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Alice Bee, Sean Brandt, Erin Highberg, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:13) in the Corulus system: Adventurer, Corulag (Curamelle: Saber Enterprises), Fortune's Debt, Lyra II, and Nerf Herder and in the Esseisia system: Esseles (The Void) and Nerf Herder.
Alexis Lyra, Major Serra Eona, Dimona Xirie Nuebla, Lord Marcus Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, and Rais Triestar.

Saber Enterprises was an unassuming structure in the capital city of Curamelle on Corulag, an important Core World in the Bormea Sector. To the population of Corulag it was just another in a series of companies that had popped up in recent time to profit off trade flowing through the Perlemian Trade Route. With the Rebel activity on Brentaal and the crushing Imperial blockade of Esseles, the neighboring world of Corulag had seen the greatest influx of profit. To that end it was the perfect world for Renik, a section of Imperial Intelligence's Bureau of Operations, to set up a front company for their most nefarious of plots yet ... to utilize bounty hunters and mercenaries to carry out their dirty work that was below even that assigned to Stormtrooper fodder.

Marcus Rodney, otherwise known as the Nerf Herder, was piloting a G1-A starfighter of the same name. He had been provided information on the contract from a former associate, El-Nay Darr, who was always quick to reveal information she oughtn't to tell ... without the expense of even having to get her drunk. As he descended the atmosphere through Corulag, he turned to his control panel to bring up a holographic rendering of his wife, Zara. He had no idea what he was walking into or whether he would be permitted to walk out, so he wanted to remember her. Gradually the clouds began to part the massive city came into view, with the Saber Enterprises tower dominating the skyline. He swallowed nervously, as he began to enter a landing platform, slowing the craft to a gradual halt and landing on the rooftop platform by using the repulsors. He sat in the cockpit for a moment studying the image of his wife, before powering it down, and moving from the cockpit to exit the ship and move towards the roof.

This was, quite possibly, the most insane stunt Zara had ever embarked on. She had a lot going against her, from the swelling of her belly to the fact that this simply wasn't her expertise. She had once enjoyed acting like a kleptomaniac and bringing down businesses from the inside. Like, the *digital* inside. Her head was filled with concerns. If she were to die...if the worst case scenario (for Marcus), was to happen, it was questionable how he'd take that. Yet, it had to be done. She sat inside of the Lambda-class shuttle, feeling like all hope had been lost when she embraced Marcus for the last time. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she focused on the holographic screens emitting from her hand-sized laptop. It was her favorite platform to use to hack into systems. Now, she was committing the Destroyer's layout to her short term memory as much as she could. Needless to say, this was going to suck.

She did not follow the Nerf Herder onto the rooftop platform. Zara kept a more than comfortable distance between her and her husband. The minute he caught her scent, she was done for. He'd act like an idiot just to keep her safe. While she appreciated him keeping her from, you know, dying, she also didn't want him to die in the process. "Hohum..." She internalized her feelings through a deep breath. "When we get through this..." She said, to no one in particular, "I'm getting a ice cream sundae the size of a god damn swimming pool". She carefully navigated towards a different landing platform. Unlike Marcus, she withdrew from the ship immediately after arriving. Her laptop was shoved in her backpack as she quickly left her ship. Welcome to the jungle.

There were quite a few other ships docked on the rooftop platform including The Adventurer. While it was unlikely Marcus would recognize the former ship, he would most definitely recognize the latter as he had spent some interesting and *quality* time upon it. The thrill seeker known as Dimona did not expect to see The Nerf Herder, in fact, she figured it would be rather unlikely she would see that man again as he had completely fell off the grid for months. When the Nerf Herder began landing, the Bounty Hunter had been upon her ship, gathering a few items and checking on her very needy mouse droid that had separation anxiety. As soon as her eyes fell upon the craft, did her brilliant green eyes flash and a huge grin played across her features. How the Inquisitor happened to find him was completely unknown to her, but a welcomed distraction from having to once again babysit El-Nay, who had failed to live up to even the smallest of expectations. No surprise really, and Dimona of course planned on constantly reminding her of her many deficiencies. Well, her thoughts were completely removed from that sad Mandalorian and now focused unconditionally towards the man that had just arrived. She could not just let him be all lonely now, could she?

