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Alice Bee, Christopher Levy, Brian Peterson, and Amy Porter.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:32) in in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Warehouse district), Revelation, and Umbra.
Trooper Kaiya Crion, Ath Kol, Dyrdek Roujier, Inquisitor Jessa Thrope, Commander Min Traebor, Flight Captain Randi Trainor, and Commander Thaddeus Updike.

The Delta-class DX9 stormtrooper transport Umbra descended through the atmosphere of Brentaal IV en route to the capital city of Cormond. Aboard were members of the ShadowWhispers, an elite company of Imperial Storm commandos, as well as mercenaries drawn from Forn Trooper, a paramilitary group of mercenaries employed by the Empire for tasks so heinous they were beneath of that of an Imperial soldier, and one very sorry site of an Imperial Intelligence officer, Commander Min Traebor.

"Remind me again why I'm here?" Min asked, as she brought her left hand up to rub at her temple. For the first time in recent memory she was sober, as she had begun to dry out in fear that an Inquisitor might accompany the raid and make an *example* out of her for being drunk on duty. The truth of the matter was she needed a drink and *badly*. She might have gotten away with sneaking a drink ... or six ... in her office, but there was no way that was going to fly hear, now, among these individuals. She was, however, permitted to smoke a cigarra and she did, incessantly since she first boarded the transport at The Void on Esseles. "I'm really no use to you. I'm just an analyst ... not a field agent. I told you everything we had on this Rebel cell back at base," she complained to the ShadowWhisper's new, old commanding officer, Commander Thaddeus Updike, in a high pitch whine. She had a bad feeling about this.

"Because the last time me and my troops walked into one of your targets we got carted out in bacta tanks and body bags," a still very angry and bitter newly promoted *Commander* Thaddeus Updike replied to Commander Traebor. Even though she was puffing away nervously on her cigarra he could still smell the liquor on her breath and uniform. She was a disgrace, and he understood why so much of the intelligence they had been receiving was terrible. "I figure if you're forced to come with us then maybe we'll actually get *good* intel," he said, as he reached down for the black Storm commando armor that would complete his attire. "...or at least I'll have the satisfaction of watching you be the first to get hit," he muttered, under his breath, as he placed the helmet down upon his head. As he turned to look past Min he was pleased to see his commandos nearly ready, but less than pleased to see how many of the bounty hunters had come along. "We don't need their scum," he said, quietly, to Trooper Kaiya Crion, as he moved towards the cockpit of the shuttle. "Let's see how our new pilot is working out. Scuttlebutt said she's a washed up TIE pilot whose previously flown for the Grand Moff and the High Inquisitor," he again said to Kaiya, before pressing the control to open the door that separated the passenger compartment from the cockpit. "Captain Trainor, report," he ordered, in a commanding voice, as he could already begin to see the city of Cormond appearing out the main viewport.

Flight Captain Randi Trainor found herself at the flight controls of an unfamiliar ship. Sure she had flown TIE fighters and Lambda shuttles before, but anyone who thought that if you could fly one Imperial craft you could fly them all had obviously never been at the controls before. The DX-9 stormtrooper transport was manufactured by Telgorn Corporation and, not only had she never flown one before, she had never flown any craft manufactured by this particular company. "Uh. Hold on, Cap'n," she said, as she grit her teeth and studied the control panel with her large, blue eyes. Her obnoxiously bright blonde hair was done up in two pig tails, while the black hat that completed her flight division uniform was tilted to one side. She had managed to take off and get them through hyperspace, and once in a system any old fool could point a ship at a planet as large as Brentaal IV, but now that they were descending at breakneck speeds she had to learn how to land on the fly. As she began flicking switches she began muttering things like "shoulda taken a Sentinnel or a Lambda" under her breath. As they approached Cormond the towering skyscrapers were getting larger and so were her baby blues. "Uh," was all she could say, as her right hand moved to the throttle and she began to rapidly decelerate. "First day jitts is all, cap'n. I got it. I promise," she said, before swallowing deeply and crossing her fingers. As the ship began to slow she began to get a feel for the craft through experience, as most Corellian space jockeys were capable of. She let out a deep breath of relief that made her bangs flutter off her forehead. "Where'm I puttin' us down?" she asked, as she turned to look over her shoulder at Commander Updike, momentarily releasing the controls. "Oh! Right! I'm flying," she reminded herself as the craft began to descend recklessly, prompting her to spin around to take the controls again. "Won't happen again. I promise," she said, as she brought her left sleeve up to wipe the flop sweat off her forehead. "Get it together girl," she scolded herself, but not so quiet that others would not be able to hear. She was once a renowned TIE pilot and a flight instructor at Vensenor, but after a collision during a training exercise that left four of her trainees dead this half-pilot, half-maniac was all that was left. If not for earning the favor of first the Captain of the command ship, then the Grand Moff, and finally, the High Inquisitor, she would have been relieved of duty long ago.

