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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:31) in the New Alderaan system: Nerf Herder and New Alderaan (New Aldera: Mug Zoran's homestead).
Doctor Alessandra Bailo, El-Nay Darr, Farrah Ette, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Yekaterina Hanson, Commander Dillon Hobbes, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Major Elayne Passik, Lord Gaius Rodney, Lady Jelena Rodney, Duke Marcus Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, Duchess Zara Rodney, RO-E11, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, Commander Iyah Xergo/Zoran and Mug Zoran.

Mug Zoran was glad to be back on New Alderaan after a string of operations in the Ringali Shell. He wished that Callista would be there, but as far as he knew she was still staying with his in-laws on Esseles. When they landed in New Aldera he was quick to debark the Blue Haven and walk through the city towards the homestead that Callista had designed. "Wow. Look at how much they've built while we were away!" he said to Iyah, as the path that led to their home was now populated with houses, shops, and ... an Auntie Mae's franchise! As he walked up the stone path to the front door of their forever home he opened the door and stepped inside. As he looked around he saw blue fur everything and the house seemed to be in disarray. "...I think we've been robbed," an overwhelmed Mug said to his fiance, as he turned to face her to gauge her reaction.

It was to Iyah's relief that they were returning home to New Alderaan. The sight of New Alderaan from the Pelta-class frigate had filled her with happiness and hope. She knew Callista would not be waiting for them at home. It would take time to arrange for Sierra to bring her back home. She wanted nothing more than to be united as a family again. The knowledge of the Inquisitor's presence on Chandrila had shaken her. She didn't want to die, nor did she want to lose Mug.

She was surprised by all the changes in New Alderaan. "It's so much better for these people. They'll never be in a situation like Tarkintown again." Iyah had found her heart in Tarkintown, but she was determined to never let these people suffer like that again. She knew that they were in good hands. Jelena Rodney was a capable leader in her eyes. As they walked up towards their home, Iyah had no idea that there were visitors. When they walked through the door, Iyah noticed all the blue fur. She wondered if the Squib her daughter had befriended went through a massive shedding phase. "Goodness." She crouched down, grabbing some of the fur. She noticed it smelled like ... like... "Ice cream..? This smells like ice cream..."

"*Mama*!!' Callista's voice shattered the quiet in the house. She darted down the stairs from the upper level of their home at full blast. "*Mama*! *Daddy*! *Mama*! *Daddy*!" The brown-headed little girl collided with her parents. She hugged them both tightly. There was so much blue hair that even Callista's buns had some in it. "You're home!!! Ewwie! Mewwie! *C'mere*!" She called out for her Squib friends.

Ewwiekewwieikkie came bounding through the house with a giant pot on her head. "You're home!" she said, having lost track of the days where she had been left in charge. "No worry. I take care of everybody," she said, before giving a giant hug to Iyah. She then moved towards Mug and gave him an equally big hug. "Did you bring any food? We ate all the food," she said, before running around the living room excited. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she said, as she grabbed hold of a small datapad. "This is for you!" she said, but it was not an explanation of what she was doing here, but instead it was a bill from Auntie Mae's for 872 credits. "Fix this. They said no more," she said, before going into a pout she had copied from her adoptive family.

Melickielickie was hot on her sister's heels. The significantly smaller Squib came darting out. On her head, she wore a smaller sauce pan. "Hiiiiiii!" She had *no* idea who Mug or Iyah was, but she trusted Ewwie and gave both of them a big, tight hug. "Hi!" She hugged Iyah. "Hi!" She hugged Mug. When she had finished, she was off like a rocket. "Food! Food! I so hungee!" She fell to the floor clutching her stomach then rolled from side to wide. "Hungeeee, hungeeee!" She continued to roll. Callista, easily inspired, joined her in rolling back and forth on the ground. "Weeeee!" She cried out.

Iyah was shocked. First her daughter appeared, then Ewwiekewwieikkie, and finally a new, much littler Squib. It was surprising to see that some of Claudius' family had arrived in New Alderaan. Given the war in Chandrila, she wondered if the Squibs appearance meant that he was dead. They had quite a full house at the moment, but it was the best thing for Commander Xergo to come home to. She squeezed her own daughter, then both Squibs. "I'm so happy to see you again, Callista." She kissed her daughter's forehead before releasing her to play with her friends. Iyah took the small datapad from Ewwiekewwieikkie, eyeing the amount owed to Auntie Mae. She coughed, sliding the datapad in between the cushions of the sofa. When she looked down at herself, she realized she was covered in blue hair. It clung to her uniform. As she looked over at Callista and the two Squibs, she felt an overwhelming urge move through her. She turned to Mug, smiling. "Mug... Let's get *married*." She said suddenly. The stress of the war had been pushing her closer and closer to this decision. "Like, now." She added. There was never going to be another opportunity like this.

