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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:9:15) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

"We gonna make Sierra so happy," Ewwiekewwieikkie told Melickielickie and Callista as she stood in the kitchen of the Rodney estate on Esseles. With them was Sorbet, the bantha, who they had lured into the kitchen with Sierra's pudding stash. "Hold him!" she pleaded with the girls as she reached towards the sink and pulled the water hose. With a big smile on her face she pulled the trigger, squirting a continuous stream at Sorbet with it. "Now get the soap and washy washy him," she instructed, believing that she was cleaning the bantha to *help* Sierra. Instead, she was flooding the kitchen, getting wet bantha fur *everywhere*, and causing the entire ground level of the estate to smell like wet bantha.

"Eeeee! Sorbet! No lick my head!" Melickielickie had managed to spill pudding on top of her head. How would remain a mystery until the end of time. The bantha kept licking her as she attempted to hold him. "Ewwww. Sorbet, you brush your teeth more!" When the girls could recognize that Sorbet smelt bad, then it was *really* bad. Melickielickie was soaked within fifteen seconds of her sister using the water hose. "Sissy! You gottsa bathe him, not meee!" The small Squib was doing her best to help her ‘mommee'. The plan seemed solid when her sister told her about it.

Callista clung to the bantha as it moved back and forth. "Bath time is fun, Sorbet!" She told him. One hand held onto him while the other pet his head. "Splish splash, Sorbet's taking a bathhhh!" Callista began to sing to him. She enjoyed it when Iyah sung to her during bath time. It only made sense the other way around. "I got the soap!!" She declared, grasping a large bottle of Ewwiekewwiekkie and Melickielickie's Squib shampoo. She squeezed it all over the bantha. "Rub it in everybody!! All hands on deck!!" Callista had heard her mother say that once. She used both of her hands to scrub down the dirty bantha.

Upstairs, Sierra was just waking up from a little midday nap that she had seduced Claudius into taking with her. The process of making two babies was, apparently, exhausting. She'd been so tired after morning chores and taking care of some work from home. Sierra feared how grounded she would really be as the pregnancy progressed. After all, Sierra had to be a superwoman of some sorts to keep everything running smoothly. She was still laying in bed on her side. "Claudius, it's quiet..." *Too* quiet. With the door closed and a whole floor between them, Sierra had no idea what was going on in the kitchen.

"Hmm?" Claudius asked, without opening his eyes or moving from his position on the bed. He *heard* what she said, but it took several moments before he *understood* it. "I'm sure it's fine," he said, before letting out a groan and rolling onto his side. "You just haven't heard quiet in so long that it's unsettling," he told her, mumbling into his pillow, before starting to chomp at the bit as he started to wake up. He lay like this for several moments before realizing if she was worried he should do something. It was not right to make a pregnant woman go up and down the stairs all day. "Do you want me to go check?" he asked her, as his eyes slowly began to flutter open.

"I sorries," Ewwiekewwieikkie told Melickielickie, as she tried to focus the stream of water onto Sorbet, but try as she might it was splashing everywhere. Once she was convinced she had used enough water, she placed down the water hose, and began to move to help in bathing Sorbet. Unfortunately, the floor was now soaking wet and sudsy, which made her slip and fall almost immediately. She landed on her tailbone, causing her to let out a loud cry of pain before beginning to whale like a child. The tears came quickly thereafter, prompting her to rub at her eyes, but unfortunately her paws were soapy and it only served to irritate her eyes and cause *more* years.

Melickielickie was scrubbing the bantha as much as she could. Sorbet kept moving around. She'd nearly fallen several times. It was no surprise when Ewwiekewwieikkie hit the floor. "Sissy!" Melickielickie cried. She released the bantha and darted towards her wailing sister. She saw that her eyes were red. She was in pain! Melickielickie took it upon herself to help her sister. She quickly climbed to the countertop, grabbed the water hose, and sprayed her sister directly in the face. "Better?! Better?! You no hurt!?"

With no one else holding onto Sorbet except Callista, the bantha broke free of the girls. It darted out of the kitchen and all around the lower story of the house. Thankfully, the bantha *still* hadn't figured out the stairs. Callista sat on the damp, soapy floor of the kitchen with a frown on her face. "No!" She crossed her arms over her chest. "Why doesn't Sorbet like baths!?" Callista liked baths. The little princess preferred two a day, if not more. Callista was carved out to become a neat freak.

