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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:2) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate and Nurrale: Togatto Speedway).
Doctor Alessandra Bailo, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Duke Marcus Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, Duchess Zara Rodney, and Doctor Pilaq Tohan.

Claudius Rodney was performing one of the most difficult tasks he had ever performed. He was in Jelena's room for the first time since she left, getting everything ready for storage. This room would eventually be used for Bruce as it was the largest of the children's room and he imagined the boy needed space. As Sierra was pregnant again it was likely they would run out of rooms again and children would either have to double up or they would need to expand. As Jelena's stuff was placed in boxes, new boy stuff was beginning to find its way in. With the Squibs on Delaya this was the perfect time to work on it, as they would not get in the way. One thing he was already doing was putting out vibrantly colored speeder models on one of the shelves. These toys were more like models and meant for children fifteen years older than Bruce. Truthfully they were more for him than his son.

Life in the estate had been so quiet without the Squibs. Sierra Rodney had nearly fallen asleep during a quiet, calm feeding with Bruce. After she had finished, she rose with her son. "Let's go find daddy." She told the boy. She was trying to encourage him to communicate by talking to him more. She couldn't wait for him to learn how to talk. He was already a good listener. "He's making space for you in your sister's room." She told her blonde headed baby boy. She swayed from side to side as she walked with Bruce from their bedroom towards Jelena's. She knew that this was going to be a difficult task for Claudius. She didn't want him to endure it alone. As she entered Jelena's room, she realized that even she hadn't been inside of it for some time. The room was filled with reminders that she was gone. "Hi honey." She said softly, reaching to Bruce's arm to manipulate him to wave his hand. "How are you holding up?" Sierra paused in front of the speeder models on the shelves. "Oh, these are cool!" Bruce adjusted in his mother's arms until he, too, could look at them.

"Hi," Claudius said, as he turned his attention to his wife and son, waving back at them. "I'm doing fine," he said, as he set his son's toys down and moved his eyes over to them. "You should see them move," he said to her, as he debated whether or not to broach a subject he had avoided for quite sometime. He was not directly open about it, but from the way he was shifting about it, it was clear that something was on his mind. He bit at his lower lip as he looked to the ground, before moving his left foot back and forth.

It wasn't Sierra's first day as his wife. She picked up that something was going on...something he wasn't telling her. Try as she might, Sierra had yet to successfully read his mind. "What is it?" She asked, stepping towards him. She had been worried that cleaning out Jelena's room would make him depressed. While it was understandable, clamming up wasn't going to do anything good for him. "You can tell me anything, you know." Sierra smiled.

Claudius reached into a pocket and pulled out a piece of flimsiplast that looked as if it been folded and unfolded constantly. Without making eye contact he extended his hand to offer it to her. It was an advertisement for the classic speeder race at the Togatto Speedway in the nearby city of Nurrale. He very much wanted to enter the classic speeder she had gotten him in the race, but he worried she would be concerned about his safety. "It's today," he quietly added, as he was beginning to feel older, and was not sure how many opportunities he would have to do something like this in his life.

"Hm?" She reached out, taking the piece of flimsiplast from him. As she unfolded it, it seemed folded so many times that it would rip into pieces if she weren't careful. That already told her a lot. The contents of the flimsiplast were important to him. She looked down at the advertisement for the classic speeder race. She thought of the XJ-2 which she had gifted to him. It only seemed fitting that he have the chance to race his dream speeder. As concerned as she was that he might get hurt, she wasn't going to hold him back. "Then I guess I better tell Drusilla to start getting ready." She smiled, reaching out to take his hand. "How long have you been holding onto this?" She teased, leading him away from Jelena's room.

"I've been holding onto it for a while," Claudius confessed, as he finally raised his head and began looking towards her for understanding. "Which is when we would have needed to tell Drusilla if we wanted her to be ready in time," he joked, as he moved towards her. "You mean, I can race?" he asked her, as he gently accepted being led from the room. "I'll be careful," he promised her, as suddenly his footsteps felt like they were walking on clouds instead of the carpeted floor. "I love you," he told her, as he began to smile like he did when he imagined it as a child.

