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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:11) in the Rishi system: Kima and Rishi (Raider's Cove: Boutique, Cafe, Cantina, and Spaceport).
Reg Collingwood and Oola Dulovic.

The Nella 342 light freighter Kima emerged from hyperspace in the Rishi system with a recovered Reg Collingwood at the controls. Rishi was home to a number of smugglers and pirates and a likely planet for them to offload their cargo of spice. The bluish-green orb appeared in front of the viewport, and after checking the Kima's systems, he began to accelerate towards the planet. The Kima buffeted as they passed through the atmosphere, and as the clouds faded away Horizon Island came into view. Their destination was Raider's Cove, a beach town and trade port, that would have an exotic cast of undesirables who would likely purchase their spice in bulk to resell for greater profit elsewhere. As they had paid nothing for the spice, he was not concerned with their profit margins. Frankly, he just wanted to be rid of it, as passing through Imperial systems was becoming increasingly difficult with the spice aboard. Setting the ship down in the spaceport, he placed his designer glareshades down over his hazel eyes. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze coming in from the ocean. "This looks like a fun place," he said, as he rose from his seat, and looked towards Oola in the co-pilot's seat.

Sitting back the slender Amaran was moving side to side in the co-pilot's seat, she was becoming rather bored if being on the ship once again for such a long period of time, thought with Reg recovering it gave her time to study on how the Kima worked, now the question was if there would come a time where she would need to use the information she learned from reading up on the old datapads any time soon. Looking out the window at the spaceport Oola rose a brow looking at Reg as he lowered his glareshades down "Only you would find this type of place fun," she said rising to her feet fallowing behind Reg. "I can tell you this humidity and fur do not go hand in paw, I will get all frizzy and I don't like when my fur stands on end!" She said throwing her arms up in the air moving past Reg and headed towards the rec room where she grabbed her bag, stedding out she placed it over her shoulder looking at him and then the crates "I'll just be happy to get these blasted things off." She said sneezing softly with a slight squeak at the end. "Do you think while here we can get me something to wear?" She smirking a little while lending against the wall chuckling lightly.

"Enough with the complaining, Oola. We're at the beach," Reg said jokingly, as he lowered his glareshades and flashed her a grin. "Yes. Yes. We can get you something to wear," he said, as he moved from the cockpit to where the lift controls were located. As he pressed the button to open the lift the wonderful smell of salt air began to permeate upwards, filling the ship with a pleasant, aromatic sea breeze. "C'mon, Oola. Don't you smell that? Don't you love it?" he said, as he seemed the happiest he had been since their whirlwind adventures throughout the galaxy began. He was quick to descend the lift into the sunny pleasures of the planet Rishi, but he did not venture further until she was with him. "Don't worry. I'll brush it out later," he said, as he outstretched his arms and embraced the warm sunlight that cascaded down upon them.

Quickly following Reg outside she felt the breeze from the cool salty air hit her face, she never felt anything like it before, looking around he could hear the sounds of the waves crashing along the shore side, the feel of the sand under her bare paws, it was rather nice, though like she said the humidity got to her, soon her fur puffed up making her look like a child's stuffed toy. Licking the palm of her hand she rand it down her chest smoothing the white tufts of fur down. She mumbled under her breath for a second before looking around sniffing the air, she could smell something sweet but not sure where it was coming from, after a moment her stomach started to make a loud noise, how long had it been since the two of them had a good meal?

Brushing a strand of her short pixie cut red locks behind her ear she looked over where the smell was coming from "Reg do you think we could find someone over there, maybe someone looking to make a deal on a shipment of what we have." She said trying to remain incognito about the spice in the back of the Kima. "And besides might be able to find a nice little shop." She said smirking a little, standing next to him Oola looked around as watched as several tall women walked passed her, both were pointing and whispering. They let out a rather loud laugh causing Oola to ball her fits, her teeth clenched as she snarled "Why I oughta!" She said almost stepping forward but she paused and remained next to Reg.

