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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:9:24) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle) and in the Corellian system: Corellia (Auntie Maeland: Hotel).
Duke Marcus Rodney and Duchess Zara Rodney.

The morning of one of the most special days of the year had finally arrived... Marcus Rodney's birthday. It wasn't *just* a birthday. It was the big four-zero. He was officially over the hill. Zara, being Zara, had prepared the day well in advance. She knew exactly where they were going. What she didn't know was if they'd have fun or not. In the morning, it was Zara who snuck out of bed first. She went downstairs and insisted *she* cook breakfast. Thankfully, she was a better cook that Doo-Doo Fast and successfully produced a breakfast that looked edible. "Alrighty Zara, let's not give Marcus the gift of food poisoning..." With shaky hands, she carried a tray with his breakfast on it up the spiral staircase to their room. "Stairs 350, Zara, zero." She grumbled. The stairs had scored major points when they caused her water to break (yes, she blamed the stairs for that).

At last, Zara reached their quarters. She sighed, placing the tray on the nightstand. Phase 1 of birthday morning was going well. The young thief snuck into bed where she began to assault her husband. She kissed him several times on the ear and began to sing softly into it, "Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my bestest Marrrccccus..." She squeezed him tightly in her arms. "Happy birthday to you."

40 years ago today Marcus Rodney had entered the world as the second child of Duke Julius and Duchess Livia Rodney. Despite his age it was not until he met his wife, Zara, that he had truly settled down and become an adult. Now it was he who sat on the throne Delaya with two children of his own and another on the way. Being woken up by her was a wonderful way to spend a day which emotionally could be difficult. Aging was something he did not want to cope with ... he had always been a fine physical specimen, athletic, and in control of his body. Lately he had found himself having to make an extra trip to the bathroom, feeling aches and pains, and feeling a bit more tired. Maybe it was the stress of the throne, or having two infants, or maybe he was getting hold. "Hey!" he said as he opened his eyes to the onslaught of kisses. "You remembered my birthday?" he asked, with a smirk, forgetting that it was a holiday on the planet.

A silly smile appeared on Zara's face. "Nope. I forgot all about it." She teased. She stole another kiss, only this one was to his lips. "Happy birthday! I made you breakfast!" In no time, Zara was rounding their bed and grabbing the tray. "I avoided the Gungan recipes for obvious reasons." She offered him the tray. The items on it looked normal enough; eggs, toast, several pieces of bacon, and some danishes that she hadn't made. She could make breakfast foods all day and night, but desserts were not her expertise. When he had taken the tray, she settled on the bed once more. "Would we be super horrible people if we only spent *half* of your birthday on Delaya?" She asked him.

The sound of their twins waking sent Zara back to her feet. She quickly collected Sia and Darrus, which was becoming more of a feat as the twins were nearly six months old, and returned to the bed to ready them for their breakfast. She laid both children out on the mattress. That morning, Sia *and* Darrus both began to babble when they saw their parents. Sia, being the daddy's girl that she was, rolled to her tummy and began to crawl towards Marcus. Zara had been working hard to get Sia to say 'dada'. At that point, all of her efforts were rewarded when their silver haired daughter looked up and said those very words. "Dadadadada!" She said it with such excitement in her voice. Darrus joined in while Zara melted.

Marcus sat up instantly when the tray of food was placed in front of him. "You know on Delaya we celebrate birthdays each month, so if you can do this for me each month it would be appreciated," he informed her, but could not maintain a straight face and began laughing by the end. "Oh. Only half the day? And where would be spending the other half? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?" he pressed her, before forking some eggs into his mouth. Before he could get an answer, however, she had deployed the children to use to her advantage. When Sia began to speak he dropped his fork, and reached out towards the children. "Sia is speaking too!" he said to his wife, stating the obvious, as he looked towards the babies.

