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Christopher Levy and Amy Porter.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:16) in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void).
Ath Kol and Commander Min Traebor.

Within the snow capped mountain range of Esseles' northern most continent there lay a secret that few knew about, and even fewer dared to even whisper about. The Void was what they called it, for on the outside it appeared as nothing more than a cave so dark it caused eye strain to gaze into. The cave itself was nothing more than a glorified hangar, where in the darkness lay Imperial starfighters, walkers, and mercenary craft. The entire mountain had been hollowed out allowing for the construction of a multitude of levels that included barracks, offices, a detention block, medcenter, interrogation chambers, laboratories, armories, and repair bays. Then there were levels that were restricted whose true purpose no one knew. The Empire used this site to launch their operations against the civilian population and governments of Esseles itself and her neighbors, whose agents and mercenaries therein carried out the kind of operations that even a dictatorial Empire did not want to admit to. It was within this great void in the mountain that Commander Min Traebor found herself forever tied to, no longer able to come or go as she pleased. When she envisioned this base with her Black Sun compatriot she was of a higher rank and commanded all Intelligence forces within this sector and its neighbor. But incompetence, failure, and drunkenness had taken command from her, and now she was merely a washed up officer under the thumb of a more powerful figure. Her job now was not to decide missions, but to brief on the missions handed down from high above. She sat at her desk, datapad in hand, glass of wine in the other, as she awaited the arrival of another in a series of contracted killers deemed worthy of carrying out the Emperor's Will.

Esseles was a cold and new destination for Ath. Far different than Nar Shaddaa. Or the various other planets she had ventured to in her line of work. Avoiding the cold was usually always an option. Not now though. Ath walked quietly down the hallway fiery eyes glancing at various personnel that passed by her as she made her way down the hallway. The cold nipping at her face. A cowl neck hood adorning her head to keep the heat in on her bald head. Ath didn't like hats, or anything tight against her head. It always felt to distracting. Or like something holding her head down. Adorn in warm light brown wool pants and calf high boots. A black tunic hung down, long slits up the sides to where a Brown thick leather waist cincher hugged her middle. A dark grey half vest hugged her chest with the familiar imperial high collar hugger her neck. That was all hidden behind her cowl hood though. A light gray longsleeved shirt hugged her arms and metal arm braces hugged her forearms. Her hands uncovered. Also feeling that cold nip of the air that circulated through the base. A large weapon clung to her back. It looked custom made. The strong metal wrapped in a tight cloth material to provide a strong grip. Each end of the staff looking deadly. One end was like a large fish hook. A thick shiny metal. On the other end a smaller curved far less dramatic hook.

Ath's eyes scanned the doors that she passed by. Curious what door led to where. As always the mission came first. Maybe she could explore later. Stopping at the door she had been instructed to enter she sighed heavily. Hoping this was a simple in an out mission. Stepping up to the door. It gave a loud hiss and the door whooshed open in the classic fashion. Ath briskly stepping in eyes scanning the room quickly. A common occurrence for her. Never knowing what she was walking into. Then her eyes landing on the individual behind the desk. Ath gracefully pulling down the hood. Intimidating eyes falling on the face before her.

Ath's face had seen a few battles. But the scars that decorated the left side of her face where from her childhood. Which she had very little memory of. Like thick spider webs the scars crawled from her left eye back over one of her horns that was permanently cracked in half. Black tattoos adorned her red face, in the familiar Dathomirian fashion. Ath had a larger nose than most girls. Not nearly a large as some but it was pronounced. Roman like. She had broken it a couple times here and there. Ath's long face complemented her nose appropriately.
"Ath reporting" she said simply.

Commander Traebor had forgotten whom she was supposed to meet with, as she had a liquid breakfast. The crisp white tunic of her uniform gave her away as either a member of Imperial Intelligence, or perhaps even the dreaded Imperial Security Bureau. The three red over three blue squares on the rank insignia pinned above her left breast indicated that she was somewhere in the middle to anyone remotely familiar with the hierarchy of the Imperial military. The reddish brown hair that topped her head flowed down over the left half of her face, and had been tirelessly straightened, although not by her. She looked up at the Zabrak with the one green that was not obstructing her vision. "Koth Ath?" she asked, as she stared at the woman, inverting her name due to a lack of preparedness and slight inebriation. There were stacks of unsecure datapads on her desk that were left unattended. A Rebel agent with access to the information carelessly scattered upon her desk could end the war within a week. This was the chaos that Ath was reporting into. This was why they were *losing*.

"Ath Kol...Ma'am" She corrected unaware of any Koth. Ath's eyes scanned to the data pads and folded her arms uncomfortably. If her father saw this he'd be furious. That wasn't what she needed to report however. So she dropped the thought from her mind and her eyes went back to the Commander. " Commander Traebor I presume? You are who I am reporting to?" She questioned taking a step closer to the desk. That was when the smell tickled at her nose. Alcohol perhaps? It made her flare her nostrils. " What's the mission?" Ath asked impatiently. Deciding against taking a seat and remained standing in front of the Commander. In and out. That's what she wanted. Or at least in an out of this room. Ath had been raised strictly. Cleanliness and all that. Keep your clothes organized. Your room tidy. It was either Father or Sir. Never dad, daddy, or papa.

