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Sean Brandt, Brandon Derive, Erin Highberg, D. Wade Hyde, Christopher Levy, and Alexander Oliva.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:9:5) in the Rhinnal system: Gilded Thranta and Rhinnal (Rhire).

Commander Derek Atio, Trooper Zek Correson, R4-K9, Corporal Lovora Rikki, Flight Officer Zan Shelby, and Emi Shinohara.


The Sigma-class shuttle Gilded Thranta had returned the team of Rebel commandos to the planet Rhinnal in the Darpa sector, where their commander had instructed them to attack the unprepared Imperial garrison that had grown soft as the fighting raged on nearby worlds. The one thing the Rebellion always seemed to need was medical supplies and fortunately for them, the planet was one of the galaxy's key medical centers. A convoy of three Imperial Troop Transports was moving through the western section of the city of Rhire, each protected by a half dozen Stormtroopers. The first of the transports carried a supply of field medkits that the Rebellion needed most of all, while the second carried a selection of examination tables and the necessities for a small field hospital, while the third carried a selection of medical droids that had been seized by the Empire from local hospitals and forced into service with the use of restraining bolts. From one of the rooftops, Commander Derek Atio observed the convoy through his macrobinoculars, finding the defenses to be somewhat limited due to the low security threat on the planet, but he also knew that he was working with a team of operators who had not worked together extensively ... anything could happen. With that, he began to give silent instructions with his hands to coordinate with the others who had been placed on opposing rooftops and on the street.

Standing nearby, Zek overlooked the team he spent quite a while adjusting. The new atmosphere he intricated with brought unfortunate consequences involving Imperial personnel, namely forces. The former smuggler turned Rebel insurgent spent great deal being involved in orchestrated assignments which required theft, sabotage and other skills. Correson used his binoculars overseeing the transport vehicles beside Command Atio. Zooming inward, he studied the squadron of Stormtroopers and the convoy, as he checked for any turrets or counter-measures installed on the convoys transporting what Zek assumed were medical supplies. "So, what's the deal here, Commander?"

Lovora Rikki was with a brand new unit, a brand new squad. It wasn't a bad thing, really; she liked meeting new people just fine, and she was happy to be where the action was. Today that meant sitting on a rooftop, crouched low, waiting for the command to come through the comm unit inside her helmet. The Z6 rotary blaster cannon sat in her lap, warmed up and ready to go as soon as the order was given. She'd picked out the perfect spot; an overlook with a wall around the top high enough for her to duck behind, with a small broken section where she could stick the blaster while still getting some amount of cover out of it. "Love, in position." Oh how she had once hated that nickname, but ever since it became her official call sign she had grudgingly grown to like it.

Emi Shinohara wasn't exactly in her element. A few days ago she had barely fired a simple blaster for the first time. She talked. Talking was what she was good at. Although her build was more athletic, she wasn't cut out for it. Being a surviving Alderaanian was a hard enough burden to bear. The pacifist was going against everything she knew to keep democracy alive. That blaster holstered at her right thigh, set to stun, for obvious reasons. Her throat tightened as her palms began to sweat. You bet your ass she was nervous. But, she kept her cool as she turned her head to Derek. Lips pressed together as she swallowed hard, awaiting whatever order she'd be given. She'd much rather be back at the ship. The one thing she did have over her comrades was medical training. At least she'd be useful in determining what exactly they were stealing... Borrowing. No, stealing. Soft huff of her breath was given, every moment that went by seemed like a small eternity in her mind. Emi would only hope for an outcome in their favor.

"Correson, take the first transport. Rikki, take the rear transport. Hopefully we'll create a bottleneck that will trap them in the street ," Commander Atio ordered through the comlink as he observed their positions. He wanted to start with something small ... something manageable ... to gauge their abilities before hurling them against crack Imperial opposition. The Imperial might they had faced on Ralltiir and Brentaal IV had been a setback, and Captain Tong had specifically selected Rhinnal for its perceived vulnerability. The medical supplies served two purposes. First, the Rebellion would always need medicine. Second, he would be able to watch these new operators in a setting where they were likely to succeed. "Keep your head down, Ambassador," he said, as he lowered himself down to take up a concealed position near the raised wall that surrounded the roof of the building he was on. "The show is about to start," and with that he reached into his satchel to prepare the necessary explosives that might be needed if the situation escalated.

