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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:11) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Imperial garrison).
Governor Papius Arundel and Ashori Monoceros.

Six months ago, Commander Iyah Xergo had placed several of the Blue Haven's Rebels on the planet Delaya. This was long, long before the Commander Xergo learned of her fiance's true father, which, ultimately, ended up in her being run off the planet. Xergo was forward-thinking. In order for the Rebellion to continue, they needed men. They needed people who were bitter; people who had reasons to hate the Empire to their core. The explosion of Alderaan had been the perfect catalyst. While she had attempted to recruit from the broken camps, some people need time for the hate to reach boiling point. Others have fear inside of them...fear that drew those individuals to work from the underground.

Ashori Monoceros had been a part of fact, she had been the leader of her tiny group of Rebels. As time progressed, the group grew larger and larger. The act of sitting and waiting made just about every member trigger happy. There was a massive disturbance within the group the day Governor Arundel showed up. The evil servant of the Empire turned the city upside down overnight. AT-STs rampaged through the roads. Innocent people were being turned in because people were fearful of him...but not Ashori. The arrival of the man turned all of the group's fantasy plans of taking out the Emperor himself and turned reality on: they could protect Delaya. The group became so driven. People were inspired to become Rebels...thus giving Sierra Rodney, the ISB agent, a chance to unearth *everything*.

The plan was to infiltrate the garrison base. The team worked hard to bring down the controls of an AT-ST just long enough for them to kill the Stormtroopers within, redress, and return to the base. At that point, they were supposed to contact Ashori to let them know phase one had been completed.

The call never came.

Days went by and there was no response. At that point, the young Rebel knew that something had gone terribly wrong. Her group, terrified, began to disburse, yet she would *not* give up. The girl decided to take a trip to the base herself. Ultimately, Papius was just a man with a pulse. He could be killed. He was *not* invincible.

Her pre-meditation was short. Her plan was full of holes. There was no way to tell if her comrades were alive or dead. Regardless, she dressed as a Stormtrooper, armed herself with a Empire-issued blaster, and made her way to the base. She used confirmation codes that her comrades had gained earlier in the week to enter the base itself without suspicion. To her regret, Papius was located on the *highest* floor of the base. She imagined him, smug with himself, torturing her sweet, Rebel friends. The hardest part of her mission was remaining calm as a turbolift took her up level by level. Her heart was thumping inside of her throat. Could she actually succeed? Ashori had not communicated her intentions with her Commander. She was crossing so many lines. In theory, she would kill Papius and die a hero. (D)

Governor Arundel was locked within his office where he had a holographic image of the naked Duchess Sierra Rodney activated for his amusement. His technicians had used the footage he had recorded her of to construct a perfect virtual representation that he could now control with the press of a button. He knew that if he was ever going to be taken serious and raised to the position of Moff he would need a wife with political savvy and cunning to aide him. In his mind an ISB Commander would be a perfect choice to both impress and terrify his superiors. And so he set to his task of looking over the various members of the ISB who were assigned to the Alderaan system, but none of them seemed like wife material. Irate, he deactivated his hologram, and marched from his office to receive reports on the Rebels who had been captured with the surprising aid of the Duchess. Perhaps they had information that would punch his ticket off world.

No one had been able to dig up much information on Papius. This fact became more and more unsettling as Ashori grew closer to her target. Inside her armor, she had begun to sweat. Her red hair stuck to her forehead. It seemed like she was going to suffocate and die before she reached her destination...then it happened. The turbolift came to a sudden stop. Behind her helmet, Ashori watched Governor Arundel himself step onto the lift. *Shit* she cursed mentally. *Shit, shit, shit, shit*. She had been on the front line before. Ashori had even been appointed to assassinate individuals discretely but this ... this was over her head.

