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Brandon Derive, Geoff Elder, Michelle Green, Christopher Levy, and Alexander Oliva.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:33) in the Kooriva system: Exaction Decree, Kooriva (Badba Yoth's Pleasure Dome and Emporium), Mother's Milk, Senneth Imperator, Vendetta, Vegranian, and in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station and Vendetta.
Commander Derek Atio, Sergeant Zek Correson, Duchess Ava Khalessi, Corporal Sienala Pavo, Santavo, Sgloggo, S'slavo,  Flight Officer Zan Shelby, Ular, and Ysiera.

Commander Derek Atio stood in front of a large tactical display aboard the converted gas mining station deep within the safe confines of the Ringali Nebula, which the Rebel Alliance was using as a base of operations in the Ringali Shell. A holographic image of the planet Kooriva in the trailing sectors of the Inner Rim slowly rotated in front of them. Kooriva was out of their area of operation, and technically they did not have the authority from high command to conduct a mission there, so this was being conceived as more as reconnaissance. He did not like to split the forces either, but he felt they had enough personnel to both protect their asset on Rhinnal, and deploying a scouting force to Kooriva. He leaned forward, his hands gripping the side of the holoprojector firmly, as he intently scared and spinning spherical orb. An assembly of Imperial officers distracted by slaves and spice might be just the soft target that they needed, and as there was no Rebel cell in the system they likely would have their guard down. Perhaps the young, excited Twi'lek technician who suggested the target was on to something here.

Ava slowly had entered the room, she was wearing a pair of tight black leggings with brown leather boots with a gold buckle around the calf. She had a white slender blouse that was tucked into the leggings. Her long brown locks were pulled back back into a tight bun behind her head, she several stand hanging loose and in loose ringlets. Ava's R2 Droid unit R2-C1 Following behind her beeping as it dodged several other Rebel fighters. Looking over her shoulder down at the little Droid she shook her head "You're going to get me into trouble." She whispered softly heading over to where commander Derek was standing, her soft brown orbs looked over at the holographic map she cocked her head to the side, sighing the young women knew it was going to be one of those meetings, one where she would have to talk to someone about something. Making deals and triads or trying to get someone to join the Rebels in the fight against the Empire. Slowly Ava made her way to other side so she was facing commander Derek, her hands were at her sides along with her Droid unit looking down at him she spoke "Just keep quiet and don't touch anything, you already caused a blackout in my quarters with you fiddling with things. So don't touch anything here. Commander Derek would have my head if you did." Ava said glaring down at the unit who made a soft almost sighing sound as it leaned forward agreeing to her. His radar eye zoomed in and out as he looked up at the map loading it into his memory bank in case Ava and the others would need it in a later time.

Sergeant Zek Correson awoken from his slumber, holding a mug of coffee. The steaming beverage was sipped as his diverted gaze met the holoscreen displayed before Commander Atio. He drawn his glance upon the Commander, as he appeared few feet behind the Derek observing the holographic image of Kooriva. "What's her health status?" Luckily, she wasn't captured and detained for questioning, and torturing. Correson wouldn't believe the immerse amount of information a Rebel could spill. Taking another soft sip of the beverage, his eyes looked over the Commander for answers.

Sienala was pointing to a spot on the Kooriva image and shook her head. "This won't do. There is a sewage pump here. You burst that and though it causes a lot of chaos, it will be just as bad for us. But, since I've most likely been listed as escaped, I could be a recaptured slave and someone is bringing me back for a reward. I mean, I wasn't broken know...sadistic jerks will want their try so..." She bit her lower lip and sighed. She hated the idea, but it might be useful. "Maybe, one as a returning the runaway slave and the rest as customers?"

Zan was never fond of large meetings or gatherings, but before looking up on the Koorivan image and smirking. "Looks easy enough to land, but then again I can land any craft on any surface. I could be talented or just being an ass this early in the meeting. Either way, I'm the pilot for this job. As long as we're not landing on Kessel, I refuse to land on that piece of rock ever again. That and Theed, that city is a swamp away from a Rancor pit."