Mug was giving hugs to everyone, particularly his daughter Callista, when Iyah suddenly had the idea that they should get married immediately. As his arms were wrapped around Callista he looked up at Iyah. "Yes. Let's do it!" he said, as he gave his daughter a kiss on her cheek. "I'm sure Jelena has the authority to perform the wedding with her duties here," he said to her, as he rose back up to his feet. "Is everyone ready for a wedding?!" he asked the girls, who began squealing with delight. The real question was ... was he? He loved Iyah more than he ever thought possible, and as he stood in his chaotic living room he was 100-percent certain he wanted the rest of his days to be like this.

Her face lit up bright. At long last, she and Mug were getting married. Iyah had patiently waited for this day to come since he had chosen her as his bride. She loved him, and she loved that he understood what she did. Her duties as a Rebel had made it impossible for them to marry any sooner...but now that would change. Mug was coming first today. Iyah wrapped an arm around Mug and hugged him. This was their life...and it was perfect. She looked forward to a day when the war ended and they could reap the benefits together. After all, her future had to include Mug. She was leaning in to kiss him when a knock at the door stopped her. "More children?" Iyah asked with a laugh. She made her way over to the door, but when she opened it she *did* find another child. "Sierra?" Her eyes settled on her sister-in-law and a baby? Iyah had learned to work past her hate for all Imperials for the sake of her daughter. Even Sierra had earned her trust at this point.

Sierra Rodney had made her way back to New Aldera with the intention of collecting her girls. The house simply wasn't right without the Squibs, and Sorbet had become incredibly sad while his owner was away. She stood before Callista's happy little home with Bruce in her arms. She remotely tried to hide her appearance by not dressing in her uniform and wearing a hood up over her hair and face. From outside the door, she could hear screaming and became nervous that something had happened...until Iyah opened the door. "Oh, hello." She didn't expect to see Iyah with the ongoing war. "I've come to pick up Ewwiekewwiekkie and Melickielickie to take them home. I hope they haven't been *too* difficult for you. I appreciate you watching over them."

"Sierra. Thank you for watching Callista ... again," Mug said to her, as it seemed their wedding was meant to be with so many of their loved ones present. "We are to be married this very day," he said, as he moved towards her. "Would you be able to stay?" he asked her, as he looked down at the beautiful baby she was holding. It made him a want to have a baby with Iyah if possible, but after everything he had seen over the past week at Chandrila he might want to wait until the war had ended. "...and who is this?" he asked, as he smiled down at baby Bruce. The family he never knew he had was growing exponentially.

"Oh, no need to thank me, Mug. She's a pleasure. I did want to ask you about something. We will be travelling to Skor II to formally adopt Melickielickie soon. Afterwards, we're going to go to..." She hushed her voice so only he could hear. "Auntie Maeland." She returned to former volume. "I'd like to take Callista too, if that's okay with you." Sierra grinned as he shared a tidbit of good news with her. "Congratulations!" She said happily. She offered a quick hug to Mug, then another to Iyah. "Yes, yes. I'll stay. Is there anything you need help with?" Bruce was in a pleasant mood. Sierra had made a point to have a conversation with Meham before leaving the Retributor. He had been out like a light for most of the trip. Now he was *very* curious. The ISB officer grinned. "This is my son, Bruce. He's a cutie, isn't he? Want to hold him?" She looked down at her baby. "This is uncle Mug and auntie Iyah." She told her son.

With the size of Ewwiekewwieikkie's ears in relation to her head there was no whisper that could escape her. The moment she heard the words 'Auntie Maeland' her yellow eyes widened and she began to jump around in a frenzy. "Auntie Maeland! We're going to Auntie Maeland!" she said to Callista, before her mother had even been given a chance to answer. "Melickielickie we gonna go!" she said, before taking Callista in one hand and Melickielicklie in the other and dancing around in a circle. "Auntie Maeland!" she said, as if she had ingested all of the sugar on the planet. Well, an 827 credit ice cream bill came with *a lot* of sugar.