Aboard the stormtrooper transport Umbra, Trooper Kaiya Crion attempted to keep her excitement under control. When she was overly enthusiastic about her missions, she often found herself getting into trouble. Now that her boyfriend had been upgraded to Commander of the unit, she found it necessary to make his life easier by not causing too many unnecessary causalities. She was doing her best to ignore the scent of alcohol and the cigarra which Min Traebor was slowly killing her sense of smell with. Cathars possessed enhanced senses which were better than that of humans and many other species. While this was a asset to the team, as Kaiya could work like a K-9 unit, it made it difficult to be cramped up in tight spaces with someone smoking a foul-odored cigarra. The feline made a disgruntled noise. Commander Traebor was making it easy to forget her enthusiasm. In the Void, Kaiya liked to joke that she could smell Min no matter where she was ... sad, but true.

She was seated beside her Commander picking at her sharp claws idly. Beneath her helmet, her ears twitched. The last mission Kaiya had been on sent her to Chandrila, where they had lost many members of their unit. It was the first time she had actually thought she might die on a mission...and the Cathar had experienced many injuries previously. If Min caused problems for them again, Kaiya hoped the Inquisitor would chase her out of the Void...or deliver a punishment fit for a failure. With glee, she recalled how the Inquisitor had broken Kerrie Kiley.

Her head lifted. "It's *her* fault we have to take them with us. I heard new recruits are going to be arriving at the Void soon. Nyahhhh... I hope they aren't dried up drunks like her." Kaiya rolled her amber eyes beneath her helmet. As if Min wasn't enough, they had a crazed pilot. Kaiya heard rumors that she was dropped on the head as a baby far too many times. By the turbulence she felt, the rumors were true. She didn't understand why they'd been 'gifted' with Min and Randi. Regardless, she wanted to see them gone. As the transport began its dramatic decent into the city, Kaiya retracted her claws, double checked the charge on her E-11, and prepared to do what she did best: kill.

Inquisitor Thrope lingered behind her man servant and pilot on the Arquitens-class light cruiser Revelation. The cruiser was lingering above Brentaal IV for Jessa's intended purpose of supervising the Storm commandos on her holotank. "Let's see if I've made the right decision in promoting Commander Updike." Jessa commented. "I wonder what hole Kerrie clawed into. I haven't seen her since I demoted her. Pathetic. Simply pathetic." She shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest. She knew Commander Min Traebor would also be aboard the transport with the commandos. Like Kerrie, Min had fallen out of her graces during the sacking of Rebels on Chandrila. It had taken her arm far too long to recover and spout fur again from where the Mandalorian male had injured her. It had served as a constant reminder of how badly she hungered for revenge. She was doing everything she could to quench her new obsession and identify the man she fought.

Step by step, Inquisitor Thrope made her way over to her holotank. "If I see that man..." She said. Her paws curled into fists. She slammed one down on the holotank, unable to control her rage. "I will trap him and torture him. When he is no longer fun to play with, I'll consider killing him. That bastard.." She let out a sigh to calm herself. Fate would see that they collided paths again, she was sure of it.

Dyrdek sat in the seat closest the mid-ship hatch on the port side of the Delta-class transport. Reclined with his head resting against a support beam along the hull he was intently staring at the back of his eyelids as he listened to the chatter from the others in the hold. He picked this particular seat for practical reasons. There was an exit right beside him in the event things got stupid, he preferred having a quick exit strategy. Naturally, jumping into the void of space wouldn't work out too well, but if things went awry while in was a guaranteed escape. He found the flight to be fairly amusing...over hearing the spat between the Imp Intel Officer and the other Commander... Whatever his name was. If it wasn't for the credits he was getting paid for being in this rainbow unit, he would be off probably hunting some mark. He drifted into his thoughts for his moment imagining himself slipping through the crowds on Chandrila or Coruscant, tailing a lead. A sudden sizzling and popping sound reverberating through the hull and the harsh jostle of the ship snapped him out of his daze. They were descending now through the upper atmosphere of Brentaal IV. No doubt in bound to land. He opened his eyes and picked the Imp Intel Officer out and narrowed his gaze on her.

"Are we there yet?" he poised with a wry smile as he sat up and began a cursory check of his suit and gear. "I feel like this ride might explode before we get to the ground with how tense it is in here."

Ath stood idly towards the back of the transport. Resting against the wall of the ship. Bracing herself with her arm as the ship lurched and rattled. This didn't seem like it was going to be a smooth landing from the feel of the ship. Obviously they had the pilot to thank for that.

Ath had boarded with everyone that morning. Ath purposely avoided greeting anyone just to avoid questions about her father. Ath checked in. Even made eye contact with Min who looked less than pleased that she was sober. Who looked nervous and uncomfortable being on this ship. Ath didn't know anyone besides Min on this ship. She figured she'd get to know them in battle more so than on the ship but she was always open to conversation.

