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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:3) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle), in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: The Speakeasy), and in the Essesia system: Adventurer and Esseles (The Void).
Dimona Xirie Nuebla, Sub-Lieutenant Tosha Previn, Lord Marcus Rodney, and Major Min Traebor.

The planet Brentaal IV had found itself in the center of a hot front in the Galactic Civil War, which had done little to hinder the activities of the local Black Sun Vigo. The Speakeasy, a notorious upscale bar in the less-traveled, seedier side of Cormond was used as a front for the Black Sun and was often the preferred place of meeting for criminals and reputable businessman alike. There was a mix of patrons that blended the line between the classes, with wealthy nobleman mingling with destitute grifters. There was a mix of aliens and humans disproportional to the population of the rest of the planet, with an unusual amount of them gathered there this particular evening. In the midst, seemingly above it all, was Tosha Previn, the Black Sun lieutenant who had found herself responsible for most of Vigo Chall's operations. Behind the Vigo's back she had made a pact with Imperial Intelligence, and together the two factions had been operating covertly side-by-side for some time now. However, with the apparent loss of their best operative, the time had come to hire a new one. And so, at the advice of her counterpart in Imperial Intelligence, a transmission had been sent to Dimona Nuebla to meet her here to discuss a mission she described as both 'challenging' and 'rewarding.'

What a unique place to hold a meeting between two... professionals. The local patrons that gathered in Speakeasy were not just any two-bit criminals, these were well known and well trained assassins, infiltrators, thieves and bounty hunters. What an interesting crowd, but not one that she hadn't dealt with or worked with before. It was a rare opportunity to be contacted out-of-the-blue by the Empire, her curiosity would not allow her to turn down a possible adventure... or misadventure even. The woman by the name of Dimona Xirie Nuebla stepped through the doors to the shady but upper-class bar with a tinge of excitement gleaming in her eyes and a slight smirk. Of all of the places to meet a representative from the Empire... ah well, she felt right at home in this location. She didn't stand out per-se, but her choice of attire was.. different to say the least. It appeared to be a patchwork of various types of material sewn together like a hack job, but it was surprisingly well done and tightly woven that clung well upon her athletically slender and tall form. Wavy sienna hair with red highlights bounced lively across her shoulders as she explored the interior, a constantly lightly-amused grin was displayed upon her face. She heard of her contact, but never met her before... quite infamous actually, so were some of the other patrons. Dimona never desired fame or fortune, she instead craved adventure and surprise, in either case, her desire for the unexpected and unknown brought her from a cushiony lifestyle to one of suspense and danger. Tosha was at last within her sights, though it appeared there was a zone of fear around her for whatever reason. The bounty hunter was practically fearless, and besides, this was her contact, it would be rude not to introduce herself. "Tosha Previn, yes? I could only assume by the invisible barrier around your person." She smiled politely, though it was slightly wider than appropriate. Arms were crossed over her chest in a relaxed but perplexed fashion as her weight shifted to one foot. Eyebrows raised but for a moment. "This would be awkward if you were not who I thought..." A slight chuckle, it wouldn't be the first time she made a terrible assumption, meeting new contacts was always a hassle.

Tosha extended dainty fingers forward, pressing the tips together to form a pyramidal shape with her hands as she studied the woman carefully. She seemed a bit more rugged then the last woman she had contracted, and perhaps she would meet with greater success. Her predecessor's blunder threatened to derail her entire operation and that would be unacceptable. "Miss Nuebla..." she stated, rather than asked as her eyes slowly ran down her body. The attire seemed a bit thrifty when compared to the ornate and fashionable dress the Black Sun lieutenant worn, made of the finest imported fabrics and dyed in varying shades of blue and purple. "This way, please," she said as she gracefully extended her left arm to flourish a motion towards a doorway in the back of the facility. The door was opened revealing the presence of two B1 battle droids, holdovers from the Trade Federation the Vigo could never bare to part with. As she passed through the doorway a narrow corridor was visible, leading down to a series of underground rooms and tunnels that might have gone on forever. Stopping at a door of particular interest, Tosha stopped and entered a four-digit code to open the door. Inside there was an ornate table, cushioned chairs, and a mini bar well stocked with food and beverages. "Make yourself comfortable," Tosha said as she took a seat, facing the door. The two antique battle droids were waddling close behind, taking up a defensive posture in the corner of the room at either side of Tosha's rear.