The Commander saw that everyone was here, and deferred to Corporal Pavo on the briefing on the operation. When he heard Zek ask about the wounded trooper, he moved over towards him so that he would not interrupt the briefing. "Morlo is dead. Rikki is recovering in a bacta tank. I'm leaving Judah on Rhinnal to monitor her, so you won't have your medic or heavy weapons specialist on this op," he explained, before shifting his attention back to the Twi'lek. "Just get the team where Pavo needs them, Shelby. No hot shot flying on this one," he ordered, raising his right index finger at the junior officer. He circled the table slowly until he arrived near the Twi'lek, looking more closely at her infiltration point. "Do you think you two could make convincing slave market customers?" he asked, looking to both Correson and Shelby, arching his eyebrow at them as he waited for their response.

Zek glanced over to the others approaching. "Zan. Sienala." Acknowledged the others who stepped into the briefing. When Atio mentioned Morlo's death, a light sigh escaped. "Have you contacted his next of kin?" Inciting to speak with any relatives and to be informed about his death. Then again going to see them could be dangerous. "Good thing Rikki survived." Seeing Atio mention to the pilot about hot-shot flying, a brow raised knowing the dangers may arise. When the Commander mentioned about slave marketing customers, a slight nod was indicated towards Atio. "I can charm a Chagrian into getting wasted a party. How else I wouldn't be great for it?"

Ava fell quiet once Zek walked in, he was always late for something important. Shaking her head she rolled her eyes a little as R2-C1 made nearly the same sound as she did when Ava sighed. "Every time." She said under her breath crossing her arms looking at Zek rather not pleased with him, taking a deep breath she let it out slowly turning her attention towards the others as she stepped closer to the man at the area's where they wanted to land and not to. She didn't bother with such things as that, she was just to be the face and voice for them when they wanted to keep their hands clean. Once she heard that someone passed Ava's heart sank in her chest. "I'll tell the next-of-kin if there is any." She said softly wanting something more to do then just makes deals and barter.

The grey-blue Twi'lek's lekku twitched in annoyance as she stumbled over her own thoughts, "I really need to know what I have to work with so I can get people placed and come up with a plan. I can do it with anywhere from three to eight people. So, how many can I have? We need at least one person who can play the part of someone far too wealthy and prestigious to be there, and that person's bodyguard or guards. And then one person to check on the ships. Because once in, I can get some of the slaves to run with us and some of them know how to fly."

Zan stood closer towards the display of the planet of Kooriva, his collective mind processing possible tactical approaches. It was a workable approach from multiple angles, well within his piloting skills. Before he grew distracted by the appearance of the Twi'lek before him.

"I'm hesitant to divide the unit," Atio said, as he brought his left hand up to his chin, scratching at the stubble from his unshaven face. "Very well. I'm going to approve this," he said, after exhaling a soft sigh, and moving away to look at the swirling nebula gases. "Shelby, take Correson and Pavo to Kooriva to see what you can come up with," he ordered, before offering a quick nod of his head. "Use the Gilded Thranta. I don't want to commit the Argo ... I don't think I could explain that as a recon op to command," he explained, as his attention shifted back towards the holographic image of Kooriva. He was not sure he was making the right decision, but with the current state of affairs in the region, they had very little to lose.

Zek was formerly a smuggler, someone who's reputation since died out throughout the Outer Rim territories. Using his past reputation could acquire the knowledge they needed through some criminal affiliates in Kooriva. Using his freighter, they could possibly sneak around the planet as someone else other than slave marketing customers. "Let's use the Vendetta, my freighter. Go in as locals, scout the area and do little bit of recon. I'll take Zan and Pavo with me. If Ava wants to come, she can. We could use Ava as our "wealthy" figure, too." Coordinating ideas to infiltrate the planet and acquire the intel they needed. Although, he does agree with the Twi'lek's idea.

Ava's head popped up as she heard her name being spoken about joining on the mission. She didn't think she would be joining any one. "Are you sure? I think I would only be in the way on this mission." She said looking at each on of then till her eyes fell on Commander Atio wondering if he would agree with Zek's idea of her joining. "If I am needed then I will do all that I can, but if you don't think I should go I won't fight the matter. Just please know that I will not kill someone. I promised myself that once I joined you that I would only use my words and that's it." She said boldly as her R2 unit made a zapping sound disagreeing with her. Ava kicked the droid with her boot pushing him behind her.