She laughed. "I'll take care of getting Drusilla ready on time." Sierra promised. "Of course you can race!" She drew herself back to him to plant a quick kiss on his lips. "You better be careful. I need you. I love you. I'll be cheering for you the whole time, so go out there and have fun." His smile warmed her. She couldn't wait to see his expression once he was behind the wheel of his classic speeder. "I love you. Wish me luck!" She winked. Sierra made her way over to Drusilla's room. She wasn't kidding. If she didn't monitor Dru, then the race would be over and the speedway cleaned up. She knocked on Drusilla's door. "Your sister is going to have bad hearing before she's twenty if she doesn't stop listening to jizz so well." Sierra told Bruce, acting like a true old person.

A knock. How awful. Drusilla took a moment to rise from her bed and slowly moved to crack open the door so that she could look at who was on the other side. The moment the door was open the sound of jizz filled the entire house. "Oh. Hi," she said, but she was not talking to Sierra, she was talking to Bruce. She reached out and took her baby brother into her arms and allowed the door to close in Sierra's face, assuming she was just going to be asked to watch him again. She moved to her bed and sat down as she prepared to tell him more about his duties once he was older and she was a prince. She felt she could never start too young.

"Hi Dru." Sierra smiled. She quickly realized Drusilla was looking at Bruce, not her. No sooner had the door opened did it close. She could see a smile on Bruce's cherubic face as he was taken into his sister's bedroom. "Wait...Dru!" It was too late. The door had closed in her face. She frowned, wondering how much effort it would take to remove Dru's door so she couldn't do that anymore. She started again, knocking on her stepdaughter's door. "Drusilla? We're going to Togatto Speedway to see your father race his classic speeder. Do you want to come?" She called out, hoping she was loud enough to be heard. If not, Claudius' cheering squad would be rather small.

Drusilla listened to what Sierra said, but it took a few moments to process what she had said. At first she thought she had been asked to go with the family to watch a race, but after she thought about it for a while until she thought she heard that her father was going to actually be racing. "Oh. My. Germanicus," she said, before she hurried to the door and opened it again to look at Sierra. "What? He's actually going to race? Is that safe?" she asked, before she thrust Bruce back into her arms and hurried to her closet to search for an outfit. "Mama, what does one wear to one's father's tragic racing accident?" she asked, as she thought something more modern was in order.

Sierra blinked. She took Bruce back. "Yes, he's actually going to race. He said he would be careful..." Sierra decided that she would bring Kerrie along just in case the race didn't go as smoothly as she wanted it to. Sierra stepped into Drusilla's room, peeking into the forest of clothing that was Dru's closet. "What!? Your father isn't going to have a tragic racing accident... Don't you dare wear black!" Instead, Sierra picked out a modern, brightly colored dress. "What about this one?" She tried not to rush her stepdaughter while pressuring her to make a decision. Bruce reached out for a different dress.

"He isn't? Oh that's a relief," Drusilla said, as she put back the dress she had worn to Jelena's fictional funeral. "Well, then. I suppose there won't be much HoloNet coverage then," she complained, before turning her attention to the dress that Sierra picked out. "Hmm," she said, when suddenly she noticed that Bruce was reaching for a dress. In a surprise the dress began to move towards Bruce, which startled her. "Ahh! she screamed, wondering what was going on. "Okay! Okay! I'll wear the dress," she said to her baby brother, as she took hold of it and began to change. As she did so, she looked towards Sierra slightly confused and slightly startled.

There was no breeze in the room or *anything* to explain what happened while Bruce tried to reach for a dress. Before Sierra's eyes, the dress began to move. Drusilla screamed, but Sierra felt a cold sweat erupt all over her body. The dress *moved*. The news of what Bruce was wasn't something they had chosen to share with the family. She had heard the rumors about Jedi plenty of times. "Uh.. Uh.. That was weird." Sierra choked nervously. "I'm going to go.. Hurry up and get dressed, okay?" Before she left, Sierra gave Drusilla a one-armed hug. She quickly whisked off Bruce to her room. "You can't be doing stuff like that so soon. You'll scare your sister." She kissed his forehead. She decided not to bring it up to Claudius before the race. She could tell him later. Inside her room, she laid Bruce out on their bed and slid socks onto his feet. "Are you almost ready?" She asked her husband.