Who would have thought that there was an underground bunker right beneath the bar, how interesting. Dimona followed the other's lead quite content to be given access to an apparent secret facility where they no doubt would be discussing her mission in private. She was a bit surprised to see the extremely outdated droid models but she wouldn't judge, especially since she had her own fondness for one in particular. "A bit sentimental I see, I also have an appreciation for a mouse droid I just can't seem to dispose of." A long glance around the area she found herself in, not at all wary, she trusted her lightning reflexes to save her if any double crossing should go on, besides... those B1 droids were more than useless, she probably could rip off its head with her bare hands. The bounty hunter took the pleasure to sit down comfortably upon one of the chairs while crossing her legs, seemingly perfectly relaxed. She carried herself a bit different than any other bounty hunter it seemed. It also was as if she didn't take anything seriously, or perhaps a bit too lightly. Everything was a game for her, but there was a definite reason she was alive, especially considering the numerous slashes and singed areas on her suit... It was apparent that Dimona not only survived incredible circumstances, but that she was victorious in all of them. She peered to the other woman, anxiously awaiting a briefing on the situation.

Tosha nodded to the woman as they looked at each other across the room, undoubtedly sizing each other in a mental game of chess. "Shall we get to it?" she asked charmingly enough, but did not allow her any time to respond before moving forward with the conversation. "I'm not sure how much you watch Imperial Holovision, but you may have noticed on your entry into the system that there is quite a large Imperial presence here..." she explained, motioning with both of her arms to there subterranean existence, out of the prying eyes of Imperial scanners. "Imperials do not have what you would call a ... business sense..." she said, annunciating the last words with particular zeal. "The Imperial commander is a member of the Alderaanian nobility," she began, further explaining as she began to elaborate on her plot, and thus Dimona's reason for being here. "He comes from a large, wealthy family," she continued as her hand moved towards the control panel on the table. With a *whirl* the holographic projector in the table came to life and the image of a human male in his thirties came into view. "This, my dear, is Lord Marcus Rodney, if you please," she said in a condescending tone, never being keen for the nobility herself. She had earned and clawed for her status in life, with nothing having ever been handed to her. "I want you to kidnap him and bring him to Esseles," she explained as she slid a datadisk across the table containing all the particulars of the man, where he lived, and where his last known whereabouts were. What was not on the disk, however, was that he was also in fact the notorious bounty hunter known only as the 'Nerf Herder', who up until last month had been in her employ, before killing her operative and going into hiding.

It was obvious that the other had a bitter distaste for the upper-class, so perhaps it would be best not to mention her own history as a noblewoman, that was her past life anyway... "Ah... an abduction, you really don't like noblemen, do you?" She caught the datadisk in a palm as it was slid across the table to her before slipping it in a worn pocket of her suit. "Are there any particularities you believe I should know up front? Is his personal safety a serious concern?" She believed there was a bit more information the other was withholding from her. "For a job of this quality, I will require at least 20 thousand credits and ten percent up front to fund any additional supplies I need for the job." She nodded to herself while fondling the datadisk in her pocket as eyes pondered to the woman. Money was not her main concern, she wasn't motivated by it, but she was stern on her requirements, and she didn't appreciate being short-changed.

"I am a self-made woman," Tosha explained as she listened to other's words carefully, wondering if perhaps she went in a bit too far in terms of what she chose to reveal. She paused for a moment, pretending to consider the amount the bounty hunter had requested. Truthfully, she would have paid double that to have the man back, but she would not allow herself to admit that to Dimona. "His personal safety is of the utmost concern," she explained as she rose from her seat and moved towards the bar. Opening a strongbox she produced two-thousand credits as she looked over her shoulder at the woman. "No harm can be allowed to come to him. And no, there is nothing else that you need to know," she said deliberately, as she nonchalantly placed the credits on the table in front of her. "Time is of the essence," she said as she strolled pas the hunter towards the exit of the room.

It seemed a little curious that Tosha was determined to make it extremely clear to take good care of her captive. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of your long distance-relation boyfriend." Said with a smirk as the two thousand credits were slipped half-hazardly into the same worn pocket in exchange for the datadisk that she pulled out and examined it. "Yes... time is of the essence..." Softly whispered to herself as she watched the light glint from the reflective surface of the disk, seemingly conflictive to her own laid back demeanor, as she brainstormed the next move.

