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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:24) in the Essesia system: Esseles (Puer Minusculus: Auntie Mae's Rib Shack and Sierra Rodney's campsite).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Major Sierra Rodney.

Claudius Rodney had been sitting at the edge of the lake with his fishing pole for the better part of an afternoon. He had vowed to Sierra that he would catch them dinner, but two things were wrong with that plan ... first, he had yet to catch anything and second, there was no such thing as a pudding fish. He was slumping forward in his folding chair, about to doze off, when he felt the slightest pull at his line. "Uh. Oh!" he said, as he stirred, excitedly, as he took hold of his fishing pole. "Sierra! I've got something! Get the net!" he told her, as he pulled back on the line to set the hook. Excitedly he leaned forward and began to reel the fish in. "It feels like it's a big one," he told her, as he turned to her excitedly, as he was nervous it was going to be Imperial field rations for dinner. Suddenly the fish burst the surface, thrashing about, and splashing the water everywhere. It would easily feed both of them, even with her pregnant condition. But just as he was about to finish reeling it in a family of otters began whaling on the shoreline. They intercepted his fish, tearing it apart, and happily devouring it just as he was about to catch it.

Fishing was a game of patience...something Sierra Rodney did not posses in large quantities. She was seated in a folding chair beside his. She had a book in her hands, though she wasn't really paying attention to it. It was a clear, sunny day, so she was cat napping while giving her pale skin a chance to gain some color. She had full faith that Claudius would manage to catch their dinner tonight. So, despite the fact that there were no bites right away, she didn't start thinking about the nasty Imperial field rations that could even make Ewwiekewwieikkie's tummy wince.

"Oh!" She dropped her book on the ground as she moved to rapidly grab the net. She stood at the edge of the lake, holding it out in anticipation of the fish that was currently fighting against being reeled in. She watched as the fish broke from the water. "Woah! It *is* a big one! Bring it in! Bring it in!" Sierra grinned. It was so, *so* close ... and then it wasn't close at all. She stared at the family of otters who intercepted the fat fish. "Nooooo! That was our dinner!" She cried out, unable to actually be mad at them. Otters were, after all, one of her favorite kind of animals. They were *so* cute with their tiny paws, noses, and furry bodies. C'mon, otters fall asleep holding hands so that they don't drift apart...does it get any cuter than that? She patted Claudius on the back. "The otters say 'thank you'. Look at how adorable they are!" She said, lifting her hand towards a little one. "Can we take them all home? Please?"

Claudius' face sunk as the last of the fish was devoured by the family of otters, but before he could get angry Sierra was in full animal love mode. He wondered what otters tasted like, as there was still the matter of their dinner to consider. "Where would you keep them? Ewwiekewwieikkie's bath tub?" he asked, pressing her, as he walked towards her near the otters. "Oh they're adorable, all right," he said, somewhat sarcastically, as he was still bitter about this lost dinner. "I'm glad they at least said 'thank you'," he informed her, as his hand slowly moved to the small of her back. "But now what are *we* going to eat?" he asked, turning his head to her, with the famous pout that members of his family were known for.

Nature really did follow them everywhere. What were the chances? The otters devoured the fish as quickly as she might have. It was soon gone, leaving the otters licking the remains from their paws. Sierra laughed. "Mayyybbbeeee. I doubt Ewwiekewwieikkie would mind. We are going to need to figure out how to keep the bath drain clear of fur." She leaned against him, glancing towards the lake while wondering what the probabilities were of them being able to catch another fish before Sierra became hangry. Oh no. Not *the pout*! Sierra tried to remain strong, but the Rodney pout was her weakness. She was going to be in serious trouble once Bruce and Olivia arrived as it seemed genetic. "Ee! Okay, okay!" And just like that, Sierra had crumbled. She slowly came to stand in front of him where she wrapped him up in her embrace. "There's a little town closeby. Why don't we go there, eat, and then come back?" She suggested, rising to her tippy toes to bite on his neck. She didn't want to eat otter!