Ath's weapon of her choice was her staff a long metal staff. Looked heavy but it was light and durable. Both ends of the staff sharp. One side much larger than the other made for lopping off limbs and the sort. The other end was more for hooking things and simple stabs and jabs. The weapon even looked like it came apart in the middle. Currently it was strapped to her back. An EE-3 carbine rifle held in hand. She was a decent shot with her rifle. Nothing fancy, but she could hold her own with it.

Gloved hands ran a finger down the barrel of the carbine. Feeling its smooth surface. The high imperial collar gave her away that she probably worked solely for the Empire. Her outfit just had a more rouge-ish twist to it. A bust vest that had light armor platting on it. A waist cinch belt that was a thick brown leather, and a dark gray mid coat that came down past her knees hiding her pants. A cowl hood covering her chin and mouth loosely. The hood shading the rest of face loosely. The hood hiding her Zabrak features from the eyes of the troopers. Ath looked up the transport of the ship towards the cockpit seeing Thaddeus up at the cockpit. The man seemed less than pleased that they had bounty hunters, or hired hands aboard the ship. Ath had even caught his comment. Thaddeus must have not looked into Ath's history with the Empire. He'd be more pleased with her if he had done his research. Now wondering how 'gently' they were going to land. Scooting past a couple of the troopers easily. Eyes scanning over a napping male individual who had just been roused with a jostle of the ship and then past the Cat species.

"How confident are you with this pilot" She muttered to Min her brow furrowed. "This is probably the first time I'm actually nervous about being in a ship..." Which was saying something. Ath traveled quite a bit. In every different ship. This pilots flying made her feel uneasy.

Trooper Crion was beginning to feel stir crazy. It was enough that the commando armor which she wore didn't fit on her body properly, but to be compacted with bounty hunters and other troopers? She stretched her legs out during the final descent to Brentaal IV. Slowly, Kaiya rose to her feet. The smell of the cigarra became secondary to that of the bounty hunters. She looked at the male who seemed like he might jump out to his suicide if she made a sudden moment. While Thaddy dealt with the crazed pilot, Kaiya removed her helmet. She pawed at her ears, whiskers, and the fur on her face which was tousled from the uncomfortable helmet. Her eyes went wide, butting into the blooming conversation between Ath and the dried up drunk. "Did you hear the rumors about the pilot?" She asked Min and Ath excitedly. The Cathar leaned into their conversation. "I heard that she had an 'accident' during her training. Killed a buncha people. Bumped her head. . . *hard*. I think they just keep her around because they feel bad that she's ... *special*." As if to mark Kaiya's words, the ship lurched sideways harshly. Her E-11 blaster rifle fell from her hand and onto the ground. She rapidly picked it up and resumed powering the rumor mill.

"Whaddya think? Are we gonna die before we land? You wanna place bets? C'mon, Traebor!" She egged on the ISB Commander. "I got some good wine back at the Void. Whatchu bettin'?!"

Dyrdek stood up from his seat, with the palm of his right hand resting on the custom collapsible butt-stock he had affixed to his Power 5 blaster. It dangled loosely from a holster on his right hip, covered slightly by his charcoal-coloured cloak. He outstretched his hands over his head while cracking his neck side to side as he meandered over to where the others stood. "So ... since we're all here. And we get to work on this wonderful job together," he cocked his head to the side, his dark brown hair ... It's length just reaching his brilliant blue eyes ... waving with his motion. He looked over to Ath and chuckled. "I'll take you up on the bet. 5,000 Creds. I think the girl will pull through and put us on the ground." He looked over the rest of the group. "Unless betting creds is too scary for you?" Dyrdek raised his arms out to his sides level with his shoulders and swayed backwards a bit in a mocking gesture, letting himself sway onto his heels and then forward back to the balls of his feet. As he came to a resting position he locked his fingers behind his back and stared on intently awaiting a response from the others in the hold.

"5,000 credits!? Oh ho ho!" Kaiya laughed. "I bet my fancy wine. It's worth *wayyyyyy* more than 5,000 creds." She said, looking towards the man. "It's from my home planet, Tatooine. It's so potent that you're supposed to be able to get drunk on it really fast!" The Cathar snorted happily. Her cat-like tail began to sway from side to side behind her, occasionally smacking a commando or two. "I bet against her. If we don't get torn to shreds coming down, we'll have a terrible landing. Lots of people will die." Kaiya peered behind her shoulder towards the cockpit. She didn't like it when her feet weren't on the ground. It took everything in her to ignore all the turbulence caused by Randi's lack of piloting skills.

"Oh no. You didn't tell me *she* was going to be flying," Min replied, as she shot a glance to Commander Updike. The reputation of Captain Trainor proceeded her, and she moved towards one of the uncomfortable benches in the rear compartment of the Umbra. "Hang on to your butts," she said, as she warned everyone for what was about to come. She had the misfortune of being on her flights before, either for the Grand Moff or the High Inquisitor, and had barely managed to walk away to tell the tale. Had she known that *she* was the pilot assigned to the mission she would never have come ... better to face a court martial for desertion than endure a Randi Trainor landing again. "I'm not confident at all," she said to Ath, before looking towards Kaiya. "I wish you had some of that wine now," she muttered, before taking a much needed drag on her cigarra. When done, she snuffed it out, just to limit the number of open flames should the transport crash.