"Whaatttt?!" Zara frowned. "We celebrate birthdays monthly?! I could have been having birthday cake every month and you didn't tell me!?" She laughed with him. "Since you're such a sweet hubby, I'll make you breakfast more often." Zara quickly turned away from him. She was afraid she'd spill the beans. "We were going to spend all day away from Delaya, then I remembered that you're the Duke and stuff. People might get offended if we run away. As for where we'll be going ... you gotta wait and find out, mister!" Zara occupied herself with setting up Sia and Darrus' little chairs on the bed. She had brought a jar of apple baby food with her knowing full well that if daddy was getting fed, they'd want to be fed soon too. The moment Sia began speaking, Zara dropped her plastic spoon and rushed closer to her. "Siaaaa!" The little girl had been the quieter of the two babies for the longest time. Now she, too, was speaking. Zara scooped her up in her arms and, gently, squeezed their daughter. "You did it! I'm so proud of you, baby girl!" She kissed both of her chubby cheeks. "It's daddy's birthday." She told her, "You couldn't have picked a better day to start talking." She placed Sia in her seat with the tray, then repeated the same action with Darrus, complete with cheek kisses. She settled in and began feeding them. "You'll never guess where we're goinggggg." Zara teased.

"Oh yes. We would not want rioting over my absence for Duke Day..." Marcus teased, always thinking it was a rather silly name for a holiday. "Wait? On *my* birthday? That's absurd!" he said, before delivering the famous family pout. "Thank you for the present, Sia," he said, as he smiled at her as she was being placed into her chair. "What?! Where are we going?!" he said in a high pitched whine ... he could not stand secrets. He moved to take a piece of toast, munching on it, and causing crumbs to fall over his pajama tops and the sheets. As he munched he looked towards his wife, wondering what she was up to.

Her eyes were forced to look upon that hereditary family pout. It weakened her significantly. "Noo... Must ... resist..!" She turned her attention over to the twins. So far, neither one of them was pouting at her. She continued to feed them while enjoying the various faces they made. Sia liked the apple food. Darrus? He didn't care for it. "Well, since you're soooo broken up about the riots on Duke Day, I'll steal you sooner than I intended. You should get dressed. We'll leave after that. Everything else is already packed and on the ship." Zara couldn't stop herself from making the wait worse for him. "And since you're so smart..." She reached over into the drawer of her nightstand. She felt around inside of it until she located a blindfold, for reasons, and set it on the bed. "You get to wear this." Zara allowed herself to look at him. She wouldn't succumb to that pout. "Hurry! I can't keep secrets long!"

"How do you like dem apples?" Marcus asked his children, but unfortunately Darrus did not like them very much. "Waiter, get this man a nerf steak!" he said, before sliding away the tray and preparing to get dressed. The sooner they got where they were going the sooner he would have his answers. "Hmm. A blindfold. So we're staying in the bedroom?" he asked, with a playful wink, before snatching it up. "Shh. You didn't hear that," he said to the children, before scurrying off into the walk in closet to get dressed. There was a period of silence followed by the sound of crashes. "Sorry! Sorry! I should have put the blindfold on last," he called out to his wife, before staggering out, poorly dressed, but with the blindfold on at least.

She laughed. It seemed like Darrus brightened up at the words 'nerf steak'. "We can start introducing meats within the month. Granted, they'll have been blended into oblivion. I wonder how the nerf will taste in liquefied form..." Zara would be lying if she claimed she hadn't tried everything she felt the children. Curiosity got the best of her and sometimes the result was regretful. Zara laughed again. She responded with a wink. They'd be a nice birthday treat for him ... later! She rose from the bed to collect clothing for the children. Nana would be coming with them. While the children wouldn't be involved in the activity she had planned for them, Zara didn't want them to be planets away from Sia and Darrus. That was Zara's own overprotective side talking. She was working Sia into a dress when she heard crashing from the closet. She grinned. "I can come help you if you need it!" She had just finished dressing Sia when he emerged from the closet. She moved on to Darrus. "No peeking either, smart guy!"

By some form of miracle, Zara got everyone loaded up into the Nerf Herder: nanny droid, twins, herself, *and* Marcus. She was thankful their second daughter was still in her tummy where she didn't need to be fed and dressed individually. "Okay! Off to your birthday surprise!" Zara set the navicomputer for Corellia where Auntie Maeland was located. They had been wanting to go there for some time. As soon as Zara began making arrangements for Marcus' birthday, Auntie Mae herself contacted the young Duchess to try to make Marcus' special day that much more special. Zara, kind-hearted, bought into it. "This is going to be the best birthday yet! Wayyyyy better than last year..." When they hadn't left the bedroom at all. It wasn't long before the ship emerged from hyperspace in front of Corellia. All the way there, Zara had held her husband's hand and enjoyed the time with him. The day was only beginning and she had big plans. Zara carefully brought the ship down. Auntie Mae was kind enough to give them a very exclusive suite in one of her nicest hotels. Zara couldn't decide what perk was better, the private landing pad (to avoid nosey paparazzi) or the small natatorium housing a pool where naughty things were bound to happen. Zara let the anticipation build throughout landing. She didn't remove Marcus' blindfold until she had unbuckled herself and stood. "Tadaaa!" She said, offering him his first sight of Auntie Maeland from the top of the hotel.

