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Alice Bee, Bob Halula, and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:26) in the Chandrila system: Agriever, Blue Haven, and Singularity.
Captain Rhobert Dartanyn, Commander Dillon Hobbes, Major Elayne Passik, Rear Admiral Omenode Phelps (death), Commander Iyah Xergo.

With a flicker of pseudomotion the grey hull of a Rendili StarDrive Assault Frigate fills a previously empty section of space in deep orbit of the planet of Chandrila. Already charged and prepared for battle, a slight static flicker shows the telltale signs of shields being raised up over its highly irregular shape, power levels raising as the main and secondary weapon systems come alive. As if following their parent to a destination a smattering of supporting craft also lance into positions surrounding the ship, formed in a dagger formation pointing toward the planet's surface.
Captain Dartanyn sighed gently and nodded down to his crew on the bridge of the Singularity, acknowledging their announcement that they had arrived. "Let's make sure everybody is in formation. Request a call from all ships on their readiness status. Begin long range active scans, I want to know what we're up against on this side of the planet. And find me a whale to hunt."
The crew was already bustling around the bridge frantically, the first time for many of them in a battle such as this. 'Aye, Captain' ringing out from various stations returned his orders, which brought a slight grin to his face before he set himself on the screen he had prepared for tactical display of the battle. Thinking to himself, "Shall we earn our stripes today, boys?"

The Pelta-class frigate Blue Haven had nearly reached its destination. Soon, the Imperials above Chandrila would find themselves facing one heck of a surprise attack. Between the first attack from the Squadrons and the infiltration mission, which had successfully taking out an Imperial cruiser, the odds had been evened. Commander Iyah Xergo stood aboard the bridge of her ship. It had been some time since she was involved in a space battle. After Alderaan's destruction, most of her job had been to recruit new Rebels. People were bitter following that traumatic event. Indeed, her ship gained many recruits in that day. But, today was for something different.

Her thoughts idled off to that of her daughter, whom she had not stopped worrying about since deciding to start trouble in her fiance's half-brother's sector. She thought of how much she wanted to have a tea party with her young daughter...

"Commander, we've arrived," one of the yeomen informed her. She rose from her thoughts and pushed them aside. This was a time for war, not memories. "Phone in to Captain Dartanyn." She commanded, waiting for a moment until they were transmitting to him. "Commander Xergo here with the Blue Haven. We are ready to go." She reported simply.

Rear Admiral Omenode Phelps stood aboard the bridge of the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Aggriever, having recently been ordered to move half his forces to the nebula perimeter. "Sir, Rebel ship emerging from the nebula!" his tactical officer announced from down in the crew pit. "Just as predicted," the admiral said confidently, as he walked along the catwalk that passed over the crew pits. "Order the fleet into defensive position and deploy TIE fighters!" he ordered down to the tactical officer, before walking towards the viewport to watch the ships move into action. In the distance he could see the Rebel ships beginning to appear, while his two squadrons of capital ships positioned themselves between the nebula and the planet Chandrila. "If they want to help their traitorous friends on Chandrila then they'll have to get through us," he declared to his crew, as he folded his hands behind his back.

Two squadrons of Imperial warships totaling nearly 40 began to move into position. From the four Victory-class Star Destroyers two squadrons each of standard TIE fighters began to pour out of the hangers began heading towards the Rebel fleet. "Fighters launching, sir," the tactical officer replied, as the holotank began to provide a real time representation of the entire battlefield. "And I suppose you'd better inform the Governor," he said to the tactical officer, who then began to transfer the holotank data over towards the command ship a sector away. As the Imperial forces moved into standoff position morale among the crew was mixed. The loss of so many ships to the Y-wing bombers in the last battle was still fresh in their minds.

