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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:3:11) in the Alderaan system: Alderaan (Aldera: Germanicus Rodney's apartment) and in the Horuset system: Moraband (Valley of the Dark Lords: Tomb of Darth Bane).
Darth Bane (spirit), Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus), Magnus Rodney, Baroness Raeni Rodney (Darth Radic), and RO-E11.

The nanny droid went scrambling through the apartment of Baron Germanicus and Raeni Rodney's apartment on Alderaan. She was particularly panicked because young master Magnus had once again overflowed the master bath trying to recreate the sea. "Come back here this instant!" she shouted in a prim and proper voice, while trying to keep up with the precocious young Twi'lek. When purchased by the House of Rodney she initially thought it would be a great honor, but the young Twi'lek had proven to be the most difficult child she had watched in her long career. "Oh just wait till your mother hears about this!" she again shouted, as she searched the expansive apartment for the boy. "How many times do I have to tell you. That is for getting clean. It is not a toy!" she said, feeling her processors begin to overheat. "Oh my!" she announced, before moving to sit down to prevent her circuits from overheating. The young Magnus had literally grinded her gears.

The young Magnus was beginning to embrace life away from the people who had been his parents. In Alderaan, he had his own large room which had promptly been filled with a variety of toys. He had learned to quickly love the bath in his parent's room. He actually enjoyed baths, but today, he'd more than overfilled the bathtub. The whole bathroom floor was soaked, which meant more work for the abused nanny droid. Now the boy was running around the house as nude as the day he'd been born. In his mind, he was just playing with the nanny. He was a sea monster with ten tentacles and he needed a bath! He swung his arms wildly from where he hid behind the sofa. When the nanny bot sat down, he approached and rested his chin on her knee. "I sorry. Sea monster ready for bath time!" He reported with the most innocent smile on his face.

The nanny droid's visual receptors glowed brightly when the Twi'lek boy emerged from behind the sofa. "Your parents will have me deactivated if you continue to act like this," she complained, as she reached out with both of her arms to grab the boy. "You are going to right into that bath and you are not getting out until every centimeter of you is clean," she told him, as she carried him into the bedroom, whose floors were now covered in the high thread count towels of the Baroness Raeni. With no civility about it she let the young Twi'lek go, right into the bath, which she had seen filled to the appropriate level of water. "Now wash!" she said, before folding her arms in front of her chest and began glaring down at him.

"Okay, nana!" Magnus agreed. Now that he had the chance to run around naked, as all little boys like to do before (and after) bath time, he was content to surrender. He pulled his knees up to his chest as the nanny bot placed him in the bath. "Weee!" He began splashing instantly. "Bath time! Bath time..!" He sung, completely oblivious that the bot wanted *him* to bathe himself. Instead, he grabbed a toy and settled in for an epic bath adventure. "When mama and daddy be back?" He asked the droid.

The nanny droid spun around, waving her arms up in frustration. "This is not a playground. This is a bath!" she said, before reaching over to grab a bottle of soap. "This is soap. Rub it all over. It's how you get clean," she said, before offering him the bottle. "Only do not get in any in your eyes and do not attempt to drink it!" she warmed him, as her memory unit realized she might need to start at the beginning with this one. "Not soon enough, young master. Not soon enough," the nanny droid reported, sound exhausted, despite the fact that she was a machine incapable of fatigue.

He stared at the bottle of soap. He took the bottle from the nanny bot and poured way too much soap into his hand. "Smells good," Magnus inhaled. He began to clean himself as the bot had requested of him. He kept inhaling the smell and imagining things like tarts and pies. He grasped the bottle, opening his mouth wide, and bringing it towards his lips. Apparently, this was going to be one hell of a rough job for the nanny bot. "Nom!" He squeaked.

