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Christopher Fulk, Erin Highberg, Christopher Levy, Curtis Markley, Jaina Roberts, and Thomas Rogers.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:2:10) in the Bright Jewel system: Ord Mantell (Worlport: The Drunken Mantellian and Spaceport).

Commander Derek Atio, Sergeant Reilly Judah, Trooper Jace Mereel, Emi Shinohara, Thar, Captain Dagon Tong, and Brant Wex.


The small YV-664 preceded slowly through the orbit of Ord Mantell with the small Bothan at the controls. The COM unit came to life on the small freighter as he was given a docking assignment. Small claws worked the controls steering the small freighter toward the correct dock. As it approached the landing gear was lowered the repulsorlifts kicking it to bring the ship to a smooth landing. Throwing his pack of the various gear the Bothan might need he headed down the ramp of the ship into civilization. The Bothan was small only reach four feet many beings had judged him by his size and were left dead for their mistake. His fur was pitch black with a hint of grey showing in places. Thar was getting a little bit up there in years. The only weapons others could see clearly on the small creature was the two 'primitive' SH-9 slug throwers. Both weapons were resting in his two thigh holsters, his right hand never far from the grip of one.

Jace was looking forward to this time off it had been a while since he had just relaxed. The cocky young Rebel pilot whose day job was a Rebel commando leaned against the wall near the boarding ramp of the Agro. He was not in his Rebel uniform that would of been a death trap. The heavy weapons he normally carried were left in his bunk along with the uniform. A simple small DL-18 blaster was all he had with him at the moment. The small weapon hidden in a holster at his back. Green eyes glanced around the docking bay as he waited for the rest of the Agro crew to show up.

The Bothan had a simple mission here on Ord Mantell...gather information and equipment. There was no place better in the galaxy to get the type of things he needed than a 'shady' planet such as this one. Dark eyes glared through the dim lights of the street as he searched for the correct place. His brown boots hardly made a sound against the pavement as he moved. His senses were on high alert ear perked upwards catching every whisper they could. The down side to such a place was the off chance you would be killed for just breathing.

Derek Atio proceded down the ramp and came upon behind Jace. The jovial-looking man in his mid-40s appeared calm and relaxed, making a port call to Ord Mantell was a far cry from raiding an Imperial starfighter depot. He looked through the spaceport carefully, his eyes picking up on every detail. He was dressed in the uniform of a member of the Royal Alderaan Civil Fleet, a guise which he was often forced to endure. At his side was his weapon of choice, a little-known SoroSuub 36T "QuickSnap" blaster carbine. While he was not fond of using it, whenever he approached a wretched world such as Ord Mantell he was keen to have it at his side. He inhaled deeply, his nose cringing at the stale night air. There as a tint of garbage in the aroma. "Lovely," he complained to Jace, as he reached the bottom of the ramp.

Jace did not know much about this place, but what he did know...he already did not like. Muttering to him self he followed the captain down the ramp stopping beside the man. Green eyes also taking in the area as he spoke "Not exactly the best place to relax but it's better than nothing, sir." He was nervous speaking around the captain and it showed in his hesitant

speech. He did not really know the man all that well to Jace the commander was just the guy who told him who to go shoot. It would be an interesting night just hanging out with the man...

Derek turned his head to Jace and allowed the pleasant disposition to remain on his face. He extended his right arm upon the young man's shoulder and tilted his head to the right slightly. "Are you even old enough to drink?" Derek asked as he sized the Commando up. He chuckled lightly as his joke, before shaking his head at him slightly. "I can't order you to get 'drunk,' Trooper," he said as he left the area of the ramp and headed deeper into the spaceport, "But I sure as heck recommend it." He moved his hands to his jacket and adjusted it neatly. He never knew when a lady might be around.

Yeah sure everyone always had something to say about how young he looked. True...he was only nineteen and looked even younger but it did rather grate on his nerves. He actually didn't know if he was old enough to drink here but from what he heard a toddler could get a glass of something. As the captain left he began to mutter under his breath taking a step or two to follow the man before he stopped and looked back at the Agro. He was not sure if he should join the commander or wait for someone else from the Agro's crew.

Brant shuffled thoroughly through a trash heap hiding his face under some ragged clothing he had been wearing for sometime now. He seemed to be looking for something important but it was not apparent. The only thing that was, was his growls of great frustration. "Gotta find it quick!" He slammed into the pile again this time with greater intensity and with arms flailing about him with trash spewing out everywhere. *gasp* "Got it!"

Places like this were where Imperials who go in trouble were sent. Reilly could not believe that the Argo willingly docked on this poor excuse for a planet. She had managed to scrounge up some civilian attire in a more comfortable color ... navy. Well, not much to do on such a planet so she strolled along, looking for a cantina that seemed decent enough to enter.

His brisk determined walk that told anyone who looked at not dare approach him came to a sudden change. Sure he still had the scowl on his face showing part of his fangs but the walk slowed as his attention was caught up on the creature going through...trash? He blinked a few times at the spectacle his feline eyes picking up every detail of the being even in the dim lighting. His attention was not fully off the rest of the area. His ears were still perked upwards listening to everything. The Bothan was a paranoid creature and did not care if it showed. His right claw still rested close to the SH-9 his left holding the strap of the pack around his shoulder.

