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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:11) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Commander Sierra Rodney.

Sierra Rodney stumbled around the room that her and Claudius shared within their home on Esseles. She was running out of steam quickly. Zara had undone the work her husband had began on the comlink. Instead of feeling like she could return home and find that he still loved her, she had convinced herself otherwise. In Zara's eyes, and her own, this was *her* fault. Marcus would, undoubtedly, side with his wife if he ever woke. *If*. The trip to Esseles had given Sierra the gift of time. As down as she was, time was exactly what she didn't need. She had time to pull apart the whole scene and examine all of it in detail. This *was* her fault. This was all her fault. She, herself, was one big mess for Claudius. Arden had sent her to him to pull him under her thumb...

And it had worked.

She hurt him. She hurt *his* family, a family she no longer felt she was allowed to be a part of. Despite his promise of pudding, Sierra couldn't bring herself to go to the Retributor. She couldn't face him ever again... Which is exactly why she was allowing herself to make the stupidest decision of her life; the decision to leave. She was crying equally as hard as Zara had when she reached out to her husband. She had made an attempt to collect her clothing, but that attempt results in Sierra laying on the bed, writhing in agony and pain. Zara had banished her. Zara had *shot* her. Zara was back at the Jubilee, awaiting to find out if her husband would live or die: walk or not walk. Even though she was Claudius' adjutant, she hadn't bothered to check his schedule. She thought that she had time to have a fit before, reluctantly, leaving. Instead, she had made sure today would end *early* of all things.

Time was not on her side. No it was not. As Sierra was packing, Claudius was descending through the atmosphere in the Kwai. As he situated himself in the passenger compartment of the shuttle he wondered why Sierra had not returned to him yet. The flight from Delaya to Esseles should not have been that long. Perhaps she had stayed until Marcus was out of surgery, he thought to himself, as the ship touched down. He assumed he was coming home to an empty home with the children hidden away and Sierra still on her 'mission', whatever that was. When he moved through the estate he realized there was nothing sadder than an empty home, and his walk up the stairs was slow and labored. As he opened the door to his bedchamber he spotted Sierra and was momentarily exalted, but as he looked deeper he saw she was wounded ... and packing. "What ... what's going on here?" he asked in a hushed tone, but the panic was very evident in his voice. His heart skipped a beat, which was very dangerous for a man of his age. Suddenly he felt the need to sit down, but before he could he found himself falling down. He slid down the wall slowly until he crumpled to the floor. It had all been too much for him. The rollercoaster he had been on for the past month had just jumped the track.

Everything stopped the moment she heard his voice. Just like that, Sierra's resolve to withdraw from him completely crumbled like a tower of cards. Her heart throbbed painfully in her chest. She loved him. She had never felt that way for anyone else. As much as she cherished him, she began to worry that the cons outweighed the pros ... and that Claudius would understand that as soon as she told him what happened to his brother. She saw him fall, which inspired to to dash off the bed and towards him. She grasped him to ensure that he made it to the ground without getting hurt. Her eyes were filled with tears. She still only wore the slim hospital gown, which was burnt from where she had been shot. Her cheek was bruising from having been pistol whipped. She hurt so much more internally than externally.

Touching Claudius made leaving him all the more impossible. The moment her hand brushed his arm, she was done for. She found herself lowered to the ground with him. "Claudius..! Are you okay?" Said the woman who had just been packing. "I messed up, Claudius. I messed up so bad." She started, her body was shaking. "Your brother was seriously injured because of *me*."

"Don't leave me," Claudius said, pleading with Sierra, as he reached out to her with an outstretched arm. "I've lost everyone else. I can't lose you," he said, as he tried to brush his hand upon her cheek. "You messed up nothing," he said to her, even though he did not entirely know what she was talking about. "He'll be alright. Doctor Tohan is with him," he said to her, as he moved his hand towards her blonde hair. His love and support was so unconditional that he did not need all the details to stand by her. Or, in this case sit by her.

