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Nicholas Baldwin and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:10:10) in the New Alderaan system: New Alderaan (New Aldera: Medcenter).
BZ, Yekaterina Hanson, and Doctor Calan Morrat.

Yekaterina Hanson, called "Kat" by those she considered her friends and those who could not pronounce her name, moved slowly towards the medical tent in the hastily constructed refugee camp on the Alliance Safe World known as *New* Alderaan. The woman in her late-20s kept her brown hair cut short so that it would not get in the way, but mostly it was due to the fact the refresher could not muster a hot shower when she needed it. Gone was the uniform of the Alderaan Guard, long since replaced by dark clothing that reflected both her personality and her newfound role with the Rebellion. While she wanted to be on the front lines fighting the Empire and getting revenge for what had befallen her planet, her people, and most importantly ... *her family*. She had dislocated her left shoulder while moving some cargo containers that were going to become someone's house and she was *not* happy about it. In her good hand ... her right ... she held a warm bottle of Corellian Ale as they could not maintain consistent power to the coolers. The half consumed beverage was the only thing she had to blunt the pain ... which was *considerable*. Maybe the doctors could do something. If there even were doctors here.

Calan Morrat, known by many as the "Doc" for his profession, was pissed off. He was looking rapidly through his datapad, frowning as he noticed many things that were listed on the manifest ... that was not present in the multiple crates in front of him. He turned around, frowning as he turned around to the other resident in the tent with him, an old and rather beat up Surgeon Droid, who was carrying a crate into the tent and placing it on the grassy floor.

"BZ, where the heck is the container of Bacta? The manifest here says I should have a crate here of it ... and I am not seeing a crate!" The droid didn't respond at first, processing the orders given by Calan. Given the droids age, he had gotten used to it. It then responded in a robotic, monotone voice.

"Sir, if the bacta isn't in container... B-7, then check B-1" Calan sighed as he put the datapad down.

"I already checked there! And B-2, B-3, and B4 through 10! It isn't here!"

Kat stood there in silence, watching in a combination of shock and irritation that the so-called *doctor* was more concerned with his droids than the arrival of new patients. She waited as long as she could while the man who stood only feet from her focused his attention on the droid. A number of thoughts quickly went through her head ... none pleasant. She considered turning around and walking back to the makeshift cantina and getting sufficiently drunk before having one of the other refugees force her left arm into the socket. She also considered clearing her throat loudly to get his attention, but when all was said and done she came down somewhere in the middle. She raised the bottle of Corellian Ale with the arm that worked and quickly chugged down what contents were left in it. The sudden surge of alcohol only served to reinforce the decision she made seconds early. In a flash she tossed the bottle not *at* the doctor, but next to him so that it would loudly shatter, and perhaps him give him a scare. As the bottle flew through the air she raised her right arm, dragging it across her mouth to wipe away what traces of the Corellian Ale remained.

The droid seemed more startled than the doctor, who turned around, holding his surgical needle arm up defensively. The Doctor sighed, turning slowly to the girl with a bored look.

"You could have said something."

"I could have," Kat tersely replied, as she moved deeper into the tent and took a seat on top of a crate. "...but I chose not to," she added, coldly, as she stared into the distance rather than making eye contact with him. Her cheeks were flushed red and her breathing was heavy. It was clear that she was in a lot of pain, even if she was not outwardly complaining about it. Her whole body was slightly trembling ... well, most of it at least ... her left arm was hanging at her side not able to do much of anything. She closed her eyes, lowered her head, and exhaled a deep, laborious sigh. A wound in battle was one thing. A wound sustained from a loose crate falling into her was another. She was a soldier, or at least she wanted to be one, but she was working dangerously long construction shifts as if she were enslaved by the Hutts.

The Doc shrugged, looking not affected by her cold words as he took one long look at her before turning away and rummaging through the crates.

"Alright, dislocated arm, trembling implies shock or massive amounts of pain, and Im sure that ale is wearing off." He mumbles to himself as he pulled out a small, plastic like package with a needle attached and comes back over to the girl.

"Don't tense up." Was the only warning he gave as he quickly rolled up the sleeve on her arm and injected the small needle, squeezing the liquid inside in.

Of course Kat tensed the moment he instructed her not to tense. Her good hand gripped the crate she was sitting on until her knuckles turned a pale shade of white. When the needle penetrated her flesh she closed her eyes and clenched her jaw so tightly she was fortunate not to shatter a tooth. "That bloody well hurt," she complained, bitterly, and wishing she had brought a second ale along to have during the *procedure*. She inhaled slowly and exhaled deeply, trying to remember the breathing exercises she had been taught to manage pain early in her training. It was not working. Hopefully the medicine would.

"Told you not to tense up." Calan said as he dropped the used needle into a nearby wastebin, going back to another container.

