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Alice Bee, Brandon Derive, Geoff Elder, Bob Halula, Christopher Levy, Shawn Lovelett, Alexander Oliva, Jaina Roberts, and Thomas Rogers.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:F2:1) in the Brentaal system: Red Garto Casino.

Bre'lly, Luna Flosgermen, Petrus Flosgermen, Lord Sylvain Isod, Flight Captain Connor Merced, Flight Captain Sienala Pavo, Flight Lieutenant Zan Shelby, Captain Dagon Tong, and Jerris Vox.


Luna Flosgerman realized that she wasn't getting any younger. The woman found herself having a midlife crisis in her early twenties. Instead of purchasing a fancy speeder or dressing like the 'hip' kids, she decided it was time to do something *big*. This something had to be bigger than kidnapping her pregnant sister and forcing the House of Rodney to pay into her retirement. It was tough to top such a lovely scheme, but, she did just that. First it had come to her in a dream: a floating cantina with booze, war vets who needed the booze, and the potential to make a whole lotta credits. Luna awoke with credit signs in her eyes that day and since then, *nothing* could stop her from making it all come true.

And so, our story begins. The young bounty hunter stood within the docked M-Class Luxury Liner with her arms crossed over her chest. "...And they called it the Glitter Factory?" She asked her husband, reaching out and running her hand over the shiny, pink decor on the wall. "I see why the seller is asking such a low amount for this place. Look at it. It's *hideous*! The only appeal is that people were massacred here, so we can screw with people by telling them ghosts live on the ship." She turned away from the wall. There were all sorts of interesting pictures hanging on the walls in the cantina. It lacked a lot. All the seating was gone. The bar itself looked pathetic. She imagined all the money they'd have to sink into this place in alcohol alone. "I guess we'll take it. We're gonna need some Extreme Makeover Cantina Edition in this place though. Do you think we should try to get on that show?" She didn't think anyone else would want the trash heap they were standing in. She realized that they could be sinking their credits into a blackhole if they couldn't manage to make a profit. Oh well...nothing ventured, nothing lost!

Two short years later and the luxury liner was ready for business. Luna's new business partner, an older twilek who went by the name of Bre'lly had sunk her own retirement fund into the casino, etc. that was now stationed off a trade route just outside of Imperial space. Advertisement had been circulating for months throughout several systems and amongst smugglers, soldiers, and those with plenty of credits to lose. Servodroids whirred to life and began to move through the cantina area. Slot machines, tables of various card games, and other games of chance were available to patrons, including special rooms for expected high rollers and those who wanted to keep a low profile. Bre'lly's girls and guys of assorted species were ready to offer private entertainment as well. All seemed ready.

The swirling blue hues of hyperspace began to unwind and the star field settled into the pinpricks of light of ordinary space. The Socorran slid down into the pilot's seat of the E-9 Explorer and leaned to the left to take a gander at the readout display. With a slightly audible "Hrm" he took in the sensor scan all seemed to be in order just like his contact informed him.

His right hand keyed the communication system above his head as he grasped the control yoke with the other.

Clearing his throat before speaking, "Red Garto, this is the Explorer vessel Dark Oasis requesting docking clearance. Please respond." As the confirmation came in he settled the ship onto one of the docking ports of the Luxury Liner with an ease that came with the familiarity of his craft. He instructed the rest of the crew to keep tight as he went in to arrange docking fees and grab a drink. This was the safest place to dock in and around the Shell, and he wasn't about to blunder into the area with all the chaos going on.

He upholstered his Sentinel IV and checked it over, as he walked to the transfer hatch. Satisfied with the condition of the weapon as he reached the airlock, he settled the weapon back into its low holster on the left leg. "Let's do this", Connor Merced told himself as he opened the airlock with a tap on the panel.

The loud jizz music filled the cantina. Behind the bar, Luna was dancing to the live music. Her occupation had kept her away from this place for far too long. She recalled why she liked it here more than any other cantina. As she finished filling a drink order, she noticed that she was receiving communication from a craft that had not been to Red Garto before. The woman certainly kept an eye on her regular customers. She decided she'd keep an eye on the newcomer. If you started trouble here, it wasn't bouncers you had to worry about. It was the two vibrorapiers which was visible in sheathes on her back. She snatched up a glass and quickly filled it with Corellian whiskey. She made her way to the hatch where the crew of the new ship would be coming from. Wartimes were a great time to own a bar, but you never knew *what* or *who* was going to walk through the door. So, as soon as Connor made his way in, the short-haired woman was there to greet him, "Hello and welcome!" she said charmingly. "Care for a drink? This one's on the house!" If she could get the man hooked early, then maybe he'd leave her a hefty tip.

