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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:2:34) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Germanicus Rodney's undersea lair) and in the Anoat system: Hoth.
Dayna Ferobo, Niloth (Darth Diabolus) (death), Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus), Magnus Rodney, and Baroness Raeni Rodney.

Bloodlust was a mistress who didn't understand the meaning of the word 'no'. Raeni Rodney had been feeling it since she and Germanicus returned to Delaya after their honeymoon. She felt that it was caused by the appearance of his master, Darth Diabolus, and the fact that she wasn't capable of killing him as she was now. Since their return, she had been even more devoted to becoming stronger. Her training had become intense of her own accord. Yet...Raeni wanted more. She wanted to test her abilities against Jedi. She had no idea that her dreams were about to come true.

Hoth was a hellish planet. The snow and ice that covered it contributed to the freezing climate. Raeni had to wear layer after layer of clothing to feel warm. Her gloved hands held her furry jacket closed as the duo progressed into literal nothingness. She had awoke Germanicus up early claiming that something was calling to her. While it could have been Darth Diabolus, Raeni was so insistent that there was no rejecting her. "It's close." She yelled over the blizzard which was actively going on around them. She could sense life forms for the first time since they had landed the ship. She had no idea what was calling her. The more she thought about it, the more she wondered if Darth Diabolus had just successfully lured her out of her hiding place. Raeni's fingers wrapped around the hilt of her lightsaber. Through the constantly pelting snow, she could see the dome of an igloo-styled home. She smelt fire and cooking meat. There were people who lived this far out.

Germanicus Rodney had spent his life around nature, retreating to the idyllic, untouched world of Delaya to commune with the animals in peace. What he found on Hoth was horrible. It was beyond cold ... a type of freezing he had never before experienced. He expected it would take a week in the tropical region of Delaya to thaw him out after this. He did not want to go. He was the master, and she should have listened to him, but in this instance he was unable dissuade her. "What's close?!" he asked her, with some anger, if only to raise his body temperature as the snow fell upon his heavy arctic wardrobe that did little to keep his body warm. From behind her he, too, saw the igloo, and he froze, literally, as his eyes slowly moved to her from beneath his goggles. "Where have you brought me?" he asked her, sounding a bit annoyed, as his eyes slowly moved from Raeni back to the igloo. Whoever they were ... they were warmer than him.

Her free hand suddenly snapped out and grabbed his arm to stop him from progressing forward. "A second honeymoon..." She mumbled thoughtfully. She sensed something *else*. Her eyes narrowed behind her goggles. "Jedi." The young woman didn't sound fact, she was excited. It seemed that once she was paying attention to other things besides the terrible weather, it became capable for her to focus. It felt like a veil before her eyes had been lifted and she could *finally* see clearly. There were two was significantly weaker than the other. Additionally, there were two other life forms all crammed into the same igloo.

"...Your child would benefit if you would allow me to take him to be taught by Jedi Masters." Dayna Ferobo calmly spoke to the family of Twi'lek who had to run away from their homeland in order to keep their child hidden. It had involved great losses for the family. They didn't want their son to be involved with the Jedi. The couple assumed that no one would find them this far out. They had assumed wrong. Dayna Ferobo had appeared from nothingness and she was fully prepared to take the child home. She had only just become warm when she felt a disturbance in the Force. Her eyes lit up. She pulled her goggles down over her eyes and began to crawl towards the small doorway. "Stay inside." She warned. The Jedi bravely presented herself to the evil, sinister Sith who had come to kill the talented Twi'lek boy. She stood before them, fearless and calm. "Was torturing Squibs not enough for you?! Now you've come to hurt a youngling?" Dayna intended to take the boy to be trained properly no matter what his parents had to say. If they continued to live on Hoth, then all three of them would freeze to death.

Jedi, Germanicus thought silently to himself as he looked to his young apprentice. "You couldn't have found Jedi someplace warm?" he teased her, but before he could press her the Jedi emerged from the igloo to confront them. As she referenced their actions on Skor II it seemed news of their misdeeds had spread throughout the Jedi Order and this pleased him. His hand moved to the hilt of his lightsaber, immediately unclipping it from his belt. As he rose the hilt he slid his thumb upon the activator, which caused a *snap-hiss* that extended a crimson blade nearly a meter in length in front of him. He assumed a defensive position, the crimson blade illuminating his covered face in the darkness caused by the blizzard. There was more going on here than he was aware, and therefore he would not take an aggressive posture until more was revealed to him. Raeni knew more than she was letting on, and he would need to be more mindful. If she had sensed them then she was perhaps as powerful as his master ... if not more so.

