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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:29) in the Essesia system: Interrogator.
Trooper Kaiya Crion, Commander Kerrie Kiley, and Captain Thaddeus Updike.

"Captain Thaddeus Updike was still settling into his cabin aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Interrogator. It was not as well appointed as the barracks near the Rodney estate on Esseles, but it brought with it the promise of *action*. The raid on the Bank of New Calamar had been a step in the right direction, but he would have much rather have been killing Rebels than bankers. Or, at the very least, something that fought back. Still it was a first step and beat protecting the Grand Moff's family from unseen enemies that existed only in his head. One benefit of being on the planet was that the Governor was progressive in his view of aliens, but aboard this ship he worried what his superiors might think of the presence of Kaiya and, more to the point, his relationship with her. As he sat on his rack waiting for her he held a small bag with the jewels he had stolen from the safe deposit boxes in the bank for her. Giving them to her would be the first pleasure of the night, but not the last.

Kaiya Crion would take anything over baby sitting. Her mind had been left unoccupied for so long. Without Thaddeus, she would have gotten in trouble for killing the Grand Moff's children instead of protecting them. The action at the Bank of New Calamar was limited. The enemies were lame. However, it had been *something*. Kaiya had spent a long time cleaning the blood from her paws and claws. It had been quite the treat, though there was no treat as good as spending time with good ol' Thaddy. It seemed like there were mixed feelings about her aboard the Star Destroyer. Some people were vocal about it, others let their stares speak for them. Regardless, she didn't care. Her work ethic would keep her employed with the Empire above all else.

Her feet were bare. They padded silently across the ship towards Thaddy's cabin. He'd promised her a gift, and so, she wanted to see just what her gift was. Her tail twitched behind her in interest. The woman made for a beautiful Cathar. Her fur was golden striped with black. In addition, she had long, auburn hair and two, cute ears which stuck out from on top of her head. Her excellent hearing had kept her awake too many times. Now it was leading her right to her favorite person. She appeared in his cabin, golden eyes focusing on him. A smile crossed over her lips. Her tail twitched again. "I found you," she prowled towards him. When she stood in front of him, she promptly turned to sit. Her tail brushed across his face to tease him while she settled on the rack beside him. "What didya get me, Thaddy?" The surprise had been looming over her head since he'd mentioned it. She had already stripped out of her uncomfortable uniform. Her body was barely dressed in a robe alike to a kimono, only the material ended at her knee and the top offered a seductive view of her chest.

"I wasn't exactly making myself hard to find," Thad said, as he watched her move towards him excitedly. His hand with the bag of jewels pulled back away from her, playfully, as he shook his head at her. "If you ask it doesn't make it a gift," he said to her, before reaching out with his other hand to bop her on the nose gently. He held up the bag, jingling it slight, which caused the sound of small objects clinking against one another and rubbing against the pouch. "Oh fine," he said, as he moved towards her, hi hand moving to open the robe. He took the pouch and shook it open on top of her, showering her cur covered stomach with dozens of rare jewels and gemstones he had looted from some undesirable nobles from Esseles. "Enjoy," he said, before descending his face towards her mouth, always giggling with her fur touched his face, before planting a fierce kiss upon her. He hated going about in secrecy on their new vessel, worrying who was watching, and what people thought until they got a lay of the land. He was a man who enjoyed petting his kitty.

And she was a kitty who enjoyed her pets. "Awww. No fair! Don't tease me!" The sound was appealing to her. Her small ears twitched, just as her cat-like nose did when he gently bopped it. Her tail swung quicker behind her as she prepared to pounce the bag. Before the could rip the bag to shreds, he'd opened her robe and spread his loot about her stomach. She instantly began to purr, just audible enough that he could hear it. The jewels were gorgeous. Her blood lust had crowded her other criminal tendencies. She'd had no time to steal from the bank...but he had. She *loved* her gifts. "Oh, Thaddy!" The happy cat girl rubbed herself against him as he descended to kiss her. Like him, she was no fan of the secrecy. Rules had been easier to break when they were in the barracks. She needed to pretend she had a decent bone in her body while they got acquainted with their new home. Her arms wrapped around his neck, persuading him closer to his body. Some of the fine gems dropped down to the ground from her stomach. She would made sure to gather every one of them up before returning to her room. She wished she could stay with him. She hated how needy she got late at night.

