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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:23) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle and Marcus Rodney's chalet) and in the Essesia system: Demon Cat.
El-Nay Darr, Luna Flosgermen, Petrus Flosgermen, Commander Kerrie Kiley, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Lord Marcus Rodney, Commander Sierra Rodney, and Lady Zara Rodney.

Claudius Rodney was *alone*. He knew not where his wife was, nor his children, and his staff were sectors away. He sat in his office in the castle on Delaya reviewing the recent Imperial incursion that played havoc on the Alderaanian refugees. He was powerless to do anything about it, but while he had several ideas he decided he would not take action until he consulted his wife. But where was his wife? It should not have taken her that long to put a stop to Drusilla's Esselian shopping spree. Was something wrong? Was he just being a paranoid old man? Or worse, a controlling husband? He activated his HoloNet terminal and began cycling frequencies looking for anything remotely interesting to occupy his time. Only five minutes had gone by, but it felt like an hour. He was a man who needed human interaction to feel complete, and being locked away by himself was a kind of torture that he would rather not see prolonged. Even The Real Huttwives of Nal Hutta could not bring a smile to his face with Sierra away.

The situation aboard the Demon Cat was becoming worse and worse. Sierra's mind was grounding forward, just like it always was. She was looking for resolutions. There was no way for her to reach Claudius. She could only imagine how immensely stressed he grew the longer she was away. In all seriousness, she had grown used to his companionship. It was not having him by her side that made her feel massively uncomfortable. She wanted nothing more than to embrace him. Instead, she was stuck trying to figure out a way to secure Drusilla. When Luna came back to retrieve her to make the ransom video, Sierra held her arms behind her back. Her sleeves fell down over her wrists so it was hard to tell if she was really still cuffed or not.

Luna sat the Duchess in a seat. She amused herself by yanking out a clump of Sierra's hair and scratching her other cheek. "Ahhhh. You're all ready for your big appearance!" She giggled. Luna had decided that she hated the woman in front of her. She was going to make this as humiliating as possible, so it wasn't Claudius alone who would see the broadcast. It was everyone on the HoloNet in Delaya that would see their Duchess in peril. Even Papius would have a chance to touch himself while he watched the ISB agent suffer. "Okay. You'll tell him we want eight million credits in the next twenty-four hours. Make sure you smile."

The live feed cut through with Luna behind the camera. There was Sierra, bloodied up but still strong enough to sit up. She kept her head raised and stared at the camera. "My love," she started, leveling her voice. "Dru and I were captured. Drusilla is unharmed. Despite what you see, I'm okay too. *Both* of us are. The captors are asking for eight million credits to be wired to their account within twenty-four hours." She breathed in. "I love you." With that, the blonde woman stood. She swung her arms to the front of her body to reveal that she was no longer bound. The camera, still on, would show Sierra using her boot to kick a short haired woman. The video continued to run while she darted towards the back of the ship. She had made sure that the cage door didn't close completely when Luna grabbed her. Now, she swung the door open. Over the feed, her husband would hear Sierra yelling. "Run Drusilla! Get in the escape pod! Hurry!" If there were any objections, Sierra wouldn't stop herself from picking up the teenager. Chaos ensued.

Drusilla was not sure what was happening, but she knew if she escaped it could potentially save millions of *her* money from being wasted on the ransom. She burst forward from the cage, not bothering to look back to see how Sierra was doing ... after all she was not her *real* mother. She quickly found herself in the transport's escape pod, and immediately slammed her hand down on the launch button. An instant later the pod shot from the Demon Cat on a course back towards Esseles.

"That was very foolish, Milady," Petrus said, before moving into the cage with her. He brought his hand up, grabbing her by the back of her hair. He pulled on it tightly, ripping some out, before slamming her face into the bars. "Listen carefully, Grand Moff ... Duke ... whatever title you're using this week," he said, angrily, between deep breaths while smashing Sierra's face repeatedly against the bars of the cage as if he was grating cheese. "It's eight million if you want your wife and unborn heir back," he said, before letting go of her and throwing her back to the ground. He felt he had proven his point.