Oh the 'fiery' doctor pilot chick...that was someone who he would gladly hang out with even if it meant staying around the captain. It was not that Jace did not know the commander, but the man was his superior so it was hard to relax around him. He walked quickly to catch up with the two staying a few feet behind them waiting for his chance to slide into the conversation.

Derek's attention turned to that of Sergeant Judah. He had not had an opportunity to speak with the hot-tempered Medic since the incident of the past few days. He could already feel his throat begin to swell as he came up along side of her, his fingers instinctively reaching into his collar to loosen it a bit. "Good evening," he said nonchalantly, deliberatively avoiding the use of any military rank or formality. The last thing he wanted to do was get shot on the street for trying to get a drink. "Going my way?" he asked kindly as he turned the corner, walking at a deliberate pace towards The Drunken Mantellian cantina. Once he stepped inside, his eyes going wide as he

looked over the various patrons and activities swirling throughout the notorious location. Oh, he would have been at home in a place like this in his youth. He wasted no time in head straight for the bar, bellying right up and ordering an Aderaan Ruge. He was determined to enjoy this.

Her greeting back was a nod and a quiet, "Sir." There seemed to be few other alternatives than The Drunken Mantellian. Not one to 'belly up' anywhere, Reilly moved in the opposite direction of the bar and found a booth. Inward she went, facing the door like any good little paranoid former Imperial would do. When the servo droid came around she ordered simple meteorite water. Expensive but non-alcoholic.

Jace of course enjoyed his view from behind the woman a small smile slid onto his lips as he followed them both into the Cantina. Green eyes blinked a few times in order to adjust to the lighting. He took a few steps into the place before he stopped waiting to see where the two would take a seat. His right hand hovered close to the DL-18 people usually decided that he was to young for places like that and wanted to show him with violence.

Her water sat. Reilly was busy observing all the life forms. The galaxy really was a fascinating place. More fascinating now that the crew was less human and more mixed, though that was still something she was getting used to. She had yet to have to work on an alien life form and knew there were translating devices, but it would be...different.

Derek pulled the glass to his lips and slurped it down audibly. The shrill, class-less *slurp* was heard by all those around him and drew the unwanted attention of many. He swallowed happily, the strong beverage burning at the roof of his mouth and then at the back of throat as it slowly

rolled down. Immediately he relaxed, the beginning of a warm glow starting emanate from deep within him. For the night he could forget the war and its atrocities and he could simply knock back a few drinks in the peaceful solemnity of this forsaken bar.

Well this was just great they both took seats at opposite sides of the bar! Head turning from the right to the left looking at each of them he wondered what the hell to do. Of course he wanted to hang out with the woman, but it was the captain he would be leaving by him self...the guy who

assigned on the best missions all the best equipment. Hell he was the guy who could put him into a snub fighter one day. Jace just stood there only part of him moving was his head back and forth and his lips as he muttered to himself.

Derek took another long sip of his drink and turned his attention over towards the mirror behind the bar. He felt himself growing older, the war aging him and making him more weary. He was getting old and as much as he did not like it his body was starting to ache and just getting up in the morning was becoming an arduous task. It was a good thing he was not in the infantry, or he would have serious shortcomings. He took another sip of his drink and leaned up against the bar, his eyes searching for any trace of Captain Tong.

Booted feet rested on the seat opposite her in the booth. Reilly watched drunks of various species got old quickly. She finally lifted her drink, taking a long sip.

Hearing about a dealer who worked out of the areas cantina the small Bothan headed in that direction. His soft bantha hide boots made no noise as the expert tracker made his way through the streets and down the steps of the cantina. His feline like eyes adjusted quickly to the different lighting as his dark black fur began to prickle all across his body he did not like this place. The Bothan was not tall he only reached four feet in height yet his body was lean with muscle that showed through his simple attire. The black fur was dark enough to hide him in the shadows but parts were starting to streak with grey due to his age. His left claw still clutched the satchel over his shoulder as right hovered near the SH-9.

While Jace was still trying to decide on who to join the small Bothan caught his attention. He blinked a few times at the strange creature this being the first time he had ever saw one. When his light eyes came across the dark ones of the Bothan he quickly jerked his head away. The hairy creature had a look on it's face that no one could mistake as 'go away' to put it mildly.

There were not much to look at but they were what passed as the controlling faction in this area. Four members of the local Bounty Hunters guild made their way into the cantina. The cantina was a normal hang out for the local guild members. They all glared around staring down each of the other patrons as if they owned the entire planet before they slipped into their usual spots at the bar.

Jace finally made his decision giving one last hesitant look toward the captain he turned his attention to the medic. Throwing on his winning smile he made his way to her sliding into the stool beside her. Touching the small wound which would leave a scar on the side of his head he spoke "Thanks for the work did a great job."

Reilly looked up from her seat at the booth, not moving her feet from the opposite seat, which could be taken as an invitation to join her. A rather emotionless expression was plastered over her face. "It's my job."

Making himself comfortable in the seat he flashed her a smile as a chuckle escaped his lips. "Well it was your fault it happened after all." Jace was in simple civilian clothes nothing fancy. Plain T-shirt, pants, shoes. The only eye catcher was the small DL-18 at his right hip within it's holster.