"Ath Kol? Hmm..." Min said, as she looked down at the datapad that contained her daily agenda. She pulled on the sleeve of her tunic and wiped the screen with it, clearing off the foreign material that had come to a rest upon it. "You're right. You *are* Ath Kol!" she exclaimed, sounding both surprised and embarrassed. "Yes. I'm Commander Traebor, and ... yes, I am who you are reporting to," she informed the woman, as she placed the datapad back down upon the surface of the desk where it instantly became lost in a sea of identical datapads with similar data on the others she had been meeting with or would be meeting with. She rose from her desk, but so quickly that she became lightheaded. She needed to eat. She placed her gloved hand on the surface of the desk to keep herself upright, before closing her eyes and breathing deeply to collect herself. Once done, she moved towards the right bulkhead where a large monitor dominated the wall. Grabbing hold of the controls she activated it, bringing up an image of the nearby world of Brentaal IV. Sliding her thumb forward she increased the zoom until the capital city of Cormond came into view. "This is Cormond," she said, speaking simply, as if she was addressing a class of young children. "Unfortunately, Rebel propaganda has succeeded in convincing some members of the population that the Empire recently suffered defeats in the neighboring world of Chandrila," she said, in a lie, as the Empire *had* been defeated at Chandrila, but whether she believed it herself was unknown. "Your mission is to help convince the citizens of Brentaal that the Rebellion is not to be trusted or believed," she said, before the sudden onrush of a headache. She raised her gloved hand quickly to the bridge of her nose, pinching it as she lowered her head.

Ath took in a deep sigh with the commander bracing herself. Watching her move towards the larger monitor. With the image coming up on the screen she moved over towards the monitor looking over the planet. Watching the capital come into view. Her eyes scanning over the buildings closely. Ath quietly muttering the cities name under her breath. Looking back to Traebor as she continued. Ath had heard something about Chandrila. Nothing about winning or defeating. But it had been news of the Empire having a touch of drama there.

"So you want me to assassinate someone and make it look like the Rebels? Any specific target I'm looking for. Or am I handing out flyers?" she added in a sarcastic tone.

Watching Traebor pinching the bridge of her nose. Ath shook her head ever so slightly. It looked more like she just had to stretch her neck. Really it was almost insulting to see an Imperial commander acting like this. Ath didn't say a thing though. Ath almost questioned if this was even the right mission for her. Maybe this commander had gotten her mission mixed up with someone else's. Ath looked to the ground then back up hiding the disgusted look on her face from the commander's eyes and wiped the expression from her face before looking back up. "Will I be doing this mission alone? Or will I be with company?"

Min blinked several times, ignoring Ath, before finally raising her head to gaze upon her with an 'oh, are you still here?' expression on her face. It was only then that she realized that she had not completed the briefing. "Oh. Right," she said, as she raised her eyebrows and turned her attention back to the monitor. "We are not fighting a rebellion. We are fighting an idea. ...and that idea is *hope*," she said, in a remarkably lucid moment for her. "Hope is a remarkably insidious idea. The greater the victory against these Rebels the more harsh we tend to look. We kill one insurgent and then two of their friends take up the cause," she said, lowering her head, looking away at the screen, and being reminded of why this job drove her to drink. "In war sacrifices must be made. The Baroness Alcina Hansol has been an outspoken supporter of the Emperor, was one of the first to welcome our forces when they arrived, and condemned the Rebellion at every opportunity," she explained, as she pressed a button that presented a holographic image of the woman, vital statistics, and residence. "She has been our staunchest ally. That is why I am confident she will willingly make the ultimate sacrifice for the cause," she said, as what color was left on her face receded, and she turned a ghastly shade of pale. "You will eliminate her. Her family. ...and you will do so in a way that makes it look as if it were a Rebel attack," she said, before turning her attention away from the Zabrak and moving back towards her desk. "Oh..." she said, as she stopped dead in her tracks and looked back at the woman. "It wouldn't hurt if it was learned an alien committed the atrocity," she added, as an aside, as she felt it would also help the xenophobic policies of the Empire. She felt something in the bit of her stomach grow until it threatened to emerge from her mouth. Quickly she brought her hand to cover her mouth to conceal the burp that was about to escape. As she did so she glanced to the chrono on the wall, indicating it was long past time to eat. "You're on your own. There are others here. If you get through this ... maybe you'll meet some of them," she said, as she slid into her desk and moved for the bottle she kept poorly hidden.

Ath gave a confident soft nod. Understanding what was to be done. What the Empire wanted. As well as killing an ally. This was nothing new to her. In fact it didn't really bug her one bit. The Empire came first. As her father always stated. "Right. I'll even add a little ‘for the rebellion' in there just to stir the pot" Ath said with a roll of her eyes. "Baroness Alcina." committed the face to memory. Of course she could get all this info to her own datapad that was constantly being deleted for safety reasons and to make sure no one got any information on targets she had killed. It was just as easy to remember her face. All she needed was the family's info. "Send me the info on her family. I can find out the times of where they are from there. Their activities and such." Ath didn't pay much attention to the Commander quickly covering her mouth. It was expected. Walking back to the front of the desk she looked at Traebor with a disappointing look. "Use the alien assassin to drum up some drama. Hopefully they go for it." Ath said "It was a plea ... well something Commander. I'd get those data pads in a safe place though" Ath said pointing to the data pads on her desk. Ath quickly turned on the heel of her boot and made her way to the door that hissed open for Ath who quickly attempted to leave. Ath figured anyone higher up in the command would never find out about Traebors lack of security. There were too many more pressing matters to deal with.

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