Lord Marcus Rodney stood quietly in the night area on his balcony, attached to his private suite in Rodney Castle. The near-millennia old structure stood imposing, high upon a cliff on the outskirts of Delaya's capital city from where the House of Rodney ruled peacefully over the planet for centuries. Here he had isolated himself for nearly a month, still recovering from the realization that Sophia had betrayed him to the Empire and Black Sun ... a pair of powerful enemies to be sure. Her death at his hands was still at the forefront of his mind, a warning for himself not to lower his guard in the future. They had played him well, but he would not let them fool him a second time. They were not likely to give up their interest in him, and so he waited, keeping up his public image in the hopes that an attack in public might illicit too many questions. Those he dealt with preferred subtlety and dealt from the shadows, and he believed that if he stayed in the spotlight he would be safe. As he sipped his tea he peered down at the river, sparking as if it were filled with crystals, bathed in the moon light. Locked away was his impressive set of custom-made armor and weaponry, replaced with the finest Alderaanian robes, distinguishing him as a member of the nobility. A weapon, of any sorts, was always close at hand for the experienced hunter.

It had been a week since last Dimona received her orders to kidnap a member of royalty. She didn't know why the man was on the shit list of the Empire and Black Sun, but that didn't matter nor did she care. What she cared about was the challenge, and she wasn't ordered to kill him... which was a bonus. She had done a little background research on the man and even though he was a the typical good-for-nothing rich boy with no real contributions to society except for being lucky and born into a powerful family, he at least wasn't a murderous dog, and thus she was glad that her mission was to keep the pretty-boy safe and alive. The hunter had scouted out the estate by macro-binoculars for days, watching for any hints of routine or schedule from her safely concealed ship that was perfectly camouflaged on the river banks, hidden within the foliage. No one would suspect an ominous presence waiting and watching dedicatedly, nor to what lengths Dimona would go to achieve success. The two thousand credits were used to purchase climbing equipment, for she planned to reach her goal in the most obscene and yet brilliant way, for whom would expect a potential threat scaling the very cliffs? It took her two days to climb it, everything she wore was matched on purpose to the shades of the rock so that if even looked at directly, her position was concealed. Dedicatedly and monotonously, she would scale until at last, on this night, she was within reach of the balcony. Her breathing became almost non-existent, holding like a spider, still and silent as she watched. Dimona wasn't expecting her target to be on the balcony as she approached it... she now clung to the side of the castle, her equipment purchased for duel purpose, she was merely a few feet from the edge of the balcony... and she waited for a chance to move, least he hear even the faintest sound.

Marcus let out a tired sigh as he moved back inside, having had quite enough of the night air for the time being. Choosing to leave the balcony door open so that he might further take the air, he strolled across his finely decorated bedchamber and continued his course of action for the evening. Would he entertain some Alderaanian fashion model, or perhaps the daughter of a noble of lesser stature looking to increase their status with a pairing with him? It would sort itself out eventually, he realized, but he was none too concerned with that for the time being. As he entered the refresher he began to disrobe, eventually reaching his undergarments, before becoming completely naked. Stopping to admire himself in the mirror he noticed that several scars had moved no closer to healing, and he might need to seek out the work of a confidential dermatologist. Stepping into the sonic shower he sighed relief, enjoying the brief respite and solitude it afforded.

A soft sigh when the target moved back inside... her adrenaline was racing a bit for fear of exposure but this gave her a chance to re-position herself... a bit weary, her body could do this for only so long. At last, a hand reached up to grip the end of the balcony as she pulled her body slowly and surely, dragging it through the small space under the railing as she abandoned her climbing gear, no longer needed it and it served its purpose. She as she slowly stood up, the brown cloak she was wearing was shed to float down the intense drop, revealing her regular tattered attire, but with another set of equipment strapped across her thighs and around her waist. With her back pressed up against the outside wall, she slowly pulled from her belt a Q2 blaster that was pre-set to stun. A small mirror was peered into the room, allowing the reflection to catch the interior, but her target was not present... he didn't leave the room, did he? And thus it was another waiting game... she needed to see him before getting a shot off.