For Callista and Melickielickie, the news of Auntie Maeland was meant with even more screams than that of Iyah and Mug's wedding. Melickielickie had been introduced to Auntie Maeland which twenty-four hours of coming to live at the Rodney estate. "We go! We go!" Melickielickie danced in a circle with the other girls. Callista and Melickielickie were clearly hyped up on sugar. "Thank you, mama!" Callista squeaked as she grew dizzy and fell to the ground. Melicklickie mimicked the same action, her hand lingering over her tummy. "Eeeeeeeee."

Iyah couldn't very well say 'no' after seeing her daughter become so excited. She smiled. "Yeah, you can take my princess with you as long as you don't leave until after the wedding. We could use some help." Iyah said with a little laugh. She didn't immediately mention to Sierra that the decision to get married *today* was only ten minutes old. If anyone could understand, it was her. Sierra had done the same thing. Her hazel eyes looked down at the boy she introduced as 'Bruce'. He really was cute. It made her think about having children with Mug. She had no doubt that it was in the cards. It was necessary for her to wait until *after* the war ended. She couldn't perform her duties while pregnant. More than that, she didn't want to bring a child into the world right now. She wanted something better for her offspring, and that included Callista.

Although Mug was a bastard, there was no denying the fact that he was still a Rodney, so when he discovered that pretty much *everyone* but him was getting to go to Auntie Maeland the famous Rodney pout found its way onto its lips. He wanted to go to Auntie Maeland too! "A lot of help," he admitted to Sierra, as he looked around his house for additional signs of damage. "I didn't know Squibs shed so much," he said, as he moved towards the upstairs to take a look to see what they had gotten to up there. It seemed they had all been staying in Callista's room, where a giant fort had been constructed. "I'll be right down," he said, as he moved towards the refresher, as the fact that he was about to get married caused his stomach to jump into action. He tried to open the refresher door, but it would not budge. "They broke the refresher!" he yelled down the stairs, as he entered the override code to open it.

When the refresher door opened the presence of El-Nay Darr was made apparent. "Have you come to rescue me?" she asked, as she had barricaded herself in the refresher the day before. "I-I-I came to help," she said to Mug, still trembling, with a face that was decidedly white with fear. "But once they got into the ice cream there was no stopping them," she said, as she rose from the toilet seat and began walking towards him. "I don't know how Sierra does it. There should be never more than one Squib in one place," she said, as she brushed past him and moved towards the stairs. It was like she was in shock, as if she had just seen battle.

In the gazebo behind Mug and Iyah's homestead Doctor Pilaq Tohan was sitting with Doctor Alessandra Bailo with a pot of tea and some cookies. "It is wonderful what they've done here, doctor," he said, as he reached out and picked up a Corellia finger, before eating it slowly. "Before we leave we should check on their medical facility to ensure everything is up to date," he explained to her, before sipping the tea. "I imagine they are quite ill equipped," he mused, as he ate another cookie. "I suppose we should check on the children, but ... you did say I needed rest," he pointed out, before another obnoxiously loud slurp of tea. As he heard the children roar again he looked down towards the cookie platter. "On second thought they'll be okay," he said, before moving for the cookie again.

Even Sierra was surprised by how much the Squibs had managed to shed within Iyah and Mug's home. There were a lot of preparations to do in order to see that they were married by the end of the day, so Sierra remained inside of the house to help out. The first order of business was cleaning up the mess her adoptive Squib daughters had left behind. She also contacted Zara and Marcus to invite them, and task them with collecting the necessary clothing for the wedding; a dress for Iyah, something formal for Mug, and a flower girl dress for Callista. As soon as El-Nay was found, she roped her into helping her out with preparations. It was good to see that the Mandalorian had survived the ordeal with Jessa. Sierra couldn't help giving her friend a big, tight hug.

In the gazebo, Doctor Bailo was enjoying a quiet moment with Pilaq. She had overseen his recovery since Lady Rodney had brought them to New Alderaan. Between her long fingers, she held a tea cup which she slowly brought up to one of her mouths and took a sip. "I think so as well. The have created a wonderful place for those affected by the war to settle." She set her cup down and slowly picked up a Corellia finger. She nodded her head in agreement. "The facility I worked at Jubilee has recently begun replacing old equipment. Typically, they resell the old equipment. I wonder if they might be talked into donating it to the people here." She had worked at that medical facility for decades. She would make a list of what was needed at the medical facility and see what she could do to help. She cringed, hearing loud noises from inside the house. A moment later, the backdoor opened and closed. Alessandra could see the wild brown hair of Callista Nilar making her way towards the gazebo. "We've been found out." She informed him.