Dagon Tong did not look like he belonged to the Rebellion. Not the way he was armed. Full tactical body armor, possibly pirated off the Katarn design, but lightened to ensure full mobility. Considered light. Over a black pair of BDU fatigues, and a grey urban blouse. The thigh pockets looked full, bulging next to the pistol holstered to his left. With only the grip showing of the weapon, it was impossible to tell he was carrying a Merrson made disruptor pistol, though if he drew down on someone, that became painfully obvious. An EE-3 carbine was slung across his back, the three point tactical sling loosened to allow such, while still holding it at easy reach. The weapon was clearly not stock, while the barrel of the weapon bore some manner of a rail system, a vertical tac grip affixed to it. Slung under his right arm was a repeating slug thrower, sternly hacked down for concealability. In truth, he had not looked much different as an Imperial operator. He paid a glance around the cantina, looking for any sign of the folk he was there to meet. A balaclava was tucked down around his neck, and the distinctive trio of shrapnel scars on his face marked him to those he was looking for, or at least those he had served with.

Well, Reilly had to move her feet since he sat down. They were placed upon the floor one at a time with an annoyed thump. Brown eyes stared at the man, what she would have previously referred to as a rebel pup, but who was now a colleague. "Perhaps you were too busy to notice, but your girlfriend was the reason you were hurt as well as the mission nearly costing us our lives."

An eyebrow was arched at that comment as Jace had to think for a moment who she meant. His thought process was interrupted for a moment as green eyes glanced over toward the new comer. Now that was what he needed an EE3 was much better than the equipment the rebels forced on him now. He brought his attention back to the Medic was the woman she spoke up came to mind, "Oh that other Trooper. I'm not sure what happened to her after the mission. Maybe she was court-martialed just like you wanted."

Derek took a sip of his drink as he noticed the entrance of Captain Tong. He did not want to draw any attention, but for now he simply nodded to signal that he was indeed here and walked away from the bar towards a table in the back of the cantina. He slid into his seat, falling back into

the shadows, and comfortably watched the events occurring all around him as he nursed his drink like an old lady.

Thar made his way through the cantina heading toward the bar area. His contact should be coming along shortly to meet him until then he would stay low key as possible. The Bothan glared at each being who he made eye contact with as moved fluidly through the cantina. His right claw still hovered over the small SH9 slug thrower in his right thigh holster. Reaching the bar the man in the Royal Fleet uniform caught his attention for a moment. Wondering why the Alderaan fleet would be here...he ordered a drink from the tender.

"Let's hope so. Reflects bad on the commander if she isn't. Can't have any sort of order without knowing you can depend on those in your...command..." The well stocked male made little impression, but the Bothan caught her attention, making her lose track of what she was saying.

Remembering again that this was not the Empire her eyes drifted back to the trooper. With a hint of a smirk Reilly continued, "...what was I saying?"

"That you were jealous of the troopers feelings for me." He flashed her another smile as his gaze followed her to rest on the Bothan. He was mildly interested in the creature he had never seen one before. Green eyes flowed back to gaze into hers as his cocky smirk formed back on his lips, "So what can I get you to drink?"

Reilly lifted her drink, only about one-third gone, and then placed it back down, "Nothing. And any feelings that insubordinate has for you are between the two of you."

Dagon took a moment to order a drink from the bartender. He was not against getting hammered. Especially when he had concluded a mission as was rejoining his Cuy Val' Dar adu. But he figured there was probably work to be done. So the very unconventionally armed and armored captain took a few sips of his drink, and then headed back towards the direction Derek had. He had gotten along better with Atio than other Alliance brass since his defection, which was to say, he had not been openly insubordinate to him yet, or told him bluntly that he was an idiot and would end up getting men killed that did not need to be. He moved to sit down across from the officer, while still facing the door. Let him know who was coming in the door, and whether or not they needed shot.

"Hey she really might of been kicked out. I haven't seen her since that mission. Who knows perhaps you got through to the captain. It's weird that we are here though. Don't you think?" Jace asked.

The Bothan in him would never allow him to give up the chance to learn why Alderaan had any interest in Ord Mantell. The four foot black furred creature shifted his seat in the bar so he could watch the man out of the corner of a well trained eye. The feline ears were perked up listening carefully trying to pick up anything he could. He told himself it was just something to pass the time until his contact showed up with the equipment.

"Weird how?" Reilly shrugged as she glanced around, noting that the commander was now chatting with someone she had not yet seen. Little did she know that this was her captain. Another smirk came as she turned back to face Jace "Maybe Atio came to get lucky?"

"This isn't exactly the safest place for 'us' to be taking time off at." He glanced over to Commander Atio and began to wonder who he was meeting with. In his young mind it all came together. Of Course they were here so the captain could get something for their next mission...or maybe just some information for the next strike. He broke out in a small chuckle at her

comment about the captain "I doubt that...He doesn't seem to have what it takes

to land a one night stand."

"A penis?" Reilly shrugged "Could be."

"I'm just glad he can't hear the things you are saying. So..." Jace glanced around to make sure no one was paying to much attention to them before he finished speaking "You used to be an Imperial?"