Claudius was indeed almost ready. He had changed into a special fire retardant suit that would hopefully save his life in the unlikely event of a fire. It might have fit him years ago, or to be kind decades ago, but now it looked like if he sneezed it would split down the middle. "Is Drusilla coming?" he asked, as he posed for her in his racing suit for her. Tucked under one arm was a racing helmet, replete with goggles. He was excited and nervous all at the same time, but he was determined to have a lot of fun.

She turned around and sat on the bed. All she had left to do was tug on her boots and she'd be ready. Drusilla was the one she was worried about. As she turned, she spotted her husband in the fire retardant suit. She was relieved to see him taking proper precautions to protect himself because talking to Dru had made her feel worried. "Yup. She's getting ready now. We can hope to leave in three hours." She winked. When he posed, Sierra whistled playfully. "You look s- ..!" She stopped herself, covering Bruce's ears with her hands. "Sexy." She dropped her hands away from his ears. Leaving their baby boy on the bed, she stood. Her arms wrapped around his neck. "You better watch yourself. I already had to talk Drusilla out of wearing a dress suited for a funeral." She grinned. "Go out there and have fun, okay? You're going to be amazing."

Claudius smirked as he watched Sierra cover their son's ears before saying 'sexy'. "I'll watch myself," he said, as he smiled down at his beautiful, young face. He held his face there, rubbing his nose against hers, before placing a kiss upon her. "Wait. Did you say a funeral?" he asked, as his eyes opened wide when the kiss broke. "Glad to know who she's rooting for," he said, with a laugh, as he began moving towards the stairs. "Drusilla, hurry!" he shouted at her, for perhaps the first time in her life. He was impatient to get to the face. He now seemed as if he was only a few years older than Bruce.

She grinned, nuzzling her nose back against his. She chuckled. "Well, don't prove her right." Sierra leaned over their bed to scoop Bruce up into her arms. "Let's go watch your daddy kick some rear end." She quickly stopped herself from saying 'ass' in front of him. The last thing they needed in the future was a cursing, force-sensitive toddler. She couldn't leave Dru to her own devices, so she stopped at her door for a final time and knocked. "Drusilla? Do you need any help in there? We're leaving." She watched Claudius continue down the stairs. A smile formed on her face. It was good to see him so excited over something. He needed more reasons to be excited. "Dru?"

Drusilla emerged from her room wearing the dress that her brother had picked out, afraid of what the consequences might have been had she not selected it. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" she declared, as she hurried up after them. But, when she saw her father in that ridiculous, too tight racing outfit she began to laugh. "Oh I hope the HoloNet doesn't cover this," she said, as she brought up a hand to shield her face from them, as she brushed passed them, and frolicked to the shuttle.

The eyes of the classic speeder community has fallen upon the Togatto Speedway. Claudius had registered as a late entry with his red XJ-2 speeder, that he arranged to have detailed. As he stood out on the raceway he could see a dozen other racers, many of whom were more experienced and had faster vehicles. Some of them even had professional pit droid crews. He suddenly felt *very* out of his league. He climbed into his speeder, pulled the goggles down over his eyes, and mentally began preparing himself for the race that was to come. He went through the process of checking the readout on all the displays. If he had a mechanical failure it could cost him his life.

As Sierra sat in the bleachers with Bruce and Drusilla, she felt relieved that Claudius had chosen classic speeder racing over pod racing. At least this was safer ... right? She had not spoken since they arrived, but the anxious bouncing of her leg said that she was worried. She looked down on the pit where the racers were preparing. She quickly noticed how serious people took the competition. She felt bad that he had no extra assistance. If this was something he wanted to do on a regular basis, not only would she die at age forty, but she'd need to invest in some droids for him. Regardless, Sierra set aside her worries to cheer, obnoxiously loudly, from the stands for her husband. It was the first time in her life where she perfectly fit the 'embarrassing mom' bill. "Wohoooo! Go Claudius!" She shouted, feeling disappointed that she didn't have the time to make a poster. She prodded Drusilla with her elbow. "Cheer for your father!"

