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Alice Bee, Michelle Green, Christopher Levy, and Shawn Lovelett.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:2) in the Brentaal system: Red Garto Casino.

Oola Dulovic, Luna Flosgermen, Petrus Flosgermen, Ava Khalessi, and Captain Ithan Tavers.


Slowly walking soft brown orbs glanced as lights flashed, loud sounds filled the young Amaran's ears fell against the sides of her her head. She didn't like the blaring sounds nor the way that people looked at her as she passed by, her large tail swaying side to side slowly passing the machines that rang sounding off as it gave the player a large payout. Feeling something or someone grab ahold of her tail the small fox like creature turned around snarling as she looked at who dared touched her without permission.

"C'mon Petrus! Test your luck! Play sabacc with me." Luna taunted her husband from inside of the cantina-casino fusion which she co-owned. The woman was in a great mood. She had enjoyed secretly attending her sister's ball and watching her family burn. She wanted to strike against the House of Rodney again, but she hadn't quite figured out how she was going to do it yet. Now that she knew Marcus was a trump card, she didn't like her odds in that game. So, Luna had returned back to her home away from home. She was shuffling the deck in front of her so he could see she wasn't cheating... *much*. A droid that looked convincingly like a cat lingered nearby, while another sat in her lap. Even though it possessed no emotion, she stroked its faux fur. She lifted her head from her game to peer over those who had come to gather within her establishment. More paying customers equated to a larger profit...and Luna liked little as much as credits. She snickered. "Whadya say? Winner names their prize." A game of sabacc wasn't interesting without a good winner's pot.

The feared bounty hunter known as The Demon was frustrated to once again have to be on his best behavior. When he frequented a cantina or a casino owned by a third party he could cause all of the trouble he wanted, but as his wife was a partial owner of this establishment every credit worth of damage he caused would come out of her pocket, and every patron he scared off was business that they lost. "I never understood that game, Luna," he complained, as she began to shuffle the cards in front of him. "So many rules..." he muttered, as he took a drink of his Corellian whisky. He convinced himself if he drank enough maybe he would not cause her any trouble. "Alright. If you win, you let me kill someone. If I win, I let me kill someone. Fair?" he asked her, as he brought up his left gauntlet with a built in pad to briefly refresh himself on the rules of the game.

Ava had been rather excited to get away from the dark and rather gloomy base and possible even if she wasn't there to have a little fun. Slowly entering the casinos she smiled looking around at the light and hearing the sounds of people laughing and having a rather good time. Wearing a slender black dress that was held together around her neck clasping in the back, a gold chain rand down the center of her back, her long brown locks were pulled back into a tight bun keeping her sightline open to anything that seemed funny. slowly walking further inside Ava wondering which she would like to try her luck at first if she possibly had any and it would help her keep a low profile to blend in. Seeing that there was a cantina her interest was peeked, even a diplomat was able to have a little fun, she couldn't have been all work and no play wasn't fair to her. Slowly she made her way around her eyes getting a glimpse of a small fox like creature that walked by, she could have sworn she had seen the creature before but she couldn't remember were, pushing the thought to the back of her mind Ava headed kept walking to possible find something to drink for the evening.

Ithan let a smirk blossom over his face as the speeder came to a stop near the entrance of the cantina. He took a swig of the Whyren's Reserve that he had shipped directly from Corellia. He placed it back into the holder. The ice clinked as he shifted himself, the droid concierge came around opening the door. He readjusted the tunic of his Imperial uniform, making sure his gut was covered. He let his right gloved hand come up to push back a few strands of his loose greasy hair. A small smirk spread across his lips as he felt the weight of his thick wallet in his pocket, and took in a deep breath as he stepped into the cantina his eyes searching out for the sabacc table.