Every second it took Dru to reach the escape pod lasted longer than an hour. Sierra watched her, feeling greatly relieved, as Drusilla made a safe escape. She breathed in relief. "Oh thank goodness..." But the danger wasn't over yet. She reached into her vest to pull forth two throwing knives. Before she could defend herself, the big, hulking man deemed 'Petrus' grabbed her. He made her feel like she was weightless. The first time her face collided with the bars, the pain was manageable. The second time, Sierra let out a whimper. As he reconstructed her face, she cried and whimpered. It was worth it, she told herself. Dru was so much more important than these injuries. She couldn't hear what the brute was saying until she became a bleeding heap on the ground.

Luna didn't like being bested by her prey. Zara had done it. Now Sierra had done it. Feeling furious, she followed Petrus with the camera in haul. She filmed, close up, each time he hurt the Duchess. "Harder baby, harder! Punish her!" She said, laughing happily. When her husband had finished, she zoomed the camera in on the Duchess' bloody face. "Awwww. Petrus, you should be on Extreme Makeover Esseles edition. Maybe we should change her clothes too. Look." She said, pointing to the throwing knives that Sierra had dropped. "Looks like our Duchess isn't such a softie after all."

The reaction to Sierra's battered image terrified him, but when the commotion began he became absolutely frantic. He thought he had seen the last of Zara's sister and her lover, but there they were meddling in his family again. When Drusilla managed to escape he rode a rollercoaster of emotions which quickly descended again when he saw and heard Sierra being beaten. "Stop! I'll pay, damn you! I'll pay!" he shouted, as he slammed his fists down on his desk frantically. "I can get the eight million," he told them, his cheeks flushing red from a combination of fear and anger. His heart was racing and his breath was short. He needed to save his wife!

The woman on the ground was still moving. Sierra decided not to get back up. Getting back up could result in a second beat down. Luna was pleased with the way the video had progressed. The Duke was surely shitting his pants at the moment. Petrus had shown that they weren't nice. They didn't shy away from hurting a woman with child. The camera's video and audio cut out with one last line from Luna: the number to the account where she wanted the money wired. Claudius Rodney would never have his wife again if he didn't deliver. Luna could beat her to death or sell her as a human slave.

In the secluded northern portion of Delaya, Zara and Marcus had returned home. They were keeping their distance from the city in fear that Papius would capture them a second time. Zara was living out, what she hoped, would be the last weeks before the twins were born. She was sitting at the HoloNet terminal using her tummy as a shelf for a bowl of grapes when the feed from she-who-shall-not-be-named cut through. Zara's eyes went wide. The second she saw Sierra, her heart sank. Her sister was *back*. "Marcussssss!" She cried out.

Together, they watched every gut-wrenching second of Sierra's beat down. Zara's heart hurt for her sister-in-law and her brother. Claudius must be feeling the torment at this point. "We have to go." Zara said, rapidly typing away at her computer. She was using the video to pinpoint where her own sister's ship was. "I can't believe Luna is messing with our family again.." She looked like she was going to cry over it. Sierra deserved what was happening to her even less than she had.

"*We*?!" Marcus asked incredulously, as he looked at his wife who now resembled a small moon. "*We* are not going anywhere. You're eight months pregnant," he scolded her, was he placed his hand upon her shoulder to prevent her from even getting up. "*I* will go. I'll record everything so you don't feel left out," he said, squeezing her shoulder, and massaging it lightly. Without Zara present it would also be easier to put them down for the count, as it would be quite difficult to kill Zara's sister in front of her. His heart ached for Claudius, and he felt responsible, as he failed to eliminate them when they kidnapped Zara. He was filled with rage, as he was mentally deciding what weaponry to bring with him this time ... and whether to ask for any help.

