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D. Wade Hyde and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:9:8) in the Maelstrom: Kuari Princess.
Arzz, El-Nay Darr, and, Tycho Starlight.

The Kuari Princess navigated the Outer Rim Territories near the Maelstrom on another one of her fantastic voyages. There were 3,500 passengers drawn from throughout the known galaxy featuring species of every kind. There were businesspeople ... both legitimate and otherwise ... intermixed with persons from all lines of work. It was an exotic, traveling experience where the rich could relax and those with marketable skills could find work. The Mandalorian El-Nay Darr found herself on the bazaar deck, decked out in her carefully maintained Mandalorian armor, which had now saved her skin beneath on multiple occasions. As she leaned over the railing to look down at the other deck from beneath the safety of her T-shaped visor she could not help but be both marveled and disgusted by all of the extravagance and wealth on display. Never before had she seen so much in one place and in her less experienced years she would have considered robbing these weaklings, but now that she had matured she realized there was no honor in thieving. Tycho had not explained to her why they had departed to the Outer Rim, but she too needed a break and she enjoyed being with him so she did not voice a complaint. The temptation to drink, cut loose, and have a wild time was everywhere, but she was trying to be good as Tycho had promised they would soon be going after the numerous bounties that were being posted in the local systems.

It had been Tycho's idea to dock with the Kuari Princess, but not just to pick up bounties on the board. It was part of the reason, considering the Kuari Princess was well traveled and had a lot of options in the field of bounties. More than that, Tycho wanted a chance to relax for a bit. Even more importantly, this trip took them out to the outer rim, which was exactly where he wanted to be at the moment. They had had to rent a suite while there, and what with the fact that he didn't have credits to throw around, it had been a basic suite instead of a luxury one. It was still nice, which was important, considering how much staying on the ship cost. They still had money from his savings, but they always needed more. "Any good at gambling?" He asked, off handedly. He glanced at her as they stood at the balcony. "We need to turn our money into more money. We're still going after a bounty, but we need more creds in the meantime. If you're not much of a gambler, that's fine ... I have another job for you." He flashed her a little bit of a smile, though he knew she wouldn't like it.

As El-Nay leaned forward over the railing the weight of her Mandalorian iron plates threatened to nearly cause her to fall, but at last moment she used the sharpened edges on her gauntlets to bare down and brace herself. "Woah..." she said to herself, before she backed away from the railing. "Gambling? No. I was always told only a di'kut gambles," she said, before narrowing her eyes at him from beneath her helmet. "What kind of job?" she asked, biting playfully upon her ruby red lips as she stared at him, feeling quite pleased that he could not see the kinds of looks she was giving him. She had grown increasingly smitten and a normal would would not have been able to hide it, but the helmet concealed every glance, every smile, every blush ... it did more than protect her skull when she banged her head.

Tycho could cheat. It wasn't fair, but he didn't have to see her face to feel what she felt. It was often confusing and he didn't get the picture, but he did often enough to realize just how much she was falling for him. Sometimes, when he focused on those emotions from her, when they were at their strongest, he found his heart pumping nearly out of his chest and it was hard not to smile. "We'll buy you a very sexy outfit," he said, a grin in his voice, concealed by his helmet. "The whole idea is to act as a distraction, so people pay more attention to you than to their cards. It's incredibly dishonest, so I doubt you'll like the idea. Me, though ... I love the idea of you in a sexy outfit."

El-Nay's cheeks flushed red when he mentioned the idea of the sexy outfit ... her heart fluttered and she began to breath a little more heavily, which nearly fogged up the interior of her helmet. But when she heard the rest of his plan she was a little confused ... even disappointed. "Tycho..." she began, but paused, as she did not want to disappoint him after all he had done for her. "Is that the only way we can earn credits?" she asked, angling her helmet up at him to get a better look at his strong facial features. "There's plenty of other places I can wear a sexy helmet," she added, bending her leg slightly, as she raised her foot off the ground. She raised her gloved hand to his chest and let it stay there for a while, in a small act of flirtation. They needed money ... as she looked around she felt as if they were the least wealthy passengers aboard.