"I don't *want* to leave you." Sierra cried. Her life was nothing without him. The trials they went through together didn't matter, because they still made each other happy. Her head leaned into his hand. She couldn't go. Even this...this horrible thing...she had to tell him and face the fallout. She drew herself closer to him, climbing aboard his lap so she could embrace him as tightly as her body would allow. He was a Sierra professional. He always knew how to cut through the negative storms she occasionally had and reach her sanity. She had no idea how much Zara had, or had not, told him. Regardless, he didn't see eye-to-eye with her. Her lower lip quivered. She dove into the comfort of his chest to let herself cry. It took her several minutes to get a handle on herself again. Only then did she withdraw just slightly. "I... I promised Jelena that I'd go save that Rebel Commander if she took the girls somewhere safe." She confessed to her husband. "With all that was pressing down on us, I was desperate. She was so mad at me. I had to make it better."

"Where are the girls?" Claudius asked, as his thoughts immediately went to the safety and wellbeing of his three daughters. "I'm sorry that Jelena involved you in whatever it is she has going on," he said, fearing his daughter had been lost to the Rebel cause once and for all. "Shh. Shh," he told her, as he leaned his face up to meet her busy lips, silencing them with a tender kiss. When the kiss broke his attention shifted to her injury, frowning, and tilting his head to get a better look at it. "Is that how you got hurt?" he asked her, wondering why she had returned home without Doctor Tohan treating it. "You should have one of the doctors look at this," he asked, grimacing slightly at the extent of the burn. He did not think it was some do it yourself bacta patch job, but he was always overly cautious and overprotective of his family.

"They are in a place the Rebels are calling 'New Alderaan'. As unlikely as it seems, they *are* actually safe there... I saw Ewwiekewwieikkie and Callista playing together. They were so happy." She sighed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you what I was going to do. I knew how wrong it was... But it's *Jelena*. I'd jump through fiery hoops for her." His kiss derailed her in the best possible way. He was constantly reminding her of how much he loved her. Even with something as big as this, he didn't hold a grudge against her. He was support and sweet. She thought her husband to be much too great of a man for her. Her eyes fell to her injury briefly. It ached and burned. "The first time, yes. Doctor Tohan took a look at it at that time." She was calming down. Her words were slower and her tensed body had seemed to relax in his lap. "It was Zara who did this." She felt a lump in her throat. "She took me back to Delaya to collect my ship at gunpoint. When we arrived, she claimed I was tearing our family apart... And that I was responsible for everything that happened to your brother. She banished me from Delaya, shot me, *hit* me and then she left."

Claudius breathed a small sigh of relief when Sierra revealed that Drusilla and Ewwiekewwieikkie were safe, even if they were on a Rebel safe world. "We have to get them back," he said, wearily, as he tried to get himself back onto his feet. "It is good that you tried to help Jelena, but her motives are misguided and attempting to help this Rebel commander was bound to cause problems," he said, just as he managed to get back on his feet. But then Sierra unloaded on him, and his knees buckled once again. "Zara?!" he exclaimed, as he turned his face towards her in disbelief and anger. "How could she do this to you?!" he asked, unwilling to see any justification for harming his beloved his wife. "That peasant. What does she know? How dare she?" he said, rushing to judgment, as he became furious at what had happened to her. "Who is *she* to banish you? Who is *she* to hurt you? She was nothing until she got pregnant by a Rodney," he said, becoming very much the snob in the heat of the moment. "We'll see about this," he said, as he went flying off the handle. No one, not even family, got to hurt Sierra.

Sierra's head rolled. "I'm working on it. I shall return to their refugee camp and snatch up the girls. There isn't anyone who can save Xergo now. Jelena has no right to deny me our children." She didn't attempt to stand yet. She hissed in pain, clawing at her hospital gown until the material stopped rubbing against her raw skin. She was right there, ready to catch him when his knees buckled. "Claudius!" This was turning out to be the longest day ever. She listened to him rant and rave about Zara. "She's angry." She reminded him as she rose. His rant made her feel angry at the girl too. Zara was in over her head as a Duchess and currently working with no moral code. She was perfectly okay with shooting her sister-in-law. Sierra caught his hand in her own and brought him closer to her. "No, we won't. She is a Duchess now. It's her choice. I think the best course of action we can take is to let her run out of steam. I imagine that she's under an immense amount of stress between their twins, the Duchy, and Marcus' injury." She tried to show him the pregnant woman's logic so he didn't act rashly. "She is a *peasant*. She doesn't know how noble life works." Her hands brushed over his face.