The ramp leading to The Adventurer could not seem to lower fast enough for the over zealous Bounty Hunter. There were untold amount of things she could find interesting about any possible conversation or confrontation that happened between them. As she began to lower the ramp, her quaint Q2 blaster was removed from its holster and eagerly set to stun. The ramp was not even fully lowered yet before a sudden stun coil would ripple through the air in his direction. "Think fast, scruffy!" was all that was yelled from within her ship. Though he was fully adorned in his armor, Dimona very much recognized it. He should have the reflexes to dodge, but if not, his armor would likely absorb the shot... and if not... oh well! She could not help but to burst into laughter at his expense. In any of the cases, she would find it entertaining.

Nostrils flared as her hands eased up on the flight stick as she was coming in hot. It wasn't as if she didn't know how to land, it's just running and taking off was so much more fun. Lyra II, the SS-54 Assault Ship was entering the atmosphere above Saber Enterprises on Corulag. Alexis Lyra, the human female with a grudge against everyone and everything would take on just about any job if it meant that she would be given a credit or two at the end of the day. Knuckles turned white as her grip on the flight stick tightened while she pulled back. Pearly whites gritted as she figured she'd be making a crash landing instead of just a landing if she didn't slow down. Sigh escaped those plush dark lips as after a moment she was able to get a better control of her ship. Alexis swore under her breath as it looked like the landing pad she was coming up on was getting a little too crowded. Would this mean the poor not so forgiving hunter would have to split a profit more than one way? A roll of those green eyes and a shake of her head as a few black strands of dark hair fell in her face.

Right hand moved up as she switched a few buttons and pulled on a lever as the landing gear of the SS-54 would extend. A few hisses and she'd make her decent on to that landing pad. Engines would stop humming as the grip of her flights tick was let go all together. Another pull of another lever and a smaller ramp would extend from the back of the cockpit. She had enough room in her ship to keep the one person she had the most care for safe and sound. Herself. Smirk formed over those plush lips as she reached down beside her and picked up a small satchel and her blaster. Thumb slid over the safety, turning it off and setting it to stun. Alexis turned on her right heel and began to move through the back of the cockpit down a small flight of stairs and down to the opening that lead to the ramp. Black bantha leather boots clicked onto the metal as grey pants covered the rest of her lower body. Simple white tunic clung to her upper body as a beat up black bantha leather jacket layered on top of the tunic. Right hand raked through that black hair, slicking it back as she looked around the landing, seeing the others who arrived a bit sooner than her. At least the party could get started now.

When Dimona unexpectedly took a shot at him, the MFTAS system in his helmet alerted him, and he threw himself down to the ground at full velocity. His armor protected him from a nasty pratfall, as his helmet connected with the durasteel floor beneath him. The stun coil went helplessly over his body, impacting harmlessly with the hull of his ship. He was quick to rise, drawing his Model 434 heavy blaster pistol from his side holster, and brought it up to a quick aim towards the woman who shot at him from across the rooftop. A superimposed readout of Dimona's stats were broadcast over his left eye, which caused him to lower his weapon for the time being once he realized who it was. "Dimona Xirie Nuebla?!" he exclaimed, shrugging his shoulders, as he had not seen her in months. "That's no way to greet an old friend," he said, as he slid his weapon back into his holster. As he moved forward, he noticed Alexis' ship landing, but he did not recognize her. "Crowded up here tonight. Was the Curamelle spaceport closed?" he asked, shaking his head at both of them. It seemed this gathering of mercenaries that Min Traebor of Imperial Intelligence wanted him to investigate was more substantial than he realized.

The idea that this was dangerous sunk into Zara's brain all over again. Was she ready? She hated being separated from her husband, but she felt this to be best way. He could do what he was good at, and she'd take the rest. AKA:; she'd take down the building's security system from inside. Studying the blueprint of the skyscraper had given her the location of where the mainframe for the building's system was located. Half of the job would be done with explosives, the other half would happen with the help of all those hacker skills she'd spent so long profiting on. If she actually succeeded, then maybe she could help the efforts without having to get *too* physical. With a final deep breath, Zara set out towards the edge of very edge of the building. If she ever had a moment where she felt cocky, it was totally erased the moment she looked over the edge of the massive building. Her stomach did a somersault while she toyed with the features of her utility belt until a grappling hook emerged from one of the tiny compartments. She carefully set it up at the edge of the building. With a tug, she tested the hook to ensure she wasn't about to plunge to her death. Oh no, that would make Min wayyyy too happy. She wanted to live so she could return to Min and shove their success in her stupid face.