"Okay. If everybody just stops for a minute!" Randi yelled, as she could clearly hear everyone talking about her. She took her hands off the controls, shook her arms in front of her and closed her eyes. Unfortunately, she was not a Jedi, nor did she possess the slightest ability to use the force. "Well, shit. Always worked for Serry," she said, referring to Inquisitor Thanor, A moment later she grasped the controls and continued to decelerate, lowering them into the bustling city of Cormond. It was one of the busiest spaceports in the core, if not the entire galaxy. As she approached the surface near the coordinates she had been given she felt as if something was missing. "Landing struts," she said, as she brought her hand up to a switch above her. Just as the Umbra touched down on the surface the landing struts deployed and the ship touched down on the surface of Brentaal IV. It was not a smooth landing, and not entirely without incident either, but they were on the ground and in one piece. "While you guys go do whatever it is you're going to do I'm going to read the manual," she declared, as she removed her safety harness, rose from her chair and began to go through the storage bins to look for a datapad containing the information she needed.

"Knock it off. Knock it off," Commander Updike ordered, as he braced himself for the landing. As the Umbra rumbled through the atmosphere and made several close calls with civilian traffic. "So much for a subtle entry," he said to no one in particularly, more to himself than anything. This was already a mess of an operation and he felt if he was simply allowed to conduct it with his commandos that he trained then none of this extraneous nonsense would be occurring. When they landed, he closed his eyes beneath his helmet, as he attempted to refocus himself and conduct the operation in a professional manner. "Trainor, stay in the ship," he ordered, as he moved from the cockpit to the rear compartment where the commandos and mercenaries had gathered. "From the information provided by Commander Traebor we're told this warehouse is home to a small, but organized, cell of Rebels," he explained, as he brought up a holographic projection of the building with several key points highlighted. "There is front *and* rear entry, but we do not have current data on number of personnel, type of personnel, equipment, or the potential that they have prepared for a defense," he explained, in a stern and commanding voice. "Ath, Dyrdek ... attempt a rear entry. Use these skills command claims you have," he said to them, but he was not buying what they were selling yet. "Maybe you can get in and get the jump on them," he suggested, partly because he wanted to see what they were capable of, partly because if anything happened to them he could use it as an excuse to separate his commandos from the unit, and partly because he did not want to risk the lives of his commandos based on an intel report after what happened on Chandrila. "Crion, you'll take a squad and prepare for frontal assault should our hired help not be up to the task," he instructed her, before triple checking the power cell in his E-11 blaster rifle. "Alright. You have your orders. Move out!" he ordered, before descending the ramp to get a vantage point from which he could observe.

Ath's eyes glanced to the cat that moved over and began to chat to them. She balanced herself again as the ship tussled. Listening to what Kaiya said and then glanced to the other man who moved over to their little group of chit chat. Ath's eyes narrowed when he brought up betting on whether they land or not. Ath just rolled her eyes and smirked. " Not worth my credits..." She responded "Think up something clever and I might be down to bet..." Ath said with a snarky smirk. Looking to Kaiya who was all about this bet and began to go along with the bet. " Should bet that wine against Min" Ath said eyeing Min. Who responded quickly to finding out who was piloting.

Then sure enough the pilot chiming in telling everyone to stop for a minute. Then the Commander. Almost like an echo. Ath groaned quietly with the landing. Her hand gripping tightly to the wall as she roughly took a seat next to Min. The ship shaking and jolting as it landed with a heavy thud.

Sure enough Updike began to bark out the orders. Ath followed behind him looking over the holographic projection and entry points.

Ath looked over to the individual known as Dyrdek. Seeing who she would be teamed up with. Hoping that this would go smoothly and wouldn't go to shit in the few seconds that they started. " Lets not fuck this up..." a serious but calm tone. " lets prove Updike here that we are worth our money" she said glancing to Updike and motioned for Dyrdek to go first. " Ladies first... I insist."

The Cathar seated herself again for the descent was more than a little bumpy. To her surprise, they landed without any catastrophe happening. "Yay! We lived!" Kaiya cheered as she realized she owed everyone some of that special booze. "Party time later." She said quietly to Min, Ath, and Dyrdek. She fell into a more serious attitude from there forward. Things were different now that Thaddy was *Commander* again. A lot of people sneered at what they had together. Xenophobia rain deep inside of the Empire. It didn't matter how talented Kaiya was.