The Jedi was a good appetizer, but she, too, sensed that there was something more going on. The woman spoke of a youth. Raeni wasn't in the mood to ask her questions. Her lightsaber was already in her hand so she ignited it, allowing the blue blade to appear. The Jedi's eyes lingered on the blade for a long moment. Raeni tossed her master a look. "Next time, I'll take you to Mustafar, okay?" It was the most extreme planet in the opposite direction of this one. Frankly, Raeni wanted to be back on Delaya where she favored the weather most. Raeni was the one who stepped up to fight the Jedi. She didn't drive into the aggressive attack that her blood was pumping for. Instead, she began to circle the woman and verbally play with her. "Killing Squibs isn't nearly as amusing as killing Jedi. You should have seen that I did to expand my collection of lightsabers." Raeni suddenly minded the active snowfall at lot less. Her blue blade bounced back and forth casually. She was ready.

Jedi Master Ferobo knew that she had to protect the Twi'lek family. She had been sent on this special mission to recover the boy and convince his family that life with the Jedi Order was truly the best option. She, too, grabbed her hilt. When her lightsaber ignited, it ignited on both sides rather than one. Dayna hoped to throw her enemies off by using a less common weapon. The female Sith's words made her feel bitter. She couldn't determine which was the master and which was the apprentice, so she needed to treat both with absolute caution. In attempt to steer the Sith free of the Twi'lek family, instead of fighting, she turned her back on both of them and began running in the opposite direction.

Raeni stood and laughed. "Only a fool would fall for that." She turned towards the igloo, where a small toddler Twi'lek boy was poking his head out of his home. She grabbed the boy by his double tendrils and threw him out onto the snowy covered ground. "It wasn't the Jedi who was calling. It was this boy." She said, finally happy with what she had found. "He's a force user." She lifted her boot, planting it on the boy's small back. She lifted up her lightsaber with the intent of beheading the boy. He was too weak to be a Sith, and thus *useless*.

Germanicus watched as the Jedi fled into the blizzard, but he decided not to give chase. It was much too cold and the snow much too deep for him to exert the effort. He reached out with his free hand towards the igloo, and he began to manipulate the area around it. The structure began to shake as if pushed by unseen wind. Eventually it collapsed upon itself, killing those insane as the roof collapsed in. He moved quickly towards Raeni when he saw what she was about to do, quickly bringing the hilt of his lightsaber in front of the child. His crimson blade clashed violently with her blue blade in the darkness of the blizzard as he shielded the child from her onslaught. "The Jedi want this child. We should never rid ourselves of a potential resource," he said, as he looked from his apprentice to the boy. "His parents can no longer help him. Bring him," he ordered, before disengaging the blade of his lightsaber and clipping it back onto his belt. He then turned on the heels of his boots to begin walking back towards the ship to escape the cold.

The life forces within the igloo quickly disappeared with Germanicus' efforts. The boy's family was dead now. As far as Raeni was concerned, he was about to be dead too. It came as a surprise that her master stopped her. Their blades collided with a sudden hiss. The confusion she wore on her face was noticeable in her voice. "What...Why did you stop me?" A potential *resource*?! She looked down at the cowering boy. If they hadn't been standing in the middle of a blizzard, then Raeni would have happily spent a long time arguing with him over his decision. Instead, she let out a groan to show him how she felt, then bent down and scooped up the boy. "This is only going to lead to trouble." She began to grumble about halfway to the ship. She could sense the Jedi woman still. That woman was wise enough to keep her distance, but not smart enough to abandon her pursuit. The temperatures around them seemed to be rapidly depleting. The day was turning to night. Raeni hoped to see the end of this planet soon. The Twi'lek she clutched was freezing. With a frown planted on her face, she wrapped her coat around him as much as she could. "If we don't get out of here soon, this child is going to die. I can feel that he's malnourished. He doesn't weigh nearly enough." Raeni informed him, feeling a tinge of guilt for wanting to kill him. Perhaps she could do it in a more humane way?