"The problem is, we need to distract Babda," continued Sienala. "When he's distracted, everyone's guard goes down. Once he's taken care of, especially if the client is a woman who looks like she's trying to be discreet, he will use that as an attempt to gain information for blackmail, the guards will know they are to check on her ship and her guards. If the person is a man, he'll try to get close and be his best friend to gain favors. Some of the slaves even think he'll be a servicer himself if the client is wealthy enough." Turning around to lean back with elbows on the table, she lifted a leg to prop against the hologram console. "But no matter what we do, scouting for the ships won't be hard. We can tie in a slice program to get the information while we are getting landing permission, then we will have access to what ships are where. The only ones to really worry about will be the ones already flying because we won't be able to get them."

"Sounds like a decent plan to me, but not the best. No plan is ever perfect either, but it can be done. As long as we got this pilot here and plenty of weapons" Zan at least wanted a quick talk and drink with Sienala before he was going to head for the freighter.

Commander Atio turned his attention to them all, after listening to them all give their opinions on the mission. "You're right, Sergeant. Your freighter is much better suited to this than our shuttle," he said, as he moved closer towards the man. " long as you don't have any outstanding bounties or debts in that sector," he added, with a wink, referencing his past as a smuggler. "You're going," he said, raising a finger to the Alderaanian noblewoman turned diplomat, without saying anymore on the matter. "Sergeant, you're in tactical command of the *recon*, but defer to Corporal Pavo's local knowledge of Kooriva and the slavers," he said, as he began to wave his arms at them, indicating them to get moving. He had other business to attend to. "Get to it!" he orders, sounding more and more like a military officer as he continued his path to sobriety.

Sergeant Correson remembered prior events revolving his criminal background, a brow arched when he glanced directly at the Commander Atio. The mug of coffee was loudly slurped, slightly agitated when he referenced regarding his bounties. Last he recalled, Kooriva didn't have any past histories. He more notably traveled the Outer Rim territories, except he ventured into Nal Hutta and Shaddaa often when smuggling illegal contraband. "No problem, Commander. You got it." Putting down his mug, Zek walked away from Atio, and headed towards the hangar bay where his vessel, the YT-1300 freighter, Vendetta, was docked. Walking up the ramp, Zek entered his personal freighter. His fingers traced over the ship's walls, recollecting old, and fond memories. Correson proceeded near his personal locker where he stripped off the royal blue jacket he wore being replaced with his brown set. Then acquired the SSK-7 heavy blaster, which found itself housed on his thigh-holster. The locker a collage of different photos; some are old friends and others are ex-girlfriends. After closing the locker shut, Zek headed to the cockpit observing the control panel. Patiently, Zek awaited until the others boarded to make departure.

Ava sighed a little as she bit the inside of her cheek, she didn't care for this plan. Though she did say she would do what she needed to help with the mission. "Of course Commander." turning around on her heels as the commander started to wave them off, R2-C1 followed Ava as she headed off with the others to the freighter. Looking down at R2-C1 droid, she spoke softly "Stay out of sight, don't make a sound and if they do need you for anything help. I don't want you to get into any trouble with anyone I don't even feel like I fit in as it is. And to have a droid unit who is in the way at times and gets me in trouble." She said heading to the hanger where the freighter was. R2-C1 moved forward as he zoomed around her. Making her way onto the freighter she looked for a moment before walking behind Zek "Mind telling me what you want me to do or do I just stand there look pretty and try to make more deals?" She asked raising a brow.

Leaving for the ship, Sienala decided she might have to brief the poor diplomat on how to be scandalous. "I want you to want a good time with a slave girl. Be the wealthiest you can look, but look like you're trying to hide your wealth and your identity. Then, when Babda takes a personal interest in making sure you have everything you want, make him think that what you want would be something horribly scandalous. Something like, a dozen women. Something that would disgust almost every imperial in the galaxy." Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, "And make sure you demand privacy with the girls. Oh, and ask for them by name. Ysiera, she's a Togruta, Santavo, she's a human, Ular is another human. Oh, and if you think you can handle the humiliation, S'slavo. No one knows what race she is...or if she's even female."