Moraband. Once a world of great importance to the Sith it had become a wasteland, forgotten to the galaxy, and only spoken about in legend. As he guided his starfighter down to the surface of the planet he been remarkably quiet during the journey, telling his wife nothing about where they were going or *why*. The death of his master had come so suddenly that he had yet to fully accept the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith. He was the heir to everything that lay here and if he were to walk away now all would be lost and the Sith would fade from the galaxy. There was a moment where he hesitated and thought of returning to Alderaan to raise his family, but in that weakness he heard a call. Something else had replaced the voice of his master. Something that had called him back here. He opened the cockpit of the starfighter and leapt out, before turning his attention to Raeni in the ship. "This world has had many names. My master called it Moraband," he explained to her, as the sun began to set over the Valley of the Dark Lords. Darkness began to cover the land, providing the perfect ambiance for grave robbing.

With Germanicus, Raeni had learned to go with the flow. The family had recently moved to Alderaan, which had been an uncomfortable transition for Raeni. All the places she had lived in her life were vastly different from each other. She had only begun to settle into her new nest when Germanicus took her off on a new adventure. She expected to be taken somewhere to fight Jedi or train. When the ship finally landed, Raeni found herself in yet another world she knew nothing about. The young Sith made her way out of the cockpit carefully. "Moraband." She looked out over the darkening valley. Even a novice Sith like herself felt *something* being here. It was like she was connected to her roots. Power surged from this place. She stood beside her lover and master. "What are we to do here?" She asked him, unable to hold back her curiosity anymore.

"*We*?!" Germanicus asked her, as he began to descend from the plateau where he had landed the ship into the valley below. "It is *you* who is here to do something..." he said, cryptically, as he struggled to keep his footing in the darkness. One wrong step would have sent him plummeting to his death, but as he reached his hand out in front of the way slowly became clear. "There was a time when our kind ruled over this world and outstretched their hand over much of the galaxy," he explained to her, as he chose the most inopportune times for lectures and history lessons. "Now it is down to just you and I," he continued, as the angle of the slope caused his movement to increase. "Our true journey begins here today, if it is to be the Will of the force," he told her, as he finally reached the bottom and stood within the valley. "The power that lies here undisturbed is immeasurable," he explained to her, before raising his eyes and glaring upon her with their sickly shade of yellow. "...disturb it," he said, in a tone of voice that changed as he *commanded* her rather than spoke to her.

Raeni followed him. Each step was carefully calculated so she wouldn't die before whatever trial Germanicus had for her to endure. He didn't explain himself, only gave her more reasons to be confused. He only enlightened her through a history lesson, which inspired her to look over the valley once more. *Here* was the place where the Sith had ruled? While she could certainly feel something different about this place, it was now barren. She could tell that the journey was going to be difficult by the way he spoke of it. But, Raeni was ready for it. She relaxed herself. She looked at her master, noticing how the color of his eyes had changed. She felt power in his words. It was inspirational. It awoke the dark side that resided inside of her. She outstretched her arms and gave a powerful push outwards. Red sand flung up into the air everywhere. Raeni only seemed to grow more inspired to accomplish her task. She had no idea what she was about to awaken, but she could honestly say she'd never felt more powerful in her life.

Germanicus knew what was in store for Raeni, as he knew what his master had subjected him to, when he first set foot upon this rock so long ago. She had several advantages of him, however ... she was older than he was and more powerful. "It will take both of us," he said to her, before he led her towards a collapsed entrance to a tomb that had lay dormant for several centuries. He outstretched his hand, focusing on the area of space that surrounded the boulder that obscured their way. His eyes slowly moved towards her, knowing it would take two to move it. It had been intended this way from the beginning.

They had worked well together so far. She would have to trust in the force ... and her master. She only wished she knew what was coming. As they reached the tomb, she stared at it uncomfortable. What was Germanicus subjecting her to this time? Her body was ready. She was fully recovered from the mess that occurred with his master. "I'm ready, master." She told him, outstretching her hand. She focused herself on the boulder completely. Together, they were able to lift the boulder and slowly set it aside. The path into the tomb was open now. "Who is buried here?" Raeni asked her husband.

Germanicus closed his eyes as the boulder magically lifted skyward due to their combined efforts revealing a dark entrance to a tomb. "Go inside and see. I will hold the boulder," he instructed her, between grin teeth, as he raised a second hand. It was taking all of his strength to keep the boulder up, and beads of sweat were beginning to form on his forehead. "Hurry. We haven't much time," he warned her, as his voice rose in intensity due to the strength needed to keep the boulder above the entrance.