Tycho reached up and placed his hand over hers. He stepped in a little closer, lacing his other arm around her waist. "I won't force you to do anything you're not comfortable with," he vowed, "but it would be easy money. Besides, by the time we're done raking in all those creds, I'll be so excited by watching you all night that I'll be ready to ravish you when we get back to the room." Tycho gave her a bit of a roguish wink, then a little shrug. "It's up to you, baby doll."

When Tycho talked about 'ravishing' her she squirmed inside her armor as she imagined the sensations running through her body. While it was not something she wanted to do, it seemed like it was her only way of helping them make any money. "Alright, Tycho. I'll help," she told him, as her head turned to look at some of the different shops that lined the deck. "So what kind of outfit did you have in mind?" she asked, as she allowed her hand to fall from his chest, before seductively sauntering away towards the nearest shop.

Tycho smiled beneath his helmet, happy to have won that situation. Getting to watch her in an alluring outfit over the course of the evening sounded nice. "I'm thinking of something in red..." He followed along behind her until they entered the boutique, full of all kinds of exotic clothes and bolts of fabric. "Something with plenty of cuts, perhaps low in the front and high on the leg ... snug is good, too. If we can't find anything revealing that will work, then perhaps something more along the lines of a tight bodysuit. Something that shows off all the curves." He knew she had scars she'd want to hide, so it would make their choice more difficult, but it was doable. It just meant no low back, for the most part. He strolled through the shop while he let her browse.

El-Nay had never been much of a 'girl' and the subject of dress shopping was not one she was an expert in. As she went through each row of dresses she tried to find one that Tycho might like, but she was having difficulty finding something that might work. "Tycho ... can you help?" she asked, nervously, as she turned to look for him. Her jetpack impacted a mannequin, causing it to crash to the ground and make a loud *clang* on the durasteel deck. Embarrassed she closed her eyes beneath her helmet and scrunched her cheeks, feeling as if she was quite out of her element. As the staff began to attend to the mess she made, she quickly navigated through other rows of garments, feeling as if the shop was rapidly shrinking and she was becoming closed in.

Tycho leaned down to help the staff with the mannequin and noticed a dress hanging adjacent. It was red, with long sleeves all the way up to a collar that ran halfway up the neck and ended in a red stone choker of some kind. There was a diamond cut from chest to navel, dangerously close to exposing the breasts. The dress ran nearly down to the shoes, but there was a cut up the side that ran up so far that it was dangerously revealing on that side as well. The fabric looked silky, but was also meant to be tight and stretched slightly like latex to hug the body. Overall, it was a very beautiful garment. Tycho pointed at it. "What about that one?"

El-Nay studied the dress on the mannequin as if was an adversary that she was preparing to gun down. Her eyes looked at the long sleeves, pleased that her recent scarring would not be visible. If they had seen her scars she was afraid she would distract them in a much worse way. Finally, her hand moved to underneath her helmet and she pulled it from her head, revealing her young face that had been hidden below. Without the visor between her eyes and the dress she was able to get a better look at it, but then she began to pull at the garment, noticing how tight it seemed it would be. "You think this will work?" she asked, before turning to look at him again ... this time with her exposed face, revealing vulnerability and inexperience with decisions such as this.

Tycho chuckled at her and pulled his own helmet off. He tucked it under his arm and moved up to wrap an arm around her waist as he looked at the dress with her. "Oh, sugar, I *know* it'll work," he said. "This ain't my first rodeo, but with a dress like that on a girl like you, I think it'll work better than ever. Especially since that thing is so tight you won't be able to wear underwear..." He flashed a grin of white teeth. It was true; with how snug the dress was, the lines of the underwear would be quite noticeable.

El-Nay furrowed her brow when he said that she would not be able to wear underwear. "Oh..." she said, feeling quite embarrassed, before quickly lowering her head to avoid seeing the rush of color that appeared on her face. "Let's get it," she said, before moving to take the dress off the mannequin. She moved towards the nearest salesperson, but as she handed it over she realized she had no credits. "He's paying," she said, sticking her right thumb out at Tycho. She had got to get her own money, she thought silently to herself as she waited for him to pay for it.

