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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:14) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Petty Officer Lenna Senn and Major Reek Trolg.

Lenna Senn, a simple fighter mechanic, though rather smart and resourceful at the age of 27 standard years. She had been stationed on the Warspite because her uncle was Tiberius Anson, the captain. She hated special treatment, but usually tried to bend the rules or at least try to see what she could get away with. Lenna was a bit of an outcast, a tomboy so to speak. Even down to that shorter hair cut. Those fiery red locks would be a bit mess over the top of her head. About two to three inches long. Those bright green eyes behind a pair of goggles as she would take a look at the TIE fighter on the hanger she was stationed. "No. Th' flame wrench..." The R-4 unit beeped at her as a small compartment would open from the side of the round short droid. It was her right hand man, well droid, but it was hers. Lenna reached out her hand as a small rod with two clamps would sift through her box of tools and grabbed her flame wrench. It extended with a beep and she shook her head while taking the wrench. "I could do tha', but if I increase th' airflow to th' rear boosters, it will go faster." That accent was a little thick. But, the sassy woman wasn't going to hide who she was. Yes, a droid could work on a ship, but the finesse of a humanoid would bring a little more uniqueness to the performance of the ship. The Corellian woman turned on the flame wrench and moved behind the fighter. That gray jumper was worn not to standard either. That portion that covered her torso was rolled down, and sleeves tied around her waist. A simple tight black tank, a bit low cut, exposing those strong arms. A few smudges of grease covered her pale skin. And there she would go to work.

The patrols in the Essesia system threatened to overwhelm the flight crew of the Star Destroyer Warspite. The TIE fighters were being pushed to their limits as they maintained 24-hour patrols of the space lanes, attempting to both inspect every ship leaving and arriving in the system, while defending their own convoys from quick attacks from Rebel starfighters hiding within the nearby Ringali Nebula. Commander Reek Trolg found himself in command of a squadron of these overworked fighters, which found themselves in a state of disrepair from being so badly taxed and overworked. Earlier that day he had found himself engaging with a Y-wing whose gunner had scored a lucky hit on his port strut, which nearly split his craft in two. Only skilled flying had managed to get the fighter back to the command sheep. The commander was in his early 30s with short, dirty blonde hair that was kept short in the military fashion. His body was well toned from hours of being inside a fight suit in the hot cockpit of the fighter, causing him literally sweat off the pounds each day. His finely polished leather boots caused loud footsteps as he approached his craft in his black dress uniform. As he neared it, he saw the out of uniform woman working on his craft, and a state of panic quickly overcame him. His footsteps grew louder as he ran across the deck to confront her. "Who are you? What is it you think you're doing to my ship?" he demanded of her, incredulously, as his eyes scanned over the expansive hangar for any sign of the deck officer.

A few clanks and whirs as her R-4 Unit began to panic. "Hush." She'd snap at the orange, white, and silver colored droid. A purse of Lenna's lips as she'd give the piece of the booster one last once over with that flame wrench. Though she heard that deep male voice as she'd peek around the wing and look at the man in uniform and roll her eyes. She'd go back for a few more seconds and then clicked the tool off. Hands came up to remove goggles and set them on her forehead. " 'm th' hanger mechanic. I was stationed 'ere ta fix yer ship." She looked down to her grease covered hand and whipped it on the gray pant leg of her uniform before she extended her hand. "I re-routed th' air flow to th' in th' rear boosters and ya should be a little faster now. Also repaired th' nice crack down th' middle of it." A proud smile as she looked at her outstretched hand. She didn't even salute. "Lenna Senn." Left cheek moved up as she gave a small smirk. She clearly knew what she was doing and didn't care weather he approved her meddling with his ship or not.