Petrus Flosgermen ... the bounty hunter who had earned his moniker the Demon by bringing in most of his targets deceased ... was slowly following his wife Luna throughout the Red Garto. Whenever he met one of his wife's old friends he was usually in for a treat, and as he looked around the glowing lights, games of chance, and cantinas he realized as he looked around from beneath his red, horned helmet. Unfortunately, because his wife knew the owner she had convinced him to leave his more menacing assortment of weaponry behind and only his meager HSB-200 hold-out blaster pistol was strapped to his thigh. Behind his back, however, was his large vibrohammer should any of the drunk patrons get out of line, or should a marked man catch his eye. His wife had lectured him 'no bounty hunting' to respect the business, which made him wonder which one of the wore the pants in the relationship. Clearly, he was going to be on his best behavior. As she started to turn on the charm and greet patrons, he moved off to watch her from a far. An overprotective husband would not bring in the credits.

An obnoxious Aqualish was making a scene outside of one of the private rooms. Brie glanced at one of the bodyguards assigned to the private wing. That was all it took, a single glance and the guard quickly *escorted* the male from the area. She wondered if he would make it to his ship or an airlock. As the scene died down, the Twi'lek moved through the casino, mingling with the guests, offering free drinks to those who were steadily dropping credits into the slots.

Responding to the free drink offer, "Sure, hard to pass that up. Anything Corellian will do." He walked over and settled himself into a stool at the bar and looked around the watering hole. He wasn't quite sure what to make of this place, he heard it was very new. His smuggler buddies told him it should be a good place to hang his hat until he had a good line on a way into the Shell.

Her hazel eyes followed Petrus as he went to hide while she flirted the credits from the newcomer. She followed the man towards the bar, wandering behind it. A droid zoomed up to her, beeping annoyingly with another drink order. "Yeah, yeah, I know." She grumbled, kicking the droid with her boot while she turned to fill the orders. Once the droid had zoomed away with a tray, Luna slid a glass towards the man. She lowered herself down into the stool behind the bar. "Soooo... I haven't seen you around before. Would you like a tour? There's so much to do here. Our casino games aren't *as* rigged as other places." Luna informed him in what was a straight up lie. She coated that lie in a sweet voice. All the while, she felt annoyed. There were people worth good credits inside of the cantina. She wanted to chase them, make them squeal, and turn them in. Sadly, this was a mutual zone.

Petrus' hand went to the hold-out blaster strapped to his thigh as the bouncer moved to rid the Cantina of the annoying Aqualish. He took several steps forward until the obnoxious patron was tossed from the premises, slightly disappointed that he was not presented with an opportunity to use his hammer. His attention moved to the Twi'lek, Bre'lly, behind the bar, and he took several steps towards her. "You must be Bre'lly," he said, as his hands moved to the side of his helmet, to unfasten the clips that held it on. Setting it down on the table he looked over her, trying his best to smile, if only to make things easier for his wife. "My wife has told me a lot about you," he said, making a small talk, before motioning towards the droid that he wanted a Corellian ale.

Bursting out of hyperspace, the blue and lavender colored Y-Wing spiralled into reality. Stabilizing, it slowed and headed towards the cruiser. Opening comms, "This is K7-YJ37 requesting docking permission. Got some time to kill and some credits to spend and some dance moves to show off. So here I am." Shields and weapons remained powered down, after all she really was on a two day pass with no intent of getting into the kind of trouble requiring them.

"So you are the mighty Petrus that I have heard so much about. I am honored to make your acquaintance." Her smile was genuine. Luna spoke often of her husband and seemed to admire him. Bri wanted nothing of love but it seemed some species, especially humans thrived on it."How do you like the refurbishing?" Dark eyes glanced around the room. Chit chat was typically reserved for premier members. Luna was better at pleasantries with everyone but this was Luna's mate so additional effort was made.

