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Christopher Levy and Jim Piche.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:5:12) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Criosk's estate).


Lord Crisok, Racien Gord, and Frout Zamin (death).


Lord Criosk, a member of a minor Brentaal House stood nervously in the antechamber of his estate. He had been pacing earlier, but had now grown tired of it. He was a middle-aged man, well dressed, and has a refined sense about him. After his recent problems with the Rodian crimelord Enkido, he was careful not to travel alone. However, he was forced to leave the house this day. He had a meeting he just could no longer postpone. He lowered his head towards his wrist, examining his chronometer. "Where is that mercenary?" he asked himself, growing impatient.

Racien Gord walked up to the Lord's house. "This had better be worth my time," he muttered under his breath. When he arrived at the door hit hit the intercom. "I am here," was all he said.

Lord Criosk flicked his right index finger across his nose, motioning to her servant droid. The droid did not require a verbal command, and accessed the control panel to open the secured blastdoor, which was all that separated him from the outside world. "Please," he began, "Come in."

Racien Gord walked thought the door. At first glimpse the Lord looked to be just like any other pompous fool Racien had done work for. Time would tell this this one was any different. He walked up to the lord and looked him up and down. "So I am here. What do you need?" Racien then lit the half smoked cigarra that was in his mouth and inhaled deeply.

"I need a bodyguard," Lord Criosk explained, "and you come very highly regarded. I need to be escorted to a meeting of the Brentaal Houses. I'll pay five thousand if you get me there and back safely."

Hearing the tone in his voice Racien knew that this man was very scared to leave his sanctuary here. He has heard the quiver in his voice. Racien was not that fond of being someones babysitter, but the price was right and if he played his cards right he might end up with a little extra, "Fine I'll do it. One condition. If things get hairy we do it my way ... no highway option. We agree?"

"I leave myself in your good graces," Lord Criosk explained, "Now please ... lead on. I don't want to be late."

Racien had noticed a few passerby that looked a bit suspicious, but none had tried anything so he kept his cool. The Lord on the other hand did not look so good. He jumped at every noise and was sweating a lot. "You had better relax," he said to him quietly, "you are making to much of a spectacle of yourself. Just keep walking. We are almost there." Racien had a feeling that this job was going to be more then he bargained for.

Frout Zamin, a Barabel thug, stepped out of an alleyway directly in their path. He snarled menacingly as he looked at Lord Criosk, "Enkido says 'hello.'" Without warning he leveled his blaster pistol at Criosk's chest and prepared to fire. Frout steadied his blaster pistol's aim with Criosk's chest, smiling. He squeezed back on the trigger casually, unleashing a bolt of energy.

Lord Criosk groaned in pain as the blaster bolt tore into his side, inflicting minor damage, but causing tremendous pain. "Kill him!" he shouted to the mercenary.

Racien aimed his blaster at Frout's head. "You messed with the wrong man today," Racien pulled the trigger.

Frout growled as the blaster bolt impacted his cranium. Thankfully, the scaly flesh that covered his body was able to absorb most of the damage. However, it would not sustain another blow.
Racien was a little shocked that the man did not fall down dead.

Wounded, Lord Criosk took cover, cringing on the ground. His left hand covered the blaster wound on his side. He hoped he had chosen the right man for this job.

Racien looked at the thing who had stepped out of the alleyway. "I would tell you to give a message to your boss ... but your not going to be alive long enough to give it to him," Racien then aimed at the mans head once again and fired.

The impact of the blaster bolt to Frout's head caught him right between the eyes. The character met a rather graphic end, falling to the ground headless. The life was drained from his body almost instantly, but that did not cause the leg to stop twitching until several moments after the body hit the floor.

Racien leaned down and checked to see if the man had any identification on him. He also holstered his blaster and looked around to see if anyone saw this.

Lord Criosk emerged from hiding, still clutching his wound. "You've saved me," he exclaimed, "Now, we must get out of here before another attempt is made."

Racien nodded his head in agreement.

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