For now Reek chose to ignore Lenna, for at the moment his TIE fighter was much more important to her. His left hand moved to his right, swiftly pulling the leather glove off, and moving to place his naked hand upon the surface of the craft where she had made her repairs. Of the words she spoke, he perhaps got one word in three, as he moved his face closer to the ship to examine what she had done. "Who authorized you to do this?" he asked, without so much as tilting his head in her direction, as his attention remained rudely fixated on the craft. He had to admit that it was a damn fine repair job, and the other overhaul she had performed were liable to give him the edge he needed the next time a pair of X-wings emerged from the nebula. It was only when he followed the entire line of her repair to his satisfaction that he finally turned around to get a look at the woman ... and wow, what a woman, even in her unkempt state. He had to force himself to bite his lower lip to keep himself from smiling at her, but for now he wanted to know exactly who this 'Lenna Senn' was and why she was fiddling with his craft.

Lenna looked down to her hand that he didn't shake and rolled her eyes at the man. She wasn't that impressed with him, but he seemed to question what she was doing to his ship. A roll of those eyes as she looked down to her R-4 unit and nodded. "I know. Not a lot of people expect a human ta be able ta do better repairs than droids." Lenna said it loud enough for the man to hear. She raised an arm and leaned against that solar panel covered wing of the TIE fighter. "What da ya mean who authorized this? I'm this bay's mechanic now. Th' rebels don't expect us ta make modifications ta ships...I was stationed 'ere by Cap'ain Anson." She didn't want to mention that she was the Captain's niece...She hated special treatment by other people, so there was no surprise that she'd even give that information away. "I promise...yer ship will perform better because of me." She gave a confidant nod.

"Y-y-you're the bay's mechanic?" Reek repeated, almost tripping over the words, stammering like a first year cadet at the academy. He took a few steps back from the woman and linked his eyes several times, wondering if he could somehow refocus his vision and find someone other than her speaking to him. In his decade of service flying TIE fighters he had never trusted his craft to someone like her, but there was little sense in arguing with his superiors ... it rarely got anywhere and usually just made things worse. "All right then," he said, resigning himself to the fact, as now he offered a hand to her. "Glad to have you aboard," he said with a firm nod of his head, and his lips moved in the slightest of gestures towards a half smile as he attempted to be polite. He was not sure what she was doing here ... perhaps she knew someone, or perhaps she was sleeping with someone ... but for now there was nothing *he* could do about it.

At his words her R-4 unit beeped and whirred a few times as she couldn't help but let out a small giggle. Lenna gave a nod as she took a rag out of her back pocket and began to wipe her hands clean of grease. "Yeah. Me too." She responded to the droid then looked over to the man and gave a nod. "Yer lookin' at 'er." She laughed again, a bit amused by his reaction to the fact that she was in fact the bay's mechanic. "I've been doin' this fer a long time. I don't think Cap'ain Anson would'a stationed me 'ere fer nothin'." The sassy redhead looked down to the man's hand and arched a brow as she looked back up at him. "I already tried ta be nice. I didn't catch yer name." Lenna's accent was almost hard to make out what she was saying. It wasn't her fault that she was a bit of the black sheep, a bit on the outskirts of her rather well known family. But she didn't want the pilot of a fighter to treat her any different than how he was treating her now. She wouldn't shake his hand. He snuffed her before, she'd snuff him. She'd wait for him to retaliate with his name so she'd know how to address him other than something like, 'Sir.' Although a grunt, she had talent and knew her away around the materials, designs, and design-flaws of what she was working with. Maybe other people saw her position as low...but without her, half the fleet wouldn't be getting upgrades and small tweaks to help their fighters perform better.

Reek's eyes slowly ran down her body like he was piloting his TIE fighter through a trench. "You know you're out of uniform, Senn," he said to her, sounding more serious than he should over such a trivial matter. "The XO is a real pain. Loves to write people up for even the smallest of infractions ... wouldn't want you to get into trouble your first week," he told her, offering a little more of a smile than he did before. Her accent was an unusual one ... one that he had not heard before ... but he was beginning to understand her completely. "And who is this?" he asked, as his attention turned to the R-4 unit next to her. He dropped in a squatting position to more closely examine the droid, as he took a keen interest in everything going on around his craft. With no shields and minimal armor it did not take much for a pilot to lose their life ... it made him extremely cautious, perhaps even paranoid.