Zan buzzed everyone else off as he headed towards the hangar bay with the freighter selected for the current mission, his flight jacket slung over his shoulder as he made his way inside the hanar. His focus narrowing to linear from his basic broad focus that usually occupies his thought process when flying missions in the typical shuttle. He could pilot the freighter, but over had grown quite comfortable with shuttle piloting over the past few months. But like always, zan would manage the situation towards his benefit in the end.

Piloting the freighter was simple for Zek, whom spent several years flying around systems making money off smuggling. Now part of the Rebel Alliance, he barely used the freighter granted the Rebels had other sufficient vehicles at their disposal. He taken few short seconds cracking his knuckles, then began flipping off switches and controls. He raised the loading ramp, sealing it shut. Then Zek decompressed the ion engines cooling system the moment the vehicle started revving up. Then slowly motioned back the navigation control stick, bringing the freighter off ground. The Sergeant raised the landing skids as the freighter started floating towards the station's hangar bay. Once the freighter entered space, Zek began navigating the Vendetta towards Kooriva. The Sergeant looked upon Ava momentarily when her question was answered, given the Corporal had a better outlook of the mission. "I'm leading the tact team down below, Corporal Pova's got the idea set in mind. Just do your part and we'll come out of this fine." He hoped Ava was willing to get a little rough when things get haywire now that he's entrusted to play her bodyguard for this operation.

Zan didn't like being assigned to co-piloting duties of the freighter, his presence felt lessened by this. He had finally grown accustomed to being lead pilot on the majority of flown missions. Reaching for the comms as the freighter approached the planet of Kooriva, opening communications with Babda Yoth's Pleasure Dome and Emporium as he used his Nabooian charm to keep the channel as long as possible. The conversation was boring anyhow, so Zan just clamoring away through the useless babble as he relaxed back in his co pilot seat. Purposely annoying the attendant on the other side of the communication, in order to keep the line of comms open even longer than either of them wanted or need.

Sienala was already on the slice attempt through the communications carrier. She operated quickly and efficiently, and though this was not her area of expertise, she knew enough to be able to get low security access. She motioned for Zan to keep up the inanity of the conversation. After several minutes, she gave a thumbs up with a smile while her lekku writhed happily into a braid. "Will you let the poor person do his job?" Then more quietly, "Just mute us but keep the channel open while I get the details."

The Pleasure Dome was a majestic sprawling sight. It was a city unto itself with several dozen docking platforms as well as a large hangar on the south side. The hangar was reserved for those who needed higher security as it had a covering that could be opened and closed. The main building of the Dome was just that, a glass dome that covered several kilometers, with holographic displays of the women inside who would cater to the clientele. Each hologram was detailed enough to identify the individual girls if you were to see them in person. Most were human, twi'lek or togrutan, but there were some that catered to other tastes like trandoshan and something that could best be described as a human genosian hybrid. From within the dome, lights, lights and more lights could be seen suggesting stadium-like sides making up the buildings, apartments and rooms to be used by the clients of Babda Yoth.

Zek piloted the freighter away from the space station outside of Kooriva. He descended below entering Kooriva's atmosphere, where he spotted various their target; Badba Yoth's Pleasure Dome and Emporium. Once they were given authorization to land, Zek steered the freighter towards one of the high-security landing platforms, granted Ava's role as a high-value target. Navigating the freighter, Zek found a suitable platform for the freighter. Switched on the landing skids, as he slowly lowered the vehicle. Making touchdown, several switches on the control panel flipped on decompressing the coolant tanks of the vehicle's ion engines. Pressure was ejected from the hull, as Zek then turned off the vehicle completely. "Alright. Let's get to it. You all know your roles. Keep this smooth and simple. Don't draw attention to yourselves unless it's necessary." Glances over to Ava beside him. "I'll be with you every step of the way."

