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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:19) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Commander Augustus Hood, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor.

Lieutenant Randi Trainor sat by herself in the mess deck, as none of the other pilots were eating with her, since she had refused to join them in taking Commander Hood's stimulants. Even her 'friend' Bethany had taken to sitting with the crew of the Warspite, rather than eating with her. What began as a series of sniffles soon turned into a full on series of tears as she began to sob into her tray of processed Imperial rations. She grabbed hold of the tray and stood up quickly and began hurriedly running from the mess towards the nearby turbolift. In terms of friends aboard the Warspite, the closest she could think of was Inquisitor Thanor, and thus she made her way to the woman's quarters. She left a trail of fallen food particles behind her, leading from the mess to the Inquisitor's cabin. Without wasting any time, she brought her left hand up and began frantically pounding on the woman's door. She continued to cry as her right hand held the tray, shaking slightly as she was now completely overcome with emotions.

The Inquisitor was quick to open the door glaring towards the other fiercely, half expecting to see someone else. Noticing that it was merely Randi, her outwards expression faded to a less drastic scowl once eyes caught sight of the other woman's pitiful composure and the fact that she left food littering through the hallway ... never mind the wonder why Randi decided to continue holding onto a food tray. Serine had never seen the other distraught in this fashion before, it was aggravating as she realized the pilot was coming to her of all people for ... solace. She shook her head slightly with a sigh, this was going to be unpleasant, but she could not just allow Randi to continue to make a scene right outside of her door looking completely disheveled and pitiful as she was now. Reluctantly, Inquisitor Thanor took a step to the side of the entry way, allowing access for the sobbing woman to enter. She mused she may regret this decision, all of her instincts screaming at her to reject Randi and send her away angrily... but due to the unfortunate nature of recent events, Serine was somewhat willing to at least ... listen to her as dreadful as she knew it would be.

Randi hurriedly stepped inside of Serine's quarters and plopped down on the table and a smile formed upon her deranged young face. Taking fork in hand, she began piling the food back into her mouth as she continued eating her meat. "Thanks for letting me eat with you, Serry," she said cheerfully, as she gripped her biscuit and began munching on it, the crumbles falling down upon her uniform and the floor below. "No one wants to eat with me anymore," she pouted, as she scanned the room carefully. "Hey. You got anything to drink?" she asked, as if she was the only one on the Star Destroyer that did not know what an Inquisitor was.

Serine closed the door behind Randi brashly, already regretting letting the other in, before she walked towards the table the pilot so eagerly sat down in, just so she could stand there over Randi, looking at her almost in awe. Was it any wonder no one wanted to eat with her, Randi was disgusting to watch, shoveling food in her mouth like a ravenous Gamorrean. She was also quite possibly insane, as no less than a few seconds ago Randi was sobbing frantically outside of her door and now ... she was pleasantly striking up a conversation. "I can not possibly imagine why no one wishes to eat with you, Randi." Said extremely dryly, though Serine did not expect her often times slow-witted pilot to pick up on any subtleties. "There had been a large bottle of Alderaan Ruge, but I smashed it on the table. You are a week too late." Kia, Kerrie ... and now Randi. Was her quarters turning into a psychologist's office? Who would honestly wish to speak to Inquisitor Thanor about their troubles? Insane people.

Randi's blue eyes widened dramatically as she heard Serine describe the destruction of Alderaan Ruge. "Serry ... no!" she said, with a mouth full of food. "First ... Alderaan destroyed. Now ... a bottle of Alderaan Ruge?" the young pilot frowned as she swallowed the last of her dry biscuit and considered how best to answer the Inquisitor's statement. "It's that stupid old Commander Hood..." she complained, frowning as she pouted at her 'friend'. "Everyone is mad that I won't take those stimulants, but I've seen what happens when you take them," she said, remember back to her first flight in the Roche Asteroids, which she was very lucky to have escaped.

"Both Alderaan and the Ruge are inconsequential now." Serine said sharply, wishing to move from that subject as it was a waste of her time and unimportant to why Randi had been sobbing like a maniac posting outside of her quarters. "As I said before, I talked to Commander Hood on their behalf. He was not willing to listen to my argument, but it does not matter if I decided to overturn his orders." Of course, Serine purposely left out why she failed to overturn his orders before ... as things from that moment sped ever downwards on a steep incline and had only recently eased so that the Inquisitor could catch her breath. "Mad? I do not believe that is the proper emotion they are feeling, perhaps jealousy. You do not have to take them, and they do." It was easy to see what was developing here, and perhaps why Randi was forced to eat by herself. "They are ostracizing you because you are my pilot. It was more exciting when you were first assigned, they would ask for tidbits or rumors to throw around, but now, things are different, are they not?" This should be a moot concern though, as Rodney was now a Grand Moff and had already summoned reinforcements to this sector. The pilots should no longer be subjugated to stimpack treatments.