The sensor operators of the Singularity double-checked their data and even looked for anomalies before reporting back to the Captain on the makeup of the enemy fleet. Rhobert stared for a few tense seconds at the display screen before turning toward the set of junior officers that were crewing the communications section of the bridge, his voice measured. "Issue orders to our squadron to follow our lead as we draw out what ships we can. Have the fighters form a defensive semicircle behind the main fleet to keep bombers from circling in behind us and let's see if we can cost them some fighters early." He turned neatly toward the navigation subdeck of the bridge, taking a few strides to look down at crew below. "Give us an angle on the far edge of Chandrila and give us the highest speed our squadron can muster while staying in formation. Let's pull them thin and try to give the supply ships a window and perhaps expose their backsides for our little surprise." He glanced back at the display, carefully measuring the forces arrayed against the Roving Line. He knew they wouldn't last long in a standup fight...but standup fights weren't his style anyway.

"SigInt." A commander cleared his throat quickly before responding with an 'Aye, Captain'. Find me the ship in their formation with the most traffic. I don't care if you can break the code or not, I just want volume. The one with the most will likely be their command ship. Mark him green on the display so I know where he is at all times. 'Sir' with a nod was the reply as the senior officer went back to his duties.

The Alderaanian clasped his hands behind his back and watched as the sleek hulls of the newly acquired A-wings moved across the bow of his Frigate and in the trailing position he had ordered. He really hoped the Imperials were eager to get some payback, he knew this collection of capital warships was the type of score any fleet commander could use to ride his way to Admiral.

"Comms, tell the support squadron to form up on the opposite side of us so we can keep the main forces at bay. When the enemy closes to weapons range, I want them to drive perpendicular across our aft and present them with two sides to fight against." The orders were issued with speed, the crew was still crisp and ready. Hopefully they stayed that way when things got hairy.

At last, the Corsair Squadron of X-wings arrived. Major Elayne Passik laid eyes on a sight she had seen far too often. "Well, well, we meet again..." She mumbled, staring at the mess of Imperial bull shit. "Oye. Captain Dartanyn, I hope you weren't trying to start the party without me." She reported in with her fleet. The young woman had felt antsy about this battle ... until she actually arrived. Her comrades needed her at tiptop. "What can we do for you?" The last time they'd been here, the Dancers had almost gotten everyone killed...but not this time. She was determined to go home.

The Blue Haven began to move into position as the Captain had requested. It lingered on the opposite side of the main craft, preparing for the inevitable. The Imperials damn well knew they had visitors by now. "Prepare to fire." She told her crew. "It won't be much longer now. Let's do those poor people of Chandrila justice and destroy as many Imperials as we can." On the surface of Chandrila the storm commandos, and even the Inquisitor, were mass murdering innocent. It was necessary, for them, that the Rebels win this battle and bring supplies to the surface. She suspected that the population of New Alderaan would grow by the end of the day should this actually work. Commander Xergo was already sweating. She could feel it rolling down her neck uncomfortably. She had shed her jacket some time ago and had her sleeves rolled up. "We're in position now." She reported in, fully knowing that the Captain was watching. Everything was falling into place.

It was the TIE fighters that appeared first ... 48 of them to be exact. Commander Dillon Hobbes was in the cockpit of his A-wing when his targeting scanners began to light up like a Life Day tree. "Blackguards, draw them away from the fleet," he ordered over the comm, before accelerating his nimble A-wing to attack speed. "Looks like we're only outnumbered two to one, Major," he reported over to Major Passik, before flying into the midst of a target rich environment. He took careful aim on a TIE, but before he could get a lock it exploded as his wingman surged forward. He shook his head beneath his helmet as he missed his first target, but fortunately there were more than enough TIEs for everyone. Finding a target he pulled back on the trigger, unleashing six blasts from his laser cannons that destroyed the TIE. His craft rocked as it flew through the debris right into the midst of another flight of four Imperial fighters.

"Admiral, our TIEs are engaged," the tactical officer reported, as Admiral Phelps looked over the battle as it developed over the holotank. "Our fighters are outmatched. They won't last long against those Rebel craft," he advised his staff, as he watched the first wave of capital ships begin to close the range. Four Carrack-class light cruisers had moved into firing range and had begun exchanging turbolaser blasts with the Rebels. Behind them a heavy attack line built around the Imperial flagship, a supporting Victory-class, two Interdictors, and two Dreadnaughts were taking up formation. "The Rebels were hiding more in that bloody nebula than Intel led us to believe," he complained, bitterly, as the Empire's intelligence forces always seemed to be two steps behind the Rebels.