She forced herself to catch her breath and *relax*. Papius was a man. Men could be killed. Those words were comforting in her time of absolute need. Her finger nuzzled the trigger of the blaster where it sat at her side. Adrenaline began to override every other emotion in Ashori's head. She was convinced that she fit in among all the other Stormtroopers. There was *nothing* that set her apart. Physically, he couldn't possible know that a Rebel had marched into his premises. Suddenly, she raised her weapon. Papius was standing roughly five feet away from her. There was no way she could miss. "Surprise mother fucker!" She yelled, sounding oh so cool in her mind. She squeezed the trigger.

Nothing happened.

Another squeeze.

Nothing. It seemed her blaster had a case of erectile dysfunction. She squeezed it repeatedly. The blaster had malfunctioned. She thought she was lucky when she found it in a corridor on a lower floor but she *wasn't*. Thinking fast, Ashori tossed the blaster to the side. She thrust herself towards him with her hands balled up into fists. The Rebel wasn't going to let him take her alive!

When the Stormtrooper approached, Governor Arundel thought nothing of it, as the garrison was stocked with Stormtroopers too many to mention. However, when this particularly trooper raised their E-11 at him, he froze dead in his tracks. The cowardness that lay beneath his brash exterior began to show as the color left his face and he began to sweat. Unbeknownst to him, his bladder released and he pissed himself, but then the weapon failed to fire and he was saved. The Stormtrooper did not give up, rushing him, and tackling him to the ground. He lay there, helpless, unable to fight back as he was pummelled. "Help me! Help me you fools!" he cried to the other troopers, who ran over towards the scene and eventually pulled the trooper off the fallen governor. "I want him alive ... alive!" he yelled at the troopers, as he did his best to squirm back to his feet. He knew there were Rebels infiltrating every aspect of this planet. Now he had his proof.

On the ground, Ashori let emotions drive her. One punch came after another after another. Vengeance had never tasted sweeter. Blood formed on her white armored knuckles. Despite being so small, there was power behind her attack. When aggravated, Ashori proved to be a powerful warrior. She regretted carelessly tossing the E-11 to the side. It would have made a perfect beating weapon. However, her attack wasn't made to last. No sooner had she *really* gotten into the beating were troopers grabbing her. Still, she fought. She twisted and turned like a wild animal until they could not hold her. She ran at him for a second round screaming, "I'm going to kill you!" The girl only made it as far as knocking him down for a second time before she was truly captured. "Let go of me!" She growled. All in all, she was overpowered. In numbers alone, there were too many of them. One trooper stepped up to her and removed her helmet. What lay beneath it was probably very different from what Papius, or anyone else, was expecting. Red hair and vivid green eyes were revealed to the world. Her facial features screamed of her feminine identity. She wasn't a man.

Ashori was led down through the dungeon level to a room reserved for only the most special of guests. It was dark, barely illuminated with red lighting, and had a table where she was hastily strapped down. The pieces of white plastoid armor were removed from her body, leaving only the black environmental suit below. When she was *prepared* the guards left the room and she was truly alone. Several levels above, Governor Arundel was going through the task of getting his face reattached, while simultaneously changing into clean, dry trousers. He would make a note to reassign all of the troopers who witnessed his humiliation, and then make sure that transport did not get very far. However, for now he was interested solely on the woman who attacked him. Intel had next to nothing on her, which meant his interrogation would prove very useful to the Empire. Once cleaned and dressed he made his way, alone, to the prison level. He waited outside the door to her interrogation chamber for hours, watching her, and allowing his seething rage to build to maximum effect. Finally, he opened the door, and walked up behind the prisoner so that she could not see him. His hand moved down, his fingers moving through her red hair softly, gently ... almost affectionately. He said nothing, but she could surely hear his heavy breathing.