Ava sat quietly as she ran over everything she was told about the plan. Never doing anything like what she was planning on doing made her stomach turn, her heart raced fast with worry that she was going to do something that messed the mission up as it was. Looking at her little Droid unit she sighed heavily "The things we do help out." patting the dome head of the droid unit looking at the others, she knew a lot was on her shoulders with this mission she had to play the part of a noble women looking for slave or two to service her needs whichever though would be, licking her lips she rose up from where she was sitting grabbing her large black cloak, draping it over her shoulder clasping it, taking the hood she placed it over her head hiding her face under the thick velvet fabric. Taking her seat once more till they landed she was fiddling with a ring she had around her right hand ring finger, it was a simple gold band with a crystal that shimmered when the light hit it she was doing her best to take deep breath, Zek was going to be by her side protecting her so that was something good. It was just the thought she would have to do things she never did before with a women let alone someone that no one knew was species it was or if it was even male or female that made Ava queasy, she knew she was able to pull of being rich and also hiding it and who she really was easily, not many people know who Ava was and at this point the young girl didn't even know at the moment.

After landing Ava didn't care about asking question on what she was doing it was only going to make things worse for her, standing up looking over her shoulder at Zek. "I know if things get messy in there I will have to do something so neither one of us get shot. I don't wish to return home with a hole in my body... Again at leas. That last mission we were on was not fun for met" She said placing a hand on her shoulder rotating it a little giving Zek a little smirk trying to ease her mind. "Besides I just have to turn on the side of me that no one has ever seen and play it off as if I'm enjoying myself."She said softly fixing her blouse a little. "And as far as you know it I'm Reeell Beltib." Ava said heading down the ramp outside.

Sienala went back and changed into her former slave attire. She also added a strange mesh mask around her lekku and face to slightly hide her identity. Coming back to the cockpit, she'd give Zan a quick kiss on the cheek, "Don't wait up. And if the other girls start stealing ships, you go. Okay?" She then scurried off the ship and her entire demeanor changed. Where she had been open and flirty as if by instinct, her body movements and smile now seemed fake, an act, as though she were dead inside and only performing a task like a droid. This did get her past two of the guards without incident, even though she patted one's chest and stumbled slightly from what could only be described as "over-use." Once inside, she made her way quickly towards the slave quarters.

Zan smirked Sienala kissed against his cheek, nodding in response as he relaxed back into his co pilot seat aboard the freighter. His body posture was relaxed and tranquil, but could be able body at the crack of a whip and able to get the freighter up to flight status,given the command to do so. "I understand, Sienala. This isn't my first or last rodeo, though it has been the smoothest so far. And have fun sweetie pie."

"Understood your highness." Mockingly said with joking sense of humor as Zek exited the vehicle. Descending below the freighter, she announced her cover name for the operation. "Reeell Beltib. Got it. Might as well be Krate Manc, your personal bodyguard and right-hand man." Gaze flickered downward meeting the diplomat's as they began walking towards the front entrance of the Pleasure Emporium.

It did not take long for the guards to realize something was different about the man and woman approaching. The man seemed to defer to the woman, suggesting where the power was. One of the guards spoke quietly into his wrist comm. The other opened the door for the two approaching. There was a moment's shift in the lighting from within, but it was not dark as some would expect. The inside was well lit, clean and smelled sweet and carried the scents of fine spices. A speeder car arrived, clean, polished and appearing to be a sign of status. The driver stepped out, a twi'lek man of green skin. He moved to open the door for Ava and Zek. Within the car was plush, velvet seats and a bar in the center of the passenger section. The driver nodded to them with a smile.

Sienala's knowledge of the dome proved useful. She did not realize just how much of the dome she had explored while she was a slave. She took a deep breath as she maintained her affectation of being a broken and used slave. She had found her way to the slave quarters where she had slept. Stepping through the door of the room, she smiled spying Ysiera and Santavo. Clearing her throat, she bellowed as loudly as she could, "What's going on here?" The girls screeched and turned in fear but they saw it was Sienala with her fists on her hips with one hip thrust out to the side. The sound of their squealing carried out into the hall and alerted a guard.

Sgloggo came marching down the hall after hearing the sounds of squealing girls. His footsteps could be heard from anyone in hearing distance, his stance was authoritarian as he came from behind Sienala. His Snorts towards the girls for them to be silent, before he grew silent in sound but his posture remained the same. He had to remain in power as a guard, not letting current or past feelings affecting his judgment once again.