Reilly leaned back in the booth, nodding "Actually, we're all under the rule of the Emperor, so you're an Imperial. But yeah, I was in the Navy."

Derek glared at Sergeant Judah and Trooper Mereel as they chatted. "Are they talking about me?" he wondered to himself as he tilted his head slightly. He only snorted a short chuckle and leaned back against the wall, as he enjoyed his drink and the atmosphere of the cantina. He would wait for Captain Tong to discuss the situation, but for now he was content simply to enjoy himself.

"...That's an interesting view. How come you quit?" Jace asked.

"Saw too much." Reilly explained.

"Wow...way to open up there, Sarge." Jace replied.

Reilly leaned forward, crossing her arms so they would rest on the table. A conspiratorial glance around the cantina was made ending with a jerk of her head to have the trooper lean closer "Really wanna know?"

At hearing the Alderaanian captain laugh, but for apparently no reason he traced the mans glare to the two humans sitting together across the cantina. Bothan curiosity was starting to get the better of him. He was not even thinking about the equipment anymore just what was going on in this backwater planet's Cantina. His mind raced in a million different directions trying to deduce on his own what was going on. His race prided them self in their ability to see in 'cracks' of every situation in order to figure out the outcome. As he thought he kept the Alderaanian captain in sight out of the corner of his eye. Yet now his attention was brought to the couple across the Cantina as well.

"Seems some of my boys and girls aren't who I put in. Life treating the boatload well?" He asked Atio as he took a long pull off his drink, paying only a glance to Atio, while he focused on the two that he pegged as having been with Atio for less than six month. He had staked the cantina out,

making sure they didn't have a platoon of Stormtroopers swarming all over the as soon as they ordered their drinks.

This was probably to good to be true, but Jace was young and did not know any better. He could not help but lean forward his eyes darting around to make sure no one was watching them "Of course I do." he said in a soft whisper...the anticipation obviously showing on his face.

"Well..." Spoken just over a whisper " you know, pay for enlisted isn't all it's cracked up to be, so I used to work on the side...serving at high class military get-togethers...typical stuff. Fat old commanders kissing the asses of fatter older commanders in order to get something

they wanted." Again Reilly paused and looked around to make sure no one was listening. "I'd decided about a year ago that I'd give it up, but this primo opportunity came up that'd be too sweet to pass. Lots of credits for little work." And now, for suspense, she lifted her drink and took a sip. Once the slow sip was over, and another look around the room was made she continued "Know what a Grand Moff is?"

Jace was all but drooling as she spun out the story...the nods of his head came almost as quick as her words did. When she looked around he did the same, his voice was just as low as hers as he answered "I think...its like a governor of a planet or something right?"

"Yeah, really high up guy. Gets to meet-n-greet with the Emperor. ...Well, this party was to install two new ones. All was going great. There was whispers that Palpatine might be there. Suddenly, the room gets quiet...all eyes shift toward the front podium...I couldn't really see but once I heard this unified gasp I moved so I could see. No one was really paying attention to anything but the front anyway." Another pause. She finished her drink and waved for the servo droid. Nothing else was said until she had ordered her drink. Once the droid was gone, she leaned back, giving the trooper a knowing nod that they would have to wait.

A low growl parted through the fangs and lips of the Bothan. He was to far away to hear nothing but one word out of ten from the couple across the cantina...and this Alderaanian captain was saying nothing important. But that look he gave them told the curious Thar that something was there between them. At that moment he decided after he met with the contact he would look into the matter further instead of heading to his next mission. Dark orbs kept a concealed watch on the Alderaanian captain and his friend as perked ears tried to hear what the couple were speaking about.

A new tall cool glassine of meteorite water was placed on the table. After a long sip that was taken while her eyes shifted around to make sure they were still alone, she again leaned in and waited for the trooper to do the same.

Jace blinked a few times as her story sank in. He did not want to wait but he knew he had to. He leaned back as well as his mind grasped at different ideas on what she would say next. The impatience was clear on his face to anyone who just took a quick look at the kid. "...So who was it..?"

"Not sure. Huge...three meters or more...wearing all black." Everyone knew Vader, even if just the name so Reilly knew he would know. "Real ominous. After him were two Twi'leks dressed...if you could call it red and chained. The lights suddenly dimmed and all you could hear was this odd, mechanical breathing..." Oh it was hard not to smile when she looked at the kid and how curious he was about this. Of course she just drew it out more "Then there was this red light. Nothing I'd ever seen before..."

Woah...was the only thing that was stuck in his mind for a second or two. She had been in the same room as Vader. Jace shook his head at that news. Sure he was going to be the one who killed the tyrant, but he had not even seen him yet.

"Ever hear the Emperor's anthem?" Her voice grew softer. Reilly was obviously getting to the good stuff.

Yeah Jace was cocky like that...arrogant to the point that he thought he could handle the Dark Lord himself. Leaning forward again he whispered to her "No I haven't and what happened next?"

"Well, I had to get this ugly senator a drink. But when my attention was back on the stage..." She hesitated and looked around again "I...dunno if you can handle this."

"Oh come on I saved your life remember." Jace had not really saved her, but If he had not killed those two Imperials than she would have been killed...maybe. Showing her the whites of his teeth in a smile he rolled his hand over the table top indicating she should go on!