"*We!*" She wasn't *that* pregnant. . . Not. When she attempted to rise from her seat, she found that Marcus made for a great anchor. "Nooo! That's not fair! I'm carrying *two* people. You can't weigh me down too!" The idea of Marcus going alone did not make her happy. She liked having his back. She liked knowing he was safe. Zara also had this idea in her head that her sister could be *saved*. Like some unholy sinner, Zara could cleanse her sickly sister and bring her back into the light. She knew how angry Marcus was. Given the chance, he'd make sure Luna never came back for a round three. As Zara fought, a strong contraction settled into her stomach. "Owwww. N-Not fair!" She stated again, short of breath. Contractions were typical third trimester goodness. Her stomach felt hard and uncomfortable. "The twins are siding with you." She whimpered.

"Fine. *Fine*. I want the recording.. Audio too!" She sighed. The massage was helping her to relax while her contraction died down. "And no going alone! I don't care if you go get El-Nay. Luna and Petrus might have won last time. They are dangerous." She warned.

"I'll be careful," Marcus said, before lowering his head to place a kiss upon his wife's lips. He brought his hand up to the side of her face to caress it lovingly. As the kiss broke the burden of what was upon him began to weigh upon his soul, and he moved toward the lower level of the chalet where his arsenal was kept. Explosives were out of the question because of Sierra's delicate condition, so he would have to use something more precise. In his past he never would have left loose ends like them alive, but Zara had softened him ... and now this was the result.

Zara kissed him. In a few month's time, she could help him again. For now, it was torturous to be left at home. When Marcus had left, Zara opened up communications between them. She sent him the coordinates to where her sister's ship was. "Do what you have to do, Marcus." With those words, she gave him permission to kill her sister and stop the family's pain.

Eight million credits was *a lot* of money. In fact, if Claudius had not inherited the Duchy it would have been unlikely he could have raised such a sum. The damage to the family treasury would be long felt, all the more painful because his father had earned this wealth by destroying the planet's fragile environment. However, he loved his wife and did not hesitate in wiring the money into the account that Petrus and Luna had demanded him. With a single press of the button his family's wealth had been transferred to a couple of criminals. "It's only money," he said to himself, with a sigh, as he waited for them to contact him with the coordinates where he could retrieve his wife. Wherever Drusilla's greed came from, it did not start with him.

A shrill laugh came from Luna. Before her was the digital information for her and Petrus' account. Eight. Million. Credits. "He paid!" She said, dancing. Would Claudius Rodney hear from them? No. Luna was going to take her sweet time. The Grand Moff's wife had been nothing but a pain. A pain that was worth *eight million credits*! She felt proud of her and Petrus. Again, they had succeeded in pulling off something totally insane. She plopped in his lap and began to make out with him feverishly. "We're rich..! We're rich..!" She sang.

In her cage, Sierra sat. Claudius had paid. Knowing him, there were no second thoughts. She had not given up just yet. She could transfer the money back if she got out of her cage. She could soothe their financial woes and race home with Luna and Petrus in a cage. But *how*? She had no weapons. Luna had ripped up her dress while searching for additional weapons. "Claudius.. I'm going to fix this.." She wanted to be with him *so* bad. Inching towards the door to her cage, she began to pick at the lock. She closed her eyes briefly. She could see her love clearly. Soon, she promised.

"Do try and save some of it this time, my dear," Petrus said to her, before joining her in the celebration. He put each of his hands on her hips, before lifting her in the air and spinning her around in dramatic fashion. "I love you," he declared, grinning from ear to ear, quite pleased with how flawlessly they had orchestrated this kidnapping. Even the child escaping did not bother him, as he knew the real money lay with Sierra. Drusilla was only a distraction to lure Sierra into their trap anyway. "Now, do we give her back, or force her out the airlock?" he asked Luna, being quite serious. "Unfortunately, we no longer have an escape pod to jettison you in, Milady," he said to her, condescendingly, before his eyes moved back to his wife for reaction.