When the blindfold was removed Marcus was initially take back by the fact that he was at Auntie Maeland. He did not expect to visit the park until Darrus and Sia were old enough to appreciate it, but when he saw the level of opulence at the suite that had been arranged for them he immediately understood why Zara had selected it. "This is amazing," he said, as he turned to look at his beautiful, young wife. "Thank you for giving me the best birthday ever," he said, as he brushed his hand against the side of her face and through the silver locks of her hair. He descended his face slowly towards hers, closing his eyes, and placing a kiss upon her.

"Woah," Zara was surprised by the quality of the suite. She had something less fancy in mind. She should have known better when Mae butted her nose into their business. Considering all the credits Auntie Mae had made as a result of Marcus and Zara, this was the least she could do for them (nope, Zara still wasn't over that). She grinned at her husband. She was glad he liked his surprise. "I'm only getting started. Next year will be even better, and the next year, and the next year..." He'd waited a long time for her to come around. Now that she was here, Zara was making up for lost time. His touch made her feel tingly inside. His kiss lit her passions on fire. Zara, too, closed her eyes. She slowed herself so she could take their kiss slow and enjoy it. Her own hands grasped his cheeks. Her fingers swept over his face gently. "I love you." She whispered to him. Her eyes slowly opened. Her forehead pressed against his, her nose against his. "Thank you for sharing your special day with me, and all of your days."

"There is no one I would rather spend this day with than my family," Marcus said to his wife, as he happily moved towards the ramp with his wife and the nanny droid carrying their children. He could not have been more joyous as he moved across the walkway from the landing pad to their balcony where Auntie Maeland songs were already being piped in. As he flung open the door he saw that a gift basket from Mae herself had been brought in. "Oh. A present," he said, but when it came to Mae he should have known better. It was a product preview of a new flavor, Marcus' Over the Hillberry, which featured a caricature of him with a walker on the carton. "Thanks, Mae," he said, as he pushed it aside and instead focused on the lavishness of the suite.

Zara should have known Mae wouldn't leave them alone. This was the woman who had profited off of their wedding, captured intimate moments on video and released it to the galaxy, made ice cream flavors for both of the twins on the day of their birth, and so on. When she saw the gift basket, Zara should have known it would have evil inside of it. "Gosh! Look at this suite!" She said as soon as she saw the 'Over the Hillberry' carton. Internally, she was seething. She discretely dumped the carton into the trash can at her first opportunity. Zara's pregger hormones were in full bloom. Hurricane Rodney was ready to roar back to Delaya and destroy Mae. She took in a deep, *deep* breath to calm herself. Slowly, the blood lust she felt calmed. She snuck her hand into his and began leading him through the suite. "Did you bring that blindfold?" Zara asked as she stood in their bedroom. "We could use it again, y'know... If you want." She snagged him up in her arms. His age didn't phase her. She was aware that he was forty, but she was also aware that she loved him far too much for that number to stop her. She'd take care of him as he grew older, though she wasn't going to point that out to him. "I could go back to Delaya and choke Mae with that ice cream carton." Zara smiled innocently. "It'll look like an accident."

"As much as I approve of the idea of strangling Mae ... think of how sad Ewwiekewwieikkie would be," Marcus said, with a smirk, as he went room to room in the suite inspecting everything. When he came to the room with the swimming pool he was particularly impressed, particularly as it extended outward so they could sit and look down at the park. "She can live ... for now," he stated, as he was thoroughly impressed with their surroundings. He wrapped his arms around her as he was snagged, quite content to be with his wife and children despite the new flavor of ice cream. "I suppose the holonet will cover our every step during our visit here," he said, before tightening his grip around her.