Binoculars eyed specifically the first transport as designated by Commander Atio. "Copy that." Spoken via his communicator built into the helmet. The glass windshield was lowered covering his identity, as Correson adjusted an E-11 blaster slung around his upper body, descending off the rooftop swiftly. Made touchdown after leaping off from short distance. Then ran near the alleyway's exit, hugging the wall like a bug. Patiently awaited until the first transport was in sight. "This is Correson, moving out to the first transport." Held on to his bag containing explosive detonators for the transports. Rushed out from the alleyway taking out one explosives. Thrown the explosive near the engine, before running up attaching another explosive against the entrance. In matter of seconds, he disappeared near several crates only flip the detonator open, squeezing down the trigger.

Lovora heard the words she'd been waiting for as Correson moved. She heaved up the Z6 and rose herself, popping up from behind the wall and hoisting the rotary blaster cannon into position. "Time for the fireworks!" She mashed the trigger, unleashing a hail of blaster bolts down on the third transport. Her initial spray was aimed for the cockpit, the high powered bolts smashing through the narrow windshield. While most of the bolts smacked into the body of the transport, enough went through to take out the driver, sending the transport off course to smack into one of the buildings head first. She adjusted, moving to rain down suppressive fire on the infantry while the others got into position for more precise work.

Flinch of those softer facial features was given as Derek had told her to keep her head down. And that she did. Though, the explosion she heard made those soft brown eyes close. Call it a bit of post traumatic stress disorder. Though the idea of civilians getting in the way was the first thing to come to mind of course. The casualties of war didn't sit well with her when her whole home planet was destroyed. Eyes fluttered open as she caught her breath. Date she take a look? She didn't want to blow their cover. Emi was a bit frozen with fear. Wasn't something that didn't happen before. Hand instinctively toward her gun as she made sure it was still there. Like it had anywhere else to go. She felt her throat run dry once more as she looked to Derek for directions, feeling more useless than ever now.

When the explosions began, Derek was quick to look towards the Ambassador to ensure she was both physically and psychological alright. Satisfied for the time being, he reached into his satchel and grabbed two frag grenades which he quickly primed. In an instant he threw them over the side of the roof where they impacted near the middle transport in the convoy. There were two loud explosions sending shrapnel, soil, and debris in every direction. The four Stormtroopers that were walking alongside the transport were virtually obliterated. On the roof, Derek placed both of his hands over his ears as the shockwave moved upwards, before they were rained down upon in a pile of soil and duracrete that made up the street below. "Middle is clear. Move in," he said to Correson and Rikki, before he began to adjust frequency on his transmitter. "Shelby, prepare for evac. We've almost got it," he said, before his attention shifted back towards Emi.

Casualties were noted prior to the event, ensuring nobody nearby was harmed. Correson wouldn't allow harmless, and innocent, people from becoming part of the chaos. Glancing over the two transports, he smirked when both vessels were downed killing the Stormtroopers. He quickly retrieved the E-11 heavy blaster from the strap, whereas temporarily checking to make sure the area was secured. "Moving in, area seems secured. This is Correson, moving in to the middle." Pointing out his position to Derek and others, as the trooper proceeded near the transport vehicle. Piercing gaze met the windshield where the driver was stationed. Trained the heavy blaster, shooting the driver as glass shattered, seeing the corpse staggering back. Next, Correson setup a smaller explosive before standing far off, setting off to blow the door apart.

"Roger! Moving in." Lovora shifted the Z6 to one hand, ducking down some to ensure she had a bit of cover. A couple of the troopers with the third transport were still standing, and they took some shots in her direction. One glanced off her shoulder armor as she hooked her grapple line to the side wall, causing her to recoil a bit. "Damn..." She rose again, firing down at the troopers, dropping one and forcing the other back into cover. As soon as she felt confident they weren't in a position to fire on her she jumped over the edge, letting the grapple line reel out, slowing as she got to the bottom and landed on her feet. She unhooked the line and brought the Z6 up, covering the area as Correson went to gain entry to the middle transport.

It was all very... Loud. Emi saw Derek make sure she was okay, but as soon as she saw him reach for something, she knew even more explosions were to happen. Hands moved to her ears, covering them with her palms. They certainly had the jump now. She stayed low, crouched to the side of the roof, a bit away from Derek. She heard the man bark orders in his com link. Her hands lowered from her ears, blinking a bit to shake that shockwave off. Leather clad shoulders grew tight as her muscles tensed. Emi was beginning to question her role in all of this, but then she remembered the medical supplies they were after, and doubt slowly started to melt away. "Are we in the clear yet?" She asked, knowing she'd have to be the one to point out exactly what they were there for.