"That should make the pain go away ... along with most other feelings, so expect numbness. BZ, can you do a full analysis of our patient?" As the Doc looked around some more, the medical droid sauntered over, staring at the girl before beeping.

"Dislocated shoulder confirmed, along with natural fatigue and dehydration." The doctor came back over, a brace in one hand as he examined the dislocated arm.

"Alright, BZ, can you prep the cot and get me a..." He paused for a second as he pushed the arm back into place, a pop signifying the readjustment.

"...canteen of water."

Kat blinked slowly as the medication flowed through her system, which not only made the pain dissipate, but also made her somewhat disoriented. "Wha- ... what did you give me?" she asked, as her head suddenly had a hard time remaining stationary. Her head bobbed and weaved side to side and occasionally fell forward, but she managed to catch it just in time and raise her head back up. A deeper examination would reveal scarring from both a blaster wound and a brutal stab wound. She had seen her share of action when she first joined the Rebellion and this assignment was meant as a reward for valiant service to the cause, but she did not see it that way. But now that she was on this medication she was having a difficult time seeing much of anything. "Ugh," was all she could muster, as a column of drool formed at the left corner of her mouth and began to stream down her chin.

The doc frowned, looking at her inquisitively. "Maybe too much... BZ, what's the amount of Galine in that packet?" As the doctor examined the patient more closely, the droid blinked as he processed the information.

"Half a quart" The Doc wheeled around at this, his eyes wide.

"Half a quart! By the force, were those packets made to knock out a wookie?! Also, how the hell did you miss the scorched flesh and stab wounds? Some surgical droid you are!" The doc sighed as he took the girl off the crate and put her on the prepared cot, before searching the crates more as the droid blinked.

"Sir, those packets WERE made for lifeforms with a significantly larger blood and heart capacity. It was what we could afford. And secondly, it's not my fault I havn't been updated in....... over twenty years." The doc sighed as he *finally* found the bacta patches ... in crate B-18. Typical.

"Not now, BZ, when we find a mechanic and some creds Ill get you refitted, but right now we have a patient who is dying on..... is this my cot?" The doc asked, a little bewildered as he realized the cot the droid layed out was his personal one.

"That's been your excuse for the past two years, sir. And yes, it is the only cot we have." The doc wanted to yell at the droid, but instead just sighed as he lifted the girls shirt up a little and began applying the bacta patches of the scorched and gashed skin areas.

Kat blinked slowly, several times in fact, in a vain attempt to focus her vision. She looked towards the doctor, or what she thought was the doctor, and tried to speak to him. "When..." she said, before taking a deep breath as he began working on her old, long ignored wounds. "When are you going to put my arm back..." she said, before her head slumped forward and she momentarily dozed off. "...back in its socket?" she asked, as her head rose back up and her eyes opened wider than they had ever done so far. She was so hopped up on the pain medication that she failed to even realize that the doctor had already done it. She swallowed, or at least tried to, before her head slumped forward again. That was some good shit.
The doc sighed as he rolled her shirt down again, shaking his head as he stood up.

"Maybe I should hit her with a bat, it would keep her unconcious." He mused in a sarcastic, joking manner as he went back over to the crates.

"Sir, hitting the girl with a bat would cause a concussion and possible brain damage. In her current state, a good blow to the head has a 69% of..."

Before the droid could finish, the Doc wheeled around and pointed a finger at him.

"It was a joke, BZ. I know not to hit her with a bat ... can you monitor her while I search through these materials? This manifest is all wrong. Also, put it on my list to never contact Florin for these cheap supplies again!"

"What?!" Kat asked, having only heard half of the conversation between the doctor and the droid. "69? Is that why you drug- ... drugged me," she said, before her head fell forward again. She remained frozen like that in silence before the sound of snoring began to fill the tent as she had fallen asleep just like that. "Huh. What was that?!" she asked, just as suddenly, as the sound of her own snoring had woken her up just as suddenly. "I'm not cheap," she complained, feeling rapidly insulted. She put one foot forward as she rose from the cot, but that's only about as far as she got before she stumbled forward into the doctor. "Get offa me!" she complained, as she slowly fell down towards the ground below.

The doc frowned at this, sighing as he picked the girl up with no resistance, laying her back down on the cot.

"Ok.... BZ, do we have something to knock her out ... or anything?" The droid stood there and calculated the info.

"Another one of those Galine packs at 0.15% of its current liquid should be enough." The doc nodded, pulling another of the needle packs out and handing it to the droid.

"Alright, extract that amount and put it in her... I don't need a drugged girl falling onto more of my stuff ... or worse." The droid gave a nod of acknowledgement, using its syringe arm and extracting the necessary amount before putting it into the girl.

"That should put her out for a few hours, sir. Enough for the drug to wear off."