Quiet was a rare commodity in their household. Sierra imagined the girls huddled up watching the new short featuring Brad the Bantha. She reached over to run her hand along his arm. "No, no. It's okay. I'm sure the girls are downstairs relaxing for a change. They were being wild in the pool all morning. It was exhausting watching them." Though she declined him, as the length of the silence continued to grow, so did Sierra's worries. She bit her lower lip. She was trying to relax but now she couldn't! "Could you maybe ... take a peek? Please?" She smiled at him extra cute-like.

Claudius needed an assistant who was not married to him that he could assign menial tasks to. "Alright, my love. I will take a peek," he said, as he lay motionless in the bed. "Here I go ... peeking ... any minute now..." he said, stalling for time before *finally* and reluctantly rising from their bed. He gave her a genuine smile before walking out of their bedroom into the corridor of the second level. He moved down the stairs arriving just in time to see Sorbet begin to shake off the water. Immediately he found himself covered in water, soap, and bantha fur. He closed his eyes, tightening his hand around the railing, before he too wanted to cry. "Sierra!" he cried out, sounding about as pathetic and helpless as she was ever to have heard him.

Ewwiekewwieikkie opened her mouth when she was blasted with the water, making a gurgling sound as she played with the water. Suddenly she began giggling quite happily and all of the pain in her tailbone was forgotten. But that was when she heard her daddy scream and she worried something was wrong. "Oh noes! Go see!" she instructed, as she tried to climb back up to her feet, but she slipped *again* on the soapy floor, this time banging her knee. She was clumsy to begin with, but trying to walk on a tile floor covered with a layer of soapy water was the equivalent of walking in a minefield. "Sierra!" she screamed, echoing her daddy, as she *too* felt she needed help.

The bantha was trying to find a way to escape to the outside world where it could be far, far away from bath time. As Sorbet ran beside Callista, he bumped into her and caused her to fall and hit her knee on the soapy floor. "Owwieeeeee!" She cried out dramatically, grasping at her knee like she was in such immense pain. "Sierra!!" She cried just as her bestie and her uncle did.

Who would Melickielickie be to not chime in? The small Squib dropped the hose and began screaming ‘Sierra' just because it was fun. She bounced down to the slippery floor. "Weeeee!" She giggled. She slid right into a cabinet door and she, too, acted like she was mortally wounded. A chorus of ‘Sierra' was impossible to miss. The silence had been broken.

From the bedroom, Sierra nestled into the blankets. She was happy that Claudius had gone to check on the girls. Instantly, she felt soothed to the point where she wanted to go back to sleep again. Instead, she heard him call for her in a voice that sent her nurturing side into overdrive. As she rose from the bed, she heard everyone else too. "What's going on?" Sierra said as she made her way down the stairs. She'd learned the rule of taking the stairs too quickly. Her growing belly was throwing off her center of balance already. She paused three steps behind Claudius to take in the chaos that was the ground floor of the estate. There was soap and water all over the tile floor. The bantha, still wet, was looking for his escape. There were girls crying in the kitchen and her husband crying on the stairs. Seeing the bantha fur on him made her realize exactly what had happened. "Goodness." She had to laugh. It was all so insane! "Alright, alright. Ewwiekewwieikkie, sit down. Claudius.." She took his hand and began guiding him upstairs towards their bedroom. He would be her first patient.

Grabbing her towel, Sierra threw it over her shoulder. From her extensive first aid kit, she found eyedrops. "I can only imagine what kind of soap the girls used to clean Sorbet. This will make your eyes feel better. I suggest taking a shower immediately afterward. The bantha fur becomes one with you after awhile." Her fingers played over his face. She carefully administered the eye drops in each of his eyes. "You all would be lost without me." She joked, kissing him quickly before disappearing out the bathroom door.

Downstairs, Sierra placed the dry towel on the ground. She stepped on it and wiggled to carefully scoot closer to Ewwiekewwieikkie. "Grab onto my hands," she said, reaching out for her.

"Truer words have never been spoken," Claudius said to his beloved wife in response to her comment that he would be lost without her. In the bathroom he was gradually cleaned of the bantha fur, but more importantly his vision was being restored to him. "I cannot believe this," he said to her, as he buried his face in a wash cloth. "Please, check on them," he said, as he moved to activate the shower. "Then hurry back before the water gets cold," he suggested, with a wink, as he began to pull off the soiled clothing. There would be no washing them ... straight into the incinerator they would go.