His continued vagueness was starting to drive her crazy. The tomb was pitch black inside. She could see *nothing*. Uncomfortably, Raeni released her hold on the boulder. She quickly entered the tomb so Germanicus wouldn't have to hold the boulder up for too long without her. It was the most insane trust exercises they'd ever done. The young Sith apprentice stepped forward into the tomb. The darkness consumed her until her eyes could see nothing. Her heart had begun to beat so hard that it was all she could hear. She was tense, expecting *something* to happen in the deep darkness of the tomb. "G-Germanicus..." Upon looking behind her shoulder, she realized she could no longer see the entrance of the tomb nor the form of her master.

When Raeni was safely in the tomb Germanicus lowered his hands and the boulder fell from the sky, sealing the tomb, and separating them. He lowered his head and turned his back on the tomb, reluctantly realizing there was nothing more he could do for her. It was in her hands now. He lowered himself to the ground, folding his legs beneath him, as he began to meditate on what was transpiring beyond what he could see. She would never become a worthy Dark Lady of the Sith he coddled her ... she would have to face this, and overcome it, on her own ... as he had ages ago.

When Raeni became sealed within the tomb a distant glow began to emanate from deep within the tomb. The light grew in volume and intensity until the whole of the tomb became visible to her. She had descended the stairs into a chamber that led to a narrow bridge over a seemingly bottomless pit. At the end of it was the giant sarcophagus from where the light originated. Slowly the temperature began to crow cold ... almost freezing. The stage for Raeni's indoctrination into the Sith had been sent. Her next actions would decide not just her fate, but the fate of the galaxy.

It seemed like she wandered for hours before the growing light provided her with vision. She blinked several times. The extreme brightness was so different from the total darkness that she needed a moment to transition. As her eyes began to refocus, she realized that she had proceeded down stairs and into a chamber deep within the ground. She eyes the narrow bridge that separated her from the giant sarcophagus. She took a step forward to stare down at the bottomless pit that would claim her should she fall. The climate was rapidly shifting. It became colder and colder until her clothing felt like nothing. Her body shook. She didn't know what the sarcophagus held on the opposite side of the bridge, but she was going to find out. Sucking in a deep breath, Raeni closed her eyes. She made the decision to trust in the force instead of her vision. She stepped forward, boot colliding with the narrow bridge. Her other foot soon joined. The process was a slow one. Raeni's eyes were closed, yet she could see the bridge clearly in her mind. She stepped over the weak points in the bridge and proceeded forward for some time.

At last, she stood in front of the sarcophagus. Her eyes opened. Her concentration had made it easy to ignore the climate in the room until now. She reached her small hands up, opening her palms. Using the force, she very gently began to remove the front of the sarcophagus. It was time for her to find out what lay beneath.

A column of smoke and flame burst forth from sarcophagus, rising to the ceiling of the tomb, and swirling like a massive tornado. And from this smoke burst forward the massive remnant of a figure from a forgotten age, wearing armor centuries old, who had long become one with the force ... his evil such that long after his body died his spirit lingered on ... still grasping for power. His eyes, appearing like balls of fire, glared down at the young woman who had dared to come before him. "Why do you come to my tomb?" he asked her, as her presence had succeeded in awakening his spirit from his longer slumber.

With some quick thinking, Raeni used the force to defend herself against the sudden burst of flame and smoke alike. She parted the flame while backing up. A tornado was not violently swirling before her. The creature that presented itself to Raeni had nothing left of his physical self. His eyes were made of fire and his body seemed to float within armor. Raeni Rodney was not fearful. She puffed herself up and accepted her fate. "I come because the last Dark Lord of the Sith has perished. My master has taken up the title. I come here to claim my place as his apprentice." Raeni told the ghost of the past.