"We never play the rules. Why start now?" She continued shuffling the cards, losing some of them all over the floor. She wasn't a magician, after all! Luna laughed and shook her head. "Petrus, I'm giving you the chance to get *anything* you want, and you choose to kill someone. C'mon. You know we're gonna leave here and take on a fatty bounty to afford our next vacation." She began passing out cards. "What kinda bounty do you wanna take next? Have you seen anyone interesting?" She asked, paying no attention to any of the other patrons. They had droids to serve drinks, after all.

"Place is starting to fill up," Petrus commented, under his breath, as he gave a casual glance towards Oola, Ava, and Ithan. Sizing them up he did not think any of them would cause trouble, which only caused him to want a sip of his Corellian ale even more. "Um..." he murmured, as she began to pass out the cards, noticing that a good portion of them were now on the floor. "Are you sure *you* know how to play this game?" he asked her, as the serving droids began to fan out to greet the newly arrived patrons and take their drink orders. "We could break that guard commander out of prison. That would sure piss your sister off," he said, as he looked at the cards he had been dealt. As he checked them he had no idea what kind of hand he had. "Pazaak!" he said, with a smile, but unfortunately they were playing Sabacc.

Ava had entered the Cantina fully now and may her way past the table where there has seemed to be a game being played she often enjoy watching other look foolish than herself, she had cheap entertainment and didn't even have to spend a single credit out of her pocket to get a good laugh at times, taking a seat she watched listening to what was going on around her.

Ithan Tavers let his gaze fall over the patrons, a smile formed at his lips as his eyes befell the young woman in the black dress. He unfolded his arms from behind his back, and started to peel off the leather gloves from each hand as he approached her. "You're a Corusca gem." He said with his best attempt at a charming smile. The large Imperial Captain said as he placed the two gloves into the cusp of his belt which barely contained his gut.

Ava smiled a she looked at the man who tried his best to show her his charming smile crossing one leg over the other she placed her hands neatly on to her knee and spoke softly as her brown hues sparkled in the flashing lights beyond the cantina "I think someone's had a little bit too much to drink." She said softly smiling back at him sweetly, thought the complement was nice to hear so thank you. Not every day one is compared to a Corusca gem." Ava said watching him tuck his gloves in his belt.

"Come now I haven't had a drop to drink, certainly though we can correct that." Ithan said, as he motioned towards the serving droid. The reserve hung heavy on his breath so he did his best to at least keep his distance but believed now he may had tipped his hand. "I'm quite sure we can have ourselves an entertaining night." Ithan said as he pulled forth his wallet thick with more credits than a standard Imperial Captain could make on salary.

Leaning in a little Ava smiled as she whispered "Well what does a gentleman such as yourself recommend?" She asked giving the man a bright sweet smile while leaning back in her first position, her eyes looked around making sure nothing seemed different than before when she walked inside, watching him wave his wallet she smiled and chuckles a bit, reaching out she lowered his hand looking around slightly" Might want to watch were you're waving that, don't want to lose your hard earned credits now." Ava said smiling giving him a charming smile.

Ithan's dark eyes twinkled as he let out a laugh at the thought. "Come now, no one would dare." Ithan said as the droid approached he fished out a hundred credits and tossed it aside onto the plate. "They would be quickly punished, I have a great many friends." He said with a wink as he leaned in saying it in a heated alcohol coated breath. He then turned his head back towards the droid, "Chandrlian wine, two glasses. A rare vintage for rare company." He said with a smile.

Ava listened watching him toss the credits on the plate . casually she fanned her face a little to brush the smell of his breath off her as she smiled brushing back a stray hair behind her ear, offering him a slight smile she reached out with a slender hand and spoke "Well I should at least introduce myself to the charmer who is treating me to my first drink of the evening. I'm Siri Orono, it is a pleasure to meet you" Ava batted her lashes a little with a giggle.