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Claudius said excitedly, as he led her from the lakeshore to the speeder. "We can bring the otters back some food, if you like," he said, before opening the driver's side for her, and the passenger's side for himself. He had no idea where they were, so he had no idea where the little town was. Esseles was once home to a great empire that governed most of the sector, long before the current galactic regime. It was a once important world that had fallen on hard times. Despite being stationed there for years, he had seen so very little of it because of his career. He was glad to be taking the time now to see it, especially since it was beloved Sierra as his guide. As she drove them towards the destination he moved his hand across the control panel, resting it on her thigh, and giving her an affectionate squeeze.

Sierra chuckled. "I'm holding you to that." Maybe if they fed the otters, the little creatures would be less inclined to steal their fish...or they'd be more inclined to go home with them. Either way, it was a win-win situation. She planted a playful kiss on his cheek before ducking into the driver's side. For emergency purposes, she had learned where the closest city was. Given their luck, anything was possible. She drove the speeder back towards the old road that led them to their makeshift sanctuary, then turned onto a freeway headed to the town. She was grinning wide and totally happy. She was glad that they could experience new sights in Esseles together. She was always seeking out new adventures for them to embark on. She threw her smile towards him as he squeezed her thigh. "I love you." She said happily. "I cannot believe that those otters ate that fish.." She laughed, shaking her head.

Not long after they had gotten into the speeder, Sierra turned off into an extremely small town. There were cute, little houses lining the main road. Occasionally, a store popped into view. "Goodness, there's no Auntie Mae's in sight." She was actually surprised about that. They had been sprouting up all over the planet. At the very end of town, there was a diner with a big sign that said all you really needed to know: *All u can eat ribs and pie*. Sierra wondered if she was having a food hallucination, or if the sign really read like that. She let out a sigh. "Well Claudius, I hope you enjoyed my slim figure while it lasted." She giggled, turning into a parking spot before killing the engine. She wasn't sure if they'd be noticed this far out or not. Sierra was dressed as casually as can be in a little blue sundress. More of her skin was seeing the light of day today than it had since going to the sea islands. Opening her door, Sierra made her way out of the speeder. The first thing she noticed was the smell. Goodness gracious, the smells of rich barbeque sauce gave her the biggest food boner ever. Suddenly, she came to the realization that she *was* hungry. Really hungry!

"I love you, Sierra," Claudius said, as they made their way through the town until, of course, settling on an all you can eat place. He wondered if there was fine print declaring no pregnant women. As he exited the speeder he was punched in the face with the pungent aroma of ribs and pie. He took a moment to catch his breath, while looking at Sierra and realizing the cravings had moved beyond a mere carton of pudding. "Try to pace yourself," he suggested, as he walked towards the door and held it open for her. Inside the smell was even stronger. BBQ sauces from all across the galaxy were on display as the largest rack of dewback ribs he had ever seen was slowly and seductively slathered with sauce. It was enough to even make his mouth water. "Two," he said to hostess quietly, careful not to draw too much attention to themselves. As they were led to the table he saw some of the biggest people he had ever seen in his live, along with hulking aliens, who all had more sauce on them than were on the ribs.

The first trimester of her pregnancy had been all about feeling sick and hating food. The second trimester was rekindling the love for food as morning sickness became a thing of the past. She stood there, nearly drooling, until Claudius moved towards the door. "I'll try." She said, flashing him her silly grin as she moved into the restaurant. In reality, she simply couldn't put away food like some people could. The interior of the diner was fun. There were various posters hanging on the walls. The music playing sounded unique and twangy. At last, her eyes met with the huge rack of dewback ribs, which she was pretty sure could feel the two of them for *at least* six months. Sierra's stomach groaned so loud that it would make even a sarlacc fearful.

She walked alongside of her husband. She briefly gazed to the other occupants of the diner. Huge, *huge* aliens who could have feasted on a rack of *her* ribs. Without the alluring smell of BBQ sauce, this diner would have been really yucky. They were placed at booth for two near the back where the hostess placed gigantic bibs on the table. She left once they had ordered drinks. Sierra lifted up the bib. "Claudius! These would be great for the girls!" She exclaimed, holding the bib up to her neck. It looked like it was made for the bigger guests, for it completely covered Sierra's torso, tummy and all. She set it down, snickering at her own silly joke.