Death himself had come to take Ashori. It wasn't going to be an easy death. She had realized this before going through with her plans. Accepting what stood in front of her had made her seen more clearly. Now that she had been taken into a dark dungeon, her clarity was gone. Deep, deep inside she was fearful. On the surface, she was furious because she had not succeeded. If the blaster had been in proper working condition, Papius would be dead. The Rebels on Delaya could celebrate for a brief triumph over the Empire...but no. She failed. The woman was laid out on a cold table, strapped down, and undressed to her black environment suit. She was forced to wait a century for someone, likely Papius himself, to torture her. At first, she lay on the table like she had accepted her fate. As more time went by, she fought against her restraints and clawed against the table. She was bound so tightly that all of her efforts were futile. She exhausted herself for hours until finally, she gave up again.

Ash's breathing had finally leveled again. Her face was red with frustration. While she did not fear death, she didn't embrace it either. She hoped to live long enough to see the end of the war. The day the Rebels won was a but a sweet dream in her head.

She didn't see Papius coming. She was alone...then she wasn't. Fingers that were foreign to her moved through her silky red hair. It felt like the gesture a long time lover might offer to relax her. Ash knew better. The heavy breathing gave Papius off. Her green eyes turned fierce again. They looked out into the dark room. "Don't touch me." She snapped, shaking her head. "When I get free again, I'm going to find a working blaster to kill you with."

"You will never get free," Papius said, as he gripped his hand around the back of Ashori's hair, lifted her head off the table she was strapped too, and then slammed it back down ... *hard*. "Who sent you?" he asked, as he moved to a small metal chair in the corner of the room, behind her. He knew he would not get an answer this early, and that pleased him, because he wanted a challenge. He would enjoy breaking her mind, body, and soul. She was an attractive girl, which made it all the more thrilling for him.

She coughed, head colliding with the metal table hard. He was damn right about not getting an answer so easily out of her. Ashori wasn't going to out her Commander so easily. She rested her head back on the table. Her eyes looked backwards as much as she could. She simply could not see him. She couldn't watch what was going to come next. "Wouldn't you like to know?" She wasn't entirely convinced she would never get out. The will to survive was strong inside of her. Ashori didn't realize how deep of trouble she was in. She couldn't begin to imagine how evil Papius was. She jerked her arms against the straps. It seemed like they became tighter and stronger as she wore herself down.

"I won't lie to you. You can't save your life, but you can save yourself needless pain," Papius said, as he rose from the chair and moved back towards her. "You failed in your mission. Pathetically," he said to her, as he pulled his blade from his belt. He allowed the knife to linger in front of her face, angling it slightly so that it would catch the limited light in the room and reflect it back at her. He connected it with the collar of her bodyglove and then slowly brought the blade down all the way to her crotch. Placing the blade aside, he reached to either side of the incision and pulled until it exposed her chest, stomach, and crotch. "Who sent you?" he asked, as the fingers of his hands traced a circle around her navel.

Her eyes narrowed. *Pathetically*? In Ash's mind, it had been close. She snarled at his blade like she wasn't afraid. "Maybe I like pain." Ash suggested with sarcasm. Maybe pushing him would bring a quicker death. His knife could have easily sliced through her carotid artery. What a pleasure it would be to watch her bleed out before him, choking on her own blood. The blade touched with her bodysuit. She closed her eyes, preparing for him to cut her for the first time. Rather than pain, Ash heard the material of her bodysuit ripping. Her eyes shot open in panic. What was he doing?! He couldn't do *that*! She wasn't breathing by the time the knife ran its way to her crotch. The girl had been effectively shut down. She watched in horror as he pulled open the bodyglove. Instantly, so much pale skin was exposed. In the near freezing temperatures of the room, her nipples were hard. Her breasts rose and fell quickly with her breathing. Beautiful tattooed flowers covered her right shoulder. They were made to distract from the scarring she had there. She sucked in her stomach. He was *touching* her. Contrary to the cold room, his flesh seemed so hot. Still, she wasn't going to give out information. "The Rebels, clearly." Her voice still sounded fairly strong. She believed he wouldn't keep going with her.