What was once Darth Bane glared down at the young woman, sensing not what she was, but what she could be. "What makes you think you are worthy?" the spirit pressed her, his spirit lunging forward towards her. There was a great evil deep within the tomb that would likely linger for another millennium. It was he who created the rule of two that governed Sith teachings for the past several centuries. Retreating from the galaxy the Sith would hide and play the long gang that would ultimately plunge the galaxy into the darkness of the Sith rule, but it would all start here.

Raeni kept her eyes on what used to be Darth Bane. She would have many questions for her master should she survive this ordeal. "I was born into slavery," she told the spirit. "Many generations of my family had spent their entire lives in the spice mines of Ylesia. I was born to the same fate: to live, die, and suffer in the mines." Her small hand curled into the fist. "*I* changed my fate myself! The darkness inside me emerged and I liberated *myself* from that situation. What makes me worthy? That makes me worthy! It was at that moment that I realized I didn't need to be weak and small. I didn't need to allow people to step on me. I have far to go to reach my potential. *I* will bring strength back to the Sith...and one day, *I'll* be the Dark Lady of the Sith."

The spirit moved back and forth with the ebb and flow of the column of smoke that seemed to erupt endlessly before her. The spirit lingered, saying nothing, before moving away from her. "You have indeed learned from your past..." the spirit said, its eyes burning with intensity before the ancient mask. "Now confront your future!" he told her in a menacing voice, before suddenly vanishing before her. The smoke and flame disappeared thereafter and on its own accord the sarcophagus moved away from her, revealing a set of stairs that led further down. "Mama! Mama!" a both familiar and unfamiliar voice called out from the darkness below, but it was *not* Magnus.

He was gone! Raeni had officially discovered that all Sith spoke vaguely, but this one had left her with a means of traveling further into the tomb. She stared down the next set of stairs. She tried to reach out to determine what was below. A strange voice called for her. "Mama..?" It clearly wasn't Magnus, but the voice tugged at her heart as if it already knew that it was the voice of her son...her and Germanicus' true blood son. She was still unaware of her pregnancy. She was, however, aware that no son of their existed yet. It didn't stop her from darting down the stairs rapidly. "I'm coming!" She shouted to the voice of her future. "Mommy's coming!" The time in the tomb was beginning to feel like a dream. She knew not where the winding stairs would lead her next. 'Confront your future' the spirit had said...

The stairs led to an execution chamber where ancient Sith took Jedi to toy with before executing them. The sound of a child crying came from the darkness. "Mama! Help me! Mama!" he screamed, in a harrowing voice that would surely send a chill through any mother's spine. The darkness began to fade and a young child began to emerge, who looked remarkably like both Germanicus and Raeni. "Mama!" he screamed, as he wrapped his arms around her legs, before shifting to hide behind her as if something was chasing him. "Help me!" he cried, as he buried his face in the back of her knees, clinging to her for dear life.

She was moving so quickly that she took the stairs two at a time. The crying child awoke instinctive motherly urges inside of her like nothing else. She was going to *kill* whatever was after the child. The spirit's words wouldn't begin to make sense until she reached the end of the stairs. "I'm coming! It's going to be okay!" She called out, suddenly emerging in the execution chamber. Her head turned from side to side. She was trying to determine where *exactly* the crying was coming from. Out of the nothingness came a child, male, *young*. Raeni was left flabbergasted by the appearance of this child. She could very much so see herself in the blonde haired child, but she could also see features of her husband. "Claudius," the name of their unborn child dropped from her mouth. She and Germanicus had only determined a name for him, but, in her mind, the boy didn't exist yet. "Claudius!" She bent down, trying to embrace the terrified child. His cries made her want to scream. She *needed* to help him. "I'm going to help you. Mama's not going to let anything happen to you." She could feel his fear. It made the mirage all the more easy for her to believe. Raeni stood upright, grasping at the lightsaber at her hip. She ignited it and held it out to the side. "Mommy will never stop protecting you." She promised her little son.