As the fleets started to test each other with crimson and green bolts of energy, the Captain felt himself fall into the exhilaration of fleet combat. His heart rate climbed and he kept his focus on the display of the enemy formation and their closing ships. "Order the support squadron to make their maneuver and cross us in front of that heavy line and move around their far side, I want those ships on broadside as quickly as we can put them there...where they lose their weapons advantage. Primary Comms, bring the support group in as tight as they can with the positional data we can provide. Close our box around that VicStar Two and his supporting ships. Have the heavy fighters and bombers concentrate on the ship as well. I want that ship venting atmosphere as quickly as we can."

The crew members nodded and went to work, the heavy formation of theirs consisting of the Assault Frigate, Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Bayonet-class Light Cruiser and a pair of DP20s begin a slow and lazy turn to cross in front of the heavy squadron. The circling continued while the ships began to exchange fire until the Strike Force was now closing on the heavy line at a nearly head on direction.

"Have the A-wings show the TIEs their speed, leave those TIEs behind so we can concentrate our weapons on them if they aren't tagging those capital ships. Tell Commander Xergo to begin her push on the opposite side of the enemy. Trade fire and then break off if they start getting full broadsides. Hopefully they'll drain their energy by firing on both sides."
A few more minutes passed and the secondary group of Rebel ships arrived in the system. Moving in at the same coordinates that the initial fleet arrived, they found themselves driving at a 80 degree angle in behind the Heavy Attack Line that had moved to bloody the Singularity and its friends.

A Lieutenant chimed in from the Tactical Control area at the back of the bridge. "Enemy is closing to engage, sir."

"Captain, sensors indicate the reaction force is here. They are moving in as instructed." reported a younger officer with a slight crack in his voice.

Rhobert smiled at the display, noting to himself that things were playing out as planned. "Hold orders for now, we need to see how this plays out. Have the reaction force keep an eye out for reinforcements from the Imperial fleet, and once we get a big enough in those supplies."

Major Passik listened to the Commander's report. "Two to one, you say? Damn, that's not half bad. Keep a level head, Commander. Let's make sure we make it home." The fleet of X-wings maneuvered behind the A-wings quickly. They began targeting enemy TIEs and shooting them down. Elayne peered over at what they were up against. "Corsair Squadron, drop your missiles on the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Agriever, let's get that thing out of here. Watch out for TIEs! This place is dirty with the little bastards!" Her eyes lingered on the A-wings for a moment before wildly twirling her X-wing towards the Agriever. She was forced to dogfight with several TIEs along the way. With each they took down, no others had come to replace it ... *yet*. Elayne was anticipating worst case scenario, as that typically kept her alive. "Let's knock the shields down and make it easy for the big guys. Shiiittt!" She watched a TIE screech by much too close for comfort. She put her ship into position over the bridge. She dropped her first round of bombs on it. Around her, other X-wings mimicked the same motion.

On the Blue Haven, Commander Xergo watched the battle play out over the holotank. The Rebels had quite a force right now. She was proud of her people...proud of those who had come to help. "Target the Carrack to the left." She said, her hand drifting over the holographic image of the Imperial Carrack-class light cruiser. "Ready the turboblasters!" She commanded. Below her, the crew scrambled to see to it that their Commander's will was done. Her old frigate was holding up well in the battle so far.

"Turboblasters ready," a crewman reported. "Shoot it!" Iyah called out. She watched as the turboblaster's green lasers lit up around them. The carrack was hit once, twice, three times rapid fire. The attack lit the carrack. It exploded into a million tiny pieces. Shrapnel and what was left of the ship went tearing down into the atmosphere surrounding Chandrila. Iyah let a smile briefly slip over her face. "Recharge them and prepare to attack the next carrack. The sooner they are gone, the sooner we go home."