Her eyes fell on the unobstructed view of the holographic projection of the warehouse. She had learned before to let the lesser ones go in first, for she would not have lived after the raid in Chandrila. She nodded her head. She had her orders. "You got it, Thad... Commander Updike." She rapidly corrected herself while placing her helmet back on her head. "Let's go!" She called out to her team. Kaiya raced off to prepare her squad. "Check your weapons 'n stuff, okay?" Typically, Kaiya liked to use her claws. Today, she swung her E-11 blaster rifle to the front of her body and grabbed it. She waited outside the front, sniffing. "They are in there for sure." She commented. "And, um, explosives! Explosives!" She tried to concentrate hard to verify how far the scent associated with gun powder and the inner workings of explosives. "Right behind the front door." She confirmed. "I don't smell anything else like that. Be careful, guys!"

Dyrdek turned and looked towards the cockpit as their craft pierced through the Cormond skyways to the landing pad. As the transport heaved this way and that from the Captain's poor flying, Dyrdek centered his weight over his stance bracing for landing. He turned his attention to Commander Updike as he issued the orders for the impending mission. He and Ath were to look for a rear entry into this supposed Rebel warehouse. Dyrdek understood Updike's intentions here. He didn't trust the Bounty Hunters and wanted to see if they were all they were being made out to be. As for working with his new Zabrak companion, Dyrdek thought to himself. "This ought to be fun. Wonder if we'll agree on anything long enough to get into the building. If not..could always just knock her out or kill her. Then I can just focus on the job." Dyrdek shook that idea off. It was better to have bait anyways. Although, Dyrdek thought rather unconventionally. If it came down to it - he would be the bait. And bring the trouble to her. And use the chaos as a distraction to slip into the warehouse.

As Commander Updike finished delivering his short briefing Dyrdek nodded. "We'll get it done", he said confidently in a more serious tone from his usual banter. He looked over to Ath and nodded. He pulled out his Power 5 and extended the stock, tucking it under his right arm, and flipping the selector switch from 'Safe' to 'Fire'.

Hearing Kaiya's remark about losing the bet, Dyrdek looked over to her, "Yes, I will definitely be there to collect on that. Gotta get some drinking on after this." He laughed and then checked back over Commander Updike and The Intel officer Min. As the cargo ramp dropped down onto the surface he started towards the ramp as Ath started speaking to him. Her, "ladies first" remark was cute. Dyrdek just smiled at her and kept walking. "I don't have to prove anything sweet heart." he uttered to her as he walk passed. "Let's just get this done and get paid. Shall we?"

Captain Updike had moved to the rooftop of an adjoining structure where he could begin an overwatch over the ensuing engagement. With him were a pair of expert snipers who began to set up position to take shots of opportunity, along with a trooper with the comm equipment. He reached for the controls of a 9D9-s54 Dianoga spy droid which emerged from the transport and began to take aerial surveillance of the structure that was simultaneously transmitted to his vantage point, the transport, the Inquisitor in orbit, and the oversector command. There were a lot of people watching and he wanted to make a good impression. He could already see the mercenaries moving into position, with Kaiya and her supporting commandos holding back. "Crion, let's see if these two are worth the credits," he said to her, on a secure comm channel. "Command, this is is Shadow. Assets are in position. We are engaging. Over," he reported to Inquisitor Thrope who had chosen to remain in orbit for this engagement. After what occurred last time, he could not say he blamed her. One of the snipers had placed a fire control sight on the structure if it suddenly became more prudent to simply obliterate the structure. This would *not* be another Chandrila.

The warehouse in question was tucked neatly into a row of similarly sized buildings. At the rear of the warehouse was a large open area dotted with crates and containers and broken down construction equipment. For Dyrdek, that meant the rear would make for a more difficult area to attack, but at the same time at least provided some cover. Unfortunately, it provided cover for both sides. With Ath in tow, Dyrdek slipped through a small alley between the target and it's neighboring building. He moved slowly and intently, pausing every few meters to listen for any chatter or movement above him or possibly from through the wall his back was pressed against. After about 100 meters of travel he finally came to the end of the alleyway, it opened to a dead end roadway that carried on to the right. To the right he could see more buildings and not much else. No movement. As he peered back left, he could see the equipment lot that was peppered with miscellaneous trash and crates. He tightened his view, peering further out from the corner of the building until he could see along the rear entrance. Nothing. No guards, not even a floodlight shining on the lot. "Interesting"...Dyrdek quietly muttered to himself as he quietly stepped out from the alley. He kept his stance low, and his Power 5 was shouldered and ready to be used should a threat make itself known.

Dyrdek took a wide-angle path from the center of the rear of the building, slowly he encroached on a large container that stood a few meters from the alleyway he had just exited. Now with a good view of the rear of the warehouse, he could see a very large rear door, and a smaller personnel door to it's right. Above, there was a line of windows that ran the width of the building. There were lights on inside. But no noticeable activity. "Guess that's one way to stay discrete." he thought as he finally found his cover at the container. He checked back to the alleyway where Ath waited. Dyrdek did a quick motion with his left hand, signaling the coast was clear so Ath could join him. She hurried across the gap, silent as the night as she came up beside him. "So? How you wanna do this? " Dyrdek poised as Ath got herself situated.