Randi frowned, but not at what Serine had said, rather at a startling realization she made as she stared down at her empty tray. "Aww, I forgot to grab a dessert..." she bemoaned, as she pushed the tray aside and let out a tremendous belch. "They say I'm not your pilot ... that I'm your pet..." she admitted, as she tossed her head in a way that said her two dual blond pig tails flying hectically from side to side. "You don't think I'm a 'pet', do you Serry?" she asked, as she rose up from her seat and all the crumbs that were on her lap fell to the deck below. She brought her hands in front of her body nervously, and she stood up slightly on her feet as she nervously awaiting the Inquisitor's reply.

"I do not care about what they think, and neither should you!" She growled angrily at Randi's petty meekness, but she was not only upset at the other woman for her apparent lack of will, but also at the other pilots that were so foolish to allow this situation to reach Serine, because now ... she would get involved. "Were they so careless as to let it get this far..." The Inquisitor's sentence trailed off for a moment as she was lost in thought before her focus drifted back to the pitiful sight of her pilot. "You are my pilot Randi, and because of that, it should be natural to demand privileges and earn some regard from your fellow pilots. You do not need them any longer, they are beneath you, and they should have a fearful regard for you..." Understandably, Serine realized exactly why they did not regard her in any other light other than clumsy, ridiculous and awkwardly humorous, but that was about to change. "How you carry yourself reflex upon me, and until recently I could not care less what you did ... but now I realize that was in error. These pilots are not your friends, Randi! They are nothing, so obvious by their lack of concern for what should happen in this very situation." She barked aggravated, now she had to decide what to do with these ... other pilots. "It is better to be feared, Randi, and you are in the position to reap those benefits."

Randi produced a small datapad from one of the pouches on her belt and held it up for the Inquisitor to read. "Of course I care what they think ... when this happens!" she said, sounding very upset as the look of disappointment came upon her face. The datapad contained her rejection letter for the program designed to test the new TIE Advanced x1 prototype. It had been a dream of hers to test pilot the ship since long before the Inquisitor arrived, but now that dream had been taken away from her ... it pained her bitterly. "And what about this?" she asked, as she pulled up her personnel report, which showed an alarming amount of write ups and disciplinary actions that had been taken against her for failing to take the stimulants, unsanitary quarters, a disheveled uniform, and other minor infractions. "It's just not fair! Commander Hood is a sucky face!" she protested with another pout, as she stomped her booted feet like a child.

While Serine was very inclined to believe that the disciplinary reports of her unsanitary quarters and uniform were true, she had personally excused Randi from having to take the stimulants but apparently her word was not good enough for Commander Hood. Perhaps she needed to pay that man a visit ... so they could discuss further these infractions. It was unfortunate that Randi was denied something that she so obviously desired, but that could easily be fixed. "Then why did you not tell me these things?!" She yelled at the poor woman, exasperated as the pilot seemed incapable of realizing she had access to the private chambers of an Inquisitor, and was her personal pilot who saved Serine's life on multiple encounters. How could the woman be so dense as to not ask for her assistance?

Randi seemed to sink into herself as the Inquisitor spoke, but she was quick to pop up with an improvised reply. "You've been awfully busy, Serry. I didn't want to bother you..." she began, breaking they eye contact as her attention shifted to the dying plant in the corner of the room. "Plus Lieutenant Shepard told me that you were attacked by an AT-AT so I figured you might not be in the best of moods..." she continued, trying her best to maintain the smile on her deranged visage.

It was true that the Inquisitor had been ... rather busy, which was an extreme understatement. She blinked a few times in mild annoyed confusion when the other stated she had been attacked by an ... AT-AT, and it took a few minutes to piece back together the events over the past week, before realizing how that rumor could have started, and it actually brought a slight smile to her face, but only momentarily. "I see." But now more pressing matters were at hand. "My schedule just freed up." A spark of dangerous anger at the situation highlighted her visage as she snagged Randi by the scruff of her collar before all but erupting from the room, dragging the hapless woman behind her effortlessly as they exited. She let go of her as an afterthought, storming down the hallway with purpose in a fury of building rage at her orders being disregarded, assuming Randi would follow suit like an injured animal ... if others expected the pilot to be Serine's 'pet' so be it ... but a 'pet' to be regarded with some damn respect from now on. The Inquisitor burst into the bridge aggressively, the sliding doors could not open fast enough as she jarred them apart like a deranged creature, instantly scanning the area for Commander Hood.

Commander Augusutus Hood was a commanding presence on the Warspite's bridge. The tall, muscular man was in charge of disciplinary measures for the entire crew and had thus instilled a sense of fear and dread amongst them ... much like the Inquisitor. As the man turned and spotted the Inquisitor and Lieutenant Trainor, it left no doubt in his mind the reasons for her arrival. "Inquisitor," he said, as he bowed firmly and politely at the waist to her. "It is agreeable to see you again so soon," he said, as he raised back up and offered her a polite smile. As his attention turned past her to look at Lieutenant Trainor he spotted the winkling from where the Inquisitor had grabbed her and the crumbs from her earlier meal. "Lieutenant Trainor, you are out of uniform," he said sternly, as he glared down at her.