Lenna rolled her eyes. "I can't work on a ship if I'm uncomfortable. I'd rather take th' infraction then do a shotty job." Lips pursed as she inhaled and exhaled. She caught his eye and looked up at the man that seemed to tower over her. "Ya still haven't answered my question." Lenna was referring to her question about his name. "I'll tell ya his if ya tell me yours." Lenna was rather playful. Her nature was carefree. A bit of an ironic attitude to have considering that the Imperial fleet were structured, very rule heavy. "Ya like what ya see by th' way?" She noted his eyes moving over her body a few times as she stayed where she was, leaning against the wing of the mysterious fighter's ship. A slow breath taken as she reached a hand into her pocket and pulled out her cigarra case. She pulled one of those slender sticks out and placed it behind her ear. She rolled her eyes as he seemed rather interested in her R-4 unit. The droid clicked and whistled a few times as she gave a laugh. "That's what I thought too." Arms crossed over her chest, slightly raising that crevasse between those globes of flesh, accentuating her cleavage absentmindedly.

"My name is Major Trolg, squadron leader," Reek told her, as he raised back up to his full height. "But ever since the academy people have taken to calling me 'Reek'. It's hard to escape a nickname in the service," he told her, as he watched her play with the cigarra. She was flirting with him and using her physical harm to do so, he thought to himself, which caused a confident smirk that most pilots often possessed. "A pilot needs to have impeccable eyesight," he said, as he moved closer towards her, closing the distance until there were only inches between them. "And yes ... I do like what I see," he said, moving his hand up to side of her face slowly, gently moving to wipe some of the smudges to discover what lay beneath.

"That's R4-D9. I call 'im Nine." She said as she gestured to her astromech droid. Then her attention turned towards the man known as Trolg. "Reek... Tha' sounds like ya may 'ave had somethin' in referral ta yer stench." She brought a hand up to her face and wafted in front of her nose. She wasn't really flirting, but he was rather easy on the eyes. She swallowed hard as he moved closer to her. She pulled away from his hand as he wiped the grease from her face. She gave a sigh and gave a rather unimpressed look, mostly to hurt his ego. She was usually pretty good at that and looked down to try from staring at that rather chiseled jaw. She would hate to admit it. She pulled the cigarra from her ear and put it to her lip. "So, ya gunna take 'er fer a spin? Or stand 'ere and try ta get in my pants?" Blunt and crass. The young woman couldn't help but give a playful smile as she reached for the flame wrench to the end of that slim cigarra. She turned on the hot torch and held it to the end until it turned a nice red. She tossed the torch wrench back into that box of tools and her R4 unit whirred. She inhaled slowly and then exhaled, blowing a small cloud of smoke into his face. Lenna wasn't like most women, because she was around men and tried to think like one most of the time. She'd wait to hear his answer to her question before she'd continue to speak or move. Smoking on the deck wasn't aloud either. She wasn't one for rules.

"Hello, Nine," Reek said politely to the droid, but his eyes never left Lenna. "Students at the academy can be very cruel. I can assure you, I have no stench now," he said, smirking confidently as he continued to examine all of her features. "I'll be happy to take her out, if you squeeze in there with me," he said, making his move, as he positioned his face closer towards her. It was only then that she lit her cigarra, causing him to cough slightly, particularly when she blew the smoke at his face. "Oh you're going to be trouble," he declared, confidently, as he moved his hand to waft away some of the smoke in front of his face so that he could get a better look at her. He might have to start damaging his craft more often, he thought silently to himself as he watched the exotic young grease-monkey that stood before him.