"Captain Ithan Tavers, Imperial Security Bureau." Ithan said quite proudly, and loud, as he took her hand within his pudgy fingers, and he kissed the back of her hand as if she were a Baroness ever so lightly brushing along the flesh. The whyren's reserve had burned away any logical sense of self preservation. Then he released her hand, "A pleasure to meet you Miss Orono. Please tell me whom do I have to thank for your presence?" He asked as his eyes turned back towards the returning droid with the bottle. He eagerly took the bottle from the droid, and the two glasses with the other hand offering one up to her dominant hand which he determined, he was drunk but the training habits of the academy's officer school were shining through the alcohol fueled haze.

Oola intoxicated women who had grabbed her tail and balled her small paw like hand into a fist "Watch where you're putting your grubbing mitts!" She barked before walking further toward the cantina. Stopping she seen the women form a long time ago who had worn a fur stole and had. Snarling she huffed "Murder!" Oola muttered as she glared at the women who was talking to an imperial soldier. Leaning against a pillar she watched, her long fluffy tail draped over her shoulder , the tip of her tail twitching slightly.

Ava smiled "Oh just passing thought, thought I could have a little fun before I pass by, Stretch my legs is all. Maybe partake in a game or too, have a drink and relax." She said watching him kiss her hand before pulling it away slowly, in a secret manner she whipped the back of her hands on her dress hiding her movements. Taking the glass from him Ava held it up "To new acquaintances." She said offering a slightly flirtatious smile.

Oola watched as the women's smiled and made a disgusted sound sticking out her tongue like she was going to be sick.

Ithan clinked his glass along hers with a jovial smile, "Yes to new acquaintances, perhaps more given time." He said as he leaned back the second chin doubling over as he shifted in his seat. He drank half the glass of wine before placing it down onto the table without even tasting it. "Tonight's a night for celebration for myself, not a promotion oh no sadly not. Yet I was rewarded for excellent service nonetheless. You mentioned you like a good game do tell me what do you play?" Ithan asked curiously as the wine coursed through his veins he felt it was catching up to him a bit too quickly.

Ava offered a slight disgust smile "I don't kiss on the first date." She teased a little taking a sip of her drink, her eyes feel on the fox girl again seeing her glaring at her, she didn't know why she was looking at her the way she was but it wasn't good. Placing her glass down she clap her hands a little "While promotions are not everything but you served very well Mister Travers." Ava played a long though the pit of her stomach started to turn as she acted. "Well I've never played to tell you the truth." She leaned in whispering. "I know I'm should know how to play something, but it all confuses me." She said offering him another sweet smile. "Perhaps you could teach me?" She asked softly placing a hand upon his softly.

Oola watched in horror as the girl placed her hand on the imperial scum as she had an even wider snarl looking at them she was clenching her jaw tight, the fur on her tail standing on end, suddenly someone bumped into her sending her falling on her knees inside the cantina and hitting one the the tables knocking it over.

Ithan placed the wallet back into the length of his tunic as he let a smile broaden over his face. He certainly felt his luck was improving. "Certainly Miss Orono." Ithan said as he got to his feet he felt as if he had moved far too quickly, and lightly stumbled. The right hand quickly shot out, and he steadied himself a look of slight embarrassment crossed his face. Quickly he turned his back to capture the bottle of wine, and his own glass as he started to make his way towards the sabacc table. "You will find I am most entertaining." Ithan said proudly as he started the long walk to the table.

"Carefully now." She said standing quickly to her feet making sure he didn't topple over "Maybe ease back a little on the drinks, wouldn't want you to get hurt and our fun time to end would we?" She asked softly smirking. "Enjoy your drinks and have fun. That's what we are all here for," Ava said as she placed a hand against his back and arm walking with him toward the table. "Well I bet you are but lets us take it easy too."

Oola picked up the table she knocked over and watched the two of them walk together, picking herself up off the floor she bushes her chest off and started to follow reminding quiet.

Ithan motioned with the bottle towards the droid, he watched as it sped it's way towards his direction. He felt the young woman's touch along his back and felt his embarrassment began to fade. He took a few more slow breaths, he had never been good with liquor. Ithan placed the bottle, and the glass onto the try of the waiting droid. He then turned himself back towards the table, and with a thump he dropped into the seat. He then glanced around at the table, his tongue sliding out to lick his lips of the droplets of the wine he tasted. "Yes, perhaps I should slow down for now." Ithan said.