The salesperson ran a scanner over El-Nay, then over the dress. She decided that it needed to be taken up slightly, and took the dress into the back. Tycho paid in the meantime, and within just a few minutes the Ithorian woman came back with the dress modified by a very efficient machine. She folded and wrapped it, then handed over a box tied with a ribbon. It had been a few hundred credits, but worth every chit. "Let's hit our suite and get changed," Tycho said, after selecting a swag outfit for himself. He led the way out of the place and toward the bank of turbolifts. "There's a lounge that has a pazaak tournament going on. We should be able to make it in time. Your job is just to hang on me and look sexy. Maybe get me drinks, act flirtatious, whisper in my ear, offer little kisses ... whatever you can think of to distract the other players."

The ride up the lift to the level where their suite was allowed El-Nay the time she needed to mentally prepare for this little rouse. She did not think this was the most honorable way to make money, but at the same time she did not want them to continue to operate with so few credits. Almost immediately after entering the suite she began to stripe the plates of orange Mandalorian armor from her svelte environmental suit, neatly arranging them in the corner of the closet. When that was down she slowly unzipped the suit revealing her petite form with all of its scars and imperfections. Her bra and underwear were soon removed and tossed aside without any care and then finally her attention was turned to the red dress he had purchased. She cleared her throat nervously, holding it up in front of her naked flesh as she looked at herself in the mirror. It took some work to squeeze her body into the dress ... in fact it was more difficult to get in than her armor. Once she was finally situated in it the dress, it still did not sit quite right on her body as she did not know how to properly wear it. "How do I look?" she said, as she spun around in a carefree flourish before finally coming to a stop in front of him with a warm, hopeful smile.

Tycho feasted his eyes on her body the whole time he was changing. He went from his laminate armor into a snug, long-sleeved shirt of green and tan, along with white pants with green piping. His boots were a tan color made of rare hide, and he wore gloves to match. Thrown over one shoulder was a tan and green half cape. All in all, he made quite the striking figure. When he was done, he went over to help El-Nay. He tugged the dress down here, adjusted it there, and even adjusted her breasts for her to best show them off. "Perfect," he said. "Absolutely alluring. I want to tear it off already." He flashed her a white grin, then pulled her close and kissed her passionately. He let his lips linger on hers for some time, then asked, "And what about me? Don't I make quite the dashing figure?"

El-Nay stood there feeling like a doll as he roughly adjusted her. "Oh don't tear it," she pleaded, before turning to look at herself in the mirror. What she saw in the reflection confused her and she studied it intently. Do I really look like that? She thought to herself, tilting her head in different directions to view herself at odd angles. "Do you really think it's perfect or ... are you just saying that," she said, sounding quite vulnerable and needing to bring her hand to the back of her neck to rub at herself for reassurance. It was only then she turned to look at him ... she preferred the armor in all honesty. "A cape! Why didn't I get a cape?" she mused playfully, before bringing her hand up to tug at the cape a bit, teasing him. "Are we ready?" she asked, swallowing so nervously that it caused her throat to bulge noticeably against the choker.

Tycho chuckled. "I don't think a cape would work with that outfit," he said. "Besides, we don't want to come in like cape patrol." He winked at her, then laced his arms about her waist and held her. "I promise you, that you are just as beautiful as you look in that mirror. Own it, baby doll. Make sure to practice walking in those heels for a minute. Sway the hips ... that's the trick. As soon as you're ready we'll go down."

"How do you know so much about this, Tycho?" El-Nay asked, as she turned away from him to practice walking. She was wobbly at first, having become accustomed to the heavy boots with the flat heels. "Do you dress like this when I'm not around?" she teased, before attempting to sway her hips while walking back towards him ... she failed, just walking awkwardly, as if she was dancing to an out of tune jizz band. "How am I doing?" she asked, looking at him earnestly, before walking back towards the door.

"I happen to study the ladies, if you must know," he said. "Observation goes a long way." Tycho watched her in silence. She was able to get walking without wobbling around, but it wasn't a sexy walk at all. "Horrible, to be honest. Come on, let me show you." He walked up behind her and took her by the hips, his body close to hers. Slowly, he guided her forward. "Just like this ... step, sway ... step, sway..." He walked her around for a little bit, then let her go and keep practicing by herself. She wouldn't be terribly good at it, but a little practice might give her the idea. "Just let your body be loose and use those hips." Only after she'd had a little while to work on it did he escort her to the door and hold it for her. "Let's go win some money."

