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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:31) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Liliya Benedt, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, High Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

Arden Zevrin sat in her chair, modeled after the Emperor's throne, as she watched a recording of the execution of the non-Human prisoners kept aboard the Retributor. "You see, Liliya, we are finally getting things done around here," she said, as she lifted her booted feet onto her desk, and leaned back suggestively. "Another cookie," she said, as she motioned with her nose to the box of cookies that were baked by Lieutenant Sheppard's mother that she, once again, intercepted. She expected to be hand fed by the inexplicably small framed aide. She was certainly making the most of her position orchestrating control of the entire Ringali Shell by puppeteering the Grand Moff by exploiting his one weakness ... his family.

Liliya Benedt had no choice but to appease every single whim of Major Zevrin despite her obvious displeasure of doing so. She tried her absolute best not to have an air of distaste and indignation, but it was proving to be very difficult. Her mannerisms were still as polite and gentle as ever, but absent was that happy glimmer in her eyes. Instead, her eyes were void of their usual cheerful charm, and a small smile was forced as she delicately picked up yet another freshly baked cookie, careful not to crumble it, and slowly with great care placed it into Arden's awaiting mouth. There was a barely audible sigh of defeat as she moved to prepare the next cookie that would no doubt be requested soon.

There would be no further chance of depraved force feeding of treats as the situation shortly became exceedingly dire for both woman inside Arden's office. There was absolutely no prior warning for the devastation that quickly followed save for a peculiar rumbling sound coming from the corridor leading up to the door of the office. Suddenly there was a release of an immense amount of intense energy causing the door as well as the walls connecting either side to burst inwards in a chaotic display. Twisted sheets of durasteel splayed out in a grotesque manner with a tremendous power as jagged pieces of ruined debris flew into the room to impale within the far wall. An absolutely irate High Inquisitor stormed through the demolished cavity she created, moving around the flailing severed cords still sparking dangerously. There was only one purpose for Serine's visit on board of the Retributor, and that was to end Major Arden Zevrin, and that dark desire was ever present in silver eyes that glared viciously at that woman who dared to manipulate the Grand Moff. Serine's relationship with Claudius had been a rocky one from the beginning, but her duties to him still remained and she was not going to stand for some naive worthless scaff to control the whole fleet in this sector due to some revolting manipulation. In an instant, the lightwhip was clutched in a left hand and the two women had only mere moments to react.

When the door flew off the bulkhead she began to choke on the cookie that Liliya was feeding her, and in fact she nearly bit off Liliya's delicate finger tips. She reached desperately for a glass of blue milk to wash away the cookie crumbs from her throat before she choked to death before the Inquisitor would get a chance to choke her to death. She raised her left hand to signal Serine she needed more time, as she chugged down as much of the blue milk as she could. When she was finished, she placed the glass down, and revealed that she had a rather obvious blue milk mustache. "Well, well ... you and your entrances, Inquisitor," she said, as she looked up at her with her light blue eyes. "If you did the same damage to Rebel doors as you did the ones aboard Imperial ships then perhaps we might be closer to quelling them in this oversector," she said, as she rolled her eyes over towards Liliya. "Now you know how to enter a room, my dear. Quiet as a rodus," she said, before folding her arms in front of her chest and refocusing on the Inquisitor. "I don't think she has an appointment. Would you see what she wants *this* time?" she asked Liliya, as she pursed her lips very quickly at the intruder.

Liliya was in absolute terrified shock as the door and most of the wall came rushing inwards like it had been hit by a frigate. In horror, she stumbled backwards into the desk and accidentally knocked over the carebox causing cookies and treats to tumble down to the floor in a disheveled mess. The aide had been very thankful to Governor Rodney that during her time spent serving him, he had been able to shield her from the particularly potent ire of the Inquisitor. Apparently that was not the case here, and Arden was more than willing to throw Liliya out unprotected into the path of a raging Inquisitor. She was not even sure what she was supposed to do, or say here, and her mind raced to come up with some sort of deflection or calming tactic but she was beginning to freeze up out of fear. Liliya would not mind the end of the Major, but that would also mean the end of Lady Rodney and that could not do. The unfortunate aide was trembling slightly as she approached Serine while pulling forth her datapad. "What ... what can I help you with, High Inquisitor?" She tried to put on her best friendly and brave face, hopefully it was good enough to stall for time as she began to key in a comm request for the Grand Moff discreetly.

Serine had no patience to waste her time upon such a diminutive trollop as the Governor's supposed aide and thus Liliya would not have much time to continue her line of questioning. There was only one thing Serine needed and Liliya was unfortunately standing in her path to reach it. The Inquisitor never had a good impression of that woman the entire time she served Claudius, and it did not help matters that she now was an obstacle that needed to be removed from her warpath. It only took a mere moment for Serine's anger to solidify and be directed at Liliya, if only briefly, before she acted upon her destructive impulses. With a sudden flash of movement, Serine launched a heavy-handed right backhand that connected cleanly to the side of miss Benedt's face with an unnatural amount of power enough to send the woman clear off her feet to collide sideways upon the cold durasteel a few meters away. Now with that mild annoyance out of commission, her attention once again focused on Zevrin who still sat so arrogantly and calmly behind a desk. At least the Major had enough dignity to remain vigilant, and even though the Inquisitor could respect that attribute, it would not be enough to save her from Serine's wrath.