Germanicus ignored Raeni's question about why he stopped her, as well as her concern that the boy was trouble. Instead, he had a single minded determination to get them back to his starfighter before they all froze to death. When she commented that the child was going to die he stopped in his tracks momentarily, turning his head to slowly glare at her. "A moment ago you wanted to kill him," he reminded her, before pushing forward through the blizzard. At long last the blackness of the hull of his starfighter came into view and he quickly began to ascend into the cockpit. "Get him strapped in," he said, as he began powering up the ship's main reactor. He could only hope that it had not frozen completely through. Gradually the ship began to power up, but before activating the engine his attention shifted to the heating system. "The Jedi will surely pursue us. Be mindful," he told her, as he began powering up the engines next.

Raeni shot a glare colder than the environment they'd just been in towards her husband. Now would have been the best time to be able to read his mind, because she didn't understand his thought process at all. She said nothing instead of fighting, and strapped the boy in. She even shed her coat to provide him with additional warmth. He said nothing. All he did was stare into the abyss. Raeni intended on killing the Jedi woman when she appeared again...but...for now, there were bigger fish to fry.

The ride home was a silent one. Raeni did nothing to reach out to the boy. She was decent enough that she took care of him once they had arrived in their under sea lair. She had him dressed in some oversized night shirt of her own and tucked him in a bed within one of the many unused rooms. Still, the boy said nothing.

Raeni eventually came to stand in front of the viewport. Her hand was pressed up against the glass. Sir Tentacles was directly on the other side from her, simply looking on a world he could never fully enter. The Jedi woman had yet to arrive. There was no need for her to go to the surface yet. Her concerns hid underneath anger and finally, she snapped. "Why didn't you let me kill that boy? Keeping that *really* an option? Did you forget that your *master* is going to collide with us sooner or later? If he sees a child that young...that you really think we can protect him from the outcome?"

Germanicus was seated beside the viewport, silently watching her attempt to commune with the sea monster. "When fishing it is better to have live bait," he explained to her, as his head slowly moved up to examine her more carefully. "I was not about to chase that woman around a blizzard all night. Now she will come to us and you will dispatch her on home territory," he lectured her, as his attention turned to the decanter next to him. Surely there was time for one drink, he thought to himself, as he poured himself a glass of Alderaan ruge. "Everything is an option, and I forget *nothing*," he told her, with a snarl, before taking a sip of the drink to stiffen his resolve. "You were the one that was drawn to him. Do you think you were called to him across the galaxy simply to decapitate him within moments of meeting him?" he asked her, snorting slightly before taking a second sip of the drink. "You let me worry about my master. You have a Jedi to deal with," he scolded her, before placing his glass roughly down upon the side table.

She watched him drink, feeling that the live bait was not necessary. That Jedi woman was going to come for them no matter what they did. It was one of those self-righteous things Jedi amused themselves with. She shifted on her foot to face him. "It's not like I realized what was pulling me in. That boy doesn't belong here. What am I supposed to do...train him? I'm barely getting started myself." Raeni didn't like having the boy there. Until that moment, their home had been limited to just her and Germanicus. If it was going to expand, it certainly wasn't going to be like this. Her eyes narrowed at his words. She threw up her hands. "Okay. *You* worry about your master. I sense that Jedi woman is here, so your live bait theory better die before I get back." Raeni was not happy. Her unhappiness hung in the air. The young woman departed for the surface where she appeared in a small rock formation. "Why the hell did that boy call for me?" She cursed under her breath.

The figure who waited for her on the surface felt identical to the Jedi woman. However, it was another familiar face who had come to her home. It was impossible to forget the Devaronian who had set her wedding briefly off of the rails. The horned, satanic creature was waiting for *her*. Raeni had only just finished fighting with Germanicus over the very same male who stood before her now. "Oh. It's you." Her hand opened up. She summoned the hilt of her lightsaber to it and instantly ignited it. There were only five feet separating her from fate. The rule of two was becoming the rule of multiplication. At this point, there were too many cooks in the Sith kitchen. She squatted down into her knees and prepared for the inevitable: a fight.

Darth Diabolus had bided his time, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Their recent trip to Hoth had afforded him just that. He moved his hands to the hood of his cloak, lowering it to give her a better look at his red skin and horned head. He watched her ignite her lightsaber, but surprisingly he did not do the same. Instead, he lifted out his left hand and suddenly the rocks from the jetty began to rise from the lake and began to swirl in the air. He closed his eyes, exhaling slowly, as a tornado of rocks and boulders began to head directly towards Raeni. The use of a sword was one thing, but mastery of the force was another. Suddenly he thrust his left hand forward, opening his palm, and unleashing the full force of the rocks upon her. It was only then that he would allow his eyes to open to watch the results of his cruelty unfold.