Kat felt as if she was floating as she was lifted off the ground and placed back on the cot, which was a feeling she did not altogether mind. "Don't ... don't knock me..." was all she struggled to say before she was injected with the sedative. It took affect almost immediately, so quickly in a fact that her mouth remained agape. The obnoxious sound of her snoring filled with the crude medical tent as she had a lucid pipe dream about her youth on Alderaan.

Several hours passed before Yekaterina Hanson's eyes would open up again, and when they did she was not entirely sure where she was. The last thing she remembered was going towards the medical tent, but the combination of the Corellian Ale and the pain medication made her forget everything that came after. She reached for her left shoulder and to her surprise her arm had been placed back in the socket and she was devoid of any pain. "Hel-hello?" she asked, still a bit groggy, as she attempted to sit up in the cot. She was not quite ready for that.

"I would not move very much, madam. The sedative May have taken the pain away, but it also caused some more fatigue. Please remain on the cot until the doctor can examine you again." The stale voice of the Medical droid said behind her as he sauntered across the room, examining the girl on the cot.

"How are you feeling?"

It took Kat a moment to realize she was being addressed by a droid, and rather than try to sit up she heeded the droid's advice and turned her head to look at it. "I feel fine. A little tired. A little weak," she explained, as she instinctively rotated her left shoulder to see just how much use she could get out of it. "How ... how long was I out?" she asked, before raising her right hand to the side of her head to rub it gently. She felt an uncontrollable urge to return to duty. It was a compulsion as she feared if she ever sat still for too long she would have to dwell on the loss of everything and everyone that mattered to her.

The droid took a few seconds before responding.

"Only a few hours. You were in bad condition when you came in. The weakness is common, as the medication you received was a tad strong for your human body. On top of that you were already fatigued and dehydrated. So for now, I would recommend staying still until the doctor returns from his errand."

"A few *hours*?!" Kat exclaimed in horror, as she had not slept that long since her arrival on New Alderaan. "You shouldn't have let me sleep that long. I have duties, responsibilities..." she continued, her voice becoming both panicked and erratic. She sighed, looking away from the droid and gritting her teeth as it informed her the doctor was not even there. She clenched her jaw as tight as a kath hound biting down on its prey while her hands dug into the cot that lay beneath her. "When will he get back?" she asked, in bitterness and defeat, before rolling over onto her side that would put her back to the droid. Whether she was aware of it or not she had assumed the fetal position.

Before the droid could say anything, the tent flap opened, and the the doctor stormed in, grumbling to himself as he immediately went to a small workbench and instinctively grabbed a bottle of tan colored liquid.

"I swear, I'm going to kill Florine! Apparently, when he wrote on the list to buy 'Bacta' he didn't mean bacta canisters like I asked for, but rather the small bacta patches! Droid, take note that I'm not only gonna not buy anything from Florine anymore, I'm gonna put a hole through his..." He stopped as he saw the girl was awake on the cot, immediately putting the alcohol down without drinking it, his angered face immediately switching to monotone and serious.

"You're awake. How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling fit to return to duty," Kat replied, but without going into anymore specific details. She slowly rolled over so she could face the doctor, but this time she sat up so that she could demonstrate just how *fine* she was. Unfortunately, she sat up too soon and the contents of her stomach threatened to come up, but she caught it in time, placing a hand on her stomach while simultaneously swallowing to keep it down. "I'm fine," she answered, in weak frustration about her situation. "I'm sure there are more seriously wounded individuals who'll need the bed soon," she explained, trying to justify her release. "Right now there's a habitat not being built because I'm here," she said, before finally allowing herself to make eye contact with the man.
The doctor crossed his arms, an eyebrow raised.

"I'm sure one of the other men who spend their days moping around the camp can go and build it. Even before you did that extreme stunt of trying to sit up, I can tell you that you are in no condition to work, let alone walk. You are to remain in bed for a solid eight hours of rest, before some stretches so that I can be sure the muscles are functioning properly and nothing was harmed by the excess Galine..." the doctor sighed, snapping his fingers and pointing to the droid.

"No more sedatives. She needs to sleep naturally. Any more and she might lose some brain cells. If she tries to get up, though, I give full permission to fall over on top of her."

"Wait. One of the other *men*?" Kat repeated, confronting him with a growing sense of tension. "Are you saying I can't do it because I'm a woman? Or were you calling me a man?" she asked, before folding her arms defiantly in front of her chest. She was clearly an easily triggered woman with a chip on her shoulder, always feeling the need to prove herself the equal of anyone. Ironically it was this attitude that saved her life, as she was demoted from service at the palace on Alderaan and assigned to a secondary security detail on the neighboring world of Delaya. It was also one of the reasons she was having a difficult time making friendships in the camp. She looked at everyone with a sense of doubt, mild paranoia, and an unwillingness to trust. It was possible the crate that dislocated her arm had even been intentionally knocked on her.