"The girls..." Claudius said, with a heavy sigh, as he studied the menu, trying to locate anything besides all you can eat ribs (and pie!). "I still can't get over what happened to them on Delaya," he said, as he considered just ordering a salad. "I want to keep them locked up and safe, but I tried that with Jelena and it only drew her further away," he said, before attempting to order a sparkling water, but was informed they only sell iced tea. He nodded, and the largest cup he had ever seen was placed in front of him with tea as sweet as Ewwiekewwieikkie and Callista's baked goods. Eventually a team of waiters arrived with a rack of ribs that was taller than Claudius and Sierra combined. They unleashed a groan as they hoisted them onto the table, causing it to shake, and droop. "Um. Enjoy!" he said, as he cautiously prodded it with his fork. He imagines Ewwiekewwieikkie trying to bite into it and drag it away.

"I can't either..." Sierra was furious about what had happened to them. She wanted to deal out repercussions, but when she tried to talk to Callista about it, all she said was 'parfait'. What did that mean? Was she actually talking about the layered dessert, or had she imagined a gigantic parfait talking to her? With Callista, one could never really know. Her imagination was endearing. Parfait... Hm. She set the menu down. It seemed that all this place sold was ribs, pie, and a tea so sweet it was like drinking liquid sugar. Sierra hoped she hadn't just given Bruce a massive sugar rush. She sat back. "I feel you, my love. I wish we could hide them away from the galaxy and keep them safe, but it would end the same way it did with Jelena." It seemed like the girls were only safe on Esseles...but how safe were they?

The rack of ribs that the team of waiters brought over was *huge*! The table creaked uneasily beneath the weight of the rib rack. Sierra's eyes went wide. "Woah.... I suppose we'll have some to bring back the otters.." She picked up her fork. She wasn't even sure where to start. She wondered if she should simply dig her teeth into the meat and gnaw on it like a puppy. *Parfait...* It was still bothering her. She took a small bite of meat, her eyes glancing up towards a TV near the corner of the diner. It was broadcasting a story about Delaya. She nudged Claudius with her elbow gently. "Hey...look." It was *home*. Though the diner was much too loud to hear the volume, she could see the subtitles rapidly appearing on the screen. She silenced, reading the information. The recording showed what remained (nothing) of the Imperial garrison. Sierra's eyes grew bigger. "Parfait!" She said, slamming her small fist against the table. She had made the connection. Callista said Parfait had given her the large nerf...that Parfait had given her lots of yummy cake. She felt stupid for not seeing it sooner. Parfait was Papius Arundel.

"What ... what kind of creature was this?" Claudius asked, as he sampled some of the meat. It was delicious, but perhaps a tad oversauced. He turned his attention to look at the HoloNet when she pointed it out, and he instantly recognized his home planet of Delaya. "Oh my," he said, in shock, as he learned there was *another* attack on the Imperial garrison. But before he could hear the rest of the story his wife was screaming for dessert. "I don't think they have parfait. The sign said pie," he said, before trying to calm her down so he could hear the report. He wondered if this somehow involved Callista's mother, and he also wondered if his brother, and yes, even his sister-in-law was okay. The twins should be here any day now. Even any hour.

One could only guess that it was a dinosaur. Sierra didn't want to see what the rack of ribs had once belonged to, for clearly the beast was bigger than Rodney Castle. She was watching the broadcast, but the wheels in her head were already turning quickly. She looked at her husband, shaking her head. "No, no. Not *that* kind of parfait. I tried to talk to Callista about what happened in Delaya. She kept mentioning parfaits. She said a parfait had given her the nerf and fed her cake. I don't think it was parfait. I think she was trying to say Papius." The attack had to have been about Iyah Xergo. She had left Mug with the information he needed to make it had he? She prayed that the Rebels had killed Papius Arundel during the attack...but what of the rest of their family? Marcus couldn't walk. Zara was so pregnant that she wasn't capable of reaching safety quickly either. She looked at Claudius. "I should go to Delaya and make sure Marcus and Zara are okay." She wasn't so heartless to wish that her sister-in-law be injured in the second Rebel strike. The broadcast wasn't providing them with any additional details. Sierra felt like she needed more.