The little girl sat beside Pilaq. "Hi Doctor Tohan." She said, reaching out for a cookie. "Mama and daddy are getting married today!" She informed the old Ithorian. "You guys gotta come! Auntie Sierra is here too. She says we're going to Auntie Maeland." She began nibbling on the cookie.

"It must have been the cookies. They can sense sweets from a kilometer away," Doctor Tohan warned Doctor Bailo as the young girl approached and went right for the cookie. "Oh dear. A wedding? Today?!" he said, as his heart began to flutter with emotion. "We'll come!" he told the little girl, speaking for Doctor Bailo who he did not think would object to coming. He was surprised that Sierra was back, as she had snuck away after getting everyone else settled. "Did she come alone?" he asked, as he had been wondering what was happening back in the warzone. He did not like being left out, but at the same time with his age and failing health he could not be a part of it any longer.

"You were only able to find these because they were hidden behind a bundle of celery." Doctor Bailo smiled down towards the little girl with both of her mouths. She looked shocked to hear that they would be attending a wedding *today*. It was good news after so much bad news. However, she'd need to keep an eye on her patient so he didn't over do it. With all that had been going on, Doctor Bailo was beginning to feel like it would be easier for Pilaq to remain *here* on New Aldera. He could retire, or, at least cut down his hours. "A wedding sounds wonderful." She looked up at Pilaq. She was glad that she had been able to find happiness this late in her life.

Callista's smiled quadrupled. She only had one mouth, yet she managed to smile the brightest of all. "Nope! She brought the baby!" Callista informed them. "Mama says when he gets older, he can come to my tea parties." Her legs stopped moving suddenly as a realization struck. Her big, blue eyes looked up at Pilaq. She placed a hand on his arm. "Doctor, does that mean you're gonna leave with Auntie?" Tears were beginning to form in her eyes. She suddenly hugged him. "I don't want you to go!"

Doctor Tohan was relieved to learn that young Bruce Rodney was still alive and well, and with his mother! "I am sure he will enjoy that very much," he said to the little girl, as he smiled down at her. "I am sorry, Callista, but I am needed with the baby," he said, as the young girl began to cry. It made him feel *awful*. His large bulbous eyes slowly rotated to look at Doctor Bailo for support. He wrapped his long, lanky arms around her, drawing her in near. "Do not be sad," he told her, as long arms completely encircled her.

"Mama and daddy will have a baby! Then you can come stay with us!" Callista declared as she began to cry. She protested her new friends leaving for good. She buried her cherubic face into the Ithorian while she cried. Callista had the biggest heart of all of them.

Doctor Bailo's eyes fell. She looked back at Doctor Tohan. Slowly, she rose from her seat and moved to pat Callista on the back. "We're going to miss you too, Callista." She said soothingly. "It is not goodbye forever. When you come visit Ewwiekewwieikkie and your aunt and uncle, we will come see you." She ran her long fingers through the girl's pretty hair.

Duchess Zara Rodney had to throw quite a bit of her weight around to accomplish the list of duties that Sierra had given her. AKA, she had to act alike to Drusilla. "We're here!" She announced to her family as the Nerf Herder came to land on New Alderaan. Somehow, she'd had the time to get the nanny droid working and had spent time explaining to it that Marcus was the descendant of Germanicus and Raeni Rodney, and that their children were part of the next generation. The droid would still need so much work but it would be able to help with the twins during the wedding. Zara unbuckled herself and stood. There was a crate in the back with clothing for Mug, Iyah, and Callista. She, herself, wore a simple dress for the occasion. She collected up both of the twins carefully. "Jelena is supposed to meet us here, right?" She asked Marcus. They had never visited New Alderaan before. "Nana, can you get that crate?" looked at the bot. It had a fresh coat of royal purple paint on it. Zara had given it a face to make the droid look more 'friendly'. Even then, all Sia wanted to do was pound on the droid with her mother's wrench.

As the Nerf Herder descended into New Aldera, Duke Marcus Rodney was overcome with emotion as he looked out at the former Delayans who had abandoned his world to seek refuge here. "I suppose this is better for them," he said bitterly, as he rose from the cockpit and began to attend their children. "Thank goodness for the droid. The nerve of Sierra to ask us to bring all of this stuff," he muttered, as he focused his attention on young Darrus and Sia. They were about to meet a large portion of their very complicated family. "That's what the message said," he told her, as he took Zara by the arm while she had the twins and guided her down the ramp.