Connor glanced around as she offered the tour. "Perhaps in a bit. I'm not the gambling type. Just want some relaxation and some drinks." His left hand brought a coin out of his belt pouch and he began to spin it through his fingers, perhaps a nervous tick or a way to occupy his hands so he didn't smoke? Something people would find out in time. The Bha'lir had been good to him over the years, it didn't take him long to reach Master Smuggler...but he had a new calling. He would hand his ship over the his Apprentice Smuggler and follow the adventure, which brought him to area. He had been given contact information, and once he knew the lanes were clear he would make his way into the nebula for his next stage in life.

The door opened with a hiss, Isod's good eye didn't even bother glancing at those about the cantina. Two Wookiees and a Verpine followed in his wake, the former Imperial senator had a datapad clutched beneath his right arm. He made his way to a table in the middle of the room, and sat down as if he had owned the establishment. He waved the C-1 astromech that was waiting tables over to him. "A hot cup of Koldeen root, I'll pay twice the normal price if it's in a clean cup." He said with a bemused look on his face before tossing aside fifty credits onto the plate. The wookiees carried vibro axs, and the Verpine carried a heavy blaster rifle held idly across his chest.

The Y-wing would receive authorization to dock. The Red Garto didn't turn away paying customers. You had to be a special kind of special to get kicked out. The man rejected her tour, which caused her shoulders to shrug. When he was drunk, it wouldn't matter how she treated him. The credits would come. She was certainly the personality in the business. She had no problem sweet talking anyone who walked through the door. As profits began to flow in, Luna became confident that she, and her business partner, had made the right choice. "Whatever suits your interests. There's plenty of drink." She assured him as she overheard the man with the Wookiees and Verpine's order. Clearly, she was in the wrong place. She knocked on the astromech as it approached the bar to collect its order. "I got this one." She told the astromech, leaving it to care for the other guests. She filled a nice, big cup of Koldeen root and made her way towards him. "Here you are, sweetie. I assure you, the cup's clean."

Petrus looked around the refurbished star yacht, not finding a negative thing to say about it, despite his hardened personality. "I have to admit ... it looks a lot better than the images Luna showed me a while back," he said, as he turned his back to the Twi'lek to look around the place. "I have to admit we've shared a few 'get rich quick' schemes since getting together that didn't exactly pan out, but this ... this looks like it has real possibilities," he told her, as he turned around, grabbing his ale from the droid. "As long as creatures like that Aqualish behave," he said, before taking a sip of the cold Corellian ale, which left a dab of foam upon his nose. He quickly brought his forearm up to wipe it away. "Wherever there is this much alcohol and the potential for losses at the tables there's bound to be trouble. Hopefully you have enough droids to deal with them," he said, before turning to take a look over at his wife, ensuring all that was well. For an overprotective brute like him it was hard to watch her behave in such a way, but he had trust that she knew what she was doing.

"Droids, wookiees, even a human or two. We have an extensive staff of body guards. No need to worry. We even have a built in weapons system should the need arise." She smiled at the male and then moved toward the other side of the bar. Some of the patrons needed special attention.

"I'm a firm believer in always being prepared." Isod said with a sweet smile as he took the cup from her tray. He sipped at it slowly, it was a common tea but but was more likely aviabile in a isolated place such as this. "Excuse me but do you happen to have a copy of today's galactic report?" He asked as he place down the cup, he glanced off to his side as the Wookiees watched him. He had been told the security was quite good but he had to know for himself.

Connor watched the man enter with his entourage in tow and frowned a bit. 'Well, la-dee-da' he thought to himself as he noted the self importance the man carried like a badge of honor. He shook away his grumpy nature and brought his Corellian ale up to his lips to savor the drink. It had been a few months since he had tasted a beverage from his home...well sorta...Socorro was a Corellian colony. Close enough he supposed. He spun around in his stool to watch the entertainment of the cantina, he was always watching people...sort of a bad habit. Although it had kept him alive in situations where being less attentive would have been bad mojo.