Liliya was just finishing up a silent but very urgent emergency summons to the desk of the Grand Moff when she was caught completely by surprise. Even if she had expected the violent assault upon her, she would not have been able to dodge the speed and intensity of the attack. The back of the Inquisitor's right hand landed squarely upon her left cheek with such strength that immediately after the poor woman was sailing briefly through the air to slam into the side of the office wall with such power that she nearly fell unconscious. In a pitiful display, she sank to the floor in a crumbled pile, first dropping to her knees then collapsing upon her right side as the datapad dropped from her hands to skitter across the floor. Liliya was absolutely paralyzed due to dread and near traumatized, never once being treated so poorly and in her overwhelmed state of mind, she sobbed softly but for a moment before falling silent so that no further attention would be directed her way. She did not even move to pick herself up off the floor, but laid there unresponsive as if dead. It was the only action she could see helping her survive further injury.

Arden rose from her seat when she saw the aide assaulted, and then dramatically fall to the ground. She moved swiftly towards the fallen Liliya, and ended up climbing on top of her. She held her face directly above hers, and lowered her lips to kiss the bruise the Inquisitor's hand had left. "There, there," she said, sympathetically, as her hand caressed her pixie cut hair. When she was done attending to Liliya, she rose up and turned her attention towards the Inquisitor. "Manners," she said, as she took a step towards her. "You know, if you really wanted to torture the poor girl, you might've just force fed her a sandwich," she said, followed by a snicker, as she observed the incredibly narrow waistline the young woman somehow maintained. She was the envy of every woman aboard the massive command ship. "You did not answer her question. What is it you wish?" she asked, as she leaned suggestively against the bulkhead, and winked at Serine.

"I am here to kill two traitors with one execution," she said darkly and it would become very clear that Arden did not have much longer to her existence. The history between Serine and Major Zevrin was not that terribly complex. In the past, the Inquisitor found the woman to be more annoying and vile than she was worth, but Serine had acknowledged her skill in manipulation, even going so far as to agreeing to a collaboration that never came to fruition. Their relationship from then began to deteriorate with Serine cautioning her not to cross her path. That had been impossible once Serine found out Arden was the eyes of Tremayne onboard of the Warspite. There had been a brief confrontation in which Serine butchered Arden's unregulated long blonde hair and choked her somewhat, but it was mild and forgotten. After a while, Serine had realized the full extent of Arden's reach and had advised Claudius to have her executed numerous times ... with the eventual cumulation turning into Major Kiley throwing the woman into a series of monitors. At that time, Serine was sure the woman would die from her injuries, but somehow she recovered and returned in full force, her tendrils once again seeping into the very core of the fleet.

As the High Inquisitor glared heatedly to the woman across from her, she was reminded once again on why she loathed her greatly in the past. Exceedingly arrogant, presumptuous, and undeserving of her lofty expectations. Sometimes having individuals such as Major Zevrin was unavoidable as having full control and domination in a district was necessary, but Arden always took it a step too far, and manipulated individuals for her personal gain, not the gain of the Empire. That was the line crossed that Serine could not forgive. Arden's personal satisfaction to her own noxious and disgraceful tactics was extremely off putting for the Inquisitor and the source of her contention. "You may have successfully restrained the Governor from acting, as he is a fool that anyone could restrict, but you failed to consider my involvement once your scheme became clear. " Serine was more than willing to execute Jelena, and in fact, this made it far easier than trying to track her down herself. "I will miss our little chats," she said cynically as a foreboding atmosphere began to take hold.

Serine did not just want to kill Arden, she wanted to make that woman suffer, a disturbing and morbid desire began to swirl in her eyes full of killing intent. Serine's left hand began to tremble ever so slightly with a pent up rage as that fury began to be harvested for a nefarious purpose. Strangling this woman was not enough, it would not satiate her intense rancor for the Major. There was a thick premonition of dread that fell upon the area as a barely audible rumbling sound took hold of the air. Soon Arden would sense a growing uncomfortable sensation in her chest before a sharp and overwhelming pain gripped her right side with enough injury to take her breath away. Another sensation would follow, now what felt like a piercing rush of agony gripped through her left thigh. Through this process of suffering Serine glared at her furiously and the pain the Major felt would ever slowly increase to unbearable levels.