As he watched from the rooftop as the mercenaries moved into position Commander Updike was growing impatient. He watched as the droid delivered surveillance footage, which he seemed to indicate there was movement in the structure. As he cycled over to the infrared frequencies he could detect at least ten heat signatures within the structure. "Command, Shadow. We have contact. At least ten inside structure. Forn Troop breaching," he informed the Inquisitor above and those listening beyond. "Crion. Clear to take the front," he said, as he turned to his side where a pair of commandos had finished setting up an E-Web emplacement that could rain down over the entire structure. "I do no want a friendly fire casualty on this report," he said to the gunner, as he raised his right index finger at him. With everything in place he brought the macrobinoculars over the visor of his helmet and waited for the engagement to begin. He had seen what happened to Commander Kiley following the defeat on Chandrila, so he knew what to expect should his forces meet a similar fate on Brentaal IV.

Ath followed Dydrek quietly. Eyes scanning over him wondering if he was going to be an asset or a hindrance. Her footfall quiet as she made her way down the alleyway with Dydrek. Making sure to take cover herself and keep quiet. The buildings shadows created wonderful shadows to help mask their approach. Not only that the crates scattered about would be cover incase a firefight opened up. Ath remained in the alleyway while Dydrek made his way forward to a large container. Watching him closely for a moment then eyes scanning the surrounding area. Carefully watching for any sort of camera or droid that may be lurking. It was far to quiet for comfort.

There should be something or someone watching for security. Ath's brow furrowed unhappily and she bit her bottom lip. It was only a though that perhaps the Rebel's knew they were coming. If they did then this would most certainly be a trap. Which made her stomach churn. She gave a quiet audible hiss under her breath before looking to Dydrek who was motioning for her to come over.

Ath didn't hesitate to crouch low and move over to him and join beside him.

"This felt to easy to get to this point" she whispered peering over to the warehouse. "Even if they're being discreet, shouldn't they have droids or some sort of security..." She asked looking to him. " Honestly I say we let the troops go in first. Pull their attention from the other end. Then we come in and flank them quietly. They'll be distracted by his troops. Then we slip in and blast some skulls from behind. Unless you have something better. Or unless the Commander wants us in first to be the bait" She smirked. Ath knew full well that the comms where on. Nor did she really care if Updike heard her. "Unless you have a better plan?" Ath asked looking to Dyrdek.

Ath calmly and casually resting against the container. "Or we can just run in their guns blazing..." Then her eyes scanned to the dimly lit windows on the warehouse watching them incase prying eyes were watching back.

Dyrdek looked at her and grinned slightly, before peeking back around the container they were using for cover. He reached behind his back and removed a small orb off his utility belt and set it on the ground, after which he removed his datapad from a pocket on his pants. Pressing a button on the orb, it unfolded into a small drone and started hovering in front of them. "Let's take a quick look-see." Dyrdek said as a video stream from the drone appeared on his datapad. Dyrdek piloted the Drone up towards the windows above the large garage door, and within a moment found that one of the windows had a hole in it large enough for the drone to fit through. Carefully, Dyrdek piloted the Drone into the warehouse and floated it near the rafters and ceiling. As it entered the large main service area of the warehouse, it became apparent what they were dealing with.

Inside the warehouse were at least a dozen or so Rebel soldiers taking defensive positions. Dyrdek sighed deeply as he looked back towards Ath. "So...I think it's safe to say they know we are here." He looked back towards his datapad and then let out a soft chuckle as he noticed a small group of the Rebel's were gathered around a female figure. "And this is why I love the tools I bring on hand..." Dyrdek stood up slightly in a stance that was poised to begin sprinting. "Get ready to run for the personnel door on the right." he exclaimed quietly as he positioned the drone just over top of the small group. The drone flew silently and could go unnoticed as long as not directly seen. Dyrdek then let the Drone fall directly into the group, startling them. Just as he did that he pressed on button on his datapad that caused the drone to explode in a bright flash of light and electricity. The resulting explosion would stun and disable anyone caught in it's grasp. Dyrdek was hoping to capture the woman alive. That could mean a significant bonus if they could gleam any intel from her.

As the drone exploded, it took out almost half of the dozen or so Rebels inside the warehouse, as it's explosive radius was fairly large for such a small device. It effectively cleared out the main hall of the warehouse, leaving only the Rebels who were either up high or off to the sides and service areas of the warehouse to be dealt with. Dyrdek and Ath made their way to the personnel door at the rear of the warehouse and easily gained access inside. "Ath, I would suggest not letting those Imps do better than us. Cause know... They are Imps. And if you catch an opportunity. Grab the woman who was standing among those soldiers. She could be useful."