Thad moved his hand to rub at the top of her head, moving it downwards to scratch at the back of her ear. "Did you enjoy shredding those bankers?" he asked, as he slowly climbed on top of her. The jewels spilled from her body as he took their place, laying upon her soft, heavenly fur. "Our new commander has fallen from grace. She'll press us to regain what she has lost," he complained, bitterly, as he raised his head, pressing his lips to her again. "We'll do the work. She'll get the credit," he continued to complain, as he made the mistake of bringing work into the bedroom. He was *not* happy that his command had been superseded by a clerk. His passion for her was the only thing that made the new situation bearable. "Take my mind off it," he begged her, allowing his head to fall down into the warm embrace of her shoulders.

"I did. It's nice to finally be back on the field. The only problem was that they didn't fight back. They flopped around like fish out of water." She'd be hungry for a challenge next time she saw action. Right now, she was about to see action of a different kind. Thaddy's new position was her favorite of all. It was traditional missionary, which offered a lot of skin on fur contact...if he had been fully undressed. She listened to his complaints all while removing his shirt. "It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? You'll surpass her. You will get your recognition." She felt his anger and wished it away. If violence could solve everything, then she would personally carve a way to his success. For now, she kissed him feverishly. She was attempting to take his mind off of it before he suggested otherwise. Her muzzle buried against his neck. She lapped at his skin with her rough tongue. "Don't think about her. Think about *us*. I just cleaned myself for you. I wanted my fur to feel extra soft." He was making her situation better too. Kaiya would have lost her mind months ago without him. They worked on the same wave length.

"I'm sure you'll get a chance to use your claws on targets that fight back, but for now ... use them on me," Thad told her, as he was stripped of his shirt. There was only one problem ... he was still wearing his shorts. As his hands reached around his shorts he froze, as her sandpaper like tongue began to lick at him. He could not help but laugh as it always tickled, no matter how many times she did it. "It's a shame that you went through all of that just to get dirty again," he informed her, with a devilish smirk, as she finally ceased licking him long enough to wiggle out of his pants. When he was finally naked it was his turn to tease, probing himself against her furry thighs. "What would I do without you?" he asked, as he arched his back, letting out a tremendous moan of pleasure from the blissful feeling of fur against flesh.

Kaiya slid one arm out of her robe, then the other. The robe lay beneath her, though it had stopped obscuring any of her body. She was as natural as she liked to be. Her tongue stopped to the delightful sounds of his laughter. Clearly, the Cathar was already working her boyfriend's mind away from his problems. She smirked at him. "It's good I didn't intend on *staying* clean." The final pieces of his clothing was soon gone. It provided them with an overload of the contact they enjoyed so much. Kaiya was purring much louder now. She even mewed in enjoyment. "I have no idea. Why don't we agree that you never find out?" Her tongue went back to work over his neck and his chest. It was times like these where she simply didn't care anymore. Thaddy and her could get caught like this and it wouldn't matter. There had been come close calls in the public showers at the barracks. Riding of the adrenaline from the battle and lust, Kaiya grinded the entire length of her body against his. "Thhaadddyyy..." She was such a happy kitten.

"We have to train," Thaddeus informed her, as he climbed off her still twitching body. He was reluctant to part with her, but they were in service to the Empire and could not spend *all* day in bed. When he rose from the bed he was little covered in loose strands of fur, and he staggered across the room towards the refresher where he would clean off every trace of her ... aside from the claw marks that would be concealed by his armor. The shower went quick, bringing himself back into an acceptable state of affairs ... minus the scratches. "Looks like you really got me this time," he cried out to her, as he examined his back in the mirror. He grimaced for only a moment until he began dressing himself in the dark and foreboding Storm Commando armor. It covered his athletic frame handsomely, but he tucked his helmet under his shoulder rather than placing it upon his head. "You need to get dressed quicker if there's ever an alert," he teased her, as he exerted his command authority over her. "Maybe they'll let us loot another business today," he told her, as he checked the power charge on his E-11 blaster rifle.

Kaiya liked to dream of a day when the war ended and they *could* spend all day in bed. She swore she intended to get up shortly after he did. Instead, the catgirl curled up into a tight ball on Thaddy's bed. If she rested her eyes for a few minutes, then she wouldn't feel so sleepy anymore. Her slanted eyes closed, rendering her out until she heard him saying something about her scratches. She purred in response and mumbled, "But it was so much fun.." Her face nuzzled against his pillows to leave more pieces of her behind. She didn't even start moving until he appeared, dressed in his sexy armor, as Kaiya liked to think of it. She grinned at him slyly. "Yes, *Captain*." She teased back. The idea of being able to gift him with some presents of her own inspired her the rest of the way out of bed. She began to dress. This was her least favorite part of the job. Instead of being absolute free, she wore armor that covered her body. She allowed her tail to have freedom since the uniforms weren't really made to accommodate Cathar. "I'd like that. The way things are going now, when we retire, we'll be able to live any way we want to." She shoved her feet into her boots with an uncomfortable twitch. "Which means you'll be trapped in a house full of my fur and playthings," she giggled.