Lenna coughed as she'd take a small inhale of that cigarra. His words kind of shocked her. She coughed up some smoke as she cleared her throat. "Yer a bit cocky, aren't ya?" Lenna laughed as she gave a nod. She'd take another drag of that cigarra before she'd put it out and toss the butt in the trash. "Ya have no idea. Though...I gotta try ta stay outta trouble. My uncle might not want ta hear that I'm not behavin'. I'm already outta uniform..." She laughed at the idea of her being out of her uniform. She swallowed hard as she moved her hand over the TIE fighter wing. "Yer ship should hold. And ya should be able ta maneuver her a bit better now that she'll be a little faster." Lenna went back to what she knew. Men...not so much... Tech...she did.

"Only a bit," Reek said, that smile never escaping his lips now, as he did his best to impress her with his confident style. It took a certain kind of bravado to jump into a TIE fighter and fly into battle against to the Rebellion with no shields or missiles. "Your uncle?" he asked, picking up on her slip, and not wanting to let it go. He wanted to know more, and as she moved to examine the TIE, he followed her step by step. "I'm sure it will hold. It looks like excellent work. And if it doesn't, then I know who to come looking for," he said with a laugh, but he was serious. He had been aboard the ship too long, surrounded by an assortment of female Imperial officers who did not inspire the kind of passion in him that she did.

Right hand moved up and behind her head, scratching it. "Uhhh. Yeah. My uncle..." She cleared her throat and coughed slightly, trying to distort what she was saying. "Cap'ain Anson." Those pale cheeks then turned a nice shade of rose. She shook her head and brought her hand back to her side. "Yeahhhhh." Maybe that would make things a bit awkward. "I think he figured I'd do better down 'ere than up there." She laughed as she rocked a bit on her heels and toes. He was into her. She could tell. The short haired woman was waiting to see what kind of a response she got after she had spoke. It was a bit off the cuff, but it was what it was. And it was always easier to get it out now than later.

Reek's eyes went wide when she mentioned that her uncle was the vessel's commander, and he instinctively took a step backwards from her. He had not expected that, and it showed on every aspect of his face ... he was no longer the cocky flyboy. "Your uncle is the Captain?!" he repeated, questioning her incredulously as he examined her facial features more carefully. Making a move against the captain's kin could result in him getting flushed out of the nearest airlock ... or worse.

"Yeah. He's my uncle." She gave a nod and then a shrug. She saw his body language and bit her bottom lip. "I 'ardly talk to 'im. This was mostly a favor to my get me working really." She gave a shrug and kicked at the floor. "It's one of the reasons I get away with so much." Those lips moved into a large grin. She gave a sigh and then looked to his ship. "Well...I should go shower. Your ship was pretty nasty, to be honest." She seemed like she was almost inviting him with her. The refresher unit was co-Ed. But she also did have some very nice living quarters.

"I wouldn't go around telling people the Captain is your uncle," Reek said to her, as he attempted to regain his manhood and draw nearer her. "This vessel is at times a den of vipers, and many a young officer would report on you to advance their career," he explained, as his eyes moved across the hangar bay to make sure that no one was listening in to what he hoped was a private conversation. When he heard her talk about the shower, he took his hand, and plunged it into some of the grease that was coating one of the assembly joints on his ship. He then brought his finger to his face to smudge his face, and then smile at her. "Oops," he said to her, as he began moving towards the nearby turbolift that would lead to where there quarters lay.

Lenna gave a slow nod as she took in a deep breath. Lungs filling up with air as that chest rose and fell with each breath. Lenna blinked a few times as she reached a hand up and messed with that short red hair. She took those goggles off and tossed them in her tool box. Tongue exited those plush lips to sweep over them as he smudged his own face. "Yeah...I didn't even want to tell you...but it slipped. Though 'ow do I know you aren't interested in advancin' up the food chain?" Those eyes narrowed at him before she turned to her R4 unit. "You know what to do...You can come to the quarters when you're done." Nine beeped and whirred. She rolled her eyes as boots carried her body towards Reek. "So, ya gunna hit the refresher too?" Right brow arched as her head turned towards the man. He was incredibly attractive.