The terribly off-key sound of Marcus singing began to fill the entirety of his personal suite. He did not have much talent when it came to music, and it showed as he went terribly off pitch while belting out the chorus to latest Corellian music sensation. He was oblivious to his lack of talent, as oblivious as he was to the intruder outside. As a youth he and his brother had tried to scale those same cliffs, getting no more than a dozen feet up before falling to the river below. He would never have suspected an attacker to come from the direction, particularly with the amount of attention an assault on the Castle would draw. His personal security would be no match for any skilled predator, but at the very least they should have alerted him to any presence. And so he remained in the shower, leaning against the rear wall, eyes closed as he considered the galaxy around him and pondered his next move.

A soft moan when the sound of his terrible singing filled the room, breaking the comforting silence, but at least now she knew exactly where he was... and what he was doing. She was tempted to storm in there just to shut him up, but... it was kind of funny and thus she started to chuckle lightly as she strolled inside fearlessly before pressing her back once again up against the wall leading right before the refresher door. A small mirror slowly peeked inside barely, catching the glimpse of a foggy shower stall with her target blissfully bathing inside. The stun shot would not go through those stall doors, a blaster would however, but that may be potentially dangerous for the man. Dimona withdrew the small mirror and took up a position a few feet away from the door, instead deciding to shoot him as he exited the refresher, or perhaps as he exited the shower stall... all she needed was a clean shot... so she suffered silently with his music... reminding herself that this was part of the job, but she was even more occupied with the thrill of the hunt.

Feeling quite clean his hand moved to the control panel, deactivating the shower and exhaling with a deep sigh. Casually he opened the shower door, not at all expecting a trap to be waiting on the other side. He stuck his left leg out of the shower, followed by the right, shivering visibly as the cold night air swept in upon his naked form. Goose pimples appeared upon his body as he rushed for his robe, not caring much for the sensation.

That was the opening she needed, hearing the stall open and his movement from it, she stepped right into the doorway with a smile as that weapon was aimed at his frame. It was all so sudden and without explanation. She shrugged a bit apologetically, it was a bit beneath her to shoot someone right as they exited a shower. "It could be worse, you could be using the refresher." And with that she pulled the trigger in succession, sending two large pulsating blue coils directly at his chest.

Caught completely unaware, the two stun bolts slammed into his chest in rapid succession, before he could manage to dress himself. A soft murmur was head before his naked frame fell forward, collapsing on the cold floor like a sack of rustic vegetables. The *thud* echoed through the small room as his unconscious body lay helplessly on the cold, unforgiving floor.

She needed to work fast, unsure of his stamina or schedule, perhaps he was expecting visitors. Dead weight was difficult to maneuver, but Dimona was surprisingly able. Though.. she couldn't help but to blush a bit at his naked form, he was well built... perhaps waiting for him to dress himself could have been beneficial, but it was too late to regret that. Refusing to continue unless he had something on, she managed to yank on his bathrobe rather clumsily, ripping it in a few places by accident while maneuvering his lumbering weight. Once he was at least covered, somewhat, she dragged his lifeless body towards the balcony while pulling him up slowly, wrapping her arms around his waist. He was rather heavy, but not impossible, allowing the majority of his mass to lean up against her, it was a chore though... and it was taking a bit longer than she had anticipated. The buckle around her hips was unfastened before being buckled across his. She held him tightly against her, his back pressed to her front as she carefully and delicately continued to strap him to her until his upper torso, shoulders and legs also had supports that were also tied in to her. Finally she was ready to move out... after about 20 minutes total. The security around here would definitely be fired, maybe even executed... oh well! With huge intakes of air, she pulled both of them towards the railing of the balcony, this was exhausting... until finally she flung the both of them off and they plummeted hundreds of feet into the depths below before a chute was employed at the critical moment, jerking them upright, causing them to uncomfortably but successfully drift downwards towards her camouflaged ship waiting her new cargo.

It had been about six hours since Dimona was able to capture her target successfully, although dramatically. When he awoke, Mark would find himself within the hull of a small one-manned ship, within the main compartment where he was completely bound, still in his bathrobe that was ripped in various places. Arms were tied tightly with rope behind his back anti-parallel, his legs were also wrapped with cord. He was positioned in a sitting posture at the deck's table, his captor sat directly opposite of him, the ship currently on autopilot to their drop-off destination.