The nanny droid, now being called Nana, was still attempting to the process the fact that nearly eight centuries had passed since the was last in service. However, she was still in the service of the House of Rodney and, despite the change in time, there were still young children to care for. Grabbing hold of the crate she moved down the ramp behind Zara and Marcus. "Why do they call this place *New* Alderaan?" she asked, as when she was last powered on Alderaan was very much intact.

Lady Jelena Rodney, who had virtually become Governor of New Alderaan, slowly moved towards the Nerf Herder as the dust settled from its landing. "Oh my goodness. There they are!" she squealed, as she became more hormonal teenager than Rebel leader. She completely ignored Marcus and Zara and went right towards Sia and Darrus. "So these are my cousins then," she said, as she attempted to mentally comprehend the family tree. She began making weird faces and speaking gibberish in a cutesy voice as she gushed over the babies.

Seeing what the Rebels had done for their people made Zara wonder what they could do about the Imperial occupation in Delaya. If they could make the Imperials leave, then Marcus and her could actually function in their roles and fix things. The Ithorians had made a major contribution to the atmosphere. It looked better and better every day. The Imperial garrison, AT-AT and walkers were becoming more of an eyesore. Zara wanted their people to be treated better. She wanted the twins to grow up without the Imperials on their homeland. Zara rolled her eyes. "I think we can call us even from when I shot her now." She moved slowly down the ramp with Marcus' help.

Today the twins would meet many new people in the Rodney family, but they weren't the only ones meeting new people. Zara had *never* met Claudius' eldest daughter. She had helped figure out the truth about Jelena's death, so she knew what she looked like. She also knew that Marcus liked her, so she *had* to be a good person. Zara noticed her from the ISB recordings when she saw her. A smile started forming on her face, then she shifted to look back at Nana. "I'll fill you in later, okay? I've got a lot of history to catch you up on." The eight-century old Nanny Droid was a mystery to Zara. It was her only chance to learn about the two people who had started it all for the House of Rodney.

In her arms, the twins were absolutely thrilled with Jelena. Somehow, she got *both* children to laugh and smile. Darrus' shaky little hand reached out towards his cousin's hair. Sia was too busy laughing and wiggling to grab at Jelena. "How did you do that?! They never both laugh at the same time!" Zara gasped. Jelena was a baby whisperer. "It's great to finally meet you in person, Jelena. I've heard so much about you. . . I even went to your funeral." She laughed dryly. That was when Luna had stolen her.

"I heard it was a real blast," Jelena replied, with an impish grin, as she smiled towards her aunt. "I am sorry for not introducing myself, but ... babies," she explained, before nodding her head to the woman. "I suppose I'm your niece, Lady Jelena Rodney," she said, before taking hold of the front of her dress and performing a curtsy in front of her. "Congratulations on becoming Duchess of Delaya," she said, with a polite nod and a happy smile. "It was never anything I wanted, and yet here I find myself struggling each day to govern a world," she said, with an exhausted sigh, as she started to talk shop. One of the necessities of governing was frequent complaining. "Welcome to New Alderaan," she said to them both, before ushering them down the main street that would lead to Mug and Iyah's homestead. "You'll find the Zoran homestead a bit unusual, but it was designed by young Callista so please don't laugh," she said to them, as she moved through the bustling settlement. All around them the former Alderaanians and Delayans were working to rebuild their lives and their world.

Zara laughed. "I heard it was an even bigger blast for Sierra." The joke was in bad taste and funny nonetheless! Zara nodded her head. "I know. They come first." She looked down at her twins. Jelena seemed so nice! She was totally different from Drusilla, and even more different than her father. Zara liked her right off the bat. "Thanks! The Duchy just kinda fell in our laps. I know how hard it can be to try to make everybody happy *and* do the right thing. I can't say how the people feel here, but it looks *really* nice." Zara commented as they began heading towards the Zoran homestead. She wondered if any of the former Delayans would return home if the war ever ended or if they would remain with Jelena. She was excited to see a home designed by Callista. She imagined a house with a gigantic crown on top. "Awww. Callista! I miss her. We haven't seen her since the coronation." She told Jelena as she found herself in front of a house that only Callista could design. Her smile grew even wider. "So cute!" She looked at Marcus. "I guess I gotta go enter the warzone. Without us, the whole wedding party would be naked!" She offered him both twins before opening up the door into Mug's home. She was shocked to see that so many people had gathered inside. There was Sierra and Bruce, El-Nay, Mug, Iyah, Callista, *two* Squibs! "Iyahhhh! I got you a dress!" She called out over the noise.

