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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:35) in the Essesia system: Esseles (Larius Lacus: Drive-in holotheater and Sierra Rodney's lakehouse).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Major Sierra Rodney.

It was mid-afternoon at Sierra Rodney's lakehouse. Sierra had discretely been sending the final parts of the XJ-2 speeder to the lakehouse since she found out about her husband's dream speeder. She thought it would take more time to have everything necessary to complete such a project, but, when an old, rusty body arrived the day prior, Sierra knew she had accomplished her task. "Don't look," she whispered into Claudius' ear as she guided him through the lakehouse where they had been spending some time together. She stood behind him, hands cupping his eyes to ensure he didn't see anything before they reached the garage. Though she had told him about her plans before, she hoped that it had slipped his mind during all the chaos with Chandrila, their son, and Lord Vader. Claudius and Sierra certainly needed some happy days in their lives. They would leave with the family to Skor II in the morning, so she hoped to give them what they both needed: a fun afternoon.

Sierra had cryptically requested he wear clothes he didn't care about before leading him on a blind trip through the lakehouse. "Almost there." She said excitedly. She abandoned the dangerously cream ISB top and her black pants for lazy loungewear. Sierra's outfit consisted simply of a pair of shorts and a slightly oversized t-shirt that already had paint stains on it from working on Bruce's room. One of her hands left his face briefly. She grabbed the door leading into the garage and opened it up. The large garage door was already open, providing them with a beautiful view while they worked together. At last, both of her hands dropped away from his face. "Surprise!"

Claudius attempted to walk with his vision obscured, searching the ground in front of him by sweeping his foot from side to side to avoid tripping. "Taking me to a fire squad?" he asked her, as a smirk came over his lips. With all that was happening on Chandrila it was not out of the realm of possibility. When she pulled her hand away and revealed the presence of the XJ-2 speeder his face lit up, quite excitedly. "Sierra!" he screamed, as his looks alternated between the speeder and his wife. "How did you manage this?" he asked her, as he reluctantly left her side to rush to the speeder. He crouched down next to it, looking over it like a young boy inspecting his presents on Life Day. "It's even the right color!" he told her, before leaping into the pilot's seat with the energy of a man half his age. "Does it work..?" he asked her, as if he was almost asking for too much. He turned the key powering up the engine and causing the old repulsors to come to life. It was one of the best sounds he had ever heard, even if it startled the sea cow and otters lurking outside the lakehouse.

Behind him, Sierra laughed. "Oh dear, you know I'm much kinder than that. I wouldn't let you walk to the firing squad blind." She snickered. The woman stood back and soaked up in his reaction. Sierra's grin grew brighter and brighter. He was so happy! It filled her heart to the brim with joy. It had certainly taken effort to pull together the classic speeder. "Wifey secrets." She told him as she made her way towards the speeder. As to the question of it it worked, well, that made Sierra fall silent. She had no idea. She was too nervous to try out the speeder when everything had arrived. What if it *didn't* work? Her blue eyes focused on the hood of the speeder. She willed it to did! The sounds of birds taking off around the lake could be heard over the rumbling engine. "I thought we'd need to do more to get it working." There was a datapad near her with instructions on the speeder and installing various parts of it. She didn't keep him waiting long as she, too, sat inside of the speeder in the passenger's seat. Relief spread over her: it worked! Sierra reached over to him. She let her fingers play a song along the top of his leg excitedly. "This is so much better than a firing squad, isn't it?"

"Hey! Who said you could sit in my speeder?" Claudius teased her, as she joined him in the magnificent classic vehicle. "Well it starts, but we still have to see if it works," he told her, before putting his foot down on the accelerator. A moment later the XJ-2 went into gear and blasted out of the garage, past the confused creatures that had gravitated to the shoreline. "Hang on," he told her, as he began driving them down the winding road that went around the entirety of Larius Lacus. It was not as fast as a modern speeder, nor as maneuverable, but it certainly looked good and that was the point.