"Sir, a second group of Rebel ships has emerged from hyperspace ... *behind* our position," the tactical officer reported to Admiral Phelps, but before he could reply the ship began to rock from the impact of multiple turbolaser blasts. "Send the skirmish line to deal with the newly arrived Rebel ships," he said, as he was beginning to get nervous. Suddenly the holotank illuminated as one of the Carrack-class cruisers was destroyed. Reports also indicated that TIE squadrons were experiencing serious losses. "Where are my carriers," he complained, as his eyes scanned over the holotank for the escort carrier. "Launch the reserve TIEs," he ordered, but before the crewman could process the order the X-wings began unloading their missiles on the bridge. "Sir, we've lost the port deflector!" the operations officer warned, as one of the massive shield deflectors atop the command tower burst in a massive explosion. "Comms are down!" the operations officer, reported, sending a mass of confusion through the Imperial squadron. Vessels were no longer properly coordinating, and the call for reinforcement fighters had not gone out. The battle was beginning to turn in the favor of the Rebellion to the increasing consternation of the Admiral.

Commander Hobbes grit his teeth as he spun his A-wing around to cover the X-wings of Corsair Squadron as they made their attack on the command ship. "Right behind you, Major," he transmitted over open channels, as he spotted a pair of TIE fighters attempting to get a jump on her. "Not today," he said, as he pulled back on the trigger of his flight stick to begin firing at the leading TIE. As the first TIE exploded his thumb flicked over to the missile controls and unleashed a pair of concussion missiles at the trailing TIEs. "You're all clear, Major," he informed her, before falling back into formation with a trio of A-wings to intercept the rest of the TIE squadron that was attempting to defend the Victory-class Star Destroyer. The battle was going better than he thought.

SigInt, with a raised voice, yelled for the Captain from the displays near the bridge entrance. "Sir, Signals reports the Aggriever is no longer transmitting."

Captain Dartanyn let the first sign of eagerness and excitement show as he practically barked out the next set of orders. "Instruct the Argo and the Light Cruiser escort to break free and try to wall out those responding TIE Fighters. Call in the relief ships, get those supplies and troops on planet. Ask them to coordinate landings with on ground contacts. Once those ships are through, beginning disengaging from the fleet." Dartanyn noticed one of the support ships for his line, the CR90 Solemnity winked out on the screen as combined fire from the Heavy Line's Dreadnaughts took its toll. The excitement washed away in an instant and the serious 'commander' returned. "While we have fewer TIEs in our AO, have tractors pull in any Escape Pods and have Blackguard Squadron help the freighters clear through to the atmosphere before breaking free."

Luckily the Singularity had upgraded communications suites, because the section as busy relaying commands at a lightning pace to the fleet. Dartanyn was more than impressed with the showing that the Rebels were providing and wanted that one last small Victory...either way you looked at it. "Concentrate all fire on the Aggriever. The sooner we break that ship's beam the sooner we can start our fighting retreat."

The batteries of turbolasers on the Assault Frigate focused their tightly packed bolts of synchronized fire at the Victory II-class' superstructure, the return fire beginning to eat away at the shields of the trusty Rendili ship. "Starboard shields are at 18%, sir. We are taking hits to the structure as they are struggling to keep up," replied an operations Ensign.

"Just a little longer..." the Captain said out loud before whispering to himself, "...just long enough to get the planet what they need."

"Ahhhh. Shit, damn, fuck, shit, damn, fuck!" Two little buggers were on Elayne's backside after her second bomb run. She couldn't seem to shake them. "Shit. Damn. Fuck!" She yelled to herself, grasping the controls for the X-wing as she jerked through space. It was then that her rear end was promptly saved by none other than the Commander of Blackguard, Dillon Hobbes. She sucked in air rapidly. "Thank you, Commander." Elayne spoke over the open channel with a slightly affectionate tone. The Major's brief panic scurried away to hide and she went right back into action. Per Rhobert's orders, she focused everything on the Victory II-class Star Destroyer. "Ya'll heard the man. Blow that shit up! Take out the Aggriever!" The nose of her craft pointed towards the top of the Star Destroyer. She promptly dropped more bombs on it, then began cruising towards the engines where she repeated the same action. The ship was going to sink soon. Her heart beat wildly in her throat. Adrenaline began to surge into her brain.