"Step, sway ... step, sway..." El-Nay continued in the corridor as they left the suite, resulting in strange glances from the other passengers along the way who thought they was something wrong with the young woman who needed to verbally command herself to walk. When they reached the lift she used the short reprieve to focus herself, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply, causing the tight fabric to expand and contract. "What game are you going to play?" she asked him, not knowing too much about the different games of chance that existed. There were a lot of card games back on Corellia that she had observed, but never attempted playing.

"Pazaak," Tycho said, as the lift took them back down to the bazaar level. "It's an old game ... you use your own collection of cards along with random cards to play. Three sets in a game... just win two out of three and you move on. It's pretty simple once you know the rules ... I've been collecting cards for a long time and I can field a pretty awesome hand." He didn't have just simple pluses and minuses, but also double-sided, flips, and a number of other useful cards like twos and fours, threes and sixes and so on. "The idea is to make twenty-one, or as close to without going over. There's luck involved, but a lot of it managing cards, so there's plenty of skill involved. I don't like games of straight chance." They were soon passing through the bazaar and into the entertainment district. There, they found the lounge called the Lounging Bantha, a place resplendent with colors of scarlet and gold. The walls were curtained by rich, thick materials, and plush chairs and couches were about the room. There were curtained-off private booths, as well as a stage with a band performing. In the main area of the lounge, there were pazaak tables spread out for ten games to be running at once. Tycho made his way up to the front counter and registered for the tourney. "We're in luck," he told her once he was done. "I got in just in time. They're starting in twenty minutes."

As Tycho explained the rules of the game to her, El-Nay's eyes began to slowly gaze over and her mouth opened slightly. She did not understand what he was saying and after a few moments she felt herself becoming confused and stopped listening, choosing instead to just smile and nod when he finished, implying she understood. She followed him closely and attempted to act confident with each person she met, but whether or not she was doing a convincing job she did not know. When they entered the lounge she tried to keep a straight face and act like she had been there before, but she had not ... and it showed. "Twenty minutes?" she repeated, confirming the time, as she began to move around aimlessly, never moving too far from Tycho, as she began to familiarize herself with her new surroundings.

Tycho had the feeling that she wasn't listening at all, but he said nothing. In fact, it made him smirk slightly. "Twenty minutes," he confirmed. He took her arm and escorted her across the lounge. Strangely, he seemed to be intentionally drawing attention to themselves, strolling at a casual gait and looking around the crowd to make eye contact where he could. They had dressed to impress, after all. He led her over to a huge buffet table, kept very fresh by the serving droids. It had all manner of food, largely upscale. "So I'm playing a guy named Arzz first. He's Dowutin, big guy. Hopefully he doesn't have a Dowutin temper." That was a big hope. Dowutin were huge, light greenish people with big spiky horns coming from the chin. They were famous for their tempers, making them incredibly dangerous.

When El-Nay saw the buffet her eyes lit up as they had not had much opportunity to eat since coming aboard the Kuari Princess. As Tycho continued to talk she grabbed a plate and began filling one exotic piece of food after another high onto it. Before she realized she had more than twenty pieces of food piled high, with an enormous smile upon her face. "It's easy, Tycho ... just don't do anything to piss him off," she said, navigating towards the nearest table, while attempting to steady the precariously balanced plate. When she finally sat down she began to hurriedly stuff the food in her face, revealing her lower class upbringing.

Tycho wasn't quite the eater, but he didn't play the piling game. He went right along with her picking out things here and there. He only ended with a good ten or twelve items, but he used two plates to keep things nicely separated. Once they had a place at the table and their food and drinks, Tycho said, "What, like beat him? Cuz that's gonna happen, and I can't help it if he flips out. I'll keep my blaster on stun ... and shoot him about twelve times..." He glanced in the Dowutin's direction, smirking. It really did look like it would have to take that many shots to down the huge alien.

El-Nay brought a cloth napkin to her face to wipe the food debris away, before turning her head to look at the Dowutin. "Do you think twelve will do it?" she asked playfully, as her attention slowly returned to Tycho. "How much do you think you'll make anyway?" she asked, as she thought about the problem at hand. She had not realized that someone could make money as a gambler before ... she had always viewed it as more a vice than a profession. She knew that the game would be starting soon and she redoubled her efforts to finish the food before the players were called to the table.

