher Levy, and Tara McLaren.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:33) in the Brentaal system: Heretic's Avenger and the Rhinnal system: Rhinnal.
Commander Derek Atio, Jane Minersha, R2-S8, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, and Valeria.

Derek Atio lay on a bed in the medical compartment of the Heretic's Avenge, his left hand holding a towel against his stomach. He had been shot in the stomach by an overanxious Black Sun henchman's SH-9 slugthrower. He had taken blaster shots before, but never had he taken a slug ... it was a far more painful and unsettling experience. By now the towel was red, the color of blood, as he struggled to keep pressure to the wound. His right hand grasped a bottle of Corellian Brandy that Minersha fortunately kept on board, and rather than using a glass, he was drinking directly from the bottle. "Ah," he cried out, sounding like a little girl, as the pain and burning of the wound became too much for him to bare. His innards were a mess and no simple bacta patch or droid would be able to save the Tetan at this point ... it would take a surgeon of particular skill.

"He is so lucky we were close by," she said as she pushed the Heretic's Avenger away from the Brentaal system as fast as it would go. Sprocket was jacked into the ships main computer, assisting in flight and normal co-pilot duties. Turning her head to the right, she looked over to Valeria, frowning a bit at the situation. "Val, any idea where we can take him that won't ask too many questions? I'm going to go back there and see what I can do to keep him from leaking." She hopped up out of the Pilots seat leaving the unlocked controls to Valeria as she walked past the secondary systems stations and down the cockpit corridor. The YT-2000 had been very heavily modified to say the least, which was probably going to be one of the major factors in the saving of Derek's life as, after a few twists and turns, she bounded into the ships small, but adequate medical bay. She had never dealt with a Slugthrower wound, but she knew basic first aid for most endoskeletal, warm blooded and some cold blooded humanoids, and would try her hardest to stabilize him.

"If we could get to my ship quick enough, I think my droid might be able to save him. Too much time has passed, though." She shook her head woefully as she remained in the bridge of the ship, communicating either by yelling or through the intercom. "I know a guy ... well, not really a guy so much as an Ithorian. He might be willing to help...I kind of feel bad for abusing his help, but.." Valeria trailed off, a troubled look in eyes that were rarely anything but joyful at the prospect of enjoying life. "..tell me and I'll start computer the jump coordinates. I' m not as bad at that as I used to be."

A helpless Derek Atio continued to twist and turn in agony on the table in the medical bay, wishing he had just stayed in bed that morning. "Thanks ... thanks for getting me out of there, Jane," he said between coughs of blood as the half-Chiss entered the room. "Wish ... wish you had something ... strong," he said, as his teeth bit down on the bottle of Corellian Brandy and took a much needed swig of the brown beverage. "I need serious help..." he said as his hand continued to press that bloody towel against his wound.

She used the ships internal communications to speak with Valeria, as shouting would not easily carry. "Lets do it. I'm a lot better at fixing ships than I am at fixing people." She grinned, and than frowned as she looked over and down at Derek. "I do have something strong, Just keep laying there..." She was going through the cabinets of the Medical bay, looking quickly over different medicines and drugs she made sure to keep handy and up to date. Never knew when they would come in handy. "How you got the idea to get involved with Black Sun is beyond me, You'd better feel damn lucky that I was there." She pulled a few bottles and a sealed packet out. "Alright, enough of this..." She pulled the bottle away and put it aside in a holder so it would not spill. Instead she got him a large cup of water and handed him two Comaren pills, One Anticeptin-D pill and a Bacta Capsule. "take these, now." She said as she lifted up his shirt, tore the Autotourniquet package open, and and pressed it to the wound. It would sting like hell, but it would stop him from leaking blood.

Valeria was not a mathematician in the slightest. Her skills with astrogation left something to be desired, but she knew she could come through in the clutch. She hoped so, anyways. Ordinarily a hyperspace route to the planet she was going to was not a hard thing. Valeria always took chances, however. It was in her nature, and right now getting there faster was more important than getting there safely. Valeria would compute a risky route that would shave as much distance off as she could, trying to get to their destination swiftly. Between that and the fact that she would have to ask someone for help they might not want to give, her normally carefree demeanor was absent.