Zara frowned. She loved her Squib niece very much. "That's not fair. You can't play the Ewwie card. She's too cute! I don't want to make her sad... Maybe I can just scare Mae really bad?" She laughed softly. Mae was just a cruel lady who made delicious ice cream. Zara's life would be incomplete without that purple sweet potato ice cream. As long as she was pregnant, Mae had control. They stopped at the pool. This was an addition Zara was happy about. Since becoming Duchess, she wasn't too keen on the idea of wearing swimwear anywhere that the paparazzi might see. They were safe here. "They can only bug us when we aren't in the hotel. I read through all of Auntie Mae's stupid clauses and stuff. No one is allowed to assault us up here... No one except me assaulting you!" She cuddled against her birthday boy happily. "Do you want to go for a swim before we deal with the paparazzi?"

Marcus had dealt the Ewwiekewwieikkie card from the bottom of the deck and he did not mind one bit. "Yes. Scare her," he said, with a sly grin, before leaning forward to place another kiss upon her. "A swim? Sounds like a splendid idea," he said, as he placed both of his hands on his wife's hips. Before giving either of them an opportunity to change he simply grabbed hold of her and jumped into the refreshing water of the pool ... clothes and all. As they swam in the pool a probe droid similar to his, though without weaponry, rose to the massive windows surrounding the pool and inevitably began to film them.

He'd given her permission. A little scare was healthy, right?! That's what Zara claimed when she wasn't on the receiving end. She kissed him lovingly. Her body inched closer to his, unknowingly providing him with the perfect chance to snatch her up. "Weee!" She squeed. The water immediately soaked through her dress. Zara didn't think twice about her clothing. She was far too busy having fun to consider it--or the droid outside that was catching another one of their moments. She floated in the pool. "Ooohh Marcus," she called out, using her hands to create a small wave which she splashed him with. "Come and get me!" She pushed through into the water. Her clothing was limited. Under the assumption that they were safe, she paused briefly to remove her soaked dress. It hit the floor beside the pool with a 'splat'. Wearing her underwear, Zara was capable of getting away from him much quicker.

"Hey! No splashing!" Marcus pouted as he raised his hand to defend himself. As she stripped out of her dress he was careful to extricate himself from his own ramshackle clothing he had slid into while getting dressed back on Delaya. It took him some doing, but soon he was down to his boxer shorts, which made for an adequate bathing suit in a private pool. He swam towards her, sweeping her into his arms, and spinning around in such a manner that they created a whirlpool. His lips pressed against hers as their body heat began to warm the waters of the pool. Despite all his years as a bounty hunter he failed to notice the droid ... his skills had slipped with his age.

"Gahhh! You caught me!" Zara squealed. She was spun, kissed, and thoroughly pleased. "Marrcusss!" The kind of kiss he gave her led to certain acts of intimacy. Zara saw no need to put the brakes on anything. Why should she? This was just as private as their quarters at home. She squeezed him tight. The temperature had begun to rise. Her legs locked around his waist while one of her hands reached behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. It slid off between them. The way they were positioned, Marcus' body covered the droid from being able to record Zara's breasts. Her hands ran down his back slowly. "I love you," she rested her head on his shoulder and began to gnaw on it. She was nearly purring like a kitten when she opened her eyes and noticed something. On the list of things that could ruin the mood, a probe droid was up there. Zara felt angry again. She felt angry to the point where tears appeared. "Damn it!" She cried against his neck. "There's a stupid probe droid watching us from outside the window." If she had any kind of tech gear, there was a good chance she could have hacked the droid and destroyed it from the inside. However, they'd come here with the intent of having a vacation. She kept her face pressed against Marcus' shoulder so he couldn't see her becoming overly emotional over the probe droid. They were *never* alone!

"I love you too," Marcus confessed to Zara, before she reacted angrily towards the watching droid. "Oh my Germanicus," he said, as he spun around and looked towards the droid aggressively. "Shoo!" he commanded, as he waved his hand at it, but it went nowhere. He swam towards the side of the pool where the control panel was, and within moments the privacy screens descended to shield them from the rays of the sun and the watchful eye of the probe droid. "Well, it did not record *that* much," he said, as he turned to look to see how his wife was coping with it. Just then nana arrived carrying the two children and an inflatable infant safe pool toy for them to sit upon. Moments later the twins were safely floating in their play area, which boasted high walls that would prevent them from crawling over and landing in the pool itself.