Tycho swallowed down a mouthful before he spoke. "It depends, really. We'll want to start by betting what we have left on myself. I'm unranked, so we'll get good odds. As I win more, we bet more until I decide we should stop. Then, of course, if I actually win the tournament then I'd get twenty-five thousand credits." He grinned at her. He didn't expect to win the championship pot, but he figured he'd make it into the semi-finals, then cut off betting, unless he was doing very well. He had a plan. Tycho tended to hang out in the shady places of the galaxy, having been born into the lifestyle that came with being poor on Nal Hutta. Plenty of gambling and deception; Tycho was good at that. "Looks like they're ready to table," Tycho said, as the buzzer rang and chatter died down. At the same time he rose, others around the room did as well. Everyone made their own time to their tables, looking for instruction for assigned tables. He had an easy enough time finding his and it didn't take long for everyone to settle in. The droid hosting began to rattle off the rules as Tycho nodded politely at the huge alien.

El-Nay finished the last bite of her food and then burped softly into the cloth napkin, looking around a bit embarrassed to see if anyone had noticed. As she pushed the plate away she stood up, preparing to follow Tycho towards the table. "Look at the size of that thing!" she said to Tycho, referring to the Dowutin, perhaps a bit more loudly than she had intended. As the players began to sit down, she took up a position behind Tycho's chair, and let one of her hands rest comfortably on his left shoulder. "Good luck," she said sweetly, before moving his face down towards his, placing a series of kisses upon his cheek, before moving to playfully tug at his earlobe with her teeth. Her attention then focused on the creature sitting opposite of them and she offered him a polite nod and fake smile, before positioning herself next to Tycho so the alien could get a better look at her petite, feminine form in the alluring dress as Tycho had instructed.

The play lights went on and the Dowutin, Arzz, dealt out his hand of four cards, then placed his sidedeck off to the side. He scooted a little closer to the tiny table on his throne-like chair, and held up the cards with his sausage fingers to peer down at them. He gave a good squint, though he could see just fine, and took out a pair of huge honking glasses large enough for his head. Once he affixed them to his face, Arzz peered at the cards again. He made a growl and gave a nod of approval. He looked down at the light on the table. "Me first, I guess," he said. He flipped a table card, then passed without playing a hand card. As he waited for Tycho's turn, he looked at him through the glasses, which fed information back to him as it detected hyperexpressions and such to spot tells. Oh yes, he was cheating.

Tycho, meanwhile, was none the wiser. He returned a little kiss to El-Nay as she showed off, but it didn't seem to be distracting the Dowutin. Oh well, there would always be the next opponent. He was fairly confident in his ability to overcome the giant alien on his own. He was at a total of fifteen and pondering his cards before he drew and came up with a twenty-one. He played a -1 card and locked in on twenty, winning the first round.

El-Nay had no idea what was going on in the game, but she attempted to follow what the two of them were doing. She briefly stepped away to grab a bottle of moonbeam from the bar, feeling more like a waitress than a bounty hunter. She looked at the droid selling cigarras lustfully, before shaking her head and moving back towards the table with the bottle and a glass. She placed the glass in front of Tycho before bending over in a suggestive manner to flash her breasts through the cut in the dress in hopes of distracting the Dowutin while she poured the first glass for him. "Now don't drink too much," she said to Tycho, while awkwardly winking at the alien in a manner that made it seem like she had something in her eye. "Would you like a drink, big boy?" she asked, as she circled the table like a predator, waving the bottle at him playfully.

Arzz's eyes followed her about from the moment she flashed the cleavage. She'd gotten his attention, at least. He eased back further in his chair as they started the next round. "Moonbeam?" He said with a snarl, taking on an interested look. "Go right ahead... but don't bother trying to distract me. Not that I mind lookin'..." He let out a growly chuckle, but was smart enough to keep his hands to himself. He played a 3 & 6 card to flip a couple 3's, and meanwhile looked up at Tycho, his opponent. There was a little flashing alert, showing *bounty detected*. He blinked twice on that notification and started reading with a glazed over look in his beady little eyes.

Tycho ended up losing the second round spectacularly, though he kept eyeing his opponent. There was a sense of foreboding filling him, and he knew something was wrong. The alien seemed to have a spike of excitement, followed by a certain guardedness. He glanced to El-Nay and pursed his lips in a slight frown. He held out a hand to her to gesture her over, then guided her to sit on his leg. His free hand drifted under the table to the holdout pistol strapped to her inner thigh. He patted it once, then moved his hand away.