"Psh. Who said I *couldn't*?" Sierra teased him right back. She held her breath as he placed his foot on the accelerator...but it still worked! "Woah!" It blasted right out of the garage. Needless to say, the vehicle actually worked. Sierra had been very picky choosey about it, but there was always the possibility that she'd gotten the short end of the stick. She sat back and enjoyed the way the wind moved through her hair. "Turn that way." She told him, pointing to a road that would begin to lead them away from Larius Lacus. It seemed Sierra had decided that today would be a trial of trust, as she had already lead him through the house without his vision. Now she let him have his vision, but told him nothing about where they were going. "How does it drive?" She asked him. "Oh, another turn here!"

"Hey. No side seat driving," Claudius teased, as he turned in the direction she instructed, despite his protest. "I see. This wasn't for me after all. You just wanted a chauffeur," he joked, as he began going down the unfamiliar road. "It dri-" he began, but before he could say another word he quickly turned onto the road she insisted. "It drives great ... for its age," he said, as he bounced slightly from the old engine laboring along. "You're up to something. Aren't you?" he asked, as he simply put his trust in her and drove in the direction she told him to. "The secret to a happy marriage ... always drive where your wife tells you," he said, as they moved further and further away from the lake.

Sierra laughed hard, nodding her head up and down. "Awww, you figured me out. You make for a wonderful chauffeur, my love." This was exactly what they needed. The roads were quiet. For that time, it was easy to pretend like the rest of the world didn't exist. It was just Claudius, Sierra, and the many creatures who lived in Larius Lacus. A snicker drew over her face that instantly made her dimples apparent. "The same could be said about you." She giggled, placing her hand on his leg. She loved him *so* much. She was over the moon that his surprise had worked out so well. "I had my doubts about this speeder. My worry was that you'd try to start it and the engine would simply fall out." Was she up to something? Sierra was *always* up to something. The mischievous smile on her face was enough affirmation that she needn't tell him more. "Ooh. That's a good quote for your biography. One more left." She promised. The next time the speeder turned, it wouldn't be long before they came to an old, abandoned looking drive-in movie theater. There was still an antique droid manning the drive-in. It came to life as the speeder arrived. She looked towards her husband nervously.

"Fear not, my love. The engine could still fall out before we get it back to the garage," Claudius told her, before executing her final turn. "You ISB types are always up to something," he teased, before rounding the corner that eventually led to the drive-in. "A holovid drive-in?!" he said, as he stopped the speeder, and leaned forward to gawk at it. "You'll never cease to amaze me," he said, as he drove the speeder up towards the droid. "This place looks to be older than me," he said, as he pulled the XJ-2 into position. "I wonder what's playing. I hope it's not Marcus and Zara's honeymoon," he joked, with a snicker, as he leaned across to her and wrapped his arm around her, drawing her in close to him.

"Thank you for that vote of confidence. We'll be pushing it back if the engine does fall out." She giggled. At least being in the ISB had taught her how to establish connections. Sierra didn't favor the trickier parts of the ISB. She was willing to pull everything out in order to get a win over the Rebels. For now, work was in the back of her mind. She would resume her work as his adjutant when they went to the Retributor. For now, she was his *wife*. She was pleased that he liked it. Her plans for the day were going off without a hitch. "It is. It's been awhile since it has seen its prime, but, I thought we'd enjoy it." She could hear the droid beeping as it sent signals to a holovid projector overhead. She laughed. "Ugh, I hope not. That's wayyyy more of both of them than I want to see. At least they make an original Duke and Duchess. No one else has ever had naked pictures mass produced like Zara and Marcus have." It had been so bad for the first few months. "Please never have a sex scandal with me. Actually. No sex scandals period." She happily scooted in close to him. She nuzzled into his side. Before them, Sierra recognized the introduction of Rainbow Rancor beginning to play. The jizzy Max Rebo song played on repeat in Sierra's head. There were many times when she found herself singing it at work. It was especially embarrassing when Meham caught her doing it at the holotank.

As the screen began to glow the only thing worse than his brother's holovid scandal came into view. It was the Rainbow Rancor, his adopted daughter's favorite holovid, which she watched several times a day. "Oh no. No, no, no," Claudius said, as he frowned, slumping forward into the flight stick, which caused the horn to sadly blow. "Did you arrange this?" he asked her, as the animated rancor and friends began to sing and dance upon the screen. A tiny ball began to move across the screen, encouraging the audience to sing a long. "We should have brought the girls," he suggested, as he leaned into back into his wife, deciding to make the most of it.