"Clear," Derek said to the ambassador, as he raised himself up from the ground, and began to survey the damage from their attack. Satisfied that there was nothing left that could be a threat to the ambassador, he wrapped a grappling hook around the railing, and tossed the roof down to the ground level. "Correson, Rikki ... get what you can. Then prepare for evac," he ordered, before extending a hand to the Alderaanian diplomat to help her with the rope. "Just ... don't look down," he said to her, before checking the transmitter for the status of their shuttle. Right on schedule.

Correson observed Rikki in distance providing coverage. As he gained outside assistance, Zek double checked the interior. Throwing any explosives were unnecessary, seeing threat levels had reduced. He patiently checked for any traps before proceeding inside the vessel. Discovered large quantities of medical supplies in bags including kolto packs, and canisters. Acquiring supplies, he stuffed more than he could handle inside, before retrieving the other three bags nearby.

Lovora moved around while Correson raided the vehicle, making sure the troopers who had been providing escort were all taken out of the fight. Her commando armor was fairly gender neutral, though she no doubt looked somewhat small by comparison to most others, something made all the more obvious by the size of the Z6. As she returned to the middle transport she ejected the half spent power pack from her weapon and loaded in a fresh, then ditched her other spares so that she could fill the pouches with medical supplies instead. "Might as well take every little bit we can." As Correson came with the other bags she helped fill them up as well. "I can carry one, but if things get rough, I'll need both hands for the blaster."

Emi saw Derek shuffle to his feet, and she'd follow suit. Palm of her hands pressed against the roof, forcing herself onto her boot covered feet. She turned around to get a glimpse of the damage from birds eye view. Head quickly turned back to Derek as he moved towards the edge of the roof with that rope and grapple. Slow deep breath was taken as she'd move to the rope. "I can climb... I'm not completely useless in that respect." Smirk as she'd moved to grip the rope. She'd step over the edge of the roof, rope in hand as she'd then rather quickly and effortlessly moved down the side of the building till boots hit the ground. She'd let go, stepping off to the side, looking around in the midst of the chaos. Hopefully she'd not be standing there alone long.

Derek grabbed hold of the rope and began to repel down the side of the building, his hands grabbing tightly around the fiber until he landed on the ground. "Ambassador. See if the commandos have missed anything," he said to her, as his hand moved underneath his jacket to withdraw his 36T blaster carbine. He moved towards the still smolder middle transport to examine the progress that Rikki and Correson were making, wishing that they had more time to grab up all of the weapons on the fallen troopers. "We're leaving in ten, people," he broadcast over the comm, as his attention shifted all around the street. The locals had boarded themselves up inside, allowing the Rebels to have their way with the Imperials, and fortunately there had been no collateral damage. Command would like this ... it had been a clean operation. "Where's my shuttle, Shelby?" he ordered, as his attention again shifted to the transmitter.

Everything stored inside the middle transport was acquired, then stuffed inside the bags thrown over his body. Obviously, he was on Commander Atio's same mindset regarding weapons lying around, but he's aware time minimal. Nodded over to Rikki as he provided one of the bags. Though nearby he picked up an E-11 heavy blaster, thrown over his torso. Seems bit of weight was pressured on Correson, but he could manage for now. Glancing over to Derek, he patiently awaited for the arrival of their shuttle. "We should have our backs against the transport, and everyone cover all angles for any incoming Imperials." He advised.

Lovora set about filling the bag once it was handed over, doing her best to grab whatever looked useful. Her knowledge of medical supplies was minimal at best, nothing beyond basic field craft, so it was a fair bit of guesswork as she went through things. Eventually she did end up with a full bag though. At Correson's words she gave a nod, setting her bag down at her feet so both hands could go on the Z6. "Lets hope our ride is on time. I know this place isn't a hot bed, but that doesn't mean the Imperials are gonna sit around and let us take off with their stuff." She spoke to the others but her eyes were on the street and the remnants of the little convoy, keeping a watch out for any potential threats.

Hearing Derek, she gave a nod. She moved over to the transport, looking at the other two taking supplies from the vessel. "The large crate here is full of antiseptics." She pointed out. "Think of it as a mini bacta tank." She rummaged through the transport to find a bag or anything that she could use to move the contents of the crate to such. After a few moments she was able too. She shook her head a little disappointed that they were going to neglect to grab it. Emi continued to sift through the supplies, finding more valuable things as she continued. "This!" She found a bit of sterilization pads as well. After a good solid five minutes she was able to fill two other bags. She shook her head, struggling to push another crate open, looking through the contents.