"Always a bridesmaid ... never a bride," Yekaterina Hanson said, as she dressed herself in the upper level of Mug and Iyah's homestead. It was a wonder that she had even five minutes of privacy to dress herself with all of the children running about. As she looked in the mirror she thought she saw Inquisitor Thrope and let out a scream of anguish. Her heart was racing, and all of the color briefly left her face. As she caught her breath she opened her eyes and saw nothing in the mirror. She was hallucinating. Her close encounter with the Inquisitor was still fresh on her mind. She was glad to be back on New Alderaan, where everyone felt safe.

Mug Zoran was enjoying his last few moments of bachelorhood as he was in one of the upstairs guest rooms preparing himself ... alone. The master suite had been reserved, and deservedly so, for Iyah, as he did not need the space. He wished his mother had lived to see this day, but the Empire had other plans. Formalwear was something that he had no use for, so he was struggling with what to wear. He considered wearing his uniform, when suddenly he was interrupted by a knock at his door.

Marcus has come to check on his younger half-brother. "So here's where you're hiding," he said, as he moved into the room and gave him a huge slap on the back. "If you want to make a run for it ... out the window and I'll guard the door," he told him, as he remembered how nervous he was on his wedding day. Fortunately, he had eloped to the Sea Islands, whereas Mug was getting married in front of almost everyone. "I brought you something to wear," he said, as he revealed the formalwear that he had to pick up. "Do you have someone to stand up for you?" he asked, as he lay out the clothes on the bed.

"Brother," Mug replied nervously, his voice nearly squeaking. He moved not to his brother, but to the clothing that he brought. "Thank you," he said, as he began moving towards the refresher to get dressed. "No. I won't run. I'm going to spend my life with Iyah," he shouted from the refresher as he dressed himself. "No. I don't have anyone. It's nothing but women, Squibs, and Ithorians here. You're the first human male I've seen since returning home," he said, with a laugh, before emerging back from the refresher completely dressed. "How do I look?" he asked, as he posed for his brother. "Will you stand up for me, brother?" he asked, as he was starting to get anxious.

Marcus took a few steps towards his brother, reaching towards his clothes and giving him a final adjustment until everything sat perfectly. "*Now* you look good," he told him, before brushing some dust off the shoulders of the dark coat. "Of course I'll stand up for you," he said, as he began to lead him from the room towards his date with destiny. "...but I'm going to need a favor later," he told him, cryptically, but before Mug could ask him more about it they had descended the stairs into the swelling crowd of family. "Good news, everyone. He's going through with it!" he teased, as he motioned to Mug awkwardly walking in the formalwear behind him.

"Holy shit in a handbasket!" Major Elayne Passik inhaled far too sharply on her cigarra when she heard screaming from the refresher. She had wandered upstairs to the balcony to enjoy a cigarra without forcing everyone else to deal with her secondhand smoke. She quickly stomped out the cigarra and made her way back inside. She tactfully waited for the screaming person from the refresher to leave. The shorthaired woman she saw was noticeably the one who had been tormented by the Inquisitor. Even from the holographic projection, Elayne recognized the look in her eyes. It took her back to standing in her bathroom in a medcenter with her forearms slashed up, just staring at herself in the mirror. She understood what Yekaterina Hanson was going through. She opted not to talk to the woman at this very moment. There was a wedding to celebrate. They could talk PTSD before Elayne departed. Instead, the blue-haired woman made her way down the stairs carefully. She exited the back door into the yard. "Ah, much better." She said, lowering herself down in her seat right next to none other than Commander Dillon Hobbes. Her hand linked with his.

Zara Rodney stood inside of the master bedroom of the Zoran homestead. Sierra, too, was there. Sierra was now in charge of all *three* babies while Zara helped prepare Iyah. "Lookit, Iyah. You got something old." She pointed towards her ancient nanny droid. "Something new," she pointed to Bruce, "Something blue... lots of somethings blue." She said, pointing to all of the Squib hair. "And something borrowed." As Zara spoke, she showed Iyah a small box containing elaborate earrings worn by none other than Raeni Rodney. "It's almost time. Soon you'll join the married club." Unknown to Zara, the flowers that had been collected for Iyah's wedding were already missing.

Iyah stood at the large window in her room. She stared down at the crowd that had collected to see them married. It was shocking to see how quickly all these supporters had shown up for them. Her only regret was that her mentor could not be present for the occasion. She wasn't nervous in the slightest. This was a moment she had been ready for since the day she met Mug. Mug had saved her from herself. He had made her a better person in so many ways. The Commander turned towards her sister as she pointed out everything. Iyah laughed softly. "Thank you, Zara." She took the earrings and placed them on each ear. She had grown used to wearing uniform. Her wedding dress was significantly different from her uniform. It was white...white in a way that screamed *spill something on me*. It wrapped around her bronze body comfortably. For the limited information Zara had, she had found something very pretty. There was an exquisite design on the front, while the other side was backless. She could think of nothing other than Mug.