Oh no. It was a sing along. Sierra didn't need to look at the lyrics as she had already begin to sing it inside of her head. "No! I wasn't able to find out what was playing. Gahh. This song is going to be in my head for the rest of the day...*no*...the rest of my life." The horn sounded pathetic and perfectly summed up how Sierra thought about seeing a holovid that she saw when she closed her eyes at night. She settled in. "Next time. We had to check out this place and make sure it didn't suck. The sing along feature makes it worth it. The girls will love that." Sierra straightened up which enabled her to place a kiss on his lips. As they kissed, the Rainbow Rancor short ended and an actual movie, geared towards those above the age of four, began playing. "Aw, see. The torture is over." Sierra spoke between kisses.

Claudius could not believe he was making out with his wife during the Rainbow Rancor. He would never be able to walk through the living room of his estate while his daughter was watching it without thinking about this moment. "Oh thank goodness," he said, as he turned to watch the more mature feature that was beginning to unfold. As he sat there with her his comlink began to beep, but he did not want to answer it. Instead, he pressed the button to deactivate it and put it aside. "They always want something," he complained, as he leaned back into Sierra. "I can't even get through a holovid," he mentioned, before motioning over for the droid that would bring them all sorts of unhealthy snacks to eat during the show.

Sierra was in her happy place. She turned her head to pay some attention to the movie. It was her job to distract him, after all. It was his comm that distracted both of them. She moved her head as she prepared for him to answer it. "That they do. Are you sure it's wise to ignore it?" She asked him. The last time they had ignored their comms, the defenses of Chandrila were being picked off. She could see the droid go racing off to collect snacks for them. There was another pro for bringing the girls with them next time. "At least it wasn't a full length feature of Rainbow Rancor. There were no stupid Auntie Mae commercials either. I like this place." The droid returned with a variety of candies that would have never lasted an hour in their home. It also had a bucket of popcorn. It buzzed and beeped as it handed them the snacks. "Aw, look, pudding!" Sierra exclaimed. It was the only sweet she went for that the droid had brought them. She sat back in the speeder, spoon in her hand, slowly consuming chocolate pudding. Her eyes lit up, then she giggled. "Ewwiekewwieikkie said the craziest thing to me the other day."

"It's never wise to ignore it, but if I can't at least watch a holovid with my wife then living isn't worth it," Claudius informed her, as he began to reach into the snacks that were arriving. "It's so rare not having to choke down my food or pick out little clumps of blue fur," he said, as he settled into the comfortable leather chairs of the speeder while continuing to enjoy the date night with his wife. "Pudding? I would have thought you'd be over that after Bruce was born," he suggested, as he took a handful of popcorn and began to shove his face. "Crazy by our standards? Or crazy by her standards?" he asked, not thinking of anything about it for the moment.

Sierra briefly left her pudding so she could wrap her arms around her husband. He was so sweet. As much as work probably should have been his top priority, she was glad that it wasn't. His love for his family was something she adored about him. The embrace didn't last long, for she gave him space to eat in peace. "Right? I put my breakfast down for less than a minute this morning. By the time I came back to it Melickielickie had taken a bite and left behind some fur." She loved her girls. These stories only made her laugh. "I'm not sure if I'll ever be over pudding again. It didn't taste this good before I got pregnant with him." Maybe next time she'd crave something the girls didn't like to consume so much ... like vegetables. "Crazy by our standards. Her standards are a whole other dimension." Sierra commented, resuming to snacking. She only briefly watched the movie as her attention was more centered on her love. "Now don't get excited, okay..? When we talked about Jelena the other day, Ewwiekewwiekkie began to name all the new members of our family. She sniffed me and mentioned that 'someone else' was coming. We won't be able to tell if her nose was right or wrong for *weeks*." She stressed to him. "But... I mean, maybe. Maybe she's right."