"Weeeeee!" Luna smiled brightly. There was nothing quite as nice as having eight million credits and an incredible husband. "I love you." She leaned in, biting his lower lip hard enough to make it bleed. She worried not for the caged Duchess. She wasn't going anywhere any time soon. Petrus, ever the imaginative man, had another wonderful idea. "When you talk like that, it turns me on so much." She touched his cheek softly. "Let's force her out the airlock! We can film it and send it to the old bastard. Maybe we can kill the Duke too." Luna was making the most out of her freedom. She didn't think that Kerrie would ever catch up to them. Her and Petrus were much more skilled that the other garbage Kerrie used. Now that her trump cards were gone, that woman was *fucked*. "Will you do the honors, my sweet love?"

"Oh you are vicious," Petrus said, before leaning forward and placing a kiss upon Luna's lips so fiercely that it drew blood. His hand moved to the door of the cage and he reached in, snatching the battered Duchess in his menacing grasp. "I'm glad you're on my side, my love," he said to Luna with a wink, before dragging Sierra towards the airlock as if she were cargo. "Any last words?" he said to her, grinning evilly, before bringing his hand up to open the inner seal of the airlock. He expected to find an empty depressurization chamber to store Sierra in before opening the outer airlock to the cold, void of space, but unfortunately for him the room was unexpectedly occupied.

The elder Ta'em imagined what was going to partake once Petrus took out the garbage. She sucked on her bloody lip, watching him with the eyes of a lustful woman. She collected up her camera and began filming. "I'm glad too. I've been on your bad side...not a good place to be." Though, breaking into Petrus' apartment had been the best decision of her life. They had the perfect partnership together.

Sierra had overheard their conversation. There wasn't much fight left in her, especially as the behemoth man grabbed her. She didn't want to die. She had promised Claudius time and time again that she wasn't going anywhere. How could she break that promise? How could she leave him, entirely alone, after they had come to love each other so much? There was still a bright future for them to live...Sierra wouldn't let anyone take that away. As they neared the inner seal of the airlock, the Duchess flung herself towards Petrus. She clung to him, opening her mouth wide and sinking her teeth into his shoulder. She could taste blood; sickening and stomach wrenching. The door was open. Sierra was trying to kill Petrus. She had no idea that there were people who had come to save them.

As the door to the airlock opened, the pseudo Mandalorian El-Nay Darr was revealed in her distinct orange painted Nite Owl armor. Her left fist was raised, as if she were about to pound on the airlock before Petrus opened it. "Uh. Knock knock?" she said, having been caught off guard. She quickly brought her first forward to pound the man in the nose. "Plan B?" she said, looking to her companion, before bringing her wrist gauntlet, and firing off a grapple cable at Petrus that she hoped would quickly ensnare him. This was not what the two had planned, and no one ever accused her of thinking fast on her feet, but she was doing the best she could given the suddenness of the situation.

"And where did *you* learn manners?" Commander Kerrie Kiley asked from beneath the dark helmet of her Storm Commando armor. She did not expect Petrus to open the airlock at precisely the same moment they were breaching the Demon Cat, but she would not let the occurrence go without acting quickly. "Be careful. It was the girl that fried you last time," she said, referring to Luna's past encounter with El-Nay. As she observed the condition of Sierra from beneath her helmet, she surged forward, bringing her gloved fist to connect with Petrus' jaw in an uppercut. Although she was a little short for a Stormtrooper, she packed a considerable punch. With Petrus seemingly under control, she attempted to look past Petrus and Sierra for the elusive Luna. "Here kitty kitty," she called out from beneath her helmet, before raising her E-11 blaster rifle. The fact that the duo had escaped from beneath her grasp at the Empire's secret facility on Esseles infuriated her ... more so given what they ultimately ended up doing to Drusilla and Sierra.