"Over there?" Reg asked, as he looked in the direction that she was motioning towards. "Are you sure this doesn't have something to do with food, instead of the spice?" he asked, as he moved with her towards where the smell was coming from. As they approached the shops he spotted one cafe that was serving an assortment of hot foods that were the source of the aroma. "Very well. We can eat, but let's do it quickly," he said, as he moved towards the hostess, arranging for a table inside with the conditioned air. As he sat down at the table he could not help but notice that everyone was staring at them. This was hardly the place for an Amaran, or any other species with that much fur, given the heat and the humidity. "Ignore them," he said quietly, as he sat down at the table and began to scan his menu. "So what looks good?" he asked, as he tried to take her mind off another unpleasant human encounter and get her focused on the food.

Oola slowly sat down across from Reg, she could feel all eyes on her almost as if they were burning a hole in her body. Picking her menu up her green orbs looked at that they had to offer in food. "They just don't know what to think of me, thought if another one dare laughs are me you know I will have to show them the meaning of respect!" She said harshly while still holding her menu up. She didn't know really what to have other than bread and a harden meat which she was getting rather sick of, biting on her bottom lip she found a picture of what looked to be some type of fruit. "Could I have this?" She asked him showing Reg the picture of what she wanted. Soon the waitress came over to them, she was human, with golden locks that were pinned behind her head and braided. Her skin was kissed by the sun giving her an rich tan, she had white markings on her arms and face almost as if they were painted on.

Oola looked at the waitress as they both locked eyes on one another, the women was speechless when she seen Oola, And Oola never seen anyone quite like the women. Clearing her throat the waitress spoke softly "If either one of you are ready I'll take your order." Oola smiled a little as she pointed what she wanted to the waitress. "I don't know what this is called but it looks better then anything that has to do with either bread or cured meat at this point." Oola commented, the waitress wrote down what she wanted and looked at Reg. "And for you?" She asked softly waiting to hear what he wanted if he was ready.

Reg nodded to Oola, indicating that he was perfectly fine with her order. However, a bowl of fruit would not satisfy the still growing smuggler extraordinaire. When the waitress arrived, he offered her a polite smile, but then quickly lowered his head to intensely study the menu, as if it were important technical schematics. "I'll have the nerf steak. Medium well," he said, nodding his head firmly, with satisfaction at his choice. "You sure you don't want anything besides the fruit?" he asked, realizing how hungry she was when they landed. At least she was a cheap date, he thought to himself, as he handed the waitress the menu.

Oola wasn't use what else to ask for as she looked one more time at what what on the menu. Chewing on the inside of her cheek she looked over at what else she could have and looked at Reg. "Well as long as it's not salted like what's on the Kima I'll have a small kind of meat, seeing something that looked like a bird she looked at the waitress and did her best to pronounce what was on the menu "I'll have a small Tip-yip" Oola said handing her menu over to the waitress who nodded before walking off with their orders, Oola looked up at Reg as she whispered "What is Tip-Yip?" not really sure what she was about to be served, Oola only hopped it wasn't something that would kill her.

Sitting back in her chair Oola looked out the window, she watched the waves roll in and then pull back out to the endless sea, the low rowing sound echoed in her ears as she watched the almost bluish water. Oola never seen anything like a ocean when she lived on Nal Hutta, just dust and dry dirt. Thought here it seemed peaceful almost it you didn't take in account for all the illegal activity and crimes, Oola's green orbs scanned around till she found a small shop, in the window display, she seen a mannequin wearing a outfit that caught her attention, raising a brow her head titled to the side as she studied it.

"A tip-yip is a kind of small chicken," Reg explained to her, as his eyes followed hers towards the mannequin. "Do you want to go clothes shopping after we eat?" he said, rolling his eyes, as it began to set in that they might never get to the business of offloading the spice, which was the only reason they were here. The waitress eventually returned, placing the bowl of fruit and fried yip-nip in front of Oola, and the adequately prepared nerf steak in front of him. "Well, dig in. The less time we have here the more time we have at the boutique," he reasoned to her, as he cut into the steak and put the first piece in his mouth. As the meat melted on his tongue he let out a soft moan, exhibiting no table manners whatsoever.