El-Nay placed the second glass down in front of the Dowutin and began to pour the moonbeam for him. As she reached forward she repeatedly brushed against his rough skin, feigning that it was an accident each time. "Don't be jealous. I'll be right there," she said to Tycho, while continuing to fawn over the alien. Eventually she finished and scampered back towards Tycho and situated herself on his leg, her gray eyes angling downward to watch the game unfold. "Ooh!" she groaned as she felt his hand move over her leg unexpectedly, her cheeks briefly flaring red with a quick rush of color.

Tycho wore his own weapon on his hip. It was an E-11 carbine that ran down along the thigh. It was certainly bigger than a pistol, but it could be drawn and used in one hand if need be. It was the smallest he liked to carry all on its own, though he did carry a normal blaster pistol as well. He was armed and knew that trouble might be coming, but he had to let her know. He trusted that she got the message as they played on. The rest of the game went uneventfully, until Tycho played his last hand card to win his third round and beat the Dowutin.

"Ahh well, close game, human," the Dowutin said, reaching out and shaking one of Tycho's arms, his hand enveloping the human's right down to the wrist. For a moment, his grip was a little tight ... crushing, in Tycho's opinion ... and he considered trying to take him in then and there. Arzz wasn't as dumb as he looked, though, so he decided to wait. He didn't care about losing; he had a big bounty to rake in. He said his farewells, then collected his things and left... for now.

"We won!" El-Nay said in a moment of exuberance, where she broke character and went from the seductive femme fatale to the ditzy cheerleader that lay beneath. "Suck it, Dowutin!" she said, obnoxiously, as she began to celebrate with people around the table whom she had never before met. When her obnoxious showboating was over she came up behind Tycho and wrapped both of her arms around his chest from behind. "I knew you'd win!" she said, though in fairness she had not even realized he had won until the announcement was made. She began placing a smattering of kisses upon the side of his face and neck as the thrill of victory completely overwhelmed her.

Who was this girl and what had she done with El-Nay? Tycho goggled at her oddly and, though he appreciated the kisses, he just sat that stiffly until she was done. Then, he chuckled slightly. "Wow ... glad you're happy. You know that was just the first match, right? Come on, let's move to the next one. Put all of the creds on me again." While she went to bet, he moved to sit across from an Aqualish he was assigned to. The game soon started and he won. As time went on, he won again and again until they got to the quarterfinals. They had racked up a tidy sum of 12,000 credits and this time he said, "No more betting. Too risky at this point, and my odds are going up too much."

"Wait ... that was just the first match? I thought you just won three matches..." El-Nay said slowly, tilting her head towards him as she scratched at the shaved side of the head. "Oh. Okay," she said, before moving away from him to begin to place the bets for him. Well, that was embarrassing, she thought silently to herself, as she reflected on her spontaneous display of celebration. As the matches went on she picked up a little here, a little there, but the overall rules of the game still eluded her. "12,000. Is that enough to walk away with?" she asked, biting down on her inner lip as she waited for him to make their next move.

"Are you kidding?" He asked, smirking faintly. "Twelve thousand will last us for a while, especially since we'll be picking up a bounty soon. At this point I'll just play the next few games and hope I win the pot. I doubt it, though. Usaur Akailee has at least two rare enough cards to trounce me if he gets them in hand, and he's one of the highest rated players in the galaxy." Though he defeated the human opponent he was facing next, he met Usaur in the next match and the Bothan schooled him in three straight rounds, exactly as predicted. When it was all over, he collected his cards, they got their winnings, and he settled down at the bar with her. "Well, that was fun. Hopefully it wasn't too boring for you."

El-Nay frowned when Tycho finally lost, but at least they had acquired enough credits through side bets to carry on with their life. "No. It was interesting," she said, politely, as she took a seat next to him at the bar. She waved the bartender off, as she continued to maintain her sobriety in her quest to become a better warrior. "I'll be glad to chasing down a bounty again though," she added, as she spun around the bar stool whimsically to get a better look at their surroundings. "Are we planning to stay in the outer rim then?" she asked, with genuine curiosity, as she had never been this far out before. Her hand instinctively moved to touch at his arm, a finger running up and down his flesh, teasing at every juncture. Just when she thought she had him distracted she pinched too fingers together around one of his arm hairs and teasingly plucked it.

