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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:3:7) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Sea Islands).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Commander Sierra Rodney.

The sea islands were one of the gems of Delaya. Livia Rodney had done well to preserve the land, for after Marcus and Zara had enforced poacher laws, the wildlife in the area was buzzing with life once more. Technically, hiding out in the paradise was illegal. However, anyone who wanted to kick the future Duke and Duchess of Delaya off of the land could happily try their damndest. It had been the first place that came to mind when Sierra thought of somewhere safe. It was the place where the paparazzi had raped Zarcus' privacy, however, there was no sign of any HoloNet droids there now. In fact, there were no signs of anyone else who could bother them or hurt them.

Everything they needed had been packed into their ship before they left the medcenter. They could survive for a week on the island before it became necessary to return to humanity. Granted, Sierra did not intend to spend so long away. The duty to watch over Julius was still at the forefront of her mind. However, the thoughts that trumped that involved Claudius. The man had continuously been standing in a shit storm. Even on the sea islands, there would be no real relief. His father was dying. His daughters were going to skewer him and his wife when they returned home. Meanwhile, work continued to pile up and disappointing Julius seemed to be a daily occurrence.

Sierra had quietly slipped away from the makeshift bed early in the morning. Their tent was more like a portable home, activated simply by a touch of a button. It was like camping in luxury without it being a pain in the ass to set up. More importantly, it shielded them away from any potential unwanted HoloNet reporters. She had been sitting at a little table with a box of datapads she had taken from Claudius' desk prior to leaving Esseles. One by one, the pile dwindled until only a few remained. It was already warm in the tropical island. For that reason, and for the sake of enjoying showing off her body occasionally, Sierra wore a deep blue bikini top. There were matching bottoms which were currently covered by a wrap skirt. Her fingers toyed with her hair in a girlish fashion while she consumed more information than her brain wanted to. Her other hand located to her stomach, where she idly rubbed the place that was beginning to pudge out. The added weight probably wasn't terribly noticeable. To her, it certainly was. She had allowed herself to lose so much weight during her depression over losing her home planet. Her body was happy to not be deprived anymore. The young adjutant grumbled. How did Claudius do it?!

Claudius had never been to the sea islands, as they were a protected nature preserve, and he was a stickler for rules. He had watched portions of his brother's HoloNet adventure to the islands with envy, marveling at the natural beauty. He was dressed remarkably down in just a pair of swim trunks, that left his upper body complete exposed with perhaps too much chest hair upon his aging frame. A pair of simple glare shades covered his brown eyes, shielding them from the harmful effects of the sun as they were near Delaya's equator. "This was a wonderful idea, Sierra, but you don't worry the media will say we're emulating my brother and his wife?" he said, with a soft snicker, as he watched her going over datapad after datapad. "Has the Ringali Shell fallen to the Rebellion? If not, come join me," he said, patting at his lap like a much younger man. "If it has ... fetch me some strong liquor," he said, with a smirk, as he pulled down his glareshades slightly to smirk at her. He was determined to enjoy this brief respite they had been afforded.

She laughed softly, "If you would like a HoloNet scandal, all you have to do is ask, my love." Her knowledge of this place had come from Livia herself, though she had not seen it until the Zarcus videos leaked. It had been beautiful...yet it was still even better in person. Sierra had seen several thranta fly over their settlement several times already. What was possibly even more exciting that the exotic wildlife was Claudius in swim trunks. Seeing him in his uniform all the time made the change in clothes oddly erotic for his young wife. She loved him enough to cause another Rodney sex scandal.

She gave him an odd look at his question, then realized that it was he who was swaying her away from work for the first time ever. Laughing, Sierra placed the datapad on the table and rose. "No. It looks as if it hasn't fallen apart without you yet." She slowly lowered herself into his lap. Her legs straddled him while her nearly bare torso came to rest on his. "Much better," she sighed. Despite the circumstances, the islands offered a moment of sanity. She turned her head to the side, looking up at him. "We could stay here for awhile. I suspect it'd take months to find us, maybe more."