After Ava had entered the dome she looked around for a moment as the speeder car approached them, giving the twi'lek a slight nod of her head Ava stepped forward slipping her slender frame inside she placed her hand neatly folded into her lap as she glanced over at her shoulder, over Zek. She didn't like this plan, taking a deep breath she waited for the car to move forward, there was something about this dome that seemed like she had been here before but then again if she she would have remembered the slave girls. She watched Zek form the corner of her eye wondering if he was looking forward to seeing her play this part. Slowly she played with the ring between her pointer finger and thumb, though her face didn't read it she was nervous as can be, she felt her stomach knot tighter as the car drove on getting closer to where ever it was going to drop Zek and herself off.

As the speeder arrived unexpectedly, the smuggler instantly switched on his role as a bodyguard. He would look around ensuring there wasn't anyone making odd speculation about them. Nonetheless thieves, assassins or bounty hunters; mostly on his end. Prior to turning Rebel, the former smuggler had received quite the attention which had hunters and other various sorts chasing after him for a short while. He knew how it felt keeping both eyes opened, and another pair behind their back. One hand rested against Ava's back ushering her inside with protection. Even the driver would incline he's her personal bodyguard. For certain he can understand where Ava was coming from, granted she was scared. Zek was even afraid himself, but he refrained from exposing that fear among others. Zek proceeded to situate beside her aboard the speeder, where his eyes observed the driver nodding politely.

From the center of the bar, a hologram came on. The face was so similar to a Toydarian with the trunk like nose but longer and a broader head with no neck between head and shoulders. He appeared to be wearing the most gaudy jewelry to Ava's eyes. There was a smile on his lips with no teeth behind those lips. "Ah, welcome to Babda Yoth's Pleasure Dome and Emporium. I am your host, Babda Yoth. My driver is bringing you to our finest suites for you to relax and enjoy your stay with us. We want your pleasure to bring us pleasure. So, in assuring your happiness, we provide three days and two nights for the price of two days and one night, and unlimited attendants to your every need, even those that might seem unusual to the eyes of others. Here at Babda Yoth's Pleasure Dome and Emporium, we ask only how we can serve you, and how long your stay is."

Turning, Sienala saw Sgloggo standing there and she blinked. Her lower lip sucked between her teeth. "Sgloggo," she whispered. Then suddenly she was on him. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and her legs clinging to his large belly. She attacked his face with her lips, kissing him all over, her lithe arms trying to crush him. "I'm so happy to see you. I came to get you. We can..." She paused and looked to the other girls, "I came for you two, too. And a couple of the others." Ysiera and Santavo stared in shock at their friend.

"But Sienala," began the Togruta. "We can't. Where would we go?"

"That depends on if Sgloggo is with us or not." All three of them looked to the gamorrean expectantly.

Sgloggo stood there as he wrapped one arm around Sienala as he embraced her close, his other arm holding his gamorrean axe. He was glad that she was back and in front of him no less, but his duties had kept him occupied in the time since their last encounter. His snorting indicating what her offer to take him away was intriguing at best, but without a solid escape plan. He wasn't on board but he was supportive of Sienala in her endeavor to free him and the slaves.

Watching the hologram appear Ava listened and watched the man, she didn't was slowly starting to relax feeling Zek's hand on her back, she just didn't want to have to seduce anyone well other than Zek which was never hard to do. All a women had to do with him was just bat her lashes at him and smiled and he would have been all over them in a heartbeat, but for Ava to do the same thing to a women that was something different in itself. Smirking as she looked over her shoulder Ava smirked "I think I will be enjoying my stay here a lot more than I thought I would be Krate. Just hope they will have what I'm looking for here." She said turning her head to face forward again "I'm a very picky women, my needs have to be meant by a very particular clientele after all. I don't just rely on anyone to serves me." She said smirking a little as she spoke to Zek.

"Good. I have four preprogrammed jumps to a safe spot far from here. So all we have to do is fly ships. And, I know four people who can fly." She glanced back to Ysiera and Santavo. "So that means we need Ular and S'slavo." Releasing herself from Sgloggo, she handed each girl a datapad. "We, yes we, have a plan to get out. There is something happening and we need the four of you and Sgloggo to make it happen."

Turning to Sgloggo, "I need you to get these to Ular and S'slavo. Escort them to the south hangar. Take any ship that looks like it can handle a fight. There is a YT-1300 in the hangar, I'll be leaving in that one. It's the one I came in. Make sure they get safely onto a different ship each and then everyone fly off and activate this program through the ship's nav computer and....we'll meet up at where I've been." She handed over a comm link along with the datapads.