Through the darkness the light of a green lightsaber appeared, much smaller than any blade than she had seen before. It moved much more swiftly through the air the adept skill of a master. Against it was poised the crimson blade of a Sith's lightsaber. The sound of two blades clashing filled the execution chamber, while the two blades began blurring from moving so swiftly. "Raeni!" the voice of Germanicus cried out, as the two blades clashed in brilliant crashes. "Raeni! Help m1" he cried out, as the green blade tore through the red blade and the sound of her husband crying out in pain filled the chamber. Only the green blade remained. "Don't go, mama! Don't go!" the voice of the child cried out, as his arms tightened around her legs, to prevent her from moving. "Please!" the child cried into her back of her legs.

Raeni was waiting for a monster to emerge, but it was something so much more disturbing than any beast. The Sith apprentice watched as her master...her *husband* was cut down by an unrecognizable green lightsaber. "*No*! *Germanicus*!" She screamed. Tears emerged from her eyes. It all felt so real. The child trembled behind her. His painful screaming was unforgettable...and it reminded her of who they were. Any day, someone could come along and take Germanicus away from her...and vice versa. She realized that it was part of the Rule of Two for her to kill him someday but ... she didn't know if she could do it. Raeni's lightsaber blade disappeared as she fell to her knees. She clutched the child and cried. "I'm not going. Mama's not going anywhere.." She stroked the top of the boy's head. She had to kill the person responsible for Germanicus' death. She had to see their face...she had to find them and kill them *now*!

As she embraced the boy he gradually began to fade into nothingness and light was restored to the chamber as a doorway opened that would lead back up to the surface. From above there was a sound of a rock falling, bouncing off the walls, before it landed in front of her. But upon closer inspection it was *not* a rock, but a kyber crystal ... a special one imbued with dark side energy that would project a crimson blade like Germanicus and his master before him. Silence fell upon the chamber and only the sound of the rustling air through the canyon above could be heard in the distance.

Everything was drifting away far too quickly. Raeni tried to snatch up the boy, but he was gone. She was breathing heavily. "Claudius... Germanicus..." She looked down to her shaking hands which held *nothing*. The coldness filled her again as she realized the mirage was over. Raeni's ears perked as she heard something falling down the chamber. When she looked before her, she found a kyber crystal. While her master had failed to tell her about what it did exactly, she grasped it. Soon, she would no longer sport the colors of a Jedi. She had embraced her future as a Sith. The woman stood up straight and made her way back towards the exit of the tomb. Her heart hadn't stopped beating quickly. Her thoughts remained tangled up in the fearful child and her husband... Just before the entrance, in the deep darkness of the tomb, she pressed her hands against her abdomen and focused inward. She was shocked to find that she felt an additional life presence there. She wondered if visiting the tomb had something to do with her conception or not. She felt absolutely shocked. The boy she'd seen was already with her? She stumbled towards the boulder separating her from Germanicus.

Germanicus rose when he saw Raeni had completed her ordeal and was emerging from the tomb. "You lived," he said, revealing that he did, in fact, have some doubts. "Kneel," he said to her, rather than question about what she encountered within the tomb. He knew that she would reveal what transpired in due time. He came to a stop before her, as he examined her features for wear and tear. What he had experienced when his time came he would tell her in time, but there was still one last process to endure before they could return to Alderaan. He swallowed, as he prepared himself for his own, albeit minor, role in today's events.

She was unscathed. Raeni was only suffering from shock above all else. The woman said nothing. She simply did as her master commanded her to do and dropped to her knees before him. She bent her head to show her obedience to the one that had taken her from Ylesia. There was so much to tell him yet no time to speak. Raeni had seen their son...and his death. A cold chill rocked over her body. In the back of her mind, a young Claudius was still screaming for her. She urged to hold her child and soothe him...two things she could not do. The voice would continue to haunt her.

Germanicus stood over her, glaring down with his corrupt and sickly yellow eyes. "From this moment on call yourself ... *Darth Radic*," he commanded her, as he bestowed upon her the Sith name that she would carry until her end of days. "Rise," he said, in a single word, as he rose his hand up. She had survived the ordeal of Korriban ... she was a Sith at last ... she would be a powerful apprentice to him ... and then, as their rules dictated, she would be his end. As he looked down at her he remembered the vision he had of her when they first met. When his end finally came *she* would be there.