"Clearly," Papius said, echoing her words, as he lowered the blade back towards her crotch. "Who is in the Rebellion?" he asked her, as he probed her with the hilt of the blade. "It can be pleasurable with this side, but painful with the other ... *quite* painful," he said, as he teased her with the cold metal of the blade. "Was it Marcus Rodney? Was it Zara Ta'em?" he asked her, hoping to find some link to his earlier suspicions. The ribbed hilt of the blade moved back and forth across her, further teasing and stimulating her. This was proving to be more satisfying than he expected. He was beginning to hope she wouldn't talk.

Well, any hope that he had a shred of humanity inside of him was gone. The blade was too close to his crotch. His threatening words reminded her of how easy it would be for him to hurt her *badly* while still keeping her alive. The fear was building up inside of her. Her imagination let her experience a taste of what it would be like for him to probe her with the blade...not the hilt. Ashori was trying to stay strong. She looked confused when he asked her about Marcus Rodney and Zara Ta'em. She had seen them on the Holonet...a little more of them than she'd like to see. "The playboy and his wife? Why are you asking me..." She was cut off by the way the hilt of the knife ran back and forth across the most sensitive area of her body. She let out a squeal. It was cruel. It was messed up. Ashori's body was responding naturally. Her body decided she liked what he was doing quite a lot. Her mind objected it. Her eyes closed. The stimulation was simply overwhelming. She had not felt sexual satisfaction in so long. Her body remembered that.

"Those idiots have nothing to do with anything!" She called out. The tone of her voice gave off that he was getting to her. "They can't keep their sex off the Holonet. They'd make the worst Rebels ever." She thought it was weird that he would even bring them up. "I'm not going to tell you who sent kill me! Do it!" Kill her. Don't make her suffer through this mental trauma.

"Oh no, no, no. Killing you is your reward for giving me the names, my sweet," Papius cooed, as he circled the table like a predator, hovering over her. "Pain is the punishment for failure to comply," he said, before lowering the hilt of the blade again. He placed it between her lips, sliding it up and down to toy with her and tease her. "I want a name," he said to her, before thrusting the hilt of the blade inside of her. He began to withdraw it, and then slide it in again, all the while glaring down at her. "A name!" he repeated, as the intensity at which he moved the hilt increased rapidly. He knew exactly what he was doing. He might not get the information he wanted, but he would make the most of the interrogation all the same.

Ashori was trapped in every sense of the word. She fought with her arms and legs to get away from the horrible man who hovered over her. The girl wanted to die. Death was the only peace that would take her away from Papius. The idea of exploiting Iyah Xergo crossed her mind while he toyed with her, manipulating her body expertly. The hilt moved inside of her very suddenly which caused her to cry. It didn't stop at one time. Instead, he repeatedly began to break her body. Tears had appeared on Ash's cheeks. "Stop it! Stop! Please stop!" Her hips wiggled from side to side. All of her efforts were getting her nowhere. Her body had become aroused despite her terrible mood and complete unwillingness. She couldn't stop herself from coating the hilt with her natural juices. She cried harder. Still, she didn't dare reveal a name. What he was doing now was still better than exploiting her Commander.

"If you want me to stop ... give me a name!" Papius said to her, briefly stopping his thrusting of the blade's hilt. His thumb moved to a switch on the device, revealing that it was a vibroblade. It began to buzz loudly as the hilt began to vibrate. He slid it back inside of her and began to thrust it again, only with the added sensation of vibration in the mix. "You will give me a name," he told her, as his hand began to move so rapidly it was barely visible. It appeared nothing more than a blur as he moved the vibroblade back and forth endlessly. "A name!" he shouted at her, as his own hand began to tense and tire. He was impressed that she had resisted this long, but things were about to get worse. Much worse.

The added vibration was too much. She was so sensitive. Why was he doing this to her? Did it please him to see her suffer so much? Her hips shook. She slammed her own head against the table to turn off the parts of her that were enjoying this. He wanted a name. He wanted a name...!!! She stopped focusing on protecting Iyah Xergo. "Ashori Monoceros!" She shouted, revealing her own name. "It was *my* choice to come here! I was *my* choice to try to kill you!" She cried out. "I was the leader of the Rebels on Delaya. You took them from me!! Give me my men back!" She had no idea that an ISB agent had been responsible for turning them in. Everything had crumbled from the inside out, just as it was right now.

