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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:10) in the Brentaal system: Warspite.
Major Kerrie Kiley, Lieutenant Meham'ohorivi'cloca, Vice Admiral Claudius Rodney, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Major Min Traebor.

Admiral Claudius Rodney was seated quietly at a large desk, made of a dark black material that reflected the lone ceiling light in the expansive office. The middle-aged man was studying a datapad intently, as if each word held his fate. Although he was reading silently, the rate at which his eyes moved down indicated he was now reading at a frantic pace. He scoffed suddenly, letting out a short gasp of air as he reached a particular section. His cheeks reddened, contrasting the pale skin exhibited by those who spent so much of their time exposed to only artificial light. Completing the report, he let the datapad down onto the desk, which clanked loudly. He then sat back in his chair, leaning back as he exhibited a deep, tired sigh. It would seem there was much to discuss with his 'guest.'

The Inquisitor was a bit surprised when she received a formal summons from the Admiral, almost forgetting there was a man named Claudius Rodney on the ship. Perhaps at last he wished to take her visit here seriously and get to work. There actually was quite a bit the good Admiral could speak with her about, due to her recent misadventures in the ship and on Brentaal IV and Serine was intrigued with where the conversation would start and where it could end. Claudius did not have to wait long for the Inquisitor to arrive as she was prompt and eager for discussion. The door slid open and Serine strode inside as eyes glanced about the inside of the office. There were quite a few others present, Kerrie Kiley, Min Traebor and Meham'ohorovi'cloca. Serine noted that there was a lack of a chair other than the one Rodney occupied, he expected her to stand during their meeting, so be it. "You wished to speak with me, Admiral." She stood in front of his large desk with her hands comfortably positioned behind her back at attention as she eyed Claudius intently while ignoring the rest present. This should prove to be very... interesting.

The Admiral cleared his throat, his eyes rolling up towards Major Kiley, before he focused on the Inquisitor. "Did you enjoy your trip to Brentaal, Inquisitor?" he asked as his eyes slowly over the armor-clad vixen. "I wish you would have discussed it with me first, however..." he said as his hand slowly moved across the desk to grab at the datapad again. He shook his head slowly as he re-read certain key details, visibly displeased.

"Indeed I did, Admiral. I believe Lord Nam'a'taht and myself came to an understanding, however, he is very... suspicious. I'll gladly go into more detail if needed." She answered honestly without any hint of sarcasm. Inquisitor Thanor knew her bounds, she was going to be rather careful not to overstep her grounds here, at least not on purpose. She paused for a moment to consider to next choice of words before continuing. "I have clearly made my intentions here time and time again to you personally. I want nothing more than for you and I to work closely together including sharing information. However, I feel as though you tell me nothing and I am reduced to squandering information from whatever avenue I can find. If you were more open, I would gladly respect your decisions."

The Admiral sat silently, listening to her explanation. He was not the sort that would interrupt someone, and allowed her to continue long past where he felt the need to interject. "More than a little suspicious, Inquisitor," he said as he leaned forward across the desk, resting his elbows on upon it. "The reason the Major was meeting with him was to discuss some disturbing irregularities in his shipments in and out of the Brentaal system..." he explained to her, going into an operational level detail with her that he had not used before. "Did the Major not mention this before you interceded?" he questioned, his eyes rolling up to Kerrie slightly.

"Must have slipped my mind," Major Kerrie Kiley said slowly as she flashed a grin over towards the Inquisitor. While she had no problem following the Inquisitor's order to not carry out the mission, she did not see the need to brief her on its details. As the grin slowly withdrew from her face, the young woman returned to her silent, guard-like position behind the Admiral. She would enjoy this, viewing it something akin to revenge.

They were going to have to do a little better than that to get any sort of rise from the Inquisitor. Serine had an air of grace, not the kind that was easily flustered when confronted professionally by superiors. She obviously could tell what kind of people they were used to dealing with, the classless kind, just like Lord Nam'a'taht. Major Kerrie and her comments went completely ignored and she talked about her as if the other woman wasn't even present, complete disregard. "I can tell the type of man this 'noble' was and his view of the Major. He felt she was nothing more than a harmless pet with a note attached to her collar. I could see it in his eyes, his mannerisms, and the message he wished for me to relay back to the Major... which I have decided not to repeat for obvious reasons. He doesn't respect her, you or the Empire. Because of this I knew the moment I stepped into his lounge through the busted path I created that he walked all over her previously and whatever she would have discussed with him would have been disregarded. This is no disrespect to Major Kiley, these are my honest impressions, and the type of man we are dealing with here." She had more to say but decided to leave it as it was for now and hear what the Admiral had to say.