"I'm sure we can accommodate your needs, my lady. We are also quite discreet. Please, tell me, where do your interests and needs lie so that I may prepare them for you?" The hologram of Babda appeared more eager now that she seemed to be more outlandish than most.

Sgloggo nodded in accordance as he listened to Sienala and her escape plan. He glanced over the datapads, nodding again in accordance as he overlooked them a second time before marching off towards his intended targets for the rescue. He was silent as he walked off away from Sienala, hoping no guards were present in that area. But in case they were, he firmly gripped both his hands on his ample sized axe.

"Right, okay ladies, let's go." She led the two through the path she had used to get to them. It was a relatively short jaunt. The one time they were stopped, Sienala had merely said that they were needed for a private party on one of the upper levels. It had been nothing more than a distractions as they made their way towards the hangar. However, when they got to the hangar, Sienala did what the others had thought unthinkable, she stabbed the two guards in the back, cutting through their bodies easily.

"What have you done, Sienala," asked Santavo. "You can't do that. You'll get in trouble for sure. You might even..."

Sienala raised her hand to silence the blond human girl, "We're already in trouble. We're running away."

"Oh, yeah." Santavo stared for a moment while Ysiera patted her shoulder. Santavo shook her head under the touch and then nodded and stepped into the hangar. "Which...which ship do you want me to take?"

Sienala looked around and pointed to an Imperial shuttle. "That one," she said pointing to a Lambda class shuttle. "Ysiera, you take the customs frigate. Okay?"

The Togruta nodded and rushed aboard. It was like she was born to the ship. What had actually happened was a few flyboys from the Empire had taught her the basics when she had flirted with them aboard one of the shuttles.

"Ava, Zek, we're almost ready. Seems you won't need to talk to Babda."

Sgloggo wasted little time in acquiring the girls Ular and S'slavo, due to his non threatening demeanor. Convincing the two slave girls to follow him to the southern hangar. After a few seconds of pleasantries, Sgloggo escorted Ular and S'slavo into the southern hangar as they commandeered ships before following Sienala towards the YT-1300.

Ular ran up into a boxy INT-4 Interceptor that looked like it had been in a horrible battle. She powered up the vessel and used the datapad to program the nav computer. She did not have the experience Ysiera had, but she had enough knowledge to get the vessel up and heading towards the hangar doors.

S'slavo found its way onto another Lambda shuttle. The winged creature with the leech-like mouth started up the shuttle and swarmed towards the shuttle the heroes had come in to fly as escort. She opened comms and said something in a language that sounded like clicks and screeches. Sienala laughed, "I am not a queen," she responded through the comms.

As the speeder directed them towards the Pleasure Dome, Zek continued observing the area suspiciously with guard. When he gained communications from Sienala, he suddenly gripped the driver's shirt. "Sorry for this, buddy." He suddenly tossed out the driver, shrieking in terror. Hopping over the seat, he situated behind the wheel then made a swift U-turn. Nearby, various guards acquired their blasters aiming for Zek. Behind Zek, he's certain Ava would be screaming. "Get down!" Drawing out his SSK-7 blaster, he aimed for the Gamorrean's, unleashing few blaster rounds at the large Gamorreans. Flew the speeder back to the platform where his YT-1300 was docked. Taking Ava, they entered the large freighter and would make their way back to the Ringali Space Station orbiting Kooriva.

The former slaves started up their ships, not even asking for permission to leave. Sienala ran up into the YT-1300, "Sgloggo, how you doing? I'm getting in the YT-1300 I mentioned." Then to Zan, "Get us an opening in the hangar so the girls can leave."

Zan bolted up from his quick nap as he started up the YT-1300 and prepared the craft for immediate take off. "Shit we need those doors open first" Before he saw the gamorrean Sienala had mentioned once before, Zan observed Sgloggo running towards the YT-1300 as fast as his body could go. With the gamorrean and the rest of the team aboard the freighter as with the hangar doors wide open, Zan piloted the thrust forward as the freighter left the planet behind as the course was set for the ringali space station orbiting Kooriva. "Now for some introductions."

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