"I like holding hands," Ewwiekewwieikkie declared, as she reached up and grabbed Sierra's hands, working her way back onto her feet. "Is like a slip and slide," she declared, happily, as she looked around the kitchen, unaware that it was a *bad* thing. "Oh no. Callista hurt. Melickielickie hurt!" she said, frantically, as she tried to get closer towards Callista. "Stop hurting people, Sorbet," she scolded the bantha, before rushing to inspect Callista's knee boo boo. She leaned down to place a kiss upon it, but it tasted like soap, causing her to *blech* at the taste.

Claudius had dangled quite the carrot in front of Sierra's nose. She would deal with the issues down stairs and then return to him to start their own trouble. Hopefully it'd end up with less water on the ground than in the kitchen. Grasping her eldest adoptive daughters paws, she helped get one person off the ground. "Ewwiekewwieikkie, I'm very happy that you washed Sorbet for me. He looks so clean now. Next time, I'll show you where you can wash him outside. When you wash him outside, you, your sister, and Callista can make as much as a mess as you want. We can't slip and slide in the kitchen. If we do, we'll drop all of our ice cream on the floor." Sierra felt that was the best way to explain things. "Don't worry. We'll take care of both of them." Sierra ‘awwwed' when Ewwiekewwieikkie gave Callista's knee a kiss. It was so adorable! If the King of Skor II hadn't taught at the medical institute, Ewwiekewwieikkie would already be on her way to becoming a nurse.

Callista had tears streaming down her cheeks. "It hurts!" She told her bestie with the biggest frown of all frowns. As soon as she kissed her knee, it was like night and day. "I'm all better!" Callista exclaimed, hopping up to her feet. "It doesn't hurt anymore. You saved me!" She wrapped Ewwiekewwieikkie up in a big bantha hug. "I wuv you..! The floor is still so slippery.

Sierra plucked Callista off the ground and placed her on the dry towel. Next, she lifted Melickielickie and placed her on her own shoulders. "Okay girls. Let's head upstairs. There's going to be a new Auntie Mae special on soon!" It would keep the girls busy for approximately sixty minutes. "I will kiss boo boos and make everything better in Ewwiekewwieikkie's room."

Ewwiekewwieikkie dramatically raised her right forearm to her forehead, as if she was going to faint ... a gesture she saw her adopted grandmother Livia perform almost daily. "No! We can't let the ice cream fall!" she pleaded with Sierra, suddenly feeling very anxious. Before long, however, it was time for everyone to go upstairs to watch more holovids. "A new Auntie Mae special? Yay! She's the bestest. She so nice," she told Sierra, being completely ignorant to all of the woman's machinations. When she arrived in the room she grabbed the giant tub of candy on her dresser and plopped down in front of her HoloNet receiver. "Auntie Mae! Auntie Mae! Auntie Mae!" she chanted, before pawing candy into her mouth. She was ready.

Sierra couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes. Auntie Mae was *so* nice, huh? She let Ewwiekewwieikkie continue to put the woman on a pedestal. "Yes.. She's a nice lady.." She made her way upstairs with both girls giggling under her arms. When she reached the hallway, she set them down and watched both Callista and Melickielickie take off after Ewwiekewwieikkie. Sierra stayed back briefly, smiled, then darted after them. Inside of her daughter's room, she paused at the HoloNet receiver to put on the Auntie Mae special. She felt highly embarrassed when the first thing she saw was a new commercial featuring her and Claudius. She turned away from the screen before her blood pressure heightened. Instead, she moved to check out all three girls. As promised, she kissed boo boos and got them settled with snacks. "Alright. You three enjoy the show. Ewwiekewwieikkie, thank you for bathing Sorbet." She placed a kiss on top of her head. Somehow, now *she* was covered in blue fur. This was exactly why she rarely wore her ISB tunic at home.

A sound much worse than the girls crying began to fill the Rodney estate ... Claudius singing in the shower. While Sierra was attending to the girls, he was in the shower doing his best to cleanse himself of the eau de bantha. Unfortunately, the bantha fur that he was washing from his body was beginning to pool at the bottom of the shower, clogging the drain, and causing the water level to rise. He, however, was too distracted to notice and was content to keep scrubbing himself as the water rose to his ankles. It seemed that Sierra's retreat to her own bedroom and en suite was about to become as problematic as the mess in the kitchen.