Oola had already taken her fork into her hand before Reg could speak, placing the sharp tips into the tip-yip and ripped off a large chunk of meat and fried skin, she placed it on her mouth and started chewing fast but she stopped and placed her fork down, her jaw moved slowly now as she looked at Reg, Oola didn't know when the next time they would come into port and be able to have a good meal like this so she wanted to take her time and savor the juicy favor of the bird. Once she was done chewing Oola swallowed and looked at Reg, "I know we have a job to do, and I know I'm holding us back with eating and going clothes shopping," her ears pointed down in a sad fashion against her head. Picking her fork up once more she placed around with one of the brightly colored slices of fruit. Rollin the ballad melon around she spoke "I guess being on the ship as long as we have, and being locked away it feels rather nice to get out and look around, shop a little even though we need the credits. And as much as you hate it I could take a look around some of the trading areas and see what my five finger discount," Oola gave Reg wink before placing the melon in her mouth and chewed it.

Everything tasted so fresh thought it must have been there a lot long than they had been, either way Oola didn't mind, everything was far better than what she could ever have, sinking the fork into the tip-yip she pulled another thick white juicy piece of the met out and placed it into her mouth, looking around her she seen men and women watch her eat. Rolling her eyes a little Oola chewed her food, she started to think they never seen anyone eat before, or was she starting to pick up Reg's habits about shoving food into her mouth and eating like a wild beast?

Reg devoured the nerf steak in large chunks that did not allow him to savor the meal ... he was basically choking the meal down. As he consumed the meat, his cheeks began to redden, and his face began to moisten as he experienced the dreaded meat sweats. When he was finished, which seemed to take no time at all, he pressed his plate forward and leaned back in his chair. "Oh," he groaned, as he loosened his belt, and gave a little stretch to become more comfortable. It was a good thing they were in a beachside cafe and not a fine dining establishment. "No five finger discounts, Oola," he warned her, as he lowered his body back down to a proper posture. "We're here to sell the spice ... and if you end up in the local jail that will needlessly complicate things," he explained to her, nodding his head as they spoke. "Let's get you some clothes and then be rid of this spice and on our way," he pleaded, waiting for her to finish her meal, so they could pay and move the boutique.

Sighing when he said no to her about stealing things from the locals Oola looked at him rather displeased. She could get some extra parts that the Kima was in desperate need for or would be soon if they kept running into trouble like they had been. "Fine no stealing... Here at least." She said smirking taking one last bite of her meal before slipping out of her chair and standing on her feet. Reg couldn't stop her from the life she lived before they met, it was in her blood to steal, to be a sneaky fox that no one could get their hands on, and if she couldn't do it here then she would have to do it in another place, waiting for Reg to pay Oola looked at one of the boards against the cafe wall, it had a wanted poster of what looked to be her, thought it was hard to tell, they had a poor description of what was on the post, flipping her bangs out of her face Oola reached up and took the wanted post off the wall and looked at it, they were offering a pretty large bounty for her if they were to return her to the Hutts. Stroking her chin a little Oola started to think, though she would need an Amaran who was worse then her, one that wasn't from her village, though did they ever leave Naboo?

Thinking if there was a way to get the bounty off her head and earn the credits that was being offered. The wanted sign didn't say she needed to be alive, what if they we're able to get their hands on a pelt, the thought of that made Oola's stomach turn in knots she hated when humans skinned her kind of fashion accessories though at this point one of those pelts could save Reg's and her life, stuffing the paper into her bag she looked over her shoulder at Reg "Well come on now." She said placing her hands on her tips and started to tap her foot almost in an annoyed fashion.