Despite her cold exterior, Drusilla was quite concerned that something could go wrong, and he could get injured. She sat in the stands beside Sierra and her brother, drinking a colorful, but virgin drink. "This isn't a *real* race is it? This is just a bunch of rich old men with shriveled up genitalia driving their toys to feel alive, right?" she asked, before nervously biting at her carefully manicured nails. Oh well, she could always use another manicure, she thought to herself, as she shifted to the edge of her seat. "Where did he get this idea? Couldn't you two have just done some old people stuff?" she asked, as she inched forward again. Only a tiny portion of her butt now remained on the seat.

Sierra made a face thanks to the unfortunate visual Drusilla had planted inside of her brain. "Yes... That's exactly what it is..." She said, nibbling on her lower lip. Truth was, she wasn't sure. This was the first time she had gone to a classic speeder race. She wanted it to begin so it could end with Claudius safe. She sighed, patting Drusilla's leg softly. "He had a flimsiplat advertisement. I have no idea where he got it... He seemed so excited over it. I couldn't say no." Sierra frowned. She wished she wasn't pregnant so she could have a drink...something that wasn't virgin. "The speeder is in good shape." She told Drusilla. "The engine was just replaced. Your father should be fine.." She tried not to think about the hard turns he'd taken down the mountain road the other night. Ugh. She was going to be sick.

"It runs in the family. I know you'll never believe me, but Ewwiekewwieikkie actually gets it from him," Drusilla said, as she sipped on her drink until nothing was left in her glass, and an obnoxious slurping sound resounded from the glass. She, of course, was oblivious to the fact about how obnoxious she got about such things herself. "Well. That's good. I'm sure he won't go too fast," she said, as she frowned at her empty drinking. "I need another one. You want one, Sierra?" she asked, before turning to her other side. "How about you, Callista?" she asked, but then blinked slightly. "Callista?!" she screamed, wondering how she could have possibly gotten there.

The revelation caused Sierra to laugh. "You know... I do believe you." She had seen Ewwiekewwieikkie and Claudius do alike hand gestures before. She had assumed it was Ewwiekewwieikkie rubbing off on him, not the other way around. "Yes, please. Thank you." She looked towards Drusilla and smiled. To her surprise, she saw the wild, brown hair of Callista Nilar. "Callista!? What are you...!?" The little girl had a habit of just appearing. Sierra was getting used to accepting it, because there was *no* way that Mug or Iyah was on Esseles.

Callista was seated in the bleachers. She was the happiest out of all of them. "*Yay yay yay*! *Go Uncle*!" She screamed, pumping her fists up into the air. She jumped when she heard a scream. "Hihi Drusilla. Hi Auntie! Do they have chocolate blue milk?" She asked, adjusting the crown on her head. "Mama and daddy said I was going to spend time with you again. Can we build a tent like last time and play hide and seek?" She was bouncing in her seat. "When's it gonna start!?"

Suddenly Sierra would feel something heavy resting upon her head and then ... nothing. And then, finally, a brief tap on the head. "How could you let him do this?" the voice of Doctor Pilaq Tohan asked her from behind, as he could not descend the stairs down to her luxury box. But he could, however, reach with his walking stick far enough to dole out some punishment. His large eyes looked towards the race track, however, he was unable to spot Claudius. The HoloNet had been abuzz with news that the Grand Moff himself was going to race in the Esseles classic speeder race. He assumed the poor man would end up getting hurt, so he insisted they come. Unfortunately, with Mug and Iyah on assignment, it was he who had been left with Callista.

Doctor Bailo made a noise with her two mouths that could only be described as the sound of complete and utter disappointment. "Has that man not had enough adventure in his life as of late?" She shook her head from side to side as she *and* Pilaq teamed up on Sierra Rodney. Alessandra thought that the news on the HoloNet was simply a joke. She only entertained Pilaq by agreeing to fly to Esseles to see what was actually going on.