The probability of anyone being on the other side of the airlock was astronomical. Sierra was readying herself to put up one hell of a fight for her life. It was to everyone's great surprise that Petrus and Sierra were met with familiar orange armor. The Duchess recalled El-Nay from the time she had aided them in rescuing Jelena. She had never been so happy to see the color orange. It was *glorious*. "El-Nay." She coughed blood on the ground. It only made logical sense that the person behind the Storm Commando armor was Kerrie Kiley. In the chaos, the large man forgot all about throwing Sierra away. His focus was forced to the intruders...the saviors. Sierra hit the ground and began to crawl away from the fight. She felt so exhausted. Instead of allowing herself to give up and shut down, she forced herself back to her feet and made her way towards the cockpit.

On the opposite side, the sight of El-Nay made Luna laugh and laugh. Even after El-Nay had defeated her, she still considering the woman to be a *joke*. It was the fact that Agent Orange had not come alone which caused problems. Kerrie had arrived to leash her. She wouldn't be taken back to hell! She would keep her freedom! With a hiss, Luna leapt from her seat and dashed towards the ground. She hid behind a different chair while deciding which explosive to use on the midget. She first settled on a smoke bomb, throwing it out right in front of her. "I'm not going back!" Luna screamed, smoke rapidly filling the small ship. She withdrew both of her vibrorapiers from their sheathes at her back and launched herself at the Clawdite. "If you had let us leave, we wouldn't have kidnapped her!" She collided with Kerrie.

El-Nay was busy attempting to contain Petrus when the smoke grenade went off, forcing her to raise her left hand to the side of her helmet and lower the targeting scanner over her visor. "She remembered my name! I'm famous!" she said, proudly, in response to Sierra's saying her name. Unfortunately, in her moment of joy she lost track of what she was doing and released her hold on the cable wrapped around Petrus. "Argh!" she complained, before moving off into the smoke, flailing about wildly to grab the end of the grapple. The unified defense offered by Kerrie and El-Nay had crumbled almost immediately due to her blundering.

"Concentrate!" Kerrie yelled at the young, dimwitted Mandalorian, before raising her arms to deal with the onrushing Luna. The visor of her helmet was equipped with an MFTAS system that allowed her to monitor the weapons through the smoke, and as the vibrorapiers descended upon her, she raised her plastoid armored forearms to parry her thrusts. Gritting her teeth beneath her helmet, she began to backpedal, as she was out of her element without a melee weapon. With her arms defending herself she eventually began pushing forward, offering up a series of martial arts kicks in the style of the ancient order of the Mabari whom she trained with on her native Zolan.

In the smoke a severely battered and bound Petrus scurried like a rat aboard his own ship. He had been completely overconfident in the wake of celebrating the payment of Sierra's ransom, so much so that he did not notice Kerrie and El-Nay in the airlock. While he got away from El-Nay, he nevertheless had taken two heavy blows to the head that left him concussed and bloodied. He swung his legs around, as his arms were completely bound, and executed a brutal sweep that sent the Mandalorian tumbling to the ground in the smoke filled cabin of the Demon Cat. He offered a bloodstained grin at the satisfaction of seeing El-Nay dropped, but he worried about Luna's ability to deal with the Storm Commando.

Sierra was blinded by the smoke bomb. She fumbled around until she felt something was her E-11 blaster. She snatched it from the ground. All she could hear was noises behind her. There was no way to tell if it was Kerrie and El-Nay who were conquering her captors or the other way around. It took too much effort to reach the cockpit where she sat, blaster ready in her hands. The smoke was beginning to surge toward the top of the ship. As soon as Sierra could see again, she began to quickly type at the ship's computer. You didn't fuck with the Rodney family certainly didn't do it twice. Sierra wanted the couple aching on every level. It seemed like the way it would hurt the most was through their wallets.