Commander Xergo was feeling her own little rush. The Blue Haven successfully took out a second Carrack, leaving the Imperials with only two others and countless damage. "Direct all guns to the Star Destroyer. It's nearly offline completely." She leaned over the holotank. "Just a little longer..." She thought, clenching her hand into a fist. Everyone was scurrying in the crew. Flashes of light were visible each time the turboblasters shot off. "Careful, not too quickly! I don't want to overheat." When the Star Destroyer was gone, they'd be able to get the transports down to the surface. All they had to do was hold on and keep fighting. The Imperials were losing.

"Thank me later, Major," Commander Hobbes said, as he moved his A-wing over the dorsal hull of the crippled Victory Star Destroyer. He had a pair of TIE fighters behind him, and as he was attempting to maneuver his cockpit suddenly lit up with the explosion of the A-wing that was flying on his starboard side. "That was *too* close," he said, before coming out from underneath the destroyer and pulling up into a steep climb. He flew in the path of a couple of fighters who were making a run at the destroyer, but instead guided the TIEs behind him into the path of destruction. "Thanks boys," he said, to the unaware pilots who just got two unintended kills.

"Shields are out. The hull is taking damage," the operations officer yelled, as the alarms began to sound all over the bridge of the Agriever. Admiral Phelps took both of his hands and slammed his fists into the side of the holotank. "If the Governor had given me adequate forces this never would have happened," he complained, standing around more interested in not getting blamed for the impending defeat than saving the ship. But before he could order the abandon ship the bridge was struck by a wave of proton torpedoes from the X-wing squadron, which obliterated it almost instantly and killed everyone aboard. As the command tower of the Star Destroyer exploded, the hull of the ship began to plummet downwards, with secondary explosions erupting throughout. Around the command ship the smaller Imperial ships began to make a run for it in disarray.

As the crippled hulk of the Aggriever began to falter in keeping its orbit stable, a group of freighters broke out of hyperspace tight to the planet's atmosphere and began to move in formation toward the planet's surface. Mostly YZ-775s and YT-1300s, they were filled with troops and much needed supplies for the fight survival of populace. Orders were in place to have high value targets ready to go, so the freighters' return trips were useful as well. Not long after they got into the temperate climate of the air bubble around the once serene and lush world, they began to break into groups of 2-3 ships and followed beacons provided by the ground resistance to mark landing points.

Captain Rhobert Dartanyn breathed a long drawn out sigh as he watched the relief effort break through the blockade and down where it was desperately needed. The battle was chaos now, the fleets were intermingled heavily with single ship actions happening, which didn't favor the Rebel forces at all...this point was exemplified as another one of Dartanyn's ships winked out of existence. The DP20 Thrasher lost the fight it was having with one of the skirmishing Carracks when it wandered in front of the Victory-class Star Destroyer's bow...and took a full salvo before realizing its positioning mistake. He could see a fire brewing just forward of the boom section on the EF76-B Embolden and blasts from one of the Dreadnaughts was scoring hits on the Vigilance before it could rotate its shielded port side to the enemy.

He strode quickly back over to the communications section, urgency in his voice as he spoke. "Begin disengaging from the enemy, order the others to follow. Prepare coordinates for jump into the nebula. Have the Starbird's squadron stay behind until the end and keep a surprise from coming by putting a well out between our fleet and the remainder of the enemy forces...I don't want a last minute blocking maneuver to keep us from getting free. Calculate the Aggriever's impact point on Chandrila...if it is anywhere near a civilized area...order them to also tractor her back up into a stable orbit as they go. I don't want any propaganda against our effort here."

The Alliance formation opened up some space from the enemy and the responses from the fleet was that everybody was nearly ready to go. "Begin preparations to jump as soon as the last ship checks in. Mission success , now we get as many of us home as we can."