"Commander Updike, please be a dear and bring me back some of those Rebels *alive*," Inquisitor Thrope demanded. She was quickly finding that the holotank inside of her ship wasn't enough to please her. She wanted to be on Brentaal IV, killing Rebels herself. The second best thing she could do was have Updike bring her Rebels to torture for information. Her efforts to find out just who *exactly* she had fought on Chandrila had come to a halt. Her leads led her nowhere, and her frustration continued to spread. "If you can succeed in this mission *and* bring me back at least one live Rebel, then you'll be better than the one who preceded you. Don't make a fool out of me, Updike." Jessa growled, ending their communication. In her mind, all the Rebels were interconnected in one way or another. She *would* find the Mandalorian male who she had become obsessed with.

Kaiya Crion was having difficulty with patience. She dug the sole of her boots into the ground while she waited and waited and waited. The Cathar had begun to feel forgotten when she heard Thaddeus' voice in her helmet. "Aye, Commander Thaddy!" She turned towards the group of Storm commons with her. "C'mon guys. We've got orders to attack from the front. Tryyyy not to die. I want Commander Updike to have a triumphant return." She gripped her E-11 blaster. Even the wild Cathar was on her best behavior. She led the group around to the front of the warehouse. Of her senses, it was her scent that was her greatest strength. She could smell the unfamiliar scents which she associated with the Rebels before she could see them. Thus, she was the first one to begin shooting at the enemy. Her tail began to sway behind her excitedly. This was what she lived for. The thrill, the adrenaline, of the battle. Her team began carving their way into the warehouse. "We're in," Trooper Crion reported.

Ath watched the droid disappear through the window silently. Taking a look at the data pad Dyrdek held curiously. Revealing the Rebels and the individual in the middle. " Glad I said something" she said seeing the Rebels prepare for the oncoming troopers. Fiery eyes scanning the live video from the droid as it hovered in. Ath looked at Dyrdek who informed her to be ready to run. Ath gave a nod now changing the EE-3 blaster to her staff. Easily unstrapping it and slung her blaster to her back. Ath's eyes running over her personal weapon closely to make sure it was prepared for what was about to come. The weapon was just a smidgen taller than her. Wrapped in a tan/yellow cloth to provide a steady grip for her. Ath pulled out a couple small balls and a pair of snazzy looking sun glasses from a pouch at the small of her back that also housed a small vibroknife. Holding the two smalls balls she put on the sunglasses she waited and watched the data pad.

Sure enough Dyrdek exploded the droid. Then the two were bolting for the door. Ath had no problem with the Imperials doing good job. It made them look good. It would make her father proud. Ath gave a nod " Right..." She said back to Dyrdek. " Grab the woman if I can" Ath noted back to him. Checking the door. Luckily the back door had remained unlocked. Ath pushed it open rushing in before Dyrdek suddenly. Her eyes scanning the area with one quick look. Sure enough everything was in chaos with the droid exploding. Rebels moving down from the catwalks above to check their fallen comrades. A couple Rebels already besides the stunned men and women.

Ath didn't hesitate to toss one of the balls towards the woman Dyrdek had mentioned and the other rebels. The ball gave a quiet hiss. One of the rebels noticing it. His brow furrowed and looked up from when it had come. Seeing Ath for only a split second. Then exploded into a thick plume of gray smoke. Ath only smiled and rushed forward into the thick cloud disappearing into the cloud that grew and seemed to grow to the room. The glasses she wore quickly becoming thermal so she could locate and pinpoint each individual. Ath still had a second ball to toss if need be.

Ath came up to the first Rebel who had seen her easily driving the short dagger end of her staff into the Rebels chin and throat. Pushing his head up with a strong thrust and used her hips momentum to push staff to the right. Ripping the blade through the mans head easily. Spinning the staff around and rested it on her shoulder rushing over to the woman. Another soldier trying to move her out of the chaos that just landed on them. Ath sneered harshly swinging that staff from her shoulder. The large thick bladed end colliding with the soft flesh of his arm slicing into it. Causing him to yell in pain and drop the woman. Ath moved over and grabbed her by the collar dragging her away from the Rebels towards the back of the building letting Dyrdek take over. Ath appeared out of the smoke glancing at him. " Get in there..." She smirked. Placing the woman down on the floor and tossed the thermal glasses over to Dyrdek. Showing him the second smoke bomb in his hand. "You'll need those" Tossing him the smoke bomb. Ath quickly began to bound the woman with anything she could find.

Dyrdek caught the smoke grenade Ath tossed him and quickly put on the infrared glasses as he bolted into the cloudy main room. The Imperials had now joined the fray and were attacking from the front, but the resistance was little by this point in the battle. Dyrdek caught a slight movement above him on one of the catwalks. It was a Rebel trying to make a break for the windows exiting the Warehouse above him. Dyrdek figured the ground floor was covered at this point and made a quick assessment of his surroundings. There was a metal staircase to his left and to his right and the Rebel above him was making his way slowly across an exposed walkway. He was injured, likely shot in the initial barrage by the Imperials, or hurt by the exploding droid. Dyrdek shook his head and bolted across the warehouse floor, hoping to not get hit by those lousy Imperials. They couldn't shoot to save their own lives. Dyrdek bounded up the spiraling metal staircase and came up to the catwalk the Rebel had limped across a moment ago, and he started towards an outcropping containing a a few offices behind temporary walls. Must have been an administrative area. The Infrared Goggles came in handy as the walls were thin, and he was able to spot the Rebel in one of the outer offices. He was fumbling with what looked like a chair. Likely trying to bust out the glass.