Once docked, Sienala would disembark the Y-wing and stip down out of her flight suit and unroll the front and back cloths of her dancer garb. She was obviously not a slave. Her clothing was finely crafted, embroidered and engraved with the greatest of skill. She was no simple dancer, she was dressed as though she were the dancer of the sector. Stowing her flightsuit she headed to the main floor, swaying and rolling her hips. Her voice was carrying a simple tune that actually fit the music she heard in the casino. Her coy smile, flirtatious bat of her eyelids and the way her lekku coiled around each other like an interested woman's thighs were all suggesting she was there for more than just the food.

The modified, heavily modified that is, YT-2000 light freighter dropped out of hyperspace. Dagon sent a request to the floating cantina for docking permission as soon as he caught it on sensors. Normally, he wouldn't have stopped, but he thought that this was an unlikely place to be tracked to, and it was a convenient bottle neck. As soon as he got clearance, he docked the freighter, and made his way to the cantina on board. He was in a fresh set of fatigue style pants, a t-shirt, and jacket. He still carried a MSD-32 disruptor pistol on his left hip, and a knife on his right hip, but didn't seem to be carrying any heavier weapons. And he looked like hell, battered and bruised, a ruptured blood vessel in his left eye from all the over pressure he had endured during the explosions he had used to create his escape window. When he finally sat down at the bar, he lit a cigarra in triumph, and asked of the bar tender, "Whiskey and a beer."

Having endured some troubling issues with Shada'lo in the past, business had dwindled. The Twi'lek's empire had crumbled. Unfortunately, her consortium was destroyed when several Imperial troopers invaded her homeworld. Frankly, there business dealings didn't sit well with one Moff. Soon as he completely wiped out the entire criminal faction, Jerris high-tailed out of the planet in his YT-2000 light-freighter, the Marauder. Lately, the credits he received didn't allow Vox to balance out the occasional things he needed like food, and supplies. Running empty, he figured heading to the casino might help bring some luck. Knowing these places were sometimes rigged, he thought about finding a crack through their systems. Then again, he didn't feel any sense of boldness, and figured a drink will do. The Empire had destroyed one business dealing. But that nonsense was past him. Being a bounty hunter, the chances of working for the Imperials were slim-to-none. No credibility on his record. Exiting out of hyperspace, the ship made touchdown on the landing platform. Skids were lowered as the freighter descended and made landfall. Exiting out of the cockpit, Jerris ventured off the docking bay, and into the casino. He checked his surroundings, maybe spot anyone he might recognize. After surveying the area, he occupied an vacant seat. "Corellian ale." He said to the bartender. Jerris wore his heavy blaster, with that vibroblade sheathed on his right boot.

Bre noticed the war torn male human, Dagon. As the servodroid brought him his whiskey and beer she made her way over, leaning on the bar slightly. "Lookin'a bit worn. I have a few girls that could tend to your wounds." Her smile seemed genuine but it was well rehearsed. Right lekku was moved to lay over her right shoulder. Again, all rehearsed, though done very well.

Dagon turned to look at the Twi'lik, with no more malice or general unpleasantness than he looked at the average person on the street, and maybe less so than he normally did. It could almost be argued that despite being battered and beaten, he was being pleasant. That was absolutely so as to not draw attention, or be memorable at the moment. Too many bounty hunters in the place, and even if his face wasn't on the holonet with a price tag under it, he didn't need their double looks. "I am a bit worn. I don't suppose they would actually change a bandage would they?" He quipped, though his voice remained that steady growl, still sounding like something being dragged over rocks.

"Honey, for the right amount of credits they'll do anything you'd like them to do." A glimmer in her eye was hidden by a wink from the left one. She gave the male a gentle pat on his shoulder, hoping not to hurt him...since he seemed very hurt. "You just let me know." A bit of a saunter was added to her step as she moved away from the male human and mingled with other guests.

"If they will no shit change a dressing, I'll absolutely pay enough to get that done. But alas, it'd be a short work night for them. Trying not to blow a stitch, and I'm sure your girls could absolutely get me bleeding from wounds all over again, just from blood pressure if they wanted to..."

Bre paused and looked back at the human male. "We have first aid. Go get yourself fixed up." A nod of the head was given in the direction of the med station. "Next time you come here, make sure you can have your blood pressure raised and I guarantee you'll thank me."

"Will do." He said as he brought his beer up in a cheers, and then went back to self medicating as best he could. That meant booze to the point that the droid on his ship might have to zap him just to wake him up in a few hours.