Only once she was sure the girls were settled and glued to their show did Sierra retreat back to their room. She would force an Ensign to clean up the mess downstairs. As for the mess upstairs, well, she didn't know about that yet. Walking down the hallway, Sierra began to sing along with her husband softly. The volume of her singing increased a little more once she was inside their room and closing in on the bathroom. As confident as she was about her abilities as a violinist, she was massively less confident about her vocals. She began undressing but when she opened the door and stepped into the bathroom, she found that the floor was wet. "What..?" She pouted as she followed the trail of water to the shower. "Claudius! You're making a mess equally as big as our daughters'!" That was it. She was going to install drains in every room inside of the estate.

Claudius did not initially hear his wife over his out of tune singing voice, but when he saw her he silenced himself and heard the tail end of what was she was saying. Only then did he look down and see what had happened. "Oh my Germanicus!" he exclaimed as he reached to the controls and turned off the water. "How did that happen?" he complained, as he carefully stepped out of the shower to avoid falling. "Well, I'm sorry that I ruined our shower time," he said, as he offered her his family's patented pout. "There is, however, the bathtub..." he suggested, as he arched an eyebrow and smirked at her.

Sierra carefully moved towards him to help him out of the shower and to the wet floor. "Fur." She commented with a little laugh. "It happens all the time in Ewwiekewwieikkie's bathroom..." She eyed the drain. She could see it was clogged with dark bantha hair. Cleaning the drains was one of her least favorite cleaning jobs ever. She hated it! Thankfully, there was an alternative solution: the bathtub. Boy, did she love her baths! "Don't be sorry," she kissed his pout, "I like baths better." She turned around and began adjusting the setting on the bathtub. Soon, water was filling it. Sierra removed the last of her clothing while it continue to fill. "I like your singing." She told him truthfully. "The acoustics of our bathroom are perfect." Her hands brushed over his chest. "Everyone is settled. No one was seriously injured. The bantha is clean. I'm going to go ahead and call that a win." She made her way into the comfortably warm water of the bath. She honestly wasn't sure how much relaxing they'd be doing. Sierra let out a sigh. The water on her back felt wonderful.

"And the floors got washed ... don't forg"et that," Claudius quickly added, as he smiled across at her. He smiled at her comments about his singing, believing that he could be a better musician than the upstart Prince Pollix. Already dripping wet, he strode across the cold marble floor of the refresher and joined her in the bathtub. "Ah. Much better," he said, as he slid beneath the water line up to his waist and settled in. "You handled all that very well. Better than I could have," he explained to her, as he spread out his legs in a manner that teasing rubbed against hers. If the water got cold their bodies would surely keep it warm.

"Ah, yes. The floors got washed!" Sierra laughed. The whole entire downstairs would be squeaky clean by the time Ensign Sheppard was finished drying them. Her smile grew larger and larger as he moved across the bathroom to join her. One could not deny how passionate Sierra felt for her husband. He was lucky that she didn't simply latch herself to him in the morning and not let go until she fell asleep at night. She played with her curls while nuzzling her soft legs against his. He was being quite the instigator today. He held her attention in the palm of his hand. "Aw, I'm sure you could have muddled your way through it. I'll admit, when I saw the floor, I nearly cried." She giggled. "Ewwiekewwieikkie was trying to help out. I couldn't be mad at her. All of them are watching a new Auntie Mae special. For the foreseeable future, there should be no more chaos." She crossed her fingers on both hands. "Don't quote me on that." She leaned forward and puckered her lips playfully.

"That foul woman is *everywhere*," Claudius complained, as he listed about the new HoloNet special. He simply shook his head and resigned himself to the fact that her presence would be felt for the foreseeable future. "I will hold you to that," he said, with a smirk, as he leaned forward to meet her puckered lips and place a kiss upon them. "I love you. I love the girls too, despite the chaos," he added, as he reached for an overpriced sponge they picked up along the way and began haphazardly trying to bathe her.

"She is... I wish the girls didn't worship her so." Bruce was going down the same road. She saw that he favored the girl's' toys of Brad the Bantha and Doug the Dewback over his own. He would be completely lost once he was capable of eating ice cream on his own. "I love you. I love the girls too, chaos and all." Sierra still looked at the adoption scrolls at least once a day every day. Claudius had really made her year with that gift. Her family was her pride and joy. She didn't want any more injuries today so she scooted in close between his legs. She instantly enjoyed being bathed by her husband. "Mmmm. That feels so nice." She started with her back against his chest and her legs intertwined with one of his. As his scrubbing continued, she tilted her head back to look up at his face. "You should sing again." She prodded him.