Marcus let out a dull, soft groan as he slowly awoke from his stunned state. His head was pounding and there was a distinct ringing in his ears. Groggily he shook his head back and forth, attempting to regain some of his composure. He struggled against the bindings, but it was to no avail. As his eyes came into focus he could make out her feminine form, finding her to be reasonably attractive, but he was not the least bit impressed with her attire. Looking around he could easily discern he was aboard a ship, and from the feel of the subtle vibrations he could tell that they were moving ... and fast. Not sure who she was, or what her motives were, he would attempt to play dumb and see what he could learn before revealing too much. "Look. Whatever, whoever, paid you," he began, trying to sound calm, and even humorous with his choice of words, "I'm quite confident my family can easily double it."

"Good morning, handsome." She said with a light grin as she nibbled on a knuckle, she could barely believe her scheme had worked, and what a cute catch. "Now what would a harmless nobleman like yourself be doing getting caught up with the Black Sun? Tsk Tsk" She shook a finger at him in a patronizing sort of way. "Maybe they want to use you as bait, or leeway, blackmail perhaps? So many possibilities." It could be ascertained that Dimona was extremely pleased with herself, almost alive with electricity, still living on that thrill of the catch, and just the awe of the act itself, delightful. The hunter was flushed with energy in the afterglow of excitement. "Ah... money, I received much more than that. Your family couldn't possibly pay me in that type of currency." It wasn't her intention to talk in riddles, she didn't mean to, but she was hinting that it wasn't money that motivated her. "Dimona Xirie Nuebla. It was a pleasure, and still is." A playful wink to the other.

Marcus grit his teeth tightly as he heard the words 'Black Sun' roll off her lips. He had hoped it might be an amateur trying to collect a quick payday since his name had been in the news lately, under the celebrity gossip file. Now that he knew who had sent her, there was still the matter of finding out what she knew. Thankfully, his mouth had not been gagged, and afforded him the use of his most dangerous weapon ... his mouth. "Is that what they said they were going to do with me? Use me as bait? Or blackmail someone?" he asked, passively as his eyes studied her frame. A bit tall for a woman, but height often had its advantages. Unfortunately it was not a hunter he recognized, as he often worked alone, a trait that kept him safe for many years and a philosophy proven right by the fact that his last partner began the series of events that landed him in this precarious situation.

"Wouldn't you like to know? Don't worry, you will be completely safe while you are with me, but no promises once I turn you over." An even larger grin, poor guy, she wasn't a cold person, she usually only took job offers on criminals that deserved their fate, but this situation was particularly amusing. "Would you like something to drink? I wouldn't want my cargo perishing." Mark didn't recognize Dimona obviously, she wasn't well known because she purposely wished to stay that way, it was only the fools that wanted a name for themselves, but it could already be established that the woman before him had considerable skill and creativity.

"Do you have anything on this bucket of bolts that's drinkable?" Marcus asked with a sly grin, trying his best to pass himself off as a member of the nobility. It appeared she was not informed of his true nature, and that was an advantage he would try to use. The smile never left his face as he had begun to believe the tabloid reports that he was quite handsome. "Don't suppose I could interest you in a title, a few hundred acres of land, and a luxury speeder?" he asked, half-jokingly as he continued to gauge his situation. It was not a long trip to where they were going, if his hunch was right and he was being dragged back to Esseles. He did not fear for his life, because he was too valuable to be killed, but the thought of being entangled with those two harpies again often seemed worse than death or the pain of torture.

"Sure, water for you, be thankful it is filtered, but I'm not without sympathy for your cause." She pondered his offer for a moment with a roll of her shoulder. "I know you are trying your best, and believe me, if I was more petty, I probably would take up your offer." It was unfortunate that the Black Sun hired her to capture him, she was a bit... unconventional and difficult to bribe, they got lucky. "I am also an honorable woman... mostly, I would think more honorable than most hunters. If I wasn't, well, then I would have already had my way with your unconscious body..." That sentence trailed off rather suspiciously, was she joking with him, it appeared so, but there was that slight air of questionable doubt with a rather sly sheepish grin towards his location.

Marc struggled with his bound arms and legs, never taking his eyes off her. "It looks like you did have your way with my body..." he replied half-jokingly as he slumped down in his seat. "Honorable?" he asked as he tilted his head down slightly to study her carefully. "Where's the honor in dragging someone naked out of his refresher and delivering him to the Black Sun? Last time I checked they're about the most dishonorable group in the galaxy..." he pointed out, waiting eagerly for her reply. Perhaps she was someone he could reason with, but one thing was clear ... time was running out.