"Yet?" Claudius said optimistically, as his arms wrapped around his young bride. "Whatever happens while we are away will hopefully fall on Arden Zevrin," he said optimistically, as he rose from his seat, simultaneously lifting her up. He moved forward towards the oncoming surf, which first crashed against his feet and gradually moved up his body as he entered the water. It was warm and felt good against the aching bones of his lower body. When he was convinced the depth was sufficient his hands withdrew from Sierra's grasp and he allowed her to fall into the tropical waters. It was paradise. He knew immediately why Marcus had chosen it. All around them sea life flourished in the unspoiled waters that surrounded the preserve. It was representative of what Alderaan and Delaya used to be like.

"Ooh, that would be wonderful." Arden Zevrin would fall again. It was only a matter of time. No sooner had she grown comfortable in her new home did Claudius raise to his feet. Logically, she objected entirely. *No*. She recalled him plunging through a glass coffee table last time he tried to do olympics with her standing upright. Instead, her youthfulness hit the surface and she giggled like a young girl. There were no coffee tables here, after all! Together, he brought them into the warm water. Sierra sunk into it when he dropped her. Her blonde hair and her entire body were soaked. It felt *amazing*. The warm water worked its way all over her, prompting her to remove the wrap around her waist and throw it towards the sand.

The crystal clear water was easy to see through. All around their feet, there was beautiful, vivid colors of sea life. It reminded her of the good parts of Alderaan. It also reminded her that even during hard times, life really wasn't so bad. She buried her feet in the sand and stood. The water came up just beneath her breasts. "I can't wait to bring our son here," she told him, grinning widely.

"I hope this still exists in this pristine beauty when he is old enough," Claudius said, as he lowered his body into the cool water until it reached his neckline. He sighed as the cool water rushed over his body, and with it the troubles of the galaxy were washed away. "You don't think the people will accuse us of using our nobility to violate the law and trespass here?" he asked her, as he allowed his legs to rise up from beneath him. He lay there buoyant, bobbing up and down in the water, as he floated aimlessly. "I wish we could live here, but it would be improper," he said, as he looked in the direction of his pregnant wife. There were none of the problems he was running from here. No Empire. No Rebellion. No family drama. It was the most pleasant experience of recent memory and he was glad that Sierra had surprised him with that.

"It will be," she replied confidently. It would be *their* responsibility to protect this place. The world needed places like this. Places where everything was as it had once been. She tilted her head backwards into the water. "They probably will, but they will also accuse me of being a whore based on the color of whatever gown I wear in public next. Even we need a sanctuary." She cared not about what people thought of her. She had purposely avoided reading any news about their pregnancy, and would continue to do so. The first time she saw an article title calling into question who the father was, Sierra shut it down. People were offended by everything these days.

She moved into deeper water. Like him, she positioned herself on her back. Her arms were spread out wide. Her fingers moved in and out of the water. Why hadn't she taken him here sooner? It was mind numbing. "I wish it too. The seclusion is sometimes necessary in order to breath again. I can see why your brother decided to marry here. I have no idea how he ever left it behind." She floated towards him. Her fingers linked with his. "It's like the honeymoon we never got to have." She made a face, "That first meal was *very* memorable. I hope the Emperor doesn't want to congratulate us over our son."

"They would never dare call you that," Claudius said, as he shifted so uncomfortably in the water that he lost his buoyancy and sunk down into the water. "Is it wrong to claim something that is supposed to belong to all the people for ourselves?" he asked, as he regained his composure and looked around the area. "It was a great honor to dine with His Majesty," he said, despite the inedibility of the meal. "I hope he does. It would be a very fortuitous beginning to our son's life," he said, with a big smile on his face, as he swiftly moved to embrace his wife. He held her tightly, thinking about the Emperor pleasantly. His view of the man was far different from the rest of the galaxy's.

Her stomach did a flip at the thought of another meal with the Emperor. Claudius may have nothing but admiration for the man, but Sierra felt different. His Majesty was so powerful. It was intensely stressful to stand before a man who could kill you, your family, and everyone you ever knew in an instant. She shifted into the water, floating with her feet beneath her. She looked over the island in front of them. Letting her imagination roll off his words, she thought about what it would be like to live here as opposed to Esseles. The girls would love it.