When Oola was finished with her meal, Reg settled their bill, but left only a meager tip as he figured they would never be around these parts again. He led her across the street to the boutique where she saw the dress on the mannequin. When he stepped inside, they were greeted by the shopgirl, who was none too pleased with their arrival. She suggested that, given Oola's size, they look in the children's department. Reg could only nod, before leading her to the back of the store where the smaller clothing was located. It was embarrassing, but she was right ... he doubted any of the larger sizes would fit her. "Well this is nice!" he said, as he moved to the first thing that he saw. It was not really nice, but he simply wanted this to be over with as quickly as possible. He was in his own little hell watching her shop for clothes.

Oola listened to the shopgirl as she clenched her jaw showing her sharp teeth, how she hated when people mocked her, thought before they stepped in the back Oola replied "Least I can still fit into something small, Don't have to worry about wearing elder's wear." She said flicking her tail at the girl and followed Reg to the back as her tail swayed side to side behind her. Watching Reg pull the first thing he found out she covered her face and shook her head a little "Go find someone I'll look, leave me some credits and I'll try to make it cheap." Oola said waving Reg off before she started to look around, watching the shopgirl follow her she stopped and turned around before looked at the girl. "Listen here lady I'm not going to take anything so sit your pampered butt down and *leave* me alone till I am read." Oola snapped watching the girl nodded quickly before heading towards the front. Rolling her green hues Oola started to look around, it didn't take long for her to find a light brown leather top with a hood on the back, it showed the mid-drift but it was better than nothing, setting it down the slender little fox started to look around some more till she was able to find a skit, it wasn't in the children's section like the rude shopgirl suggested thought she would make due with it.

Holding it up the skirt would have been much shorter on any normal sized women to her it was the perfect length, with a slight along the side. Nodding her head she wanted exactly this outfit if she was going to be smuggling things with Reg, she at least needed to fit the part. Grabbing the top Oola walked proudly over to the counter and placed the clothing on top before looking at the girl "Don't ask stupid questions just do your job and I can leave." Oola said snapping her jaw as the shopgirl quickly started to ring up the clothes, She didn't know how much it would cost but it looked out of date and older than what most of the clothes around the shop so if Oola was lucky she wouldn't be paying to much, she still didn't understand why she needed to wear anything to please others, no matter where she went everyone would see her as Reg's little snuggle pet and that was putting it lightly.

Reg remained quiet as he watched Oola interact with the shop girl, in nervous anticipation of what the cost would be if the claws came out. "Finding anything you like?" he asked, barely paying attention, before his attention went towards his wrist chronometer to check the time. It felt like they were *never* going to get to selling the spice at this rate. "Oh this looks nice!" he said again, as he picked some random outfit off the rack without even paying much attention to it. When he shopped for clothes it was a relatively easy task as he wore the same general style of pants and shirt, wearing them until they literally fell apart. "C'mon, Oola," he said, pleading with her, as he tapped his boot on the floor repeatedly in an effort to hurry her along. When she had finally found something, he was relieved, hurrying behind her with the credit chits necessary to pay for the clothing. "Whatever it costs, I'll pay for it," he said, as he offered up the chits to the shopgirl. Thank goodness this was finally over, he thought to himself, as he waited for her to ring up the sale.

Oola looked at Reg as she crossed her arms over her chest "Oh it's like I ripped your arm off, remember buddy I'm doing this for you, If I had it my way I would walk around in nothing but my fur" She said giving a firm nod of her head towards him. "Besides it won't matter much anyways people will still look down at me." She held a hand up before either Reg or the shopgirl could speak "And my size had nothing to do with it," She barked looking out the window, her green hues kept a lookout for anyone of authority that could be looking for them. She even make sure to keep a close eye out for any bounty hunters, once her clothes were paid for Oola didn't waist any time before grabbing the top and slipped it over she slender frame, it was slightly snug but the leather would loosen up over time. Reaching over the counter Oola grabbed the skirt and slipped it over her slender legs, making sure it was tied tight around her waist. Looking at Reg she placed on hand on her hip and gestured out to the door "Come on spice man, let's get out of here before your panties get up your butt any more than what they already are."