Sprocket, jacked into the computer access port in front of the Co-Pilots seat, let out some worried warbles and beeps. When the coordinates to the planet were punched in, Rhinnal from what the ships databanks could ascertain, he made sure to double check the input for the course. With a few minor corrections that would not have put them in much trouble, but made for a not so smooth ride, the coordinates were fed to the computer and he took over pilot duties, and not too long afterwards, the hyperdrive would activate, and they would begin their journey to the Rhinal System.

A deranged smile curled upon his lips as the painkiller began to flow through his system. He let out a soothing sigh as his body temperature began to rise in response to the introduction of the drug. "Jane, did I ever tell you that you look blue to me?" he asked, not making much sense as he began to drift in and out of consciousness. The other chemicals began to treat the wound, and while the risk of infection was lowered, the bleeding ceased, but no effect was had on the damage to his intestines. The Tetan's eyes fell slowly, his cheeks now quite pale from the blood loss. His right hand moved from the bottle of liquor and instinctively reached out for Jane, squeezing at her for some reassurance as he continued to hold the towel against his bleeding wound.

She began to hook up medical diagnostic tools, heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, and a temperature monitor. She was not quite sure what the norm was for a Tetan male of his age but she figured that the blood pressure was lower than it should be, and the temperature was a little higher maybe. At least the bleeding stopped. "Yes, I am blue. And you better not die on my ship, ya geezer, otherwise I'd feel bad." She grinned and made a mental note to purchase a medical droid.

"Okay,'re good at slicing. You can do this." Valeria cracked her fingers, sounding rather doubtful, as she hunched over the station she was sitting at. She would begin to program a message that she wanted to piggy on communications already going to the planet, intent on sending it the program once they exited from hyperspace. She had already looked into how she would try and contact the good doctor before, in case it had come up. Valeria had learned more about the hospital that he volunteered at, as well as where he received his personal messages. Using the skills which she had never bothered developed, she would put as good an encryption on the message as possible, trusting that the Imperials would not be monitoring hospitals as heavily as they would military installations.

Derek could no longer maintain consciousness and gradually slipped under. His hand moved from Jane's body and fell limp against his body. His other hand ceased to hold the towel against his body and it collapsed to the ground. The bleeding had now stopped and Jane would be provided with an excellent view of the man's wound, with much of his lower intestine visible. A particularly lethal wound, the SH-9 slugthrower packed a powerful punch. The man had only hours left to live ... perhaps less ... and only a truly gifted physician could save him at this point.

A very surprised Doctor Pilaq Tohan arrived at the YT-2000, fully expecting to have found Valeria's gunship, rather than this unknown vessel. He wondered, perhaps, if he had been set up and considered walking away. However, the message he had received while guest lecturing at the Rhinnal State Medical Facility was marked urgent and his conscience as a physician compelled him to wait for some response from those inside the ship. He relied heavily on his ornate Ithorian walking stick and reached out with it, to slap it against the hull of the ship to signal those inside. "Hello?" he asked, impatiently, in the stereophonic speech unique to members of the Ithorian species.

She stayed in the medical bay with Derek, keeping an eye on the slowly, but steadily decreasing readings on the monitoring equipment. She did not like how the instruments were telling her that he was slowly dying. She frowned and opened the door to the small med bay, Activating her personal comlink to Valeria outside "You might want to find that doctor friend of yours and hurry, I'm not sure how much longer he'll last."

Valeria used the controls of Jane's ship ... unfamiliar to her, certainly ... to lower the method of boarding. Once again the smuggler's face was visible as she looked to the doctor who had saved her life before. "See, I told you I wouldn't do kidnapping anymore." Her face was obviously worried ... the Ithorian may not have even been aware of her normal personality. Asking for others to help her against their will was very much outside of her nature. She would reach out a hand to the Ithorian, wanting to help the elderly sentient onto her friend's ship. "Thank...thank you."