"Indeed?" Papius asked, before pulling the hilt of the blade from the quivering young Rebel. "The leader of the Rebels on Delaya?" he asked, as he brought the hilt up to his mouth and inserted it, sucking every last drop of her off. "Grand Moff Praji will be most pleased," he added, before drying off the blade and placing it back into his belt. There was no need to press her further. She doubted she was telling the truth, but she had just informed him he had captured the Rebel leader. He needed to be true, even if it was not. In his mind his promotion would now be secure. He moved back towards the table, coming up from behind her again. He placed his hands on either side of her head, holding it firmly in place. His head then descended, pressing his lips to hers, and biting down on them painfully. He would not kill her. She was now his trophy. The living embodiment of *his* victory, and he would never let anyone forget.

The girl breathed hard. Her head was spinning. It hurt to see how much he enjoyed it. He made a show of cleaning off the hilt of his knife. Ashori was forced to watch him taste her. She'd have to live with the fact that, until she died, he could taste her as much as he liked. He could do *anything* to her. With teary eyes, Papius made her feel more miserable with every passing moment. Grand Moff Praji would destroy her if the Governor didn't first. She shivered. It was *so* cold. It was *so* terrible. When it seemed like he might leave, he returned to remind her of her new place: beneath him. She whimpered. The severity of the situation would settle in soon enough. Ash wasn't going to die. As his lips left hers, her lower one bleeding, she whimpered. "B-But what about my clothes..?" She didn't want to be left like this.

"Your clothes?" Papius asked, as he began to laugh loudly as the sadness of her question. "I'm afraid your clothes wearing days are behind you," he said, before he moved to grab hold of what was left of her bodyglove. He tugged and twisted and with some effort it came off her, leaving her completely naked on the table she was strapped to. He looked over her intently, examining every inch of her. Her tattoo. Her scarring. All of it. "This is why one should not Rebel," he said, as he allowed his right index finger to trace over the scarring that was attempted to be hidden beneath the tattoo. "Pity to blemish such fine flesh," he said, before lowering his face to kiss her wound. His eyes rolled up until he saw her face, grinning perversely as he had his way with her.

Helplessness flooded Ash's head. Her worst nightmare was that he would keep her alive for a long time. He was already getting comfortable with her, forcing himself on her, taking away every shred of her clothing. The bodyglove came off in shreds. There was nowhere to hide. Every inch of her body was visible to the evil man. He made a point to touch where she was scarred. She had taken a serious hit on the battlefield. It was a wonder that she hadn't lost her arm entirely. She shivered. The coldness was getting to her. *He* was getting to her. She must have been sick in the head. She couldn't help watching him kiss her scarred shoulder. Her mind screamed for him to stop continuously. A tiny voice in her head suggested giving him. If she played sweet and showed the man some affection, then maybe he wouldn't obliterate her. She forced her features to soften. "It is a shame, isn't it? That's the only place where I'm scarred. Everywhere else is untouched. Don't you want to see, Governor? You've only seen the front of my body." She wanted off the table! "I'm sure you're lonely here... Wouldn't it be nice to change that?"

Papius snickered as he listened to her attempt to manipulate him. "I applaud your effort," he said to her, as he moved up the table until his hand could reach her. He wrapped his hand around her neck, squeezing it. He looked into her eyes as his hand closed her windpipe, watching her attempt to gasp for air, and as her eyes widened. His eyes began to glaze over as well, slowly rolling back in his head. He began to drool slightly and his body began to shudder as he achieved his purpose. With a sharp exhale and gasp of his own he exhaled, releasing his grasp on her neck just in the nick of time. "Thank you. You have been most helpful," he said, between desperate breaths of his own. He had to lean on the table for support, breathlessly, as his cheeks flushed red from the experience.

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