Zan had been put on shuttle duty again, receiving the signal as he departed for the city of Rhire. Not like he had any experience with the city itself, but listening to the comm chatter was a sign that he was needed as soon as possible. He forwent most of his preflight checks as he flew the shuttle through the atmosphere of Rhinnal, The shuttle approaching the Rebels hard and fast as he forced the shuttle to arc up from his steep descending flight path. Itself making a hard land behind the last Rebel communication position. The ramp lowered soon afterward after the shuttle flopped upon the surface of Rhire. Zan left his pilot's seat as he walked back to the rear of the shuttle, his DL-18 customized blaster already drawn from his holster. "One Team for pick up."

"Breeep-doop-doop-deep!" K9, the little R4 unit beeped. He stuck his doo-dad into the port near the exit ramp and opened it for the Rebels, calling for them to hurry and get in. Well, for those who understood binary, anyway. He waited for them to board before sealing the door behind them. Then, he hooted happily at them all, glad to see them alive.

When Derek saw the shuttle land his attention quickly turned to the trio on the ground. "Ambassador, Correson, Rikki ... get whatever you can on the shuttle. Leave the rest..." he ordered, before he himself moved to begin grabbing some of the items that Emi had earmarked as essential. When he began grabbing it he felt a familiar twinge of pain in his lower back, pulling a muscle, a combination of his age and weight. "Argh," he groaned noticeably, before waddling back towards the shuttle with all he could manage. He waited on the ramp, his carbine drawn, holding onto one of the supports to cover them as they boarded. It was only then that he heard the familiar screech of twin ion engines in the background ... Imperial fighters were drawing near.

Accordingly maintained coverage on left flank apart from Rikki, ensuring safety of the unit. When the vessel emerged and descended for immediate evacuation, he returned inside where Emi mentioned the crate containing the antiseptics. "Let's get this thing in there, pronto!" Hoping someone would provide assistance aside the various bags he carried. Fingers gripped the handle, as he added bit pressure on his lower back, knowing the same feeling Atio received, as he carried the container inside the shuttle steadily, but quick. He soon entered inside only set it down while panting heavily from the adrenaline and exhaustion.

Since her weapon of choice made shifting crates rather difficult, Lovora set to grabbing at the bags and tossing them into the shuttle as fast as she could, the Z6 hanging from her grip in one hand. "I got the bags, Correson. You guys get those crates shifted." Once she'd gotten the bags left thrown onto the shuttle she jumped onto the ramp, hoisting the Z6 back up and providing cover while the others finished up with the last of the supplies. She ducked fully in once the others were on board, and not a moment too soon...the sound of those fighters was a terrifyingly familiar sound even to a soldier as green as she was.

"Ummm ... Thanks." Small smile was given as she received some extra help. One last quick sweep of the transport and she lugged two bags over her shoulder, moving as quickly as her smaller frame could. Slower steps were taken as she'd slightly hunched over, moving to the ramp of the shuttle. She'd move up the ramp to find a convenient place to set her haul down. Small smile was given a little proud of herself. Wasn't much, but most Ambassador's weren't in the midst of small attacks on Imperial bases. She'd move through the ship, giving a nod to Zan as she passed him. At least she didn't have to use her gun. She'd make her way towards the rec area of the ship, finding a seat to call home for the time being.

As Derek prepared to close the ramp of the shuttle he could barely make out the image of TIE/LN starfighters in the distance. "Everyone strap yourself in," he yelled, before slamming his hand down on the control panel to raise the ramp. "Shelby, get us out of here now!" he ordered as he hurried through the shuttle, nearly tripping over some of their newfound medical supplies, his left hand never leaving the small of his back where he had pulled a muscle. Once he reached the cockpit he strapped himself into the seat behind the pilot and began the preflight procedure as rapidly as possible.

Zan fell back to the front of the shuttle as he drew his blaster back to the holster on his right hip. Running back up to the pilot's seat and activating the ramp controls before as he saw everyone had arrived on board. "Yeah, I hear them too commander. No Worries, they're just Ties" The Shuttle began lifting off from the ground already as the ramp finally closed shut and Zan flew the shuttle at the an slightly ascending flight trajectory as he held tell that the Tie Fighters were getting closer to their current flight position. "I know i usually promise a smooth ride. But making no promises today" Zan held their current flight position until he could tell how close the Tie Fighters were at the current moment.