She carefully made her way downstairs once Zara, Sierra, and her nieces and nephews had left to join the crowd. At the end of the stairs, Callista was waiting. "*Wow Mommy*! *You look like a Princess*! *Princess Mommy*!" She squeaked. On top of Calista's head, she wore a tiara. Her long, brown hair draped over her little shoulders. The dress Zara had selected for her was a soft pink and *very* cute. Callista squeezed her mother as soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs. "Daddy's waiting. You gotta go see him."

Commander Dillon Hobbes found it strange that he was at this ceremony, but Elayne had invited him and he did not know how to say no to her. He was out on the balcony with her, not to smoke, but simply because he did not know anyone else. He moved into the house with her when he heard the scream, but seeing it was the Rebel trooper from the conference of the other day he was not at all surprised. He envied the Rebel squadrons assigned to New Alderaan, as he did not expect them to have to fight the Empire anytime soon.

Ewwiekewwieikkie had decided to help Callista be the flower girl, but unfortunately the basket of multi-colored flowers looked delicious. "Om nom nom," she declared, as she took a handful of flowers and began to shove them into her mouth. She was chewing obnoxiously loud as she ate as many as she could. Unfortunately, the flowers were chosen for aesthetic purposes and no one had any reason to suspect they would be ingested. As a result several of the flowers were the source of a common medicinal painkiller, which she had ingested raw, and thus had started to become very high. "I ... I feel warm," she said to Callista and Melickielickie, as she began to stumble around, as if she was floating.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Melickielickie stood at the base of the stairs with her sister and Callista. She had no idea what was happening, but she was more than pleased to help out. She had shoved flowers into the front of her dress. Callista did say she was to be a 'flower girl', so she tucked flowers everywhere she could. Some of the flowers smelled funny and made her sneeze. "Chu!" She squeaked, pawing at her little nose. "You warm?" Melickielickie asked, using her paws to try to fan her sister.

Zara gave Iyah the cue to go as she darted off to take her seat. She thought it was wonderful of Marcus to act as Mug's best man. Soft music began to play. Zara had to give it to them, the Rebels had managed to put together a nice wedding for Iyah and Mug. Their backyard was now decorated with flowers and lights. The gazebo, where the couple would marry, looked gorgeous. The sun was setting over New Aldera when Callista and Melickielickie began walking down the makeshift aisle. They were dragging Ewwiekewwiekkie with them and threw barely any flowers at all. It was *adorable*. Zara hoped that they all would be reunited at her and Marcus' ball.

Iyah's hands ran over the front of her dress nervously. She checked her hair, which was done in an updo. She fooled around with her veil. The time had come and she wanted everything to be *perfect*. The girls walked down the aisle first. Ewwiekewwikkie's behavior caused her to worry about the Squib. Was she okay..? Iyah took her first step out the back doors of the home her family shared. Goosebumps erupted on her bare arms. Self doubt nipped at her heels briefly. Was she good enough for Mug? Could she make a good wife for him? Iyah forced her chin up. Her eyes met with his. The emotions that overwhelmed her at that point were enough to make her stop moving. Her eyes blinked away tears. She was so happy to have him. When she began moving again, she was walking much quicker towards Mug, towards destiny. At last, she stood inside of the gazebo before the love of her life: Mug Zoran.

Lady Jelena Rodney stood in the gazebo as she smiled at each of the members of her family and their invited guests. As the leader of the safeworld it was her task to perform the ceremony, which she did not take lightly. "Friends, family, Squibs ... we are gathered here on a new world to usher in a new love," she said, as she smiled at Iyah and Mug. "It is not often in this cruel war that we are provided with moments of joy, moments of togetherness, moments of love," she said, as she thought about her distant father. "Take a moment to savor the peace offered by this world, and by this love, for as we have all learned over the past years there are no guarantees," she said, as she raised her hands. "Before this bond is sealed I believe my uncle has a few words to say," she said, before nodding to Mug.

Mug listened to the words spoken by his niece quietly, until she finished and allowed him to speak. He turned, taking Iyah by the hands, as he lifted them slightly and smiled down at her. "Wise men say 'only fools rush in', but I can't help falling in love with you," he said to her, sweetly, as his voice nearly cracked. He looked towards Callista for a moment, smiling at her, before he made the moment just about him and his *wife*. He leaned his face in towards her and placed his lips upon her in a tender, loving kiss in front of everyone.