She was *not* happy. The first time she had been exploited on the HoloNet was still fresh in her memory. She immediately crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt to cover herself. She watched Marcus fix the problem with puffy red eyes. "I'm suing!" She grasped her bra from the pull and firmly placed it back on her body. "This is our hotel room! This is our privacy!" She grumbled. Zara played her head in her hands and let out an irritated growl. The powerless feeling was the worst. "We need to create a checklist before we can even have sex now!" She dropped the 's' bomb just as Nana and the twins arrived, causing her to blush. Zara watched their children begin to play. They were getting older and starting to actually enjoy things like baths. The play area that Nana had set up was perfect. "I hate Auntie Mae." She continued to complain in a softer voice. Refocusing her efforts, she swam towards where the twins were set up. She popped up out of the water quickly. "Peekaboo!" She exclaimed, causing both of the babies to laugh. Her emotions had been shifting so rapidly these days. It was amazing out a single baby was making her hormones go insane worse than two. She became teary again, only this time it was over Sia and Darrus. "We made them," she said in awe of them.

Marcus considered going back to the Nerf Herder to deploy his own droids as sentries, but he worried it might give away his identity and lead to larger problems down the road. "Yes. Let's sue them," he agreed, but before he could say anything more suddenly the twins had joined them in the pool. "I never had anything like that when I was a kid," he grumbled, sounding obviously jealous. He swam after Zara as he moved towards the twins in their floating play pen. "Yes. We did ... and soon there will be *three* of them," he reminded her, with a wink, before beaming down at his wonderful babies. "I love all three of you," he said, as he began making playful faces to entertain the both of them.

"Me either. I grew up in Coruscant though. The closest thing to a pool that I got was a big puddle in the street." She didn't miss the city-planet one bit! Zara had even tried persuading her grandmother to leave Coruscant for Delaya. If nothing else, the air was way cleaner. "Three of them.." Another daughter. Zara found it harder to wait for their next child than with the twins. Their birth, while insane, had been the most rewarding experience of her life. She was happy to be a mother times three! "They love you too because you, sir, are the best daddy ever." Zara reached into the playpen. She picked up Darrus and cradled him against her body. Her hands pushed his hair back. The little boy already needed a haircut. "Do you think we should give daddy his birthday present or make him suffer a little longer?" She said it loud enough that Marcus could hear. Clearly Zara wasn't done teasing him.

Marcus was content to bask in Zara's praise when suddenly she reached down and grasped their son. "Birthday present?!" he asked, as he suddenly spun around to give his wife his full attention. "Darrus, convince her to give it to me," he said, excitedly, as he reached up to touch his son on the arm. His eyes looked to Zara where he gave the same look as if he was hungry, unable to contain the enthusiasm he had for his gift. She had done such an excellent job surprising him with this vacation that he had to assume the gift would be equally special. He reached over into the playpen, and grasped Sia, before turning his attention back to Zara. "What's that, Sia? You want mommy to give daddy his gift?" he said, as he began to chuckle. "Well, you heard your daughter," he said to Zara, as he gently moved towards her and Darrus.

"That's not fair! You can't use Sia against me!" It shouldn't have come to her as a surprise that Sia was pouting at her in typical Rodney family fashion. "Gahhhh!! Okay! Okay! I heard her loud and clear." She kissed Darrus head before handing him back over to Nana. Zara rose from the pool and disappeared into their suite. There were three individually wrapped gifts for her husband. Two were oddly shaped while the other was clearly a book. With Marcus' gifts in hand, she made her way back to the pool and sat down with her feet dangling into the water. "Okay. First present!" She grabbed the book-like present and set it down in front of him. Inside, he'd find Auntie Mae's Cookbook first edition. However, the book had been hollowed out and used as a box. Inside, he'd find an orb. When activated, it displayed some of the most beautiful sights of Alderaan as recorded shortly before the planet's destruction. Suddenly, Zara was feeling a little bashful. She hoped he liked his presents!

Marcus turned Darrus over to the nanny droid before climbing out of the pool and drying himself before receiving his presents. When he opened the first one and saw Auntie Mae's cookbook he did not know what to think, but he did not want to react negatively because it was the thought that counted. Still, she had succeeded in surprising him. However, when he opened the book he saw that there was in fact a secret gift inside of it. When he activated the orb and it displayed countless sights of Alderaan's landscapes it was as if they were experiencing a laser light show. Surely this would provide entertainment for the children for years to come. "It's wonderful," he told her, with sincere gratitude.