Brant sat straight up behind a dumpster trying not to draw attention. After he had gotten his possession back he scurried back to his 'home.' Realizing the situation his life was in he curled up beside the dumpster. He knew he was not going to get far in life and that stuff. Although somehow he had made it this far and stayed optimistic.

"Alright...but I warned ya." One final look, this time even longer, making sure even their commanding officer was not paying attention. Reilly shifted so that she was even closer to Jace, nearly whispering into his ear "It was crazy. Somehow the Twi'leks had freed themselves...the anthem was playing loudly though no one in the audience was singing. I pushed my way closer to the front...along the side wall so I wouldn't get in too much trouble..." Her face changed. She sat back and shook her head. There seemed to be a hint of tears forming in her eyes. Hands covered her mouth for a moment as she spoke "I...I can't..."

He frowned a flash of concern coming across his young features. That was all his outward appearance though. Inward he was thinking she was the stereotypical girl who took a month to tell a simple story. Careful not to let those thoughts even come close to showing in his eyes or face he took her right hand in his and held it softly "It's don't have to finish if you don't want to...I understand." That was the biggest lie he ever told...he wanted to know more than anything now...

After composing herself, she removed her hands from her mouth and patted one of Jace's "You are sweet...thank you for that, but you should know exactly what we are fighting to prevent." After another sip of her drink she leaned into the table again "The aliens had managed to get some of the black armor off of the huge being. What was under was hard to know if it was a man or a woman..."

"...What happened to the aliens..?" Jace asked

"Jace, I gotta tell ya...what I saw...I hope no being ever has to see. Someone in the audience whispered a, I'm not saying it was but this is what I heard...the dark figure...was Lord Vader. And...trooper...he is a transvestite that does a striptease!" That last part was said in a normal voice, perhaps a bit louder than normal. She sat back and started laughing.

Jace blinked a few times at the strange final comment she made...a few seconds went by before he understood what she was doing. Following suit he too throw out a loud laugh as he leaned back against the seat "That was an interesting story."

Brant shot up remembering his motto, "Do or die, Living to try!" He always used to say it to keep himself up in a bad situation and this time he decided to scream it as loud as he could. It made him feel so good that for the first time he cracked a big smile. He knew something was going to happen. Something was going to get him out of this place.

Reilly looked at him, shaking her head. After taking another long gulp of her drink, she spoke through her laughter "Sorry kid, couldn't resist."

Humans were so easy to read. To his mind none of them knew how to hide their emotions. Thar did not hear the entire story but he picked up enough to know it was something about the Imperials. Those two talking about the Empire...and being linked with the Alderaanian captain spoke volumes in his mind. Thoughts of the two were brushed aside as he noticed the Alderaanian captain start to talk.

Derek turned to look to Tong, his eyes studying over the man who he had no seen for some time. "It's been a while," he said quietly as he looked around the room to avoid drawing too much attention, "I trust your mission went well?" He lowered his head and returned to his drink, sipping it to avoid suspicion. "Many new faces," he explained as he motioned to some of the new troopers, "We've received many replacements. There's a personnel brief on all of them." His eyes darted to a Rodian who looked like he might be close enough to hear, and then lowered his voice slightly. "We've been busy..." he added, not getting too specific just yet.

"Real time I should just leave you on whatever mission we are on." Jace stated.

"Here's to hoping it ain't on this scrap heap." Reilly lifted her drink and took another sip"

Brant slipped out from the trash can and ran into a bar. He jumped up onto a stool and stared at the bartender. "Ithorian mist, on the rocks please." He looked up with a straight face for half a second and then cracked a big smile. He did not know what he was doing, he just thought this was what a grown up would do if they were happy and depressed at the same time. He laughed a bit, realizing his age and his silliness.

"Seems a crowded place..." Bothans were always the first suspect on anyone's list for eaves dropping, and this one, Tong was just about sure, was eaves dropping. Fortunately, with the state of the galaxy, the being could be disposed of in one of the hundreds of scrap heaps on the planet, and no one would blink. "But I guess that means I have reading to catch up on."

With Jace gone off to the privy, Reilly's attention turned to her commanding officer. His face gave away that he was talking business. Brown eyes then drifted to the Bothan. Damn things had great hearing. Might be time for some cover for the boss man. She finished off her drink and moved toward the pair, Atio and company. Her gate was staggered as if she were drunk. Once close enough, she slapped Atio on the back "Derek! You old bantha hide, you still alive?"

Emi Shinohara, an older yet graceful woman. Well, if you considered 34 standard years old. For being an Alderaanian ambassador, the cantina scene really usually was not her style. She usually went to large events where mingling with other diplomats and heads of power. But reasons as to why she was at this cantina was of another matter entierly. She took a deep breath as she brushed off her bantha hide jacket. She was just starting to get used to wearing civilian clothing. Of course that would take time.

"What do you mean I can't have a drink?!" Brant stood up tall on his seat, staring angrily at the bartender. He slammed back into his seat and turned around to search the room for strangers. No one inconspicuous except a lone Bothan, which cracked a particular amount of interest in Brant. He eyed the Bothan for the longest amount of time and staring down some of his weaponry.