"If I go any higher I'll be flying a desk instead of this starfighter, and that's the last thing I want," Reek told her, honestly, as he waited for her to join him at the turbolift. "Yes. I seem to be in need of a shower myself," he said, as he pointed towards the smudge he had created on his face. It had been a long time since he had flirted with a woman, and had never before made a move on a member of the crew, but he figured someone that looked as good as her would be gobbled up by an officer quickly and he wanted to be the first.

Lenna gave a small laugh. She shook her head as she took in a deep breath. "I'm thinking tha' maybe your refresher may be bigger tha' mine." She looked down from him and down her boots as they made their way to their turbo lift. She took in another slow breath as she licked her lips once more. She was a bit flattered at his attempts of flirting with her. Normally men saw her as one of the guys. It was kind of refreshing to get this kind of attention from a human man that was this attractive. She was sure this would be rather fun.

Reek moved his hand to tap at the red and blue rank insignia that was pinned on his left chest as he smiled at her. "Privilege of being an officer," he explained to her, the look on his face becoming slightly wicked. "You should have had your uncle arrange an officer's commission. Then you would have had much nice quarters," he explained to her, teasing, as his hand gripped the controls of the turbolift to ascend from the hanger bay to the officer's quarters. When they arrived the door opened and he held it open for her, and then escorted her down a ubiquitous corridor that contained one suite of offier's cabins after another. "This one's mine," he announced, as his code cylinder served to unlock the door. It revealed a very empty room consisting of a bed and a desk with a terminal on it. There were no decorations, nor any momentos from home ... it was cold like one might expect from an Imperial officer.

"Guess I should call ya, sir?" She leaned over towards the railing of the turbo lift. She shook her head. "I told 'im I didn' want special treatment." She said in that thick accent. She kept quiet as she wiped her hands on her pants as she reached the back of her hand to wipe at her forehead. She'd take a deep breath as she'd give a slow exhale. Nervous? Maybe. She'd follow him down the hallway, then step into the room. She looked around as she'd begin to take off her shoes. She looked behind her as the door closed and he stepped in. "It is definitely simple." She turned around to face him as she'd untie those sleeves from her waist as she was a bit forward in that respect. Not ashamed of her body.

"You could get written up for not addressing a superior as 'sir', Technician Senn," Reek playfully scolded her, as he began to remove his carefully polished black leather boots. He placed them at the foot of his bed, as he always did, perfectly lined up and ready for the next day. "I don't get many guests," he said, with a soft chuckled, before moving to undo his tunic. As he pulled it open he revealed a simple undershirt that was issued to all Imperials and a well toned physique. He sat down on the edge of the bed, where he moved to unfasten his belt buckle. He did not seem nervous as all as he began to strip out of his uniform directly in front of her. There was nothing to do on a ship but workout sometimes, and as a result he maintained excellent physical conditioning.

"I gotta say...I'm a bit surprised by myself." She moved her hands to the hem of that black tank top. She pulled it up and over her head. She didn't have need for a bra really. Such the rebel. For being in the imperial fleet, she didn't exactly show that she was quite restrained. She was an outcast. "I usually don't this...I usually at least get a date first." She smirked as those perfect perky breasts were revealed. Soft skin in a nice round shape as those brighter pink nipples began to harden. She licked her lips as she moved to stand in from of Reek. She admired his chest. "I definitely like what I'm seein'." She gave a slight scoff and stood there, nothing covering her torso.

"The only date to be had around here is with 1,000 other crew members in the mess deck, or a few hundred in the holonet suite," Reek complained, as he slid off his underwear so that he was now fully disrobed in front of her. "This is what passes for romance aboard a Star Destroyer..." he said, with a soft snicker, as he moved towards the adjoining refresher. It was not much to speak of ... a single sink, a toilet, a mirror, and of course the shower. He reached for the controls and activated the jets of water that started cool at first, but gradually warmed to a relaxing temperature. "You'd best hurry. It doesn't stay hot that long. Engineering's little joke to ensure we don't waste," he complained, as he eagerly awaited what he expected to be the best shower of his active duty service.

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