She watched him anxiously. She would never actually gift him with an Auntie Mae cookbook. The lady was vile and evil! Mae had sent a copy to the castle earlier in the week. Zara couldn't resist. Her heart leapt from her chest when he opened the book and discovered the true gift. She smiled brightly at him. "I'm glad you like it. Here, this one next!" She said as she placed a wrapped gift in his hands. As much as she had tried to distinguish the shape of the wine bottle, the weight was something she hadn't been able to hide. A bottle of Toniray vintage wine awaited for him inside of the package. Since Zara had been pregnant for so long, she wasn't much of a wine connoisseur. She had done reached to find out what years were really good for Toniray wine, then she hunted the best down for her husband. The teal colored wine was incredibly rare now that it was impossible to reproduce.

Marcus was excited to see the present as he reached for the wrapped package, which was clearly a bottle. He looked at it wondering perhaps if it was a large bottle of a cologne, but when he began to unwrap it he discovered that it was in fact a bottle of Alderaanian wine that he had thought was long gone. "Where did you find this?" he asked her, his face lighting up with excitement. He held the bottle with the same care as he held his children, with a glistening in his eyes that explained how emotional he was. "I will save this until our children are old enough to drink it," he pledged to her, as he began to lean forward to kiss her repeatedly. "Thank you. Thank you," he said, before carefully placing the bottle down where it could not shatter.

It was clear that Zara had tried to throw off the bottle's form by awkwardly wrapping the present but she failed *miserably*. "Somewhere..." Zara grinned brightly. It took a lot of work to acquire that bottle of wine. She didn't want him to know how much time went behind the present, because it was worth it to see how he reacted. As he grew emotional, so did his pregnant wifey. She thought it was really sweet of him to save it until it could be shared with Sia, Darrus, and the up-and-coming Fiona Rodney. She happily glided into him and kissed him back over and over again. "Don't thank me. It's your birthday. I'm going to spoil you rotten and you're gonna like it." She pushed the last box towards him. It was a thin, flat box. "Don't let the twins see this one," she whispered. Zara didn't tell him, but there was a final present left back at Rodney castle. It was something old enough that she didn't want to move it in fear of injuring it. The last present was more for her than it was for him, or was that the other way around? It was a furry bunny costume that was much more authentic than the one she'd used to seduce him in prior times. Thanks to the probe droid, Zara realized that she was going to have to make sure they were in total privacy before putting that costume on. She hoped he could still enjoy it with Auntie Mae hungry for them to make a mistake.

"You've really set the bar high for your birthday. I'm going to have to start planning *now*," Marcus said, before the thin, flat box was slid towards him. It had the look of a garment box, which made him consider that it might be clothing to replace the black and red shirt he almost always wore. "What is this..." he began, but when he opened the box he realized and quickly stopped talking. He grew quiet, shut his mouth, while his cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. "Well..." he said, before lowering his head so that he could splash some of the cold pool water upon his face. "Aren't I lucky," he added, as he raised his face to smirk at her. The three gifts were so varied and so thoughtful that he was very lucky indeed to have the lovely Zara as his wife. "I love you," he said to her, sweetly, as he looked towards her.

She laughed. "No you aren't! As long as you show up, feed me cake, and kiss me lots, then it'll be a perfect birthday." This was the one present that Zara was confident about. If he didn't like it, then she clearly didn't know her husband. She sat there, silently watching him connect the dots. It was something for *later*. Her eyebrows wiggled playfully. "You'll be lucky latterrr..." Seeing him happy made her all the more happy. She wanted to grab him and drag him back to the bedroom. Sex wasn't the only thing on her mind. Zara would be content to cling to him and never, ever let go. "I love you. Happy birthday, Marcus." She stole a kiss then quickly dove into the pool. "Come play with me! I'm not done with you yet!"

"Oh? I think I'm already lucky," Marcus told her as he looked to her before gazing upon their children. The kiss they shared was all too brief before she dove into the water, coaxing him to pursue her. "Hey! Come back here!" he said, as he attempted to swim after her, but when he got halfway there the children began to cry for their attention. He looked at her, before smirking and shaking his head and beginning to swim back to the twins. "Later," he said, echoing their words, before he ventured to make sure the children were okay. He had completed his first birthday as a father.

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