The opportunity they had all been waiting for was here: beating up Agent Orange. Luna hoped that her husband recalled all the times she whined at them while he, theoretically, beat her face in. There was strength behind her vibrorapiers. Even though Kerrie successfully blocked, Luna thought she had the little Clawdite. For the first time in her life, size was on *her* side. She pressed down harder on Kerrie, stepping forward while she backpedaled. "I've got you this time!" Luna growled. She spoke much too soon for the Clawdite had begun kicking her. She felt it each time Kerrie's boot collided with her body. It was painful enough that the cat decided to withdraw, bouncing back several feet. Through the smoke, she spotted El-Nay on the ground. "Good job, baby! Come help me out with this one!" She called even though she felt she had this one in the bag. At Kerrie's feet, she'd feel the presence of a cat purring and nuzzling itself against her leg. An instant later, it exploded.

Sierra's work was finished. She rose rapidly from her seat with the blaster. Spotting Petrus, she shot at him. (D)

As Kerrie felt the small cat droid against her feet her eyes went wide beneath her helmet. "Oh f-," but before she could finish her thought the droid suddenly exploded. The shrapnel tore into her black plastoid Stormcommando armor, and sent her flying backwards into the bulkhead of the Demon Cat. By the time her body hit the floor she was already unconscious and had reverted to her native Clawdite appearance. She had not seen that coming, as she had underestimated Luna ... it was a mistake she would not repeat again if she made it out of this alive.

"Kerrie!" El-Nay cried out as she felt the explosion, briefly revealing the affection she felt for the woman who mentored her when she first left home. She was down, but she was not out. Face first on the ground, she placed her hands in front of her and began to push up. In a desperate, reckless, move she held out her left wrist gauntlet and released a column flame in front of her as she began to move back towards where she hoped the airlock was. Everything they had planned had gone so terribly wrong, and now she just wanted to make it out of this alive.

Petrus managed to get his back to the bulkhead, where he began sliding up and down in a desperate attempt to shred the cable that was wrapped around his waist. "Good job!" he said to Luna, but then he glimpsed Sierra up and about, blasting away at the controls of their ship. "Get her!" he barked, between grit teeth, before finally freeing himself from the cable. The ship was now a mess with smoke, explosive debris, and the flame from El-Nay's gauntlet. He suddenly surged forward, trying to tackle Sierra down to the ground before she could do any further damage.

Just when all hope was lost the bounty hunter known as the Nerf Herder emerged from the airlock, placing a reassuring hand on El-Nay's shoulder to keep her from setting the entire ship on fire. "I think that's quite sufficient," he said to the young Mandalorian, before rudely pushing her aside so that he could step forward. The visor of his helmet filtered out the smoke and allowed him to clearly see Sierra, Luna, and Petrus. With his Model 434 blaster pistol firmly in hand, he quickly snapped off a blast at the lunging Petrus. Without missing a beat, he angled the barrel of the blaster towards Luna and fired off a couple of blasts in her direction as well. This time he was taking no chances, and regardless of their relationship to his wife he would show no mercy. (d)

Sierra's rescue was becoming less and less successful by the second. In shock, Sierra watched Kerrie go down. For Zara's sister to have outsmarted the Clawdite, she had to be good. . . or just crazy. El-Nay still lived but even she was at a disadvantage. It wasn't like Sierra was a warrior, or currently in tip top condition. "Shittt..." She wanted to get home. Her goal was simply to survive and reach Claudius. As long as she could make it to him, alive, everything would be okay. She saw El-Nay preparing to light up the place. "El-Nay!!" She yelled, trying to remind the Mandalorian that she existed. She didn't want to die here!

And then there was Petrus.

Goodness gracious, that man was huge. She swore his bicep was as thick as her waist. She turned towards him with the blaster. She squeezed the trigger only to instantly realize that the E-11 had overheated. Where did she go? The ship wasn't exactly spacious. She dropped the blaster, readying to run away from him when Petrus was stopped in his tracks. Another person had entered the fight, though, through blood and smoke, Sierra couldn't clearly see them.

