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Alice Bee, Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:F2:5) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Dillon Hobbes, Major Elayne Passik, Flight Lieutenant Bival Rhett, and Flight Lieutenant Zan Shelby.

Major Elayne Passik stood inside of the makeshift conference room on the crummy gas mining station where the Rebels were stationed. She plucked the cigarra from between her lips and tapped it on a nearby ashtray. "We've been lucky lately, comrades. Our assault of the Imperial's defenses over Chandrila is going much better than I could have ever guessed." The blue-haired woman paced the floor. "As good as that is, Rebels don't ever get to fuckin' rest. We need to figure out what comes next. Ground forces are beginning to pull out." She reported, flopping herself into a chair she'd rolled out into the front of her room. Her prosthetic legs were in need of a check up. She rubbed her knees. "Let's open the floor to some suggestions... Commander Hobbes, what do you have?" She turned the floor on the A-wing Commander, crossing one leg over the other while exhaling a cloud of smoke.

Lieutenant Bival Rhett laced his fingers and leaned forward intently, elbows on his knees as his eyes flitted from the Major to the Commander. Chandrila had hurt and they weren't likely to get reinforcements soon. He was itching to get out there and take the fight to the Empire like a good fighter pilot, but he'd been doing it long enough to know they couldn't afford to repeat that experience with regularity. At the same time, escorting transports was boring and didn't remove any Imperial assets from the war, especially not usually where the Rebels operated. And that's what he was suspecting that the Commander would suggest they do until some intelligence came from...wherever it came from ... and pointed to another soft, sweet, high value target. He pursed his lips, eyes settling on the Commander as he waited for him to speak.

Commander Dillon Hobbes gave a brief nod to Major Passik as he stepped forward towards the massive tactical display in the command-in-control of Ringali Station, hidden deep within the swirling red and purple gas that comprised the Ringali Nebula. "SpecForce reports the last of their personnel are off Chandrila, and that they inflicted what they described as 'serious' damage to the Imperial ground forces. We all know what we were able to do to two Imperial Navy squadrons, but it's only a matter of time before their shipyards churn out larger, more modern replacements for what we destroyed," he explained, with a stern expression and a nod of his head. "We need to select a new target," he said, before moving back to change the display to a view of the entire Ringali Shell. "Their heaviest forces are at Esseles ... so I would not recommend striking there," he said, as he brought his hand up to scratch at the side of his head. "Rhinnal has the smallest Imperial naval presence in the Darpa sector. We could *probably* hurt them there until Captain Dartanyn secures replacements," he concluded, before glancing towards the other pilots, opening the matter for discussion.

During the four days since he returned from his personal run op, Zan had reunited with Rebel comrades and caught up on the time he had missed. Keeping what he was doing in the six months during when he was almost declared missing in action. His current deployment would be possibly given to him on a crummy gas station, he didn't like the location. But a rebel couldn't afford to be picky, especially at the current time in the galaxy. He had arrived slightly, due to his relationship with Sienala.

"Yeah ... let's not go where we're going to have our butts handed to us, " Bival said, addressing his commander. He looked at the map and made a face. "Wouldn't be the first time something like Rhinnal was a trap, either." He scratched at the stubble on his face before continuing, "What about the stuff not bolted down? In between systems? Do we have any info on troops movements? Squadrons getting rotated in or out? I don't want to raid another outhouse, especially if it means entering a gravity well to do it. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to put my feet on solid ground and see a horizon as much as the next pilot, but you're either moving, or you're a target out here." He nodded to Zan, "What do you think?"

"I concur with Bival, our previous attacks were against low value targets and this is just an issue with system. The Imperials are currently either holding us off or in slightly worse case scenarios, we are being hunted down to backwater planets. That is why I was off for six months, and as for the details of that op will not be discussed in this place. Our next raid should be on a larger scale as in terms of effectiveness and results. And in terms of numbers, without criminal elements our war would have ended long ago" He nodded as he looked towards Bival, motioning he wasn't entirely comfortable in discussing details at the moment.