"Oh don't make me sing," Claudius said, in a fake protest, before smiling and breaking out into song. He continued to gently rub her with the puffy, soapy sponge while serenading her. All they needed was some scented candles, but unfortunately the Squibs had marked them in the 'not food' category, but only gnawing on all of them. "I don't know what I or the girls would do without you. You've saved us more than once, and I don't just mean rogue banthas," he said, as he leaned forward, and placed a few tender kisses upon her neck from behind. "I love you, and they love you too," he told her, as he continued to soap up her body, this time moving playfully towards her chest.

She closed her eyes to savor that moment. The warm water surrounded them. She could feel his heart beating with her back pressed up so close to him. His voice serenaded her to her happiest place. Her eyes opened again when his song had ended. Instead, she tilted her chin towards him. Her lower lip quivered from how sweet everything he said was. She recalled feeling very nervous about how the girls would feel about her after they had married. With the large heart she possessed, she found it easy to love them quickly. Now, Sierra knew exactly how they felt about her. "Good for all of you; you'll never have to know what you would do without me. I'm going to stay right here and take care of all of you forever." She released a sigh. He was spoiling her so much. She really felt like a queen...the queen of his heart. "I love you. I love all of you so much. I wouldn't want things to be any different than they are right now." She gave him free reign to touch her wherever he liked. She couldn't deny feeling aroused from the close, special moment with her love. "I hope you remember that you saved me too. You. Ewwiekewwieikkie. Drusilla. Jelena. If you had never taken me to Delaya with you for Jelena's funeral, I can't say for sure where I'd be right now. All I know is I'd be extremely unhappy and incomplete. You're my other half. My *better* half."

"I'm not better than you, Sierra. So let's just agree that we're both great together and avoid spending all night going back and forth about who is better," Claudius suggested, as he allowed the sponge to move from her chest to her stomach, where he circled her belly button repeatedly. His body leaned forward until his chest was placed directly against her back and his chin was resting on her shoulder. He turned his head, pressing his lips against her ear, and began to nibble on her ear lobe gently. As the bath turned into something else he found himself hoping that the Auntie Mae HoloNet special was a long one.

They really could spend all night debating it. She nodded her head in agreement. They were great together. Claudius was an enabler in her life...but the good kind of enabler. He'd helped her stop obsessing over her past. Before she knew it, even the deepest of scars had healed. He made her giggle as he played around her belly button with the sponge. For the first time in her second pregnancy, the light tickling brought on the gentlest feelings of flutters from within her womb. She barely even noticed it, but she knew exactly what it was when she did. A renewed sense of happiness and love filled her. She reached out for his free hand and placed it on her stomach. It would still be weeks before he'd be able to feel them. "Claudius..." Her body temperature had grown warmer than the water thanks to his affection. Her breathing began to grow ragged as he nibble on her ear lobe. She attempted to inch back against him a little more only to find that she was as close as she could be in this position. Reaching up, Sierra ran her other hand along the length of his arm. They had the time, so she thought. She turned her head until her lips were on his. Only then did she kiss him with all her might.

The kiss overwhelmed Claudius, causing his heart to flutter and his body to melt into hers. It seemed as if the water suddenly rose in temperature by several degrees. When the kiss broke he was flustered and exhaled a deep breath. "Wow..." he said, as he wrapped his arms around her, drawing her in against him, and holding her as tight as he could. "Have I told you lately that I love you?" he asked, holding his mouth teasingly close to her ear. When he finished speaking his mouth opened wide and moved towards her earlobe, biting down playfully, but perhaps a bit harder than normal. His mouth then moved behind her ear kissing a trail down her neck that ultimately came to a stop on her shoulder.

Sierra's breathing grew much heavier by the end of the kiss. Her eyes stared into his. "Wow indeed..." It had been the kind of kiss that was better performed without her standing on her feet, for the intensity of it would have knocked her over. Both of her hands rested on top of his. Though he had yet to enter her, their bodies had already meshed together as one. She could feel each hard thump of her heart. A smile tugged at the side of her lips until it was so wide that her dimple were visible. "Mm... You have, but those are my favorite words. I can never hear them enough." She felt teased by the way he spoke into her ear. His deep voice washed over her body refreshingly. "I love you," she sighed happily. The bite made her gasp delightfully. She certainly approved of the roughness. The kisses that followed were erotically appealing. Claudius made her feel so *loved* and adored. She wanted to thank him every day for marrying her, because he was her soul mate. She turned her head to nuzzle her face against his cheek. She reached up, slowly playing with his damp, curly hair. "My Claudius... My perfect, wonderful Claudius." Sierra felt the weight of her passions. She needed him.

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