Luna was intrigued by El-Nay. The woman stood, injured by some of the shrapnel from her close quarters explosion. She stalked after Agent Orange, keeping distance from her fire. She trusted Petrus to take care of the weak Duchess. To her surprise, yet another person came aboard her ship. The armor was familiar. As she danced away from his blasts, she began to laugh. "*Marcus Rodney*!" She yelled loudly. "I'm shocked your cow let you leave the house. What did you have to do? Slip a tub of ice cream in her arms?" She lunged after him with her vibrorapiers. Meanwhile, Sierra had overheard Luna. "Marcus..?" Her *brother-in-law*? Relief washed over her, admittedly, there was a lot of confusion. Marcus could get her out of this. He had to help her.

El-Nay was surprised to feel a presence behind her, almost wondering if it was another attacker lost in the chaos of the smoke and the explosion. Only when she heard the voice did she realize it was Marcus, and she felt an overwhelming sense of relief. She terminated the flamethrower, but before she could utter a word she was rudely being thrown out of the way. "Glad to see you too," she scoffed, as she impacted the bulkhead behind her. Not wanting to use further explosives and risk blasting them all into space, she raised her DT-57 heavy blaster pistol and tried to lock onto Luna, but the smoke interfered with her targeting scanner.

Petrus did not expect the arrival of the Nerf Herder, and therefore was not prepared for the oncoming blaster bolts. The first impact slammed into his chest, causing a severe burn and a tremendous amount of pain to the Demon. It was not supposed to be like this ... it was supposed to be a quick and easy payday. As he lay facedown on the deck of his own ship he felt the pain radiating throughout his entire body, made worse by the onrush of blaster bolts from Sierra's renewed assault. Part of him considered activating the self destruct and killing the entire lot of them, but despite his propensity towards violence he could not bare to be the instrument of Luna's death. "Got anymore of those droids?" he asked her, as he smirked up from her from the deck.

Marcus had no time for El-Nay's antics, as his focus was rescuing his sister-in-law from his sister-in-law. With Petrus seemingly dealt with, his attention focused entirely on the former Luna Ta'em. The reveal of his identity to Sierra would further complicate things with his brother, but for now he was more focused on getting her out of there alive than he was silencing her. "It must be tough being the unloved, forgotten sister," he said, from beneath his helmet, as he continued to verbally abuse her. He continued to unleash a torrent of blaster bolts in her direction, equal to the veracity of his words.

If Marcus Rodney successfully got her off this crazy ship, Sierra would be eternally grateful. He had come as a godsend, appearing when all other hope was lost. He grounded the giant, giving the Duchess a chance to use her weapon while dancing over his large body. She could hear Marcus verbally taunting his wife's crazed sister. What the hell was up with this family?! Stopping, Sierra turned around. She pointed her blaster at Petrus' face with coldness in her eyes. "You deserve to rot in an Imperial cell." Little did she know, Kerrie had already made that happen. Sierra was fully prepared to squeeze when it was Luna who abandoned her weapons and tackled the young woman to the ground. Sierra balled her hands into fists and beat them into the short haired woman's head repeatedly. "I will not die!" She screamed, grabbing Luna's arms. "Marcus!" She called for him. If he was going to shoot her, he needed to do it now.

Back at home, Zara Ta'em was having an increasingly difficult time. The contractions that had left her at home were becoming worse than ever before. She started to worry that the twins were on their way and that Marcus was too far away to get home in time. She considered calling Claudius and begging for his help in reaching the medcenter. If she did that, how would she explain Marcus' absence? Finally, Zara gave in. She used a comlink to communicate with her husband through his helmet. "Marcus!" She sounded panicked. "I-I need you to get home right away. It might be time...I don't know!" She winced. "I'm scared." She needed him.