Luna observed the man. She had no idea who he was...which was probably for the better. She didn't want to see the fruits of her and Bre's labor destroyed so early on. So, the bounty hunter turned cantina owner kept to herself. Her smile grew. "Well, when you travel with two hairy Wookiees, I'd imagine that you have to pick fur out of your food quite often. Thankfully, we keep the Wookiees away from the dishes." Without asking, Luna joined the man at his table. She sat, briefly eyeing the other occupants of the cantina. She could see someone at the slot machines crying for all that they had lost. "Oh! Yes." Luna rose from where she had just sat down. She disappeared to gather a copy of the day's galactic report. When she turned, she offering him the datapad. "Here you are. Is there anything else I can get you? Perhaps you want to try you luck at the slot machines today."

The well traveled smuggler smirked as he watched the normal seedy cycle of affairs begin to wind around him, hoping the patrons were loose enough with their coin that they wouldn't come bother him for his. He had plenty, but that was tucked away for retirement, his second retirement. As Connor Merced did his normal people watching his smirk faltered a bit as he caught sight of the Disruptor on the man at the bar. He let his eyes pass over it like he hadn't a clue, but immediately finished his drink and stood to stretch a bit. He tossed a pair of fiver chips on the bar to thank them for the free drink, making eye contact with the server to offer an appreciative nod.

There were not many people in the galaxy that owned a piece of hardware like that, and those that chose them were unhinged in some capacity. It was a good time to retire to the ship and plan out meeting his contact anyway. With a casual stroll and his left hand idle on the hilt of his Sentinel IV, the Black Bha'lir smuggler...soon to be former...made his exit.

Petrus reached for the red helmet that he had casually placed upon the bar when introducing himself to the Twi'lek. Securing it back upon his head the visor gradually illuminated, giving him a tactical overlay over his right eye. His attention, naturally, moved to the man in deep conversation with his wife, before cycling over the various patrons. As the credits seemed to roll in around them he thought about what an easy score this would be, if his wife was not invested in the business. He moved away from the bar, his Corellian ale long since consumed, to take up a better angle from which he could observe his wife. He did not know it was going to involve her in this kind of capacity, but as long as they were away from the Void and earning credits it was worth it.

Dagon finished off several rounds in quick succession, and then dropped a few chips on the bar top, more than enough to cover what he'd drank, plus a tip to the house. He managed to get to his feet without a grimace, and made his way back to his ship. A rapid sensor sweep to see who might have been sitting out in space watching, and then he was off, back into hyperspace, and his next adventure.

Zan had been on hiatus for a couple of months, mostly spending his time back home at Naboo performing local work. Nothing worthy being woven into a story at any given time. And especially after his last vacation in Theed, he need to get away again and quickly. The quickest transport was the standard tie fighter, nothing special about. The craft could only be used for short range deployment though, unless someone would fiddle around with the life support systems and etc. Zan proceed under the cover of night within the city, using his skill set to hijack the fighter for his own purposes and used to take off towards mutual ground of any sort. It took a few days until eventually he came upon the red garto cantina. He didn't like the arrangement but his options were more limited than where he had previously landed. The small craft was on it's last legs as it dropped towards the landing pads. The fighter was totaled as he exited the hatch, still in an imperial pilot uniform as he exited the craft and ignoring dirty glares he proceeded towards the cantina.

Finally noticing someone she recognized, the Twi'lek in traditional dancer's clothing walked up to Zan, draped her arms over his shoulders and kissed him hard and deep while grinding her body against his so lewdly that even pleasure slaves would blush.

Zan removed the imperial pilot helmet as he wrapped his arms around Sienala and kissing his lips back against hers. Smirking as he figured only she would recognize him, even in imperial garb. "Figures, I show up to the party with the wrong outfit and you come in and save the day, Sienala" He held her close in his arm's embrace as he looked to her eyes and smiled, before kissing her once again with a wanting passionate kiss.

The former dancer squirmed against Zan as he kissed her. The voice of the light blue Twi'lek whimpered. Oh sure, Zan was a good kisser, and she enjoyed his kisses, touches and attentions, but he was no Sgloggo. Breaking the kiss, she twirled a finger along Zan's earlobe. "What brings you here?"