Oh, the Major would be a lot more than simply thanking her Commander for the save, but that was neither here nor there. A feeling of success crept in the back of her mind as she watched the Star Destroyer continue to take damage until, at last, it was put out of commission. Inside the cockpit of her X-wing, Elayne laughed out some of her stress. "Fucking *fuck*. Thank you. Go away now." She said to the Star Destroyer. Those in need would get their supplies now. The mission had been a success. To top if off, she hadn't lost nearly as many crafts as last time. Her heart began to slow as Captain Dartanyn's instructions rang out in her ears. It was time to go. She turned her ship around. The Rebels had suffered losses, and they always would, but they had accomplished the greater good. "You heard the man. It's time to get going. First round of drinks is on me!" The Major laughed again. Her eyes briefly drifted towards the A-wings. Their numbers hadn't suffered nearly as much either.

The crew of the Blue Haven had grown antsy. Commander Xergo had been feeling the heat of the battle and she was beginning to get burned. She was inexperienced in space battle and doing her best to prove herself. They had needed help...and so she came. "Great job everyone! Retreat!" She called out, collapsing into a seat near the holotank. She ran her hand over her forehead. She was relieved that they had been able to make an impact today. One by one, crafts began to disappear. Only one Squadron would remain behind, which Blue Haven was not apart of. As they went zooming off into the nebula, Iyah's thoughts lingered again. It was time to collect her daughter from the Imperial Governor and reunite her family. Maybe...maybe she could avoid sending Callista back to Esseles ever again. She believed that one day the battle would reach that planet too.

"Woo!" Commander Hobbes cheered as he watched the Imperial command ship erupt. The transports seemed to be making it through the blockade as the Imperial ships retreated in disarray. "Blackguards form up and return to base," he ordered his wingmen, before checking to see who made it back in Corsair Squadron. He smiled slightly when he noticed the Wing Commander had made it through. The remaining A-wings moved in among the capital ships, picking off the remaining TIE fighters, before pressing forward back into the Ringali Nebula. For the first time in a long time he felt like the Rebellion had a real chance at victory. He and his pilots had earned a much needed drink, or seven, back at the station.

"Sir, the fleet has reported in. They are ready to jump", the XO of the Singularity said plainly but with a smile on his face. The crew was still on an adrenaline high that would last until the blue swirl of hyperspace pulled them in, but some of the more senior officers...and those that had been in conflict before...knew that the hard part was over.

The Captain acknowledged the report and looked back at the full holographic tactical display of what was the end of a short, yet productive battle. "Have the rest of our squadron and Commander Xergo's jump out. Hold on station until the Starbird and escorts finish their withdrawal." It took a few tense minutes for the finale to play out, the tractor beams on the Nebulon-B Frigate Solace worked hard to get the Aggriever moved to a speed where it would pass close to Chandrila but the speed would cause it to drift out of orbit once it passed through the apex of the orbit and worked out the other side of the planet. Once calculations put the Aggriever as no longer being a danger to the planet, the four ships of the reaction force prepared themselves and launched themselves into the relative safety of the Ringali Nebula...with the Singularity following quickly thereafter.

The resupply and landing group of freighters completed their delivery and pickup actions, and used the giant chaotic hole in the blockade that was left by the conflict. The Ghost Rider was the only casualty, having gotten caught by circumstance as the drive failed while trying to break back into space.

Rhobert watched the screen intently as his ship reverted to realspace at the rendezvous point. He checked the tactical display for the last time, taking a quick count of what had made it back and what had not. He walked down to the communications section, one of the officers furrowing his brow in confusion as the Captain leaned in past him to his station. He keyed on the open channel, encryption wasn't needed here.

"I owe you all a glass of Wyvern's Reserve. Exceptional work, all of you. The people of Chandrila, and other planets who question the Empire's methods, should now know that the Alliance stands with them, and will do what we can to aid them regardless of what the Empire puts in between us and them. I'll see you all in the station."

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