Darth Radic. The name was perfect for her as she had eradicated those who had hurt her. She would continue to kill until her days came to an end. She rose to her feet. A new power settled inside of her. At last, she was taking steps towards claiming the future that she was destined for. After what she had seen inside of the tomb, she was no longer sure if *she* was the one meant to kill him, for it had clearly been a Jedi who did the deed. But *who*? The disturbing thoughts slowly began to move to the back of her head. When Germanicus' end came, there would be nowhere to hide. It had been a difficult trial for her within the tomb. She wanted to embrace him and fall apart. In the Valley of the Sith, she felt she had to display more power than she ever had. She started back towards the ship. Magnus was waiting for them back at home. She couldn't protect one son right now, so she'd protect the other.

Germanicus led Raeni back through the Valley of the Dark Lords where both of their destinies as Sith had begun. The walk back seemed longer than the walk down, and neither one of them was talking. He reflected on how the tomb had affected him when, as a young boy, Darth Diabolus had subjected to him being cast down inside of it. Gradually they began to reach the plateau where they had left the starfighter, and he turned his attention back to her. "It's a long flight back to Alderaan," he told her, as he finally broke the awkward silence. "Is there anything you wish to tell me before we begin?" he asked her, as he did not want to press her. Clearly whatever happened had a profound impact on her, but he understood that it might have been difficult for her to process.

She wore a heavy heart throughout the walk back. It seemed to go on forever. In the darkness of the night, she was working off of her senses more than vision. The silence gave her time to replay each moment of what happened in the tomb. The cries made her want to explode. She had mentally exhausted herself by the time they reached the starfighter. She stared at it and readied to climb aboard when he reminded her of the lengthy flight ahead of them. They wouldn't see Magnus for some time yet. His question turned her all the more quiet. "Yes." Raeni began simply. She took a step towards the starfighter then turned around slowly. "I saw our son in the tomb. I saw you too, and what's meant to eventually happen." She looked hurt admitting it to him. She feared that Germanicus would die within the next five years, given the size of the child in the mirage. "Claudius...the boy that will carry on our families, is already growing in my womb." She told him. "I'm *pregnant*, Germanicus."

Germanicus listened to her silently, his face growing wide when she told him what she had learned within the tomb. That he did not expect. Indeed the spirits of those who came before were powerful. "Yes. I know," he replied, matter-of-factly, as he stood before her. "Doctor Chin informed me when you were at the medcenter. He detected it during your tests," he said, revealing that he had kept it from her. "I did not want it to cloud your thoughts for I knew the ordeal you would be objected to here," he informed her, attempting to justify his deception. "But what I did not know was that what lay within would sense it and use it against you..." he said, as he began to realize that ancient Sith alchemy seemed to go way beyond his limited powers. Even now, standing before her, he could not sense the life growing within her.

He didn't act surprised, happy, or anything else positive. Raeni's eyebrows knotted. They'd talked about this. Procreating was part of the plan. More importantly, it was part of loving him. Her eyes narrowed as he confirmed that he knew, and he had known since she had been injured and brought to Alderaan. "*What*?! You *knew*!?" He justified himself, but Raeni was already angry that he had kept something so important from her. She turned her back to him and began making her way into the starfighter. "You have to stop keeping things from me. I decide what's best for me. I could have completed the trial knowing." She sat down and crossed her arms over her chest. "Take me home." Raeni commanded him. He'd kept his master from her too. How long would he have hidden this?

Germanicus listened to her, knowing that she was right. He ascended into the cockpit of his fighter and began preparations for takeoff. "The ordeal of the tomb manifests itself in different ways to different people, Raeni," he said to her, as the cockpit sealed over them. Before too long he activated the engines, which caused a upswell of dust behind them. Rising high into the atmosphere the Valley of the Dark Lords grew small and distant behind them. "I was trying to protect you. I see now that you no longer need my protection. A powerful Sith you will be," he informed her, as he settled back in his chair as the craft tore through the atmosphere and entered the space above Moraband. "So it is to be a boy then?" he asked her, seeming more upbeat now that they had departed the dark world. "Then he is to succeed me as *King* of Alderaan," he told her, confidently, as he looked over his shoulder while the navicomputer began downloading the coordinates for a return trip to Alderaan.