Needless to say, she effing hated that lady.

Reluctant and feeling more nauseous than ever, Zara sat on the edge of her demise. The grappling hook was better than using an elevator. She could go to the floor she wanted within carefully calculated minutes. The silver-haired woman felt unsure of herself. Marcus would *kill* her if he ever knew she'd gone bungee jumping while she was pregnant. Unable to allow herself to turn back, she slid off into the abyss. Her boots planted against the edge of the building. Specialized equipment inside of the bottoms made it possible, and easier, for her to scale the building. Just remember, *don't look down*. Internally, she began to count the floors. Internally, her stomach relocated to her mouth. *Don't throw up inside of your helmet, Zara* she reminded herself. So far, this was only her second worst day ever, only to be topped by that oh so wonderful meeting with the in-laws.

Dimona chuckled to herself as she witnessed Marcus faceplant upon the durasteel. "Nice reflexes." She sneered at him from her perch upon the ramp to her ship before relaxing her posture and holstering the blaster. She figured he would have been able to dodge it, and she assumed correctly, a shame she was unable to see the reaction on his face at that time. "You got it wrong. It is my friends who get the stun coil, and everyone else who gets the bolt. That makes you special." She said with a wink as she began to descend the ramp as eyes wandered around the small crowd of ships that were gathering. It also became apparent that they were not alone, and another woman had entered the brief fray. It appeared as though there were far more members of this squad than she had been anticipating. "So how the hell did you get pulled into this? Me you ask? I volunteered." The Bounty Hunter would be just as Marcus remembered, and that flare of eccentric unique insanity was still well present as he may already have noticed with her warm welcome. Dimana still had a fondness for her very odd choice of attire which comprised what appeared to be an armorweave suite that had been gashed untold amount of times and resown back together in a patchwork of different armorweave materials. Was it even functional anymore? It apparently did not matter. A simple brown leather jacket worn open and covering her shoulders was the only thing that appeared normal about this woman. "I think the real reason you are here, is because you missed me. You know that is it. Say yes." She laughed to herself, and while it was true they had been through some rather... particular adventures together, and she had fully enjoyed the thrills, she doubted he felt the same way.

It did not seem to matter to Dimona that she gave Marcus no real time to answer her question as her attention was now directed towards the other woman who shared their company. The Bounty Hunter had never seen this person before, nor had her orders from Major Eona include information beyond what she should expect after reaching the rendezvous. All of this was absolutely new and exciting for her. Perhaps the fortune hunter will find pleasure in finding out more. That Q2 blaster was once again removed from her holster and brazenly leveled at the woman there. "So, what shall you be then, hun? Friend or ... other?" And a rather dark disturbed smile began to creep upon her.

Marcus took a few nervous steps away Dimona, as she was as crazy and unstable as he remembered her. His hand moved to his glove, pulling it from his hand, and flashing the antique, gold wedding band that he was wearing. "Don't get the wrong idea," he said to her, before taking a look at the other ships on the rooftop. "Do you remember a short, orange, ball of Mandalorian armor? She told me I might find some work here," he explained, quick and to the point, before sliding the glove back onto his hand. "So what exactly did you volunteer for?" he asked, as he made a mental note of the markers on each of the transports. This was exactly the kind of Min would need in order to release his wife, he thought to himself, but turning in his fellow hunters, particularly ones he knew, left a sorry taste in his mouth. "You'd be surprised, but El-Nay Darr is not exactly the most informative person in this sector of the galaxy," he said, before moving closer to her. "I'm actually a little surprised to see you working for Imperials," he said to her quietly, and discreetly so that the others could not hear. "I remember you not even wanting to take the Jelena Rodney bounty," he said, reminding her of their last mission, and the contempt she seemed to hold the Empire in.

*Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrasseee. Hakuna matata, ain't no passing craze. It means no worries for the rest of your days*. Zara sung to keep herself preoccupied. Her stomach came down from its metaphorical edge as she hummed the *Lion King* song to herself. Her moment to shine was coming up within the next ten floors. In a perfect world, she'd sneak in, sneak out, and plant a very *nasty* bomb for someone to discover later. With the kind of luck Rodney's had, she assumed it all wouldn't go so smooth. She'd need the assistance of all the bounty hunters above (even those she didn't know about!). "Pumba, not in front of the kids!" She said aloud as she reached the window of the specific floor. There, Zara hung, suspended far, *far* from the ground, fiddling with her belt again. The tool she withdrew from it this time around was like a high-tech multi tool. Her current choice? A tiny glass cutter, which she carefully used to remove a pane of glass. Her work took *forever*. All the while, her heart had gone back to racing. She knew where she needed to go, but there was no telling what she would find between herself and her goal.