"Hey! You're a menace with that thing!" Sierra received a gentle bonk on the head. She imagined that *both* Claudius and Marcus had received harder hits from Pilaq's large walking stick. "How could *I* let him do this? I'm his wife, not his keeper." Sierra defended. She hoped Claudius didn't live to make her regret the decision ... or die to make her regret it either. As she looked on, she realized more HoloNet reporters were showing up as a result of Claudius' involvement. She sighed. "I'm glad you're here, Doctor Tohan. That way when this give me an ulcer, you can fix me up!" She adjusted how she was sitting so Bruce could sit against her chest and watch. Her hand remained in his much smaller hand. She was nervous. Was Claudius going to be okay?

"We gotta stop daddy!" Ewwiekewwieikkie yelled as she dragged Melickielickie out towards the racetrack. There had been a special report during the broadcast of the Rainbow Rancor on the Auntie Mae Network, as Auntie Mae was a sponsor of the race to coincide with the launch of Auntie Mae's retro restaurant. She had wanted to come and her uncle needed no encouragement to return her early. But before she got out onto the field she spotted a couple of pit droids bouncing around. "What are those?!" she said, as she stopped, dead in her tracks, to gawk at them. Suddenly she had forgotten the race and just wanted her very own pit droid.

Duke Marcus had taken up position in the service area, but security would not allow him onto the field to attempt to talk some sense into his brother. At least he was with the droids that would be servicing Claudius' speeder when he came in for a pit stop. *If* he came in for a pit stop. This was the kind of reckless thing that he was known for, and never expected his brother to pull such a stunt in a million years. He had sent Zara and the nanny droid on to find Sierra in the stands, while he was led by Ewwiekewwieikkie to find Claudius, but they were too late. As he looked up he saw that none other than Auntie Mae herself was going to personally start the race. To his outrage he saw that she had taken the Big Time Hero of Beyond Squib-Deliciousness chocolate pieces shaped like Claudius' bust and broken them up and placed them in a race exclusive Claudius' Concrete Collision.

"Daddy! Noooooo! Dangewous!" Melickielickie said, trying to remember the word Sierra used when she tried to touch something hot. She was amazed by all the shiny, classic speeders which were shined to perfection for the race. "I want it." She said, grabbing her sister's arm as she pointed towards a shiny, blue speeder. "You drive, sissy? We drive one? Ugh. No!" Melickielickie's vision was suddenly blocked by people who were infinitely taller than her. The small Squib began to scale her sister's back. "Can't see!" She whined, scaling higher and higher.

"What's wrong with you!?" Duchess Zara Rodney burst into the luxury box which *everyone* had now crowded into. "Oh.. Hi Doctor Tohan. Hi Doctor Bailo... Callista... Dru ... and the *dummy*!" Zara was holding Sia in her arms while Nana had Darrus. She made everyone uncomfortable by sitting far too close to her sister-in-law. "You gotta be mean sometimes, Sierra." Zara instructed the woman, even though Sierra was older than her. "If something happens... you can come stay with us in the castle. Marcus and I agreed that would be okay."

A moment later the race began and Claudius fired up his engines sending his XJ-2 speeder down the track to a thunderous applause. When he looked in front of him the most astonishing sight appeared in front of him ... nothing. He was in first place, but he knew it was early. However, it was still thrilling to know for at least a moment he was leading. Unfortunately, the other drivers were terrified of beating an Imperial Grand Moff, especially one who had become known for such ruthlessness lately due to the impact of Colonel Zevrin's tactics on these worlds. No one dared get near him, but the battle for second place was intense. Suddenly there was a crash, sending one of the old speeders flying into the stands, but it was well behind his speeder. As he completed the first lap he was beginning to allow himself to believe he might actually win.