Major Zevrin let out a sharp cry of pain in that first initial strike from Serine, which was not completely unexpected given her history and reputation. She dropped to her knees, as she felt as if she was suddenly unable to get any air. Her eyes rolled upward as she glared at the 'woman' with a fierce intensity, despite the pain and lack of breath. There would be no begging here. She was satisfied that her death would leave its mark on the Ringali Shell, and cause the Grand Moff to blame the Inquisitor for his daughter's horrid death. Perhaps that was her plan all along ... to pit Governor against Inquisitor and have them destroy one another. The Inquisitor's temper was allowing her to play directly into her hands. As she collapsed to the ground, near death from the pain and deprivation of air, there was almost a smile upon the evil woman's face. If she could have breathed she surely would have laughed.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney hurriedly arrived on the scene after receiving the message from Liliya. His eyes moved down to Arden and then up to Serine, and a panic stricken expression came over his face. "What are you doing? No! No! No!" he shouted at her, and then suddenly, in an uncharacteristic move, he surged forward and tackled the Inquisitor to the ground to break her concentration. "You cannot kill her!" he said to Serine, as they crashed onto the ground in a violent heap. As he impacted the ground, he felt something soft and delicate beneath him ... it was only then that he noticed he was atop the fallen Liliya. Which one of these vulgar witches had caused this catastrophe, he wondered silently to himself, as his attention quickly shifted to the young aide. He sat up, lifting her off the ground, and cradled her in his arms. He placed a kiss upon her forehead, as if to awake her like a prince in a fairy tale, before he began to rock back and forth with her. "I've had enough of the both of you!" he screamed, as his hands went down Liliya's back, and he broke completely.

Serine was too focused on trying to murder Arden, that the unsuspecting tackle from the Governor sent her hard to the ground, immediately breaking her hold upon the Major, allowing the woman to breath, and the pain vanished completely as well. Her body hit the ground with a thud but it did not take long for the Inquisitor to rally and once again loom over the downed form of Arden, now pacing in front of her like a caged starving animal. "Shall I remind you of her betrayal?! Does it not concern you that your whole fleet is being compromised?! And by what? Your daughter is a traitor and attempted to kill Major Kiley. I remember it, I was there, and I saved her life no thanks to your daughter," said as Serine pointed quite fiercely at the Governor in a gesture of deep accusation. "Despite your ineptitude, I have always attempted to assist and advise you faithfully, and yet you allow this filth to control and manipulate you to your destruction, and the destruction of this fleet! You are endangering the lives of all under your command and executing others to save one so unworthy of the Empire's time or resources. And yet, I was sent to find Jelena, and apparently I have done so. My job is quite clear, to root out transgressions, but if I am so restrained from doing my duties for you, then I have no choice but to report all of this to high command," said as she reached down to Major Zevrin, grabbed a fist full of that obxiously long blonde hair, and threw her right down to the ground in front of the Governor.

Her attention then drifted to Claudius once again, she shook her head at her commanding officer with disgust. "You so carelessly squander your resources ... I could have been your greatest asset. But you neglected my services, like you neglected your family ... like you neglected your responsibilities to the Empire," said with actual pain in her voice, as they could have been a perfect team, but his incompetence was too costly.

Liliya had been laying on the floor during the entire confrontation staying as quiet and motionless as possible, she did not even breathe, as she did not have to being a droid. The moment her charge burst into the scene, she had a glimmer of hope that he would be able to stop this, and she was so very thankful he was not in a drunken stupor. Of course, she was not expecting a charge from him, or the fact that he tripped right over her legs and fell upon her body. "Mi'lord!" She expressed her surprise, looking up to him and it was quite clear her face was heavily marked from a strike of some sort. "I .. I'm okay!" She reassured him as he seemed to fret at her playing dead strategy. She looked up to him hopefully that he could handle this situation as it had been very intense. Her hands reached up to gently clutch upon his uniform and she drew herself in for protection and consolation from the heated affair. "I wasn't able to stop the escalating conflict, I'm sorry."

"Why Claudius ... I never knew you cared," Arden said, almost immediately, as she offered a smirk in the direction of the sentimental Governor. "Careful, or you might make your narrow wasted companion jealous," she said, as she began to pull herself up from the ground. "Tell me, when she turns to the side does she become invisible?" she teased, as she pulled down her tunic, and adjusted her uniform. "Excellent timing, dear boy, or your daughter's guts would have exploded onto Doctor Tohan's collection of plants," she said, before reaching down to pick up a cookie from the discarded care box. "Do not think me cruel or heartless," she said, as she took a bite of her cookie, and returned to her chair. "You may take three minutes ... exactly three minutes ... to collect yourself, Liliya," she said, before taking an obnoxiously loud bite of her cookie. "Then you are to send an emergency message," she said, as she began to sound serious. Was she ominously plotting her revenge against the High Inquisitor for the horrendous way she treated her? "You are to contact Lieutenant Sheppard's mother. Inform her there has been an accident and she is currently in sickbay. Urge her to send what she can to aide in her recovery," she said, before turning to look at her chrono to watch the three minutes pass. "Ho hum," she mused, pursing her lips, and tapping her fingers obnoxiously on her table. Just another day aboard the estrogen fueled command ship. "Oh, and Claudius?" she said, sweetly, as she smiled affectionately towards the old man. "Fix my fucking door!" she screamed, at the top of her lungs, before arrogantly dismissing the both of them.

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