Carelessly, the thief dropped the pane of glass behind her. It went dashing towards the ground, but she really didn't care about the hazard she had just created. It was bound to become bad karma for some poor bastard. Instead, she swiftly swung herself into the building. Like any normal cat, she landed on her feet and, with great reluctance, used her tool to separate herself from the grappling hook. She was alone in what looked to be a dimmed conference room. Dust covered every surface so thickly that she was happy to be wearing a helmet. She swapped out the multi-tool for a blaster, then carefully made her way towards a door leading into a corridor. This corridor would eventually take her to where the mainframe systems were. She could easily steal any amount of information from there. It was the worst kind of hacker job; the one that required her to be there physically. Her careful efforts were rewarded when she opened the door and found no one there. Now she knew her Rodney luck had run out. It was going to be a shit storm from here on out.

The moment Dimona caught sight of the light glinting from that gold band Marcus had on his hand, she erupted into laughter which caused her to completely forget about how much fun it would have been to shoot at a woman she never met. Immediately she turned to face the man that approached her as she holstered her blaster once again a bit absent-mindedly. "Well, no wonder you have been gone from the scene for so long, and I did not even get invited to the wedding. I always knew you were a total jerk, scruffy." she said with a grin, not at all upset that she did not get invited, it was all just play talk for her. It did not surprise her at all that El-Nay blabbed everything to Marcus, nor did she care, it was really more fun with more members anyway. "She ain't wrong though! If you are needing some money for the little lady, you came to the right place ... when your life insurance policy kicks in." It might not be known to the rest of the hunters that were invited to this little group therapy, but Dimona understood just how dangerous these missions were going to be, and did not mind sharing that knowledge. When she got pulled aside for private time with Marcus, a devilish little smile creeped across. "Oh, you mean the time that asshole tried to con us into tracking down his daughter? I think we made the right decision... And as for my reasons for being here ... well, you just have to ask more nicely than that."

Rais Triestar was late to the party, perhaps, but evidently not so badly that he'd missed the main show. As the hulking mass of the bantha-class shuttle lowered towards the tower of Saber Enterprises, the Mandalorian rapidly realized that landing space was at a premium. With its single landing foot extended he brought it down, carefully negotiating the ship into place, the plasteel windows that made up the wall of the main compartment covered by blast doors. Moments later he was exciting through a side ramp, coming down to join the collection of hunters to which he had been recruited.

A man of medium build, Rais's features were completely concealed by the midnight blue and yellow armor he wore, a somewhat heavy variant of the standard Mandalorian make. Fastened to his right thigh was a holster carrying a modified heavy blaster, bearing the appearance of an old rotary slug thrower, the metals colored to match the armor he wore. A vibroglaive rested across his shoulder, balanced there with his left hand. Normally he didn't tote the thing around to a meeting, but given the person who had recruited him...well, it paid to take certain precautions. Speaking of, he noticed Dimona standing off to the side, chatting up one of the other hunters. A smirk played on his lips beneath the T-shaped visor, which turned as he took in the others presence. Was he really the only Mando here? That in itself was a bit surprising. For the time being he simply sauntered towards the others, finding his way to stand among them and wait to see what this was all about.

"We didn't invite anyone to the wedding," Marcus said with a soft laugh under his helmet, while noticing the arrival of a Mandalorian that looked infinitely more serious than the lowly El-Nay they were discussing. "But, if you check the HoloNet you'll find the footage," he said, muttering to himself, in reference to the paparazzi who documented the entirety of his wedding *and* honeymoon and then broadcast them for all to see *everything*. "Where is El-Nay anyway? She get lost?" he asked, as he looked around the assemblage of ships, but did not see her old relic of a Clone Wars bomber around. "She probably got lost," he said, as he became a little more on guard at the arrival of Rais, who he could tell was a professional in every sense of the word by subtleties in the way he carried himself. He glanced towards the man's ship, making a mental note of it as well. Now that so many of them seemed to be present he wondered if the one who had wanted them here would make their purpose known.