"Meep!" Randi cried out audibly as Commander Hood scolded her. She immediately grabbed hold of Serine's right side and cowered behind her, using her as a human shield to deflect the Commander's hurtful glare. "See what I mean, Serry?" she asked, as a fearsome shudder rocked her entire frame. The poor girl was behaving quite like a coward ... but the man had always intimidated her. This was not her first time serving underneath him.

It was becoming increasingly difficulty to focus her aggravation at the appropriate location as Randi continuously distracted her. The pilot's behavior was extremely disagreeable, hiding behind her like despicable coward, and there were very little things that angered her more than a coward, but there were reasons behind this emotional response from Randi, and it was time that the Inquisitor corrected it. Her master would have already killed half of this crew by now, and Serine had to wonder if she was growing soft, that mere thought also enraged her due to its implications. Time to rectify both issues at once ... now. Twin focused silver eyes glared intensely at the man as she spoke in a dangerously low tone. "Once again, Commander, a few inappropriate things have been brought to my attention." Quickly her hand fell to the hilt of her Lightwhip, snapping it eagerly into her palm and ripping it free of its holder, allowing the long slender and elegantly crafted weapon to thrash wildly in an intimidating display. A heavy crack was heard that echoed once throughout the vast interior of the bridge, no doubt instantly attracting attention to the scene that was about to take place. Before there was even a chance for panic, Commander Hood would suddenly find himself being onslaught by an unseen assailant as Serine lashed out at him with a telekinetic blast, sharply flicking her wrist to the right while heavily partaking in the Force, attempting to splay the man out on the deck, literally slamming him down brutally. No sooner was he prone, did the Inquisitor follow up with the brunt of her attack. With a cruel crack, that whip was brought down in a hideous display across his back, completely flailing open his uniform and deeply slicing into skin and muscle. "You have insulted my pilot for the last time, Commander."

Commander Hood was taken aback by the Inquisitor's outburst, but before he could respond he was face forward on the cold durasteel catwalk. His fingers grasped at the metal grates as he tried to push himself up the whip unexpectedly connected with his back. "Argh!" he cried out as the back of his uniform was torn asunder, revealing his dark brown skin underneath. The whip shredded his back like a lunch meat and blood began to flow from the wound as his body weakly collapsed back down to the deck. Shock began to set in from the wound in his back, which came dangerously close to severing his spinal cord.

Randi's face went wild as she ran forward and grabbed Serine from behind. "Serry! Stop! You're gonna kill him!" she said, as a horrified, but curious, look came upon her face as she examined the nature of the commander's wound. She had been hurt by the punishments that had been inflicted on her by the man, but the last thing she wanted was for him to die for it. It seemed the Inquisitor had two speeds ... stop ... and way too fast. As a pilot, Randi could most assuredly relate. There were gasps and screams among the rest of the bridge crew as the various officers witnessed the Inquisitor's attack on their commander. The Inquisitor was quickly developing a fearsome reputation as one prone to unleashing devastation with her whip.

Serine shrugged off Randi's grasp, pushing her forcefully to the ground before she stepped towards the injured man. She bent down to wrap her fingers around the back of his neck and jerked him up to look into her eyes as she glared at him ferociously. Her voice was very hushed and strained ... seething with negative energy as she spoke to him. "My pilot 'will' test the TIE Advanced x1 prototype, and you 'will' retract your previous orders for the pilots to be forced stimpack usage." And with that, she dropped him like the useless dead weight that he was and stood up fully once again, her gaze following the area, peering around as if in challenge ... She was through with paying lip service to these ... ingrates.

Commander Hood was still in agony from his back being torn open by the lightwhip when he was suddenly grabbed by the woman, worsening his situation exponentially. He could not believe what he was hearing uttered by the woman. Was he to understand he was being whipped by the Inquisitor over a trivial matter such as the selection of test pilots? No wonder the Empire was fairing so poorly in the Oversector if she was concerning herself with such small details. "Fine!" he said defiantly as he stood himself back up, gritting his teeth to stifle the pain. "Your pe- pilot can test fly the new x1. The use of stimpacks will halt immediately," he said with a firm nod of his head, as he began to walk towards the turbolift. "Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, you have the conn. I will be in sickbay," he explained, as he weakly made his way off the bridge, the back of his olive-gray uniform stained red with blood.

"Oh boy!" Randi exclaimed, as she heard what Commander Hood had said. "I'm going to be a test pilot!" she said, as she picked herself off the ground and wrapped her arms around Serine in a warm embrace. "Muah!" she said as she puckered up her full red lips and placed a kiss upon her right cheek. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she said, as the crew all around them looked on in a combination of horror and disbelief. Just another shift in the complicated lives of a Star Destroyer bridge crew.

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