The woman remained silent as they left Moraband behind. She wondered if fate would lead her back there when Germanicus died...when her *husband* was killed. Her head fell into her hands where she began processing everything that had happened. He didn't see it. In keeping secrets from her, he was failing as both her master and her husband. At this point, all she wanted to do was retreat to Alderaan, train, lick her wounds, and spend more time becoming a mother to Magnus. "I believe so," Raeni said into her hands. Her head slowly rose. Her eyes were bloodshot, for the tomb had momentarily wrecked her. She was forced to look at the future: Germanicus was going to die by her hand, or by another's. "We will have to see a doctor to confirm. Then, maybe you'll have your heir."

Germanicus did not need to be skilled with the force to sense that he had upset his wife by keeping secrets. "Was there more?" he asked her, as he placed the starfighter into a path deeper into the system, at a slow speed, while considering what had happened. He knew he had made a mistake in keeping secrets, but he did not exactly know how to dig himself out of the metaphorical tomb he had ended up in. "I am sorry, my love," he told her, as he unfastened his safety harness and turned 'round to face her.

"Yes." She reported, opening up her hand to reveal the kyber crystal. "When it was over, I was given this." She extended her arm so he could see it. She waiting for his explanation. There was still so much that Raeni didn't know. She hated that. When she was sure he had seen the gift from the spirit of the tomb, she pocketed it. In the starfighter, there was nowhere for Raeni to hide from her husband. She frowned at him as he apologized. She reached out her hands, this time touching his cheeks. "It's okay.. I just *really* would like for you to stop keeping me in the dark. Put yourself in my shoes. I just found out I'm pregnant and your response was 'I know'. It was a little shocking for me." She released his face and sat back. She stared into his eyes. It seemed she was still hurt. "Are you even happy about it?" She asked defensively.

"There are worlds throughout the galaxy rich in kyber ... Ilum, Jedha..." Germanicus explained to her, as he examined the crystal. "The crystal will power your lightsaber, but unlike the ones you currently have collected from the Jedi this one calls to you ... it will produce a red blade like all Sith," he explained to her, before the lesson was interrupted with her sweet caress. "Of course I am happy about it, Raeni," he said to her, as he attempted to offer her a reassuring smile. "You will give us a son who will grow to be big and strong and carry on what we will start when we return to Alderaan. One day he will rule over the planet," he explained to her, with a bout of overconfidence as Sith were prone to.

She was glad to hear that the crystal would change the color of her lightsaber. She would never identify with being a Jedi, but she needed to collect more kyber crystals if she were to ensure all blades she used were red. She wanted him to show her how to change the crystal sooner than later. Raeni felt alienated from her love. Perhaps it was the scene in the tomb that had hurt her so combine with the secrets. Her eyes briefly gazed up this face. She offered him a little smile. He was bursting in confidence while Raeni drown in uncomfortable feelings. Was it a vision? Was that the future? She was scared that she was going to lose Germanicus in a matter of years, not decades. "Y-You're right..." She nodded.

"You will never be the same after today, but I shall always love you, and our children," Germanicus informed her, as the natural color slowly returned to his eyes as the pull of the light called to him from the love he felt for her. "I was never the same after the day my master first took me to the tomb," he admitted to her, as he became briefly lost in the reflection of his youth. "It was on Moraband that he first sensed you. He was exploring the other tombs ... looking for something ... elusive," he explained to her, but he did not share his master's ambitions to skulk about in tombs. His eye was squarely on the future of Alderaan, not the past of Moraband.

He was right. She'd never be the same again. Her heart ached inside of her chest continually. She refused to make eye contact with him. She could think of nothing more than the moment he died before her eyes. She felt bad for him, for she was sure his experience was even worse than her own. At least Raeni was an adult now. "It's good he's gone now." She commented. Germanicus' old master couldn't hunt them down anymore. It would have been significantly more difficult to fight Diablous on Moraband if not impossible.