Carrying for two meant *carrying* for two. Zara's free hand pulled a secondary blaster from its holster. It had been awhile since she'd had to utilize being dexterous with her weapons. Even Marcus had never seen her at her prime. When she robbed him blind, she was on the top of her game, but not like this. Min had thrown her family into a mess of problems. Her instincts sook out to solve the problem and return home as soon as possible. Clearing her headspace, she soon found she wasn't alone. Rather, she could *hear* that she wasn't alone anymore. Footsteps pounding on the hard floor around a blind turn had her pausing in her footsteps. She wasn't about to test what her armor could withstand, so she planted her back against the wall, aimed both blasters, and waited until a trio of security guards emerged. She asked no questions. They may not have even seen her, fully armored, when she shot them down. Zara did not move out of her location at first. She waited to see if any other guards would come inspect what had happened. When they didn't, she darted over to the guards. One by one, she searched their uniforms until she found specified key cards that would unlock the room that held the main system. Instead of going about things the easy way and leaving the bodies to be discovered, and potentially blow her cover, she dragged them back to the conference room which she had emerged from. It was slow, difficult work. You can't imagine that a five-foot-two girl would have issues with such a task. When her work was finished, she continued on.

She came across no obstacles after she killed the trio. She hovered over the datapad leading into that oh so special room. Reluctance played through her fumbling fingers, which held a keycard from one of the men she had killed. She was faced with a moment of uncertainty, like so many times before. With a flash of the keycard, the door whooshed open. Irrational heat was the first thing Zara noticed. Keeping the entire building running was hot business...and not the sexy kind either. She fired off a few warning shots, which caught the attention of several more guards. After taking them down, she continued with her mission. The backpack slid off her shoulders while she reached the main control system thingy (wow much English). There, she sat, and quickly began her work while disturbing her own tools around her. Tiny laptop, which she used to seal the door into the room, explosives, for that after party *bang*, and a device to record all the information. Her fingers were darting across digital screens, alternating between them and a keyboard. What research she had done before reaching the building was helpful, but it wasn't enough. It took time. Time spent with Zara sweating like a hooker in church because it was so *damn* hot. It was working. In approximately twenty minutes, the young woman would have what she needed to shut Min up. "Ahhh, you're treating me so good today." She told her devices. Happy with how everything was working, Zara stood. She moved towards the physical mainframe, where the heat felt worse than Mustafar. Her tiny, explosive devices would easily fit in the nooks and crannies presented. No one would know until it was too late. And Zara? Well, she thought herself might clever until. ... *until*...

Sirens began wailing all around her, as well as all over the whole kitten caboodle. "Fuckno." Zara darted over towards the screen. "I didn't tell you to do that!" She scolded it. Inside her helmet, deep inside of her head, she began to lose her cool. After all, Zara hadn't really solidified her escape route. She couldn't figure out what was causing the siren. Visually, she imagined every piece of shit in the building rushing towards a room with one door and no windows. She panicked. She was trying to silence the alarms, but nothing happened. Reluctantly, she used the comm system in her helmet to reach out to her only lifeline: her husband. She'd rudely fiddled with his gear. It was questionable if he knew about it or not. "Marcus..." Her voice was smooth, hiding the fact that she was losing her mind and seconds away from throwing up all over the goddamn building. She didn't say another word. The sound of sirens could be heard from her mic. "I need you on floor three-oh-three *now*." He should know better, Zara would never let him go alone.

Beneath his helmet Marcus received an unexpected transmission from the most unlikely sources ... his wife, whom he believed was imprisoned on Esseles from this very building. That girl never listens, he thought silently to himself, but thankfully the helmet provided the anonymity he needed to avoid letting them see his facial expressions. He brought his right hand to a control panel on his left his wrist and within moments three seeker droids came flying out of the Nerf Herder and heading towards the building. Each began to do a sensor reading of the general area, with the first two heading to the access the point from the roof that led into the building, while the third began to descend the exterior of the building until it found the entrance that Zara made and began to proceed in there as well.

As he began to get a 3D model of the building inside of his helmet, he moved past Alexis, Dimona, and Rais, excusing himself, as he moved directly towards the nearest access point. The crimson half cape at his left shoulder flailed in the night's breeze as he moved swiftly. When he hit the door the droids were already meters ahead, and he wasted no time making his way towards the nearest turbolift. When he entered it, he was quick to enter the 303rd floor that Zara had specified. "I'm on my way. What are you doing here?" he asked, before shaking his head as the turbolift began to descend. "Wait. Don't tell me *now*," he said, realizing that everything was now time sensitive.