A pair of TIE/LN starfighters overflew the smoldering remains of the Imperial convoy on the streets of Rhire and began to close in on the departing shuttle. As they closed the distance they began opening fire with their laser cannons. They were faster and more maneuverable than the shuttle and had no problem closing the distance. The shields were up, but the green bolts of energy began to impact in rapid succession causing them to flash, and violently rock the ship. It was only then that the lateral controls failed, causing a violent and visible explosion in the control panel. "We've lost the lateral controls!" Derek shouted, in a panic, as he maneuvered in his chair to angle the deflector shields.

K9 beeped and tweedled in response to the rocking of the ships, then let out a "Yeeow!" in alarm. He zipped over as best as he could to one of the panels. His tool arms extended and he undid the bolts to pull the panel off. He was quick and very efficient, and soon he was looking at exposed wiring and circuitry. "Beedle-deep-deele-deep-doop!" He informed Derek, as he began working on the problem, cutting wires, yanking out the burned out circuitry and beginning to replace and reroute to get the lateral controls working again. It would take him almost a minute, but then the controls kicked back in and they were sailing more smoothly again. "Doodle-tweet-beep!" He admonished Zan, for he did not want to have to keep patching up the ship because the pilot kept running into blaster bolts!

"Not funny, K9. I have feelings too" Zan joked as pulled the shuttle out of the rising ascent as he figured they would be an easier target at that point. The shuttle was slower than the TIEs. He would be using this to his advantage as he used an educated guess at the next flight pass of the Imperial fighters, using a small yawing to the right and left while motioning the shuttle into a slight climbing attitude with each pass, forcing the shuttle to arc closer against the TIE's passes and approaches. "Someone on the turret would be very appreciated and might even get a tip later," with each pass of the TIE fighters, Zan had the shuttle kick out closer to the ties. "Just a little closer. Come on, come closer." On the fourth pass of the TIE fighters, Zan clipped one of the panels of the approaching and sent it out of control. He didn't look for a confirm of a kill, he returned his attention to the remaining tie.

The collision succeeded in knocking off the right wing of the TIE/LN starfighter, which then spiraled uncontrollably to the surface before impacting in a massive fireball. A loud alarm began to fill the cockpit alerting them that the shields had fallen completely. "Shields are gone!" Derek shouted, before moving from his seat to the access panel that led to the heavy laser cannon turret. Sliding down the stairs he ended up in the chair and took hold of the gunnery controls, powering up the unit and beginning to take aim on the remaining TIE. "Hold her steady!" he ordered, as he began to spin in the chair, trying to line up the fighter in the tactical display. He squeezed off a few rounds from the turret, but none of them impacted the much nimbler TIE.

There came a sharp whistle of alarm, followed by a series of binary curses aimed straight at Zan. He zipped across the shuttle to the engineering section, and found the lift that would take him up and onto the hull of the ship. K9 let out what sounded like a mechanical sigh and ascended to the hull. He hoped that he wouldn't get his dome blasted, but without shields they were in trouble. He rolled along the hull until he got to the damaged area and set to work on fixing the shields.

Zan nodded in confirmation, trying to keep the shuttle steady while in a supreme tight left turn, as he was attempting to keep the shuttle alive at the moment, but also giving the turret a line of sight to fire upon the TIE fighter, as he could feel the tight pull of turning maneuver he had put the shuttle into. Zan could see the the tip edge of paneling on the side of the TIE, he tried to keep the shuttle in this tight turn for several minutes. His body aching from the pull as he let out a small grunt from under his breathe. "Almost there, Commander," Zan had pulled the shuttle hard enough where he was almost directly behind the TIE, he quickly adjusted positions at the last moment to turn a sharp right and give Derek a clear line of fire from the turret. "Don't miss."

K9 cursed and complained as he bypassed the burned out circuits and spliced wires. It took a little longer and was more complicated work, but like the lateral controls, he had it soon working again. They would see the shielding raise again on the control panels, and a few moments later, K9 would return from outside and zip over to the charging station and locked himself in, desperately hoping they'd get out of this situation before something happened that he couldn't fix.

As the shuttle steadied the yellow targeting reticule flashed when the TIE fighter was properly aligned. Derek did not miss a beat and squeezed back on the trigger unleashing a multitude of blasts from the heavy laser cannon. Two of the blasts impacted with the cockpit of the TIE, obliterating it and killing the pilot. "Woot!" Derek yelled over the com as he raised his fist in the air in victory. "Return to base," he ordered, as he began to ascend back towards the cockpit. They had conducted their first operation on Rhinnal and it had been a success, but at the same time the Empire now knew they were here.

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