Bival nodded his assent and understanding that some things were better left undiscussed. "They can't be everywhere at once. Surely, there's something somewhere that's valuable that they don't realize is worth protecting." He looked up, gesturing to the ceiling. "Parts for life support aren't even noticed until you don't have any." He shrugged and looked to the Commander. "What can we hit that's like that in this area?"

Commander Hobbes stayed quiet as he listened to the two X-wing pilots, before briefly looking for an acknowledgment from Major Passik to continue. He was new to this sector force and did not want to overstep, but as he had experience from campaigns in the outer rim and the recent mid rim retreat he felt he had much he could offer. "For obvious reasons I believe they'll reinforce Chandrila. They always seem to be a day late and a credit short, moving in their reinforcements after we've moved on to the next," he said, as he moved his hands over the controls to shift focus on the Bormea sector. "Assuming they reinforce from within the sector we likely could see movement from either Brentaal or Corulag. We've hit space traffic near Brentaal," he said, as he flashed a look towards Rhett whose attack in the Brentaal system years prior had prompted the first deployment of heavy Imperial forces to the sector. "Though we've been light in the Corulus system," he said, as his thumb focused in on Corulag and the supporting naval forces. "As the sector capital the system is home to a battle squadron with *three* Imperial Star Destroyers," he said, as the three massive vessels were projected onto the screen. "If we could damage one ... or by some miracle destroy one ... that would definitely send a message to the Empire," he said, as he stepped away from the display so that others could look. "...or convince them to finally commit enough resources to finally wipe out our little command," he muttered, unable to resist the temptation.

Zan rubs his chin slowly as he ponders possible strategies to deploy against multiple star destroyers. A space battle would suicide against them, possibly an ambush when one of them was out on patrol and the other is close enough to a planet's gravitational pull while with the escort of Y-wings. "Damaging one while destroying another would be advisable but there is another option for destroying one on it's own. The key would be a mix of timing, knowledge of patrol routes, and our use of accurate but destructive force"

Bival nodded again and chewed on the corner of his mouth before continuing. "Good point, but I don't think we're there yet. Making a run on a Star Destroyer is a suicide mission. Now, if we could guarantee one of those Star Destroyers was out of action and another not just out on patrol, but actively engaged, then we stand a chance. Star Destroyers aren't without maintenance needs. Someone has to repaint them periodically. Most of the smaller shipyards like Chandrila can handle the routine stuff, but they're not equipped for major overhauls and repairs. They have to go back to KDY for that, right?" He paused, looking between Zan and Hobbes before continuing. "If we know, or can uncover, the rotation schedule, then one when is in dry dock, it's as good as out of action. It'll take hours for them to get moving, and there's no reason for us to get that close to the gravity well. If we can make them think we're hitting something over here, " he said gesturing with one hand wiggling fingers off to the side, "that they'd send out *one* Star Destroyer and keep them busy long enough..." He trailed off for a moment before shaking his head. "But we don't have the fighters for that." He scratched the tip of his nose in thought, trying to think of a way to make this work.

Commander Hobbes nodded to Lieutenant Rhett in confirmation of his theory. "Kuat, maybe Fondor, but definitely nothing within the Ringali Shell," he said, as he motioned his hand to the representation of the relatively small facility that Damorian Manufacturing was using to produce Carrack cruisers. "While I can't go into any specific details, I believe SpecForce is currently working on a plan that will take one of the Imperial Star Destroyers out of action," he explained, as his his hand moved over the project of the three large, dagger-shaped vessel marked near Chandrila. "*If* they're successful, then that would still leave two. More than our fleet could handle ... no offense to Captain Dartanyn and his ship commanders ... but if we could show Alliance command that we could remove one Star Destroyer then they *might* lend us the tools to get the job done on another," he said, as suddenly the focus of the briefing turned to the Corulus system. Corulag had been relatively untouched by the Rebellion, outside of an attack on the Sienar Advanced Research Division, but did boast several targets including an Imperial Academy and the sector government. As the thoughts began to take shape within his mind he was starting to froth at the bit at the prospect of dealing the Imperial navy such a heavy blow. Outside of the destruction of the Sovereign at Mustafar, the Battle of Scarif, and the capture of the Harbinger few Rebel forces had been able to claim an Imperial Star Destroyer as one of their victims.