"It seems you did not make quite the impression you would have hoped, Inquisitor," Admiral Rodney stated as his eyes moved across the room to his blue-skinned tactical officer. Folding his arms in front of his chest, he swiveled his chair to directly face the one member of his crew with whom he had no objections.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca nodded silently to the Admiral as a holographic map of the Ringali Shell came into view in the darkened room. "Milord," she began as she adjusted the controls to zoom in on the Brentaal system. "Nam'a'taht's shipping corporation 'lost' an additional two freighters today. Both 'captures' occurred in the same quick manner as their other losses. No distress calls were issued and no Rebel presence was detected in the vicinity," she explained coldly, her voice devoid of any emotional connection to the situation. "Milord, it is clear that these ships are simply being turned over to the Alliance," she concluded matter-a-factly, moving back against the wall as the holographic image faded.

"Imperial Intelligence has detected vessels of different configurations broadcasting transponder signals from vessels reported 'lost' by Nam'a'taht's shipping company throughout the galaxy," the voice of Major Min Traebor began. The dark-haired Imperial Intelligence officer's presence was noticeably more subdued lately, having become complete preoccupied with her involvement on the planet Esseles. The loss of several key operatives as well had tempered her, causing her to fear for even her own safety.

"Then it is just as I had feared. Perhaps diplomatic avenues can no longer be considered an effective strategy. If you wish, I can personally see that Lord Nam'a'taht is no longer involved." Said almost hopefully, though she realized that the Admiral would most likely refuse that request, perhaps one of the reasons why this sector is in such dire condition. "I advise that we show overwhelming power and crush the opposition, completely exterminate them like the vermin that they are. This would inspire our allies and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies." The Inquisitor was rather passionate concerning her loyally to the Empire and its cause, seen verbally within her small speech.

"Have you ever been to the planet Kubindi, Inquisitor?" Claudius asked as he listened to another one her diatribes. His voice was soft, and unworried, in stark contrast to the individuals who surrounded him that too-often lost their composure and rushed into situations. "On Kubini there are insects known as Antz that burrow deep beneath the ground in complex networks that go unseen. The only evidence of their existence is little outcroppings on the surface," he explained, sounding something like a boring science teacher. "If you stomp down on them with all of their force ... you destroy the outcropping, but the hidden network goes undamaged. They simply push through and create a new exit," he concluded, offering several nods of his head. "You must be patient. We must infiltrate and gather information. Smashing the small portion we can see will only cause us to exert ourselves, doing no real damage to the enemy," he explained to the much younger Inquisitor, whom he viewed as inexperienced and lacking a tactical view of the situation.

"Why yes Admiral, I have, on a few occasions actually." It was known that upon the planet of Kubindi was located the Silver Forest of Dreams. Many would go there to view the forest from above, however, Serine had visited the area discreetly due to there being a nexus for the dark side of the Force. That bit of information she decided not to disclose to the good Admiral, he didn't need to know on what business she was upon the planet. The Inquisitor had no choice but to sit through his boring fable that was obviously designed to explain things to her like she was a fool and a child, but she suffered through it unmarred and void of expression. "Very well Admiral, it is of course ultimately your decision on what tactical plan is conceived and executed. I merely ask you keep me informed in order so that I may also do my job more effectively."

"Of course, Inquisitor," the Admiral said as his hand moved towards Major Traebor and Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca in a dismissive gesture. He would bite his tongue until the two women had left their presence before continuing. "...and Inquisitor," he continued, as he rose from his desk, the chair screeching against the metal floor as he walked around the table towards her. "I will be forwarding the bill of the damage you caused to the Inquisitorius," he added as his face was positioned mere inches away from hers. Content, he began to move from the room, feeling that he had accomplished all he had set in mind.

It would not be the first time a massive bill was forwarded to the Inquisitorius from Serine nor will it be the last, she mused silently to herself, letting the Admiral once again get the last word in. Perhaps for his own sanity, thus the Inquisitor yielded him at least that bit of pleasure before he departed from his own office, leaving Serine and Kerrie alone. "Interesting." Said softly as she realized that the Admiral chose not to dismiss the Major or herself. Eyes drifted towards the other woman in the room alone with her. "Is there something in particular that I am not aware of, Major? Do you also wish to speak with me?"

The Major emerged from behind the desk, without saying a word or attempting eye contact as she moved. "Inquisitor, I have never wished not to speak with anyone more in my life," she offered coldly, as she moved after the Admiral, countless steps behind. To ab observer, she would seem very much like a loyal dog. Always one step behind, constantly seeking approval.

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