Sierra anxiously held her son close. It seemed that the whole family had appeared out of nowhere. All of them had something to say about Claudius racing. When the race began, Sierra stopped breathing and watched. All of her anxieties bred inside of her. Was he okay? She couldn't keep Claudius safe. If someone decided to hurt him, she would be forced to watch it with the rest of the family. The first lap completed with him in the lead. Sierra was happy for him even though she didn't make a peep. In her lap, the young Bruce was trying to play with his cousin in Zara's lap. Halfway into the second lap, Sierra started feeling woozy. "D-Dru..." She said, handing Bruce over to his sister. "I think I'm going to be sick." She'd never let Claudius do this again! It didn't matter how much of a sucker she was for his pouts. She lowered her head into her hands. "Tell me when it's over..." She whispered.

Claudius knew that the key to winning the race would be efficient and strategic pitstops. As he rounded the track again he was checking his fuel gauge and determined it was time to enter pit row. Unfortunately, as he brought the speeder to a halt his pit droids were unable to assist him because they were being hugged by Ewwiekewwieikkie. "Ewwiekewwieikkie?!" Claudius yelled, as he pulled the goggles up over his eyes. "Let go of my droids!" he yelled, as he heard the roar of other speeders passing by.

"Daddy!" Ewwiekewwieikkie shouted, as she let go of the pit droid, and allowed it to join the others in refueling the speeders. "Now our chance!" she said, grabbing Melickielickie and jumping into the passenger's seat of the XJ-2 speeder with her adopted father. "Make it go! Make it go *fast*!" she ordered him, as she started bouncing up and down in the chair. They were about to be in a real race. The excitement of it had made her forget that she had come here to *stop* him, not *join* him.

"Claudius, this is madness!" Marcus said, as he came over towards the speeder, to try and dissuade him from continuing. "You've made your point. You've proved you can race, but if you keep going you could get hurt, and now you could get your daughters hurt," he warned, as he looked towards the two Squibs climbing into the speeder. "You don't need to do this. Think of your wife. Your children," he pleaded, repeatedly, as he tried to get the Squibs out of the speeder.

"Sierra!" Drusilla yelled, as the jumbo screen in the center of the speedway began to display a closeup image of her father's speeder, which now contained two extra passengers. "Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie are in the speeder!" she screamed, before elbowing her to get her to open her eyes. She was cradling her brother, but turned him around so he could see the screen, not even aware if he would be able to see that far with his baby eyes.

"Mmm. Nom nom nom." Melickielickie had, somehow, obtained a bucket full of cotton candy. "What is dis? Dis yummy." She squeaked, suddenly grabbed by her sister and taken into the shiny speeder. "Candy!" She threw the bucket at Ewwiekewwieikkie, instead dragging her tongue along the interior of the car until she realized it didn't taste very good at all. "Go *fast*..?" She started scrambling towards her father's lap. "Daddy! I miss you! Uncle Marcy Marc gave me a 'goodie bag'!" She said, reaching over to grab a pawful of cotton candy. "You eat this? Is good."

"Gaahhh! Did something bad happen!?" Sierra lifted her head from her hands. Before her, on the jumbo screen, was a mess. " Ohno! Ewwiekewwieikkie! Melickielickie!" It didn't matter how sick she felt at the moment, her girls *needed* her. She rose from her seat. "I need to borrow this." She said to Drusilla, quickly sliding off one of the many bracelets from around her wrist. "I promise I'll pay you back." With that, Sierra went darting out of the luxury box towards the speedway. "Claudius..." She aligned herself as closely to the speedway as she could, then she dropped Drusilla's heavy bracelet on the ground. Even she could hear it's clanging over the crowd, which meant that Melickielickie and Ewwiekewwieikkie could hear it too. She ran a hand over the back of her neck. She was sweating like a Hutt on Tatooine.

"I never start anything I don't finish, brother. You should know that," Claudius said, as he brought his goggles back down over his eyes. The pit droids finished and Claudius' XJ-2 speeder was off and barreling down the track with breakneck speed with two additional passengers aboard. While they had heard the clanging of Sierra, there was no way for them to get out of the moving speeder. "Hang on," he told them, as he moved through traffic in an attempt to reclaim first place. But that is precisely when disaster struck and blue fur began to fly off the girls along with cotton candy and ... feathers? The debris fell onto the windshields of two speeders behind him, obscuring the driver's vision and causing them to violently crash and explode. There was a loud roar from the crowd who approved of the excitement.

