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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:28) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Marcus Rodney's chalet).
Lord Marcus Rodney, Commander Sierra Rodney, and Lady Zara Rodney.

The Kwai shuttle braved the trip to northern Delaya. This was Sierra's least favorite place on the planet. The engines of the ship seemed to draw Marcus and Zara's family pet to the surface of the massive frozen lake near their chalet. With that monster in mind, Sierra decided to land a comfortable distance away from it. "How the hell do they live here!?" It was snowing. Snowflakes pelted down from the sky as the young Duchess ran from her ship to her brother-in-law's chalet. Her fingers were numb by the time she reached the door. She *really* needed to keep a jacket on hand inside of the ship for miserable trips like this. She knocked at the door as a chill swooped over her. "Shit!" She crossed her arms over her chest. Every bit of exposed skin developed goose bumps. She would probably freeze to death if one of them didn't answer soon.

"There's someone at the door!" Marcus complained, but remember that his wife was eight months pregnant he knew the task was his and his alone. He had been busy occupying himself with attempting to assemble toys for the nursery when he heard the unwelcome commotion at the door. "You don't think the sea monster learned how to knock, do you?" he asked, before moving down the stairs to the ground level. He looked to the wall where his blaster rifle was ready, but was satisfied with the pistol on his hip as he slowly moved closer. Peering out the window he was dismayed to see his sister-in-law out there again. He opened the door for her, then looked past to see if she had come alone. "You should let us know when you make these little unannounced visits," he said to her, before ushering her in from the freezing cold of the outside to the slight cold of inside the chalet. "Zara! It's Sierra!" he shouted up the stairs, as he was quick to shut the door behind her.

Zara was fully embracing 'nesting'. She was seated on the bed folding clean baby clothing. There was an array of pinks and blues spread out around her. At this point, it could happen at any time. Pilaq had stressed to her that it is normal, and healthy, for women pregnant with twins to go into labor early. It was those haunting words that had kept her anchored inside of the chalet since they returned from their casino trip. She was terrified of her water breaking at the worst possible time...or worse: not being ready. "It's the pizza I ordered five months ago! It finally arrived!" She giggled, visualizing Sir Tentacles sporting a pizza delivery uniform as he knocked on the door. "You know... I kinda wouldn't put it past Sir Tentacles. He's smart." She began to scoot towards the edge of the bed. She felt like she had been out of commission for so long. Now she was trying to make up for it. She waddled towards the stairs.

"Oh thank goodness, you're home." Sierra sighed, quickly passing through into the warmth of the chalet. "If I let you know in advance, that would take the unannounced out of the visits. That's no fun." She spotted her sister-in-law making her way, carefully, down the stairs. "I came to thank you...and to give you an opportunity." She began, moving to embrace Zara as soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs. "How are you, sister?"

The little engine who could was going to be Zara's new name. She chanted *I think I can* while making her way down the stairs. It was an epic fight with gravity. Zara cursed herself for ever deciding to live in a home with multiple stories. Feeling a shortness of breath, the teenager embraced Sierra. "As good as a sea cow can be.." She sighed, coming to settle beside her husband.

"I'm glad to see you up and around after your recent misfortune," Marcus said to her, still not entirely sure how to regard her. "It prevents accidents," he said to her, as his right hand patted against his holstered pistol, before withdrawing. "An opportunity?" he asked, arching an eyebrow, and then quickly turning his attention to Zara. He rushed to her side to held her down the last bit of stairs. When Zara mentioned 'sea cow' he frowned slightly, reminded of how Claudius and Sierra had 'stolen' the sea islands for themselves. However, this was not the time, nor the place, to debate the pros and cons of island life.

She understood why he had armed himself. When you lived out in the arctic, you didn't get a lot of visitors. Given whatever his double life might be as the Nerf Herder, Marcus probably received more unpleasant guests than anything else. "To see your in-laws." Sierra's hand moved into the pocket of her trousers. From it, she withdrew a piece of paper with all the information as to where they were located. She held it out to him. "The times you'll be able to easily slip in and out of the facility are on here. That damn Papius is shipping them back to Esseles soon, however. Apparently Luna and Petrus are involved in some Imperial special missions. El-Nay confirmed that much. I don't have any additional information. What I know is that these two are causing the family a lot of pain." She looked at Zara. "I'm sorry. Your sister is very dangerous."

Zara had been worried that Claudius would show up and do *something* once Sierra found out about Marcus' other identity. Seeing her sister-in-law made her uncomfortable. She clung to Marcus, listening to what the woman had to say quietly. A mix of emotions whirled inside of her. She remembered Luna as she was when she was younger. How had she turned so mean? She looked sadly towards her husband. She still understood. Luna had done a bad, bad thing.