Emi glanced around as she stepped further into the cantina. Her long jet black hair tied in a neat lower pony tail. Her eyes thin and dark took in her surroundings. She had no need to carry a weapon as there was usually someone who would discretely follow her around. It paid to have some sort of bodyguard. Thin lips would part as she licked them trying to spot a familiar face. She figured she most certainly should keep moving. And with that she moved over towards the bar.

Derek nodded to Tong, his eyes turning to Sergeant Judah as she approached the duo. "Still alive, almost drunk," he said to her as took a hearty glass of her drink. "You two met?" Derek asked as his eyes moved from the Sergeant to the Captain. As he noticed Ambassador Shinohara entered the bar.

Reilly looked toward Tong and moved in his direction, sitting on the side of the table so that the Bothan's view would be blocked "That is one nasty scar. Bet there's a great story behind it."

"Cut myself shaving." Tong replied and nodded to the sergeant, chuckling into his drink as he downed near half of it.

Brant switched his gaze over to the ambassador, spotting her clothing. He rubbed his hands together, "Begging opportunity." He jumped off the stool and ran through the crowded place towards the lady. He slicked back his hair and rubbed down his face and then tugged on her clothing. "Excuse me miss, would you happen to have any spare credits on you?"

His attention wanted to be now on the large group around the Alderaanian captain, however the loud being who seemed to be glaring at him demanded his attention for a moment. At the glare from the creature his right claw stopped it's hovering of the SH-9 and started rest directly on the butt . When he saw the creature give it's attention to the newcomer he brought his focus back to the table where it should be. He was to the side of the group not looking directly at them. Simply keeping a close look out of the corner of his eye and an even closer ear to their conversation.

"They've made amazing leaps in technology. Personally, I prefer using hot wax but most men can't handle that." Reilly began humming. Just more to drown out the conversation just in case the Bothan was listening. He could not look now, she was blocking his view. Take that

furry! Some old Corellian folk tune seemed to grow louder. She hoped at least one of the men present was smart enough to know to get on with the important talk while she did this.

Emi blinked at the creature in front of her and raised a slim brow. "And this is why I don't come into Cantinas..." She rolled her eyes to the beggar in front of her and moved towards Commander Derek Atio. At last, someone she recognized.

"Yeah, but it adds something to the whole image. Wouldn't want to give that up." Tong snorted at the mention of wax, and held his now empty cup up, asking for a refill from the bartender.

Brant watched her brush him off looking very sad then angry. "Fine you old hag don't give me credits." He spun back and spotted the Bothan again and stared up at him almost curiously, sweetly. He eyeballed the piece he carried with him and then pointed at it. "That a SH-9 Standard pistol?"

The human woman was rather annoying...his view now blocked by her disgusting backside. His eavesdropping down to only every other word because of her as well was making his temper boil. He knew he could not do anything about it either or it would give his true intentions away. Perhaps her little decoy was planned perhaps it was not...either way it was working well. Dark eyes shot upwards to glare hatred at the man who spoke to him. His temper was already at a boil and now he was being bothered. His right claw wrapped firmly around the handle of the weapon as a long digit rested on the trigger. He kept the small weapon within it's holster for now. He hissed his words at the intruder "Yes, it leave."

"Ambassador," Commander Atio said quietly as he nodded his head to her. Her recent addition to the ship as an ambassador had made his cover story easier to 'sell,' but her also made protecting her a grave responsibility for the crew of the Argo. He smiled to her politely and ordered another drink as the serv-o droid approached the table.

Reilly looked at the scarred man. Maybe she had gotten her vibes about their meeting wrong. Either way, some woman was approaching "On you, it works." Shrugging, she got off of the table and started walking, without a drunken stagger away from the pair. Funny how one good laugh at the trooper's expense was all she needed to be done with the quiet stoic act. As she passed the bothan she paused. Index and thumb finger moved toward his fur "I think you've got..." She snatched at something and pretended to squish it "Yep...kriffen fleas." And now she headed back to her booth.

Brant looked shocked. "Sorry for bothering you, sir." He hated the day so far and he wandered outside until his feet hit the cold surface of the planet outside the cantina. "I hate this planet." He grunted, kicking the dirt around him. "Why can't I be somewhere else?!" He knew crying out would not help him, he had tried it before, so he just went on pacing around the front door of the cantina.

Emi gave a nod to the Commander and took a deep breath. She moved towards the booth, not feeling comfortable with the current surroundings at all. She sat down slowly and crossed those long legs. She glanced back to the beggar yelling and pacing at the front of the Cantina. She shook her head and looked back towards Derek. "Enjoying yourself?" She said with a

slight smile, only hoping her sarcasm was implying that she was not.

A low growl parted his lips as the woman spoke...killing her now would ruin everything...he did glare at her committing her features to memory. When the time was right she would pay for her insult. The Bothan turned his attention discreetly back to the Alderaanian captain and his little group. It seemed another human female had joined them. The Bothan's fur was pitch black except for a few areas that were starting to streak with gray, which was expected at his age. His attire was simple nothing fancy the only thing that really made him stand out was his choice in 'primitive' weapons...the twin SH-9 slug throwers at his thighs.