"They are, I do feel a bit guilty about it, but you know, need to expand my clientele. Work sometimes can be hard to come by lately. Besides..." An inquisitive gaze to the other as she studied him carefully. "... do you honestly think they would have told me the truth to my mission? No one is ever honest to a hunter, please. I suspect some backward dealings you've had with them, I can't imagine what, probably really nasty. The Black Sun are beyond simple abductions... they like to delve in things a little more... devious and deadly. So, Markus, please tell me... have you been naughty lately?"

"Me? Naughty? Never!" Marcus playfully protested as his smile turned into a rather sharp grin, threatening to tear his face in half. "You mustn't listen to everything you hear on the holonet..." he explained to her playfully as he considered his next course of action rather carefully. "I really couldn't tell you why the Black Sun would want me. Unless of course they plan to use me, or my name for some grand political scheme..." he explained, trying his own attempt to con the young bounty hunter. "But, in the end it always comes down to credits ... doesn't it?" he said with a knowing nod, considering the ordeal more closely. "Why let them score a huge payday off me when I can just give you enough credits right now and you can send me on my way? Whatever they're paying you, I'm sure they plan to make ten fold off me..." he explained to her, attempting to use sound logic to secure his release.

"Now, now..." She waved a slender finger at him with a soft smile. "... I believe we already discussed this, besides, I will not betray my client so easily with lowly bribes. You must think little of me... sad." There was a soft beep sound coming from beneath the table that directed Dimona's eyes to peer down with a reassuring smile before she scooped up a small black mouse droid to cradle it quite lovingly. He was informing her that Esseles was ahead shortly. "It appears that we are approaching our destination." Said with almost a giggle at her mechanical friend as she laid it upside down on her lap to roll one of its wheels playfully, causing the droid to beep and chirp. The hunter stood while cradling her pet before disappearing into the cockpit to drop the ship from hyperspace. "Don't get too creative over there, Peeps is watching you!" And sure enough, the mouse droid rolled back into view to watch their captive, a threatening guard to be sure!

Marcus shook himself violently in the chair, letting out an exasperated grunt as he struggled with the restraints to no avail. "You could have at least dressed me..." he muttered towards the door, realizing that she most likely could not hear him. He could feel the subtle vibrations as the ship lurched to into realspace, which caused him to grow even more frustrated. "You're making a big mistake!" he yelled as loud as he could, as he realized he was now out of time. "You have 'no' idea who you're dealing with," he yelled again, attempting to warn her about the unscrupulous nature of the Black Sun. He had gotten himself into a precarious situation, and he swore to himself that if he ever got out of this mess, he would never again take a shower.

A loud beep emanated from Dimona's control panel, followed by the activation of a video transmission from Tosha Previn. "Well done," she said, unable to keep the ecstatic grin from washing over her cosmetically-enhanced face. "I am sending you the coordinates to the drop zone," she explained, lowering her head to punch up the coordinates and transmit. "I hope it wasn't too much trouble," she added, followed by a soft laugh as the image faded, replaced by a glowing blue nav point for a location in the mountains of Esseles' northern-most continent.

Angry but less-than-threatening beeps whistled from the mouse droid before it rolled into the cockpit to warn Dimona that the captive was getting a little restless. "Pipe down in there!" She yelled from inside the cockpit, still piloting so she was unable to entertain her guest. "Take your capture like a man, sheesh... stop crying. Don't make me have to gag you!" An audible huff blew strands of dark sienna from around her eyes as she whispered beneath her breath. "Tsh, Noblemen." In any case, her client appeared to be very pleased of her return with the assumed cargo. "Your girlfriend appears to have missed you, she was really adamant about your safety. I'll leave out the part about dropping thousands of feet from a cliff with your unconscious body." A laugh before she ship lurched forward towards the new drop-off coordinates. Hrm... mountain hanger, she didn't like her ship being underground, but it was unavoidable... but still suspicious. If they wanted to double cross her, they were going to be in a galaxy of hurt. A few buttons were pressed then pressed again to confirm as a red light began to blink on her panel... always best to be prepared, even for death. The ship came to a slow haut before jerking a bit as the landing pads touched down. "Please keep all arms and legs fully bound as the ship comes to a complete stop."