There was nothing Sierra could say to calm the fire that was stirred in him with the revelation that Zara had used force against her. Claudius was beyond logic, beyond reason. "She is not a Duchess. She is the wife of a Duke. She is not of noble birth like you and I," he continued, as he plotted his revenge against the silver haired nymph who seduced his brother and endangered his wife. "She was nothing, and she can go back to nothing ... one call to Governor Arundel would see to that," he said, as he plotted and schemed his way towards wounding her as she had wounded his wife. His nostrils flared and the veins in his temples were bulging from the side of his head. Undoubtedly, she had never seen him this angry.

His fire was too much for her. She simply couldn't resist it as she came to realize how angry *she* was. Zara dared try to shun her from Delaya, which was much more of a home to her than it was to the peasant. She deemed Sierra as not good enough for the family, yet she fit into the Rodney puzzle perfectly She had allowed herself to feel weak in front of her. That would *never* happen again. "She could have killed Bruce..." Sierra mused aloud. When Zara had her at gunpoint, it would have been so easy for her to take their son away. She realized that they had to act before something bad happened. She really had never seen Claudius so furious. It was bleeding into her rapidly. "Do it." Sierra said. "She should have been put to a stop long ago. It is she who has damaged the family by wrapping your brother around her finger. He can still be saved." She brushed her hand across his arm.

For the first time since getting together with Sierra, Claudius felt as if he *needed* a drink. He was trembling with anger. When Sierra suggested that Zara might have killed Bruce that was the straw that broke the bantha's back. His hands clenched so tightly that his nails threatened to tear apart his palms. He was no longer breathing ... he was panting like a wild beast. His skin was flushed red as his heart worked overtime to pump blood through his body. "No. No we must wait," he said, as he came to his senses. "She is carrying my brother's children. Our niece and nephew. The future of Delaya. Anything we do now would only jeopardize that pregnancy," he said, as he lowered his head, which was now starting to ache with pain. "When the twins are secure Zara will pay for this," he vowed, before turning his attention towards her in a different way.

One of the side effects of his rapid heartbeat and increased blood flow was the raging erection he had developed. "This is probably going to hurt," he warned her, before grabbing hold of her and throwing her to the bed, despite her injured shoulder. He had done this so many times that he had stripping his uniform down to a science and it was off his body in a flash. Before she could be allowed to catch her breath he was on her like a man half his age. He had to channel the aggression *somewhere*. His face descended to hers maddeningly, biting her more than he was kissing her. The beast inside of him had been unleashed and there was only one way to be rid of it...

Sierra didn't see it coming. It wasn't uncommon for them to release their stresses physically with each other. What was new was that he decided to unleash his *anger* with her. She blinked as he suddenly picked her up and threw her on their bed. She groaned, but did not object. Instead, she rapidly undressed until she could present her nude body to him. The injury was starting to matter less and less as Claudius grabbed up her attention. He came at her with an animalistic, raw passion that she hadn't seen before. Even the kiss wasn't sweet anymore. It was aggressive. He bit at her like he was trying to consume her...and Sierra began to bite back. Her body temperature felt so *hot*. The day had been so terrible. She required release in order to feel normal again.

Claudius' face hit the pillow, as a satisfied grin came upon his face, with a column of drool spilling out. He had been completely spent, drained of his energy, and had forgotten all of the tumultuous events of the day. When he woke up he would remember the stain Zara had placed upon the family.

Ugh, she was so happy. He had made everything all better. One of these days, Sierra would realize that her husband was always going to side with her. She rolled out from underneath him and settled at his side. Her arms draped around him lazily. She, too, was done. With the girls out of the house, she didn't worry about covering up or getting dressed. She simply curled up close to the love of her life and kissed his cheek. "I love you.." She stated in the moment of afterglow. Her head hit the pillow. Her heavy eyes began to close as she drifted off. Claudius and Sierra were certainly two birds of the same feather.

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