"I wish he had trained me more," Germanicus confided in her, revealing a vulnerability he might ought not have. "But yes ... good that he is gone," he said to her, as he reached back towards her to put a reassuring hand upon her. "Had we fought him and he knew of your pregnancy he would have surely used it against us. His death came at a fortuitous moment in our journey," he explained to her, with a firm nod of his head. "Now I find myself as Dark Lord of the Sith ... free to chart our own course and write our own destiny," he said to her, confidently, as he began to formulate the plan that he believed would land him on the throne of Alderaan.

Raeni's eyes flickered towards his. "You're better off without him. You can keep getting stronger by yourself, Germanicus." She tried to patch up his vulnerability. She did believe in him, and she loved him too. Her head hung. Her fingers slowly laced with his. She was beginning to come back around to him. Her frown grew deeper. "Our destiny is predetermined," she told him darkly. "In the tomb, I witnessed your death. It *wasn't* by my hands. It was a Jedi...a green lightsaber. Our son was there too." Her hand drew away from him. She quickly withdrew back into her shell. As his apprentice, she knew full well that she was supposed to be strong. As his wife, she drew her knees to her chest as she began to cry. "He wasn't even that old. I'm not ready to lose you so soon. I'm not ready to lose you *ever*." Her tears came harder. "You should have let your Master kill me. *I* am the weakest of the three of us!" She claimed. "The rule of two states that it's necessary to kill you but I can't. I won't."

Germanicus listened as she recounted the vision of his death, which caused the cold embrace of fear to wrap around him once more. There was more he was hiding her, more he could tell her ... but should me? Ultimately he decided that he had kept enough from her, and it was time to be forthcoming. "When I first encountered you on Ylesia I was overcome by a vision of my death ... you were there," he admitted to her, as his face went a ghastly shade of white. By then she was crying and he reached forward through the cramped confines of the starfighter's cockpit to attempt to wipe away her tears. "You will grow to be the most powerful of all of us. My master felt it," he explained to her, as he revealed to her his own doubts about his own power. "We will train. We will prepare. We will bide our time. The Jedi will not be our ending," he vowed to her, naively, for the Will of the force could not easily be denied.

There was no doubt in Raeni's mind that she had seen the future in the tomb. It had all been so real. Her clutching, terrifying son cried out to be helped inside of her head while Germanicus' pained scream filled her ears. Germanicus only confirmed it. Raeni would be present when her husband was murdered. Now, it was her body shaking. The rain clouds had rolled in over her head. She was incredibly upset over the whole ordeal. Suddenly, power wasn't the number one thing she lusted for. There was something she wanted so much more...her family to be together. She lifted her head. She could feel him there, trying to reach her as she fell further and further away. "What if we can't stop it? What if I lose you?" She needed to get stronger. She needed to return home and train until she couldn't move anymore. "You said I was there. If I'm not here, then the future will never come true. You'll be saved." She explained to him. It all seemed logical in her mind.

"What if... What if... Put that from your mind, apprentice," Germanicus continued, in a more authoritative tone. "The Will of the force guides our path, but no future is certain. We have each been provided a glimpse into a potential future. Nothing more," he told her, in an attempt to alleviate her fears. "There is time to prepare and change what we have seen. To accept it as unalterable is foolhardy. The combination of both our visions will provide the key to unlocking this future, and changing it," he said, decisively, unwilling to simply allow her to flee. He was no coward, and truly believed in time he would become the most powerful being in the galaxy and defeat any Jedi he countered.

It had been so real. Even the boy had warmth to him. His skin was soft. For Raeni, it was like being deposited inside the real moment...only she was powerless to stop it. She looked at him sadly. She needed time to recover from this, time to prepare to alter the future. She refused to kill him. If that made her less of a Sith, then so be it. Raeni said nothing. She only nodded her head slowly. She was digesting everything that had happened. She had gained a kyber crystal. She had gained a Sith name...what had she lost in Moraband?

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