Her arms locked around his neck. The movement of the ocean naturally guided them into each other. It was like even Mother Nature herself was pressing them together over and over again. "No, because we would rightfully take care of it. Mother had to protect this place because people were destroying everything. That hellish tundra where your brother lives is the result of people being able to run rampant through places like this." She looked into his eyes, smiling. "Does it make you happy to think of waking every morning to this?" She said, looking all around them.

Before Claudius could answer her questions the sound of a young thranta taking flight distracted him. He lifted his head, bringing his hand up above his eyes to stare at it as it flew against the gleaming sun. He moved through the waist deep water until he arrived near Sierra, bringing his arms around her tightly. "It makes me very happy, but I would be happy anywhere with you," he admitted to her, as he spun her around a bit in the water, creating a vortex. "I would not want to disrupt the island though," he said, as he came to a stop in the water. "We could have something elevated above the water," he suggested to her, as he began to put a plan in motion. "Technically that won't be a violation of the law..." he added, smiling, as he began to imagine a life with her and the children here. "Security would be a concern. Do we trust it to Gaius or do we bring in Seatroopers?" he said, already worried about securing the location. Even in paradise there was still danger.

Sierra's eyes shot to the young thranta as it took to the skies. She smiled. Indeed, new life was all around them. It gave her husband the opportunity to capture her in his arms. The smile on her face grew wider, twirling round 'n round in slow, fluid motions until she stopped, facing him. "That makes me happy to hear." She said cheerfully. As long as he was with her, then she didn't care where she lived. Admittedly, the more he talked about living here, the more she liked the idea. He even suggested the perfect way to make it happen. Her little jaw dropped. "You're a genius." Her smile curled up her face, "You're *so* right. We could have something elevated above the water..." Now she was seriously thinking about it. She imagined enjoying the land with the girls, and sharing it with their little son. It seemed infinitely more appealing than continuing to live on Esseles. "We should research both options. It would be nice not to see the Seatroopers, simply because they don't understand the importance of this area. I don't want them to make a mess of it. At the same time, I need to see what Gaius can do for us. What do you think?" She buried her nose into his neck.

"Say that again," Claudius said, referring to the time she called him a genius. He took the compliment, smiled happily, as he extended his arms to feel the warmth of the sun shining down upon him. "I can't imagine Ewwiekewwieikkie's fur in this humidity. Are you prepared for all that brushing?" he asked her, with a wink, as he moved deeper into the water. The sea life began to migrate around him, brushing against his legs. "I am not sure. Neither is a perfect option. The Seatroopers will leave a heavy imprint on the area, but Gaius has failed to protect the family on numerous occasions. Including just the other day," he said, as he grew silent, remembering what happened to Bruce. He wanted to runaway to this island paradise, but because of who they were neither the Empire nor the Delayans would let them live in peace. "I envy my brother and his arctic hideaway," he said, as he turned to look over his shoulder at his wife. He offered a half smile, once again hoping she had the answer.

"You're a *genius*," Sierra repeated. There was nothing wrong with giving the love of her life a healthy confidence in himself. She laughed, imagining poor Ewwiekewwieikkie's hair. "As I recall, I was the one asking you to adopt *another* Squib. I'm prepared." There was no running away from what happened to Sierra and the Alderaan guard. It lingered in the back of her mind like a dark passenger. "Good point. I think we should seriously consider moving here. Possibly making picky selections out of the Seatroopers will help us. Only those who aren't going to run rampant and destroy the land can come serve us here." You could only envy Marcus so far. It was freezing in the arctic, not to mention, there was a gigantic, scary squid. Granted, it provided one hell of a security detail. "About what happened the other day," she began suddenly. "I think we should name the baby Bruce." It seemed random, but the idea had been bouncing in her mind since sanity crept back over her.