Marcus took the piece of flimsiplast from her, but found it difficult to look at with Zara standing right next to him. He had been so concerned with the complications she had been experiencing that he had all but forgotten about Luna and Petrus. He had almost hoped his blaster bolts would have put them down for good, but now it seemed he would have to slip into a facility and execute them like a common assassin. That was not how he operated and it did not make him comfortable at all. He looked down, speechless, and struggled just to swallow. His head eventually rolled upward, looking for Zara desperately for not just guidance, but absolution. "She's your sister," he said, passing the credit to her. "Wh-what would you have me do?" he asked her, his voice trembling, struggling just to speak those few words. It was not a fair situation to deal with when they were a day away from their baby shower and a month away from their delivery. He just wanted to be left alone, but it seemed the galaxy kept having other ideas.

She didn't know if she could say the words. Kill my sister. They didn't come out easy. They even sounded foreign inside of her head. Her eyes fell to the floor. In her mind, it made no sense why Luna hated her so much. Zara had looked up to her. If she was dead, then Zara would never get the sister back from her past. Her head tilted upwards to look at Marcus. She knew her answer to the question. She didn't want to reveal it in front of Sierra. She had stood in Sierra's shoes before. She wanted Luna dead directly after being captured. "I-I don't know. Let me think on it." Her eyes said *we'll talk about it later*. "It's a tough situation." She said to Sierra. "I don't know if I can spare Marcus long enough for him to carry anything out." Zara admitted quietly. The end of the pregnancy scared her. She didn't want to go into labor without Marcus there. Right now, it was a convenient excuse to feed Sierra.

"I see..." Sierra could tell that she shouldn't push them. Zara was right. The couple had enough on their hands right now. She would leave it for them to decide, for it was Zara's family in the long run. "I have one more thing to tell you before I leave since you'll be at the castle tomorrow. Gaius Rodney is the one responsible for every attempt on our family. He is hungry for the Duchy. That's summing up the long story." She produced a datapad from the messenger bag at her side. She turned it towards Marcus. "Gaius has a daughter. I do not know exactly who she is. Watch out for her. They are working together. I have no idea when these two will strike again." The picture showed Farrah from one of the recordings from inside of his room.

Marcus listened to Sierra's news concerning his cousin Gaius ... a man he held in no regard. The development that *he* was behind everything struck him as impossible. "Gaius?!" he repeated, sounding dismayed, as he struggled to process the news. Had has skills really slipped to the point where he could not detect treachery in his own family? He took the datapad from her, scanning it briefly, before offering it over to Zara, who infinitely understood these technical things better than him. "Thank you ... thank you for the warning, sister," he said to her, as the air in the chalet suddenly felt much thicker and harder to breath. It was a lot to take in.

Zara had always thought Gaius to be ... well, a bit of an idiot. From the first time she saw him at the medcenter, she had never thought much of him. He was the last person to be expected, yet something told her that the ISB commander had done her research before presenting this to them. The concern on her features grew as she took the datapad. "Gaius..?" She committed the girl to memory. Tomorrow's occasion was going to call for protection. She wanted Marcus armed if something should happen. With another sigh, she handed the datapad back to Sierra. "Thank you. This is all a little overwhelming..." She implied that it was time for her sister to leave.

Sierra took the datapad back. "I will do what I can to see that Gaius is not in the castle tomorrow. Otherwise, it's up to us. I'll see you both in the morning." She embraced both Marcus and Zara before venturing back out into the cold.

The pregnant teen needed to sit *now*. She weakly crossed the room to sit down on a small sofa for two. "Marcus.." She ran her hand through her hair. "I don't want you to kill Luna. I don't even want you to go see her. Sierra said it herself. They are going back to Esseles. They will leave us alone." Her eyes were full of tears. She began to cry. "Why is she so mean to us?! What did *I* do to her?"

Marcus did his best to say goodbye to Sierra, but everything that had been discussed did not make him much of a conversationalist. As he saw Zara begin to get emotional, he began to surge forward ... but instead of towards her he was quickly into the kitchen. He opened the massive freezer he had installed that was filled to the brim with Auntie Mae's ice cream and quickly grabbed a carton of purple potato ice cream along with a spoon the size of a small moon. He was back at her side in no time with the much needed treat, when she began to detail the trauma that existed with her sister. "She's been twisted by the harshness of life, Zara. It's not your fault," he said, as he sat on the arm of the sofa and wrapped his arm around her shoulder to comfort her.

She sniffled on the couch. To her surprise, Marcus returned with a carton of her favorite ice cream. It was so touching and sweet that she began to cry harder. "Marcus!" She wrapped her arms around him as much as she could. She nuzzled her head into her sweet, loving husband. He made her feel better. He wasn't going to disobey her wishes and hurt Luna. Zara knew him better than that. "I love you." She lifted her head from him. Deep inside of her mind, Zara hoped that she didn't regret letting her sister live. If Luna wronged her family again then there would be no choice. She would kill Luna herself.

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