"Besides alcohol isn't the only thing that can make your feel good." She said stroking the side of his cheek, she had a shiver run down her back as she did everything to not get sick herself by her actions towards him. "You need a clear head while playing don't you, don't want your credits taken by chumps who want to take your money. Show them who really is boss." Ava whispered in his ear.

Ithan felt his eyes widen a bit, things seemed to be proceeding beyond his wildest fantasies and he let himself nod in silent agreement. He reached into his tunic, and fumbled with the tip of the wallet, before finding a few hundred credits, "Just a few hands." He said before feeding it into the receptacle at the side of the machine. A few moments later the appropriate amount of varying amount of chips pulled fresh from the side of the table. The course of the next few hours were a blur to him. He did his best to impress her but sadly he was unable to keep hold of his credits. At the midpoint of the game he returned to drinking his voice was loud as his speech was slurred. "Now Miss Orono, you should know I'm a very big man, why it was my very actions that nearly collapsed that cursed rebel cell a few months back in the junkyard. It was my intelligence reports that allowed us to provide a tightly woven net.. Those vrelts may have slipped through our clutches, but I tell you this game is not yet done." He said as he drained the last of his third glass. "Why I would say if it wasn't." Ithan felt something coming back up, he raised his hand weakly and charged towards the refresher. He barged into the room barreling past a tall Wookiee, and felt most of his liquid encouragement return from whence it came.

Ithan wiped away the excess spittle, and looked down at the top of his bulging uniform. He could see that a splotch had landed right near his code cylinder. He felt his face go a bit pale, as he then turned and ran to the sink. "Oh no." He said repeating no over, and over again to himself as he attempted his best to clean out the spot that was now smearing. Ithan could barely keep his attention focus or his ground five minutes later he exited the refresher slightly disheveled, and he blinked for a few seconds forcing his eyes to focus he noticed the lovely creature which had kept him company had vanished. Ithan let out a tired sigh as he used chair to chair to leave the cantina, back into his private speeder. He glanced down at the small glass of Whyren's Reserve, and felt the bile push back up, he was sure to be yelled at when he returned to base in such a disarray.

"Did you really win ... *again*?" Petrus Flosgermen asked his wife, as he reached across the table and snatched her sabacc cards. "Wait a minute," he muttered, under his mouth as he began reviewing the pad on his gauntlet to confirm the ranking of the hands. "Oh damn it. I was looking at the wrong thing," he said, before throwing his cards away from him. He leaned back in his chair and looked at her, before shaking his head at her. "Uncle. Uncle. I give up. You're too good for me," he said, as he moved up from his chair and walked behind the bar. He reached up to the top shelf to grab the *good* Corellian whisky. He blew on the dusty bottle before pouring himself a double into the cleanest glass he could fine. "If this place goes out of business I'm taking you on the professional sabacc tour," he said, before taking a stiff drink of the whisky. "And, if you don't win, then I'll just shoot them and take their credits," he said, before rolling his eyes down to the table to check her hand for the umpteenth time. "You didn't cheat ... did you?" he asked, as he sat back down across from her.

Luna laughed loudly, slamming her cards down on the table. Her eyes flickered towards a small, cat-like droid which was pacing behind Petrus throughout the entire game of sabacc. She had shoo the cat away to make sure her husband didn't see it. Luna wasn't *that* good at sabacc. "I *am* too good for you." She exclaimed, rising from her seat. She followed him towards the bar to get herself something to drink. The young woman perched herself on the bartop, holding her hand out, waiting for him to share the good stuff with her. "Cheat? Me? *No*... I would never cheat." She winked, rising from the bartop. "We should close shop and go have some alone time. I love the credits this place brings in. I don't love the unwanted company and the fact that we can't nab up all the bounties that walk through the door." He wanted the only one who wanted to kill.

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