Her long red bangs covered one side of her face as she grabbed the hood and pulled it over her head "Think society will appreciate that I had to hide my natural form, thought as much as I hate it I rather stop getting looked at as a wild beast and a see a civilized creature... Or as civilized as I can get after all." Oola said before walking towards the door out into the humid air, the leather felt heavy on her small body but she hopped in time she could get use to it.

Reg let out an exasperated sigh of relief as they exited the boutique back into the warm sun of Raider's Cove. He took a moment to bask in the warm flow of the sun, before taking Oola by the hand and moving quickly towards the seedier part of town. "You look wonderful, Oola," he said, as the neighborhood began to change. The buildings were in a state of disrepair and many of the businesses were closed. "Do you want a blaster?" he asked her quietly, as he stopped in his tracks before going any further. "And, please, watch what you say ... one wrong word and they could disintegrate us," he warned, raising his right index finger towards her. To his own end he had his T-6 "Thunderer" heavy blaster pistol holstered at his right side, and was ready for any eventuality. He was a bit hesitant to bring her with him, given her tendency to have outbursts with her now notorious short fuse. He had a bad feeling about this.

Oola looked at Reg as she gave him a look. "Reg does it look like I have one on me?" She asked patting her lips a little as she shook her head. "I'll be quiet, as long as they don't stair and or say anything about me, I'll be the sweet little Amaran that you've always wanted. I know how to control myself, I've been doing a lot of it around here as it is." Oola said following Reg as the buildings started to get rather gritty. There was a foul smell in the air, nothing like around the seaport. Her nose scrunched up as she made an unpleasant face, never in her life did she smell something this horrid, not if even the Hutts smelled this bad, looking at Reg she waited till he made his move till then Oola would stay behind him and acted as if she was one of the many well known slaves, thought she was more worried about them running into a bounty hunter and then recognizing either one at this point.

"Of course they're going to stair," Reg warned her, shaking his head as he moved forward towards the cantina where he expected to find a buyer for the spice. As he stepped into the dimly lit cantina all of the patrons briefly stopped to look and look at them as they entered before returning back to their business. The cantina was populated with exotic species drawn from throughout the Outer Rim, and almost all of them were wearing armor and holding weapons of some fashion. As he transition from sunlight to darkness, he pulled off his glareshades, and tucked them in the pocket of his jacket. Moving towards the bar, he ordered a Corellian ale, which soon arrived in a dirty mug, and his attention shifted towards eyeballing the people there with them. One or more of these would hopefully be able to take the spice off their hands and allow them to continue on their way, free from the complicated cargo.

Oola remained by Reg side she didn't order anything, just remained silent as she took a seat next to him on one of the stools, she listened around for anything that could be useful to them about getting the spice of their hands, and unlike Reg she could hear far better than him, it didn't take long till her attention was brought to an older looking native of the planet, a Rishii. Oola didn't want to draw any attention to them least not any more than they were already getting, some of the local men even tried to pick a word with her but she didn't do anything, nodding her head towards the Rishii she hopped Reg would understand as she sat in her chair, several other man like creatures started to come up to her and touch her tail, but Oola did not move nor say anything though she was clenching her jaw tight. Her hands were in tight little balls now, her breathing was steady but her heart was pounding with rage, till the job was over with Oola would allow their pig headedness, or least Reg was tired of letting them touch her in the manner they were.

Reg had spent most of his adult life in establishment such as this and it did not take him long to get a lay of the land. He could tell who was important from those who were down on their luck ... those who had *it* from those that did not. He moved from the bar, without leaving his ale, and took a seat at a table he was not invited to. At the opposite end of the table was a large Houk who seemed to be holding court, as various people had paid their respects in the few minutes he and Oola had been present. "Afternoon," he said, as he tried to act cool, stopping to take a sip from his glass of ale. The Houk and his bodyguards seemed none too pleased that the Human and Amaran had invaded their personal space, uninvited. "I have something you might be interested in," he said, softly, as he took another, larger, sip of the Corellian ale. So far he did not seem to have their attention.