Claudius loved hearing his beautiful young wife compliment him. That combined with the sunlight to make him a very happy man. "We can get a home here," he said to her, before turning around and placing his hands firmly upon her hips. "At least it's private for them. No Empire. No Alderaan Guards. Wait ... a scary squid?" he asked her, as he tilted his head and arched an eyebrow at her in utter confusion. But then the subject turned to their unborn child and he put everything else ... including the squid ... from his head. "You want to name our son Bruce?" he asked her, before saying the name 'Bruce Rodney' over and over again in his head. "Yes. It shall be Bruce. Bruce Rodney," he said, moving to place a tender, loving kiss upon her lips. He was in love with his wife and soon they would be a trio. As he held her close he looked over her shoulder at the island behind him. It would be a wonderful paradise for Bruce to take his first steps upon.

Sierra was elated to hear those words. She felt that the girls would be happy with their decision as well. "Yay!" She cheered girlishly. A new home for a new beginning, right? Her small hands rested on his shoulders. Sierra had never told him that Marcus' sea beast had nearly killed her, Kerrie, El-Nay, and the Rebel. In all seriousness, that day had been so immensely stressful that even thinking about it made her feel uneasy.

The idea of naming their son Bruce was pretty far out. Thankfully, it wasn't as horribly new age as 'Mug'. Bruce was an old name. A good name. Her head nodded slowly. *Bruce Rodney*. It had a nice flow to it...and, even better, Claudius liked it. Sierra's smile was larger than life when he kissed her. She returned it, willingly pouring all the love in her heart out to him. As the kiss ended, her head met with his shoulders and her eyes closed tightly. Happy tears rolled down her cheeks. "Thank you for being in my life, Claudius." He had saved her from an enemy much more dangerous than the Rebels...herself.

"And thank you for being in mine," Claudius said, as he began leading her towards the shore. "The one drawback is that both my mother and father begged you to relocate here. I hope this doesn't constitute them winning," he said to her, with a soft laugh. Her skin began to dry almost immediately as he stepped up onto the sandy beach. He moved her deeper in land where the beach blanket was waiting for them, lightly shaded by the overhanging trees. "But I won't let that deny us paradise," he said to her, as he sat down on the blanket next to where a small picnic lunch had been placed. He opened the basket and offered her up a fruit juice, which was about the strongest thing she could drink given her delicate condition. "We should bring the girls. Let them see it," he said, as he cracked open his own juice. A slight breeze crept in, dancing over their skin, and cooling them on an otherwise hot day.

There was an audible groan that came from Sierra when he brought up Mother and Father. She hadn't liked the way they handled her pregnancy. Julius, who was much too touchy with her and Livia, who acted like a vulture who wanted to sweep down and care for Bruce. "Let's say it doesn't. That makes me feel better," she laughed. "What was it with them? Did Livia really think I didn't want to raise our son? I've been looking around on the HoloNet," she began explaining to her husband while she squeezed the water from her hair. She settled down on the picnic blanket, now talking with her voice and her hands. "I saw these baby carriers that'll be perfect for work. I can just strap him to my chest and off we go," she tried to show him what she was talking about with her hands before taking hold of the fruit juice. "Thank you." She wouldn't be seeing any alcohol for a lengthy amount of time. It was a sacrifice she did not mind making. She drank, staring out at the sea where there home might be someday soon.

"We should. I do care that they are on board with the move. First, we have to conquer whatever mess awaits for us back home. I'm sure Drusilla will act out in one way or another." Because of their son. The more Sierra thought about the world outside the islands, the longer she wanted to stay here to hide. Thankfully, she was having a lovely picnic lunch with her husband. The day wasn't bad. She began to distribute food between both of them from the basket.

"I'm not sure if we can afford them, Sierra. I got an alert that a massive purchase has been made on our account," Claudius said, still not sure what exactly had occurred back on Esseles. "Oh. Go ahead and buy it!" he said, not wanting to disappoint her. There was always more money, but there would only be one Bruce. "Do you think Doctor Tohan is holding up managing the three girls okay?" he asked, he thinking about his old friend alone in the house with four emotional young women. Between Jelena's brooding, Drusilla's greed, and Ewwiekewwieikkie and Callista's boundless energy he could not imagine that was going on back there. And he did not want to either. He did not want to go back, but they could not stay away forever.