Dyrdek laughed to himself as he casually walked to the room where the Rebel was. As he came up on the open doorway, he peered through to see the Rebel was coughing and having trouble moving. He was exasperated and struggling to stay up. The Rebel turned his gaze from the chair he was failing to lift off the ground and stared directly at Dyrdek. He attempted to pull what looked to be a DL-44 Blaster, but in his weakened state the gun just fell to the floor. "Man... What a way to go huh?" Dyrdek said as he walked closer to the man. He tried to speak back, but coughed up blood in place of words. "That's okay buddy, I ain't gonna let you die just yet." Dyrdek pulled back his fist and clocked him square across the face, knocking the Rebel Soldier out cold. "And this...will probably save your life."

Dyrdek lifted the Rebel Soldier up onto his shoulders in a standard fireman's carry and proceeded back out to the main warehouse level, where the fighting had come to a cease. The Imperials were now gathered around, as well as Ath.

"Hey guys...look what else I caught!". Dyrdek exclaimed loudly as he tossed the Rebel's body onto the floor in front of the Imperials. "Careful with that by the way. It's still alive."

"It will be done, Inquisitor," Commander Updike replied over the comm, as he watched the mercenaries do the dirty work on this operation. When it was complete and most of the Rebels were dead, and all was left were a couple of prisoners, he descended from his observation post from the building juxtaposed with the warehouse. He was flanked by the commando holding the comm unit, and as he looked down at the two captured prisoners he smiled broadly beneath his helmet. The mercenary scum had done the dirty work, but he would get credit, both with his Inquisitor *and* the Oversector command staff. "Command, ten dead. Two captured. Will transport to Esseles," he reported over the comm. His Storm commandos took hold of the two prisoners, placed them in binders, and began leading them onto the waiting DX-9 Stormtrooper transport. While that was attended to, a second group of Storm commandos moved into the warehouse searching for any material suitable for intelligence. "Evac in five. Get what you can," he ordered to his men, as he moved towards the transport himself. "Captain Trainor, prepare for departure. A professional departure, or it's your ass," he said, as he stood on the ramp and counted each member of the team as they climbed back aboard. No casualties and prisoners. He believed this was the way it should be done, and had he been in command on Chandrila and not Commander Kiley it is how it would have been done.

Ath watched as the trooper took her captured prize. Eyes narrowed harshly in a mean manner as she looked to the Commander with a sneer. " Commander Updike..." Ath said in a more demanding tone walking over to him standing infront of him folding her arms. " Best not take all the credit yourself. Standing on a rooftop with snipers to protect you is cowardice. I'd also hate to have to report your name to Admiral Verillus, let alone the Inquisitor. Had you done your research about your hired hands you'd know I'm not just a pawn or bait for the Rebels. I am an Imperial soldier. While my uses go beyond the Imperials for credits the majority of my work is under Imperial directions." Ath said confidently. " Best mention we all did the work well. While the hired 'hands' did capture two" Her eyes scanned to Dyrdek then back to Updike.

Ath didn't say another word she passed by the Commander heading into the ship for transport back. Obviously unamused by the Commanders attitude and drive to steal the credit.

Overhearing the exchange between Ath and Commander Updike, Dyrdek was quite amused. Ath's demeanor towards him just won her several brownie points as it were. Dyrdek paused a moment and watched as the Imperial Stormtroopers gathered up he and Ath's prize and started ushering them towards the transport in binders. He was still holding his Power 5 blaster in his right hand, slung at his waist as he slowly encroached on where Updike was standing.

"So, Commander..." Dyrdek's voice was terse...carrying a threatening, even tone. "I understand you Imperial lot tend to think of yourselves as "Superior" and all. But don't let that false sense of pride fool you." Dyrdek shuffled his feet as he walked a semi circle around Commander Updike int he general direction of the shuttle, his bright blue eyes locked on Commander Updike's the while.

"Thing is... I've been in this business a long time. And I know certain...People. And those certain people...owe me. If you want to consider us nothing more than a means to your own agenda. I would advise caution. Those who try to screw me...tend to disappear. Ath is not alone in the regard that as it stands currently. We are Imperial Soldiers. Either play the line straight. Or risk the lightning striking where you don't want it." Dyrdek continued on, walking towards the transport for the ride back to their base.

He collapsed the stock on his Power 5 Blaster and nestled it securely back into it's holster and took a seat back in his spot on the transport, right next to the midship Hatch. He gave Ath a courteous nod, "Good job out there. Glad we got it done and showed these Imps how real soldiers do it." Dyrdek then folded his arms over his chest and leaned back with his head resting against the hull of the transport and closed his eyes. Should be a mildly interesting flight back.

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