Doctor Tohan looked up at Valeria and offered what could best be described as an Ithorian smile. "Well you have not kidnapped me this time ... things are improving!" he said, joking with her as he moved forward towards the half-Zeltron woman who he had bonded with last year. Valeria's help boarding the ship was needed, and he was grateful for her assistance. "You seem to be in one piece ... and nothing is leaking ... what is the urgent emergency?" he asked, as he leaned forward to prop himself up on the walking stick.

"Slugthrower wound. The man is a soldier, not a criminal." She would lead him into the ship, taking him towards the bay where Jane was trying to keep him alive. "We couldn't get to my ship or my droid ... there's not much time." Valeria was wearing her blaster pistols but it did not look like she was at all considering using them. She looked worried ... the doctor was certainly seeing a lot of that in her.

"Slugthrower wound?" Doctor Tohan said as he moved through the ship towards the medical bay. He was aghast with what he saw as soon as he entered the ship's small medical facility. "Why did you not take him immediately to a proper hospital?" he exclaimed dramatically, scolding Valeria as he moved to take hold of the man's wrist. He did not like to trust the readouts entirely and still insisted upon taking a man's pulse manually. "He is very weak. It may already be too late," he said, as he dropped his medical toolkit and began pulling out the necessarily essentials. "A soldier, you say? Not in any armed force I know!" he said, bitterly as he began examining the ghastly slug wound.

The visible relief that showed on her face when she saw Valeria and the Ithroian was as apparent as a neon sign flickering on. She made sure to get out of the way as the doctor moved to do his thing. "I'm no medic, but I did what I know to stop him from dying. I gave him something for the pain, a Bacta capsule, and some Anticeptin-D to help fight any infections, and I managed to stop the bleeding." She moved over to Valeria. her hands were washed off so there was no blood on them anymore. Leaning against her a bit, she was visibly shaken. Up to this point, the most gruesome injury she had ever seen was a severed hand back at her fathers repair station when an accident occurred.

Valeria had seen plenty of injuries up close ... more importantly, she had endured them. It was different when it was someone she cared for, of course. Valeria had not known Derek for long, but she had grown somewhat attached to him. She would steady Jane as she made the area clear for the Ithorian. "I'm sure you'll do your best, doctor."

"Let us hope that on this day my best is good enough," Doctor Tohan promptly replied to Valeria as he graped hold of an old fashion probe and inserted it into the wound. He connected it to the slug that still rested inside of the rather plump Tetan and slowly he removed it from the wound, causing a backwash of dark blood to flow out after it. "You did an excellent triage on him," he said to the blue-skinned Jane Minersha as his attention shifted towards repairing some of the internal damage that had been done. It was not simply a matter of sewing him up ... the severed, torn, and even shredded intestines needed to be carefully repaired. His hand began to shake as he saw the extent of the damage, but deftly he continued on, eventually completing the process. He let out an enormous sigh from both of his Ithorian mouths as he completed before turning his attention to both of the lovely ladies. "You will find the Rebellion is bloody business..." he said, as he began wiping the blood from his elongated Ithorian digits.

She was glad for the support, and gave Valeria a long hug. She supposed she would have to probably get used to wounds like that, and it did not make her feel any better about thinking about siding with the rebellion. But, She would learn from this experience... maybe read up on medical treatments more advanced than first aid, buy some kind of protection other than her luck and speed, and definitely invest in a medical droid. "Thanks..." she said to the Ithorian's compliment. When he finished, she pointed to the small sink "There's a sink right there if you want to wash your hands."

Valeria sat down across from the two of them that were still moving, quietly watching. She did not like being put in this kind of situation, but she was sure Derek had the worst of any of them. The whole time she had watched the Ithorian work in quiet, a quietness having fallen over her being. It was all very foreign to her usual nature.

Doctor Tohan moved to the sink and deftly washed the blood from his hands, his attention going back to the two near-Humans. "Look at how young the both of you are. This is no business for people like you to be caught up in," he scolded them, as he flicked his wet hands at each of them as he air dried them. "There is nothing more I can do here. Keep fluids in him. Keep him rested," he said, as he stomped his walking stick down on the hull of the vessel and began walking from whence he came. "And most importantly ... keep him from getting shot!" he exclaimed, as each of his orange eyes fixated on one of the young women.

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