A cold shiver ran down Raeni's spine. She imagined Germanicus comfortable in their lair while she sparred with his master. Would he know? She didn't depend on him to save her. This was *her* fight. The sight of Diabolus' horns and red skin reminded her of the tales he'd told her. The man truly was a monster. She expected combat, not for him to dominate her entirely with the force. She watched the rocks of various sizes rise up into the air. Raeni knew she wasn't ready to face Darth Diabolus, but she didn't realize that she was about to lose the battle. Instead, she concentrated hard and prepared for what was coming.

The rocks began to drop from the sky the very same instant he opened his palm. Instinctively, Raeni opened up her hands and held them above her head. She used every ounce of her power to stop those rocks from colliding with her. There was an instant...a simple, quick instant where everything stopped. She held the tremendous weight of the rocks over her head. All at once, everything dropped. If Germanicus didn't know Diabolus was there, then he'd certainly feel Raeni's life source rapidly depleting while her body was crushed. Darth Diabolus had won by a landslide, and now Raeni's life was in danger.

"All too easy," Diabolus declared, as he watched the rocks fall upon the girl. Perhaps he was wrong to view her as such a potentially powerful apprentice. He was content to leave her there, broken upon the rocks to think about her failure. As he turned he heard a powerful screech and was confronted by a large thranta, who swooped into him, clawing at his chest and sending him flying across the shoreline. He was down, slightly injured, but thoroughly outraged. Germanicus' skill as a beast master was his only saving grace, and it seemed that if he was going to challenge him he would have to fight every creature on this cursed rock.

Germanicus Rodney emerged from beneath the waters of the lake, dripping wet, and quickly moved towards his master. His hand gripped at the hilt of his lightsaber, bringing it up from his belt and quickly igniting the blade. "You have chosen a poor battlefield, master," he said to him, as he began to close his eyes and concentrate. Suddenly a series of tentacles emerged from the lake and gripped at the body of his fallen master, dragging him into the water. A thranta again dove at the body, attempting to pull it away from the sea monster. His master was no match for the beasts and as he was torn in two directions his body suddenly tore in two. The water turned a ghastly shade of red and both creatures had their meal.

Germanicus moved quickly towards the rock pile, placing his lightsaber back upon his belt, as he began lifting rocks off the fallen body of his wife. "Raeni!" he yelled, unaware that the death of his master had just resulted in him becoming the Dark Lord of the Sith. He had the power he had wanted all his life, but all he could think about was the condition of Raeni. He was throwing rocks in every direction, exhausting himself, and building a terrible sweat. His chest was beginning to hurt, and when he finally saw her she was much worse than he could ever have imagined. He collapsed next to her, slamming his fist into the rocks, and unleashing a loud scream of pain and anger.

The young Twi'lek boy had followed Raeni up the shoot and to the surface. He had witnessed every single second of the fight between the scary man with the horns, Raeni, and finally the outcome with Germanicus. His eyes were wide, for he was very young and had seen much in this very, *very* long day. As the man who had brought him from Hoth began to pull rocks away from the massive pile, the boy ran towards him and began trying to do the same thing. The rocks were so heavy for him. He wanted to help, and it was that desire which put him in touch with capabilities even Raeni had not seen. The boy, unknowingly, used the force to aid him in removing boulders which were twice his side and greater. At last, the blonde hair of the woman who had given him warmth, was revealed. He stood back with tears in his eyes. He didn't understand the complexity of death. The emotions that ran in the air didn't just make the boy mourn, but all the animals. The thranta gave out a mournful cry. Across the lake, nerfs bent down their head respectfully.

Life came back to Raeni fleetingly when the rocks were finally gone. Her eyes opened suddenly. She let out a gasp. Her chest heaved up and down rapidly. The pain ran throughout her whole body. She was bloody and broken in too many places to count. The pull to death lingered at the back of her mind. Death's voice willed her to close her eyes and let go. "G-Germ..." She sputtered. Even she was unaware of what had just happened. His master...his nightmare...was gone. Raeni tried to reach out to him. Each of her arms was unresponsive. Everything was a mess. "D-Don't give up on me..." She turned her head painfully. Tears rolled down her cheeks. "I'm sorry." She whimpered. Despite all of her training, she hadn't been ready. Diabolus had made a fool out of her. Beaten and broken, Raeni had *failed*.

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