"I don't care if your a male, female, or a Trandoshan, your not leaving that cot. And if your going to be like that, then fine, men or women can be building the building. Now why don't you actually go to sleep and rest up. Death by exhaustion is probably not the way you want to go out."

Kat clenched her jaw so tightly that her head began to shake from the tension. At the same time her hands instinctively curled into a fist as she prepared herself for a fight. She knew if she struck the doctor ... likely one of the few in camp at the moment ... her punishment would be exile. She had no place else to go. Alderaan was gone and New Alderaan was the closest thing to it, even if it was just a ramshackle camp. Finally she exhaled a huge plume of air as her puffy cheeks relented. "I can't!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she let out a roar from deep within. "Damn it! I just *can't*. How can *anyone* sleep here?" she asked, as the tear began to well up in the corner of her eyes. She angrily flopped back on the cot and was once again in the fetal position began without realizing it. She needed a different sort of doctor.

The doctor watched as the girl broke down in front of him, a small pang welling up in him. Maybe it was compassion, though it was honestly something he thought he had lost way back during his old Rebellion Days. And buried after his homeworld was destroyed. He looked at his droid, who just seemed to stare at the girl. The doctor sighed before sitting down ok the grass next to the cot, look at her.

"Alright, alright, please just.... stop crying. What can I do to make it possible for you to get some rest?"

Kat ignored him for several moments while inhaling sharply through her nasal passages in a vain attempt to suck the tears back into her eyes. "A bottle of Alderaan Ruge might do the trick, but you won't find any of that here," she said, keeping her back to the doctor. " won't find that anywhere anymore," she muttered, bitterly as she looked off into the distance. Everyone back on the construction detail was going to think her weak and shirking her duty for being in the medical tent for so long. This was just going to make things worse as far as she was concerned. There was nothing worse than a malingerer. "All they have around here is Corellian Ale," she informed him, with a deep sense of resentment. Finally she rolled over onto her back so she could look at him again, with reddened, tear stained eyes and streaks of what little makeup she could scrounge so she could still feel like a woman running down her face. "I guess they don't want everyone drunk all the time," she said, with a quick, sharp laugh, because she knew that is *exactly* what would happen if they let in the good stuff.

The doctor looked at the girl muttering to herself, before slowly looking up at the droid. The droid, already seeming to know what the doctor was thinking, shook its head.

"Sir, alcohol might not..."

"Oh shut up BZ." The doctor said as he suddenly stood up, heading to an unopened crate and pulling out a bottle.

"Alright kid, listen up. I only have 2 bottles of Ruge, and I'm keeping on to celebrate with. I was gonna have two, but im letting you have ... half a bottle of this one. Got it?" He said as he brought the bottle over, offering it to her.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me!" Kat exclaimed, as she suddenly perked up for the first time in as long as she could remember. "You have two bottles? That makes you the richest man in camp," she said, as she sat up to greedily snatch the bottle from him. "I..." she began a thought, but quickly lost it, as she stared down at the bottle of ruge. The tears began to flow again, but this time for an entirely different reason. She *wanted* it ... she *needed* it, but she could not take it. "No. No ... this is yours," she said, as she offered it back to him. "It is too valuable. Too precious a gift. And I have nothing to offer you in return," she said, as she looked down at the floor rather than continue to look back at him. She was ashamed.

The doctor rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. "You can do two things for me in exchange for a swig. One, which house were you working at. Two, you need to actually sleep in the bed."

When the doctor suggested she could do something for him, Kat half thought he might have meant something else. He had surprised her again and she felt bad that her mind so quickly went to such a place. "It was in thranta sector. Building 22. Unit B," she told him, before uncorking the bottle of ruge feeling she had done her part. A moment later she connected the bottle with her mouth and took a swig of substantive size, before offering it back to him. Normally she would display the poor manners of wiping away her mouth, but given that it was Alderaanian ruge she allowed her tongue to lick off every last trace of it. Obediently she lay down on her side and closed her eyes trying to sleep, but every time she did she just saw the faces of those long gone. She could feel her body growing warmer as the alcohol entered her system and her cheeks soon became as red as her eyes. It would not take long for her to fall asleep for at least a little while.

"Sir ... she's asleep." The droid stated bluntly. The doctor sighed as he put the Ruge away.

"Thank you, I never would have gotten that. Listen, I need you to stay here and watch her, alright? I'm gonna go out for a little and check out this place she talked about." And before the droid could say anything, he left the tent, making the droid blink before analyzing the girl again and seeing if there was anything Ilene's the droid could do to help the clearly distressed girl. Otherwise, he remained in quite vigil over the girl as she rested.

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