Eventually the lift came to a stop on the 303rd floor, where he spotted some of Zara's handiwork in the form of the private security she dispatched. The alarms were going off and he was sure that all hell was going to break loose. There was even the threat of the rival hunters several levels above. His hand again moved to his control panel and on the roof the Nerf Herder unexpectedly blasted off the landing platform, and rapidly descended the side of the Saber Enterprises tower until it reached the level where they were. By the time the droids found her, they made a protective perimeter around her.

"You know ... you really need to learn when to stay behind," Marcus chastised his wife, when the droids unexpectedly surged towards the wall behind them, destroying it in a small explosion that revealed the Nerf Herder and the neighboring towers. "You trust me, right?" he said, as he grabbed her, more roughly than he should a pregnant woman, and moved towards the opening. In a flourish he leapt through the hole in the building, and roughly crashed into the exposed ramp of the ship. "So much for infiltrating the group, Zara ... I hope you have a good reason," he said to her, before trying to scramble the ship away from the building and ensuing chaos.

Dimona had definitely noticed Fortune's Debt coming in for a landing, her eyes had flicked to its descent expectantly while her attention was divided with Marcus. The thrill seeker had believed her offer was enticing and interesting enough for him to follow but seeing that ship finally arrive verified that. She would never let him know just how relieved she was however. Dimona would never want to be on the same level as El-Nay who could not even secure her own target. How embarrassing it would be if Dimona had been in the same boat. Of course she could not forget that bold yellow armor Rais chose to wear, how could she not... it was a huge eyesore. "Well, it took you long enough, what, did you stop to get lucky?! Hun, I thought we already decided that I was your guiding star." She scoffed at the Mandalorian as he approached. Dimona had quite a few other snarky remarks but she was cut off quickly by Marcus rushing past her intently. "Well damn! I'm sorry I'm so boring today!" It soon became clear that quite a bit of chaos was being thrown down without her and Dimona definitely felt she was missing out on some action. Without further word, she rushed up the lowered ramp to her craft. "Peep! Something is happening, let's go join in the fun, yes?" Shortly afterwards the Adventurer was airborne and off to seek its namesake.

It hadn't been five minutes into appearing and, before there was even time to meet the client, something seemed to be going wrong. Rais was waiting patiently, well used to doing so for some clients, when all of a sudden the other armored male was summoning three droids and taking off to infiltrate the building with them. "Well, that's unusual..." It wasn't often a hired gun went storming off into the building of their employer, not if they intended to keep the contract. Curious as it was, he didn't invest too much thought into it until the bounty hunter's ship lifted off and suddenly zoomed down the side of the tower. A cant of his head was given to the others present, most notably Dimona, and he went to the edge, peering down through his visor at where the ship hovered. It wasn't until the explosion, however, that he truly felt compelled to act.

The small detonation barely made a sound at this distance, but it was clear enough to see against the dark city below. Without so much as a word Rais went to the Fortune's Debt, jogging up the ramp, smacking the switch on the way to close it behind him. It didn't take long for him to deposit the vibroglaive and reach the cockpit. To those on the deck, it likely appeared he was peacing out, scrapping the contract now that things took a turn for the strange. The truth, however, was quite different. The Fortune's Debt, his bantha-class shuttle, cut through the atmosphere and waited, its pilot intending to find out just where this other hunter intended to go now.

Marcus was the most dependable man in the world. Maybe she had intentionally forgone planning her exodus, knowing full well that he would be there. As it turns out, the alarms had only sounded on when she was nearly finished downloading all the information she needed. There was no way for her to turn them off, so she abandoned those efforts and, using her handy dandy multi-tool, she started to place her explosives within the mainframe. "I know I shouldn't have..." She began to explain in his ear. Ultimately, Zara preferred that he be angry with her than dead. In her eyes, the mission was nearly achieved. What she had would silence Min. The young woman continued to pack up her belongings while she awaited his arrival. Exhaustion itched at the edges of her mind. She lowered herself back down into her chair. One of her hands rubbed over her stomach like she was trying to soothe it, as well as the young Rodney that had taken residence in her womb. "Your father is just beginning to realize he married into crazy." Her whole family had meant their end at the hands of the Empire.