Claudius was just about to throw some more popcorn into his mouth when Sierra revealed what Ewwiekewwieikkie said the popcorn missed his mouth and landed behind him. "What?!" he asked, as he shifted himself in the seat to face her. He immediately reached out, putting his hand on her stomach, but his eyes never left her face. "Is it even possible? This soon?" he asked, in a frenzied state, as he imagined the possibility of a second child with her so soon. "We won't know for weeks?!" he asked her, as the color left his cheeks and he began to panic. "You mean ... you mean we just have to wait?!" he asked her, as he let out a beleaguered sigh. He was not a patient man ... he *needed* to know.

She watched the popcorn land behind him. It really was the craziest thing she'd heard from her adoptive daughter's mouth. Her hand landed on top of his over her stomach. Good fortune smiled upon them if they had truly made it happen so quickly... That, and Sierra was apparently incredibly fertile. "Possible, yes. Probable, I don't know." She confessed to him. His panic spread over to her. Her free hand ran over his cheek to try to soothe him *and* her at the same time. Patience was not something either one of them had. Since Ewwiekewwieikkie had said those words to her, Sierra obsessed over it. She prodded her stomach as she wondered if it had really happened, of it Ewwiekewwiekkie had meant something entirely different. Sierra nodded her head. "Yeah. I know, waiting is our least favorite thing in the entire galaxy. I want to know *now*." An at-home pregnancy test wouldn't work for weeks. She didn't want to make Pilaq have a heart attack by coming to visit him for an exam. Even then, it had to be so early along that there was a chance he wouldn't be able to tell.

"Well I hope it's true," Claudius said to her, as he imagined that he already saw a glow in her cheeks. "Weeks? We don't have weeks..." he said, before pouting in reaction to the news. He could not believe that there was the possibility that she was pregnant, but he had nothing to go on other than his adopted daughter's olfactory senses. "Would Doctor Tohan be able to tell?" he asked, pressing her about it. He did not care if Doctor Tohan had a heart attack coming to diagnose the pregnancy, because not knowing was likely to give him a heart attack.

She, too, pouted. Her time with her Rodney family was making it rub off on her. Bruce gave her the same pout every time she pulled the bottle of formula away from him too early during his feedings. She didn't want to wait either! "We're going to Skor II ... are there doctors there that can confirm it by scent?" She asked him, having decided Claudius was the go-to for all things Squib. It was hard to imagine a Squib doctor, as doctors used so many shiny instruments.

"Um, Doctor Tohan *might* be able to. I did some searching on the Holonet." Of course she had. Curiosity killed the loth-cat. "He might be able to do some blood tests and find out this early. It would depend on other factors, like when we actually conceived." She explained to him. She, too, hoped it was true. Since she had been thrown into motherhood by marriage, Sierra realized how much she enjoyed it. "What do you think we should do?"

"I'm sure they have credible physicians on Skor II, but I'm not sure I like the idea of lining up a row of Squibs for a smell test," Claudius teased her, as he brought his hand up to the side of her face to brush aside a lock of blonde hair. "I don't want to get too excited in case she was wrong, but we had talked about a second child, so it's hard not to..." he confessed to her, as the holovid played on in the background. He had by now lost track of the plot entirely, as the drama playing out in the speeder eclipsed anything going on on the screen. "As much as I want to know *now* I don't want to risk complicating our adoption. We can't be late for the audience with King Ebareebaveebeedee. We should go to Skor II," he told her, reluctantly, as his eyes slowly descended upon her stomach again.

Sierra's cheeks turned red as she realized the implications of her words far, far too late. "On second thought ... bad idea. Terrible idea. The worst idea I've ever had." She shook her head. "I know. I feel giddy just thinking about. *Another* baby! How wonderful would that be?!" As far as she had read, they would have to be patient when finding out the gender this time. Sierra was barely pregnant if she was indeed. "I agree with you. We can take a visit to Doctor Tohan after the adoption is finalized and see if we can find out. The longer we make ourselves late, the higher the probability that we'll actually get an accurate result." She nuzzled herself into his side. It really was a happy thought. Sierra hoped that all their waiting would be rewarded with a positive test result. Soon, Melickielickie would join their family, and 'someone else'.

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