"That fiend!" Claudius yelled, clenching his fist, and slamming it into the table, causing the ribs to take a dangerous lean over. "If he hurt the girls..." he said, lowering his voice, so that the other patrons did not suspect anything. "Are you sure? The last time you went there Zara shot you!" he said, leaning forward across the table and peeking at her between giant rib bones. "If Papius discovers you there he could use it to cause more trouble with Grand Moff Praji," he said, worried, as he adjusted his head so he could see more of her. It was a difficult task having a conversation with a woman when there was a giant slab of ribs in between them. "If you feel you need to go, then go with my blessing, but not before our time here is over," and then he reached forward, with saucy fingers, and grabbed her hands, squeezing them for reassurance.

The Imperial garrison was down. Sierra could only speculate what kind of condition Papius Arundel was currently in. She was so angry beneath her exterior. The man could inflict all the damage he wanted to her and Claudius, but once he brought in the girls, Sierra's motherly instincts...and defenses...kicked in. She was going to find him. If he was alive, either she would kill him or she'd manipulate the Rebels into coming back to Delaya to finish the job. "He won't touch them again..." She said under her breath. "I want you to check the nerf that he gave Callista for any kind of devices..."

Was she sure? *No*. But, this was a matter the family she loved. She tried to sit up straighter to look at her husband through the ribs. Ugh, this was inconvenient. At least he wasn't close enough that he could feel the heat of her body rising with her ferocity. "I'm sure. Zara is nine months pregnant, Marcus is crippled." She had seen the convincing act on the coronation videos, but she didn't doubt that both of them were hurting. "They need help. It would be idiotic of Zara to turn me away. I'll be careful. I don't want to start anymore problems." She only wanted to end problems at this point. Her hands took his. She couldn't help but smile at what kind of sticky, BBQ sauce mess they'd become quickly. She squeezed back. "Deal. The otters would be really disappointed if we didn't bring them back their doggy bag." She reminded him, wishing that they could remain in their little paradise forever. Thankfully, they could come back to whenever they needed it...which, in their lives, would be within the next twenty-four hours.

"The nerf? I think it would break Callista's heart if I had to take it from her," Claudius said, apprehensively, as he remembered her sleeping with it incessantly. "You don't think he'd go as far as to use her in his plots?" he continued, growing increasingly angry, until his blood boiled to the temperature of the hot sauce on the table. "Well I've eaten all I can. Your otters are in for a real treat," he said, as he leaned back, unfastening his belt buckle to give his stomach some much needed room. "I don't think I have any room for pie," he said, but before he could beg off the waiter automatically brought him a slab of pie as tall as the ribs.

" Don't take it from her. Tell her that the nerf needs to go to the salon. If there's something actually hidden inside of it, I'll carefully remove it when I get home." The little girl loved the nerf way too much. It rivaled Callista's love for her crown, which she wore every single day. "Yeah, I do think so. I wonder if Iyah Xergo was also an intended target." She rubbed at her temples. The ribs looked nearly untouched when both of them were full. She looked towards another table with two large aliens seated at it. They had *two* racks of nearly eaten ribs. *How*!? Sierra smiled. "I can't wait to watch them. I promise that I'll leave them in the wild ... for now." She patted her rounded pregnant belly. She was so full! "Ugh, me either. You might have to roll me out of here as is." The waiter apparently didn't care and brought a gigantic pie. "Why is everything supersized here?" She asked Claudius, swayed to take a little bite from the pie. "I can imagine Ewwiekewwieikkie sitting in the middle of this pie, eating it with both of her hands."

"I don't know, and if I inquired it would only draw further suspicion against us. I have conflicted emotions. I adore Callista and want her to have her mother in her life, but the woman *is* a Rebel Commander and would destroy us if given the opportunity," Claudius answered, as he wrestled with the complicated nature of their family tree. "I can only hope. Though I do think Ewwiekewwieikkie and Callista would love them just as much as you," he said, with a smirk, before rising from the table. As he stood the air flowed through him and he let out an obnoxious burp, causing him to raise his hand to cover his mouth. "Oh. Excuse me," he pleaded with her, as he began leading her towards the door. "Some people are *very* hungry I imagine," he said, as he held the door open for her. "And yes. Ewwiekewwieikkie would have eaten until she burst. Remember the baby shower?" he said, with a snort of hair. But as they exited he looked up and saw the restaurant's sign was coming down. A new sign was going up announcing it was becoming an Auntie Mae's franchise. "That woman is everywhere," he muttered, shaking his head, before helping her into the speeder for the trip back to the camp site.

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