Her eyebrows furrowed. "What? What are you talking about?" She hardly monitored their finances. She rarely made purchases for herself. "Did you find out what it was?" They still had months and months to prepare for Bruce. She wanted to enjoy that part with Claudius. It was a pretty big deal, after all. This was his first son. "I'm sure he is. Doctor Tohan may be old, but he's still a feisty as ever." She said this, recalling his jeers when he had confirmed her pregnancy. He still had it! At least that was the hope. Sierra rested her drink on the towel. She lay back, staring at him. "We can go back if you want. I would rather be on Esseles than deal with your father groping my stomach again. My uterus never received a formal thank you. I'm so disappointed," she said, snickering.

"No. I did not want to find out," Claudius said, as he lay back on the blanket, trying to ignore what was happening all around them. "No. Let's stay here for as long as we can," he said, before the peace was broken by the sudden crack of thunder. A light tropical rain began to roll in, lightly falling against their exposed skin, after a brief stopover on the vegetation above. The sound of the rain fooling was incredibly soothing, while simultaneously cooling his flesh. "I'm sorry about my father. He's old. He thinks he can grab people by the uterus because of it," he said, rolling his eyes beneath his glareshades. The wind began to pick up, blowing around small tropical leaves, but he did not run for cover. There was no rain aboard a Star Destroyer and he welcomed the sensation. The more he thought about it, the less he could remember the last time he was out in inclement weather. He should have been miserable, but he was quite happy.

You wouldn't hear Sierra complaining about remaining in paradise for as long as possible. As the ran began to fall over their heads, her happy mood increased. She giggled to herself. Grab people by the uterus. It wouldn't have been funny if it wasn't true. Seizing opportunity by the balls, Sierra shot up from the towel. "It's okay. I knew what I was marrying into," she winked. She leaned down, stealing both of his hands so she could prompt him to rise back to his feet. The problem was that Claudius did not know what *he* had married into. "This is the perfect time to mark something off of my bucket list!" And that was the only explanation he got as the young, pregnant teen guided him away from the vegetation and into the rain with no obstructions. The cool water fell down all around them. Sierra stood in front of him. Both of her hands cupped his face affectionately. Rain water trickled down her bare back. She began to kiss him. The young woman was initiating things that they should *not* be doing in the open while also telling him a story of her love with her lips. It was silly. It was stupid. Sierra really, really liked the idea of making out with him in the rain.

The kind of passion that Claudius and Sierra were sharing within the lush vegetation of the remote sea island. "I love you," he told her, during one of the rare opportunities he had to breath between kisses. "Smart thinking. If there's cameras they won't see us in here," he said, before he removed the glareshades from his face and tossed them carelessly into the jungle so that he could gaze upon her with his brown eyes. His hands moved down to strip off his bathing suit, which was the only article of clothing that separated their naked flesh from one another. He reached down, grabbing her by the butt, and lifted her up into his arms as he held her there against him. His lips connected with hers, passionately, before moving to the sides of her face and neck ferociously. He had never felt so passionately about another human being. This was definitely meant to be their future home.

Together, they had created another beautiful, splendid moment that Sierra would cherish forever. Claudius reminded her over and over again the reasons why she believed he was her soulmate. She was made for him. "I love you," she responded to him in between their wild kisses. It was all growing hot and heavy quickly. She thought they were safe here, and so she had no objections to quickly freeing herself of her bikini. The rain fell over her entire body. Places that had never seen the light of day were exposed now. As modest as she was, she felt damn fearless at the moment. With little work he, too, was nude. It wasn't much longer before her body was coiling around his. Her legs locked in place around his waist. Those familiar, electric feelings tingled all over her body now that they were together. Her heart was beating three times faster than normal.

Beneath the stormy sky, Sierra and Claudius made love. There was no doubt in her mind: this was home. This was the place where they would spend the rest of their lives. Her heart grew more entangled with his than ever. When all was said and done, the couple lay on the sandy ground locked in an embrace. Sierra felt so thankful for him. It didn't matter what trial they faced. Everything seemed to aid in improving their relationship. She kissed him countless times to quietly express herself. Claudius was the one she'd been waiting for all along.

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