As he felt the ship jolt as it touched down on the surface of the hangar, he sunk visibly in his seat and lowered his head dejectedly. "Well. Too late now..." he griped, as he prepared to deal with the consequences of his actions. "Let's get this over with," he shouted to her, as he once again raised his head to meet his captors with some dignity. Confident that he would not be killed, his dread was instead for those around him who might suffer for his actions. "So, what's the plan, sweetheart?" he asked as he looked over his predicament. "You going to push me down the ramp?" he said with a subtle laugh, visualizing several ways he could overpower her if he was let out of his restraints. He did not see the point, however, as he would never be able to get the ship away now that they had landed.

"Actually, I was just going to let them take care of you and drag you out. I rather not get more physical than I have already been, too much of a good thing can be bad." A smarmy comment, but she was smarter than to handle a captive that was fully conscious if she could help it. No matter that he was bound, she kept a respectable distance from him to avoid any possible problems, including the drop off. "I'll be right back, don't get too lonely without me, darling." Dimona lightly tapped the ramp access button, causing hydraulics to activate that forced steam through valves as that ramp was lowered. She was expecting some sort of escort or welcoming party... surely she would be greeted, yes?

The interior of the hangar was dark and foreboding, the shadows seeming to head to infinity in every direction. The Black Sun had a flare for the theatric and had made no exception when constructing this facility. There were sounds coming from every direction, the sound of idle chatter, and loud machinery filled with the cavernous expanse. Suddenly a spotlight illuminated and Tosha Previn stepped forward, as if performing on the stage, never missing an opportunity to shine. "Where is my ... 'cargo'?" she asked with a deliberate pause, tilting her head to the right as she studied the hunter. A moment later and she clapped her right hand into her left palm twice in succession and a well-armed thug stepped forward carrying a large, bulky satchel. "I have your money. Now where is my nobleman?" she asked again, taking a step forward with a bit more confidence. Little did Dimona know that they were being watched from every corner of the facility by Black Sun henchmen and Imperial Intelligence operatives, all relishing the show that was about to unfold before them.

Dimona strolled down the ramp looking quite content with herself, a rather large cheesy grin plastered on her face as she looked around the expansive and impressive interior before her attention drifted to Tosha. "Oh, he is fine. I was hoping that nice strong looking fine specimen you got there would carry the rather noisy man from my ship. I didn't want him coping a feel... a little violating. You understand." A wink was giving to the other woman followed by a nod to the satchel. "Let me inspect that... not that I don't trust the money is there, I just want to avoid any unsightly surprises. It wouldn't be the first time a severed appendage or a bomb was slipped in like a cereal toy... a really sick one." It was hard to tell if she was joking or not, but in her profession... strange things happened.

"Oh enough of the pretense, Tosha," an annoyed voice cried out from the shadows. "Lights!" the woman yelled as the area around the landing pad to reveal Major Min Traebor, a woman in her late-twenties wearing the unmistakable uniform of Imperial Intelligence. The ship had been surrounded by no less than a company of Imperial Stormtroopers who had been assigned to guard the facility. "Really now. You waste too much of our time with this nonsense," she said as she angrily flung her hand at Dimona's starship.

"I could have handled the situation," Tosha muttered uncomfortably towards her counterpart, taking a step back to the safety of the Imperial Stormtroopers. "Don't worry. You'll still get your money," she said to the bounty hunter, as she reached for the satchel, pulling it away from the thug. Exerting herself slightly, she tossed it towards Dimona, but unfortunately she 'threw like a girl' and it landed several meter short of the woman, the 18,000 in credit chips clanging obnoxiously against the durasteel deckplating.

Four Stormtroopers moved forward when Major Traebor motioned, moving past Dimona and breaching the interior of her starship. There was a loud clamoring, a series of bangs, and some uncomfortable groans before the four returned, having Marcus in a firm embrace. The man's cheeks flushed red as he considered his situation, wearing nothing but the tattered bath robe. He was still bound and surrounded by a group of armed soldiers whose commanders had a bone to pick with him. However, it was not the toughest spot he had found himself in during his time as a bounty hunter. "Ladies... so nice to see you again," he said as a forced grin appeared upon his face, doing his best to seem charming in the face of it all. "I was just about to write..." he began, but was interrupted by a backhand to the face by one of the Stormtroopers which bloodied his lower lip and silenced him for the time being. "Manners..." he chided the Stormtrooper as he spit a bloody wad to the deck below.