"Unless you spend it all," Thad teased her, as they moved through the corridors of the Star Destroyer until they finally arrived at the training room. There was an entire platoon of Commandos already undergoing rigorous training and combat simulations. He folded his arms in front of his chest, after slinging his rifle over his shoulder. He watched the troopers limber up, going through more intense routines in order to get back to full physical fitness after too much time wasted babysitting. He moved to a table and grabbed three grenades. He tossed them in the air in front of him, as if juggling, looking around the room. He rolled them on the floor towards Kaiya to test her catlike reflexes. There was not a lethal charge, but just enough to get her moving. He was looking forward to seeing how she would react, as he did not want to lose her to a Rebel commando confrontation.

"Maybe I will spend it all on cat scratchy pads and climbing structures." Kaiya made an empty threat. Their riches would be spent in much better ways, like Thaddy being able to rain shinies on her like he just had. She slid her helmet onto her head just as they arrived together. Just because she was banging the Captain, didn't mean that she let her skills go to waste. He was acting curious in how he lazily juggled grenades in his hands. The cat girl watched, her tail twitching behind her. As they came rolling towards her, she didn't realize that there was no lethal charge. She jumped roughly ten feet into the air in the opposite direction. He got what he wanted: Kaiya was moving and she was moving fast. She joined with the ranks of the other Commandos with the intent to impress her boyfriend. It was important that she be able to protect herself. Kaiya didn't expect Thaddy to make sacrifices for her on the battlefield. She held her own weight and she did it well. She involved herself in a combat simulation, removing her blaster instead of allowing her claws to do the work. Her mind remained engaged. She stopped thinking about her favorite human and let instinct take full control.

Commander Kerrie Kiley silently observed the ShadowWhispers as they conducted their training exercises aboard the Interrogator. She had only just arrived back from the surface of Esseles, having spent the morning dealing with the imbecile El-Nay Darr. "Updike. Crion," she ordered from beneath her helmet, as she stepped across the training room floor, blaster bolts flying all around her, but none coming near her. As she came to a stop in front of them the height disparity between her and Captain Updike became painfully visible, as she stood a couple of feet shorter than him. "New arrivals at the Void," she reported, matter-of-factly, before she extended the datapad towards the captain. Beneath her helmet she glared at the Cathar, Kaiya, whom she resented for being able to be open with her true species, whereas she spent great efforts concealing the fact that she was a Clawdite from the majority aboard. "Flosgermen, Petrus. Ta'em, Luna," she said, stating what was in the report. "Alias the Demon," she said, with a soft laugh, rolling her eyes beneath her helmet. "Their gear is on Brentaal. Votrad. Details within. Recover their equipment. Their munitions. Their ship. Mind the cat ... quite dangerous," she reported, as she looked beyond them at the training commandos. "You were late today," she noted, as she attempted to exert her status as their commanding officer. In many ways Updike still acted like he ran the unit, and he had the loyalty of the commandos he hand picked, trained, and led for many years.

Kaiya liked to hear their names paired together as infrequently as possible. With how open and loud she could be, she figured that someone would find out *something* eventually. She hated thinking about Thaddy stripped of his rank simply because people didn't like what she was. Still, she came romping up towards Major Kiley. With her tail twitching behind her, she listened to the mission which she reported. There would be fresh blood to train soon, but before they could get comfortable, her and Thaddy would need to go on a retrieval mission. She was excited to hear a cat was involved. Was it a Cathar like herself? She did mention that it was dangerous. "Okie dokie." Kaiya was made to feel uncomfortable as the Major pointed out that she was late. If she hadn't decided to take a little cat nap while Thaddy cleaned himself of her fur, then she would have been on time. "Eeee. I... I fell asleep. Sometimes my Cathar instincts get the best of me. It won't happen again, ma'am! Captain Updike was seeing that I paid for being late too. He's such a meanie." She was looking forward already: days out of their Imperial nest with Thaddy. It had been awhile since they'd seen anything other than Esseles. She let herself fantasize about kneading his lap while they flew to Brentaal. She could feel a purr coming along.