Oola watched and listened as Reg spoke, she could it wasn't going well, she didn't know the way things were run and she didn't want to step out of line but she couldn't stand seeing Reg fail like this, biting her bottom lips she cleared her throat a little before stepping next to Reg removing her hood. "With respects to you sir." Oola said bowing her head slightly she spoke softly so only the four of them could hear. "My master and I apologize for disturbing you in the place where you come to relax, the place where you seem like you know exactly what you want and are looking for." She said offering a slight smile. "And what you are in need of we might be able to help you with, that is if you would be so humble and give my master the opportunity to speak with you." Oola said lowering her head once more towards the Houk hoping that with her paying respect to him like she was he would be willing to listen to Reg now, looking up from under her bangs Oola waited to see if what she said would be allowed or if they would have to move along and find someone else.

The Houk was not impressed by either the Human nor the Amaran, and he was just about to order his bodyguards to throw them out of the Cantina when Reg reached forward and placed a sample of spice on the table. A Twi'lek, who had sampled spice all of his life, took hold of the sample and tasted it, which caused his eyes to momentarily go wide. He then spoke in Huttese to the Houk, letting him know that it was of the highest quality. "You have more of this?" the Houk asked, leaning forward on the table. "Sixteen crates," Reg boasted confidently, as he leaned back in his chair with a cocky, smuggler smile. "Yours for a price," he said, as his eyes slowly turned towards Oola. That had finally piqued a potential customer's interest.

Oola remained by Reg's side as she placed her hood back on, she should have known the Houk didn't care for words, when Reg placed the spice sample on the table that was when action spoke louder than anything else. Placing her arms behind her Oola noticed Reg look at her, though she was more focused with the Houk and the others, the Twi'lek seemed to have an addiction to spice that much was obvious to her. She knew that this was a far better option than what they could have done, she just hopped that they would be able to get a good price for all the hard work she had to do, it wasn't easy sneaking around on Kessel like she did to get the extra crates for Reg when she first met him, it better have been worth all the hassle to get it this far to without them being skinned alive. Looking at Reg she faced him "Master is there anything you wish me to get these fine gentleman and yourself?" She asked knowing he was enjoying this more then she was.

The Rodian on the other side of the Houk from the Twi'lek punched a series of numbers into a datapad and slid it across the table towards Reg to examine. He looked at it for a moment and the amount of credits listed for all sixteen crates was something of an insult. They were being lowballed. He could have taken the offer, rid themselves of the credits, and been on their way, but he was a scoundrel. He looked to Oola for a moment, and offered a half smile to her, before he increased the amount on the datapad, and slid it back towards the alien trio. They studied it for a moment, before entering a third amount into the pad and sliding it back towards Reg. He looked at it again, and while the number still was not fair, it was the most he thought he could hope to get out of them. He nodded his head the Houk, before finishing the Corellian ale and rising from the table. "Come, Oola. We're leaving," he said, taking her by the hand, and moving quickly towards the exit. They seemed to have done it.

Taking Reg's hand and following him more than willingly, glancing over her shoulder slightly she watched to see if anyone would be following them lest any unwanted guest, once it was just the two of them Oola spoke "How much?" She asked wondering what type of agreement they finally came to. She knew it wasn't going to be high but if it meant they would have some extra food and more medical supplies then it was a better price then they would have gotten anywhere else on the planet. Soon she could smell the salt water once again, and hear the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, it was peaceful once again and she didn't have to act like some slave girl thought it was her choice to do so she pushed her hood down letting her ears perk up and be free, "And don't you think you'll be hearing me call you master like that any time soon Mr. I was only doing it to play a part, even if it was useless on my end." She said looking at Regs smirking slightly. "So don't be sayin nothing about that subject any time soon. Let just get the shipment and drop it off and get off this rock and onto a greener planet..." She didn't want Reg to find out about the warrant for their capture yet that was the last thing Reg needed to worry about.

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