"Hey!" Tycho exclaimed as he lost an arm hair. He gave her a glare. He'd quite enjoyed the stroking and teasing, but the pain wasn't his thing. He caught the girl by the arm and hauled her halfway over his lap to give her a few swats on the rear. Then, he released her, laughing, and stood from the bar. "Come on, baby doll," he said, grinning. "More spanking back at the room?"

"Ow! Not in public, Tycho!" El-Nay pleaded as he spanked her, causing her a great deal of embarrassment in front of the other patrons. There were a few snickers of laughter from some of the others who were able to see up her dress and get a glance at *everything* in her position over his lap. "You're incorrigible," she said to him, as she moved from the bar to follow him back towards the suite. "You want me to spank you?" she asked, as she tilted her eyes up towards him with a devilish grin. "I didn't know you were into that," she said, as her hand moved towards his back, holding him for support as they walked, before eventually making its way down his butt for a hard, groping squeeze.

Tycho had a mile-wide grin on his face as they left to a few whoops from the others in the room. "I usually prefer to be the spanker, not the spankee," he said, still grinning. "I'll try anything once, though. I do my best to be a jerk, though..." He froze suddenly, grasping her forearm hard to stop her there. Then, he yanked his E-11 out of its long holster and aimed it down the hall. At exactly the same time, the great Dowutin stepped out from around the corner out of nowhere. He had one of the biggest guns Tycho had ever seen leveled on them, an underslung Z-6 rotary blaster cannon. Tycho's eyes widened.

Arzz grinned a crooked-tooth grin. "Tycho Starlight... El-Nay Darr... You wanna drop your guns and do this the easy way?" He made it clear the way he popped out their names that he knew who they were. There was little doubt that they had come for a bounty, at least in Tycho's mind. He did not lower his blaster.

El-Nay allowed her hand to slowly move to her inner thigh to pull at the hold-out blaster that was concealed there. Her gray eyes quickly moved towards Tycho's modestly sized E-11 and then down the corridor towards the Dowutin's Z-6 and then finally down to the comically small hold-out blaster that barely fit in the palm of her hand. "Uh..." she stammered, realizing just how outgunned she was. Her attention then shifted to Tycho, waiting for him to make the first move ... if there was one.

Tycho knew that there were three moves. The first was the obvious: surrender. Second, was attack, and third was flee. Really, Tycho had only one advantage going for him, and that was that he had sensed the danger with the Force and had his gun trained at the Dowutin in a standoff. For another moment he stared at the big alien, then rapidly started firing off shots. There was a whir and Tycho grabbed El-Nay and yanked her behind cover. A stream of rapid fire bolts of energy lanced through the air, digging hot gouges in the metal nearby. He'd scored a hit on the alien, but that didn't seem to be stopping Arzz.

"Sore loser?" El-Nay sheepishly asked Tycho, as they took cover behind a bulkhead. As the blaster fire continued to rain down upon them, she aimed her hold-out blaster around the durasteel she was pinned behind and blindly fired off a trio of blasts. The weak blasts of energy that the gun fired were more for close range than the distance she was firing and even if they connected they would not have done any meaningful damage. "Why am I bothering?" she muttered to herself, before settling back in against the wall. "I know you like me in a dress, but I'd much rather be in my armor right now, Tycho," she said, as a blast impacted precariously close to her head, nearly singing her perfectly coiffed hair.

"I don't disagree in this case, but on the upside your armor probably wouldn't do much against this gun, so it doesn't matter," he said, trying to stay upbeat about the whole threat of death thing. The firing stopped and there was a quieter whir. Tycho leaned around the corner as Arzz was inserting a new energy cell, and started squeezing off shots. The Dowutin took two hits before he thought better of the whole endeavor. With two nasty burns and two semi-serious wounds on his body, he was ready to bow out gracefully. He finished loading the weapon and rained down suppressive fire as he made his retreat. Though he didn't realize it, somewhere along the way in the exchange of gunfire, a data module had been knocked off of his wrist computer. That should prove to be interesting. The wall they had been hiding behind was all but a dripping chunk of red slag. Tycho stared at it as he panted out his anxiety. "That was almost really bad."

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