"Who wouldn't be in this sort of place?" Tong chuckled at the politician. Nothing like posh and polish in a nasty place like this. He was more than happy to watch this. It was damned funny to him.

Jace's eyes were nearly bugging out of his head! He heard and saw what she had done to the Bothan. Everyone in the cantina could tell you should leave that one alone. The little creature had 'go away' stamped right on his face. He shook his head at the Sergeant as he spoke "Are you crazy! That little beast could rip you apart."

"I always try to enjoy myself," Derek said to Emi with a smile, his face reddening slightly from the effects of the alcohol as he took another sip of the Alderaan Ruge. He sighed contently as the warm liquid ran down his throat. "Used to places like this?" he asked the Ambassador, a sly smile curling upon his lips.

"Bring it on. I'd rather fight than sit here getting drunk." Not that she'd had anything to get drunk.

"Fight that beggar least he can't just rip your throat out...with his teeth." Jace replied.

Emi gave a small shrug over those thin shoulders. "I'm afraid I don't know how to answer that question. I guess the answer would be that I should be getting used to places like this." She rolled her eyes towards the Commander, but in more of a playful manner as a smile curled upon her own thin lips.

"Keep talkin like that, you're turning me on." Reilly had not sat so now she did, leaning against the ripped seat of the booth.

Brant looked angry at the sign above the door and made a face at the sign. He wanted to kill the Bothan in the cantina, but he knew the Bothan would just shoot him dead. "Come on" he slapped his hands to his face and dragged them down.

"Are you finding the VIP quarters aboard the Argo up to your standards?" Derek asked with a nod, her ambassadorial quarters were the finest he had ever seen in his years in the navy. The Royal Alderaan Civil Fleet did an impressive job converting the vessel to a consular ship. His quarters, on the other hand, were a disappointment. He would make due however ... At least the bar was stocked.

"You know what? I'm not sticking around here begging for attention I'm no... I'm better than that." Brant stormed off into the city, searching for a gun to pickpocket off of someone.

Emi would take a deep breath and exhale quite slowly as she gave a firm nod. "Yes, it is actually quite impressive, thank you." She said in a softer voice.

Brant scanned down the street finally locating a sporting blaster. It was slender and it would be easy to take from the man's holster. As he inched closer, he unclipped the safety harness and slipped the gun out without a hitch and then raced back to the cantina.

"I've never been a chauffer before," Derek said to her as took a big sip of his drink. "Perhaps I should get a hat," he chuckled lightly at her as he finished his second drink, putting it down on the table. He had hoped her presence would not complicate their mission any, as the Alderaanian view on peace and non-violence often conflicted with their mission.

Not to mention the fact that half of them were loaded for bear. "Who's bunk did you hand over?" Tong raised an eyebrow, wandering if it was his bunk that got left taken over.

Brant slipped into the bar staring intently at the Bothan. The gun was concealed well under his ragged shirt. As he edged closer he became nervous, he knew that if this where to work he would need to run like crazy and hide conspicuously.

"I don't know if that's supposed to an insult, or if that was your attempt at being funny." Emi said with a smile raising her right brow, only hoping to get a rise of the slightly intoxicated Commander.

Reilly noted the return of the beggar. Once again Jace was in the privy, the boy could not hold his liquor. She rose, pretending to walk toward the privy as well, but feigned a trip near Atio. While on the floor she looked up at Tong, since he was who she was near and he seemed a bit more weapon savvy than the commanding officer. "Our beggar's back."

Again...his attention was torn away from the group as he noticed the beggar had returned. He was growing beyond tired of these interruptions first this beggar, then the woman, now the beggar again. Was the look on his face that he gave everyone not enough to make them realize he wanted to be left alone. He clutched at the handle of the right slug thrower as he hissed at the beggar again. "Not again! Leave me be, Human!"

Reilly looked over at the Bothan and shook her head. It was hard being raised Imperial and hearing a non-human speak as the alien did.

Brant whipped out the gun and fired at him. Missing almost every shot, but hitting much of the area around his head. His eyes were closed when the gun fired. He was shooting blind, but when he realized the Bothan was not dead, he dropped the gun and stared at the Bothan, scared out of his shirt.

The loud...what he would normally call shouting brought his attention away from the Sarge and over to the Bothan. The creature had been silent all night and now this...outburst. Jace was just glad the little creature did not decide to blow up at the Sarge.

This was when Reilly rose. She was not going to let a being get killed just because they were stupid. She moved quickly toward the pair, placing a hand on the Bothan's shoulder "He is drunk."

"You'll find my sense of humor ranges between that of the smell of a Dewback and the sound made by a dying Thranta," Derek responded to the Ambassador with a kind smile. His new drink had arrived and he was quick to want to deposit it with the others on the bottom of his stomach.

Thar was no soon as the man had reached into his shirt for the weapon he had ducked. The Bothan was a hard target to hit after all. Agile, quick, and only four feet tall. It did help that the mans eyes were closed the entire time he was shooting. A low rumble escaped his lips as

he glared bloody murder at the beggar across the cantina. Those dark eyes flicked away from the beggar for just a second to give the woman an even more evil look "Remove...your hand, human..."

Brant's small face now covered in tears he did not know what to do he grabbed the gun off the floor and stuck it against his head. A life so short he thought, should not be so troublesome. He closed his eyes and squeezed the trigger slowly.