Captain Updike resented the presence of Commander Kiley. She was unnecessary as far as he was concerned, and took the datapad reluctantly. He was a storm commando ... not an errand boy. Being sent to pack a mercenary's bags was so far beneath him that he could not imagine a point so low. He cringed as he listened to Kaiya make excuses, as he felt it was unnecessary. "Yes, Commander," we'll get right to it, he said, as he interceded, stepping between the commander and the Cathar. "C'mon, Crion," he said, sternly, as he began to lead her away from the training facility towards the corridor that would eventually lead them to the hangar bay. When they were out of the training facility and free from the commander's eavesdropping, he brought his hands up to the helmet and unfastened the clasps that held his helmet on and removed it. "Kaiya, you can't speak to her like that. I'm not the boss anymore. If she finds out what's going on between us she could make trouble," he said, looking over his shoulder to make sure they were not being followed. He let out a sigh hoping that he had not upset her, but he did not yet have a feel for their new commanding officer. "Let's get to Brentaal..." he suggested, as he began moving down the corridor again.

Kerrie arched her eyebrow beneath her helmet as she listened to the commando speak to her. Hardly the professional Imperial behavior that she had expected from one of the storm commandos. It seemed that Captain Updike had a favorite, but she could not fault for him for that. Still, she would have to shake things up to break his hold on the unit. As Updike and Crion left the training facility, she took it upon herself to step forward and take over supervising the commandos in their exercises. It was time for her to make her own assessments of the commandos that comprised the unit. Although she had rode a desk for the past couple of years, she was once a skilled field operative. She was confident she could be again.

It would have given the Cathar girl great joy to use the new Commander as her new scratch pad. Kaiya didn't realize she had done wrong until it was too late. While she rushed out of the training facility, she wondering how much longer they could keep themselves hidden. It had been easy when they were assigned to the Governor's estate when virtually no one had been paying attention to the Captain and his pet kitty. Like him, she removed her helmet. All the armor of a commando, while necessary, was not very comfortable for her. It was all built for humans, not aliens. She looked like a berated child as he brought up Kerrie. "Aw, I'm sorry, Thaddy.." Her ears arched downwards. "It's crummy that she's making us run errands. I bet she's punishing me for being late." Or for being a cat girl. There were many Imperials who had a bad taste in their mouths for those who were different than them. She was not aware that Kerrie was an alien as well. All Kaiya thought was that she was a distasteful woman.

At the hangar, Kaiya led the way towards the TIE/HU Hunter. She looked behind her shoulder at Thaddeus to make sure he wasn't angry with her over the mishap with Kerrie. She was driven to make it up to him, so she began take off procedures as soon as she made her way into the ship. She disliked that her boyfriend's skills were being used like this. It would have been minorly annoying if Kaiya had been sent alone, but Thaddy was her captain. She didn't even mention kneading his lap!

Thaddeus could never be angry at Kaiya, but he certainly could be angry at Kerrie. "If we enter combat with that woman I will *not* reprimand you if you fail to eliminate a threat that takes her down," he said, as he settled into the TIE Hunter. As he settled in behind her in the small cockpit of the TIE, he began to read over the datapad that she had given him. "Well she's a thief and he's an assassin. There's a note here that she favors explosives. Could be boobytraps," he informed her, as he scanned over the layout of the apartment where most of the equipment would be contained. "...and she's not a Cathar. The cat that the commander mentioned is a droid dressed up to resemble a felinx," he informed her, reading over it carefully. "This is a waste of our time," he said, as he tossed the datapad aside, and strapped himself in, leaving the operation of the craft to the much nimbler Kaiya. He folded his arms in front of his chest like a petulant child, pouting.

She brightened up right away. "Really? I hope we see some action soon. I don't like her." Kaiya was on Team Thaddeus, and thus she would allow Kerrie to suffer at the earliest convenience. Her attention was split between take off and listening to him read the datapad. She groaned, her hopes of another Cathar smushed. The mission sounded so dry. It was stuff for the baby Imperials. From the pilot's chair, she groaned. The ship went blasting off from Esseles and into the dark, night sky. "It doesn't have to be a waste of our time, Thaddy. We get a little bit of time together without stupid Kerriekins in our faces. We can even spend a little time ripping through the new recruit's apartment. Maybe we'll find some good stuff to add to our personal collection." She set the course for Brentaal, then arranged autopilot to take over. She had a pouting boyfriend to take care of. The Cathar dropped herself into his lap sideways. Her legs hung over the armrest on one side of the seat. Her upper body hung off the other side. She pawed his face affectionately. "Cheer up, Thaddy. That lady will get demoted or killed, and then you can be in charge."

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