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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:3:4) in the Alderaan system: Alderaan (Aldera: Germanicus Rodney's apartment).
Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus), Magnus Rodney, and Baroness Raeni Rodney.

Germanicus Rodney had seen so many properties around Aldera this day that it was difficult to separate them within his mind at this point. The real estate market in the city was doing quite well, and as a result the high rise apartments they had been shown were among the most expensive in the core. As member of the nobility and a recent HoloNet sensation the agent was taking them to some of the finest properties in Aldera, as it was assumed they wanted the best. It was expensive, but it was assumed that was what they wanted. It was true that where one lived was important, but he would have been happy with the first one that they saw ... and now they were on their eighth of the day. The new Baroness was proving to be hard to please. As they ascended the turbolift to the top floor of this high rise, not too far from the palace, where several other nobles lived he hoped this was it. But, he was just the money, and it would be up to her to make the decisions.

Raeni Rodney had never been house hunting before. Where she came from, you got what you got. If you had an opinion about it, that opinion could get you killed. She thought that the freedom of choice would be enough to please her...apparently not! She shot down many of the options that the realtor had shown her. Some were for completely irrational that she thought the relator was waiting to show them the best properties last. There were those she simply didn't like as well. Even Magnus' patience was growing thin at this point. The boy had been drug all around Aldera. He, too, would have been happy with the first option. Now they were on *potentially* lucky number eight. The first thing Raeni noted was the proximity to the palace, which confirmed her suspicions that the realtor had been holding out on them.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy!" Magnus squeaked from beside his parents. He ran forward into the *millionth* apartment of the day. He stood before a large bay window looking out over the city. "Wooooww! Pick this one!" If only Raeni was as easy to please as Magnus was. She tossed Germanicus a look. This apartment didn't include a lovely view of the aquatic life under the sea. She briefly looked out the bay window then proceeded to move through the apartment slowly. She had no idea how much longer it would be until they took the palace, so, the new place had to be perfect.

"She has just as discerning an opinion when it comes to men," Germanicus joked to the realtor, trying to make himself sound more impressive than he actually was. He looked around the apartment, finding himself quite at home here. However, after searching about all day, and now boasting swollen, aching feet he would have liked anything. This particular unit was at the top of the spire and afforded them a view of the city, the mountains and, of course, the palace where he dreamed they would one day live. "Well if it were up to him we'd already be done," he said, with a smirk, as he watched the boy run about. It was a fitting perch for the couple, but he was beginning to wonder if she would ever find anything that would replace the solitude of his undersea lair a world away.

It certainly was a difficult jump. She had lived in such close quarters on Ylesia, followed by extreme solitude on Delaya. Now she was going to have to build her nest in the middle of a busy city. While she had accepted the idea, she wasn't in love with it. At least the palace would, in time, offer them some semblance of seclusion. The city was there, but it wouldn't be so in her face. Raeni had a mental checklist in her head by now. There needed to be a nice room not just for her current family, but the one she hoped to start with Germanicus sooner than later. This apartment had three good rooms all grouped closely together while the dining area, kitchen, and living room were all on the opposite side of the apartment. Raeni laughed. "If it were up to him, we'd have picked the first one." She could hear Magnus exploring around. From down the hall, he called out "Mine!" in the master bedroom like they were actually going to let him take the biggest room. Raeni turned towards Germanicus. "On a scale of one to ten, how much do you regret marrying me right now?" She teased him. She had been dragging him around *all* day ... and he dealt with it. "I don't know. This place is nice. It's very different and change isn't always easy for me."

"This is the house you're looking for," Germanicus said, before slowly waving his hand at his wife. "Kidding. Only kidding," he said, as he lowered his hand, as it would have been too cruel even by his standards to use his powers for such a purpose. "I don't regret marrying you. Regret letting *you* be the one to make the choice of housing ... maybe," he said, with a wink, before moving to place a hand at the small of her back. "C'mon. Do you really think we're going to find better than this he asked?" as he gave her little push, towards the window to look at the view. "The only way we're going to get *there*..." he said, as he motioned with a nod of his chin towards the palace. " to start from somewhere," he said, before turning his head quickly down to place a short kiss upon her cheek.

She laughed. "If you were going to manipulate me, you should have done it the first time I said 'no'!" Raeni stumbled towards the window. She looked out it towards the palace. Motivation would always be a breath away...and the tub in the master bathroom was pretty nice... She considered his words while also wondering how long it would be before the realtor gave up on them. "Well... It is pretty close to the palace... Our next move will be conveniently short. On the other hand, if I pick now, then I won't be able to force you to look at eight more apartments." She turned her head to show him her bright smile. Needless to say, Raeni had made a full recovery.

Magnus came darting out from one of the bedrooms at full speed. "*Mommy*! *Daddy*! *Mommy*! *Daddy*!" He grabbed both of them by the hand. He was breathless and excited. The teal-skinned Twi'lek boy led his parents all the way back into the bathroom connected to what would be Raeni and Germanicus' room. He pointed to the large tub in the bathroom, which had been filled with water and had some ridiculous image drawn in flowers floating on the surface of the water. "*Ocean*!" His eyes went wide. "*It huge*!"

"I could never manipulate you," Germanicus said, with a smile, as he was riddled with self doubt and did not believe he could affect her mind if he truly wanted to. His plan was to convince her that we was the more powerful of the two, not through his mastery of the force, but through his mastery of politics. He had succeeded in convincing her that *he* was responsible for the death of his master, and with their pending trip and the revelation that she was pregnant he would soon cement her overinflated opinion of him. As he was led into the bath he looked down at the flowers floating in the water, and sat down on the edge of the tub, looking up to her. "Well, it isn't Delaya, but is it home?" he asked her, mimicking their son's pleading face.

She was happy to hear that, not that she thought her husband would manipulate her against her will. While he was the master, he didn't make her feel submissive in their relationship. Quite contrary, in fact. Raeni had no doubt that he was infinitely more powerful than she was. She had spent a fraction of the time training that he had, and so, she had a lot of catching up to do. Raeni laughed softly at how overly excited her son became over the bath tub. She'd have to blow his mind by letting him use it occasionally. Suddenly, she was being attacked on both ends, from husband *and* son. Both of them looking at her with that cute, pleading face. Raeni crossed her arms over her chest. "That isn't fair! I'm outnumbered in our home now!" And she would be for so much longer than she realized. "Okay. It's home, it's home. Stop giving me those faces!" She threw up her hands. It was the first win of many that Germanicus and Magnus would have.

"Yay!!" Magnus cheered. The boy was going to taste the life of stability. He no longer had to suffer through the harsh cold on Hoth. He did a little, silly wiggle of a dance there in the bathroom. "It's home! It's home! It's home!" He repeated until he danced himself until dizziness and fell on his rear end on the floor. Raeni bent down and picked up her son, squeezing him tightly in her arms. "Now that we've found a home, we can make Daddy take us out for ice cream." It was Raeni's turn to use a cute, pouty face against her husband.

"Finally!" Germanicus cheered, almost as excited as the Twi'lek boy. Now that he owned the place he wasted no time making himself more comfortable, but before he could soak his feet in the newly acquired garden tub the boy demanded ice cream. "Oh. Alright. Just this time ... to celebrate," he said, as he rose back to his feet and began leading them out of the apartment and towards the lift. "I heard some vendor is selling a new flavor of ice cream made from purple potatoes. We may want to try it," he said, as he held Raeni's hand in his right hand, and Magnus' hand in the left. They had a home ... it was not a palace, but it was a start.

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