Despite all of Sierra's best efforts, she was not in time to save Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie a lap in the speeder race. She bent down, picking up the bracelet to use next time Claudius stopped for a refill on gas. Instead, she continued pushing through until she found herself in the service area near her brother. Sierra looked like she had seen better days, as she was now watching her two adoptive daughters *and* her husband zoom around the track at high speeds. "Oh my Germanicus." Sierra used Drusilla's favorite saying as she became smaller and smaller next to Marcus. "I thought *you* were the wild brother. It's really him!" Her heart jumped up into her throat. On the jumbo screen, she could see all the blue fur, cotton candy ... and were those feathers? Had the girls visited the ducks before arriving? The mess they created caused an explosion directly behind them. "When this kills me, I would like you to write 'I should have said no' on my grave, okay?"

Suddenly Marcus realized he was standing beside the descendant of the Kingslayer, Sierrus Dakkar. Could he yell her? Sure! Would he tell her? No! Not because he was avoiding it, but because he knew Zara would kill him if she missed out on the moment. "Haven't you heard? I've mellowed now that I've become Duke and had children," he said, with a bit of dark comedy as he nervously watched his brother and Squib nieces fly around the track. "I'm sorry that I involved the girls in this, but this is getting *a lot* of HoloNet coverage and once again the Rainbow Rancor was pre-empted," he said, rolling his eyes and nodding his head ... she knew. "I think he may win this," he said to Sierra, as he tried to calm her down.

'Round and 'round the track Claudius went, until once again he was in first place. No one wanted to beat a Grand Moff and end up in an Imperial prison, and those behind him were in danger of getting wiped out by Squib debris. He could not believe that what started as a fun exercise was about to turn into a victory for him. One more lap and he would have it won. "Hang on girls," he said, as he put the throttle to maximum speed so that no one could catch him. He went into the final turn, nearly flipping the speeder, but he managed to hold on. An instant later he crossed the finish line in first place. "Girls! We won!" he said, as he was guided into the winner's circle. He rose up from the seat where he was handed a glass of blue milk and began to drink. "Grand Moff Rodney, you just won the Togatto Speedway Classic, what are you going to do next?" the HoloNet reporter asked him, as he drank the milk. Claudius paused, before smiling into the camera, with blue milk running down his chin. "I'm going to Auntie Maeland!" he yelled, with a big smile on his face and cheering Squibs behind him.

She laughed dryly. "It seems like the opposite effect for your brother. Look what happened after Bruce." She began to decompress as she realized no one was going to try to mess with Claudius. "I hope he does. They better give him a trophy the size of me." She mumbled. She watched the rest of the race with growing anxiety up until the second he passed the finish line ... and *won*. She grabbed Marcus excitedly. "He won! He *won!*" She released him, jumping up and down and hollering for her husband. She disappeared from Marcus' side and moved into the crowd, which was now all surging towards the winner's circle. As she grew closer, she spotted Claudius with a blue milk mustache and the girls looking happier than ever. She paused to watch them all. Her heart filled with warm love for her family. She could stay away no more, and broke through the crowd. When she reached the speeder, she fearlessly kissed him on the lips. "Bantha poodoo! You scared me!" She kissed him again. Apparently the family was headed off to Auntie Maeland again. She couldn't wait to go back and sample more of the sweets ... and force Claudius to go on the scary rides with the girls so she didn't have to.

"Again! Again!" Ewwiekewwieikkie said, as she jumped up and down on the passenger seat of the now stopped speeder. "Auntie Maeland? Auntie Maeland!" she said to Melickielickie, as she wrapped her arms around her tight and began to hug her. She was blissfully ignorant of the fact that her fur and debris had caused so many tragic accident during the race. Then, as she looked to Sierra she remembered, and began poking her. "Hey! Hey! Hey!" she said, and with each 'hey!' she gave her a finger poke. "My great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandma says your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa killed the King. Why he do that?" she asked, before tilting her head, and bringing her paw up to her chin.

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