Marcus was just about to pull the trigger at Luna when the panicked voice of Zara appeared over the comlink. He was suddenly torn between rescuing Sierra and getting back to Zara. For a moment he thought about leaving El-Nay to deal with Luna, but then he remembered how poorly things went last time. He was conflicted, but noticed the close proximity of Luna to Sierra. There was no way to blast Luna without endangering Sierra, so he quickly surged forward towards the pair. There simply was no time for finesse, forcing him to slam the handle of his blaster pistol down at Luna's jugular vein in an attempt to render her inert. "I'm sorry. I have to go," he said to Sierra, before he began heading towards the airlock. "If you don't handle this properly you're next on my target list," he said to El-Nay, before rudely brushing past her to get back towards his ship.

El-Nay was tired of being treated so badly by the other bounty hunters, but she took Marcus' statement as her being declared in charge. With both Petrus and Luna out of action, her attention turned to the ventilation system, which she reversed to suck out all of the smoke. "Are you okay, Milady?" she asked to Sierra, but all of her attention was focused on Kerrie. Her hands moved to her own helmet, revealing her youthful feminine face, and artificially dyed blonde hair with shaved sides that betrayed her natural roots. She knelt down next to the fallen Kerrie, checking her vitals, and working to remove her helmet. She frowned when she saw the woman, unconscious, in her Clawdite state. She was not a doctor, and possessed no medical skills, so she had no idea how bad things were or what to do. Her emotions quickly shifted to anger as she looked towards Petrus and Luna. "They were going to space you, right? I say we space them!" she said, as the tears began to flow, and her lip began to quiver. The young Mandalorian was breaking down.

There was no way for Sierra to know what had summoned Marcus away from the unfolding scene. Upon his departure, he made sure to take out Luna, thus ending Sierra's captivity. It was something that the Duchess would not forget, for it had been Marcus that succeeded. As the smoke began to clear, Sierra remained seated on the ground. She hurt so bad. Exhaustion threatened to pull her under until she saw Kerrie. "Fuck." She cursed, looking up at El-Nay. Her concern for her comrade was obvious. "Now that those two are out, I am. Kerrie... These idiots have to have some medical supplies somewhere." She willed herself to rise to her feet once, twice, three times. On the fourth attempt, she rose. She began a little rampage inside of the Demon Cat in search of something to help Kerrie's situation. "I'd love to space them, El-Nay. I think it'll hurt worse if they are arrested and taken into custody to rot for the rest of their damn lives." Behind a panel in the cockpit, Sierra found a shitty first aid kit. Her eyes rolled when she opened it. There were bandages with cat faces on them...insult to injury.

Sierra approached El-Nay and Kerrie. She knelt before the Clawdite. One of her hands fell on the Mandalorian's shoulder. "We don't have time for them right now. I need you to pilot this piece of shit to Delaya. Go to the medcenter. The same one that treated you will be able to fix Kerrie up. I'll take care of her as much as I can in the meantime." Sierra was reaching her own breakdown. Tears were running down her bloody, abused cheeks. She was so tired. "Please.. Take my to my husband.." Her hand became shaky before falling off of El-Nay.

"*I* can fly?" El-Nay exclaimed, suddenly forgetting everything else that was happening at the realization that someone was allowing her to do the piloting. "Finally someone that appreciates my talents," she said, with a wink, before rising back to her feet. "You ... you take care of her," she said, perhaps revealing a bit too much, as she looked down at her fallen comrade. With that she hustled over the fallen bodies of Petrus and Luna towards the cockpit of the Demon Cat. "Uh. Did you shoot this?" she asked, as she looked over what was left of the transport's computer system. Frantically she began attempting to get the navicomputer operational, setting a course for what she hoped was Delaya. "Hang on back there," she said, before thrusting her hand forward on the hyperdrive controls. The damaged ship lurched forward, streaking into hyperspace, hoping they were en route to the right planet.

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