A grimaced look as she heard the rustling sounds in her ship, they better not be busting up her babies (ship and droid). The troopers were no doubt roughing up that man, but for what purpose? Hrm... "Honestly, he is bound and helpless... why beat him up, heh..." That bag with what felt to be the correct sum of money was scooped up in her hands as she looked to Markus as they dragged him out then promptly backhanded him. There was obviously some sort of history between everyone here. "After all of that insisting that he come back unharmed..." She turned to the other woman who had appeared, the Imperial seemed to carry herself with dignity and power. "Charmed. Is there anything else that is required of me? I shall take my leave if not." She was curious on this whole situation, but it really wasn't her business and she really didn't want to have to get caught up with it all. "Though it was bugging me... to know who dropped my name for this mission."

Major Traebor ignored the musings of the female hunter for the time being, having been very disappointed with the conduct of the last one. Reaching into her pocket with her left, gloved hand she produced a small baton as she began to walk towards Marcus. An almost lustful grin came over upon her face as she flicked the baton forward, as it extended to half a meter in length. Suddenly she raised it over her head and swung it down upon Marc's head to slap him across the face. "You have been bad, Milord," she said condescendingly, taking a moment to watch the blood drip from his face. She pressed down on the actuator and brought the tip to life, sizzling with energy as she slammed it into his chest, delivering searing volts into his body.

Marcus let out a pained groan as the electricity coursed through him, clenching down on his jaw fiercely as he writhed in pain before eventually succumbing and falling helplessly to his knees. "Why?" he asked weakly, gasping for air as he stared, glossy-eyed, down at the blood splattered deck plating below.

Min paused for a moment, never one to back away from a chance to elaborate on her deeds. "She did love you, you know," she said with a cackle, as she turned her back towards him and began to walk away. "In fact, that's how we finally managed to turn her towards our operation. First, by threatening you to get the basic information, and then, by threatening your life to get the juicier stuff. Recordings. Detailed notes. Even a sex tape. My, my..." she chided him as she wagged her bloody baton at him. "She knew too much, however..." she said as she nodded towards Tosha. "We'd have eliminated herself if you hadn't discovered her treachery and done it for us. Conveniently you waited until after we located your home, your family, your pets..." she cackled evilly as she looked over the beaten-down man. "If you want, we'll pay you for murdering her. It's only fair as it would have cost us quite a bit to hire someone else for the job," she said, finally turning her attention to the bounty hunter. "Oh. Are you still here? Let's just say you have at least one fan..." she commented, finally answering the question. "Perhaps they can drop the name of a tailor?" she joked as she studied the woman, and her patchwork attire.

There were delicious tidbits being freely spoken and tossed about, all kinds of treachery going on... and it was more than apparent that Markus wasn't an innocent, charming player-pimp she mistook him for, well, he was still that, but a lot more it seemed. It was hard to tell if he was innocent or deserving... and what was this about perhaps he being a hunter? Now that was interesting... a shame she wouldn't get the opportunity to delve deeper into this soap opera. "Ha, you are so funny!" Responded sarcastically to the attack on her attire. "A bit of history and sentimentality goes a long way. Now, if our business is concluded, I'll be taking my leave." A look to the unfortunate man that was being beaten alive, she did feel sorry for him but it was well out of her hands now. "You should have been a bit more honest with me, perhaps your situation would have changed." A peek was given to the inside of the bag of credits, all secure... no mutilated animal. With money in hand, she ascended the ramp to her ship, though always a watchful eye to the occupants she left behind.

Min moved towards Tosha, speaking in a low, hushed tone so that the others would have difficulty discerning her words. "How much does she know?" she asked cautiously, looking over her shoulder with an artificial smile as she waited for the much-needed reply. She had lost much confidence in Tosha's abilities given how their operation had faired thus far, and was pondering if perhaps she had been a bit too open with the newcomer.

"Only the barest essentials," Tosha quickly replied, with none of the subterfuge employed by her Imperial counterpart. "You can go," she said to Dimona with a soft nod before turning her attention back to her captured prize. "I'll have more work for you soon. If you're interested..." she said as she moved towards the fallen man, taking a dainty cloth to wipe some of the blood off his battered face. "How many times I have told you, Min? Not the face..." she commented jokingly, stopping to dab a little here and there, without much in the way of improvement. "The man has a reputation to maintain," she said with a callous laugh before dropping the cloth to the ground and roughly drying her hand against the bath robe. "Oh. Very plush. A bit dainty?" she joked once again before motioning for the man to be dragged behind her. They had much to discuss.

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