Zan thought back on a possible asset that could be of use to them, especially at the moment. But he would hear about it until the end of time. And he wasn't entirely sure if the asset could even deliver at the moment since it was currently deployed on his homeworld and in play, but a star destroyer could be captured mostly intact and with information in their computers. "I may have an idea to get us close enough to a star destroyer, but the risk is a little high and the operative may be reluctant to chip in, but i believe i can talk her into it. But she will want reassurances for a later operation that she is currently on" He looked towards Bival and Commander Hobbes.

Commander Hobbes had both of his hands around the rim of the tactical display, and was almost leaning forward over it as he studied the disposition of Imperial naval forces at Corulag when he heard Lieutenant Shelby speak up. "Go on, Lieutenant," he said, as he let go of the rank and rose back up into a more comfortable standing situation. He did not know the pilot's name as he had spent so little time in this command that he had yet to match every face with every name. As it had been in other commands by the time he got around to learning who everyone was, they would suffer so many casualties that he would have to start over and get to know the new replacements. At some point along his journey from Fest into the ranks of the Alliance's starfighter corps he had simply stopped trying to get to know everyone. That was what the war had done to him.

"Long story short, she is one of special friends from my pre rebellion days. And no worries, she is very through when it comes to the special details and evidence trails. I can't say more at this point due to our current situation" Zan hated that he had to be vague, as he slipped a note to Bival and Commander Hobbes. "Naboo Agent is currently infiltrating Naboo Capital in attempts to replace Imperial appointed leadership with independent leadership and royalty from pre Empire days" The noted ended there.

Bival read the note after it was passed to Commander Hobbes, and then passed it back. "That sounds promising, if we're able to get her help, but we've all been at this long enough to know better than to assume that things will work out in our favor. We should probably plan for both, and if she's available on our timeline, go with that plan. In the meantime, we should probably steer clear of Corulag. Let them think it's safe. And I guess ... even if we don't destroy anything, make appearances anywhere that they're not to put them on edge. If we have the appearance of dropping out of hyperspace at any time and being able to travel with impunity, it might help spread them thinner and be more advantageous to us." He looked to Zan for agreement before turning his attention to the Commander. "That way we're at least doing something."

Commander Hobbes nodded, before pressing the button to deactivate the projection of Imperial forces. As the power to the tactical display was rerouted into other systems the lights began to glow brighter and the gentle *humm* of other systems coming to life began to fill the room. With the lighting raised the confined nature of the command-in-control became more apparent, as did some of the missing panels and broke conduits that comprised the walls and ceiling. "Thank you for all your input," he said to the pilots, before turning his attention back to Major Passik. "Major, I recommend we continue our hit and run strikes against Imperial shipping in the periphery of the nebula, and avoid direct engagement until SpecForce has more time to develop their plan to remove one of the ImpStars at Corulag," he said, as he nodded to the Wing Commander.

Elayne had taken on the role of the observer. She watched them speak and nodded her head in approval. At the conclusion of the meeting, the woman stood upon her metal legs with her hands on her hips. "I absolutely agree with you, Commander. We need to all be especially careful. Until reinforcements arrive, which we are unsure of when that will happen, there are squadrons that are hurting. Be mindful of your neighbor or we all won't make it out alive. I appreciate everyone holding strong as we stare into the eyes of the Empire. If we continue to see success as we have been, then we gain momentum in this terribly long battle against the Empire. This meeting is adjourned. Please hang around if you have any additional questions. If not, fuck off to the cantina. The first round is on me". Elayne took to her seat again, glancing towards Dillon. Indeed, the days ahead would be long and difficult, but the Rebels would triumph. They *had* to triumph.

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