"You gonna hurt me for trying to save an idiot's life? Just relax. He's not worth your trouble." Reilly stated.

"It seems...I will not have to kill him." His lips parted to show his fangs in what would seem a smile to any other of his kind. To these most likely looked like a snarl. His eyes flicked from the woman's hand on his shoulder back up to her own "Remove your hand so I can watch the human take his own life in peace..."

"Ya got a little..." Reilly removed her hand and rubbed her own teeth "...what is that? Yes, she was looking at the Bothan's mouth, not the dude going suicidal.

...Great .. he just sighed as he rushed over to the side of the Sergeant the small DL-18 coming half way out of it's holster before he made it to the area. This woman really had a death wish or something. He glanced over toward the captain wondering if he would do anything about all this...before he looked down at the Bothan. "Hey Sarge...let them their thing it's none of our concern...ya know."

Just before the bolt of energy was released, Brant remembered something. "Do or die. Live to try." He opened his eyes wide and dropped the gun down. "Do or die. Live to try!'" He began to repeat it until he was yelling it to everyone in the cantina. Then he ran around the room and to the drunk, old captain and screamed it in his face. "Do or die. Live to try!"

Reilly looked at the trooper and smiled. Her hand that had been on the Bothan's shoulder and then rubbing her teeth to try to tell the creature he had schmatz stuck to his. She turned toward the odd beggar guy and shook her head. "Jace, that piece got stun?" she asked.

As the two humans started to talk their attention off of him for a second or two he moved. Sliding quickly out of the seat he spun his small frame to face the crazy beggar. The small slug thrower moving smoothly out of it's holser at his right thigh.

His age reflected his maturity, Brant being only about twelve. He knew how dumb he was acting, but he did not care. He just did not care what others thought about him. He was living life in an excited tone. He was happy, but...he dropped his arms and slipped back to a normal stance

and he stared around at all the staring faces and then the man with the DL-18. "Gonna shoot me?" He ran up to the man. "Then do it!" He said, but before anyone could object he stepped toward the door.

"Uh...yeah but who do I shoot?!" Jace was hoping that she did not say the Bothan...that's not what he wanted to do at all. His right hand slid the small DL-18 from it's holster his thumb flicked the weapon over to it's stun setting.

"The guy," Reilly explained.

Derek spit out his drink, the liquid falling down over his chin and down over his jacket as he saw someone run up to him unexpectedly. "What's going on here?" he asked as a bit startled as his eyes trailed from the child to the agitated trooper. He was a bit intoxicated and not of clear thought and his attention had been focused on the Ambassador.

"You heard the boy." Reilly stated.

Brant spun back around, looking around at everyone and then flapped his arms slightly, looking very nervous. "Sorry for ruining your drinks e..." He swallowed a bit. "everyone...please forgive me." He stared once again at the Bothan, almost apologetically. He then stepped out onto the streets rather quickly and awkwardly. His day went a little askew, but that would not stop him from getting off the planet.

"Sergeant Judah," Derek said as his attention focused between the trooper and the angry beggar. "Get control of this situation, immediately." The captain had lost his patience and rose from the table, the spilled drink falling down his shirt as he came around from the table and strode towards the boy. He shook his negatively at the boy, displeased with the conduct of the some of the locals.

Brant Spotted the captain coming out of the cantina and was almost afraid, but stood his ground for some reason. He did not know why, but he turned around and faced the captain expecting a punishment of galactic proportions. "Y...yes, sir?" He stood patiently with his hands in front and his head low.

"What is the meaning of all this?" Commander Atio asked the confused young boy. He folded his arms in front of his chest as he stared down at the boy. He was insulted and had been bothered when he was simply trying to have a pleasant evening to himself.

Reilly sighed. Had the drunk commanding officer just given away that she was a sergeant? She looked at the kid and sighed again, fishing into the pocket of her navy colored pants and pulling out some credits "Here kid, go get a bath somewhere."

Brant looked up at the Commander with head low. "I...I'm sorry, sir. It's just I've had a really tough day and... and... I well he... and the lady... she... she wouldn't... and the Bothan... and the gun... I... I'm sorry sir." Tears were now streaming down his face as he looked down at his feet, then returned his gaze with the Commander.

"You want the credits or you gonna keep whinin?" Reilly held out the credits in the palm of her hand "You smell like the back side of a bantha.

Brant walked up to her slowly and went to grab it, then stopped looking up to her in question if the jester was a true act or maybe falsehood.

"Take it! Just make sure you get a bath."

Brant grabbed the credits and looked up to the Sergeant. "Thank you, very much." He looked back to the Commander and bowed nobly. "I will see you again, sir. I promise." He smiles wide and then ran off into the distance into the crowded streets.

"I believe that was a threat, sir." Reilly said with a smirk.

Derek sighed to Reilly as he turned his attention back to his table. The servo-droid has brought him a new drink, but it was of little consolation to him.

"Enjoy your drunkenness...sir." There had to be something better to do on this rock. Feet hit the floor and soon Reilly was standing. She did not bother looking over toward the commander, instead she just headed out of the cantina, passing the hunters and the furry guy on her way.

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