Zan smiled as he looked to Sienala's eyes as he held her close in his arms, kissing deeply against her lips as he whispered back against to her. "I was back home to take care of some business, I am so sorry for leaving in the middle of the night. It wasn't my plan, but if the results remain true. My people may be closer to free from the empire and our current imperial governor. As for the clothes, um i don't think the pilot will miss them" He cupped her cheek softly as he kissed her lips deeply and slowly.

"I'm not worried about your clothes, silly man. I'm not one of those girls who thinks the clothes make the man. The man makes the clothes. You think I dress like this because I'm a slave? I love this kind of clothing. I like how silly it makes people and how easily manipulatable they become." She giggled, taking his hand in hers and leading him to a game table.

"That would explain why I love you, Sienala. As for the way you dress, I never thought about it once. Though my eyes will never complain like ever" He held her hand gently in hers as he follows her to a game table, smiling as his eyes follow her every curve and gently biting his lip. "Also hope that my actions don't make the holonet, that op took six months to plan and set up and my custom mods and family farm"

"That would be up to you, right? Besides, we can always change your face. It's not like you've grown used to it or anything...right?" There was that giggle again. The young Twi'lek had a way of making herself seem younger than she was, but then her age was always something that was indeterminate falling somewhere in the young adult region, possibly in her teens. Once at a gaming table she squirmed her way against him, wiggling like a playful thing wanting attention while making sure Zan had opportunity to have his diversions.

He chuckled as he finally had some alone time with her, smiling as he had followed her to a gaming table. Wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, kissing softly and slowly against her neck. With each kiss against her neck and up towards her cheek, his passion built more into each kiss and lick against her body. "I wish i could have brought you with on the op, my love. No excuses though. Now lets get me out of this uniform. I feel super dirty, wearing this thing. And I can't keep my hands off of you" His hands groping her from behind as his attention turned entirely towards her.

"So, you're saying, private show of your own?" Pressing her body against him, arching her back she draped an arm back over his shoulder. "It's rare that I give private shows. So rare, I've only done it once before. You sure you can handle it?" Her hips rose and fell suggestively against his groin.

"Yes my lovely Sienala, just the two of us. Before someone hotshot or a commanding officer steals me away from you again. I know rare it is, my beautiful darling Sienala. I would consider myself privileged then" He smirks as he continues to move against her from behind, gently stroking her cheek and neck softly with his hands. " I'm pretty sure I can handle anything you can show me, my darling."

"Are you sure? I mean, it's been a long time. Have you been practicing with officers or soldiers under your Imperial command? Or will I need to put on the training simulation first?" Turning, she slid a thigh up along his to wrap her leg around his waist. Her body crushed against his, hands reached up to drape behind the nape of his neck. "I don't know if I brought them or not."

He looked to her eyes and smiled as he replied to her question. "Very sure, my love. My thoughts were of you only Sienala. As for training sims, nothing can replicate you and your beauty my dear" Moving his hands wrapped around her waist, lifting her up and closer in his arms as he holds her close and gently. Kissing deeply and slowly against her lips as his passion builds and releases through his kisses against her lips and against her neck. "This casino better have rooms, because you my dear Sienala, deserve such luxury."

"You say the sweetest things. But Zan, are you sure? I'm not like those other girls you might see. I'm not looking for a husband. I'm not looking for someone to save me. I chose my path. I don't mind you walking it with me, but if you can't walk it with me forever, feel free to take your own fork, okay?" She was primping him, cleaning the lint from the uniform.

Luna made her way out from the employee area of the cantina. She had taken far too long to smoke a cigarra. When she came back, she couldn't help but notice the two love birds getting a tad bit too lovey in *her* cantina. Those kinds of activities were reserved for after hours ... and only involved her husband. She stopped at the bar to grab a blue squirt bottle. "Hey!" She yelled, squirting water at them. "Back it off. This is a public establishment and we don't do business like that." Well, not unless they had the credits for it. She squirted the bottle again. "You can pay an additional fee for a special room, or get outta here. I just replaced all the seating and I do *not* want it ruined." A lot of bounty hunting money had been poured into this place. She had considered kidnapping her sister, the Duchess of Delaya, again, but that was going to be an unfortunate pain in the ass to pull off.

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