As soon as the droids arrived, she knew Marcus would be along soon. She was standing, waiting for him beside one of the droids. Relief spread through the entirety of her mind when she saw him. They wouldn't share a final goodbye today. She hung her head, "I know but..." The time for explanations was not now. They were fortunate to have been unbothered for so long. The question of how they would escape was soon answered by the helpful droids destroying a wall. She knew exactly what his plan was as soon as she saw the Nerf Herder. "More than my next breath." He grabbed her roughly, and together, they leapt into the abyss. In this case, the abyss happened to be the ramp of his ship. Zara inched up into the ship. "I did." She stood, pressing a button on her belt as soon as they were headed away from the building. Inside, an explosion occurred, one which erase the fact that she had ever been there. No one would know who did it. She crashed into a seat, feeling horrible and relieved all at the same time. Marcus was pissed.

Marcus removed his helmet as soon as they were safely aboard the Nerf Herder. He looked at his beloved wife, thankful that she was safe, despite the lunacy of her plan and the potential jeopardy she had placed them in. He leaned forward, placing a tender kiss upon her lips, fueled with the fire of a deep lover affair. The kiss was broken when the proximity alarm began to go off alerting him that other ships were nearby. "Hold that thought!" he said to her, before he moved from the floor to scramble into the cockpit. "Two of them coming in," he said, as he began to accelerate the Nerf Herder into the upper atmosphere before he even got himself strapped in. "Hang on back there!" he yelled over his shoulder as the ship began to buffet as they rocketed through the atmosphere at a potentially unsafe speed. In front of the viewport the blue sky gradually began to fade, replaced with a dark and vibrant sea of stars. His attention shifted towards the navicomputer, which began downloading the coordinates for the return trip to Esseles.

It was then that a flash appeared on the viewscreen as the shields were pinged with laser blasts from Dimona's ship, the Adventurer. "Well I guess friendship only goes so far," he muttered to himself, as he began to execute an evasive maneuver. Eventually the computer beeped, indicating it had the coordinates, and he thrust his right hand forward on the hyperdrive actuator. In a flash the Nerf Herder left the vastness of realspace into hyperspace for Esseles, three planets away via the Perlemian Trade Route.

After exiting hyperspace in orbit of Esseles the Nerf Herder began a slow descent into the atmosphere of the planet, moving to the northernmost of the planet's continents. His breathing had not steadied since he left Corulag, fearful that they were now being hunted by the group of mercenaries he was tasked with infiltrating. More to the point, he was scared that the data Zara had seemingly acquired from the building would not be enough to buy their freedom from Major Traebor. Gradually the small G1-A starfighter entered the mountain hangar, known as The Void, where Imperial Intel and the Black Sun were collaborating on the various misdeeds he had never managed to escape. If the data was not good enough, he would have no choice but to attempt to shoot his way out, as he could not allow his wife to go through any more of this. If the ship were not loaded with a tracking device and rigged with explosives he simply would have left, but until they deactivated his wife was in danger and *he* belonged to them.

The alarms within the Saber Enterprises tower had done more than scrambled a slew of security personnel to report to the source of the breach. It was a blanket signal to begin the destruction of datapads, the wiping of internal systems, the evacuation of certain people of interest. It was a drill that the operatives within had gone over a hundred times before, but never had they truly believed it would be necessary.

Major Serra Eona sat in a small apartment in a building across from the Saber Enterprises tower. The upper levels of the high end apartments were reserved for Imperial Intelligence, using a series of fronts and providing a place for guests of note to stay when planetside for work within the nearby offices. A droid, wiped of its personality and programming, built to simply be an automaton for remote use, was standing not far from the landing platform, its controls on a desk in front of Serra. It was how she had intended to communicate with the hunters and pass on their first mission, but things had quite suddenly changed. The hazard of working with hired help.

The Nerf Herder. A distinctive ship with a distinctive name, and one Serra had seen before. The missing bounty hunter, one who had been involved in the Jelena debacle. A mystery man who went by the same name as his ship, and a missing link to the severe compromises aboard the Warspite. Serra Eona took a drag from her cigarra, adding to the haze in the apartment from her stay. The Nerf Herder's appearance wasn't a coincidence, or a mistake. He hadn't been on the list she had approved. Someone had leaked to him, reached out to him independent of her instructions, and she had a feeling one of two people were responsible. Dimona and El-Nay would once more be answering to her. It was becoming an all too frequent occurrence.

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