Doctor Tohan stood outside the gazebo with Doctor Bailo as the marriage ceremony took place. As Mug and Iyah exchanged vows he reached out with the long digits of his hand and took Doctor Bailo's hand in hers. He had grown a lot of affection for the woman in the wild time they had spent together since first reuniting during the hideout on Ithor. He as very old, and perhaps nearing his last days, but he did not want to spend them alone.

Iyah reflected on the words that Jelena spoke. The war had been hard on her until she added Mug to it. He was such a good man who was capable of reminding her that happiness existed. In the time they had been together, they had endured so much. He had helped bring her home from Delaya. He had helped her recover, even when she wasn't feeling like herself. She would do everything she could to be worthy of the wonderful man standing before her, willingly pledging his life to her. Iyah's eyes were only for him, especially once he began speaking. Her heart fluttered in her chest. The words were pushed her and forced the hot, happy tears from her eyes. Her hands were clutching his and shaking. This moment, by far, was the happiest in her life. "Mug.." She sniffled, taking a step forward to kiss him. Their union was sealed. Before friends, family, and everyone they cared about, Mug and Iyah became husband and wife. Iyah let the kiss drag on just because she wasn't ready to let go. When her lips did leave his, she smiled her brightest smile. "I love you, Mug."

Aside from the main event, Doctor Bailo had remained close to Doctor Tohan. She had a happy, content look on her face while she watched the young people profess their love for each other. She didn't know either Mug or Iyah well, but she was happy for them regardless. Happiness was so hard to find at a time like this. The war had taken so many lives. It had come close to taking Pilaq's when he chose to defend the young Rodney child. Her eyes shifted towards him. Her long fingers held his hand. The union didn't feel like it was for Mug and Iyah alone. Alessandra had, at last, found her own little piece of happiness. Wherever this war took them next, she would follow him. Their days of loneliness had ended.

As Mug and Iyah were officially wed a chorus of applause erupted from all in attendance, but as the noise died down, from the rear the applause only grew louder. The crowd turned and parted, allowing Lord Gaius Rodney to step forward. He was holding one of the last bottles of Alderaan Ruge in the galaxy, and had gotten quite drunk. "Look at you," he said, rosy cheeked, as he staggered forward. "A family of losers hiding on this rock," he said, before taking a swig of wine right from the bottle. He had bided his time on New Alderaan watching as the young Jelena rose to power and the bastard Mug grew his family. He watched on the HoloNet as the throne went to Marcus and Zara, and as Claudius finally had a son. He had *nothing*. Now to watch his cousin Mug find love and happiness among the family was too much for him.

Farrah Ette had been searching *all* around New Aldera for her father. When she arrived back at the Rebel-constructed home they'd been given, she found him missing. Times had not been easy for them. The only member of the House of Rodney who wasn't doing well was *Gaius*. Farrah had spent time trying to arrange a plan to get back on top, but she had *nothing*. She had only succeeded in securing them a ship that she stole from some idiot. Her searching had led her to the home of the family's bastard. When she overheard people talking about a wedding, she knew *exactly* where he was. "Daddy!" She called out as she raced towards the backyard where her drunken father was making a scene. To her surprise, many of the members of their house were in Iyah and Mug's backyard. She noticed Marcus and Zara. Sierra was there too along with every damn offspring the whores had produced. She surged through the crowd and pried the bottle out from her father's hands, smashing it on the ground. "Daddy, no!" She grabbed his hand. "We're going home. These people don't deserve to talk to you." She growled, attempting to sway her father to follow her. They were *not* going to the stupid, piece of crap home that had been built for them.

Farrah only succeeded in leading Gaius to the front of the house where they were alone. There, she gripped his face. "Daddy, we are *leaving*. This place is bad for you. You've been drinking too much!" She stomped her little foot on the ground.

Gaius had fallen from the commander of the Alderaan Guard and hopeful to the throne of Delaya to ... nothing. All he had left was Farrah, so when she arrived, and began dragging him away he went with her. "Enjoy your party while you can," he muttered to the family, before burping loudly. He hated every single one of them, and if he was not so drunk he might have pulled his blaster and started something, but as it stood now he saw two of every one ... which made for the frightening sight of four Squibs. As he left with Farrah he replayed the missteps he had taken that led to this. He would need to crawl out of his hole and start anew.

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